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ya iviMiyg iroi.it iAtuPATr, awitakt' it, iit
9 I
Jos. Ettor, Strike Leader,
MM M a MMve of
and. His Veiled Threat
Denying Former Wife's Plea
to Annul Decree, He Declares
Both Parties Guilty.
rr mt'
" rr J
. hWJP.-s
1 ...
or the Uvm rf
Mi mtk u
Sre wM
r vrooM
, Mr.
Wottor budls-
M perpetrated.
ito to'
I aM Mml Ml
rest-omen: plan.
fbewitvr aa ttw
I an or no aU
Tton ths bulk oi
t the lamltsre.
faraitore wouM to
li t or stored.
, eM ttw Insur
Whs th rel-
boon salted
mM be found
BB boa pur-
r had mm 4 !
m that tho
kl for hr
(to ato
It Mir Mho
of M
to tto
OraM Jury.
do got to Ito tot-
Utm Mi
or Ml of
tt feety-etokt reere otd aM
a notary wgbwa
m adjMM
M a
oat to "Iggy hto
of tto
MM i
oaM hofora tto BreM J orr.
tDa MM MM to a. aatoMMT Mt
MMS m apartatst wm atorM eguallF
totoyoM m too MM aMtoto
Tim not
M a
2f mmTttAm to
MM toM M Haw York. Ma la a
Mtod M toiafaMjtoi ntiy draa at tto
jto '' M MtfjM Mt to
mnrmn rttta tmi rrorry of
.' rofOM TMItTi
alftad oat. doroW
wto Mad
anil with tha
IM of th Oorman
tto r abator
Mat ororytodr oonM awt
raitosaf mfrZ
W riftoai w aatOa tar MM
L'M"BbMl Bjdmft MnD
M MaaUr a
, Ma M IIMl wktok
aa IMM ay
QoM. wto
MM laava
aayMMl aM
MaanMi im a wwjan
,M MMM MM nMadni ffaMM wm that
o MM MWdor ntoM. MtorwMa known
M "MM tto tow" to aM too to Ma
ton.irn.ri atMaM MM fMi Man Mai aM
tltoliiiM nttMt, mm wtoah to tod
nMdtorja1 am inMatiM
tMM OaM M DM t hto. tod MMtor
MMM M a aadto Mtoat Ma Urad at
MM, .Mm at Ma. M Mot (to Maaatoi
aad Thtrty-otahth atroot. h at ton.
A Mmhir af aayiaaa bar floetod ta
aWrnVwaC a aSwnM Jf rofcamnoaa' 0 'nfwfi aaw
flfr'VS CRa4o4MaVa9 nf tBftAajlaH(MMyf HVB
ftoonab tto aaMaMaaadto tto tow.
onM that OoM mat OraM,
hto that to tod
innwra and aaw
too tor MM.
p ,v.
toaaad MdIn tonMnydorotr
' 18 . .Jt.MMMM that fMWM. tnMM M
Swears at Inquest That He
Never Heard of Such
STILL WANTS 100,000.
Suit for Alienation Begun, but
Won't Share With Mrs.
u Murdock.
Tko tnrusa 1MB tko mmo of the mur
der of Catharine May try tor hushaM.
M. C May. aM tho MMbbfMM atrichia
of Mr. Mor. a retired toMor. at Ml-
L. I . two wooto MO, wu re-
to-dM br Coroner Moor ot
feayvflls. Tto Inqusat -Mo held In tho
Of Ralph Greene, lnetrlct-Attor-
MT of MM Oountr. M WH attend
ed hr everybody la tto community who
MM Jam himself or herself lto tho
Oerdner Murdock. formerly a Hverv-
of Beltport waa tto atar witnoM
for tt had boon rll las goesrp for mom hi
to tto traced r Uat Odor and
Murdock hM Mtorod late an agreement
way wives, and that tho dssi had
fallM through Murdock and hli wlf
eftsrwerd Mid to had broujrht suit for
iM May tor alienation of
aOectlone of Mra. Murdoch, and
Moy killed kla wlfo aad himself ahortly
after ths papers to thoault wre served
TORY Or 9P.m
a tsatlmaay ti Mr mm not
fa ok otory of tko as-
rJvaryvnan, wto la now in ho total Mat-
i MMM Island, waa that to ao
Mo wlfo of tetrin falsehood
about tto wlfi wiiMl psan and tto
auH far damage
Mra. MuMaoh. o tto opening of tha
togusgt Mat Saturday, swore , that an
waa ontorad laic that Mor
Mdrdoek wore to Mra wive, that
Moy toatoi out aad that ato and Mar.
