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Sitfy, Repulsive and Im
modest Films Alternate
With Reels Depicting
Carnivals of Crime in
Scores of Houses.
Many "Movies" on the
East Side Are Reported
to Be the Hangouts of
Tough Gunmen and
ItfMfllal 1(1 Tin Kvsnlns World.)
BtlCABBTH, N. J., Dee. J. -lung
to K" to a raovlar picture
bow in UewKrk. Michael Wopranto,
cad tan, and Albart Taraal, "botfi
t thatcltjf, atola a liore and wajron
from Clifford J. Hslner, Mo. 138
Market atraat, JCawark, amd Were
arrerted In tha ontaktrta of Sllae
beth by Wewark policemen. Msiner
Identified bla torn and rlf.
Aftar steaUn It tha bora triad to
all It to a bisaa of rrvalea In this
city, and the pollca war notified.
When nrmlirnad In the polloe court
the boya daolarad they bad seen a
I'icture In the "tnuTlee" wbioh con
vinned them that It waa a "clnoh to
wipe a rig." aoeeral of tha lurid
type of moTlnar picture theatre are
flourishing in Worth Jereej cltlea.
Aroused by reports In tho Evening World of the lurid and sensational
character of films being displayed by the cheaper moving-picture shows of
he city, lo the exclusion of almost all others, agitation for stricter regula
tion by the polrM hai spread In many directions.
Many "movies" on the east hUIo are said to bo the hangouts of tough
"gangsters. It Is asstrtsj cade's have ucd "movies" In Brooklyn and Mar
lotu as recruiting places for the whltc-0ivp traffic, and In many lections
the choapci theatres hav been sandwlclie In between saloons and other
places of doubtful character, without regard to tho danger to the younger
Reports "f the character of the films
In uae In tlio cheaper :nvlnff-plctura
thaatraa hn aroused iiunv settlement
and aoclal betterment w:-kera. Thay
have realised the serious effect those
fllme are having on the mlnda of chil
dren for aonio time. The police have
credited many recent srlflltl of youth
to the affect of the "movies."
'hriw IV rnlielmer, -al worker of
the Hal.rew lCduca.ll.naJ Society or
Brooklyn, toM an liven ins World re
porter the probation officer for Kings
County had reported to him that ome
of the cheaper "movies" were the sta.mp- !
ln ground for oalots recruiting victims
tee? the white alnve ttaflta
"Theee sho-wit aroUS nn abnormnl I
ciirlowlty to ee and thrill st all k:n Is
of nfrve-raoklnit apecta los," said Rob"
l.ina Oilman, head worker of the ITnl
veralty Settlement at i: lr. '.urn atd Itiv
Inaton atreets, on the fMt sde and In
the heart of a taction Where "inovlos"
displaying tho worst type Of films are
Tin t'nlvarslty Settlement ItseJf con
ducta a moving-picture ! W on Its flrst
floor In tha hope of oounteractlai Ml
evil effeots of the chesTcr shows of the
iieirhboi li. 1
snif MOVIES.
i the .mo short Mock on which a
imvina picture show is attuatai at No. J
lit Hast llouton Stre. . It o lateen
linuaes there are three s1 nl .lid thl
all-night cafes. It Is halt of a shorl
block away from thai pari ot Second
avenue which ha bi om ao notor . s
lately as belnst tl a ial of I
Jack 7Mg. who was kill" 1 near thel
and as the tlamplnK ground wl theal
for many notorious Ml I tide min.ncn.
It u In thla nelg". : . . :! some
the ttiqst notorious . ,; o is-tl.e darknesa qf
sign wing In prominence with "The
Manhattan I'leasure Palace." a "movie"
at No. 40 Manhattan street Upstairs
over the theatre Is the Olympic Athletic
Club, a well known gathering place for
Harlem storts. The "l'loaaure Palace"
announced II was sl owing "Hronco Fea
ture Flints," and many children .eagerly
crotrd td about lurid lithographs.
"The Dynamiters, a Tale of Western
Wrongdoing' wai one of the sta- at
Ira MOM at the rTaaallngtoa Theatre,
o HI Waat One Hundred and Korty
flflh street. "The Bquatt Man's Sweet
heart, ' another thriller of the wild anl
i woolly Wen, was a hit with the
JeOUnffltera( both boys and girls, who
j Ml He- theatre almost continuously.
A charming little story, nil about a
bright young man who went out to
bold up a tauo coach and held up tlio
rnrrl.ign or the novel nor oy miHiaae
"The liovcrnor'e Clemency" la shown
at the .Majestic, No. Ill Kaat One Hun
dred and TWrnty-nrt'.i Mroet. Thla place
seems especially popular with c.illdren.
