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" Circulation Books Open to All."
Circulation Books Open to A1L"
AMermen Pass An Ordinance
Abolishing the Old Rate
of Eight Miles.
Heavy Penalties Imposed for
Second or Third Offenses
During One Year.
Automobiles mar be driven
throuah the itreeU of New York'
City at a apecd of fifteen miles an
hour Instead of c'.ght. The Board
of Aldermen made that as the regu-j
latlon psee to-day when It adopted
the ordinances suggested by the
special committee of the Board,
which has for months been Inveat
gatlnt; every phase of automobile
driving In tb: city. In certain
streets and avenuea In the various
iTHPataghs a speed of eighteen
Miles an hour la permitted.
Punishment for violating the ordi
nance la to be severe. This Includes a
flne of from IS to flOO for the BTtt
offenie or by Imprleonment not to ex
ceed fifteen days or both. Punishment
on conviction for a second offense
within a year after the first will be s
tine of not Vsse than 100 nor more than
IIM, or by Imprlsnrtmsnt not to exceed
thirty days. Both fine and tmpiiajn
merit may ha Imposed. In subsequent
convictions the flne Is to be not less
than lion or Imprisonment of sixty
days or both. The unit of any one
year Is made the basis for determining I wafa taUt!j to tt omeIl who fiad
"flrat," "second" or "third" offense. I fainted,
NCW LAW GOES INTO EFFECT" ienl(. Rajah, a young woman of No.
ON MARCH 1. 113 Columbia street, while waiting for a
All ordinance now on the books which train. keeled over on the platform at s. 10
k are Inconsistent with the provisions of o'clock. Hhe was taken to Harlem Hos
L the new ordinance are repealed. The pltal and revived and returned to the
ejTVv new orJer goes Into effect Moreh 1 next platform st .. Just as sho reached
ss. k. .i . a - -. ,., . t,c bottom of the steps she fainted
y I ne pun iBnineii i iui i iumiivii, w,
ordinances w-ill be Imposed either upon I
the chaiiffc-ii or tlie owner of the car. I
If the owner is aboard at the time of
the violation he Is to be held s-eount-sblc-
In the absence of the owner the
chauffeur Is to he'held. The same con
dition Is to apply to the onerallon In the
city of any bicycle, tr'cycle, velocl-
j'edf. motorcyciemor motor vehicle of
ancharacter, Including delivery wog-1
,,: I
a speed of fifteen miles an '
hour In lower Broadway might, for
Instance, be dangerous to life and
limb, the ordinance covers that situa
tion by making It discretionary with
ths driver III the operstlon and driving
of his vehicle. He may b held ac
countable for accident In such sec
tions, although his car Is proceeding
st a greatly reduced rate of speed. He
must use caution whsrever he Is driv
The following highway., are Included
n the II t over whlo.'i a spied of eighteen
milts an hour may je maintained but
not exceeaeu:
In the Borough of Manhattan Broad
way north of OtM Hundred and Twenty
nftli street, Amsterdam avenue north of
one Hundred and Twenty-fifth street.
Ill i h.- Borough of the Bronx Tho
.Hand COnoOUTse and Boulevard.
Jn the Borough of Brooklyn -Atlantic
SVSnUS, UUUiteenth avenue, Klatbush
, .'venue, r'outth avenue, Fifteenth ave
nue, King's Highway.
It is provided that twenty mllea per
nour may be maintained but not e
needed en public highways where they
, through country aectlons which are
I Ubstan tlally undeveloped anu sparsely
In approaching bridges, turning cor
ns s. passing public schools or meeting
rasl cars a speed of not greater than
len miles an hour Is permissible. It is
also required tnsi wn.n "uini ur
approaching I street car which has
stopped, niotor cars snau ue urougni tu
a full stop at a point not leas than six
feet from the halted street paasenger
car and remain at a stop unUl the pas
senger oar ha proceeded. Fire engines,
mall wagons, ambulance and corpora
tion emergency watfoiie ' are exempt
from the provisions
of the new ordln
Commissioner la required to
Csn.rlsht. ini:i. hr
I n. I Ths Mew
Automobiles killed 211 perasns,
103 of whom were children. In the
city of New York during the year
Ittg, according tu figure gathered
by the National Highways Protec
tive Association. The Association
also received reports of 1,341 per
sona Injured by automobiles, al
though it la admitted thla number
doe not repreaent the total Injured.
