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Plot Jury Fails to Report Any Verdicts To-Day
WKATIIUK t Ivartaa In-nlghl) Saturday lair.
W KATHKR t learlaa lo-Mgrtiti satardar lair.
Circulation Books Open to All."
Circulation Books Open to All."
milt. hT The I'm. I'uhll.hles
(Th New Yerk W orld I.
. '1 P
27, 1912. i0 PAGES PRICE ONE
; i
P-il to Report Any Verdicts and
Disappoint Both Prosecu
tion and Def ense.
Separate Verdict Must Be Re
turned in the Case of Each
of the Prisoners.
rNDIANAPOLlS, Dc. 27. The
Jnry deciding the fate of the forty
labor union men, defendants In the
dynamic conspiracy trial, failed to
report any verdicts up to a iate hour
ta-day. Getting no word from the
Jurors Judge Anderson adjourned
court at 3.05 o'clock thta afternoon
until 9.31 o'clock to-morrow morning.
Daaplta the expressed optimism of
thy defense and prosecution that the
Jury would be heard from this after
noon, ut 3 o'clock, the twelve men
having been out twenty-two hours
without reporting, hope of a verdict
to-day . as abandoned.
The Jury took the cases at 6 o'clock
yasterday afternoon. Lights burned
on the third floor, where the Jurors
deliberated in locked rooms, until
midnight, when they went out.
No slpn came from the twelve men
durinc tha nlglit or up to data to-day
(bat they wore ready to report. They
marched under guard a( T.80 A. M. from
their rooms In the court house to a near
by restaurant for breakfaat. Appar
ently they had spent a cumfortable
Hundreds of parsons gathered at the
court early In the expectation of hear
iasT the Jury render (he verdicts, but as
the oourt room Is small, only a limited
Dumber were admitted.
The forty defendants were in thslr
places when court opened. They were t.i
remain there during regular court hours
until a verdict was returned.
la anticipation af developments at 9.30
A. M. when court opened, one hundred
stasia) deputies and bailiffs were ata
tlossd about the corridor pf the federal
building to keep back tUe crowds.
As the day wore on the re
sulting tension was Indicated In the
oourtroom, where, the forty defendants
and their families awaited the verdict.
Only tha women were openly concerned
about the outcome. If the Indicted men
ware troubled shout their near fata
flhey did not show It. But In their care
free manner was visible enotttfi ex
aggeradon to make It evident rtiey
were concssJIng tihelr rel feelings
On the same fl ior with (he Jurors are
Ortle E. McManlgal and Edward Clark,
confessed dynamiters. McManlgal, up
oa whose confession the Government
laid the basis of Its charges tha( labor
union officials violated the Federal laws
prohibiting (he transportation of explo
sives un passenger trains, Is to be re
turned to the auMody ot 1-'- Angeles
County. California, us noon as the trial
ends here
Clark, who confessed to blowing up s
bridge at Dayton, O., Is to be sentenced
after (U ti dicta, as to the other d -fendante
are returned.
The forty aocuasd men who awaltad
ths Jury's verdict are: frank at. Ryan.
President of the International Asso-
elsMoo of bridge and Structural Iron
Workers; Jo in T. Butler, Buffalo, Vloc
P'esidsni Herbert S He- km. former
senretaiy and formerly of Detroit;
Olsf A. Tveltmoe, San Francisco, Sec
retary of ihs OaUfornls B illdlm
Trades Council, i:ug ne A. Clancy, s.m
Francisco : Philip A Cootey, Maw llr
leans: Michael J Voting. Huston. Frank
J. Hlgglns, Boston! J K llunM) Silt
Lake City, Utghi Frank C. Webb. New
York, Patrick F. Farrell, New York;
John H starry, It IxmiI ; l'aul J. Morrln,
81 Ixiuls . Henry W. Legleltner, Denver;
Charles N. Utuni, Minneapolis ; Herman
Ok Bclffert. Milwaukee i William H.