dtok mm tMMd4a ada Mey for daa
agw aM dtvMo tto Maty. MM waa
aaMa otrooaaoMrtMU ta tor rooKal of
iranaaeOoM anatatod,
irtooh tocaa Ma tMllaMhy to My
that to toad la Mtoart fourtoan
M ta Mm AafMt, aM know
mi yam tU mt Mra. Mar
twa ywMa afUf ho m tor kuabaaxL
IMlk4 M. a toTTUk attorney ro-
taiMd hr Mnrdooh. mm atumntoi to
MM dto laatliaky f hla otoat
TM Will koap Ml af thM. Mr. Wood.
MM tto Coronor. "Tm Mra no rlfkta
toM aM your only arlrllaaa m la Ito
Mb to tto nrooaadjiuja ft your In form a
MM ktomototo too toM ly la la thla
InMlrV. nM t ant Itoj to Ml at tho
train tt ancb a thln la aoaaibt. "
Mr. Wood oubaMM. Mardook cava
kU toatiBMay Ik tto atoao af aaawara
duaattofta nut hy tha Coronor and
tto Diatrict-Atloranr.
w aid yau boaomo neaualnfad
with Mra. M.yr ho wm aakad.
"I UMiaTht har to rMa horaabaoH.-
rnana. tno witnoao.
MM oaM hla wlfo left Mm en
It aM rat ta Ufa with her
la. Me want m a trip to Oal-
oaMn, To.
Mre. Mar vial tad htm
"I didn't Mew Mo wm eomlaa." aald
M aai
ealr tared aa hour.
Mo toM.me haw ay wife aad her hue-
toM had braa oarrytM M- I advtaed
tor M return to Near Tor aad e her
were Too aald money to ae awai
wnn mra coeyr-
"ito, gtr.-
"I II tTM that you ead Bder manned
to awe wIvm aad that you brought
alt again! hla whM ha failed to Mr
ry out nte part of tto bargain 7 Tour
wife aw ore that eaeh wm tto caw."
"Ifa all falae," roallod the wttaaaa.
"There wm m amnuat of Mat Mad.
1 brought gnu asalnat kim for MO.-
i damage beeauae I thought the
thing tod toko far aaougb, n had tak
m ay wife away from ma Bne game
a am mo at now raven, after I
toM tram Tean. We didn't live
ha M man aM wife, aa an aare.
I we dtda't live ugathor a man aM
wife on gtaton I aland 4h wm euro
at Moy aM toM ma a rat of thing
whMk 1 Mined me m brtaglna tha
l The auit wm brought ra hoi
ohargM aad Me put Mom Into aa affl
Mr. Murdook toettatony that tha
lawyer wm to get one-third of the
money recovered tram Moy aad Ma
aM her huBbend ware to divide the re
mainder In equal ahare wm rM to
Murdeak. Mb MM tt wt
of the eeaapaay. lay gtoln. other-
wtoa known aa Mir the Painter,
aald to tare made, or iMtruoted peo
ple to make, nuaereua area wblek
Brute afterward adjuated.
are meat numerous In tto thickly-
ted tenement houses oa the ait
where there are si aad eight
faraUtos living en one Me.
"lavsetlgaUoa hy the Fire MarahnTe
Mows that a great many of
to roams of oa
that MM worth of tuaa
fural tare, etothtag aM hsddlag U
for" ala gaTm' to hawaT fajtdtore
wm MM to eenMMMtot wtok toe to
to or to pe aeaa. ot ton aaoant. Tto
eeBannntoa' ngiMiMnttvM would auto
tto matter TJjy",t
Prlal, aM mm wtoa toe MawM wm
wllltog to take Mm thM tto atoadate
eaUM for, would ta fMto to prooure
a MtMeaMM aM toM M aM MBMJ
Ma potter at toPMMta and oaU it a
good Bobltoaont, Tfcia Ma always beea
aaaaMavM gM taatoMg oa toe part
atoMat eaato batata? haMMeMM
hfn aM U par BM at Mm PBlBiaMI
to as to to fuawMuaa, hwrtag
gasd far kaaaaa Bfe wtodever.