"The Uandit'a Spur" 1 another film
being snOWfl at this theatre.
Vouug men left the saloon next doir
to enter Ihe "movie" at No S Kaat
One Hun. lied and Foily-nlnth atriwt,
wtiars nia'ny children wre gathered.
Tha I l.iiri.ree.1 Scout" is a thrilling
narrative or the aouuciton oi a enri oy
s half-breael already poaaeaalng one
w'. and of an SXPttinf pursuit nn.l sub
inl battle bttween Indians and
, KtbQrs "The Convl i's Heturn" 1s a.v
; t 'her ol'erlng at Ibis ih-'tlre.
Tndlan after Indian sprang In the air rescue her she tanda by while the
with his band clutched over the deaft sailors shoot ilown the savsite who re
dcatlng bullet lodied In kll heart, rued nud feil and honored her when she
They stamped and fhOUted with baffled was htnpless. Viler the dead strew the
eaxernesg when the husband erroneously ground tha lovera depart, happy,
accused Uls wife. No need t. tell them "Tbe Reveflga of Ihi HUM Msska."
of what. They knew, although thelri"The Hear I of a Coesack" and a war
average .ise arai about fonftaeg Thev drama witb plenty of kiiitnit held forth
thrilled with tbe noble ponrlCl who re- ,u the Williatii-hnrg Tbaatra, a hve
fusp.1 to tell where he ws at the time (.nf hOUM 't llsaerote Micot nnd Man
the crime was committed, lest bis slslc hStttMl aiceic. , tvw blo ks awny In
be disgraced. They wat lied htm StcagO I s Imles atrret the pott art aaJtMUtoai a
from the net of the law. and they were J ape 1 11 Mm entitled The (lovcrnor'a
glad They drank In with awe the st-rt- ; cinmency." This Htm deal! with por
lliia Intrigues from tVPpotdly high so- arty, rObtMry luatlfled, nnd reward. The
clety. They planned with the desporato ner0 panj , , r,, , ,gt OOtMtL He
man to rob the gtaga coach and jta bank- rXeciites the plan carofuliy, bat n-
oaned money. And ltynof Tho man f ropnters the Oovemor s earr'age by
hthiself argue.1 It for them In pan- wroP When be exjilalns how desperate
lotnine tie waa so poor, hit nuirn " ., ,r kkm man a
In the iatflr picture house a film "Her
rich. !! waa entitled to a ohance tor
lire, and money meant lire Consequently
the robbery was Jirstllled nnd nothlna
would ever happen to the robber. And
nothing did.
They beheld Camllle n her lover's
arm. They naw s wlto led astray.
Thry reeled with the drunkard who ga,Vj
neat his wire nnd descried ner. i new
watched her rals the poison lmttle to j
her lips. They saw the wicked enst-
neer pi ice an Iron bar on tnc tr'ica
directly betore the oncoming train
The- saw an escape rrom prison, a
...... n ., I ... .i.Ia.i hnnnme ntieen of
the cannibals, and they saw the savage, J ."m " ' . e',
die before the white man's riPe. All "' ' Hftmfi ad sukldc II portraiel
this they MtW aad more a, part of tbe them .11 vividly snd waa well received
dally progrsmme. the fesst dativ or sen- I
aatlonal crime Inciting movie, which Dmr-no akin U A DDADP
are furnished to children In Williams- Ml VLttb ANU HAHdUKb
And not alone did the youthful patron,
get the above collection of Ideals for
their nickel; they IOOB away many n,.,, N y . ,. Wall in Ohew
Inches of bad nlr. disinfectant spray or ..w.. ... vo..n.i.s
doubtful efficacy but undoubted dis
tinctiveness, and the moral aftermath
which follows when children or both nenditllft
WASHINGTON, rec. s. natimatea
Spoiled Boy" siowl how the black
sheep or the. family, who Insulted and
disobeyed Ml mother, went ae'ay leav
ing the Dbbdlerr ones at home. When
trotihle came to the mother he alone
able to pr-w1uo the miuiev for the
atlon of the home, while the obedi
ent one never BaVOIMtld to a row of
pins. Tbe moral la obvious.
Another film, "The Power of Woman."
In t-hreo roels. w.m Ighlbltld In a flve
cef nlcTture hoiis at Kent avesme iear
Mushing. This charming film dealt
Proposed 56,000,000 Ex-
Among these eattmatea are tha follow
ing: e.
