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Policeman Fox Held for Graft Waldo Orders Arrest.
WKATIIKR tearing; lo-nl-(h WrtlMdlf "lr.
m i 1 ni:n- ln. ta-ala-hti WMattltr fair.
nni 1 rnTnn
Counsel Negotiates for Possible Im
munity as State's Witness Police
man Fox Held in Court on
Waldo's Extortion Charge.
Patrolman Eugene Fox was arrested In Second Deputy Commissioner
Dougherty's office In Police Headquarters to-day on a charge of extortion.
The arrest waa made on ordera Issued by Commissioner Waldo. Charges
of Insubordination also were preferred against Fox. These are based on
kit refusal to answer questions put to him by Deputy Commissioner
PVx ww arraigned bafore M"agtstrste 0
Barlow In ths Tombs Court this after
noon and held for examination on Fri
day, with ball fixed at 16,000. Jacob
Jtouas. his attorney, complained that 'he
ball waa excessive, but the Court refused
to deoreaae It. Fox's case waa to havr
eome up In the Harlem Court, but, on
the request of Assistant Dlstrlct-Attir ,
ney Nolan, consent wan given for the
transfer to the Tombs.
The arest of Fox waa a surprise
Oonmttaloner Waldo. It is understood.
Mas decided that policemen openly
eharged with extortion or collecting
graft shall be arrested as aoon aa the
SJSrroboreted charges are made.
Fox waa accused at a session of the
Aldermanlc Commit Ire. a week ago, by
Charles A. Slpp. who formerly conduct
ed a hotel In Harlem. Since Slpp and
another man save their testimony ac
cusing Fox, an Investigation lias been
under way and Commissioner Waldo Mas I
been apprised of facts which are likely
to creste a resoundlns sensation in me
Police Department when action on them
8ipp testified that while he was the
proprietor of the Baltic Hotel at One
Hundred and Twenty-fourth street and
Lexington avenue, lie paid Fox 1100 a
month for five years. He sold hs hotel,
two Years ago, to a combination headed
by Max Hoohstini and Philip Blau. but
continued his payments to Fox for a
ear because Fox said "the boss"
wouldn't stand for direct dealings with
the new owners.
The testimony of Slpp was corrobo
rated by Thomas J. Dorian, a mem
ber of the syndicate which bout-'ht the
Baltic. Dorian I the assistant man
nucr of the hotel. He said he took $10U
a month to Slpp for a year, and that
after December. 1811. he paid Fox In
parson ISO a month.
Hipp testified that Fox often told him
he wasn't getting a sent of the protec
tion money that It was aoing to "the
(jo,,." Fox, according to Hipp, started
the collections when he was a patrol
man 1n ths Basit One Hundred and
Twenty-alxth street precinct, and kept
them up after he had bsen tranaferred
to the West One Hundred and Flfty
econd street preclnot.
Slpp'e statement that Fox disclaimed
any profit In the "protection" collec
tions has aroused the curiosity of Com
missioner wVldo. He wants to know
.k. Fm did with the money. A
Christinas Day In Jail will, It Is be
lieved, Incline Fog to be more com
municative than he wax when I'epuly
Commissioner Dougherty questioned
bint this moinlng.
ll was announced at the Ihslrlcl-At-tomty'a
office to-day that a ulg break
Is looked for before the end of the week
Un under IndictOISM and under arrosi
aa exDecled to coma across with a Cull
revelation of lha part tiiey have played
n usllscttns mono) (ran ths keopis
of disorderly houses, and their slot lea,
it is anticipated, will shake the Police
Department as It has not been snaKcu
since the Dexow investigation.
That Sol Wolf, the Columbus avenue
liquor dealer, and "Manny" May, tlx
(Continued on Fourth Page, i
The Evening World
Will Not Be Pub
lished To-Morrow
(riristmas Day).
Arraigned With Chamberlin of
the Grand Tmnk Who Was
Indicted With Him.
Charles 8. Mellen, President of the
New York. New Haven Hartford Rail
roaf, and Edson J. Chamberlin. Presi
dent of the Qrand Trunk Railway, In
dicted yesterday by the Federal Orand
Jury, with Alfred Smlthers, Chairman
of the Board of Directors of the Orand
Trunk, were arraigned to-day before
Juilie Hough In the t'nlted Stateo Dis
trict Court. Both pleaded not guilty and
were released on 110.000 ball.
Mr. Smlthers will come here from
London to answer the charges in the
Indictment. Ho may be In New York by
the first Monday In January, when Mr.
Mellen and Mr. Chamberlin are to ap
pear again before Judge Hough lo
change their pleas or make motions.