Milwaukee . Michael J. Cun-
Rhlladelphla : If., hard H Houlihan,
So ; James Cooney, Chicago ; Jamas
Oougblln, Chicago ; William Mhupe,
Rdward Hmythe, I'eorla, 111 ;
E. flay, Poors, III. ; Murray U
Springfield. 111.; Daniel Buckley,
Dsveupart, Ia. i William C. Itnmnsr.lt,
Ctaotaaatii WUford Hart Brown, Kansas
Cltf, atsw; WUllasn J. McCain.
Father of His Country Not a
Genius, He Says In
Reviewing Book.
Then the Mayor Takes a Little
Fling at the Declaration
of Independence.
Mayor (Saynor has taken time from
(he police In estlgaMon, the utterances
of certain deri-nl persons with "wilder
ness" mimta and also certain "rag-bag
editors" to put Oeorge Washington,
Abraham Lincoln and the Declaration
of Independence where (hey lielong
Th Mayor was nsked to review u book
by the Hev Robert W, Mclamatilln or
the Park Slope Congregational Clvurc.i
called "Washington and DUiooln." I la
did. He wrote Dr. McDaughHn a letter
hlch was made puhllc to-day.
The general Impression of Washing
ton." observe the Mayor, m putting
the stAmp of his opinion on the Fathnr
of Ilia Country. "Is largely mythical.
We think Of htm .is a scood man, who
old th exact trull, always, and navisr
rot anirry, ami suffered overyfhJnK
patiently and utu r great Juatloe snd
accuracy of Judgment, but not of fferflua
or extraordinary ability.
C'.luat like a Mayor." observed one of
Mr. Gaynoi's admirers on reading the
This Is all. in the main." the Mayor
goes on. "but gg a matter of fact he
was of warm blood snd prone to pas
sion, as his contemporaries agree. He
Is even known to have sworn like a
trooper at time And his fa e was
pitted, and he had had teeth, and other
physical Imperfections.
"He was riot the equal tn knowledge of
hi Story i oconondes, and government, of
the men alio surrounded him; nut after
he had listened patiently to their coun
sels hl Judgment was safe and sound.
'The character of Dlncoln wan differ
ent lie irned the Emancipation pro
ulsungtawi. That was a momentouss
fact In history. But It had to be almost
extorted from him And the Russian
Emperor had dons the like not long be
fore. There were those who saw early,
even from the beginning, that that
measure would consolidate and energize
(hose devoted to carrying on the war,
but he watt slow to see It.
' 'Unlike the case of Washington,
tnose around him, and especially mem
bers of nis Cabinet. ud not gieatl. re
spect him. Many at them were certain
thst they knew much more than he did.
Some ot Lhein called him an odd fooL
He was blamed for every blunder or
failure or the cenerals In the field. The
newspapers, Including practically all
of them In New fork City, condemned
him as Incompetent and small. His
generals ridiculed him and resented his
Interference But he had mare phil
osophy tha.n all of his evdvlaere a.n 1
genersla and critics put together. And
therein wa his greatness.'
Ill r ferrlnK to th. Dai luratlon of Indr-
pendanca Hit Ifnytor myi that thi 'has
ilways stain sd to him in ('ave been .in
event not o nafolc gj centrally eon-
. I.leled
City, Mo.: th-ank K. Painter. Oina'i;
Peter J. timlth, Cleveland ; le.,rso An
derson, Cleveland . Michael .1. Hanrton,
Bcranton, Pa.; Edward K. Phillips,
Hyracuse, N. T. I Charles Wachtrneister,
Detroit; Frank J. Murphy, Detroit; Frod
J. Mooney. Duluth , EVnest O. W. Baaey,
litdlajia,palls, Fred Sherinan. Indian
apoJUt, and 1-Clra.m R. Kline, Muncle,
Ind . formw organiser for Ills Unttad
Brotherhood of Carpentens and JotAaPi,
Young Hueppe Says It Ran Up
Mother's Dress Just Before
He Was Born.
