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Magistrate Sends Driver to the
Workhouse for "Disorderly
Magistrate Declares It Is Dead
and Holds Driver Under
Another Ordinance.
Irnn tin Call. in automobile law
! "pi a 'tie-ally dead1' unci that hc could
Hut punish Mt offender under that law
M If! wished. Magistrate Herbert, In
the lOnacx Market Court, to-day sen
tenced John Ryan, ehauffeur of Winis
I'iei -e uf Enrlrwood. X. J., lo serve
five months and t wenty-eltht days In
ilia wnrkliouae and fined him II for
hood measure. The Callan law fa III na.
M.iglitrate Rar ban Imposed this heavy
reuttii'e under the r'uirxe of disorderly
' induct.
It.-ar. Wit looked up in the Klfth street
Itatlon at an oirly hour to-day, after
!' iihiI htlriaej a poll. 'email airalnat an
1 1' i a od plllir at loOOttd street and
lite lloaery. collided with a car and
than til to put on speed and net
hwij before he was raptured. The
bllMVy policeman waa not ao badly hurt
that he did not Immediately put the
re kh'KH chauffeur under arreat.
With Ryan at the wheel and WiiV
lim fierce Jr. In the tonncau. the heavy
I'litomolille raclnr U the llowe.y
at a I'.irly mile rate, according to
I'nllccman Alhert I'halr, when at
BMrtry and Second street, where he
waa on fixed poet, the machine audd"n
y swerved to pass hy a north hound
car. In en doliiR the auto struck Phalr
and knocked him ketklnst a nearby
elevated pillar.
Then the iiutomnlnle swung wildly
over and eSsiSSWlped the car, ripping
lis nl.le and breaking several wlndowa.
The policeman told Magistrate Herbert
he sew Kynn t r 1 1 1 k t Increaae the
speed of hie machine to net away, hot
sot in th 1 ng wh' Wrong with hla levers
and the machine refused to budite.
When ,ie IteftSd to put him under ar
rest Ryan cursed the policeman and
bowed signs of Intoxication, I'halr tes
ilfled In court-
When llyan was arraigned on the
than'" "f "vIolalidAr the highway law"
Magistrate Herbert said:
"In view of the statement that Rvan
collides! wit te policeman, knocking 'im j
down, and t aen colliding witn the snr- Wlth Sembrich retired and Melb ls
faee ear tuid having used abusive Ian- ,nnln4. lo be a memory, a great singer
guag. to tlar iiitlow, 1 agn unatue. ac-
cording to a
recent deulvlon of a higher'
ourt on the ' 'alia 1 law, to entertain
that charge. The t'allnn law la prart -tsslly
dead and hetwern now and tl
time when a new law la passed, there
muwt ie some punishment inflicted,
otherwise the people of thla olty had
bette- remain off the streets."
T-he Maglatrnte then ordered the po
liceman to swear to a disorderly eojf
durt charge against the chauffeur nd on
that he held him.
Sh Didn't Intend to Leave Their
Company in Such an
Abrupt Way.
Concerning her departure from Weber
and Flelda's Music. Hall, Mlaa Marie
Dressier writes to the Hvenlng World:
"The general opinion seems to be that
I in anger left the Weber and Fields
aggregation. Will you plesse as a favor
to me print the true version of the af
fair? Measrs. Waber and Fields earns
into my dressing room .Saturday night
after the performance and Mr. Fields
shoved your interview with me In my
face and yelled, 'Did you say this" I
replied 'Yes.' Then In a tone higher
.Mr. Fields yelled. You oan quit to
night!' I aald: 'Had you not batter wait
until Monday night and hear what I
want to say to you?' But Mr. Fields
quite lost control of himself and said:
'You can't bluff me. I have kept you
for three years and you can get out
now.' I warned him he might have to
koap me another year, but they rushed
from my room. Then I went to Majri
Weber and Flelda's dressing room and
said: 'As you wish, gentlemen I cult
"I waited aevem months tor thlst pro
duction to open. My gowns and other
expenses during the rehaarsals cost me
a little over 13,500. I have a firm coo
tract wtth Weber and Fields for twenty
-weeks with no clause stipulation. I want
It known that I did not Intend to leave
the company In such an abrupt way
"Thanking you and wishing to place
myself further In debt to the New York
Kvening World by the publication of
this. I remain most respectfully,
rrressrrran-eled Sullivan Directs
His Affairs and Is Ready to
Leave Sanitarium.
i - i i gresaman -elect Tttnothry O. Mil
van. who was nominated end essoted to
the House of Representatives wiMle In a
Yonfcers sanitarium, la piaotsoally back
la ha mesa. Although etui an I:
of the Institution to w htch be want by
the advice of Cr lends, he Is directing Ma
pereonaJ and business attains aa for
merly, and ft la aald that bis return to
easts olty la only a matter at a few days.
la tact, the Daw sir statesmaa Is mak-
nag amisjsw snis cor ale appearance
Frieda Hempel Makes Her
In a Revival of "The
Berlin' Favorite Colora
iure Soprano Disap
pointing at the Queen
Her Voice of Wide
Range, but Lack Color
Illness and Nervous
ness Offered as Excuses.