Mr. Mellen was the first of the two
defendants to leach the Federal nui'.l
ing. lie was accompanied by his at
torneys, William (Jrienough. former
Assistant tnited States District-Attorney
John Crim, and K. D. Robblns, gen
eral counsel of the New Haven Road
The party entered Judge Hough's room
during the trial of Julian Hawthorne
and Joslah Qulncy for fraudulent mining
stock transactions Mr. Qulncy shook
handa cordially with Mr Mellen when
the Indicted railroad President took Ills
placs Inside the rail. '
Mr Ohaniberlln, accompanied by Ills
counsel. John D. Lindsay and 1'rank
Crawford, arrived after Mr. Motion lul
been In tin courtroom for nearly fif
tcn minutes The two railroad men had
to ,nt until me luncheon re com in the
Hawthorns trial wns taken. Then they
were arraigned. Melther Mr. Mellen nor
Mr. Chomborlln -i"ke or gppogrod to
be aware thai the other waa in the
Mi OrtOnOUfh a-kccl that tne de
fendant he paroled. Assistant l ulled
I States
)s tod
1 i trli l l t.irne I lu I lot oli-
n the ground t:u.t I hey are. n"t
residents of this district. Judge Houf hi
who had been disposed to grant t:e
request for parolSi then Used bail a:
10.Mi A aiireis company furnished
the bonds.
purtment of Justice A-dey began eon
siderlng further in oven under the ether
man anti-trust Ian against the New
York. New Haven and Hartford au
rand Trunk Railroads.
Jesse ('. Adkina, Asslstsnt AgatOI
I ne -General, In lmrncdiat, chary n
esse, had a conferein e with Attor
nsy0ent'gl Wlckereham gad Jgines A
l'",iw ter. his a -slatant.
tiim Government on i. , no
KUlnB sgpecisl "GeriUon la ths nOsf
billtt o( br.uglng civil sun i . lor tbg
I Sherman IgW asalnst the too ragdg 10
j enjoin them from contlnuln, i . i.
leged combination.
1 0,000 BAIL IN
I " Circulation Books Open to All." VAX-COCoDwkJC ctrcolatitm Books Open to
?!v.riTr,,r:.b,ita' new
Japan's Leading Statesman
Saved by Servants From
Midnight Attack.
Caught After Breaking Into
House, He Turns Knife on
Himself Taken to Jail.
TOKIO. Dec K An ettempt was
made shortly befors 1 A. K. to-day to
ussasslnate Prince Aritomo Tamagata,
the President of the Japanese Privy
Council and Supreme Military Coun
cillor of Japan. The Prince escaped un
hurt. His assailant tried to commit sul
side. The would-e assassin broke Into
Prince Yamaguta's residence and en
deavored to approach the Prince. He
was, however, observed by some attend
ants snd he tried to commit suicide,
but he waa caught and prevented aa he
was in the act of stabbing htmself.
He wse arrested, and an Investigation
is now proceeding Into the reason for
his attempt.
Prince Yamagata waa the chief of
Ueneral Staff during the J a penes war.
Ho la well known In all the European
Prince Tamagata Is the moot Influ
ential, statesman In ths Japanese Em
pire since the death of Marquis Ito.
In diplomatic circles he Is regarded
aa ths mainspring of ths Government.
He la seventy-four years old and was
elevated to the peerage In 1907.
Born of humble parents, tie entered
the army In boyhood and fought his
way up by force of Intellect and abil
ity. He was Ohlef of the General Staff
during the war with Russia and has
since held the highest offices in ths
Prince Yamagata visited New Tork
In 1KKS and was a great favorite during
his stay. He waa on his way to St.
Petersburg to attend the coronation of
the 'zar The Prince has always ex
pressed the kindliest of fsellngs toward
the United States and numbers among
his friends nearly all the distinguished
American who have visited his coun
Percy L, Davis Guilty, Says
Jury, Which Deliberates
One Hour.
A rrdict of s-irllty wss return-,! by
the lury this afternoon against Alder
man PetOy I. rmvls of the Thirteenth
Dlstrlet, chsraed w t"!i attempted extor
tion Havls as accused, with fotincr
Tombg Missionary Owens of having nt
lemptOd to iii il V',OI6 from Mrs Kvg H
Carroll ,N rciresentlng that they could
cause of the suppression of an affidavit
Injurious 0 herself snd her son. madi
i i- a n'irl natne.l IKiwsoti. a-hi had or, n
.i tnoaohsf of t.ie Carroll hashdM
I The girl was prooeeuted by Mrs, i'ar
I roll for having f org OS checks Oeynoi
:md ii.icia a t into communication with
the girl after ai isnlsncs S'as BUS
I prndel. Their defrn wai thai l "
I were acting for Mrs. Carroll and ha I a -
ranged that lha money SfhhTh ligursd It,
1 the iraiiaaoUoii should be mads a trust
i fund for the lutvion'i girl support an I
I eduogllon
' Osrons was found aullty yesterday Oa-
; vis was at unce put on trial Justici
Qojff thn atened to ho'd court on I'hGst-
mas rial unless the trial was poncludori
tOadaV. The IrSWyora hurried the selc.