He Told the Striking Waiters
to Make Food Unsafe for
A cuiwtlfo af tto Motrt Mon'a Aa
Mntkm had a eonfaranr thla aftor
m with tho aaaoototon'o no una I to
datarmma If any loajmJ notion could ha
taken aaarnat Jooaph J. Dttor. tha I. W.
W. leader from Lawrence. Man., for
hla Inflammatory remark Mdraid to
tto atrMlna waiter nt the Bryant Marl
meoMna Mat ahfht. la tho cwuroo of Ma
Mar nald:
y atotoa to you u to atrlko for
rMtoa aM to flht with all your
t to tko Mttor end. Mt if yau
are oowtaollod to ao back to work un
der condition that are uMattofaotory
to you M took with tha determination
to art ok Ion-ether and with your mind
made M that It will to tto unaaft
ptwnoeltlon la tto world for "any oapl
tatot to oat food proparod by member
of your union."
After tha rnportoi had take down
ttora opeeeh they a eked him what h
meant by the MMt ooncarnlng th
"unaafoot propooltton" and ka replied,
"I meant Juat what I aald."
oelnc In thla unoqulroeal atatamant
nothlur laa thM a arar menace, tho
hotel man conferred together early to
day and appointed a committee to con-
ult with thalr attorney. Thoy bet lev ed
that Kttor could bo proaaeutod crimi
nally for Incttlnc tha waiter to crime.
For thay read In Bttor'a apeech nothing
lea than adrto to no loan food.
Bttor also mad thla rather urprl
m doakuattoa:
"t doa't know wtiat ywa are atrlklng
tout la faet I haven't tod time to
MM out. wkafa more, I don't oar. I
oaty Mow ywa are fMtitMd Mr what you
kaUora la right, and, whether you are
right or wrong. I am got eg ta toby you."
A faw minute after to tad flalatod
tho 1.M atrlkora left Bryant
la M Math trwiM, near
Forty 1 rot MMM, and nMrohod dawn
tto a VMM to Thlrty.fourth otraot.
Many at ttoa MM aponly aggirtM at
to make
t aM aooMbly tto Waldorf -A -Mt
nowa af MM had gal Mt
aM wton tko atrlkora left the hall eight
or tea poUcmum war ready M march
with them.
I tor turned late Tatftr-fonrth
btreet the aaMa made Ma etrtkere kp
on ino moo oi too eireei appoata in
Waldorf. Thar maretod Mat, paaorag
Me totel with ealr a faw MM Mat, to
Park a vmm. Tkey nude m attempt to
to any dlaturtoaM at the Hotel
VandorkUt. ThM thay turned up Park
aveua toward tto Belmeate
MtWMB Tklrty-aUth aad Thirty-
tghth MlMto Ma atrlker began to
threw gtaaea. ana, aM fruit aM ether
at Ma MatotoMB. wto were
weJklM M tto middle of Ito atreet. Tht
trted Ue aaUMM of tt mUo taj
a nob, and way turned upon tto d la-
orderly Mmde with their night Mtaka
tWtoa a faw atrlklng waiter bad born
addled a hit with tha eluha, their for
mation brake and tkay acatUred in all
By tto time the Belmont
wt mare ttoa a do sea
of them wore together. They eeeert
they will yet make a "domoaatratlon"
agalnet that hotel.
report at tha atrlklng oeeka that
thay Ml eauMg the cloeiag af Mau-
juln'B uptown raetaurant at Blatk ave
nue aM Twenty-eighth atreet waa vig
orously denied to-day hy tko railaurant
naaaaamenl. The cook have loft. II
wm tauintd, tat the place of at laaat
Mir or in em nave been mied by cooks
from the downtown restaur
ant of tha earn ownanmlp. Lout C
MMauto. who toe noon IIL went to the
reetaur.nt and took pereonal oh arc
Ho Boon had all tto dlnlne room oaen
ana raaay to eerve ail oomarB.