Mr. Gatti - Casazxa Pre
sen ts Meyerbeer's Opera
Sumptuously Some of
the Singers Lack Dis
tinction in Style and
Manner Caruso as
Raoul and Emmy Des
tinn as Valentine.
FRIKDA H KM PEL. the celebrated
Oerman colorature soprano,
made her American debut at
the Metropolitan Opera Houae laat
night In a revival of Meyerbeer's
"The Huguenots,' sung In Italian.
The advent of the young woman, an
ticipated for a year or two, had been
postponed for one raaon and an
other. She was to have been the
tar of the opening night this aeaaon.
but again her coming waa delayed
Perhaps we expected too much of
her, for, now that we have seen and
heard her, abe Is something of a
disappointment. While her voice
proved clear and true and of wide
range, It was thin and It lacked color.
Much waa aald In the foyers laat
night In excuse of M as Hempel: that
"Ae waa not sufficiently recovered from
a serious Illness, that her voyaeje across
the Atlantic, ended only a day or two
aKO, had been a hard and trying one,
and that she waa a victim of extreme
nervousness. Thoee who had heard her
In Berlin, where she la something of an
idol, added that she la noted for moods
that are uncertain, singing one night In
linen that are ravishing and the next
only indifferently well. All theee things
rightfully muft be considered, especially
the ordeal that a first appearance at the
Metropolitan Opera Houae entails upm
everybody. Not only la he Metropolitan
recognised aa the leading opera house
Ih the world, but the keenly critical at
titude of Its patrons In the matter of
voices la notorious Many a Boropean
reputation has failed to flud Indorse
ment on Hroadway. Mlas Hempel soon
will have another chance to show us
her oualltv and everybody will wish
,ncePy tnat she shall win a triumph
. uu, iiempel'a type la sorely needsa
I here.
The Hua-uenota" has$jeen absent from
the Metropolitan's repertory for nearly
eight years. The last previous nsriuru.-
uirs took olace on Feb. is, 1P, wnan
Helnrlch Conrled waa the managing di
rector. Caruao and flcottl were In tne
oast then, as they were last night, it
Included also 8ombrlch and Plancon
and Journet. Mr. Qattl-Casasaa has re
vived the opera In a fine new ssttlng,
costumed It richly and presenile 11 in
detail in a manner most oommendable.
Hut Meyerbeer's work, think or It wnai
one may, demands more than good sing
ing: It needs (shall one seyT) Aristo
cratic singing and aristocratic Imper
sonation. There was a lack of that laat
night that detracted from the merits of
the performance. L,eon nouiier, wno
waa Han Brls, and Adamo Dldur, who
was Marcel, able and conaolentloua ar
tlsts that they are. failed to reach the
atandard. Something of the regal air
waa missing from Miss Hem pie's char
acterisation of the Queen. Ktnsny Lees-
tlnn. too. ss Valentine, fell a bit snort
of the requirements, although aha sang
superbly In the final duet.
Caruso aa Raoul, leoaea wen uu
sang well, savs tor an mwvuss -
nrcaaaarr forcing of nia voice, oinnii,
aa Do Nevers. made a hit with bis hound
In the first act and gsnerauy wma .-
retnrv. Bella Alien ae me vuaen a
page was surprisingly good, although
she, like so many of the othera. missed
the sir of distinction. Polaoco con
ductsd satisfactorily. The "PIH. Pair
aong at Marcel a, uie .'" z. ,
aria of the Pages, Hit niau aum '
the choruses were well sung.
cn one oonoetve of a CTwlstxisaa in
New York without Kitty Cheatham's an
nual matinee? Hundreds of us, at isast,
would miss It sorely, as waa aemon
strated aejaln at the Lyceum Theatre
yesterday. She entertained us. tits and
greybeards alike, with songs and stories
that touchsd us witn weir lenuernees,
mfde us laugh until ws cried, and
scene tunes started us Into downright
shouting out of our gratification and
appreciation. It's a remarkable person
ality that you bave, miss xjneautam,
and a marvalloua sTUt ot conveying pa
thos and humor aoroaa the footlights.