Judge So Impressed He Post
pones Sentence Until Case
e. Is Investigated.
E. Justin Hueppe, son of a wealthy
Herman automobile manufacturer, told
an amazing story to-day to Judge Fos
ter, In General Sessions. Hueppe was
remanded to the Tombs until Monday,
so that allentlsts may determine wheth
er pre-natal Influence could have driven
him to crime.
"Two months before I was born," the
youth told the Court, "a mouse ran tip
my mother's dress. When I was born
there was Imprinted on ths calf of my
left leg the perfect shape of a mouse. It
Is there to-day. My crimes were like
those of a mouse stealing, stealing,
stealing always things 1 did not nait or
Young Hueppe, who lives at No. 0S
West One Hundred and Twenty-seventh
street, had Just entered a pita ot guilty
to forging a check for loo upon tha
Corn Exchange National Bank In the
name of the International Manufne
turlng Agency of No. S'Jl Broadway, by
whom he was employed.
He admitted that ImpuUe had caused
him when s boy to commit a crime In
(iermstty. and that his parents, to hide
the shame, had sent him to America in
190S. On Dec. U, 190. ha was sen
tenced to the Klmlra Reform School
by Judge Foster for the theft of a type
writer. L'pon his release he went back
to the home of his wealthy parents in
Germany, hut soon returned to Amer
ica. ,
He was led to confess his secend
crlmo by Mrs. Jane B Campbell of No
1(0 West Seventy-second street, a prac
titioner In the First Church of Christ,
Scientist, which he had lately Joined
"Our religion teaches ue that an error
confessed Is an error half destroye 1,"
she had told him, and he had gone to
Ids employers and confessed. His arrest
Mm Campbell appeared with the
young man, who Is only twenty-one
years old, She said she had Investigated
his stor snd declared that his parents,
who are the owners of an Immense au
tomobile manufacturing plant Id Olden
berg, had written her of the mouse In
cident and rite effect it had apon the
youth's mind.
Sines he has been living in America
Hueppe has been using the name f
John K. Halter, under which name he
appeared to-day for sentenca.
When he was arraigned, he handed
Judge Foster the following remarkable
"Now York City, Tombs Prison,
"Dec. M, 1912.
"Warren W. Foster, Bag,.:
"Your Honor Permit ma to offer
for your consideration a few points
bearing on my oase.
"I havs tried for some time paat to
analyze my mind In order to find the
(Continued on Seoond Hag
Albany Report Says Governor Will
Confer the Title of Major
General. ALBANY. I)sc 27. Adjt -Oen William
Vsrba?k will be rt f r" - ! by tstv. Dlv
as major-general of the National Quard
f-pree.s rf the State to iUOaaas Ittjn
tien John r, .tityati or ew Mirk, ie
tired. aCCOdlltJ to what la bel...- sj to
be an aiithcritli' report here to-day.
I nahlr to t at Qoeenstown
OfTlnsj to Bad Weather.
QUBBNSTOWN, Dec 7.-Th steam
ship BaJlle, from New York for laver
pool. arrived oft this port at I.M P. M.
to-d..", but was unaAlf tu eotnni inlcato
oAltig to chu severity of bhe gale.
World Buildlaa Turkish Baths.
alwtis opsa Bstti aWb prime tenaii II
a US at au staauars. uirapwaai la sKass
W Fs Mew, salt BsseBya gaaas. aSL
I Ex -Commissioner
Witness at Graft Inquiry! Z
iS a
S.' .aaaaaaaaaamnsaaaaaaav
W$?r' ;sfKl
. mvTfaaWggHrcB aaaVN.
' XrCisSBil aaaaaNk.
Jealous at Attentions Shown
Hoi at Social He Attacks Her
in Crowded Mill.
fSJpSeisI to TIM Kven'nir Weria.t
.MII.I.HIItV. Macs, I)er. IT. Chailes
Adatns. flf taaei ytsrs oui. tnufdaras his
sweetheart, Clara 1.- nay, who was a
year younner than himself. In the Cordis
Cotton Mill here to-day When he wu.
