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New York's Fast Pace
Makes a Month Here
Too Much for a Widow
I sOssxanjas mm m mm mmm Pjt00t&tXW0lm ni
flu i7 5ie a Good
Staying Power and No
Heart Trouble, Say a
Mi Effie Shannon,
Who Play One of That
Sort, She May Hold
Out for Six Week.
AVTKH a niontli ill New York
the fagged widow from Brook
11110, Mass., who make "Years
of Discretion" a three-act Joy, sums
It up by wailing: "My ear are tired
holding up my hatband my eyes are
strained reading without glasses.
The hones in my collar stick into me
cruelly and there Isn't room enough
to alt down In my skirt. With Ave
pairs of carters I can't stand or sit.
Win-ii I am out I poBe on the edgo of
a cbalr, my back like a ramrod and
my waist In a vise. All my teeth
ache, and tho maisaRlat has pounded
ma into a Jelly. I fe! like a bone
Irsa sardine. And I'm Just about
ready to quit!"
Mifs Kf11 Shannon, who makes this
welcome vlsl'.or altogether charming and
grtlggsngly human, confessed us she
leaned bu k In a comfortable chair thai
thg role Is sui'ethlng of a change for
hef. f
"Do you wonder." she asked, "that
hag turned my held a little? I must
onfess to a real .u In we-irlng gowns
that reveal omathlng more than my
centt. as you remarked. And why
nolT 1 am not the Queen of Spain, and
sha was, l ba)avai Iht only wootn
woo newer Blorled n a p.ilr of lejs.
And yet would you believe li? there
.us sny number of old t'neutino',rs who
are positively scandalized .T"R:,ti
Shaimon IhOtlM play a part ihxt gives
her a chance to show a little more than
her ankles. You see. I h ive a terrlbl:
past to live down. All the oilier parts I
cava played Wars tliose uf heroines who
rejoiced In all the ortholjx VirtUW
west young things In white i.iuslln and
pals blue ribbons w: oiiL'eJVs,, satbtai tj
robed in clinging black--misunderstood
nd neglecied WlTSI w.th neat white col
i ...... . ii ...
Isra and cults, and skirts sarins In the
8,0a. uo you suppoao ony .j: moss
you suppose ony
old-time he-rolnes Of mine ever use 1
rouga, or smoked a cigarette, or showel
lierer ankles, or drank a oooktalll I
should ssy not! Now Just ImiKlne play
ing that sort of heroine for years and
then Jumping Into a role like that uf
Mra. Farrvll Howard, wiiii .1 permits me
o Indulge tn all t is 'llsagUTSI of he
taaolonablc world and travl too fast
laca set by New fork"
"Do you consider 11 faster ihun the
;iea set by any other large Amerl m
city Chicago, for Instance! or BostOOi
or San rranoisoo?"
"Good gracious, yaa!" ogolalmsd m.m
.shannon, her big blue ,ysi telle ting
tier aatonlshniiiut. "Thara'l 110 uite
nlnclng niutterj. Ms .. Vork is devi:
ihly wicked, and It rather pride Its 1 1
in the fact. Just as Ii sloti likes to ue
olnted to ss the sent of culture, so
Nssr Tork likes to hear Itself talked
aaaut th gayest of uittts. What
n . s .a . .a -A -l-wrrJ-rlln-fw '-J'-nnr t
Joe Nw York care for UM criticism
.f, the outside world? We ll eontlnue 1"
waar the highest heels, the tightest
skirts, the largest hats, snd the most
powder and paint puiwlble, su long an
these things are fashionable, and it
matter not at all what more sedate
Communities say or think about It. So,
too, do we mbtSftbl to the habit of
drinking a well-made cock tall befon
illnner and smoking a cigarette after
ward "
Miss Shannon lauxhed when asked
how long she thought a widow In real
life, co-nlng from arotlirr city, rspc
claly If she hupp, ne I to l- forty-right,
' ould stand the New York paee.