Th wartere Mr. Mououln aald tn.ltar
have Mt struck. Tha ma who bam.
MrdM tha place with mrloka and fright
onod gueatu away Met evening were
tniaera with the oooks. On of
who wm arrested, ansa sent to
the worbhoue Mr thirty days.
61376 W0UNOE0 IN WAR
Official List of Loues in Fighting
With Turks Made Public
at Sofia.
BT. PBrrSPMBVRO. Jan. 11. -The a
oteJ Mat of easuaRM ki tha Bulgarian
army otatce fhs beginning of the war
with Turkey shows that M offloora aM
a.Otl man hav been killed or have
Buooumtod from thalr wound or die
aan, according to a apodal deepatoh
from gtofla to tha Novoe Vremya. Bo-
Ides this N sMoors aad tt.M man were
wounded or, put M the olok tot Of
these 10 par cant, have 'since recovered
and rejoined th army.
The Bulgarian Government has asked
for tho ecrvtrt of eewnty RuaslM and
Catob physicians to ccmbat the Inteo
tioue dtaeaee which have appeared la
various region. The native Bulgarian
physicians are all absent serving with
tto army la tha toM.
Mra. Archer Brown's Ankle Broken
Waea Car Hits Iran Pillar.
Mrs. Archer Brawn, fifty-five year
old, uf No. M MMStreet Met Orange,
N. ., wits of a broker of No. I Wall
strest, bad her right ankle broken when
her automobH struck a pillar of the
elevated at Broadway and Two Hundred
an i Thlrty-flnst Btreet to-day. A heavy
truck swung Into the track aa a sur
face car wm approaching and th
chauffeur turned the car to avoid a vol
The roar wheel en the right
sMs taMaed aM crashed Into the pillar
wm taken off. Th sudden stop
threw the chauffeur out and Mra
Brown to tho floor of the oar.
She wm treated at Pordsas Hospital
aM thin asked to to taken to tko Poly
OMat Hasaltol
ssa PwF41 BM SB BM
JMarh attar, addyeaaiagj the atrlblag waiters, mtde tbia aUtamen !
Mot night:
"If you bare to ga back to work
i do it with yoar mind Mads up that
i world far MPltoUMa to eat load preaared' bj asabrrs af year nnlea."
(OeaMuM tram First
wtoa they at the detective dashing
them they seised him, thanking
Mm to be one of the highwaymen.
Before Blevln could ehow ha shield
aM secure httl release tha two foot
pad and th msaemgor had rouni
thalr way Into the street.
Tksrs the bigger of tho two men
turned hla home-made blackjack and
aluggsd I'lunkctt oa the head with two
pounds of load. He dropped and th
thief atooped aad made a ana tea for
the bag.
Aa ha did m ha saw datsetlvss run
ning for him from all directions. De
tective Watson wm tbs nearest Hs
wm Just a bo ft to grab tto fallow with
the Mtchel when th latter dropped It.
drew an automatic revolver and fired
two shots at him. Watson sank to th
ground, at tha earn Um pulling hla re
volver and firing at tha big thief as hs
turnsd the corner Into First avenue.
DetMtlve Kaftls closed In on the sec
ond thug who showsd fight. A blow
with a blackjack Milled hi cm
in Ito meantime action WM coming as
fast m trlgMsr Angara could be crooked.
The big footpad, slad M a flapping
yellow raincoat and bareheaded he bad
dropped his hat In the struggls with
the mangr pauied at lbs corner of
First avenue, wheeled and fired two
shots at his pursuers. Hs was slipping
out of th only loophole loft open by ths
deteetivee; they tod not eapsctad him
to keep te the Btreet and sidewalk.
Dewn along the east sMs of Flat ave
nue tha highwayman daahsd, shots from
Ave detestlVM' revolvers singing snout
his sara. He paused m he wm running
along tha tone bounding at. Oabriel's
Park aM a red tws aero snots back at
the detective
Still ka did not eaam te be hit. Ha
ran around th corner of Thirty-fifth
strest dMhta Into a tenemtnt home at
No. MO, ran through and Into the back
yard, aoaa ot th tenants saw him
climb th back fnc Into the yard of
a hou facing Thirty-fourth etreet, but
before that he dropped hie raincoat In
tha hallway of tho tenement; It wm
hampering him.