Certain that the girl, Into whose body
he emptied both barrels of a efeOtfUII,
was dead, ha reloaded it .-.nd Mint him
self He later died m .-'i Vlnrent's Hos
pital. Hoth children worked In the Cordis
mill. oiinir Adam an dthe srlri were i
ooth teased a good deal bet ause they
alwaya eaniti tu work and seam home
together au I ahared the l ontenti of
their lunch boxes. The Iwiy r.roudly
gave It out that Clara was to tnarry
i him the day he a as lwntv-one year'
I old.
There was a Christmas tree festival
In tha Sunday rhonl room of the, Bap
tist Church last night A number of
the boys pall a meat deal of attention
to Clara, chasing her around ths room
with a wisp of mistletoe. Charlie
Adatns quarrelled with her, aooualng
her of not making an earnest effort to
get away from the other boy and ot
encouraging them. He even complained
ts the teacher of his .Sunday achool
class, only to be laughed at.
When he appeared at trie factory to
day, alone, carrying the gun, he ex
plained that he meant to go hunting la
the afternoon. Aa suon aa Clara
appeared he went ta her and shot her
with the niussle pressed against her
Other girls crowded around Clara as
she Isy on the floor. Nobody lsld hands
on the boy who walittd a few stops
away, put In two new cartridges and
turned the gun on himself Tha men
who had gang running from taelr
benches at the gonad. Of the- shot, found
h:tn lying on lite floor hall Unconscious
II. is tou we.k tu a wer iluOatlOIM.
hut nodded when hs 0 U .isked If hu
shot the Kill and blOlftlf,
The loan was thrown Into an upro.i.
when news ol the ahoollng got on IAS
Streets and ths mill sYus dosed for Ihs
day hfiajna It wns Impogaiblg to get
any work done by Ihi I WO hundred
w orkers.
Tho hoy and girl aeru born In this
trinn an.l lived hern all th.ilr Uvea. Clara
I.emay llil ululi her mother, Airs. Vic
toria I.eiiiMy. a Slater , Irmie, and a
broth ar, Haotor. That Mtaadod the
Baptist Chur
AdalM lived with his mother and
father, one of a family of eleven and
was ror.ild. red a good boy and 'of in
dustrious habits Ills family attended
tha Cathollo Church.
of Accounts,
Women Strikers Tell State Ar
Mtration Board of Lon Hours
itut Small Pay.
UTTIel FAIiUt, N. T., Dec. V
Three me n tiers ot the Htate Board f
ArbltraUoa as mediators In the lylttlo
Falls textile striae whloh liaa fasted
for months, begun taklnc .eatlmony
to-day. Ths strlliers tiresentad their
side of the case first, ull witnesses tettig
members of the union They declared
they had quit work because their wages
nere haclh aufflclent for there to live
Marv Ktroka. two years In America,
testified that hy working from f A. at
to 0 P. M. an I taking ran uttle lime
for lunchoon, she had one mads Is In
a weok of five days. Sometime she
said, she made, only gj.tj anu !: erne
was an Inspector in the f Intoning rw. vi
of the Ptuienlx Mills
Mis aHiala Mlxerak, a wivler of wool
testified that ahu worked Brjni SAM
to I I. f eating her niea's as sne
worked, and made from It to ft a week
Stanlslawa Courun, an elghtaen-yea--old
girl, testified that aha received tl
a day for her work as a folder. Agnes
Kakolaka, a spinner, said sne received
f! a week helot ths fifty-four law
w ent into effect, thereafter she rnceU d
Philadelphia Force May Drop t labs
fur llleetrlr Per. nailer
PHnAfJKI-PHIA, Pa.. Dec. IT. -Ths
"Trouble Killer," "Bleotrlo Quieter"
and "First Aid to Careful Cops" ars
some of the titles applied to a new In
strument to be exhibited shortly before
Director Porter and other police offl-lals
hy ths Inventor, Jere-nJah Creadon, n
Sneinear on the Ph'ladelphla snd lles l
inij Hallroad
It ena'Ht' of s belt a ba worn by
every pollce'nsti on 'lnt attaebed 10
wnl' h Is a batter) aitf aires alnng V ,
body a-.d throuirh the : eie Inauiaied
and endtns In a metal huttoti Tha
policeman Wfafa a i'iii)!nr gloie or.
