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VR .4 T If K It Kit 1 r l,.-nlvhtt tVegKMala Jr eilesae.
coiti on. - uyymM
Members of P. S. Board
JJdd to B. R. T., and Prom
besio Public Are Ignored.
Then It Cm Oomd
CWy by fte Good Will of
Traction Rulers.
i jnMtc tea torn votmd of ftp
flare to Coney Island whlnh
wen wmma Ir pidd lMt Mar when
U doad ayntwn of rapid tranatt waa
Onoary adopted by the cat y attthort
tie. Public Om i too Oommtarlooera
WiiBeun R. Wllloox, John B. Bngtle
aad Qaorge V. S. WIS lama are Urn
paad aarraaU of tbe tax pay fire who
hcatmTy aat atlll and let the tra
eJbjg, crowd write the tangent fare
000k tofco ttneeepifl
egf aMOare teste Phe pockets of the city's
hear bo pernrgRteaT The usire of Ooney
agaand In the hot nmmai month are
Va eeoupanta of the crowded tananMnta
la the baart of tha greater city. Two
Titiaa In tha ootnrnleslon tor a reatora
laa of tha ave-oant clamp In tha con
tact ware pledged to-day to Tike Eve-
World. They are the rotei of
XUo K, MaltMe and J.
Cram, tha ptogrooorre members
af the board.
A psibetc hearing upon the proposid
ayaraOoc contraota has been aat for
Jsav M. The two radical members of
tike eoromlsslon declare that they need
not only In winning back the
Wand flve-oent fare, out to put
Into tha propoaed operating con
wlth the two traotion oompanlea.
' TeWar slnoe the thorough lnveaUga-
ttaB anode by tha ootnmlaalon Into tha
rsaaonaJbleneas of a ten-oent fare to
Omar lalaad." said Mr. Maltble. "I
bene bean of the opinion that the B. R.
T. oeusd afford to reduce Its fare to flve
and should have been ordered to
I by the commission. It Is now
y three years since the oaae was
. and the flnandal condition of
tha company Is better to-day than It
traa than.
'Ta addition the city Is leasing to the
B. R. T. a complete subway system
buUt at the public expense, and 1
itoout to guarantee the B. R. T. mere
than Its lines have ever earned In any
one year. It is only reasonable, therefore.
us a slight return for the valuable
privileges tt la about to recolve. that the
fare to Coney Island should be reduced
to flve cents when the oompegiy begins
to operate any part or the subway
donated by the city."
"Does not the proposed operating con
tract with the B. R. T. aa It now stands
prohibit the Public Service Commission
from ordering and enforcing a Coney
Mrs-cent fare before HUT" was asked.
o far as the terms of this contract
at cont'f rnadi neither thla commission
or any other succeeding commission
would have the power to require the
company to give a live-Cant fare before
Rot or when the company completes
the rest of Its system, if such coinple
tins Is later than 1817," replied Mi
Maltbie. "1 don't approve of th pro
poied operating contracts, and every
(ConUnue.1 'in Second I'nge )
Make a Profitable
New Year's Call
If you have been unfortunate enough
o lose an article ol value
Call 4000 Beekman
' telephone and order printed
World "Lost & Found" Ad.
It will get 3 circulation in New York
ity, morning or Sunday, greater than
.he Herald, Times, Sun. Tribune and
Preen combined.
Or to locate some missing friend or
"Information Want" Ad.
' "Circulation Books Open to A 7 0AZxJZiDikXJ
Aerrlrbt. 101B. kr
Ce. The New
Returns Measure to Aitkin ten
Declaring Supervision Clause
Suggests Passage of New Bill
Without Feature That Makes
It Illegal.
Tne fcssrtlon, hi tile prop need merlin
ptetnri theatre ordinance, at tbtnid.
ment osJHng for censorship by tha Bon pi
of Rein nat ion af all moving ptotur firms
baa proved fatal to the whole est of or
dmnnoei reguleWsig tha moving picture
business. Mayor Unynor, tx-day. vetoed
the aotlon of the Board of Aldermen
saying ho wan conirtralned to do So be.
omuse of th.i amondment.
".Vo osnsorshlp can be established by
later," say the Mayor, "to decide lo ad
vance what may or may not 'be law
fully printed or published."