Hhode Islnnil -Providence ftTVer and
harbor. ItMrWD; IUo k laland, KA,0i;
Point Judith Harblr of rtefuge, MKM
COfMIIOti ut -11 irm.r of Keruge, rnuch
Island , harbor, IllO.imn. Connecticut
Hiver. below Hartford, tt,ono.
New Tork New Votk harbor, In
cluding Ambrose Channel. tSti.OMI; Huf.
talo harbor, IHJT.STi; Osweso harhor,
tlio.oon, BreM RiTtf an! Kaatcheatrr
Creek, tf.0,M0, tlowanus llay channol,
IMO.nriO; Jamaica Ilaj-, I.TXI.000; remorlng
ohitnictiona, Must Yllver and Hell (late,
ISW.OOO; Harlem Klver, b. Hudson
Itiver. t :".'. Black Hock harbor,
New Jersey -I Ui kenssck Ttlver. tno,oMI;
Passab; Klver, IWO.QOO; Absecon Inlet.
tn one portion of the repprt It Is
slated that tbe plan of thn Natlona
Coast Defense Itoanl are sufficient for
present needs. Ilstlniates on account of
fortifications in thn rtnlted statea
priper aggregate 91.lll.nAn.
sexes are crowded together In
A sign at the Junction of Oreenpotnt . aggregating t51."66,M for improvements
and Manhattan avenues, Prooklyn, 1ndl-I harbor work, throughout
usand children of William.
lay aw armed in the foul
lloaper Club, with whl i P.osenthal was
once connected, and t!;e IntamaOonal
cafe, which was close I by the police
ecenUy as seine the ri "OTt Of thieves -for
Instance, arc locateiK
At the time The Rvenlm WoC.d r-
porter rtalted I vln picture
at No. lit Baat Houston Street, the
wai largely filled with children,
watching a Mm whi-ii dapl tod a Bght
with Indian raiders. On llltlf boy of.
nve waa BO Wrought up uy nbat be "
lliat as he w:ih leaving the place be
took out a to P' l and, douching,
-fired" and rel idi I an I fired again and
j'.iln. aa he had lean the raiders do
on the flint.
Within one Mo . also, only e.ght
nOVlng J)l lure
t! Third urfc
nv aie sa
. UdUOf store,
nU and one
pliMMi Hko the
i da of aJMMfan
; i'nr the doo:-,
groub of young
i the airla who
at I .oks and re-
theatrra and
catea the presen-e of an Institution
known as the "Crystal Palace." Five
cents sdmlts to a narrow room, crowded
with children nnd women with babies.
Outside there Is an announcement that
children under alsteen will not be ad
mitted unless accompanied by an ml ul t .
Little gltl k you to take them In to
the show. There Is a flaring poster
hewing a villainous looking citizen
crouched over a railroad track putting a
bar across the rails for the benefit of
the oncoming train. "A Mean Revenge"
It Is entitled. Any iron bar similarly
placed by one of the spectators would
AM the hospitals and morguca in the
At Moore street and Oraham avenue
two films. "The Thiers Wife" and tho
"Prison on the Cliff," furnish uplifting
amusement ror the young patrons. "The
Thlefa Wife" dptotl a man heating bis
good wife, with plentiful detail.
A little Bluffy theatre at Boer.im street
nnd Oraham avenue advertised "Ca
mille" as the chief attraction. Inside a
heavily built man with a long suction
pump wnt about discharging a sickly
spray or dlslnrectant. This house was
largely patronised by children. They
applauded and enjoyed a film entitled
"In Her mother's Defense." This reel
trents of convicts, crime, suspicion of
infidelity and arrest Tbe convict has
vlslled the wife of a young lawyer. Tlio
time of tbe visit Is exactly the time or a
crime for which the convict Is arrested.
When tbe lawyer Is appointed to prose
cut, the criminal the wire begs for h'tn,
arousing the husband's suspicion, which
la further ground when the wife proves
an allb! ror the convict In court by de
claring they were together it the time
in question. The enraged husband fol
lows home and finds tbe two In his
house. Thero ll breathless suspense
when he demand "Who Is this mnn?"
Every child In the theatre reconnlros
the gltuatlOn, "lie Is my lenther." cries
the heroine, and the husband fofgiv!
his wife and kisses her on the fOfehe
This reel give, way to a lur'd thrill r,
1 entitled Miss ito'iin.on r rusoe. There
Is a shipwreck aixl the girl is cast away
1 on n cannibal Isle. She saves herself
j by fondling a python or boa constrictor.
upon which the natives put aside the
COOktng pot and begin to worship liie
girl. She queens It over them until lnr
clothes drop off and she is forced to
wear a scanty leopard skin, which al-
the country during the nest fiscal year
a ere submitted to Congreaa yeatetrdav.
