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Must Not Wed American Girls, Order to German Diplomats
W CAT UK H II I ii lo-nUlit anil Thurailar.
M THF.It-Raln tn-niahi aa4 Thar.ilar.
m Wmwm last survivor
Kaiser's Imperial Chancellor
C.irM-iiW, P.,lwc Pnlo Put
uuquti ii v ivv. I v l. -1 i nit. mi
in Force by Bismarck.
Action Follows Brilliant Wed
ding at Which Americans
Were Prominent.
BERLIN, Dec. 4 The entry of
American b;rn wives Into 'he Or
man diplomatic corps Is forbidden ,
from now on according to a nillSH 01
Imperial Chancellor on Bethmtuiii-
Hollwee, who baa motored the regu
lation made by t hi- la e Prince Ma- !
mnrcii, pvobihitinp Qwmuk diploma ta j
from marryin? (orelgl I r.
in tie course of (. the rwlatten
dial fallen Into deeitetude Former !
i-rriai Chancellor Print Bernhard vo i
RttOlew, wit'' Ma ttalflfll wife, prin'es? '
M.i.-ln Bee II II J' hea.led
rerVl.e which was largely graced B j
vnsrican brides, who Included Lillian
say I.ngham of LoulBtrlllai Ky., th
wlfe of the .ate Ambassador Harm.
Speck von Sternhurg. ami Jeanne Luke- (
.tyer ol New York, wife ! the pre.et.t.
rman Ambassador at Wasum ton,
count lobann Helnrleh von Bernstorfr.
and otner Ambaesadree.es.
Dr. von Uetiim inn-Ho la has now
informed the member of the German
ulplomatle service that the decU.on of
in ofTi-lal of th- dermal diplomatic
corp. serving abroad tO matry a for
.Ign.r will hereafter w regarded at an
.xpre.elon of bla wish to reilr. from the
Hoof Pushes Driver From Under
Car Wheels, Where Collision
Had Thrown Him.
The kick of a Itorae IBVed the life of
Hubert Bailey, drive-,- of a J- HOOfl
Wright Ho.ptnl ambulance, to-day.
B ister the ambulance homo that dl I
the kicking, la not a .rained life ver;
he merely kicked Instinctively when th-
ambulance he wae pulling waa
to kindling by a Columbus avenue can
at Ona Hundred and Fourth street, and
5. kick, aarved to push Bailey away
from tna threaten nm
With Dr. James Tlpplne. Bailey was
driving tha ambulance to answer a call
when tha collision occurred. The car
rn.de a lotal wreck of the ambulance,
but just before It .truck Bailey sharp J
turned Buataf out of the way, then he
went under the wheel, of the car a for
11 i truck. He as also under Bu.ter .
ha.le until three or four stiff Obl
by the lerriftsd horse served to inc.'
I'm far enough away to avo.d beln,
f'1Ut'uhd' Bailey and nr. Tlppln. were
ukttt back to the hospital ta anothei
imgulanee, badly .hake,, and bruited.
Penny Surprise Package
That All Should Get
I'nsnnw s.liriir. DldL
r me wu mum r9"? a.- r.-v
1." PPaUd to fte little ones -Ion
SWOTlii youn,
rc tuyins for penny,
v.h ;h contains, every day, hundreds of
nK tnrt "surprises" in the way of otters
!.. pjiHIOnl. services, ht.tnes. mvestmetit
t ,-. . : unities, etc
World Ads. Last Month
3,602 more than corresponding month isit year
BN.M41 Mora Taaa the Herald
(The World s Ssertit DSSIpeUlae.l
for a fennti l et the Horning World Fill
Tour Uov wit Happy bur-
j " Circulation Books Open to All."
'"W&V&JftM" NEW
"TfAPUfD'Q OFA!)!"
ILnUIILIl 0 lLflUi
She'd ( )n1y Fainted, but Chil
dren's Rush Brings Mob
of Frantic Mothers,
HOa little a till. Is needed to throw
a w hi le tenent ml Hal i let into bubbling
panl a ion the i ':.. of the tenement
eblldri n is mppoeed tj be at stake was
again demonstrated over In the nelnh
borbood of ttlbtlO School No. 4"!, mi
Union street, near Hi' ka Brooklyn, to
day. Just five minutes before ; o'clock
Miss Margaret McMalion, in charge of
c lass 4U gX Utile glrla, all under the
age of twelie, fainted at er deck. In
stantly somebody piped up "Teacuer'a
did"' and the chlldicn began to rush
out Into the hall.