Tha Mayor, however, desires that the
proposed ordinances !e agnln oonaMered
by the Board anil punted as quickly as
possible, without those features which
might render any ordinance Illegal.
Aider man Ralph Folks eaid to-day that
he would at onoe got busy on tha suk
geatlon of tbs Mayor and present a
moving ptoture v measure wJUoh would
paaa the orltlolsm of any legal author
ity. The Mayor sussgeeu also that tha
measure drawn up by tha oommlinon
appointed by turn to draft a oity law
governing the situation ba at onoe taAan
up by the Board and passed.
The Mayor's veto massage is. In part,
as follows:
"Oentlemen: I return, disapproved, the
proposed ordinance, No. H, entitled
'An Ordlnanoe Relative to Motion Flo
ture Theatres.'
"I am constrained to do tali boos use
of the provisions therein creating
censorship. It has hitherto been Um
understanding In this oountry that no
censorship oan be established by law to
decide in advanos what may or may
not be lawfully printed or published
Ours Is s government of free speech
and a free press. That Is the corner
stone of free government. The phrase
the press' Includes all methods of
presHlon by writing or pictures
"There seam to be a tew among as
who wish us to retraoe our steps, and
resort to censorship! again In advenes
of publication, and make R a crime to
publish anything not permitted tn ad
vanee by the censor. Do they know
what the sre doing? Do they know
anything of the history and literature
of tha eubjeot? Do they know that the
censorships of past 'aiie did Immeasur
ably more harm than good? Do they
ever stop to think that such censor
ships now would do even more harm
than they did In past ages. In compari
son with what little ood they mUht
Hisslbly do?
'OUT laws forbid the publication pf
any libelous, obsoene, Indecent, Unmoral
or impure picture or reading matter. Is
not that enough? tf any one does thin
lie oommlts u criminal otTenau and may
be punished therefor.
"If this ordinance he legal, then a
similar ordinance In restieot of the news
papers and the theatres generally
wouldn't be legal. Are you of opinion
that you have any .-men power as that .
If so, you should probably begin with
the newspapers and Che so-called high
cans theatres, unco revive the censor
ship and there Is no telling how far We
may carry It. These moving picture
shows are attended by tiie great bulk
of the people, many of whom cannot
afford to pay the 'prices charged by the
theatres. They are a solace and an
education to them. Why are siiiK-
(Cattunuad on fleesnd Face)
The lraa FakUinlaa
York World) .
Counsel for Policeman Gets
Admission That Mrs. Goode
Wasn't Corroborated.
Slpp Said to Have Been Lo
cated In Newark After Court
Dismissed Charge.
of Patrol man JoTsn J. Alrellv,
ty Mary Ooode. the disorderly
house keeper, of colleetln W. from her
on a contract to guarantee "protection"
for IBO a month, was omtlnued to-usy
before Deiputy Fo..ce i ommisHloner
Welsh. This trial furnished the only
action of the day In the. Kraft Investi
gation. liroony R. Bucknar, counsel to the
Aider merle InvraUvatlnei OeJMsttbMt
who was a witness fur the defense,
proved that a lawyer makes a poor
wltnesv. He refused to conflue himself
to the rules of .wldence. insisted an
volunteering testimony and explanations
and as advised by the Trial 4'omml
viler to refrain from actliiK .us though
he were practising as .onus, I for ths
Aldermanfo Committee, where hs Is
bound by no rules whatever.
The object of ths defense In calling
Mr. Buckner was to establish, tf pos
true, that there Is no coroihoratt'tn 01
Mrs. Goode's charges sgainst SkMy, It
Ulihold the coutelltlou that the ti'Sll-
mony of Mrs. Guode, without coriobora
tlon. Is wwrthkss, because of bar char
acter. Mr. Iluckner said ho was taken
to visit Mrs. Ooode by former Police
Inspeotor Russell.
"Did you ask Mrs. Ooo6g If sho hud
any corroboration of iier harge agalOSI
Skelly?" asked laiuls Gnurt. eotMeel for
the accused policeman.
"I don't think I dhl," replied Hncknoi .
"And you took her before the Vlder
manlc Committee n! lot hex tell hei
story without nrrobiratioa?"
"I believed her story."