Many minor hurts are never re
ported to the police or recorded In
the newspaper The old city ordi
nance permitted a speed not ex
ceeding eight mllea an hour Id built
up flection of the city and fifteen
Hilles an hour where the building"
ire 100 feet apart
All the Cases Treated Within
Three Hours at One
Four rails In a little over three hours
to-day, summoning" ambulances to the
southbound subway platform at One
Hundred snd Thlrty-flfth street and
Lenox avenue, nay cause an Investiga
tion of the quality of the air in the tube
ut Mint nnlnt In mch rase the, dui'torR
- - -- -
The ambulance was rummoned and
the girl made her second trip to the
hoapltal. 8lie waa revived again snd
advised to go downtown on the elevated
road, which advl-e she took. She said
she had never fainted before.
At 10.40 o'clock Kleanur Scott, a
young negreaa, fainted on the platform
of the station wull waiting for a
train. She waa taken to Harlem Hos-
Pltal and revived. She aald she was
overcome an or a sudden. Hue, too,
had never fainted before.
airs. Ida Plnstsrsr of No. 1(1 East
One Hundred and Tenth street entered
ths One Hundred and Thlrty-flfth
street southbound station at 11.10
o'clock. While waiting for a train she
fainted, and a fourth ambulance call
was sent In by the ticket agent. Mrs.
Plnsterer, on account of her age, was
found to be In a serious condition, and
members of her family were notified
to visit the hospital.
It is a coincidence that ths three
women tainted In the same spot on
, the piauorm. oui men maiming on
I that spot fe't no 111 effects.
Auditor Baker -jrl, ken as lie Telle
of Fall Hecovery.
Joseph Lynch, travelling auditor of
the Staten Island Itaptd Transit lined,
to-day visited Weston 11 Baker, as
sistant chief train auditor, who hail
been ill at his home, No. :'31 Klghty
nlnth street, Brooklyn, several days.
"Feeling tine," was Mr. Baker's
greeting. "Doctor I'll be able tu
be at my desk In a ' days, and I'm
strong enough now to walk ten miles."
Mr. Baker Insisted on a walk with his
visitor Suddenly he threw up nig
hands and fell on his face tr
Mathews, who catnti from Norwegian
Hospital in an ambulance summoned
I by Mr Lynch, said
hal, bj.tMU
the trac tion uin tal
probably of apo
keep records so that repeated and habit
ual offenders may be Identified. It IS
provided that the Park Commissioner
shall revise the speed regulations for
parks. City Magistrates are culled upon
to sand to the Secretary of Slate the
names of offenders against the i.sw law.
The Fthm rnbnshkee
Vsrk World).
Husband Is Awarded Decree,
Naming Deserted Man as
Battle in Martinique, Sensa
tional Elopement and World
Chase Figure in Affair.
An interlocutory decree of divorce on
statutory grounds, grsnte.l to John
Pearce Manning of Flushing, to-day.
adds another chapter to the mlx-up
of the Howne - Manning - Mott - Fullor
combination, which Includea an elope
ment, a world chase, a flat fight in the
Hotel Martinique and a few odds and
ends of romance which have engaged
the public attention for a year.