"A month here would probably be too
much for the average widow from out
of town,'' the derided. "If she nxs
Rood Staying powers and no heart trou
ble I should say about !x weeks. It
takes Just thai time to Unlets the widow
In 'Years of Dlarret'on.' Hut she Is
one womsn In a thOUl an 1, and she has
generutlons of h-eeding behind her.
New England maea for poise and en-
W " J
i SbbI
ImMBur UVtr- t.n m vmr n rs tt'n'nin hOW-
ffhi for ht w 'man from Chi ag" o
Milwaukee or Cleveland--1 bouhl say
the limit was about four weeks.
"It Is a curious thing that the Neve
i Yrk wor.ian. horn and bred, can st.ind
and does s and more th in any other-
",. , .11.11 .,1,,
That f bicU4e it s In her hood, I sup-
p se. Of ciiirse, we must lemciiuor
ihut the fast pice kills lots of Nsv
Yoik women-It's only Ihe survivors we
notice. That Is why the New York
wn-r.un Is too htiudsotnest. most radiant
and liiteiesting wo ntn In the world.
She U p iked stock. To bo able to gujiub.iBr and the b.tister mad.
the fishlonabla pin and to live
through It all argues that sin h a wo
man must be end owed with superb
health, splendid poise and alert mental
fa. titles. Tike for example Ihe lirook-
I line widow's New Yoik friend. Mis
Hrlnlon, as portrayed by Miss Putnam.
Thar you have the typical New York
woman. In her you see a woman who f)Klier
has been 'en the go' ull br W et at "Er er-are yo 11 expecting a party,
fortygevn Ih 's as flesh as a daisy Mr. S iarke.. '." ggd he bowed politely.
Does she complain of being tired'.' Not Sharker suspended action on the lib
it bit of it! It Is her pride and glory ster and with big left hand Indicated
to stay In harness till the end. The , his breast with the blade of his knife.
Hrookline widow car.not keep up the 1 Tapping his breast wlt i the knife and
pare for the simple 11. unci that It Is 1 guxlht,- at Cm (i,invme.le from under his
not In her blood snd breeding to do so, shaggy eyeb"ows, I". oek his head tip
ub fleas you could no
more stop ths
New York widow than you could held a
fc g.g r ( H.K g jtiX.JtJ Xss a a Hik K HiXRXgXXM H K'XlkJt.KXJl KK.aLXJt.gh.mK a n juDikk
1 m m
n n it m t a :s x a u a it a g a it g a : w it H
iMsiah Flnnes l.
THIS week has certainly been an
eventful one for all kiddles,
especially f ir the kiddles of New
York, for besides all the presents Santa
brought they have been given a, beauti
ful little playhouse way up high In the
I dome of the Century Theatre. But that
Isn't all, no, slr-ee. Tile best part la
! that this theatre has all kiddle actors,
j who play kiddles' plays to the very ap
preciative kiddle audiences, and just
think of It, they have a Jolly little mati
nee Idol all their very own. Nothing
ould be sweeter, now could Itt His
name is Master Gabriel, ant) a brighter,
cunnlnger llttlo mite you never saw.
There In the big picture you see firs;
Baby Kdnn Wallace tlopper as Lady
Purls In the company of Lord Hubert.
Tht y both belong to Tidy Castte and
are very stylish dollies Indeed. Third is
Cynthia, the spoiled kiddle who loves
Tidy Castle with Its lords snd Isdles,
snd wants to burn Itacketty Psckitty
house nnd all Its dollies, and she would
too wers it not for Queen Crosspatch.
the good fairy and her I.lttle Oreen
Workers, who love Hackctty Packet!.
f Sharkey's First Lobster.
(Ul' HIIARKKY is very proud ihal
nature has dug up somebody who
"looks like me and flfhts like
me" In the person of Soldier Kearns.