but In two hours and a half you give
too much for good msaaurs. If we
weren't fearful that we might miss ons
of roar getna of stories ws might grow
ttred and go away. Ana please, ansa
Cheatham, beware of getting too su
gary, and don't let English appreciation
and hobnobbing with Koyatty venssr
your native American simplicity with
It was as a fairy godmothsr, popping
out of the fireplace Into a darkened and
deserted room, while outside the sleljh
bells rang and the ohurch bells chimed
that Miss Cheatham first appeared, aha
always doss something new. The pro
logue. which W. Oraham Kobe it son had
written for her, proved effective. Then
aha made the Christmas trees to glow
and ten aew stories and sang nsw
songs, that sue gbout Jerushv. by Jessie
Gswer. betas; especially good. It would
Ha rBk'Bl. HaaUL. .assay - vfc
aKlltWL a " 4' 1
told that made us roar. They are good
enough for her to repeat at her New
Year's matinee next Friday. Of her
reminiscences of old Negro life, many
were new and all were Interest! .g. A
bit dff pantomime, Maurice Ravel's "Hop
My Thumb," a delloioue collection of
traditional nursery rhymea. and an epi
logue by Mr. Robertaon made the rest
of Uie programme.
Flora MacDonald, who has been and
gons and got married since laat year
and Is now Mrs. Wilis, played Mtsa
(Cheatham's accompaniments with all
her gracloua art and skill and deserved
ly was made to shsre in the curtain
"Otello" win be revived sit the Metro
politan Opera Houe Monday, with
Sleaak In ths title pert, Frances Aids
as I ilemona, Amato as laxo and
Jeanne Maubourg as Km II hi. Toacanlnl
conducting. Another revival will be that
of "The Barber of Seville" on Wedn.a
day night, with Frieda Hempel as Ko
slna and Macnes (his debut) as Alma
viva. At ths Saturday matinee "Toara"
will be sung for the first time this sea
son, with Oeraldlne Farrar, Caruao and
flcottl In the cast, Toacanlnl conducting
For the reat of the week there will he
offered on Tuesdsy a special double bill
of "Madama Butterfly," with Oeraldlne
Farrar, Martin and Kcottl. and the llrst
act of "Cappnlla," with Adeline Oener.
There wiH be a special matinee of
"Parsifal" on New Year's afternoon,
with Olive Fremsted, Hurrlan. Well and
Wirherspoon, llortz conducting. "The
Huguenots," with last night's cast, ex
cept that Dlnh Ollly, Instead of Scottl,
will be De Nevers, will be repented on
Thursday evening. "Trovatore," with
Johanna Oadakl, Louise Homer, Blesak
end Amato, Is the bill for Friday nlht.
At the Brooklyn Academy of Music
or. Saturday night "Oli Walkuere will
be sung, with Oadskl, Fremstad, Mat
senauer, Hurrlan. Ruyedael aayd Oris
wold, Herts conducting.
At to-morrow night's opera con.-ert
the soloists will be Ysays, the Belgian
violinist, Kthol Parks and Putnam Orls
Bssthoven's seventh symphony Is to
bs the principal number of the Philhar
monic Society's concert at Carnegie Hall
to-morrow afternoon. Joeef Lhevlnne,
the Russian pianist, Just arrived from
sbroad, will be the soloist In Techal-
kowsky's first Concerto. The Thursday
evening and Friday afternoon pro
grammes have been planned In com
memoration of the fiftieth anniversary
of ths Proclamation of Emancipation.
Henry P. 3chmltt, the concert maater,
and Leo Hchulz, first 'cellist, will be
heard In the Brahma concerto for violin
and 'cello. Dvorak'a aymphony "From
the New World" will also be played.
Oscar and Arthur HammersUIn will
present Orvllle Hsrrold and Emma
Trentlnl as soloists In a concert at the
Hippodrome to-morrow night. Oacar
Heminereteln has composed for the oc-
on a "Walts Jubilee" of his own
compositions Henry Vogel and the male
chorus ot "Ths Firefly" will sing "Beau
tiful Ship torn Toyland. There will be
an orchestra of slaty under the dlrsotson
of Oaetano Merols-
Mondelsaohn's oratorio "Elijah" will
ba presented In operatic form at the
Broadway Theatre to-morrow afternoon
and evening by s company of one hun-
drde, with Bernam Kergoa In the name
part and Hortense D'Arblay. Eva Vera,
Marie Louise Rogers, Katherine Lee and
Sebastian Barnettl as the other soloists
The novelty has met with sucosas la
other cities.
John McCormack. the distinguished
Irish tenor, will give bis annual reoltal
at Carnegie Hail a week from to mor
row night Among the songs announced
for him to alng are I Hear You Calling
Me," "The Snowy Breasted Pearl" and
"Mother Maohres."