, t no ,,f lha lurv. wiiii ii as completed
' in llfvi mlnutoa, Ihsy mil short their ad
dresses ,n I queotloned witnesses, mil
, II e.4a,it hil '.-ts
I Ti " lur I ent out at S o'clock and
returned a rordlci In ' tool
1 rtrntencs on both Dai and (JSfatli
a 111 be pronounced on Monday.
tore, Tuesday,
filH r-i . i.i - ! . i it .- t i i . i . . . i . IMit I -S ..(.. 4H J . t
tSt earner Turrialba, Driven Ashore To-Day
On the Dangerous Brigantine Shoatel
i 3sg IIIIISr f trWmSSS' 'i
Intimates at Hearing that He
Will Eliminate Censor
ship Feature.
At the conclusion of a public hearing
en the proposed movLng picture ordi
nance to-day, Mayor Oaynor, in sum
ming up the situation, plainly Indlcwted
he will veto the clause in the ordinance
establishing a censorship of movdnif
picture films under the authority of the
Board of Kduoation.
If the Mayor's action of veto ap
plies specifically to the censorship
clause the rest of the ordinance affect
Ina the structural part will not be dis
turbed, but ths Mayor also made it
clear to-day that his mind Is not fully
mads up on that scors.
Aa a result of the many arguments
presented to him by representative clt
Isens strongly advocating the reten
tion of the censorship clause ths Mayor
admitted he was In doubt, but stated
he would again Kn over all the state
ments carefully, aa well as consult
his own authorities and then make
known his decision.
"As the poet has said," ha quoted,
" 'Vice L a monster of such hideous
mien, that to be abhorred needs only
to be eeen.'
i 'anon Chase and other clsrgymeu
present afterward called attention to
the fact that the Mayor had neglected
to complete the quotation
"But seen too oft.
"I-'amlnar with her face.
"We flret endure, then pity, then em
brace." Canon "hase slid had the Mayor sd
ed the last lines they would have fur
nished argument to the side of the ad
vocates for the isniorship.
(Ins of the speakers, Alderiuin Morri
son, doling tils remarks, ..-ked Die
Mayor to sign Iks ord!nsnce In full.
lying It nould Indeed prove a atatlfy
lllg "Christmas p'eent" to the p- ople
In espouse the Mayor sa d "We hSVS
iearmd here of new thwiKs The at
tempt to i elisor the presa wan tried but
failed Out founders did aaay with tnv
i Sanaa ship of religion, because it bad
! hoi ii ah'ifd Ho If 1 sign, Hi ordi
nance may not be a good Chi Islncts
latest ail. H may be somothiQo, w ii b.
laioWlng llttls by little, may afova great
Interferon s with our pcironai liberty,
"Some one puke hire of a moving
picture of a drinking S0S0S and a den.
May it not prove to be a deterrent n-
'ead Of encouraging vlc I If mis or-
dinan e is lan fill as apohed to Hie mov.
Iiiit pl'duri's may not ihe Aide men have
tbt anie right to adopl an ordlu im-e
suuall) affectlsuj law nswspapersT
"Tiie hoarlim is nav sj tossV1
Toe M'ivot glao rgad Into his reiu.-i ls
the pari of the CowSlltutloa referring to
persoiiii, liberty, tnd adding "no iiw
call ue pasagd thai Gil aoihte alts
lCuuilnat.d u.i .kuuru 1'aas.
December 24,
d4seee...(...t ... ..
Ticket Seller Dropped Behind
Screen With Telephone
When She Saw Gun.
Mrs Mary Cuff, fifty five years old. Is
a station lucent on the Fulton street
"L" st Saratoga avenue. Brooklyn.
Karly this morning a man shoved a
gun Inside the window snd told her to i
hand over the money.
The woman slipped off the stool,
imaging 'he telephone with her. The
man cursed but couldn't reach Inside
wlrh his gun. Mra Cuff screamed and
shouted into the telephone
Across t ie "I." another station aaeut,
Anna Keau, heard the s reams and saw
the man with the s in Miss Kean took
the telephone off the hook, quietly noti
fied the Ralph itreet police station, re
serves packed Into patrol wagon. ('Una.
clang' up the atrsst.