Tom has been living over the past of
late In the contemplation of this won
derful happening'. It a a long time agi
thai Ihe sailor pug came to this little
lown nnd made hts Tlrst foray among
tht cafes and the lolister palaces. Tim
MiOralh it wus who when training toe
wonder of the e hrniuht him to his
ftrgt lolister. Tim Invited lilm to the
"Hay," aaid Shell-key to the' waiter,
holding the sea food by one leg and h's
Ssouth full of the Mjtrd," "bring me a
d oxen more of thlm."
The waiter changed his napkin from
the right to Ihe Isfl arm, shifted his feet
and ruohed his hands. He was a pouts
wa,er and didn't want
to offend ths
I and dawn and In tones n't to be naif-
1 understood said:
1 the gnrtyr
( oiivrlpht, till, by tht Prrtt SiiMLM0 Co
mm u t XX X na x x x x H g g x a i::i txxxxnxxH a KTtg.gg.gg g:g,U,ft a g m m xjt
and Its shabby Inmates. lagssd, ths
1'alry Quaan acts as Cupid in a doll's r.i-
manea between I'eter Ptpar of Raokat
it) rackeuy and l.ady I'ulriela of Tidy
l asue. ror I,y Pa trie la hales the
sllff, stupid way they live In the castle,
and much prefers to datire 'round and
'round and kick up her heels as hlgn
as her head as lla ketty 1'a kettv toKM
I do. Thanks to Queen Crosspatch and
the workers, she finally marries the
entertaining little Peter Piper, who at
one time keeps the kiddle audience in
Sailor Dan" of the Battery, "235 Years
Before the
Till: oldest man In
the world, If Hat
ter y mathemati
cians sre to be re
lied upon, is "Sailor
Dsn" ModUll!, com
mander and crew
of the r o w b n a t
"e-Jlly." 'Sailor
Dan" has been
New York wa'.er-
known around ths
front n long us the
Idest watf r t an
can remember. "Uallor
Dan'' McUInn
end William Krsncls Qulgley. better
known ss "Honest Hill" Qultley, are
ths two Battery boatmen. "Honest
Bill." who confesses to fifty-one years,
says that wlu n he was a small toddler
"Sailor Kan" gave him pennies where
with to purchase sweeties.
And now thg Mattery Is bussing with
toe rumor that 'Bailor Iau" la koiik
to marry. For ages It his been known
that "Bailor Dan's" two mslden slaters:
have worried for fesr their mariner
brother would get married. The row
boat "Sally" is n unci In honor of
Dun's sweetheart. Last week "Sailor
Dun" purutiased a pleco of land and a
house near Inwood. N. J., and at once,
water-front circles began to hear whis
pers of Dsn's matrimonial Intentions.
Time was when Dan served before the
mast and weathered many a howling
! gale. It Is of his deep sea experiences
that he loves to tslk. At the Mattery
Hock olnca s record or nan s ses set -vle
hss een religiously kept It totals
up 23 ysars. Dan's most drilling m
perlsnee was aboard the American bark
One on Dougherty.
SECOND Deputy Police Commls
sloner George 8. Uftugherty or
dered coffee with his lunch In a
Hroadway German restaurant the other
day. Appirenlly the waiter did not
think a patron should have toffee with
his llHIgh gll his life the waller had
bten serving beer with lunch.
At any rate Dougherty failed t get
his SORs with his lunch. After a hit
the waiter psaaed by and Dougherty
yelled at htm. The waiter kept right on.
Again Dougherty saw the waiter, and
again he yelled, and again was he Ig
nored. Dougherty pounded the table with the
I bundle of his knife, made loud hissing
j sounds through his teeth and mustache
1 snd warbled "Kejlner!" In his most dul
I ret tones. The waiter passed him by.
j for, srrorllng to the waiter's Idea, no
'gentleman wants his roffee ungu after
! Finally Dougherty got peeved. Ile
! summoned th head Mllar. Tha head
1 waiter slid up to the table
"Hey!" yel'.ed Dougherty ..hat kind
of a Joint Is this' Here I rap to that
gtiy t.e Utiles and he never even glvsn
, n.e 11 1 umnie.
