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tM I thong t my husband deserr.rl to
bf paid for tin- alienation of mi altar -
' Whan aha was asked ft aha knew
anything about iha shooting. Mra. Mur
tlnek answered with an emphatic "No."
"Row 414 you eapect to ha benefited
by into suItT"
- "Oh. that waa all arrsnged between
wijr huthanil and myalf. Tha lawyers
Vara to get one-third and we wara to
' divide tha raal. half and half."
"Why did you think your riueband
awe Justified In bring n 1hl( suit?" tha
Coroner asked.
. "Wail. Bday broke wn out noma," tha
liveryman's wife replied, rather snsp
nietily 'He made plan which he did
tnM rnlflll He cot me to leave mv horne
at July."
Ttien Assistant TMar1rt. Attorney
Tooruf noticed the wide-eyed twelve-ear-old
ann of the witness sitting In
na of tha front chair.
"Don't you think your eon had heller
'eave the room?" he asked Tha crowd
. Jttored and Mra. Muntock jald she
"Tuaawed U would be better If the boy
rant out. So he did.
Then Mre. Murdoch, a epot of color
WffffWJ on each cheek, continued:
. "Edey got me to leave my home and
gat hla own wife to gn to Teias with
. -y tiusnmnd I wa to nerome Mra. Kdcy
jm Soon aa my hueben.l and Mra. Udey
.at their divorces In Texas. And my
i.ushsutd waa to marrv Mrs Kdey."
'o that was Mr. Rdey'a arrsnse-
. "Tea. he planned the whole thing.''
"And you nve your roneent to It?"
, The wllnese nodded d- 'termini illy
"Tou consented. I.nowlng that your
tijsband was to marry another woman?"
"Tea," said the wltnees.
v Ithe was asked If she knew anything
eprehrnelhle about the relation be
tween Mra. Eeey and her hueband. At
t nM aha eald that aha did not. but later
bp amended this tu pay that ahr "bad
"fear double."
"Were you aver with Kdey alone?"
J "Positively not." Mrs. Murdo -k en
seared. "WAo auntcted that the eult for
t lenation be brought against Mr.
" l 'That was my husbands aupweatlon
t'ftar I want to aee him In New Haven."
"Did you expert that tbp suit would
lip tried la court T"
"No, we both eipected It would he
.ettled out of court'
Tha Coroner wanted to know mora
details of the marriage "swapping"
"nlpp, and Mra. Murdoch wpp pleased to
enlighten him In this regard.
"Mra. today and ay husband ware to
CO to Texas, so they could Win decreea
on the charge of abandonment. That
would be the charge brought In tha
divorce actions, l was to stay In Hell
part until they secured their divorces,
ad than Mr. Kdey and I were to marry.
That waa Mr. Kdey plan."
"How did Mr. Bday 'spoil' this plan,
as you have aald he dldT"
"Wall, he got hla wife te eome back
from Texas and they were reconciled.
1 would eall that spoiling a plan, I
guees. When hla wife came home I
went to visit my husband In New Hav
aa," This completed Mra. Murdochs tes-
Academy of Music Manager Is
Charged With Violating
Amusement Ordinance.
aflebael Fox. In charge of tha Acad'
my of Musk-, was su.il by tha city to
dajr tor violating the Sunday law gov.
eralag the regulation of theatrical per
ruemsiices, the elty asking damages to
tha s mount of PMe, There la nothing
aaM la the complaint concerning a retro
oattea of tha license of the theatre.
Tha oontpislnt was drswn up In Iha
tsjade of tha Corporation Counsel, and
' Archibald n Watson la made the Plain
tiff an behalf of the city. The violation
omplalned of waa committed, the com.
Plaint states, on unday, Dec. 17, Itll,
aad the offense allege I waa the produo.
"la gor public sxhtbttioa of "comedy,
farce, negro otlnalrelsy end negro and
other dancing, dramatic performance
' nnd exercise."