Man at station yells nurses, bewtl
curses woman busy with telephone.
Man sees Anna Kean across the street.
H'nuff! i;x!t man with gun, no boodle
Reserves rush In, get description of
man. Woman takes r." fr m safe.
3av"d 11. K. r. makes handsome .Xtnas
present to Mrs. Cuff, maybe! Curtain.
Forty Men and Women Stand
in sikiw to Send Forth i iieir
Tuneful Message.
Hunlest rtroadwsv st Its bliSlSOl hour
loday received lla Cbrtetmaa uiessaae
At the stroke of noon the choir of
hlstori' st Paul's Chanel, forty men
and aorr.en. marched from the SsMfS
ant grouped on the BrogjdWgf por,h,
sail.; the two arc-it Christmas hymns
'Hut the Herald Angsts Sing" and
Vlesl, I-, deles "
A trutnpetsr of the Boy Scouts an-
Dounosd t'te tinur with his uutile atid a
mo nam later a cross hearer In cotta
.in I caaaoeb emerged into the swirl of
snow that swepi abou'. seemingly Intent
IpOfl hurylns the ancient chapel. He
hind him Hell tne i holr. muffled to the
ii.. roi prut eellog agalnal in storm,
singing tie srogderful Msadslasohn
The il pros' "f tie liusle.l s t re, t lb
tin. World ii'ased a though b upiRI
The illatlgitl of troll,) batla was ,.!.
e I. Ii" rumble of liu'ki slotaif
glad aSfal whlc !h v, p . ,,f ih
ehorlalsrs tana cledl ihiouah the
snow) air.
1912. 10 pages.
. s t.$.t.4wi ... M M--
Prwidtntl of Allied (Concerns
Meet and Decide on In
crease for Laborers.
According to an official anouncement
from the offices of the United Htates
Hteel Corporation thl afternoon a gen
eral wage Increase has been decided on.
The Increase will especially affeot the
unsklllel laborers In tho plants
The official atatement follows;
"At a meeting of the lresildrnts of the
subsidiary companies of the Cnlted
svtmtes Steel Corporation held last Thurs
day It waa unanimously voted that there
shoiiUI he made In the near future ad
justments of the ftnur scales that will
result In material Incr, Sangi particularly
with respect to common lailsor.
"At a meeting of the -finance com
mittee hell to-day It was dtu-ldd to
tecommc-nd to the preeldents that they
make the adjustments propoul at such
times and In such amounts as may be
determined The exact amount of the
Inoreases and the date at which they
will go Into eff.-c esslll be determined
within a few days."
.Iiidgt Hitchcock Resents Having
His J oes Nearly Run Over by
Speeding Driver.
When a chauffeur whtiaes by a pedes
trlsn, trylna to come aa near to his
toes as possible snd miss them, he
wants to be sure the gentleman owning
the toes Is not a Hupreine Court Justice
Tola wss Hie mistake that ''nauffetir
Bsrl Boeriea made last rihlay when lie
aranl bollnu up ftlltlolh street and
atSBod acroea Itioadway, Just skirting
IhS person of Justice plenty U. Hot 'h
kiss. Justice llot'-hkls ahoutsd to flarle.,
to stop, hut no attention was paid in
him. He took the iiuiotier of the oar
and lias ll DOS been looking up drive,
and owner. The latter la II. It. Den
nis, Vlce-rresldent of the Securities
Company at No. ii Broad etreet Thie
moi ' iia BsarlSS was In the West Bids
I'ollio Court, summoned LAOTS by Jus
ti e Hot'hkiss.
The latter told his story to Magis
trate Appleton Searles in hu dcfeims
said ha not running at excessive
ataaod 'I' asked foi a postponement
until HatUrday until he could secure
counsel and that he be paroled until
that time Magistrate Appleton. after
consulting with Justice liotctaalas,
granted his request.
IMHIMttTpM, dec. 5I--A ton of
lurke) eonslltutsd Preoldaal Taffs
tjhrlstmas preaeol lo Wbllg Hoiise at.
t,i, its ami orb era la -day.
riviitt ti, i it i i r
lllU.. I Inl l,U AD l lul:c .1 , .,
1.1. LINfcs it i ii r. c mi. i ihiii
L'HRVI Vi.ds. I'u.iUec iVsi.rldi BulUtuii. :..
rsi sue a. i. rasa auaa toue. aaiw
All." I
Reach Side of the Turrialba of the
United Fruit Line After an All
Day Battle With
High Seas.