Their clamor, heard through closed
doors of other classrooms, was lute,-,
pralad by ready Imagination to be toe
cry of "Fire:" un 1 at once hundreds .if
tin l,60t pupils In the school rose and
began racing Into the halls The first
children ta leu.-., the street spread the
horror signal "Flrel" and from oeai ..j
tenements mothers begn:, boillnjf Into
I!..- mi eel, l onverglni! upon the school.
Anna i- MoOevltl. the prlnelkai
of the school, realized a tun tlr.t ci;
what its effect upon the ncigiibor.u oil
mother.! would be. .o sou suunded the
Br alarm and an attempt wa.i made uj
the teacher, to conduct an orderly re
treat from the building, The first ranks
aera met at lbs door, however, yy a
clamoring mob of women, calling n, a
dozen toiiiiuea for their youm? one..
Tne Janitor and teachers wcie, ovei
whelmadi the advance guard of the
Iran; 0 mother! he..n to pu.-,li their way
into the hallWnva, thiowlng mare.,-
Ing lines intu erlld disorder.
A hurry csll for help to Police llead-
quartsrsi sent by M.m McDevUt.
brought the reserves from the Amity
and B.uler Itrsstl and llamburfc- avenu..
station.. They hail their hands f'i'l
try n to subdue the panic among the
mot her..
Neither Rich Nor Poor, He Has
Brains, Balance and a Heart,
Savs Ex-Ambassador.
rTtIS. Dec. 4-Pavld Jayne Hill,
formerly American Ambassador to Ger
many, .poke to-day on the politic, of
France and the politics of the United
Biate. to the Franco-American commit
tee In tha Theatre Michel. The gather
ing was large and Included many
notable persons. Mr Hill con-luded by
iketchlng the average American. He
aald In part:
"If you wish to Judge rightly of what
the L'ntted States, when it comes to
deliberate action, prill do. you will per
h.in. be Interested In the portrait of
thu average A i orl an clt'ien.
"He a man Who Is neither Hen not
enol tfo ll i SUMtantlsl and Indus-
I tr.oc- m nber of laoleli'i w th tnou:h
ir .K ': B he Intl c : I In public
pol - !es "ottcarnlnj It He hta usually
! .i ' luli. d what lie P- -senses by Industry
niel i in my. lie has no very exalted
Opinion uf Iboaa who are , idle or e.-
travagant. in. experience ha. eonvtooad
him of the reality of a moral order ani
i of subistantlal OOdne(S at the heart of
ithe universe. He la often openlj ajij
practically religious.
''Urn iaag c lum inaA ol aatfrtarlinrasi
Col. Gracie, of Washington,
Had Thrilling Experience in
Ocean Tragedy.
Saw Col. Astor and Others in
I nst Moments Before
Final Plunge.
Co!. Archibald Ora-le of Washington
d.ed early to-day In a prlvale tafpltal
at No. 31 Baat Thirty-sec ond street.
Col.- Oracle carried with him sine.
April 14 of this year the grim dl
tlnctlon of having been the last sur
vlvor of the III fated Titanic to lent
her decks. Only by a mjrvel of rhan.-c
was he snatehed from the commor.
grave of the 11 in! heroes when the 1
floating city pluned Into the Ice stren n
Cat. Oracle was in his berth a-hen th"
crash of the collision with the l-ebra 1
sent a qh'ick through the greet ship
He dressed calmly and lolnad the laugh
ing, joklag thron In the ..h p's saloon.
hk man In evening coat picked up a I
piece of the Shattered be iz i fragme-ii..
anil distributed amcng the won en
present. An hour ;..ib.ed and then Col
liraclu began to witness Lhe tragic
scenes of Parting anil the terrible flnu. '
fantasy of the ship's plunge.
He saw i'oI. John Jacob Astor hind
his wife Into one of the lifeboats and
OOolIy take down Its number in
memorandum book. He saw M
Isldor Straus Jump from a lifeboat
where she aad been placed back to the
deck, there to twine her arm In that .
her husband and wait for the end
George B Wldener and John B. Than
were swept off the ship by the Anal
encroaching wave before his eyes.