"Didn't she tell you she had tuM In
spector Dwyer she didn't know Skelly
and hud never peid him a cant?"
"1 believe her sawyer told bar to tell
Dwyer that."
"Were you awere that a ortmlnal
charge wes pending against Iter when
she made hur uaoorruburated ahargv
against Bkelly?"
"II or ball was discharged- " began Mr,
" 'online yourself to the queaukMMk"
warned the Trial t'omntlsMloner.
Mr. Iluckner Untiled h.. ti.wl promised
Mrs. Ooode Immunity, rle said he prob
ably had told her he would talk to the
Dtstriot-oXttornsy about her oaao and he
wanted to eutSr Into explanations
"Ksey to the rules of uvldenoe," again
.arned Commissioner Wulsh "Of ooursu
you know I am the Judge bare. This Is
not tbs Aldurmanio investigation."
John 1. Malilgan. a lawyer, who Mrs.
Ooode has eaid warned her ehe had bet
tor deny knowing deuily, and Sarah
Green, Mrs. Goods's negro maid, weru
other witnesses under subpoena tor the
Shelly oase to-day.
Ths failure of the police ta produce
Slpp and Dorian In the Tombs tXiurt
yesterday resulted In the discharge at
Patrolman Kugsne Fox, who had been
arrested on Commlsalonur Waldo's
order on a charge of bribery. U
has beon hinted that th ponci
arrested Kox for the purpose i
"beating the District-Attorney to it
but whatever the idea apparently it col
lapsed yesterday with Kox'a re.ease
A report was made public to-day that
within an hour alter i-'ox had been dis
charged Slpp was found by Detertlv.:
John Conway In a Newark hotel, when
he was rsglstsrsd under- t.'o nam.
"Ucorge 8haw." It wns said lie SSDI
ttiere to g.'t ia.et, preliminary a sur-
gel Oiier. u. in
ili anu leu i. .n have ret been . i
alaiut their usual haunts since Christ
mas. Fox's arr.dunmt nt yesterday iva.
the thlid, snl Deputy Assistant Dis
irtet'Attoroey Nolan told MuUlrat4
Kerno'-'ian that Inspector Ksuiot want
ed a forty-clgiit hours' poatponamatll
but the Magistrate dis hir ed Fox aftet
asking what ehenee ihere was of nndlag
the twu nuesln witnesses, and bale
told the Inspector cu.ild not guarantee
to produce them In forty-eiaht hours
He sold he diur.'' believe there was any
danger of Fe raaaing as ay,
Six Hundred Garment Worker';
Battle at Smith & Grays'
in Williamsburg.
Loyal Employes Attempt to
Repel the Invaders With
Pails of Water.
Again vtnlsn"e In the gnmient worer'
stHkn occurred in Williamsburg to-day
I hie time It was an attack by s crowd
of not less thnn ,isi fore! tin m.ii Mtnl
w.Min-ii upon i he Mr six-story store and
manufacturing plant of Smith, Gray
"o.. at Hnnadway and ltedford avenue.
Ho vicious was the charge of the strik
ers, prearranged and delivered from
three sides of the store, and so bitter
the resistance pot Op by the loyal em
ployees within the establishment, that
for almost an hour a pitched battle
waged lnskle and outside of the big
siore aim ponce reserves nad to use
their Tlubs without stint to protect
themselves ss well 00 drive the Invaders
to cover.
Three hundred and flft c garment work
ers who are not meluhers of rhs striking
union and who had remained loyal to
their employers were at work on the
upper floors of the building In the menu
laciunng department when, near ten
o'clock Uils morning. Hie strikers began
to eoiiv,'ige on tin- building irom four
directions. One contingent came from
South lOlghth street, another from South
Fifth street, another band marcthed from
itroauwav irom ururgs avenue and a
fourth contingent moved up Broadway
from the direction of the Broadway
Meeting In front of the building, the
hundreds of foreigners, ii majority of
whom were women. BOfMrnted sudden
ly as if by prexvinceivod arrangement.
About three hundred rushed around
the comer of the building to the big
doors on South Klgli,th street which
give Sfttrs nOf onto the miiiiiihHturlng
department. Another w-lng of the army
of Invasion sprinted for the dmjrs on
the Broadway side, where the eleva
tors are. Both Invading forces wore
confronted by the- oinouth surfuoe of
the looked Iron doors.