The performance, the oenplamt states,
dad net conalat of aacred or eduoatlonal
nutate re
Revenue Cutters Answer Calls of
Two in Distress on South
Atlantic Coast.
- WASHINGTON , Jan. .-Unlted Statea
. revenue cutters srs steaming lo two
galling ships In distress off tbs South
' Atlantic coast Tha Yamacraw la
harrying to ins schooner Hsmuel Cllllo
way. reported wrecked off Georgetown.
' . C. aad the Onondaga la going lo the
. aid of the achooner Nancy Whiting off
' the Virginia coast
Mary Told at a Laaeheon at rity
"A Tear Under a Fusion Board of
- Aldermen" was ths topic of dlsi-usslon
at Ihe second Bslurday Luncheon of the
' City Clab. given to-day at the clubhouae,
No. Is West Furty-luurtli atrsel. James
C. Meyers pisslded.
) The principal addrsaa wss delivered
by Ralph Folks. Majority Leutlrr of I'e
Aldermanlc Board. Mr. Folks, sfler re
ading measures of reform which the
lAialonlsts havs put through In ths Isst
year, said mors effective work could
hare been duae but fur tha fact Ihst ths
Wualon majority la only four votss. and
differences of Individual opinion often
nulUaed this smsll sdvantags.
Now, "When We Might
Lose," Is the Time to Test
Our Sincerity.
Organization Offers President
013,000 I Year to Further
Its Efforts.
.resident Taft and a distinguished
gsthertng of public men attended the
luncheon in? th. International Peace
Forum i the A .tor Oallery of 4 he
Waldorf this sfternoon. Among the
rueala were ,r Krneat Kharkleton.
Oscar Htraua, William Ixieh Jr., WUIIam
Willlerns, John Wanamakt-r. irhsrles K
Hlllea. Jacob II HcMlf, Hamilton Holt,
A. Barton Hepburn, J. Van Verhlen
Otaptt William R. WMIos. Ilenjamla
N Duke, Hudson Msxlm slid llsrberto
President Tnft, In ils speech, msde his
.tlrsl Mantel pulrllc tie. Is ration in fsvisr
of siilirnlttlrag the I'ansina Canal .11
PUI with rent Hrltaln to arhltnillon.
John Wesley Hill, tlie president of the
forum, Introtliiretl Max I'am as toitst
masler. Henry I'lcars mailo the flrsf
speech and addressed most of his re
mark to I'rrsi.li nt Tafl.
"While you lost I hat to which you
ware logically entitled I venture to
prophesy that yon will come Into honora
aa great or greater In the future," he
aakl. "There have been eome admlnls- ,
tratlons aa clean and as aide aa yours,
but none belter since the day of Wash.
Inglon. As one of the founders of this
organisation I am ready to aay Hint
when you aettle down to a more genial
and iiuleter life In New Haven ss n prt
lessor of Yale I'nlverslly you win he
able to do evem more than you have yet
done In the cause of peace, and that
this organisation will provide Itt.oao a
year to aid you In promoting that
Repreaentatlve J. K. Watson of In
diana spoke In condemnation of the
Initiative, referendum and recall aa
calculated to Injure peace sentiment
I.eoau of action taken In the heat of
popular passion.
Hlr Brnest Shackleton humorously
described himself as president of the
Antarctic, a larger territory than all
the United States. Crest Hrltaln was
for universal peace, ha aald, but could
not fuaet Its motto: "lie prepared."
Trepidant Tafl aald In aubatanop
that thealownaas with which the cause
of peace made progreaa waa an Inevit
able featuro of an International move
ment. All natlona mote alowly and In
furthering peace go very alowly.
"Hut when the ordinary cautious
steps arc nol tsken, but are halted,
the hearts of all friends of pence
cannot but be euddennl," said Mr.