The National Conservatory of Music
of America, of wtilch Joanette M. Thur
ber la President, announces ezamlna
tloms for free sohouvshtpe for voice,
piano and violin to be held nszt Satur
day. Woasaa Dloa la Brooklyn Afreet
A woman about fifty-five years oldd
and plainly dressed suddsnly became
111 at Fulton street and Noaatrand
avenue, Brooklyn to-day, and died bo-
fore the arrival of an ambulance
Detectives are aeeklng to establish he
Identity through a letter found In her
wurse, addreseed to Mrs. Louisa Wilson
So. H Atlantic avenus, Brooklyn.
sir Leap Year la Brooklyn,
More msrrlnte licenses hsve been
Issued In Brooklyn In ISIS than In any
previous year, according to figures
aompusu yesteroay. to oaie is,:73 n
senses have hossi Issued; 1111 la next
Another Man Pleading Guilty
to Burglary Is Allowed
to Go Free.
Nine person convicted of various
crimes were dlaposed of In the Court
of Oeneral Sessions yesterday. Three
of the nine were allowed to go free on
suspended sentences, while three othera
got off on payment of fines ot $21 each.
The dispositions were:
fllovnnnl Mnntello, thirty-five years
old; Joseph Hgollloca, thirty-two years
old, and Olovannl Casall, thirty-two
years old, pleaded aullty to having pol
icy slips In their possession. First of
fense. Each, fined $25.
Charles ( lay, twenty-sis years old.
pleaded guilty to burglary. While ln
toslcated broke Into home of nelvhbnr
and stole number of articles, which he
pawned. First offense. Sentence sus
Catherine McCarthy, twenty-nine
years old, pleaded guilty to petty lar
ceny. Stole $ from u aullor. Had been
In Tombs three months. First offense.
Sentence suspended and remanded to
Houae of Oood Shepherd.
William K. Berber, twenty-sli years
old, tried and convicted of forgery, sec
ond degree, h'tirxed name of employer
to check for $ai. First offense. Sen
tence suspended.
Peter Larelna, twenty-three veara
old, pleaded guilty to attempted as-
aault. Stabbed companion. First of
fense. State Prison one year and thrse
months to two yeara and six month.
Joseph Kosen, twenty-four yeara old.
pleaded guilty to grand larceny. Stole
watcn and chain, valued at $1 from
man In Orand street. Second offense.
Penitentiary one year.
Abraham Cohen, twenty-three vears
old, tried and convicted of extortion.
Member of gang of horse poisoners.
Second conviction. State Prison three
years and four months.
I Frees the Bir Hide Nesrs.)
The New York World won a well
earned victory In the courts the other
day when It succeeded on appeal In get
ting a decision rendered prohibiting the
evil practice Indulged in by rsrtaln
tradesmen who seek to use the pages of
the newspapers as an advertising me
dium without paying for advertising
apace the same as reputable merchants
do. For a long time these tradesmen
hsve Induced newsdealers, for a small
payment, to Insert their printed dodgers
and circulars In the sheets of the regu
lar newspapers, and newapaper readers
have been pestered and annoyed by
this extraneous matter surreptltloualy
placed there. Magactnra sometimea In
sert circulars of advertisers hy binding
them witn tnetr regular reauing matter.
tit then these advertisers pay for the
service lo the magailne publisher at 1
regular rates. Why should there be any .
distinction In business methods and i
principle between the newspaper and
the magaxlna? The courts have decided !
definitely that It la against the law for
advertisers and newsdealers to Inaert
these circulars In newspapers. This
ought to serve as a warning to local j
newsdealers to desist from a dishonest
and unfair method of advertising. The i
dally and the weekly newspaper has to
thank The World for the good fight it
has fought for honest advertising.
Mate Threshes That Out. hot For- I
gets a rolut and Istsra Case.
niVBRHEAT), L. I , Hec. 3 Twelve
Itlvsrhead and Jamcsport baymen ar
rested by State fishery protectors on a
charge of catching scallops less thsn a
year old wer made happy to-day. A
teat case brought by the State agalnsl
'apt. Frank. Kelen was tried before a
lury at louthpld,
State s Attorney W I' McCormack ef
New York failed to prove that ' apt
Kelen aught the acallops In Suffolk
County waters, to which the law applies
only. st-fi
, Mr. McCorina !l 'M not ask witnesses
where they aav. Kelen catch tbe sll
lops. Justice Csse dismissed the aetwn
Sam Bernard Will Add Ger
man Touch in "All for
the Ladies."
Till: first of six new plays to be
brought to town the coming week
Is "The Drone." which begins en
engagement at Daly's Theatre on
Monday afternoon. This play la de
scribed as an Irish "Bunty Pulls the
Wrings." The principal character Is an
easygoing oM humbug names! Daniel
Murray, In whom there Is every lovable
trait save that of willingness to do so
much ss solitary stroke of work. For
twenty years h has managed to con
vince John, his elder brother, a suhstan
tlsl farmer, that he la perfecting an In
vention which will make the whole fam
ily rich and famous, and the farmer haa
supported the "genius" all this time
The leading part will be played by
Whluford Kane. The company Is com
posed largely of Irish and Scotch
Bam Bernard appears at the l.yrtc
Theatre on Monday night in a musical
comedy by Henry Blossom and Alfred
(J. Kobyn. nulled "All for the Ladles."