Baffled at the side doors the main
body of the strikers rushed the big
double entrains to tha main floor of
the store at Broadway and Bedford
avenue Policeman Joeoph Shepherd of
the Clymer avenue station waa the sola
outpost of order thorn and he was
brushed aside like a straw. The van
guard swarmed throug-'i the doors,
there to be met by the thirty nlsrks
and other oroplnyeea of the stirre in a
do ibis line, barring the aisles and
stairways to the non-union workshops
on the upper floors.
1'lsts and st.iies were the weapons.
The fight waged hutly all over the floor
In the mean time those still on the
street managed to dUpugage tie dotocb
ablii ladder leudl.ig to the lire escape on
the outside of the building, and thev
iran to swarrn up the Iron ladder, men
and women alike. Ths non-union tail
ors on thu upper Moor dropped buckets
of water on tliolr heads, and when this
did not dampen the ardor of ths attack
ers, began to rain Heavy missiles down
on tiie heads of the attackers.
WAen Sergt Dunn and Mostersoii
arrived with the reserves from the
t:iymer street station they found four
policemen arrayed against the whole
moo and utterly unable io tnulin head
way against the tide of Invanon. The
pol4oemeneldsd by Mounted Policeman
Josephs, begun to , leave rradr way
through thu press, islng their clubs
rleatleeity, The wrath ol um crowd
was turned upon i policeman ami
tones and atlrke ersra ied IndU. rimi-
natal, stani ol the poiioomea weru
stunned by blOWl from all sides.
Policeman lent pusn-i hiaway to tht
fire eacapo and tried to I limb It to re.
peal bti Invisdsre at the top He was
i-ea.. dingg.-d back mid k! ked by
tnose paove bkni but he clubbed his
tea - up i w i stories un l beg .i o aaTglna
n ,ni n Uhd lien off Uf ron i 'lllg-, Soil
thrusting Hiem baok lo the itretl Fln
ill: ne ojee 'ed the ladders.
When the poliio bsgajl to gain ths
eOOendenei they rushed the mo, iii
every direction and cleared Ihe s'.reet.
The maneaiaf or thu iters anaoun sd
that In view of the danger to his work
ers lie would .-lose ihe manufacturing
department ot ihu ators, not tu reopen
until Jdouday.
m .
Millionaire Oil Man Who Denes
Congress, and
I B ffJ amlsn tgLv
sBvmW rflxMUJ Ml km it W II ami JSmwSr 1
H ssamr f ,rl! mm mTlv
BW ' f I mm tmTmnr f iflM
X j Bail ipv "'' Jf ! '
I mHI aBBBBBBamal itJmael
j M mVMi-' - M maW .?
I ' ? ' iiM afcr?
i if-. ' 2M Wsk' " "
e eW V., f aMTmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf
- ''v I I
IB '" - aaaamffav.9
Of . saaaaaarfl"Pnal aW
Will Be Sent from New
York Post-Orflce at 12.01
o'Clock To-Night.
Gov -nls,.t Nnleer. who fur y
stamped Ihe floo- of the House In Wash
ington for a pa tiiI post system such
as Is enjoyed by the people of other
countries mi,i gave mors, time and at
tention to It than any other one mem
ber, Is tu have the distinction of receiv
ing im first paonsaf sens under thu new
parcel post system, the same going into
efTeot at midnight to night.
Hophte Irene Loeb, wlr, is a olosa
friend of Ope, elggg and Mrs. Hulxer,
and who for several years worked
on starlHtlos and wrote articles with
the assistance of Mr. Hultcr, soms of
these having peon read before Congress,
was invited by Washington ill -.i in
terested in tin par, el post to bs the
s.-uder af this nist pa' kage.
PeOtgOOjOtOr M .igan of Xe York ar
i.mged the details and the pa' eel will
be mailed at the N'ew yirk Post-office
at U.01 lenlght The pju-knge leaving
ll th's time oennot ii Ineured, ss the
iv, rk of Ineurence does nol begin until
I o'i 1 ick New Veai's BlOTngsg.
The pa-k.igH u.lghs sis pounds unl
ei H 1 , .'its to snd. It would cost by
IpMM ti. arty 4 per cent mors, Thus
In this fl tt ppogaga II VIM be seen
1. ,it 1 gretil - 1 1 ue ertu h,, enjoyed by
L'ncle he'i many iianvhs t follow.