wtuehever hand the button tests, ant!
a hep a arlaonef thoira Ibjhl ba gets an
.let trie anoeb that alms bin for e m
time CraOdOB got the dag witnessing
a streat Bfajll In New Vot k 1n hlch
policemen used their clubs
$12 Men'sO'coats&Suits.$5.95
Tlli: "HUB" clothing Cottier, Broad,
way, i or, Barclay Ut., ipi. Woolworth
BulhUng I highest in the world i. will sell
to day and Saturday 1,000 Man's Winter
Bulls ami Overcoats, tine black thlbet
fancy rays. browns snd lark mUed
worsteds, all aties, single or double
breasted; worth $12 in any other store;
tttelr spcctil price in jay and Saturday,
opsn Saturday algbt Ul 10. w14t.
imn nnmiiionro I iniTru iiitia i iiatii ia
nnmwnnnr MARiro i-ii-uiLiiniii u iiuiiifiu
Millionaire Yachtsman's Wife
Files Oninter Action Af
ter His Suit.
Husband Has Her Constantly
Watched by Detectives,
She Declares.
eleven oo-respondents four accredited
hy Mrs. William (lould Urokaw to her
husband and the odd three to her by
htm were officially brought Into ths
troubles of the estranged pulr to-day.
when Mrs. Brokaw, who has been sepa
rated rre.ni har husband sines February,
1910, Instituted divorce proceedings he
tore Justice Asplnsll in the Brooklyn
Supreme Court.
Mrs. Brokaw was able to nam all (our
of the oo-respondents. and has eonatder
nhia Information, apparently, aa to their
movements. Mr Brokaw, when ha came
to file his answer, had charges to mails
again -t the Baron Alexander von
llorhwnchar," a Maurice Orey and
another man whose name fu not glvsn
all af whom, he alleges, wars over
friendly with his wife.
Jeanette .'larks and Retails Perry are
the first two women named hy Mra
Brokatw. Khs crltdolsaa their conduct
and that of her husband a-hlls tba
yacht, ftytiarlta, was rarrylnsj them
from New York to New flsvsn, be
tweea July 10 and It. UOt Tha third
co-respondent, Mabel Weeks, she aald,
spent soma time with Hroksw In tha
Hotel Carlton, fftamford. conn., tha
following September
There Is considerably mora In har
psipers about MTls Rusarvne Betty, who,
she charges, made a voyage on board
the KabHrr Wlfhelm II merry for har
husband "between April and IS. 190
It Is sllaged that on the vnysge Brokaiw
went under the nam of "Dr W. W.
Potter '
Rrnkaw asserts thai "a man whoa
Mentlty Is unknown to ma" mlacon
durted himself with Mra Brokaw at
Camp Harding. Colo, In fleptemher and
Ortofber. IMS. Tbs affair with aha
Baron, he alleges was staged as Ihs
Brokaw country hums at Waatbur, I
I. Orsv was unduly Intimate with her,
Brokaw aliases, at the Kleage Palace
Hotel, at Lucerne. Hwtlserlassl
It was Intimated In Mra flrokaWs
ut that the underlying eatise of rhe
action waa her reaentemnt agaxnat har
husband for keeping har under eapol
tiaga Always ahadowed by his dstao
tlves. she aava, alia had bean euhjectad
ts still closer ratch1ng asnoe she got
hsr separation deer,
Countess de l.asteyrif, Wlio Was
ConsttnCC Warren, (juinjr, to
Mountain Nook With Husband.