A outlet note through tne lert aide
of the raincoat over where a man'o
thigh would be was dlscovsrsd lstr.
It IM to th bop that tha thief had
been wounded.
Though the rrv of the Kast
Thirty-fifth gtreet station surrounded
tbs block and a house-to-bouse search
wm rushsd through speedily not a
trace of the missing highwayman oould
be found.
Msanwhll the bank moenar and
Detective Wataon had bn carried to
the second boor of the building In which
tha robbery had bn attempted and
m aabulanca came from BelUvu Ho-
mikimii ueiue iruni Deiievue rtOS-
Pltal. Mr. Plunkelt gamely refused to
go to the hospital, though apparently
badly burl. Ha Mid he must deliver
ths rest of his monsy bsfors It o'clock,
or the employees would not gst their
Watson wsnt to ths hospital, where
It wm fouM that ons bullet had gone I Ont, whsrs. so tne then Miss Douglas
through his groin, coming out of his declared, she found ha father regla
back. Hla wound la wrloua, but at wd with a woman other than her
Ths thief, who was captured, aavs
hla nams as Frank Moran, an alias, tka
sen aeneve, ana Mid that ha WM
atastsea rears old sM I! red at Ma
Mat Om Muadred aM Third street
under unsatisfactory conditions
It la the bbmImI proposition in thai
(CeotsniMd from First Page)
gather a If they were biasing.
'Ths nxt Saturday, about 1 e'oleck
M tko afternoon. Mra, Degrr psJd an
other visit to ths Merchants' Association
Building. Again I pboaad to Mr. Do
derer, aM hs Joined me with Loder,
Bernard, Boeing and Clauaen. We de
aided to go light up. but be fore w
could atart Mra. Dedsrer aM Mr. Hock
stedtsr came out Md wont to a restaur
ant Half an tour later tkey returned
to tho building.
"When thsy had beea upstairs about
Ave minutes ws entered th building,
end oa the sixth floor, on a ground glesa
door marked "Justice Moore." we saw
the shadow of a man hurriedly putting
ea hM coat
"Tha watehaaan knocked and Hoch-
(tad tar pu hla head put fleeing who
wm la rha hall, ha tried to atom tha
door ta our faoos, but ws pressed past
Mm. Ho srsmed greatly agitated. Mrs.
Dederer JumpM up Md Shriek Sd:
" 'Who are tb men?"
" 'Oh, It's all right.' Mr. Hochsradter
replied. They're friend of mine.'
"As bom M she recovered hor oelf-
poMeaalon, Mrs. Dederer leaned toward
Mr. Bernar.1, wbo wm neareat tor, aM
" 'Teu tblak you're mighty smart
don't your
"We waited fir them outside, but It
waa more than two hour before they
Isft together aM task the subway up
town "
Mr. Loder, President of Mckele-Ltaor
Company; Mr. Bernrrd, the auditor. Md
tbo two other detMtlves corroborated
NovtM'a testimony.
It I understood that Mra Dederer
will attempt to show that she merely
drooDed In upon Mr. Hochstadtar for
friendly call, Md that while there abe
wm taken in.
Justice Declares Evidence Is In
sufficient i and Sends Case
Back to Referee.
Mrs. Bdlth H. Douglaa of No. MO Hlv-
erelde Drive and Pslham Manor ra
calved an unexpected dlaappolntmnt to
day when Supreme Court Justice New
burger announced that he would not
confirm the report of Referee Melvln n
Palllser, recommending that Mrs.
Douglas be awarded a deer of abao
lute divorce from James F. Douglas,
member of many club and millionaire
woollen importer ot No. tM Fifth ave
nue. v
Justice Newburger based his rofuMl
upon the inauftlolcncy of the proof of
Mr. Douglat Infidelity produced before
tne reieree. m ave aire. iougia a
mv of bone for ths tulurr. however, hy
I - .w. .... h. ,w . tt,. .
bending tto 'h "'"ee for
production of further evidence.