(Chart "Hap" Is poll. for :g-uilllng'
for assists 1 "c
of "atttu.' v.!
ulnar, "(Jive
a wall as for the tit
i" to the d a us of an
a tumble" 14 p., I faff
'a grtlng or ackno a ledgmant of a
ran mrsma
g.n gKK. H IK K a.af KK a g k x tt a m m'm g a a
iMona Hunger (or a .
I Master tiahrlrli.
stitches when he decides to die for love
of his lady, but h quickly cured wh.n
Queen Croaapatch tells him that dytu-.
of lovs Is out of date.
The kiddle audlenre gets another blK
laugh over Dr Qustlbua's WRtoh, which
he could not make go after llacketty
Mast," Spins a Yarn.!
Orahsm's Polly,
i "We had a terrible lime on the
I cruise I made nn the Pollv." said
I K- (- rT wiitj ss, k 'fWKt
"Sailor Dan" yesterday. "We had gone around the unexpired rim of ths Arctic
I up the Ulver Platte, In South America. Ocean as esslly as the average New
One fine mnrnlnt we dls-overed that the j Yorker esplnrei Oreenwlch Vlllsgs
ship was not moving forward an Inch, "as telling stor es at ths Kap'.orers'
I although we had every Inch of canvas r'ub recently whl. h Illustrated the de
jshe would carry spread. Well, sir. we i Uxhtfully llt.ral way ihe north Alaskan
I soon found the cause of the trouble. auorlgln. s accept the tea. hlugs of Ihe
I We had encountered a flock of eels. mlsslnnai les.
! Yes. sir, snd those eels so tilled the! "When the first lonsly missionary pen
I river that they held us back for four etrated the country beyond Point Bar
dies. And then the next dsy we had row," Hlefansson said, "hs undertook to
' the most s. ve-e rain stortn I ever want tsach the Ksqulmaux that one of ths first
I throunh. We had to keep below decs ' laws uf a religious training was that
When we came up we found that It hsd against breaking ths Sabbath
rained toads nod nsh. The decks ware;
so covered that we had to shovel thsm I
Into t'le river."
i "Hsllor Dan" also loves to dwell upon
i his taper! tn Cgi ss a whaler. He will
tell and retell of a tale of a huge whale
, which was landed by his ship and which
1 upon helnK opened disclosed it man slt
, ting on a chslr smoking a tdpe.
Kvery day, rain or shine, the year
round "Sailor Dan" goes aboard th
"gaily" and pulls about Ihe buy seek In I
rags, His work Is to take ship haw-1
sers and carry the-n to the piers. He'
will tell you that '.la profession Is that I
nl - ...... An,-lm
A Bowery Secret.
aM th dsys when John MeOurk
. who
I w as reported dying In San Fran
few days ago, ran 'Hui -ble Hall" on
the Mowery. ha had a brother who acted
as oashler, The brother contracted
tuberculosis and wts sent to a sani
tarium In Sullivan County.
In a few months John got word thst
his brother was about all In He could
barely whisper as he motioned weakly
to John to sit hesl.le the bed.
' John." hs gasped. "I've had some
thing on my mind and I can't din keep
ing It a secret. I must tell you."
Painfully he reached under rtie pillow
., . , . , . .
and pu led out a fst roll of money John
OOUnlea the roll. It totullej B.700.
" It s all yours. John." wheexed the
dying man
I waa your
niivked It from you while
cashier Now I on dh
happy "
M-Uurlt returned
to New York, ex-
to Sullivan County
1 H" " 1'4x'k
s,K)n to attend tha hsnsrat nut rhe
brother began to bo nd. Wi Mn a year
he was well -and broke. He 1 auie to
, w York and hjw Johlb
' I'll give fOU (Uf old . b an cashier,'
aid Johg
Tt. brut ner wen: ba ' to -' 1 1 Id,- 11a, 1
and behind the ca. .e . , esk. 'i i.e
tlrst object t o.t gist .. a eye Was a
laxgs. nsw, glittering aastt M-l cash
a" it m h m M m w a a HK'g'gli it H K it MM afig a It
tTh Srv Ter germs Wrid.J
: a it g M g g axan gk m a a g g gX'glKx M
ih. u amnr
w. ii. llat.
ymW W4. 1 "V I kept lose behind hsr to catch her If she . '.lr?f jf'; TvA
l.U 1111111 I
tBaltr Kslinindl.