Tafl 'Tha treaties which have boen
deferred by t'ungresa have bean mors
thsn deferred. The action of t'ongress
hss deatroyed all our Itopea and have
relegated Ihe Ignited Hlstes to ths
rsar rank Among the peace loving
natlona of the world. If waa are a
nation at all we must have the power
to bind ourselves to maintain our con
tracts. Hy the action of the Senate
towarda recent treaties we have hob
bled oureelven ngalnst progress."
Mr. Taft spoke of his disappointment
srter visiting every State In the Union
lo urge the adoption of treaties which
made for peare whrn he found that Con.
press would oppose them.
peaktnp: of the hltrh In the Panama
Canal negotiation the Prsstdsnt aald:
"Whs i the times comes there will ha
no doubt about wh.it I will do as to
submitting this question to an Impiir.
tlal tribunal for decision. I am willing
to artitrate with Urent Hrltaln as toon
a we t down to the point st Issue 11
"This Is Just tha lima when I am in
favor of urhllratlon. It Is the time when
wa are afraid we might not win th.it
tesla our faith In arbitration."
Hssiptss Roads
l. ol
Throng) Momi Without Damage.
WAnlllNUToN. Jan. . Govern
ment despatches to-dsy told grnpl la
storlss of th devastating storm of
yssterday In damage dons to shipping
all along tha Atlantic coast It was
not until to-day that the Navy Lie
pertinent snxlsly for complets nsws
of battleship and auxiliary fleets at
Hampton Itoada wss allsyed by re
cslpt of reports from ths Commandant
of the Norfolk Navy Yard that all
veseels were safe and nu great dam
age had b t dons.
The bati.eshlp and tnrpndohoat
fleets were whirled about In the hur
rlcsns. a rumber of vessels reporting
small gear carried away In Ihe amash
Ing wavea.
Ulnae Tareatvaedl to Wipe Oal Ble
stest Master lllork.
LAMfl HKINCH. N. J . Jan. t.-Wlth
a hish west wind blowing, swirling dust
and Mil of paper throutrh the air. a
fire suited at 7 o'clock this morning
and It looked for a while as If the
city's most important huslnesa block, on
Uroadway, would bu destroyed.
Tha fire etarled In a cellar In Mia.
II. t'oshlsnd's millinery store and the
lowsr part of the building svinpt
by the HglTITf tlood work by the Fire
I'sparimvnl ssval the hloi k. K. Nathan,
son's Jewell)' slure, next door, Ciiuulit
firs, but suffered only slight duiuaae.
Joseph tioldstrln s depai tinunt slurs,
next to NathiiiKoii's, the largest de
partment store In the city, escuped,
bu goods In ths basement wsrs dam
aged by water to the extent uf fl.iiju.
Tha tola! loss Is U.tMJ.
PII.RS I Kstli IK il To
ataW1 "'" '-um) siu If I'IZU Gin.
1 1
thi sviirnro world, gXTTrrrjxr, jaittta
saxannnxwSv ixaL lanwJlKCjLxS BaBSafiilfaB sfciwniliKsl nm-'lslll aTjgai saaMMsflsat If
M axaj air jjfeM aBBsWay U t
KjRJttF gamwsessxt
nriTii inn umrni " r n nouri M-aH reek wmzwim m jem m
saa Avevi ass. ssaAsa ""' Ss "S BaBgtagxanl Lm I dlxl I
n TnRM HAvnn i 1 ii i n i;
111 UIUIIIII U llnlUU "md K.i. of niie. ;sssMsM I gH5'-eW " IxMgsK I W1 23M WbWSwM
Great Sections of Country Are
Cut Out of Com
munication. Tn all parts of the country telexraph
and telephone wires were down to-day
and an Immense army of linemen wna at
work patching the damage done hy th
slorm. In the w..i ,.iie i
cirri,, i . lw. . i. , , .
carried tinny the trlcuraph poles an I
uuruen or clinging elect and snot
snspped the wires. At Helena. Mont.
Ihe wires gave way beneath Niagara
like ruins.