The PBOeege nils ni e '.ea Ml male
bi the Lenoa Potter) ai Trewon Wai-i-r
Rarnog, the producer! 1 w.-u known
us the "Joelah Wopgwood f 4eners
i a," being parslysed and idiini as the
le.ult of ye'are Ol end,nvor by Ihe .1 e
of his kiln iii bringing Amonoen aypre
io tha psrfaotlon or bli "l i torld ni"ie
reeeor. It is daooratsd in mln'sture
gnsg of A'tori on Ideali of ihe Oolo
..' i.j' r i- c. .:,.! toe "Virginian"
s,-.,iil hit it 'lie I t in iisa-tel dollars'
worth of pa I pool siunipn has keen
rees ved by P itm ipter M i ga i. the new
ales aie r'-say. mil t -i. pirt.age marks
I hi S9 flan gig Of a nen- M.-Id hl'"i ras
herstofore been an itapped rtservoii ct
business for llni le Sam
lair UyeM al lintel llreslln
J " Circulation Book Open JoAll.'
Tarry town Home
Youth Who Annoyed Pretty
Girt on Street Finds "Re
marks" Are Expensive.
Arraigned on complaint of Mtss Flor
ence Ooldateln, a pretty eighteen-year
old stenographer of No. It Bast On
Hundred and Hlxth street, who alleged
he had called bar "kid"' and "Oh, you
suffragette'' a young man who dea
cajjbt'd himself ss David Fsrguaon.
twenty-two years old, a clerk, ot No.
. Wast One Hundred and Seventeenth
tract, was arraigned In tha Men's
Night Court before Magistrate House,
who, after hearing the girl's story, fined
him til).
According to Miss Goldstein, she was
wslklng through Islington avenue last
night on her way home from work
when at One Hundredth street shs
heard a voles beside hsr, "Oh. you kid!''
Hhe turned and saw Fsrguson, then hur
ried on, paying no attention to htm. A
short dial 11, further she said he called
her a s iff isg, it., and Inuutred If 'ti
I was on hsr way to Allsn
Hhfl went in until h- k.,w PatrulmiTi
MOfsUee to wh"tn nhn cini). rntJ. Trt
pACfOfsMM w iiki-l mi' k WUM nT, ril
in front t i RIOI Inn plctum tln-atri
Mhn pnlntfd nut iv-i MAOpfsW In "
'ivvn hhftlf tii yoiinjf 'ii iii di nlfl
pea.iintC In tiiH girl, but M'iKtstr(t
UOUM attVid lit i.'HWl tlT rttfirv
th twu rfinirk kVOUlt 0Oli MM tUl
vaw 0AN4I. raimsi.
Th'afta., rttriiJcB a..) 1 luliaat tot rn.urM ti
AM iJNtWe at TUf. WifUtU 1 KA VK',
It ltKVU Ai.-at- t'kULUvf iWcrMi Hi.i. M
tS l'rk Wo N T .'is .up Mepkmes MJ0 44 ft
The Evening World
Will Nol Be Pub
lished To-Morrow
(New Year's Day.)
Wan rmtr
Ofy Home at Fifth Avenue and Fifty
fourth Street, with Front and Side
Home of Hi Daughter, Mr. D. Hwtnter
McAlpin, No. 3 East Fifty-fourth
Street, Connected by Bridge,
Home of Mr. Hartley Dodge, Another
Daughter, Adjoining Hi Own House
on the North and Connected by
Secret Panel.
Rockwood, the Country Home at Tmrry
town, Where There h a Special
Guard Stationed.
F. J. S. South, a bniad-shouMered, wide sonsbrero-wrarlng Kca
tuckian, who Is Deputy Stfgeant-at-Arms of the Nationitl House of Rep-
r.ietit ilivc '. Inlliiu'r.l hv thlrtv i-1r:ni-.iit vraina- nun
I J J j--.J snuiux )Uf uytj-
caats and the general air of college boys going to a football gve,
ditrtbed out of the night trek, from Washington at the Pennsylvania
Terminal to-day and walked to the Martinique Hotel, where Charles F.