waiter rJown first lost his wife to
Jordan L. Mott, third, of the millionaire
Iron k ng family, and he was scsrcelv
thmuirh rewalllng his fate when John
Pesrce Manning, a neighbor, found hlmj
in ti e Hotel Martinique with Mis. Adel
aide Taylor Manning. Manning opened
negotiations by heaving crockery and
Bowne replied until the air was punctu
ated with white streaks. When order
was restored, Mrs. Manning, who is a
nelce of Charles Taylor, owner of the
Martinique, and a daughter of John
Henry Tavlor. Harvard man and mem
ber of the University Club, declared her
visit there with Mr. Bowne waa per
fectly Innocent. Manning unswered by
filing a suit for divorce, naming Bowne
as co-respondent. Bonne denied he had
been licked by Manning, but the wit
nesans of the fray declare there was
nothing left sndone by the angry hus
band to fully live up to the word whtp-
llu in all Its meanings and ramtfl-
at!ont. ,
Th dlvor-e rnnssrtllii were conduct
ed with secrecy by K-i -en VuunK, ,vho
had been named aa referee, hut there
was little denial of the fact that Mrs.
Manning's conduct with Walter Bowne
wss thS basis of tue application for
The Ilownes and Mannings lived as
neighbors until Bowne lost his wife.
Frances Hewitt nowne. actress, with
"The Ohocolute Sold.er," when she
eloped with Jordan I-. Mott third, dis
credited heir to million and In turn
reporter, writer and hunter of bin game.
After Mrs. Howne went w-ith Mott
aboard the British freighter. Indradeo.
bound for Hongkong, triilna, and was
pursued by Hector Fuller, war corre
spondent and soldier of fortune, who has
Just returned after an unsuccessful
quest, Bowne was the object of sym
pathy from his neighbors, who commis
erated with him over the loss of a wife,
for whom he declared he had done
everything possible to "keep her from
the stage and In my coxy little home."
His escapade with Mrs. Manning came
as a distinct shock to thoae offering
Mrs. Manning is twenty-three years
old, blonde and beautiful and was mar
ried to Manning when she was eighteen
and M Mining twenty-one They have
one child, u boy, two years old, who Is
with the father.
Highest Court Hold's Plan Would
Not KHectuaiiy Meet Dissolu
tion Decree.
WASHINGTON, Jun. .-The Supreme
Court to-day held that the plan ad
vanced by Union Pgl Ific attorneys of
the disposition of the entile stock
holding of the I'nlon Pacific Kutlroad
Company In the Southern Pacific Com.
Danv. bv transfer to the stockholder
j of the I'nlon Pacific Company, would
I not so effectually end the I'nlon Pa
hcific merger aa to comply with Us dis
solution codec
For the tirst fc.v minutes after Wall
Sin et heard of the Supremo Court
ruling with reference to the dissolution
of the I'nlon Pacific and Southern i,
Olfle there was heavy selling of 1'olon
Pacific, wJllOfl broke 4 points. it
qUtokty ro( ivered Sari of the luss,
however. Southern Pa Iflc w js not
-.lt.Ktl TO HAY,
ksssrrU. Vlcuwlo, a OionOo. sUu.
Wives Who Figure in Divorce
Suit, Sequel to Fight in Hotel
ggggggk sgdgtgggm !( gn-
1 i m wk
Deadlocked on Peace Terms,
They Suddenly Adjourn
Conference Without Date
LONDON. Jan. It, When the TSirklsh
BaJkan peace conference ended late this
afternoon It was uncertain whether or
not neirotlatlotis lind bSSfl broken of.
One of the Turks said that the delsffatei
extpected to meet soon ne.atu, but the
Meeting adjourned without any Purrho"
mectiiiK being affreed upon, and I is
Balkan envoys said only that they did
not know.
When ths plenlpotentlarlsg reas
sembled Una afternoon Itechld Pasha
said that the T irka wars without au
thority to make further lomesMlons,
mm Ur. Dansff, for the allies, sold that
Turkey's present proposal! COUld ittJt be
The official report of the meeting of
the peace delegates to-day ikl
"Having examined the new prognsgtg
the Turklfh delegates mads n reply to
tin declaration of the allies at ths laat
silting The lstter dSClsrsd th work
of tin- confersncs uspsndsd."