PaCkatty dulllrn had usimI It as a play
ball at one time and a frying-pan al
And you ought to have seen ths kid
dles slralnlng In toelr chairs when K 111 -mankeic
Imitated a dancing doll. Tou
see, as she wheeled 'round and 'round
New York Explorers'
Stefansson on
11'HJAtjMrrt HTKI' ANSMD.V. dls -
coverer uf !he bloml Ksgulmaua
snd the man who llmls his way.
lbs I-ord will N anary ir you drop
your nets In the nvsr on Sundsy,' the
missionary commanded. 'Don't do It.'
"Well, the iiiIm unary went further up
the coast and when, after six months,
he rrturnrd to the place of his first
mtnlstry he found that all of the newly
converted ChrtfUgni h til obeyed htm.
Not a list was diopped 011 the seventh
day. Mut they II shed with hooks.
And what was m flagrant stIH,
the tip had passed all up and down the
roast that If persons fished with hooks
on Sunday they would be blessed with
luck. The mlsslonsry had said as
one of biefanaaon's best yarns of the
blubber country was on himself. When
he arrived among Die converted Ksipil
msux be found them all Church of Kng
lsnd iiisii, for uf such religious persuasksst
had been tha missionary. They asked
r'.efunsson shoot ills faith and he
frankly confessed that he did not belong
to the I'hurch of England.
"Onoe not long after my arrival at
this psrtlrular village I had occasion
to make a hike up the roast." said ths
Mr. Thomas Tells This.
1 A ' '
r .
at the dinner to Gov. -else:
Sulsrr st the Waldorf-Astoria:
A hi.'ahahd who had dined and wined
to th limit finds his way home In the
wee MM1 hours. He reaches the library
Just as he hears his wife's footsteps st
the head of the stairs leading to hsr ;
beJroom. He hastily rChi for a book
from the library shelvee. drops Into I
big easy chair und hits the book spread
across his l as his wife enters
"John' what are you doing here at
this hour?" she asks
"Just rtsdlng. dear. This hook has
been In the llbrsry ftvs years. I've
mads up my ngnd dojtens of times to
read It To-night I'm going to finish It
Don t worry, mi .b ar luu .to to bed
, ,. ,, .,
i I II continue reajlng
I T)l wffi )n Mna f m!r,g,rt disgust
and authority, replies:
"John, close up that checkerboard and
I ooine to ld
Downtown Note.
Ill t! Is a certain mother down
in the Washington Bqnara district
Whose two
ed thg an-"
w ne e,
hos have Just
by standing on
to answer the
a chair, thev uro ab
A few dss i a call eme anil the
tnallsst boy climbed up on his perch
to answer It.
"Is this Mr". Illink's residence;" was
the ipiery.
"No, ma'am, It aln I," h replied. "It's
KIK W was mhh xhh h xkk mm it m a m m a a.n
Kg alk x'xx'x m g g a a g jirnt a a a m m.m gg
nhe bent so far back that Mug and 1'eg
kept i lose behind her to catch her If she
fell, snd the kid Hi s were ire she would
When the curtain want down on th
second scans of the third au'.. thit was ,
all to ths play of "Rackclty I'arlcrtty
House.'' Then the kiddles strolled around
the Children's Theatre and peeped Into
all the little dressing rooms and watched
the wheels go 'round and enjoyed them
sslves as they Uksd until It wsa time to
go home. w.KANort sp "Uokkh,
Club Heart
the Merry Esquimaux.