The testimony to which ths Court
takes sxcsptldn dealt largely with a
visit paid by Mrs. Douglaa daughter,
who Is now Mrs. Dorene Phyaloc, to
ths King HdU-ard Hotel In Toronto,
t mother, wnsn sne reouao nsr rather
far such conduct, shs Mid, hs threw
tor out Of the hotel
Investigator, Who Says She Is
"No Politician," Answers
Pointed Question.
WABfirNOTON. Jan. 11 -Mary Boyls
O'R-lliy, whoM disclosures of ths con
ditions andsr wbtoh employes la ser
tein Bastern canning Motor! are
forced le work tod to a leglslatlvs In
vsstlgatloa at ARany. appeared to-day
before tto Heuas Rules committee In
support af the Allen resolution, demand
ing a Congressional probe of th matter.
Mia O'Reilly described hew she posed
M canning operative M MverM fac
tor eM drew a vivid picture of the
eojuMor aM Mary under which ah
aM fellow employs labored for long
boara aM at starvation wages. Thst
mere children wsrs ernartoyed In many
tasks wm charged.
MIm O'Reilly aald tkat aha hM
spent a aoath as a worker la tto can
ning camps of New York State aad
after observing conditions had returned
to them with P. C. Purdy of the New
Terh gtate Department of Labor. Mr.
Purdy waa oa hand to-day to corrobo
rate Mtee O'Reilly's testimony. Miss
O'Reilly produced n large number of
photographs aha hM taken In the
Hlok worker, bad housing conditions.
lack of sanitation aM neglect of ordin
ary sanitary precaution In tha prep
aration of canned products wsrs
charged by Miss O'Reilly, abe said
that all of th children In th camp
over the age of tM wars employed In
tha factories. Me Instanced one boy.
Domlnlck Perry, eight year old, who,
aha said, worksd ton hour a day for
Bhs told of scores of fsmlllss todgM
In great shacks built without sanitary
arrangements, without water aM with
out accommodations for cooking tka
food of tha workers. In one Instance,
aha said shs found six ahtldren undsr
eleven year old "keeping houae" In
th cellar of a shach wklle tbs remain
der of the two famtl to whtch thoy
belonged were at work In the camp
The factories sad shacks occupied by
the workers. MM O'Reilly aald, were
"overrun with rats, bug, fltog aM
every sort ot vermin." Th mothers are
often afraid to Imvo their children In
the shacks while they are at work, shs
MM. "because of rata."
Ta worker la tha camps, Mia
were largely "recent la-
Potoo sad Italians."
'Tha pMrons eelleete tto 'hsrd' M It
I called, about Jane II." ato Bald.
the worker are taken te the
camps where they remain until tote In
the widter. in managtM fores gf ths
eannnlng com pan I a never goe nev
the camp. They prlda themsclvee on
keeping away from them and knowing
nothing of tM conditions there.-'
O'Reilly went over la detail a
UM of canneries In small town la Nsw
York, outlining In eaoJi rass sanitary.
living, bousing snd factory condition
ghe ohargM disgusting health condi
tions Md emphasised particularly a
of water supply In the camp
Member of the commute wanted to
know why a remedy for conditions had
not been asksd from tM Btate of New
This mattsr ssems to me to be uMer
the authority of ths Btate tlone," Mid
Representative Hard wick ot Oeorata-
"Why haven't you gone to the atats
I hava laid ths matter before tho
State officials," eMd Miss O'ReUly, "but
nm no politician. I do not knew Just
wkat tbs relatlonu have toon between
the oeaasrlee and the Capitol at Al
Waylaid. Tkey Oat Oovereer Pho-
tearaphed With The a
ALBANY. Jen. U.-A dosen or more
newsboy who Mil papers about the
Capital waylaid Gov. Sulser on his war
from ths Exsoutlvs mansion to-4y.
Tha bora have an erganlMUon of their
own with a big oolite dog M a maeoot,
an dthay wanted the Governor to be
photographed with them, do v. Sulser
Mksd them some question about Mam
elves an dtbslr business. "Sometimes
ws make as much as a dollar a day.
Ml dtha leader. ThM tto boys gathered
around the Oevernor on the big Capitol
steps, with the colli mascot well In
front, an done of their number
the group. "We'll give you a picture
for nothing, Governor," gal dtha Makes
"thM WB'H sell thsm for our
When Ordered to atop Saekraa
Veatk FlMkee Weapon.