By suspending I hi sittings of t ,
peace conference tlie dolsgatei of He
allied Balkan nations claimed 10 hSVS
left the next move to the Turss Itsehg
Pasha, the leader of the Turk u dels
gatiou, they sa. has the altsrnatlVS
of presenting fresh proposals! Whle4i
shall follow closely the demands of in
B.ilkiu LsggUS and thus resUItsng t ie
eonfsrsnoss or of adhering to ths Turk
ish claim for the retention of ihs
fortress of Adrlanopls and rupturing
further negotiations
The nai i.i dslsgntss, inwllllng to
assume the respniisrulllv of on inu.n.:
the war, left the nsglltlal 'lis In lndef:-
nlts gdjournnisnl rathsr than Anally
break off the confe'e The. ., ,d
that trIS Ureal Powers In t ... msglil ms
would eaorcs Turksy 1 1 t granting all
tlie demands of the BaHtaf allies
that some fgrslgft POWSI RfOUld gguspl
the rr.poni.ljllity ut mediation.
Measure Presented by Alder
man Folks Omits the Pro
visions for Censorship.
Alderman Italph Folks again Intro
duced to moving picture ordlnatsss be
fore Ihg Board of Aldermen to-day. It
Is Identical In form with the one re
cently vetoed by Mayor Uayreor. except
H did not contain a provision for cen
SOf Ship "f all films displayed.
Mr FoVkl ordinance did not aontaln
ths osnsorshlp provision originally. An
ii nei dmeiit rSQUlrlng that all pictures
should I.e approved .by , -elisors rfom the
Hoard ,f lldu ition was tacked on
a in ii the ordinance came before the
board, At Hi. i' time Alderman Folks
and oih'T frlendl of the measure con
tended that censorship was added a u
joker ' to the defeat of the measure.
Afti i a puollc hearing, the Mayor ve
toed the whols ordinance i, cause of
that provision
Alderman Polka in'niri n relates
sntln ly to construction, it provides that
moving p ' tore ghowg aluill be allowed
to ha-vo a isatlng capu-ity up to boo
without Dining under the regular theatre
liws, but thut they siiall not havo
tage sconary, drsasjtjng rooms or oghst
Usui flrehaaarda ' Ihsgtrst
Tlo re w ,vs no comment on the re-ln-troduotlon
"I the measure before the
Board 'oolay It was relerreil to the
Committee LAWS and I.Kgllslatlon, of
w. . 1 1 oi tian it n. oil is chairman.
glmoon Ford, protoletor of the firand
L'nion Hotel snd well known aftsr
dinner spsnkor syas oporgtsd upon to-
djgg In St I. use's Hoopltgl by ir. Wai-
ton Martin of No, H West Fiftntu
I I ituie of the opofgUOn was not
made known nl the ho-plla1 but it was
aid this afternoon Mi Fords condi
tion was sali.fak.lui.
16 PAOE8
Mr. King Really Wins It With
Four Sixes, but Big Wave
Washes It All Away.
Nobody Knows How Much
Was on Table When Sea
Took Hand in Deal.
Heretofore the palm for poker ptaylng
has been held In the wild and woolly
West, ths Waldorf-Astoria and ths
steamboats on the Mississippi. But a
new record has been established for the
nstlonal snort on ths French Hner
Rsvols, which cams Into port from
Havre this morning, battered by storm
snd bespattered with apuma.
U Havole knowa no regular retiring
hour and It la as bright In the smoking
rgom at 4 o'clock In the morning as at
4 r ilia aftsrnoon. All day Friday and
r l that night ths vajsssi tolled and
.sad In ths teeth ol ths howling hur
.leans shot mads sport of ships and
spread death Mid dlsastsr along th
Atlantic ooaat Tho majority of the
passengers kept to thslr staterooms or
otherwise remained under rover, hut
there was no falling off In the attend
ance or tho gaiety of tho smoking room
A gams of poker wis In progress ami
etsysd In progress through the worst of
ths storm. Frenchmen and Americans
were In ths sjame, His gay Parisians
having become sdrpl In straights,
draws, full hands and Hushee. Ons pot
wss opsnsd for the Ismlt by one of the
Frenchmen. When It cams to John
l-'rancla King of Chlaago, who was the
heaviest loser In the game, he 'Hilled"
the bet. Everybody stayed In, and
when II came to ths Frenchman again
he saw everybody and wsnt John Fran
els King ths limit better. Mr. King
raised, and again tho Frenchman
"boosted." Only three men were left In
the pot. King and two Frenchmen,
when the call came for imrda
Ons Frenchman drew two cards, ths
other three. Mr. King drew one.