When the waters had reached the boat
deck, where Oracle stood hitfl J. (Mlnc-i
Smith, both of them stood on tha :a!
and tried to jump up to tlio brldae deck
above. Smith missed his grip and fell
Into the sea. Oracle caught the edge
of the deck, hut ju.t then the Titanic
made the tlnal downward swoop. This
is the wav Col. Oracle afterward told
of the minutes then succeeding i
"I was under water, flghtlnu blindly,
madly, for my life. 1 mast have been
drawn down by the suction of the slnk
ng ship fully tWenty.Bve feet. I had
K.ven up hope: I had already surren
dered to death: my mind was on my
wife and children Suddenly an invisible
force seemod to throw me upward. Po
sibly It was an expl'-lnn of some sorl
Inside the sinking vessel.
"I rose to the surface to find myself
in a mass of wreckage, surrounded by
n.en struggling almost silently in the
fieeilng water and moaning and gasp
ing as they fought for life. Right at
my hand wa. a wooden crate and I
seized it. But I let go because I could
see that another hand was on It. The
man was fai .pent; tha chill of the
agta? n fast reachlnc hi. heart.
" 'Friend,' I cried, 'may I hold on
with you? Will It hold twoT
"To my dying day I shall never for
get the reply that came in a hoar.e
w hlsper
"'Catch hold,' said the voice. 'Weil
sink or swim together.'
Later Col, liracje clung with twenty
nine otln n to an overturned boat and
at o'clu. k in the morning was taken
into one oi the Titanic'. Ill ooata.
and. If defeated la Ids efforts or disap
pointed in ,iL hopes to-day, he expc- Is
to succeed to-morroa'.
"Being to some extent educated and
a reader. In has an opinion, and gener
ally not an entirely erroneoua one, on
moat subjects of Importance.
"He will be sorry if any one is h'm
Ty or lll-rla! or for any reason unhap
py, and when he has preached a little
sermon on lh- man's weakneHs or lolly
he will rive him bread as well as good
advice and tell him to go and tollM a
man of himself.
"This an rage American respects and
honors bis sife, Hs Is proud of bis
, hlldran and ambitious for them
I "in agsjrvselnj himself be gusg
at. a. ah. to t I.- pol lit i spsgka wiiii in
I phasis, cvn with cxsggeratlon H .
; however, dues m.-iii: eggotly what h"
i eaya who hs lalbi business' it t. b)
J character more than by Intellectual en
dowments thai b( measures men, and it
Is by the munllllM of i harai-ter sbjub
hey would promote ami stamp upon the
history of th. nation that he ktlmaiia,
approves or repudiate, the policies
rgaABietV Mt. W fMrWt
Rich Yachtswoman Who Died
To-Da" in Her Paris Mansion.
m mm ': 'z'W
Hi TED 2" -LlsXV
Witness Tells of Letter Given
Him by the Judge to Coal
Company Official.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 4 -With the
Senate', reconvening; a. a Court of lA
peachment to-day. Judge r.ohert W,
Archbald of the Commerce Court fa ed
the real beginning of hi. trial far al
leged mi. conduct and Riledemounora.
Witnesses summoned hy the House man
agers conducting the prosecution . ire
all ready to testify.
F.dwar l J. Wlll'ums of Punemore. Pa.,
near Scranton. was first culled to the
witness chair when ihe court convened,
He .aid Judge ArobOSld had given him
a letter to W. A May, SUOerlnti ndant
of the Hillside Coal an l Iron ''ompany,
from whom Williams was trying to se
ure sn option on the Katydid " "iilm
dump " Mr Williams said J'l Iga Archi
bald had no oonneetlen with the option
on the i ulm bank.
Among t.'.o.e to appear to tell of the
so-cal'.id "Katydid culm hank deal," In
which Judue Arch.ialil was alleged to
have used his Influence with the K.rle
Itallroad to brink' about the .ale of the
properry to him, were many of Ju Ige
Aiehbald'e friends and acquHlntan 10.
rom Be ran i m, .is former bome.
a Judg- Arohbald had ladlostsd 'is
Intention to be present throughout I le
trial, his Place at the left of the S- n
ate desk w is awaiting inm aaaln to.
day. and from thai position be had
I a ditect view of ths iTlinessas as
! thty 10 It the stand Th- prose uti hi
was to bold the floor to-duy, but tne
I line of juiige Arobbaid'e dafonae was
ulaarly Indicated i y hie attorney m his
isneral atati rm nt yesterday.