The top of the storm's tail flicked
over Murrain lust nUht und brought
down two miles or wires. To day thnt
city was so Isolated fiorn the ist th.il
messages from New York addressed to
Hurra 1. 1 had to paas through Cincinnati.
HI. Paul and Chicago before reaching
their destination,
At noon ofTl.lals or the Western
Union announced that service south of
wusiilngtoii, U. C. ahlch suffered m ut
from the Male, hud hern rcs'.ired lo !
Iiormnl. A Ihouannd linemen had
worked nil night to bring this about.
ins southern routes of the Postal
aiao were Interrupted. Messnges for
Mlrmlngham. Meraphle and New Or
leans went by way of Wichita. Kan.,
and Hallo. Tex. Like the Western
Union, the rompnny hud most trouble
between Baltimore ami Philadelphia
and New York nnd MutTalo. The tele
graph olTli'lala aald the storm was the
worst In recent years, although they
would not admit Hint their sari ice had
been completely paralysed ut uny given
tore than sixty wltci. between New
York and Washington were broken at
Philadelphia, but tha messuges were
shunted to the protected underground
isbles. The Associated pies reported
there bad been comparatively Utile
trouble In operating Its heaviest new
wire, tliat between New Yurk and Chi
locally the storm cost two lives and
munj persons wine Injured. The pro
perty lose In this tlty U estimated at
The dead art:
Mrs Mary KlddlPi nrty-ttvrs years
of age, of Nu. 15,0 Seventy. third
street, Mrooklyn. lie was blown
under a Coney Ia'anl train at
Utrecht avenue and Seventy-third
street and her left leg practically
cut off. She dlsd In the Coney
Island Hospital last night after her
leg bad (.,. empululed. There was
some delay In gelling her lo a hos
P'lal on account of a mishap to the
ambulance from the Norwegian Hos
pital on its way to her.
Hubert Walker, forty years old, a
painter. He as blown from a scsf
i fold OUtSlds the Long islund Kall-
road Hep it ut At. antic avenue,
Mrooklyn, and dl.-J In St. Mary's
Two other deaths due to the gale .ire
trpurled A paaspngar on a New Jersey
Central train tried to go from one cr
to another as Ihe truln wss ctotalng
N'twuik Hay und ihe wind whirled him
Into the water The train was stoppl.
hut no truce of the man could he se n,
and starch of the shores of the bay
during the night failed to find the body
No one knew who the man wss. An
other man was lushc; to death by a
building which was blown down In Phil
adelphia. The hurricane was a record one for
th duratloa of Its fury
It maintained
have been kept. That was In tha storm
that hit tha city Feb. Z3. BU hen the
wind reached a gelt of ninety-six miles
an hour and kept It up for five minutes.
The battleships Minnesota. Nebraaka.
Utah, Idaho. Virginia, Ohio and Georgia
reached Hampton Roada after many
houra battle with the storm. They
were all badly battered and soms of
them had thslr lifeboats carried away.
The moat spectacular phiae of the
Blow was at Iho Mattery. The upper
bay was lashed Into miniature, white
topped mountains, whl h were rolled
age net tha Mattery seawall and then
llaituiied into forty-foot Walla of hissing
spiny The water was then carried far
over Into the park. Harbor craft that
hid become unmunigeablv, were Hung
gl llt lad wall loo, and one bolt was
'u"k- Tows were broken apart and a
''eight steamer wss nearly sunk by ons I
f ,h masuo le.s lows. For a while har-
oor navigation was aliuusi a,t a stand
Sl.ll. The police reported th.it many persons
who were Injured by ,-tt wlurlcd 10
U t"t1 uv vvlna decllnud to glvu
their names, but the polics record uf
ihuse mIiosu i. leu my tm lesriied loluls
to more tlun JM.