The smoking room of the La Havole
Is on Ihe port slds. In the forward
part of the ship. Right there the wave
poured over the vsssel and ths rolling
motion was ths most psrosspUM. At
ons time Mr. King looked down upon
his adversaries. Ths nsat -no meat ho
waa looking up to thsm, a the sMp
plungsd down Into a great valley of
green water. As th smoking room
wsnt high Into ths air, th pot went
high up on the tools
Tho chips wore J Led up lUss hay
stacks snd greenbacks and yellowbacks
msds ths labia look like a green pos
ture in autumn. The sllsaos of death
hovered about ths board. RaJoos wore
made without voice until finally sllsncs
was broken by rhe call of on of ths
French-men. He laid down three
queens. With a smile his countrymsn
spread open a Jack full. With a sigh
and a uhuckls, Mr. John Francis King
uncovered four sixes and threw a pro
tecting arm ikbout the paature of bills
and liuystacka of chips.
Then came a craah and an awful
shock. A huge comber hit the ship on
the port oldr and the overflow smashed
In two wlndnwa uf the smoking-room.
Like a miniature Nlagura ths water
gushed over the players, ollls, cards
and chips. Card, players and chips
wsre washed from their placca and
swept to the flour. Curses snd clgsra
commingled a tlie Ugh Ik went out and
Old Neptune swept the stakes It tovk
the steward half ao hour to stralghu-n
out the tangle snd to get th players
back Into their seats
Nobody could tell the else of the pot
and somebody get somebody else's
money. All Mr. King would say thla
morning agg that he never had been
lucky at cards.
"I won the biggest pot of the night."
he Mid, "and then came out to the bad "
A passenger on La Savole waa
Countess Trevlssnuto, a niece of the
Cardinal of Venice. Hhe has come for
a two months' stay In America and will
be godmother to tlie baby of Mme
llsrlelll. who is known on tlie stage ..
Ida UonxjjesL 3
Jack Rose, as Witness Before Grand
Jury, May Add to Evidence on
Which More Indictments
Are Expected.
Prosecutor Seeks to Indict Fugitive
Witness Sipp to Bring Him From
New Jersey.
The John Doe Special Grand Jury, meeting to-day after the noikiay
vacation, took the preliminary steps toward an tovestiptfon of the
charges of police (rraft which caused Justice Goff snd Drstrta-Attrjgney
Wnitinan to ask for that special body of jurors. No work wss done
be)ond laying out lans, for Drstrict-Attomey Whitman was busy with
a long conference with "Jack" Rose, the Rosenthal murder irrformer,
and without his guidance and instructions his assistants were all at sea.
The As-Mant District-Attorneys said they had examined severs! wit
nesses who will f!o before the Grand Jury later. Outside of laying plans
for taking up the graft investigation the Grand Jury occupied itself b'.
coirsklering some cases from the newly made Bronx County.
It Was a Loan, He Says, but
Opera Impresario Contends
It Was a Gift.
The awrt brought laat September by
El. T. fMoteaburr of Philadelphia, Pa.,
to recover VtMtMS. from Oscar Ham
mer! sin, came to trial to-day before
Judge Mayer and a Jury In ths Federal
District Court. According to ths com
plaint, the money was loansd tjy gtotss
Ibury to llsmmersteln bstwssn Fsb. M
and April , 1M0, to enable the Impre
sario to meet weekly deficits at the
Phtladslphla Opera House.