1 The Senate will oonVOOO dally ni
! o'clock uk u com t of impeachment, and
I Ihe s, (--Mt.ii. are eg pee ted to run until
. o'clock. More thin l S' It nSSSes, urc
( under aubpoeiia by the House mangjfers
aAft dMdge Atooasatt s Bjtwroejra,
Duchess of Roxburghe's Aunt
Was Head of an Old
New York Family.
Mrs Robert Ooelet, aunt of the
DUOheSI of Roxburghe. noted yacht.
worr.an. friend of Kaiser Wllhelm and
head of an old New York family, died
early to-dav at her home In 1'arla. Ill
for more than a year with a cancer
Mr.. Ooolot'g deith 1s .scribed to a
eompll a 1 1 ' i n of disesses. She underwit
an SftaratlOS last summer. She ws.
flfty-elght years ld.
Mrs Ooalst'g tody grill he brought to
New York for burial probably on her
yacht, the Nahma, on Which Mr. Ooe
let died In Naples In UN and wnl. h
was then used to bring his body back
to Amellci
Km- nearly four months Mrs Qoeint.
death had been ekpeoted by her eloaagt
fi lends in August, sblle aboard the
Nahma. then at Boutbampton, there
a bUdden turn for the woise. Her .on.
K abort walton uoeieti nuniei t ntr
j from New York, lie arai at lo r ;,, djlde
I w h.-n she died.
I As the head of the vast Qoelot estate
' Mrs. QOelet wu. one of the wealthiest
i a-omeii In the world The etate value
ha. been pla. .-1 a' Mt ... the greater
I portion of It III ri al estate. On the death
,f Mi Ooslel Mrs Qoelel ieceiv,d an
I tnr tal inooens of Uk "i .
1 Mrs. Qoelel wa.. Miss Marriotts Louise
Warren dbs a. married to Mr. Ooetei
In t;j. Ti vore two nbUdren. Robert
I W.iilol OOOll I all'l Hcalr. e Uue.Mt. I lt,
I utter died lb wnt ih wgg seven.
I leen e.u a of '
I Ths ja ot Naltnia, na of lbs largest
I privets yaobts all was U lu Mr.
', i in. o-t I..' hoe .in.-. .ami. it a as bar
dearest possession, mi it. slm enter-
ta. in d ths late King sVisrard vu.
1 her gUSSI on one uccaaluit, and tha
, k,i : vi. ted bef aboard thu visel a
Cyotxued va Ifttgsjd
Circulation Hooka Open to
Calls Claim on which Miss St.
Clair Is Suing I "Hummel"
Former District-Attorney Says
Defense "Practically Accuses
Counsel of Crime.
The Introduction of the nn.me "Abe"
HSSnmeli the lawyer who served n term
on BlftekWOll'l I. land for SUbO nation,
caused a ahnrp paaange at arm. tie
tween Mex I. Steuer and William Trav
era Jerome this afternoon at the trial
or the rult brought by ktAllth St. Clair,
an BOtrOOe, atalnst Klaw A Krlaugrr.
Mr. Wteuer dnw up the oinlrai-t for
aasM St. (Talr oheislby ahe waa to re
ceive BS.hOn in ten annual Instalments,
this to take the plaie of an oral con
tract ahe claims to have made with Kr
Isnsjw, which provided that she ahould
receive I7k)m aue frw V1.
Mr. Wiener aa. on CM Wttnes. at a ml
and Mr. Jerome was cruee-examlnlnv
ham ss to the drawing of the contract.
Suddenly Mr .teroiiM shot out:
"Voil kneiw "Atie Hummi l, did y in
" 1 did."
"And oo knew him well," Jeroma en.
tinned, sharply.
"Not so well as you lid," .aid the
wltnr... smiling I met him occasion
ally, and added: While I hold no hnef
for Mr Hummel, there are a lot of me:i
In this world woiae than he."
TRACT. "'I agree with ymi," said the former
I i ; : - Miurney. and angrily added"
'I'on't you know that this contract
drawn t.v vrm Is In the regular form of
Ihe 'Abe' Hummel contract?"
"I do not. and 1 never -heard of a
contract Ofawn like this one."
Mr Jerome changed his line of (juea
tlonlng to ask Itni witness nhout the
validity or oral contructs for life
"I object to this," Interposed Kdmund
It Moonoyi attorney for Miss 8t. iMalr.
These queatlons have nothing to do
with the case."