A heavy tree limb, torn away by lag
wind, bowled over Mounted Police. MB
Char let Miiis.at ihe BlnhufM gtatlon
and 111 horse In II. .11. urn Uouievai J
near lliu Union Turnpike. Mlllg fell he,
main the un.mal and hla right leg o
ligatured at the knee. For a half hour
Iha lay nt the mercy of th cold win I
before W'l:.; i'ii t'atock, who tins a hoiet
on the turnp.ke, heard his calls for help
Mills was taken to his home In Ui.n-
Henry Mengel was hurrying toward
the Houston street ferry from his home
at No. to South Third sUeet, Mrooklyn,
early to-day when, at the In law -pi
corner of i limit street nnd Kent av;.
nue, he stumbled over the body of it
AoiiHUi. Her hands clutched together
at her throat a long, tltmsy cape, and
her black tint served as a pillow.
A policeman summoned hy Mengel
called Dr. Casks from the IB ltd! II Dls
trill Hospital. Tha doctor tried un
sucieHgfully tu rovlve tho woman. He
salt! she had died of exposure. The
WOman curried no purse, nor were there
nny murks on her clothing which ml- .t
had to her Identlllcallon. She was
atiout forty years old, of medium
height and wuiitht nnd wore beneath
her i, e n dark tilue skirt, black striped
waist snd Mack shots mid atocklngs.
Her underclothing wits of fair qunllty
and her face showed traces of refine
Tammany Captain Spiegel Has
ChanCI to Pay $80 Now for
$5(1 Debt.
Jacijues Rylegcl, Tammany District
Captain In the Thirty-second Assembly
District, has the choice of submitting lo
a nick of Jmi In hla bankroll or spend
ing an indefinite period in l.udlow street
Jail, according lo a decision ut City
"ourt Urnen to-day.
A (Irnnd street tlrm of dry goods
dealer! got Judgment for ten against
Spa nc! and then summoned him lo
court lo explain why he hadn't paid It.
Spiegel told the process server that ho
didn't think much of the orders of the
court nny way und fulled to appear for
examination regarding his prtvperty,
Jttdga OretH issued a body atln"h
uteOli under which Spiegel appeared,
lull swore lie hadn't been served with
papers, St .ijiit.y Hotlcs, a process
server, do lured that he had personally
st I t'd Sph-Ktd.
Sas Judg QreSB! "SplSQI Ml that
he pli InjinlMt, Hut lot li ml taken
and is adjudged In Contempt of court
nnd lined the amount of the Judgment,
Pith 3u costs, to h,. until within thlrly
days, or he will be committed to Lud
0W street Jail until the line Is p ud."
A neautiru! Art Calendar for tbs
12 months of 1013 free with next
Hundgy't World. Order la advance.
(Specially Photographed for The Keening World by p
huihullo innunu im 11 itVaWWiiD:
(Continued from First fags.)
and hla suite left the Cnthelral bernrc
the funeral procession pusred out. Col.
Roosevelt nnd others remained seated
until the coffin hud been taken to the
In the nave of the cathedral aat hun
dreds of distinguished men and women
who have been associated with Mr.
Held in his Ionic .career statesmen,
1. ankers. Jouiniillsts and followers of
every profession. The ceremony was
conductetl with almost royal pomp und
The body or Mr. Held lay all night In
ts Mug-covered ruiket. In the crypt of
Ihe cathedral. A company of marines
trom the battleship CetinSCtiCUt
hinged guard ahout Dip casket ail
night, Handing with grounded urms In
the lllckerlug light of scores of caudles
Petty ofTlceis from the n.tttle-lip
t'lorlda, the aclin? pallbearers, com
manded by IJeut. H. K. Hewett. lifted
the coffin to their shoulders und car
rled It to the vestibule of the cathedral.
There the Immediate ramlly gathered al
half peat ten o'clock, and prayera for
the dead and for the comfort of tfeObg
who mourned him were reatl by BtShOj?
llrcer and hy Dean Orosvenor. who si,
rector ol the Church of me Incarna-lon
when the Relds worshipped there.