Mddtll, Sergeant-at-Arms of the House, has his temporary headquarters
during his etlurt to serve William Rockefeller with a subpoena to ap
pear before the Pujo committee, which is Investigating the Money Tna.
From the Martinique the young deputies were sent'to the Rocke
feller house at Fifty-fourth street and Fifth avenue, and to Rockwood
his Tarrylown estate, where Deputy SergeanUt-Arms Richard White was
aircauv in cirargc, me gre.ii itocxereiier hunt was begun in earnest.
Pittsburgh nusha.id Put "i.ist.
it' 111 1 . 1
snsr" in Wnmin'c A rvi rnHSHH
wivi .oiiii,iiunsiiiiiaiiijiii ine hotel before the itage ba
When IneV beDarated.
PPTTWrR TRUH, Iiec. l.Ths rtrst di
vorce case In Allegheny t'ounty In which
the dli'tagraph figures Is that of Karl
R. Kellsbom against nla wife, Mar
guerite, wha'li Is 'n ludge Idibwl H.
F'raxer's 4'ourt.
Mrs. Fellabom s unl twenty-one
yaarg of age. Last winter she and her
husband dec ded they could ot live
together In unity, so they separated
The young wife was proitded with an
apartment In t ., r.is.ilonahle Shadyilde
llitrh t, wh le Kellabon retuine.l to Wis
frnilly resldem e
In tils libel m dlcnrce i'etiiliotii al
leges III! wife hgg 1 11 indiscreet with
rtaln men ergoao ignMI sre rPng.
. toneit
With the aid of seceral dets.'t1i ea
PsllabOMI aiers he placisl a iltctagm; h
in tils wife's apart tn sifts The reoorda
he got are th,- basis of Ihe -oil
Mrs Kellaleni sen nrull . denies all lh.
allegations ab 1 sals gill U Sorr. the
court h.ut denied her a hjri nisi. be.
1 is 11 c '. , an . ,- sf ,
The pu'ollc. however Is not to
tile mtlri-sllnr features nr the tt
between lh,- husband and aire, bfl
hep 1
a use
ludge Prgger has lust ruled th.it the
, ase li one that shoisld not ihe ne it, I in
,,pen egujel an I as ,,rdere,1 It boftire a
iiMsler. J'lflge PrnsnT, who has presld.'d
at a number of fatuous snd salacious
dlVOean Baasa, .ndudlng uhi llartje case,
li now strongly opposed to trnxlng
drrorci scandals besore a Jury.
MUlMi WttaMtoF !,
Regit Hotel, to Which Entrance
Could Be Gained Through m Court
in the Rear.
i-epiities were posted go the stepe and
si ths side sntraiweof MV Rockefeller'.
1ty home. The, home of his daughter
Mrs I). Hunter MoAlpln. 14 No. I Rant
Fifty-fourth itreet. sras similarly picket
ed Other detective! wire placed abodk
the homo of the other daughter, Mrs
Marcellua Hartley Dodge, on the north
elds of ihe Rockefeller city home, m
the healer thu the !odge house eonneota
at the rear with the other two houses.
The 8L Ragge Hotel swarms whh de
tectives. This. It was explained, was
because a back urt 1,-1 ,..
init Mr. Ito.ikereliar mlghi hs
1. nave gone
IHeveial of th,' dioutles have
tuuartered the hotel so that th..
1 ..1... t ... : '
.-.., r, 1, uiner piomptly at then
pons a hlook away I leteotlves of the
Hums Agemnr ire isnuirlng the I'edermr
Twenty or more 1'lnkerton Axeney
men form the defnee. They mingle wrth
the ggpUMee and the detect! vee of the
Government on the aMewelki snd the
ngurea of several of them are to be
seen at the wtndons of the Rockefeller.
Isdg and Hunter houses
"When 1 left Champ rinrk. iuh. th,
(speaker of the Hons,, of Representa
tives at Washington, P. C, Air Clar.
said to mi. pah," sild Mr. uth""Ti
bis mots eiy hutic Kentucky mursner
tu an Rveedng World reporter: " 'Get
William Rockefeller.1 Thal'o all, suh'
let him. This la a matter of principle
sun, un,t nol oni where sxpenee or the
feelings ofo print. Individual are t.t be
' now we have this situation- Mr
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