The comedian's role la that of l.eo von
Saubenhelm, head fitter In a Paris dress
making establishment, where his con
quests Include not "only the fslr cus
tomers but also the wives of Ivta epi
phiyers. Among othera In the cast will
be Alice (lentle. Margery Pearson,
louls,. Meyers, (leorge A. Schiller and
Stewart Halrd.
Another musical play. "Kva," will be
offered at the New Amsterdam Thaatra
on Monday evening aien MacDonougih
has revised the original Oerman book.
The music la hy Frans Lehar. Kva.
adopted when a child by a factory work
man, goea to Paris. Where she has
various, adventures. She la at a gay fete
when her father, heading the Incensed
workmen from Belgium, breaks in upon
the scene. Sallie Fisher will be eean In
the title role and other porta will be
taken by Waller Perclval. Walter Law
rence, T. O. Mdlrane, Alma Francis and
John Daly Murphy.
"Cheer Dp," a farce-comedy hy Mary
Roberts Rctnhart, will be produced at
the Harris Theatre on Monday night.
The scenea are laid In and around
faerhlonahle sanitarium altuated on the
top of a mountain. The action takes
place during a bllxsard after the houae
physician has eloped with the head
nurse, the bath attendants go on
atrlke and the patients become unman
.geahle. The play haa to do with the
struggles of s young heir to manage the
Institution and at the same time hide
from an Irate father-in-law and an ac
treaa who Is aulng him for breach of
piuiulsH. Among othera in the cast will
he Walter Hampden, Frances Nord
strom, Kfflngham IMnto. Lotta Unthl-
cuin, Alan nrooks snd Sybllla Pope.
"Alibi mil," a play of the underworld
hy Joseph Byron Tolten, will be seen
at Weber's Theiitre on New Year'a Eve
It deala with a District-Attorney of
crooked tendencies and the romance of
a wealthy young settlement worker and
a reformed crook, lr. the cast will he
Ralph Btuart, Harold Hartaell, Joaeph
Dillon, Lionel Adams, Mllllrent Evans.
Eleanor Lawson, Winifred Vourheee and
On Saturday afternoon "Turandot." a
fanciful Chinese play hy Karl Voll
timelier which was given In Germany
by Prof. Mat Relnhardt. will be pro
duced at Maxlne Elliott's Theatre. The
central figure In the play Is a princess
To win her It Is necessary to aolvs a
.-chile, and the princes who faS0to do
this are led out to have their heads
chopped off. The cast will Iflgjiijfc E-rlly
Rtevens, Josephine Victor, ssSSartln,
Genevieve Grevllle, Pedro dVr'ordoha,
Frank Peters and Edward Emory,
At the Thirty-ninth Street Theatre An
nie Itusaell's Old English Comedy Con
pxny will ,,lve "She Ht.iops to Conquer'1
on Monday and Tuesday nights, "The
Rivals" on Wednesday and Thursday
nights an.l Friday afternoon, and "Much
Ado About Nothing" on Friday :.d
Saturday nights, aa well as Saturday
Monday evening at Carnegie Lyceum
the Klnemacolor Company of America
will present "The Making or the Panama
Canal," together with "Actual Scenes of
the HaJkan war."
Frances Starr In "The Case of Becky"
will be the attraction ct the Grand
Opera House.
"Fivers-woman" will be seen at the
West End Theatre.
"The Greyhound" Is to he played hy
the stock company at the Harlem Opera
"Tha Star and Garter Bhow" la an
nounced for the Columbia Theatre.
Al Beeves brings his "Hlg Beauty
Show" to the Murray Hill Theatre.
"Beauty. Touth and Folly" will be
seen at Hurtlg A Seamnn'a.
"The College Girl" comes to the Olym
pic Thestre.
Miner's Eighth Avenue Theatre will
have as Its attraction "Follies of the
"The Girls from Missouri" will be at
Miner's People's Theatre. nilly Wat
son's "Beef Trust" will he exhibited at
Mlner'a Theatre In the Broni.
At Hammersteln's will be Lillian Lor
raine, Chlng Ling Foo, Maurice and
Florence Walton. George Rolland and
Company and others.
Ths bill st Proctor's Flfrh Avenue
Thestre will Include Florence Robert,
MtUe Lord Robert, the diminutive
eomedlen, Gertrude Vanderbllt and
George Moore, and Edward F. Reynsrd.
At the Twenty-third Street Thestre,
William H. Turner. In "Dad and
Mother," will be the ohlef feature.