The funeral proceaslon was formed In
tha Synod House, south of tha Cathe
dral, nt II o'clock. It Issued to the
wlnd-laahttd Cathedral grounds, cross
ing to the great Incompleted idle of (
the Cathedra in lilts or lor the white-
robed choir of tho Cathedral, preceded'
by a cruel fur bearing u golden cross, '
which Huslied buck the shurp morning j
light; tho visiting clergy, Including
priests from Knslund and many cities
of the l ulled States and of this dlo
tebe, nil In their clsrlcul robes; the
clergy of the Cathedral, leau Oroe
vennr, lllahop Ureer, lllahop Leonard
of Cleveland, Illshup Carpenter, Canon
of Westminster Abbey, and the hono
rary pullheai era, us follows:
Philander Chase Knox, Secretary of
Slate: Ainhsssudur James Hryce. Sen
ator Henry Cabot Ixidge, Judge Qaorfft
Uray, lleur-Admlral NS'llllam Shelflcid
Cnwies, Hart l.yman, Donald Nichol
son, Joseph Hotlges Chuate, Chann ng
"Itcliell Hcpew. John Plcipont Morgan,
I;...., i i llacoii, William Douglas Sloane,
Hubert Tod l.lluoln, John Cadwaludcr
und Henry V.'hilc.
The honorary pallbearers passed 'he
.'inn and halted lor a moment while
it wss aguln lifted to the shoulders uf
the petty ollln rs. The lino then moved
up tho aisle to the transept, TolloWcd by
Mrs. Keul, supported on the arm of her
sou, Ogilen Mills Held, snd to Unwed hy
the rn-uiicdtnte family und the Secretary
un l htthoh SI of the Amcilcun Kinbussy
lo Ureal Hrltaln.
Moving slowly lo tho choir, which waa
banked hlfh with hundreds of Moral
tributes, the pallhearcrs laid their bur-
den on .i catatalqut Immediately under
the ni l of the msr'du fretwork altar
In toe choir seats on the north sldo
of lh" . Ir sat President Taft, and Dp.
loe hull .' d. I.nwiher, Aluoass.idor
! Hi .V e : id Knox, MucVeugh und
Otlli iht Cabinet and Hen-
htpri II li I. dgr lleiilnd itieiii
u ,i 'on j officers of the
Staff Photographer.)
I a m sPsV. ERT mm aMTsPdalH i it" irM ITU i lM Z
iw xyxggxgga sjm Hxnvxh xgaaga gi gauxl e
: 111 M
Hrltlsh Nnvy nnl the emhnssy attaclwi.
Almost lmmolli:ly fuclng Prealden
Taft on the other side of the choir sa
former President Itoosevelt, with his
brother-in-law, Douglas Robinson, ami
(he widow rnd the nearnr relatives of
the dead Ambassador.
Immediately hack of the catafalque,
along the altnr rail, stond Iht more
e'ahorate of the floral remembrances
There was a great wreath of Japanese
lll.es, sent by the President, a wreath of
llimlng yellOPJ oi chids from J. Pie p mt
Morgan, ano'hrr of roses, violets and
lus her from the Cab! bed and a wreath
of wh.'.e orchids f OH Mr. Rein's ramlly.
There were hundreds of other- piled
about und placed ngalnst the front row
of the chair seats The huvy odor of
the flowers filled the whole great edi
fice until It was almost overp3werlng.
At the front of Iho transept sat the
more dlstsnt relatives of Mr. RclJ and
the members of the household and the
representatives of the Rrltlsh Consulate
In this city, representatives of the Army
and Navy, Including Den. Harry and his
staff, the Regenti of the State of New
York and a delegation of scores of the
employees of the New York Tribune.