Csrmlne Dl Paolo, nineteen ysars eld.
living at No. 104 But Ons Hundred and
Klgbty-ssvsnth street, ths Bronx, was
sentenced to aerve three months In ths
workhouM to-day for smoking In tha
moving picture theatre at No. M East
Ons Hundred and Eighty-seventh street
and ralalng a disturbance. According
lo Bamusl crisp!, manager of the ths
atre. Dl Paolo wont Into the theatre
two week ago and scattered snuff
around, causing ths audience to be
seised with a At of snMBlng that drove
all Into the strest.
Ths young man returned to the thea
tre on Jan. 7 and Insisted upon emok
Im- When ordered to atop k draw
a revolver.
ALB ANT, Jan. U -OS ore thM half of
Gov. Bulssr's tlms Is being spent In try
In to Mltefy ths Democratic isadars of
ths State rfuraraiM tho dlsWNiutlon or
mtroan. Ths Governor so declared
to-day, adding: "You know bow little
patronage 1 have, aM I am trying to
make It go aa far an posslbla"
-Bats" Te High at RadsllW.
BOSTON, Jan. It -There 1 a hint of
a raft somewttars or ea si show la eoense-
tten wttk tto "sal" at BadatUf Cel-
CHtOAOa Jan. tL-Ths apptlcattan of
Mre. Orc. Brown Ougrenhelm to hav
bar divorce from William flBggeahsto
snnulled wm dismissed br Judge Beard
to-day for yt jt t egofty.
Judgs Heard, a giving bis decision.
orllloissd the divorce laws af Illinois.
aM urged that steps to taken to fduknge
them. He declared that both Mr. aM
Mr. OwMenhaira procured tha divorce
of irl by fraud. '
Tbls factor weighed largely with the
Coat In his dseMon a rain t tha plain-
im, in irr was not in court wnsn
the finding wm rMderM.
Ths courts decision said that while
there was ao doubt fraud bad been
practiced on tto ceust that granted the
decree, Mra. Ouggenbela could not ask
ourt order setting Mlde a fraud to
which shs had beea a voluntary parly.
A statement charging that Mra. Oug-
genheim's suit was tb result of a plot
of Wall Street ftaanrlsrs to discredit
Guggenheim, was made after the decis
ion wm read by Jacob Nawmsn, asso
ciated with Samuel Untermyor, u
Ougger.hclm a counsel.
'We suspect that this Wall Street
syndicate behind Mra Waal hM Boras
privets grudgs to satisfy, aa well as
th hop to obtain a considerable part
of ths Guggenheim fortune," said New
man "Thla plot hM CMt IhBM Wall
treat shape not lea than MAM.''
Mr. Ouggsnhslm based tor applica
tion on the allegation that wton she
obtained ha decree Bhs swore erroneous
ly rani ae wm a resident ot Illinois.
Grace Brown married tto MIHeaalre
mining aM a met tin man In 1Mb, Md
tha deorss of divorce wm entered the
at year, with akrneny ta th lump sum
50,ex. Mace tto divorce boO par
ties to the suit ha vs remarried.
According to Jacob Newman, of coun
sel for William Ouggenhelm, Mra. Gug
genheim's flrst husband WM Charles
Herbert af Washington. D. C. A divorce
ac para lad them. Har marriage wltk
Ouggenhelm cams naxt but Mr. New
man states, they lived together but
three daya After this dlverc Mra.
Guggenheim married Jul Bagar Wahl.
Frenchman, living In Haw Terk.
Tkey lived together for four year,"
related Mr. Newman, "whan WMI re
turned to r ranee. Whether Ito report
true toat Wahl' a pa rente had hla
marriage annulled In Francs I do Mt
Guggenheim married MISs Amy Stein
agar, by whom to toe a eon. Will
Mir. It WM after Mra Guggenheim bad
married Wahl that aha MM suit la
New York Slate for divorce from dug
genhelm, claiming that ths Illinois di
vorce wm nksgsi. tbs case want to
the Supreme Court of that gtate, where
her Mil was dlamlsesd.
In 1 M she tiled another suit to Mt
sslde the original Illinois dl- ce. but
Judge Honor denied her right to Ale
hsr petition after the lapse of eight
years. She Bent this case to the Appel
late Court where It Is still pending.