"Mother Goose." a musical cunedy, will
head the bill st the Fifty-eighth Street
Theatre. Al ths One Hundred and
Twentv-flftli Street Theatre the leading
attraction will be Alter the Hunt
i musical act.
Keith's Union square Theatre will
i have "Dlnkelsplel'a Chrlstmaa," I .addle
Cliff. "Court by Olrls," May West snd
, others.
On tha bill at the Colonial will h
I Olga Petrova, George Uehen, Mf. and
Mrs. Gardner Crane, Lsura Guerlla and
I A Cnnead.
ggTsak J i
t ffl tatSe-- '
' gfl sjgp BT '
a5P r 1
4 if'
w , '" 'B H itB
SAlusT Fl Shu mo T J-MSuVS
Km -"R
saaaaasK (jPSataaaaaaaaaa
. ffltMlL.- ?TtveNSON I
In "The Wardrobe Woman," Tom Ter-
rlss and Ills Knaltsh Flayers. Pat
Rooney and Marlon llent, and Joe Jack
The Bronx Theatre will havs Grace
I at Hue, "The It. cord Ilreakor." Jamea
Thornton, and Itoaa Pltonof. champion
The hill at the American Theatre will
Include Claude flauf, Jenkins and Cov
ert, Chappell, Melano and Convsrss, and
losephlne Davis.
PKN.ANCU, KiiKl.md. Dec. M. -Fif
teen of the crow of the Duilah steame
VulmtT were drowned when she was
wrecked on Thursday In the great gale
which has been rasing In the Kmllsh
hantiel. Th.. captain of the Volinar
and another survivor were picked up In
stste of collapse In an open Iniat to
day fifteen miles to ths southwest of the
Llsard and landed at Newlyn by a traw
ler this afternoon
The crew abamioned the Snklna-
ateaiiiiv on Thursday. Or.u nf th boats
with nine iM-cnpants was !mmedlat'ly
awaiuped by the heavy sous and sla
more alien were washed out of Uie sec
ond boat, commanded by the captain
All of tnom were drowned. Ttie two
survivors weie dashed a. tout for two
daya liefore belli slKhlcd hy the trawler
thut leseund them.
Kathrr l .le.rnon Head.
A private cable mtiasnge brought
news yestenlsy of the death of the
Kev. Louis Kstcvenon, Uuperlor-Oenerai
uf the Fathers of the Lilossed Sacra
ment, in Home, Thursday, after a shnrt
Unesa. He was sixty-two yasra ..I
and the founder of the houae of ths
order In Kast Heventv-sixth street.
I 111 i BACK Hrlltng. ta.)ssr olds, flee sod
hell l ; .ji 'Harden i,l .VIUI.. nr.- Kt
lot Ki i S. l.-o. lu, l.urta. io;, itium
IUi-1 IK)
-oomp its," t. firilma, oifse irer,kls .oa
til, sent: use sails and ... e)Uler
rilllSint T, Wasn.irtti II PS: Huslil'
Qulliu, Us MU..fls,,. IIS. . tin lelnni 11
MsIf, ",iri. us.
I Hlltli kmc I' iiss. ell era. I te raitoass
n. -i au Hllie Hsv I. .sin.. A Ilea. luo.
Pride "f IJaaore, hi TU"M TWies. u
I'esii'iske. lull. I'ni't's-. 110; Term Trick. II,
Mrrl.U'i, lift
Kill RTll HACK Hellioa, til asss: ftse sad
one -half 'Kin - .1 oi N7. Miuionlosa.
Kit. oaklati'l. m'l: Pare.ll oui, 107. si- ham.
list lladanii, list It .. 10S. ltiirtiins Hiali.
im raatsSJ, ins. It'berta. Its, Inn'ial Ti.umal
IIS, -tem.S'U III: the While 113
i 1 1 ' I il liM t Srlhi'S; all asea. the and n,
half MoliSS. Warner. US, fire... IJ. Lues
Hhark. tt!.. Jell Tar. US, Ernest P.. 102. ' I '.-
...hl.ni 1,11 11 ,..( Itiiaitt IOS l'i. L.,, I,..,.
1 1 1 IMkkl list. 'I ..mm, Vltlee. 101; nisi
IM'-ksr. IW: Las Harrison II. 1UH, iTaKls
I.ICIO. I. IS 111.
-,.iii ItM'K ifalllna. three roar cad. asd iu.
one saile Selfrastat. Ifrt Haaly, I0T Oeneeal
M i, .'.'e H,l. I HI.
U.I ,1.11. Ol
ruiss rest. tU; atsre. MS;
A.e.raliths .lletaiee.
tTssrket riser; trsek
Kills Island Board of Inquiry
Declares Mylius Must Leave
The hoard of special inquiry sitting I
at Rills Island to-day derided that '
when Rduusrd I". Mylius "libelled a
Km' it was sn set of morsl turpitude,
and they ordered him deported.