The service followed the simple ritual
Ol the BplefOWtl prayerbuok, malo
iloubly Impressive by the high tflg
t 't. ti.es of the church who read it and
the distinguished character or the n
gragatlon which filled the great room.
lilshop Ureer rrad the opening sen
tences, Dean Orosvenor rtnJ the lesson,
the Rev. Howard Chandler Robbing read
the creed, Hlshop Leonard rend the
prayers for the dead nnl Bishop Car
penter of Westminster Abbey, t.ie con
cluding sentences
The musical service was the Mendel
10 hg Funeral March on the great or
gan, Sir Arthur Sullivan's anthorr.
"Though I Pass Through the Valley if
the Shadow of Death," and two hymns,
one of them written by Father chad
wick, the chaplain of the old Maine.
After the services the casket wai
placed on the artillery caisson on wh en
It was carried from rne Natal to th
Cathedral yesterday and. followed by
the Immediate members of the famlli
was taken tCfOai one Hundred nnd
Tenth strcot to Fifth avenue, to Flf
10 Women to 1 Man Suffer
So says Dr. H. C. Backer (Merck's Archives. Sept., 1909, who explains
this prevalence of constipation among the feminine sex by various causes
due to the physical construction of the human body. Tight lacing, he
says, is another causa that prevents the development of the abdominal
muscles and seriously impairs thai' functions. s
The Delicious Chocolate Remedy
the only harmless laxative that may be taken with safety
by all women of all ayes and all conditions of life.
Ex-Lax taste juat like pure chocolate candy and moves
the bowels in a natural manner without pain or griping and
without unpleasant after affects.
Try a lex Te-Dsj saf a Cgariocfd, 10c sod 25c, si AO Drafgists
Illi II It
tleth street, to Mid It in avenue, paaa-
1 ,1 I .mi. Si .1... Kf..i.t lt.. . SS
,i nvi.ic " . lite i ... i . a niiy ji "1.
Hi Madison av, nue, and thence to ihtf
Grand Central Terminal, where a sp--cinl
train was In waiting lo lake tile
body sod the timlly to Sleepy Hollow
Cemetery In Tnrrytown. A regiment of
Fulled States Infantry from il ivernor'e
Dland and battalions of marines and
bluejackets from the ships In the North
. River formed the escort.
lliihop Ureer will read the services at
the grave.
President Tuft arrived from Wash
ington ut the PeugylVaBla Terminal a
little uUer 7 o'clock this morning. H-3
was nOOOntnaulso not only by his phy
sician. Major lltioudes, favftlaftf or
Slate Knox, Charles F.. lllllla und a
MONt service guard, but hud with him
Amuauwiador i.ryce of Ureal Uiituu.
ad Miss Mabel Uuarumun of the
Annul, an IU-d Cross. The I'resldenl
wus met b Capt. foils, C. a. N., and
Third Asslstsnt Secretary of Stste
Hale. The President went ut onus t.
lh home of his brother, Henry W.
Taft, at No. t West Foi ij-ighui
tragi, leaving lbs house for the Cathe
dral of St. John the Divine at lO.Jti
o'clock to attend the funeral aarvlc
of the late Ambassador .Held,
After the funeral the President at
tended the luncheon f 'hv Peat
1 orum, of when Jnhn Wesley Hill Is
President, at the Waldorf.
Thn President expe. ted to spend the
late aflein on at his b other's home and
to attend the Republican dinner at th.
Waldorf to-night. He expects to return
to Washington to-muruw morning.
LONDON. Jan. 4. Many of the nags
on public and private buildings in til.
West Knd uf London floated at half
mast to-day out of respect far the mem
ory of the lale Ambassador Whlt.law
Woman Killed In Fell.
Anna Heneillcta, seventy years old,
of No. 2l Fast Ninety-seventh street,
tin 1 or a rrnctureA skull to-day as the
result or a rail from the fourth floor
Willie hanging nut clothes.