Ths present suit was in Chancery, and
claimed that Ouggenhelm knew aha
wu not a resident of mine's when tbs
divorce was onismso.
ra Ouggsnhslm. or warn, claims
that shs doss not want monsy, but
wishes to ascertain beyond doubt
whether the divorce waa legal.
Theodore M. Richie and Miss Mary
Duntop to be Married at
Waldorf Astoria.
Just before the Marriage Ucsnss Bu
reau In LoM island Otty olooad this
afternoon a handsomely draased young
couple entered and applied to (Deputy
City Clerk Oeorae Frens for a marrtaae
lloens. Th young mnn Mid be w
Thsodors Marttn Richie, an Insurance
broker, twenty-two years of kg. He
gave his add res a as No. 170 Rlvsrslds
Drive. Manhattan, and Mid ha was Iks
son of John Richie. The young woman
rave her name as May unity nuntap,
daughter of George Dunlap, aad twenty
year om. ana bum ana nrea at im
Foreat HI to Inn. The mother of Mtes
Dunlap later all thsy waa to to mar
ried In the Waldorf-Astoria next
Wed need ay.
t am
s is te
Aak Your Grocer for
packed in boxes labeled iion-poUoTKme
They have been approved by
the Municipal Explosives .
Commission and meet all the
requirements of the new match
regulations of New York City.
I a i
Next Friday Date Set, and All
Will Be Given Chance to Bi
Heard in Valet's Case.
ALjBANT, JaA 11--Th BTMdt CM
la to to publicly slrsd hy Oev. Sattor.
The Oovsraer announeed to-day that
M Jm. IT at t.l P. M. hs would Me
a hearing to an appllcatloa for wMM-
May made by Mlrabeau I. Town, rsp-
- - w , i . a m , i - k a i 1 1 .
f.ee Brandt. Mr. Bulaer Intend te
dlepoee of tto case Immedlstely after
the hearing.
Tne uovernor saia to-oar vnai ar.
Town called on hla and rtwMaM a
bearing, but that ha told Mr. Tow da a
hearing wmu'I nscsaaary, M Ito Srat
chance he got he wm going to "tak
one .or two hour aM go ova the pa
pers oarsftlly," disposing of. tha oa
a soon aa poaslbls.
Mr. Towns, howsvsr. Inserted that
a rspresentatlve of Brandt to aheuM
be given a hearing out of (curtesy. Mid
ths Governor aoqolcaced. Gov. Bubjer
had Intimated that he would havs bra
al aaatotant Owen U Potter. m
sndt In prison before his cms wm
taken tip, hut to-day he aald tkat Mr.
Potter would not have tto to do this.
Gov. auiscr annoumed that anybody
who wished to be heard In th cose
wouM be given The privilege of making
a brief statement at the bearlM
A Good Dinner
A lively and
entsMrtalnlng castor
A JaUy trewd and
evening of fan i
All thaws yaw will
always ansl at the
Sactoa Aw, pjsi ToalB SUbM .
"Im SWw Plata gf Now Tgya
BMOeMB ssyjj
nLt'MBra CtBOLB.
STBAIM. Oa Jan. IB. 111. Wlbi4M
B., beloved husband ef Ktbsl HallMtor
Btraln, la bis thlrtr fourth rear.
Funsrsl from hla lets home. Na. (Bi
Cllataa atosa. Maekaaeask. M. j., Buaaay.
g P. M. N. Y. and N. J. nail road te
Aadareen etreet station. latsnasat
Watsrbury, Conn. ,
UT Mb'
Sao park g
lueral reeard Ivi Uacf rluikiliass. ease-
LOST-a wMtuaB uad buv-a ad tsa tansle
lasBnt sf'xsMsM TbfuPBUB VlhflSF M
Trd.Tl. BT LliejodT no' W."TBa stT
at. asd Waat Bioadear asd Ito). St
sr.. IsaVs sokl eateb, suae lacs. M,
Mostaaa. and tab with sett burkia: UJ
ward.' B. W. kooa. Ml Wmt Biesdarsy,
sues lacs, m, w. m.
B. A. aUUSMbj,
HH-'frr' : 1

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