It took Just an hour and a half for
the linard to come lo this decision. Dp
to the Isst moment Mylius. whose of
fense was committed while he was
serving ths Rarls Liberator aa KnaJlah
correspondent, was sure the finding
would he In hla fsvor. and when thai
board made Its announcement he aald
he would make another appeal to Wash- j
"(Ibvloustv it Is not a crime of moral
turpitude." he aatd. "If anything, It
was political turpitude. It was the
monarchy I attacked through ths King,
not ths mejj. 1 am sure 1 eras pre
judged by the board that wtien thsy
sat down to conduct the Inquiry, It
really was over and they- had deceded
was to be deported
"1 will neither rstnset nor sujologlss
for my statement, as printed kS th 1
Liberator, that King George. In MM),
married the daughter of Hear-Admiral
fteynvour of the nritlsli Navy.
Certalnl I shall appeal again to !
Weehlragton. ' want a rehearing -a roar
rehearing I am sure that Secretary
Angle's attitude to me will tos mors
fsvoroMo than haa been taht f this
Ons of ths questions asked Mylius
"Do yoa tmltove In asslnaHon"'
KJsrtssray not." hs aald, sharply.
Dales Mylius-s sgtpeal Is granted he
wrll be sent heok to Europe on ths first
ship of Uts FYeneh line to leave New
York La Provence, whksn brought mm
. ver. haa sailed already on the return
trip and II "will he too loner a wait for
Tho sum which Mylius sent to his
paper waa one -which had sysan circulated
through the clubs ot London ana mi
social circle for a long time and thou
sanda ot rsspeetaMe BngMshnvsn and
Krllshworqan credited it.
1 lag anting It Myllue made th stats-
"I'went to emphasis the foot that
the story of King George's marriage
had been punltshsd In England Itself
long before It waa printed in the
Liberator. Modern floolety. a weekly
Journal, printed It Bo did tha chain ef
Journals known as Itsynolds'e newspa
pers There Is no doubt of the truth ef
the etory.
"In order to prove that the marriage
did not take ptaee the prosecution pro
duotd the marriage resistors of all the
churches in Malta. That waa a per
fectly foolish procssdlng and was dons
only to foul ths Jury and tha people
The prosecution knew that Malta la
under the canon saw. which does not
require nwrlsges to be registered. It
eras Queen Mary, I have no doubt, who
prompted the suit against me.
"My own motive In circulating the
issue or the Liberator that conatlned
ths marriage story waa entlrsly a politi
cal one I am a republican and f am
striving to further the republican form
of government for all nations In the
and England will havs a republic."
leagues for ths promotion of free
speech hers have taken up the cause ,,'
ths young Journalist wno haa served a
year's Imprisonment for his alleged libel
of the British monarch He waa to have
been deport oil on Thursday, but a finely
appeal to the Secretary of Commeroe
and Labor brought a stay.
Among the organisations whlah lined
up estti Mylius wars ths Political Re
f usees' Dsfsnss League and ths Krea
Speech League
WAJtinNOTON, Dee. tt Heorstsrv
Nagel will personally determine wheth
er Mylius, the detainer of King Oenrge,
Shell be denied admission to the United
Itates. The appeal Is expected hsr
Three Horses Parish la Stable Fire.
Three horaae ware burned to death
early to-day In a fire which partly des
troyed a one-story f rs,m stable at Cen
trsl and Ballevue avenues, the Brona.
Vour other horaaa whlob ware In the
stable at the time were rescued by fire
men. A Good Doctor
rieeamher $1, 110$.
Dlt HAllWAY O0.I
lisar Hlra I write to let you know
that I have used your remedies for the
past forty Hui years. Have tirnusht
ut a largs faintly on them, and now my
children I who are all married) use
them, too I oannot prates all the Had
way's itemed-. enouxh. so I thouicht I
would semi this as a token uf grulltude
from, fours truly.
$12 Houth Third Ht., llrouhlyn. N. Y.
A fkmlly Phyloiain tor 6B Vokro
Sample book now on riiubition.
aaoWuctioM given. Alio lull Darticulsrs.
-Room No 313, 3d Floor,
tfl I I n sa a.
World Diuicung.
Allowed on eeeeeats from $10 te Won.
Derssits made en or before Jseusry ISth
drier Interest fiom jsnuaiy 1st.
Una wo on deposit with Stale of N-w York.
We are entering our 7$d yser.
Sensing by malt ta meet reereeavealence.
Cell or write for "Booklet on Banking.''
Tel. eesmen ItH ,
I as Naaeaa $. (Tribune Stag.) 1st. I0
IM Williamsburgh
Savings Bank
Broadway aad Driers e Pit sail a.