When Htotesbury. on April 13. mo.
wrots to Mr. Hammsrsteln asking for
an acknowledgment of th debt, bs
complains he received no response for
some time, but later, through another
source, was Informed the Impreaarlo
had asserted the advance were sifts.
not loans,
Mr. riloteahurv testified he first met
Oscar llanamstersteln In ISOs, when th
Impresario applied for a mortna;e loan
of IMQ.0O0 on the Philadelphia Opera
llouae l'ion se--urine; ths loan, ths
witness said, ltammsretsm koenind to o
really el.ited and In on of his out
bursts remarked'
"If I had not (fbtalned the mnrrsaos
money I would have had to closs ths
opera House. You are a white man
and need not worry, for every dollar
you loan me will b repaid."
Next, Mr. Btotesbury said, hs ad
vanced Mr llumrnorsteln tfiao.OOO, wtilch
was secured by a thirl mortgage that
has since been taken up.
In the fall of 1 -" the wrtnea ssjkl.
Hummei stein Importuned htm to Induce
the wealthy music iovera of Philadel
phia ttl Kuarnnte his losses, so that the
topork liouaa could be kept running
throus-li the soasnn. Mr. Ntoteebury
aid he culled a meeting, wihkth was at
tended by llammersteln, tint he was un
able l obtain Micti a axuarantse, hooause
It was known that the opra house wss
well attended, betnc pecked nlsrhtly. At
that meetltiK llainniei stein explained,
the people nf Philadelphia would not
UPpOTl Krund oera and he wo forced
to till the house "on :aier." be .vuse
the artists would nut sing to empty
.... '.rrrot-A.ttorney assd this after
noon that If
he eon gt ROraga eh aped
UD Ha wltl -
" 1 ssrana jury graft
arveetlgatlon to-morrow. One of tho wit
neases Is to be a wonaan whoee Identity
hss boon earsfuUy concealed. Jack Romu
may also ho a witness, but Mr. Whit
man waa non-committal on Its. point.
oonsldsrable excitement
i around ths District-Attorney's office
ovar the mysterious woman witness who
Is scheduled to appear to-morrow, gh
Is b-1 loved to have lsm,i.i
! ,"monr tant!at. gt.
charges of Mary Ooode and other dl
orderly housekeepers that they pa Id po
ico gran
District-Attorney Whatman aald thla
aftsrnoon that ha la working In All',
co-operatkm with ths poHco In an effort
to bring back to New Tork Ooorgo
Stxsp, the disorderly house keeaor, who
charges that he paid tin a month for
protection In Harlem for Ave year
glpp la under arrest tn Atlantic City,
ohargsd by two young women with s
criminal offense.
Second Deputy Commissioner Dough
erty made formal application to tho
Wet riot. Attorney to-day tor a requisi
tion to bring Blpp back. Mr. Whltaaaa
aald that Nsw Jsrssy will not extradite
Mpp unless th prisoner Is Indicted.
"If there Is evidence enough to Indict
91pp." sold Mr. Whitman, "we are coins
, lo lnUct him
and bring him baok.
have asked Deputy Commissioner Doug-h
ei iy to send me the police evidence, an
Mr. Kmbree. of my staff, is already at
work preparing the oaoo for presenta
tion to the Or and Jury.
"I want to deny that I ho ever sjnld
I believed e)ip was bstag 'framed up' by
th police or anybody el in this matter
of his arrest. He was arretd on
warrant Issuwd by a Maori teats of this
city, on evidence preoanlsd In due and
local form. That lo sufflctont ground fo.
taktnT Us oass bofor tho Grand Jury
If an Indictment lo found against Frpp
I shall taks stop to bring htm back to
thla Jurisdictkm without delay."
Although glpp, in a coll at Atlantl
City, is loudly clamoring that ho la an
innocent man and ths victim of pollc-.
persecution, ho Is preparing to fight
extradition In the event of his Indict
ment Hs protests that he wants to re
turn to Now York, but at ths same time
he la getting ready to fight against com
ing back, and ths fast that ho skipped
to New Jersey and announced on New
ark, when there waa no chares against
him, that he would not return volun
tarily, Is spurring ths authorities to sn
endeavor to bring him hack under ar
reat and lodgs him in ths Tombs,
Slpp was held without ball tor a
park of thirty days so await

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