Captain Sends Word By Wireless
Vessel Has Not Shipped Water.
Partial List of Passengers.
Capt. James M. Lindsay of rhe United Fruit Company's steamship
Turrialba, which was dnven on the Drigantine Shoab off thtk Betch,
eight miles north of Atlantic City, before dawn ttxlay, sent the follow
ing message by wireless to his owners late this afternoon :
"Ship dry. Pntiadln haarOy ait Swell going dowa."
Oik- of the life-saving boats, which had been unable to draw near
to the Turrialba1! side earlier in the day because of the heavy sea and the
driving wind, managed to draw alongside of the stranded fruiter when
the storm lulled toward rhe end of the afternoon. After a consultation
between the commander of the life-saving boat and Capt. Lindsay it was
decided to make no efforts to remove the sixty passengers on the
The lifeboat won Its tight with the elemants and got within balling
distance) of the ship in the shoals only after an all day fight In which two
other Hfriboata, niuniied by oara, and a powerboat from ths Atlantic City
station had been driven back repeatedly. The powerboat broke down and
had to signal for aaalatance from one of the other rescuing craft.
The (joverument derelict deatroyer Beneoa and two wracking boats of
the Merrllt A f'bnpman company, which were held up hy heavy weather off
Handy Hook, got away at 4 o'clock when the sky began to clear. It la ex
pected they will roach the Turrlalba's position some time to-night and than
the iiuestlon of transferring the pussengers and the SO members of the crow
will be settled.
The United Fruit Company, at No. 17 Battery place, gave out to-day the
only paaaenger l!st of the Turrialba it has those who were bookas oa ths
ship for the rnund trJrp passage when It sailed from this port on Not. 80.
This is ttie tnromploU! passenger list as announced: Dr. J. N. Vandeveor
and U J. Waldman of Albany; II. J. Llttlefleld, O, P Btlnn Jr., N. G. Parker
and Harry ('lough of Boston; Miss M. Barron, Mrs. Barron, E. J. Lawaon,
A. W. Martin, J. P. Urqnhart, L. D. Kelly. Mr and Mrs. Theodore Schwars.
Mr and Mra. I Marrlwell, Police Inspector Edward Hughaa and Mrs.
Hughes, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hlckey of Now York.
Ths Turrialba, Ave days out from Kingston, Jamaica, and dua at bar
berth at Plar No. IB East River some time tola afternoon, waa caught la
ths swirl of ths southeaster shortly after midnight when ahe was follow
ing her course past "the graveyard of ships" off the Jeraey coaat, about
ten miles f nan shore. The descent of the snow shut the ship In a tsnt of
Impenetrable white, and tlin man at the wheel could not pick up the suc
cessive lights uhlrh msrk the traps of the sand a h on. is tiertb of Atlantic
City. a
The strong Inahore rurrwtit set and the wtnd off the starboard quarter
drove ttio ship gradually off her course, so It Is figured by the marine wise
men In the Samty Hook station, and near 5 o'clock the big ship drove
squarely bow on on the llrlgitntlne Hhoals. At the first shock the slgu.ili
were given for reversing the propeller and all eonipartments wore rlosexl by
the handgciir In the wheelhouse. But the ship was too firmly wedged In ths
sbnal to bu barked off by her own power.
Perhaps not In years have the llfesavlng news along ths dangerous
south Jersey i oast ha I to battle aa they are doing to dny. Knowing the situs
i Hon of the ship only vaguely, with a
the sea piling up on the beaches mountains high, the crews of the Govern
ment service, fu' cd stern conditions.
The first report of the Turrlalbii's distress came to the Atlantic City
wireless station on tho end of the mlU'on dollar pier, relayed there by a
passing steamer which had caught the fruiter's cry for help. Instantly
Capt. John 8. Coles, superintendent of the district Included In the Atlantic
City and Barnegat srretch of coast, sent messages to Capt. Rider's station
at Little Kgg Harbor, and to ipts Holscomb snd Smith on Brigantine.
Capt. Colos lilnisdf got out the big llfesavlng powerboat of his crew at
Atlantic City and put to. urnplnv, through the murk for the gtrandes
vessel No wind from l ini 0 fioin .my of liie crews alutig tiie eaast has
enrnn hick
At the time the bin pou ertout, believed to be capable of withstanding
tnj tea. waa fighting lis slow way through tbe waves north of Atlantis
Clly, uoi'k such as makes uauieless heroes of the men of ths coaat guard
' 1
howling sou taster In their tact and

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