I.rts AXOB1JM, Cal . Dec. J7 -Wiitg
Count de laisteyrle of tho 1'rsnch no
bility snd his -bride, who was Miss
I i.jUi, e W Warren of .Sew York,
arrive In f.oe Angeles they will go to a
nook In the tnountajns to paat their
honeymoon In a ter. t, according to Lh
statement of friends of the bride here.
It 1 reported that the aoval hfiuey
mouti Is at her requet-t
riva Injured wit est a freight and
Paa.rnaer (rash.
HVATTSVn.r.K. Md . Dec r Five
persons ; injured In a oolH.lon be
wen t Bat timers an I Ohio freight and
a 'tiesap.sk, Baaah Rallwaj pasaanfaf
l-.ral here to.'lsv Those Intre,4 were-
i; r.. Morrlgali iu".n or aagaangai
I tr.tln, prribad 'stall) . ivestnr. , i I . , -l
i teea brakamgn ol rt.ssenge' ".ill.
I (oriatMlyi hank in ,... of Hyattavllla,
passenger w H il -1. fl acinar ttlt
rraifMi k ii.'ick. tnftn.er n
freight Olbsi pi aoni it era brulaed -tud
The gal Hal on was 4u to . . x up m
orders Th.- freight, h'ung tuarier, l'.
eratly IK'e-i tba pa 1st k.t : c.n from
the triiek
Isjrr rwl f'rl.wn.
Kr, ink I. a . den of No 5s Adams stt.-vt.
Brooklyn, letilaiifiajl to not less ihaq
a.-ven llld a aif tars gad B0 ffiofg
than il'teen and a half years tn prison
for manslaughter by Judge Dlk. In the
County t'o'iii to-day. lis was con
vloted of killing Broken Nose Ulllr It j.
sail In a flgbt laat Octacar.
Ex-Commissioner Fosdick Swears at
Graft Inquiry He Told Waldo
Last January of Graft Com
plaints Against Becker.
"You Don't Care
Retorts to Curran's Heckling
While on Stand.
The AMerrranic Police Investigating Committee took up tW
afternoon the task of trying to find out just how the Police Depart,
merrt handles the vice question, the disorderly house question and the
excise question. To do this it will be necessary to gtf many captain.
Inspectors and other officers. Mr. Buckner said the work will probably
consume a great deal of time. There were thirty captains under sub
poena at the City Hall this afternoon.
Capt. John Ormsby of the Madison street station was the first po
lice witness o fthe afternoon. He was for more than a year, up to about
six weeks ago, in charge of the Fifth street station, one of the busies on
the east side.
Uncle of Khedive Reported
Preparing to Claim Throne
Recently in Aiistri;i
fa.lt IK Osn. n - Trln.-e Ahmed Fiwd,
an uncia ot tin, Khedive of Ktrypt. is
liraparlng to enter Mhanin at the heal
of ftLOOD troui. atid to proelalin himself
frtiso of AUnla, aooorMn to a Qorre
sttundent of th. Tbiups 'Die nho-u ol I
origin of lite O.spatott Is tiot given I
Tn. correspondent it.ltr-s that Pi In OB I
Ahaisd fuad Inlands to dlsemtark at'
ths AJ-bsnlan port of Avlona or some -
nelgbnorlrvg point on the coast
Tbs frlace. who Is of .Vlbunlan d-
scsnt racentl) i. hanged visits with I
Count vun Berchthold, the Austro-IIun-garlan
Koralgn Mlnlstsr, In Vienna l(e
was stated at that tlrns to he regarded ,
as a serious csudld.ite f r the thrnns of I
Ismail Kama! llsy. the Albanian lead-
er, when naked a nether Trlnce A,hn;d '
1'uad would be acceptable to ths Alba-
olana. declared that th. queetlon ef
le-tlng a h.a1 of the state would be d.
elded In atxordan. with the wlshos of I
in. pMfgg aft" Ifag fnrmatl-n of a deh
n'.ts go.--- i; it t'etree r.h-itad Fit id
was later tei i : M or ths war tfc
I. indor. la " ' - r ' i.il ''.fiipa' it.
I. bU
Eleven-Ycar-OIJ Duightu t Ull.
iuti M.i ii, i Ivrtufhl lo Hav BMfl
Mte.-'t'ii by Vaccination.