. explorer, "and I engaged threw Ksqul
I gUMgg to accompany me. Thsrs was a
heavy fall of snow and the going was
bad. Karh man took turns In going
ahead snd breaking trail.
We had not been going king when
I noticed that when I was the trail
breaker Ihe other three Hupitmaua
would not walk In my trail, bo: went to
all the labor of breaking another to on
side I asked one of them why they
did this.
" 'The missionary say ws should not
walk In the footsteps of ths ungodly,'
he replied."
George Cohan a
He wrote
for the
;w, IT'S rut ii- 1 am going to
be a farmer. Alter next season
will leave the stags.
My next aeaion Is not going tn be a
Patll farewell. I am lust going to quit
ac'lng for three or foor years, take a
good rest and get acquainted with my
two little dauglite g.
No, sir, I am not going to leave
Hrua lay.' and yes, sir. I am going to
! heeaaa
farmer nf ,-ouse I Won't
I cjt5i
I I .
try tod, .11 the work on the firm and! , .',., . jjjj
I I wont try to keep In the atmosphere ,,,., , ni,1V() Sut, of Rhoi1(( 39
to the extent ol getting up at t A. M. und. 111 I am going after this farm
0 in. It a Book "f COW or feed a herd I life th ng as fail as you ever saw one
nf r tens, but my farm will be con- of m il shows mote, and between
I dusted on teientidc agtWltural prln- llmi" '"" overseeing the peantlng,
1 pie, and I will be In th look-out U"" 1 'ig and harvesting of my ornga,
chair to see th .1 nothing 1. left undone 1 1 '.'" ' l.ri'u n0r
1 "". ... " uiiuonv , wrlu. n( romp ni t, my cli I draa.
I "f m"'") n I You must come up .am. time .ad as.
Hut .van .0, Hroadway and : wla'me ao furrow dance .cross ths earn,
not parcTnotnpaay. 1 love th dear old field behind nr plough.
x at a X XX X XIX k g X K
srirg lot it g a sKrgmrKX
llaes ewr.
i - inj mi nil
W frW7
this piece
street and I've had soma wonderful
times up a id down it, snd it Is because
of these good times thst I have se
persistently boosted the White 8trafeV
Why. look at the songs I've written
about the famous thoroughfare. XXve
My Regards tu Hroadway." "Too Many)
Miles from Old Hroniway." "AH
Aboard for Hroadway." ' Ti e Hroadway
Girl." and th p!ays-"4t Minutes From
Uroidwuy," The Man Who Owaa
Hroadway." und my present Vehicle,
" 'Hroadway' Jones "
I think I deserve this rest, for I have
been working hu-d for nesrly twenty
years. I began wr.llr.g short ketcnee
'"Wi I was fourteen years of age. I
tegsu to write three-act plas whn I
was twenty. I not only wrote, rehear)
nd staged these plays but appeared la
most of them as well. Then I Pagan
to write plays for other people and
staged, rehearsed and pr.duced them.
I figure that '. have been .1 una, the
work of eight or t.n mm. and I'm tired.
j Not the king of ttrel tha' the doolor
prescribes for. but rather the kind thai
makes a man ion.' tu sit close to a bag
open fireplace with his slippered feet
on the fender ami a goad oook In hi
That's what I want to do read aad
write and believe me, I'm going to as
erclse this ambition tu the full. Of
c..ic I'm going to retain all my the- 1
atrieal Intarestei but 1 am not going; la
be active in their nun.iiti .1., nl. My
partner will attend to that, and while
he Is doing so I am going to read and
write and write ami read fiction, ro- '
mane, adventut, stories uf travsl,
large tluses of Shakespeare and a bag
splash of the classics. Listens good,
doesn't it?
Don't think my physician has Infla-
n d Bis In my decision to retlr. al
though he did suggest that a vacation
would do m Do '1 trm, I have never en
joyed as good health a during th peat
two or hre years, and I naver ftt
I better .11 m) life than I do thla mlnuts.
1"? '", .. .,, ." ""

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