They have a whole lot to do with
the rase," said Mr Jerome, "for wn are
here, praotleajly accusing Mr Steuer of
a cilme. Iildn't the Idea of a oontract
thut called for n woman used In SOU
bratte or Ingenue pints signing up for
life strike you a. prHpoateroua?" ,na
a.ked the witness
1 wouldn't all it prapo.teroua. It
eeems Improbable at nrst. but, as
told Mr. Erlangsr. not after certain
fact, had been made known to me."
In describing hi. vl.lt to Klaw ft Er-
lancer'a office, prlo to the ilgnlng of
the contract, Mr. Steuer .aldi
tin my .econd vl.lt Mr. fcirlanger uld
he wanted to mak. a proposlllon, as he
had talked over Ml.s St t'la r". claim
with ill. partner. Mr. BrlaBgOf thtu
told me that he would give her a cer
tain sum of money, and while .n
OUldn'l Work for "K. i K ' companies.
he would try and gel tier parts .,o
other productions In which he might be
nteresteil II'- thought the annual In
stalment plan was the thing, and If at
tho end of ten ears Miss St t lair
needed help. why. Maw Hnangei
would (till be in i (tatsnos,
'I told Mr. Krlaiiger that he was vei y
liberal At another time he suggested
that he haw. drawn a 'phony' contract
to take the place of the verbal one.
He suggested that the contract might
be drawn with Cohan ft Harris, and a
clause inserted sn lt could he avoided.
He didn't ask me to draw It."
Bdlth Hl Clair who had remained
calm- on the witness aland heretofore,
bust into a tit of Steeping to-day when
she was questioned about her mother
She had bean recoiled as SOOfl as th.
trial .'-a. r counted in Justice lsndle.
ton', part of ti- s ip em. Court.
Tin. wltnese teetlnad tint she was
born In Nashville, Tumi , thirty cus
igo, .-iii on 'he .t ig whsn she was
fourteen, and ItVit St. Clair mu her
ItSjgO in. m.
" What I. voir right nam, " ' Mgad
ll'uutltl.li- 1 on Si- "olid I'age
Make h oil r feel i-i.infi.rttltile diirllls hul
ld. lo.l'Ulns In 11111 J di.'SJI. t 1 not Sn.p,
ah drusstswi ive. sad etc. .ues.ni,dvu
Calls for Briefs on the Argument of
the Ex-City Chamberlain's Coun
sel on Motion for Arrest
of Judgment.
Sharply Questions Deputy Commis
sioner of Correction, and Then
bets Grand Jury at Work.
Charles H. Hyde, former City Chamb.rlain, convicted of bribery,
was arraiKneit to-day betore Justice Goff for sentence. After a lengthy
and skilful argument advanced by John B. Stanchtleld for ike defense
the imposition of sentence was postponed until Dec 11, end Hyde was
sent back to the Tombs, where he must remain another ek.
I'revloui to tha arralgnement of TTasi.
Two Women Are Dragged
Out and Men Fscape
to the Roof.
A yellow torn cat earned a Carnegie
hero medal this morning by saving aev-
erai lives In a burning building at No
I''. West Thirty-first street. It wa. Ju.t
an ordinary, yellow, gtoodftng, grubbing,
purring Thomas who wouldn't take a
tdue ribbon In a convocation of Itryau
Hughe. 's Nlcodstnu.e.. liut Tiiomaa was
graluful fur a lodging to Daniel le Lena,
who occupies an office on the first door
of the building.
When De Lena opened hi. door this
morning flame., were raging from the
window above and th. cat told hi. bene
factor about It. De Lena ruahed out
and told Policeman Wl.hart.
When De Lena returned from notify
ing Policeman Wl.hart he rushed up to
the nest floor to give the alarm. The
rear of the second floor wa. occupied
by Mre. A. M. Wetael aid Mis. C.
Meyer, guwn makers. Ie Lena grabbed
them both an.l dragged them out Inty
the hall, by Wblob time tin y were partly
uMoneoiougi Then bo carried ami
diaaa'-d tliem to the street.
Up in tin baoholora1 spartmsnts two
young men were peacefully alt. ping
In tha front of the hou.e Ancun C.
Hirthen looked down Into the .treet.
VI ,., . vclle. I to 111 ill tint tn
Jump. He partly dre.sed himself and
.... i .,
piuil.e-i wi "in" ion iia.t lie aa w
a ladder leading to th" roof from
which ha could walk to the adjoining
roof and he quietly made his exit.