"Just Say"
II Mmn
ftrlfclMl and 6ini.li
Tit Food-drink for All Aftt
More healthful than Tea or CoJfogy
Agree with the weakest digeatwa.
Delicious, invigorating and nutribouk
Rich milk, mailed grain, powder oral)
k qakk lanch prepared idi iaata,
Tak mm gikatiMe. Atkfor HORUCK'Sa
KT Others are imitations
Cowperthwait Q Sons
Join the S.' P. U. G.
ociety for revention of Jseleis -giving
Substantial Presents for long
Jse and -(Jood wear
Punch Bowi
and 6 Glasses
nn ''ut tiless.
II XP chin i and
eUV. Tableware
3-Piece Spanish Leather State, $42.50
llrtnarkable value. Heavy mahogany finish frames with
claw fret. The upholstering is extra fine. Hacks aod
eats covered in real Spanish leather, any color desired.
fsrfer nJ library Snifes end Sintlr fieret. All W4i, All
Cocerirtft and All Frieti
m.iv.ng picture lows for a generous dlVDlav of fori
with delight as When her lover comes In a yacht to
houses long, where
plane Is iltuate1 it !
una,-out ot M.'C
luons, one Is a
two are all-night n
Is a pool room. T .
etbara, had a larg
among it ipoclaton
on the Inside, stood
fellows more Interne,
had to pusa a gauul
niarfca than In the t
Of the nine houses I .1 occupy the
same block as the n ' ttttr place
at No. 93 Pnrh How 1 1 ( ae saloons
Put this place. In v 1 1 no reporters
saw many young bnj lure thl I IT-
raff of the Hoa-ery a cl upper Park
I now.
The Chatham, a "1 . ." at No. .. j
Chatham square, li '.tuatad In I
mora unsavory nalgl borhood Into t iu
equeve' empty to of tha streets oil
Oblnatown with its cotnu anl ro ot 1
thlnsown men and women gunmen,
gangatera and theli id. The 1 lire
1 1 self hit been the air of I ' (
rhore grim tragedies of tin in I 1
man any other place In the
of eqiml ares. In finnl oi' 1
posterH that decorate tlio 1 of I
f.'hatham stood a iiiiull crow i
children gloating over Irenes 1
Hand .nlms with I. lent. I .
-TO-Mortaia better supplied with 11 y
MM enjoying these picture In 1,1 tl n
on the Inside
The "movlu" at .v'o. !7 Third avi I
shares ttie house it t at Pin v'.,b
.-.hop suey restaui 111 1 1. typical
Third avenue vaih )ii Ihe
hlook with It in 11 .Co. lis. Oh i j
othar block, w hei r at No, IIK& Tbll II
nue Is anoiiiur movlt ! pi lure pat
there ere flv saloons.
ITnere are four ealooiiu hi Ihe Into'
. tioa of one HuuJrcl and KrtHfth
atraat an 1 Klghth avinue, and Just .1
taw ateps iwas .. Ilm 1 iii Theatre,
"The Uli-l o the ll Id n llun, ' w'Ul
Wegtem yarn, la s : ills iiero. 1
Kvtry Manilas Nlgat" 1 a
everv claim that is made as to the relief
given women by the safe, speedy and
cerl n in action of the famous well-known
remedy Beecham's Pills. Headaches,
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try this economical and convenient
remedy Beecham's Pills.
They have corrected such
conditions so invariably whenever
tried, that they deserve
altti of Women
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qualil y
Big clap
anil ea-
etc., of
every lype
Fine Gas Radiator
nickel triiiiniiriRN,
MHprml lownlltn
iikIhh. h Ft. tub
tag I n i' I u l tl.
m nn. K L'li Inrhr
Mahogany door
and lop, showlliK
beautiful grain i
vwy well made
and finished
tbrouahout; calil
nete for music,
record, o u r I o ,
etc . In every
Figure, 69c
Htauds 10 Inches high
Has a o-tnch mirror. Very
graceful ind useful, as well
as ornament..' All sorts of
brlc-a-brsc, vases, jardiniere,
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ot-ln tray, holders, etc
3Mlt hlah, ilrswer and
I half, Ksrly I iKlleli flu
id. Many other noveltle.
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Harlem Uoret
2212 to 2224 Third Avenue (.or. 1 2 1st St.)

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