Nottes Is heretir Kfven ikst oa aad after
he TwenitMh day of J.nuarv. 1SII. a
leml-Annuel Interest at ths rate of
FOUR clex.
per annum win be nald to all depositary
In thla bank was on tks first ear of
Jsnusrr. lull mar be eaittled thereto
Money dep'islteii on sr before Jaauarv
in. ISIS, will draw Interest from Jen
oarr let.
Aesaafe ess as ssessed br w
end for hnaklst snd '..II instructions.
Wll.l M r. Ht IINs. t sshlsr.
k Onea wsestae Pcre e- 4 ta T.
, ss, uusssso save
usssssd Istatest
rrshust to d.
lsritors ssttdsd
tkersts salir the
hy lews ea Jaa.
I. $laVst tks
os all suss ot $1
asd sowars) ts
II BOO. psrsMe
rsrs or
Jsa IS. Mil.
bs sssjasS or sun
I b, M.u ' seat fres.
inBH C ontaWi
Oft MB.
"IH enti
Dry Dock Savings Institution
41 A ItM rxiwrav. Car. kg atMsw York
The Trestess havs des-lared a dlvldenil
for the sla months ondlns December II.
1st 3, on sll depoelte sntltled Ihsrstn tied, r
the lb Laws, at the rate of THHKP. aad
tlMK-MALf Pee lent, lor .annum no sll
sums nut sxoosdlnx Til it ten TH. it's AN l
txil.l.AIIM. parable en snd aftar January
an tats
Dsposlts mads an ur brfore faaaarr in
pB be entitled to Intsrsst from Jaaaarr
ANDkBW MILIJt. Presldeal.
WM r. PATTKRaoN. Trsssurer
OH A II LRUs M1EH1.INO. Recrotary.
sn and ts DOWBKT, C.iR CANAL ST.
Ths treeless have ordered Interest st tks
DttL V-iB" ANU UXk-HALT i$V.i
PKst CKNT, per annam to bs paid te de
poettora on snd aftsr Jaaaarr both on all
sums of kg snd up ts M.nob whlah have
"Sit la Si on deposit fur th thrss sr sis
months endlna beosmhsr Slat, ttlt la
MI" till" "J"1 br lws aad rales of
HJNBT .wmz rs
-"L UVffn, Assi.sntfsmrssary.
New York Savings Bank
la Wade, sa a I
-SfVS" L .Ae-i W$B
T k If M t hy i v i.i i t. I'"'''"'
Am-HISAtT) M PkNTK. Ileeestaff.
ssssm i, nn.tni, .ill TTSMI S lllal
Dnlon Dime Savings Bank
th Annua and 4Mh St root
as latssjst Dlyldead llOTtk ru tje,i
bee been dVrlsre.1 st dM rstt of
Tkree aad Oao-Half Per ( eat. p.r r
isdiusl j.uusr) lata, ead pareals
aSELs fcjpSSSp
wii.liam n nmm TBT '
Dollar Savinw Bank
kSma Third Arsons,
mlatast rredltist Jenmry let et tks rats ss
Three aad lias Half Par last.
per .nn n. ea sosseatti fssa U io ta oa
ran mu.
We do not ask employers' refer I
aessT Call ur writ. (sr U1". 1
tralsd Catalos. . I
1 ,70 BMagflEz!afl
, Bean we yw YAt
man r. inver in
a J Wl l K 1 iryaufivrt
so - i vet eh ctLi wmri
shx) - avttn iron me too
iahmst Aiomtnr -icnmir i
cam ra yrttnrs tii wurr rei mir juj
1 iiain iiiiU and leselty. 110 W. .u.
CAfK kooo ""1 " IsMSSdSt.
iinvtw i
'esairksa asd srsasry, tiell or writ lor tssalan.
Ts Mstfotiulllao. I2U W imk: opes eeesUss.
a. .vs. nua.i, i saasssa. las. s.-t -
ssasral ssuousdiae: etsasCH MAtlMo,
1 1 . A ssJ to. hy, .a, sa. a Uasaa,.
ilU uiru : l i. mdm u( I vuJ iO, Ciluiiaa u
IJeitla-d ..(.ilt Uf ill- i. Ytk thsVIB .l'tjllU LUttiT ie
vuikju lu is mu vitisWba, at gnu4 vbsUaUt tJs4
tBaUiriif in' i'-, whs cat. a, gsA, rcJ u4
lit knginti :mfukj. hit mf r wilt t, iu()l u
I Ml sjaiisaiinu ."ussj. rut uu tsteiiiuai tjuii (
Ucruitm. lAUet, .'fl Sd T4U fttb fu Hem
,'.r CUt; m VuIUju ml.. B.uBln, M. M ; 41
luu1(tmrT st., Jrt-Mjr City. M. I., y b
rtsTCrilllliiB ii all .ui w vjeja sjg
V -
... -i
l,ie- i . , ssaV sv

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