Joseph Hendei SOB was finally awakened,
lie looked out of ills Window and .aw
a volume of .moke. He rushed Into the
hall and saw more smoke. I'..pli
were crowded In the windows watching,
the fire. Nearly opposite him wu.
-:i.np PWiiaaai i..a u an ori-ll
I,p llntleau. the urtl-t, who had be
painting a moot snu turn no.!,,, i to lu
in, iw with nsh ii, I i in in. i
.. .. i .1
I... ii i j...,. ,- -
in M.u thins: I'm going p. stay h-re
. .....i ..i b.. .i. .. .. .
and p ; i-.r you imw oa uenuei
when gomobodi
i Iasi iis and to. it
ru.hid up In Caui,
ilm of lleti.ler.oii's
p II u - in i apt un wanieo to Know why
to kno g w
be iitdn t walk downstairs Then the
Captain rushed Intu tha smoke and
carried him out on I is roof, The flames
i-t-tf confined to the second and third
floors The dan. a.,, waa about 17,100,
H) arid iiuii,in,. r.ralati Hnlhai
at.., i,ii. H.Ui silk ,,ro.U i.hiuu .
I'. .lei i.nii-urr. ( laue o.liat lu . , i,j.fc
SJ Ptik Mew. BSSI Biuwl.. llrU... -Aili-.
an. uce ihjit charged ths Orand Jury
the estraordlnary term of the Suprame
in iu oegin an Investigation tart.
lth Into the management and conduct
of the Tomb. Prlsbn with special ref
er.-,,, -,. ,0 the action, of tha omelet, i.
charge of that Institution. The Inves
tigation waa b rough- about k -fe.
attributed to Deputy Com ml. .inn.. .
Correction William J Wri.hi .
effejl that he In... o
' - v.iuenca wnioa
-o..... oe supplied by Tomb, emplo
-as woui.i procure Hyde a new
an.l also hy the fact that Ifvil. le.......
of bt'lrnr eenii. , ., i. . ,
i i. . t - "a. oeao
lodged In the Warrfen'. .,.... i
Tombs yard. "
Justice i, rf ,ioUvrwj chtrgm M
t.rand Jury afier a cunferance with District-Attorney
Whltmsn. The Jurors
were Instnicied to visit the Tomb, ia
spect the riuarter. allotted to Jfyda,
niestlon all parson, necessary a. to Mo
allegation that Hyde waa unjustly con
victed and i entitled to a new trial nod
look Intu tne management of tha Tombs
The publl.h.d atatem.nia is..
Louie" and "Oyp the Blood" assaulted
vri.oucr. m in. Tomb, and threatened
other prisoners whUe thty were await
ing aentenr arc also to be looted Into
b, the Orand Jury. The Inveetlgatlon
will, in addition, go into etatemento
made In letters wrlttsn by the four
Iloaenthal gunman to "Jack" Zellg, now
dead, In which they told of card games
in their cells and meal, served to them
at 4 o'clock In th morning. At the tlma
these letter, wore made public th. gun
men, who were waiting trial, .aid they
nan wruien me letter, in a apirlt
i nn an i to ;mpre el;g with th.
that they were iing well treated
lenlt -I
that any favora had been ahown
I .em
Aa to the postponement of tha
position of sent-nce upon Hyde
I. a difteren e of opinion between
defeu.M and the orosecutlun aa I,,
i 1
I a victory
It really mean. Hoth .ides claim It aa
Mr. Stanohfleld Interpo.ed motluroj for
a new trial and for arrest of Judmen'..
111. argument wa. olear and master)--from
tha Hyde standpoint. Justlcs
fluff overruled the motion for a new
trial, hut asked Mr. Stanohfleld to ub-
" ' an .'"...I. in oriel an.l
to amplify the argument, he had mad.
on the motion of an arraat of Ju-lir.
J -
a iv i v
Th. dtfi-ii.u claim, that the
i cm ii' i ho Jnde amount to e...---
on h.s pirt fiit he has been Imiircrassl
with tie argument of rosjgejel iwj
w i s tu further luforni blMaatf, In
fact Ju.li 0 "lift .. that ii. -. ,-;4
t.. "I ' r -iiefall) all Mr Blanch.
Held hit to My. Hut the Diatrlot-At-i.-iii.
' uh I"' aui.ord.n itej m-tkss
known that lie expected the adjourn
I,,, nt of 'he matter fir on. week In
gui mailt was piarrangadji
Xoe DietiKi-Atuiraeya

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