NKWPOKT, R. L, Jan. 4. With hr
port gangway stove In and otherwise
battered by a terrific sea, the steamer
Providence, after being two hours' oa
her way to New York, was forced to
abandon the trie- and raters to-day to
Ihe local harbor
The Providence, with several score
passengers, was to have sailed last
.tight but a gals kept her In uW this
riornlng when she set out. Because of
the storm which still rages wltlv regard
Intensity oft shore here, there will be no
host to New York ro-night. Ths fag.
pengert aboard were almost without ex
ception seasick. Otherwise they were
Capt. Walsh's rendition Ifrisst.
The condition of Police Capt. Walsh,
who recently collapsed from heart trou
ble at tha Beat One Hundred end Twen
ty-sixth street atatlon. Is reported to be
critical. Ha Is attended at his home.
No. UN Madison avenue, hy Or. W. It.
Upton and Police Burgeon Marvin H.
Palmer. a
Of Scalp. Itched twd Burned. Hair
Falling Out. Sores formed. Com
pletely Cured by Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment.
444 Brans R. Road. Bast Yoahars, N. Y.
"I have been entirely cured la eerea
weeks of a savers case of dandruff and hrl
tatlona of the scalp by Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. The dan draff became so had
my hair was falling out at such a treat
rata I felt In a short time 1 wwatd fat earn
pletely bald. My scalp Itched aad berne.
' aa badly that sores formed. The
aould be seen aa my hair aad ea
I tried a number of
, aad wi
I used the Cuticura Ointment at tha
of the hair, thsn ehampooed the head thor
oughly one a week with OuUeara Staff
and hot water. 1 shall always bars a
good word for Cuticura Soap aad (
for thoy completely cured na" (Mgxssd)
John PlckeU. Apr. M Ills.
Par pimple and black hsa da ths I
B a most effect! ve aad eoossssnleal Bt
Oantly smear tha i
cure Ointment, on the sad of the
doaotrab. Wash off ths OwUsun
la Bra minutes with OeUoura I
id continue lie Hang ft
This treatment la beet ea i
retiring. At other Usees use i
freely for the toilet and bath, tot
venthig Inflammation, trrltattoa aad d
Stag of the pores. Cuticura Saaff (Me.) I
Cuticura Ointment laoc.)
where. Liberal sample of aaofa t
with 33-p. Bkln Book.
"Cutleura. Dept. T.
ssB-Tandsr-faeed man should am
Soap 8 having Stick. IV.
High Grade Shoes
H.Ja tzen Shoe Co.,
Near 38th St.
6(0 Sixth Ave.
Make the Liver
Do its .Duty
Nit linn ia in wU & far k ridtt ft
CAHTER S UTTLK sffgagW ( ,
pel a laty liver
do gs duty.
CAoine amkej Signaturo
rombinel In DM t.esl' little pill Busts em.
- - - iian, iin ww. i y. - bUJUMISaaaS
aloiiisili. Ursf sod Ui.eil tniuMr. Oblsln s IB
or 2St. ik ,f it ..-shunT. Cases. MM Pius ,
nil. lK.Vt'41, laEtriNu a) ths WUlnuTufi
Us la. Mill 1.. I .1,1 n, ( i
! Jib. is. at It a'ffast S UH alt.nusm le," il
, . u of Director, sml i lie trsnaat-Uon ut ,TT
' btaimaa .. rsay con. btturt It.
It. A HIiriinEAHK. SrcMUn
All last or fraad artlrles rl
verlld In Th. World a 111 he
listed at The World's Inform. -tlon
Bureau, I'ulltser llulldlai:
-trraile. Iark Ituni Wueld's
I'ptunn Oirire, northwest cor
ner 3Mh HI. and Broadway 1
Werid's Harissn Wflee.
It sat lanth St.. and W.4'.
Bteuhlrn Oirire. aas Wssvhlen"
ten St.. Beeuhlrn. lar iiw daj.
rollo.ua. the ertntlng sf U.
wltb Ontl-tmaar.wat
are aald every -
Rostoa ."
-anal aar
-sSxanxl Banns at -saw
5T i--LJ
te, and DUtreas ertar '

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