.-iTWIll.INO III Dec 21 a)gM ttdell
Id, yo'tngesi daUfhtef of Mr and Mrs.
K rideli, hai bei-r last asleep for eighty.
s's hours. Physicians havo usi-d every
.ins knnwti to uwaketi tier, hut they
hue t..-en unsnci . sfitl. A rc ent vac-
i utlon t b.dlev.'d Ii- have In jm
.used ho t long slutuoei.
World Wants
Work Wonders,
for Facts," Waldo
' ' w- trsjh
P. FoadK. former
mlsslnnar of Armovnta. waa uneTpeoOad-
i.y eaiiea nunng tha season of the Com.
tnlttee this afternoon. After explaining
the office and functions of tha Cam
inlssloner ol1 Accounts, rtrFos d 1 c klfaa
tiusalloned aa to Invaattcattona made
tindsr his direction Into condltlona 'a
"New fork with reference to police pro-,
tectlon and the relation, between tha'
Police Dersartment and vicious persons
The wHnesa said ttiat his office mad,
only two comprehensive examinations
or the Police Department dtntiaf hit
term of office one during the tllnaaa of
Mayor naynor ai the requeal of Aetlna,
Mavor viftohel and ooe nf the Board oj
Polli rrmonM at tha reauaal at nam.
I mVilsoner Waldo. The first tnreUsja
I 'I'm had to do with contMUona at Coney
Mr FlMI.-k Mil Vl. -Mi ... .
tinny Investigations of cotnplalnta about
disorderly houses, ir thaaa oompkasnta
wer found to be reliable Mr. Foadlch
would cajl on the captain of tha practnot
to rleaa the place .Mnplalnad of and la
every lnssn rhe plsoe was promptly
"Kftrty in lfl!," .sid Mr. Fo.llck. "wa
beg. in tn get , umplslnls through tha
malls about a member of lha Police De.
panment -that he was shaking down
', gambling house keepers. In January of
1 this year I lold Commfsssoner Waldo
I about these complaints, which were
j against I. lent. -nam Becker. I asked htm
I If ha was sure of Becker.
Me Slid he
but that under
wasn't sure of anybody,
a syatem he bad devised
It would be Impossible for any officer to
get away with graft. T ils waa a yatem
af espionage
In February, the comolalntg OOaMBlu
lrvg, I assigned inspectors to learn If
ihere a as any connection bttarean tha
police and gambling and dtaardady
r; .uses. Two of the Inspectors In Brook.
Ij u gave up after a couple of week, bivt
1 Sapt two ni. , un In .Manhattan. Tliey
' lad aft i - an :. , ,hat tlssy ,,
' '' ' ' - ' l'lsprctn Lahry g
1 ' l"ld oie I. ilisy and ooe of
t. f. i in in n.to a dlaordarly
a id i'Ii , ii n hat I wan tail.
1 ' prunipii) !..:. that houaw. t
" ' 1 ' " I" I ! T.iey hadn't
fids- i othitig but pretty
a i grounded uaptotuni."
Ilnw often did row sMsah to Comtnis.
Waldo about U. ckarT" asked
met t'ounsc, liiukiivi.
Two Ihrti Ilasa lie said each
time tie thought his .vataoa atttsaTtasj
i'"' l ib aatched was proof against
graft. '
Mi. I '. ill In- loe. n't believe the
Police liepurtmuni can bu investigated
bj pulli'einrii lie advocated a small Ipa
dspsntivr, ..i it lev ot about twenty
men- no- hulu omen under tha direction
ba trsmcadvualy aHactKa ta kasatiig (aup

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