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Secret Graft Witnesses Add to Sipp's Charges
,w4r ts-alght and Iintari mrarr. " V v ' 1 1 - Z2. ..
WIL iikMitHr ts-olghi
e u i I i w in.
New Charges Go "Higher Up"
Than Eugene Fox, Named
as Collector.
Accused Patrolman's Counsel
Says He Won't Let Client
Sufter for Others.
Papers In blank, covering an In
dictment for extortion or, perhaps,
two Indictments are In readiness
fa the District-Attorney ' office for
the consideration ot the Grand Jury
tomorrow, when that body has heard
the testimony of Oeorce Slpp, the
Harlem hotelkeeper, and corroborat
ing witness. Slpp, In conferences
with the District-Attorney and some
f Mr. Whitman's ssslstants. has
gone much deeper Into his revela
tions than he did before the Alder
manic Committee when he first told
of having paid Patrolman Eugene
Fox $100 a month for fire years for
the privilege ot conducting an Illegal
The District-Attorney has fllpp and
ether wltneesss In hiding In New Jer
sey. They will ba brought to New
York In secret, and Slpp will probably
ba tha first tu go bafore tha lirand
Jury to-morrow.
District - Attorney Whitman talked
with 81pp. Mrs Hipp, their son, Howard,
and our ur iwo other wltnaaaes In New
Jersey last night, an 1 when he returned
shortly before midnight announced tint
tha conference had been eminently
satisfactory, and, In (act, "better than
antlclputod." He would not disclose the
names of witnesses other than the Slpps.
nor tell what Information he oiitalnod,
but he appeared to bo well pleased.
It la understood that Mr. Whitman ex
pects the Immediate result of 81pp'R
testimony to be the Indictment of Fox,
who, Hipp told tha AMennanlc commit
tee, collected 1U0 a month from him
tor several year, keeping up the collec
tions long after he had been transferred
to another precinct.
Thomas J. Dorian, who says he paid
protection money to Fog through Hipp
after the latter sold the Harlem hotel,
and young Howard Hipp are expected
to be able to corroborate Hipp In part,
and an elevator boy, who aaw Fox fre
quently visit Stpp'e offloa, will ileo
appear as a witness.
There la a rumor that Hipp haa told
Mr. Whitman of money he paid directly
te a police captain, but It la not certain
corroboration can be found for this.
Should an Indictment be found against
Fog, It would throw him on the de
fensive to such an sstent be might ba
Induced to tell what be knows in order
Is get Immunity.
As a collateral matter, Mrs. Slpp will
(Continued on Second rage.)
R Was So Bad That Housewives
New 155th Street Yards Couldn't
Hang Out Wash.
TOle New Toilc Ontral Railroad was
flned fSOD In Special Smrton- this after
noon for violation of the Board of
Health's anti-smoke ordinance, and a
halMiundred housewives living In the
ilty of the yards at One Hundred
Plftysftfth street and the Harlem
murmured fervent approval
Fox the last three months complaints
have been pouring In from residents In
Latod. Ogdem and Sedgwick avenues, who
aaM their curtain were being ruined by
itonae cloud of smoke from locomotives.
Km nuisance had bo- nine so great, they
said, that they no Ion-ret dured hang the
washing out to dry.
There are two bin round houses at
tWa point, and the engine are detached
Stern the trtalns there electricity sup
etyCng the motive power for the rest of
ths Journey Into the city. The dt
seat the housewives were represented
hy Deputy Corporation Counsel Stlef
fet end the railroad had an imposing
array of counsel at the hearing. Ju
ilces Russell, ZUer and Salmon, how
ever, decided that the smoking would
have to stop, despite the learned argu-
fnoirisht. I HI 3. hr
Co. tThe New
Gilchrist Stewart Tells Senate
Committee Wierd Story
About Archbald Letters.
Rooms Searched by Persons
Who Claimed to Be Chi
cago Police Officials.
WASHINGTON. Jan IS.-A atory of
how osplea of letters from John I.
Anil bo l1 to former Senator Foiaker
i and other public men were taken from
the Standard oil Coinpany'a office at
i No. at Broadway, New Tork city, by
W. W. Wlnkfleld and Charles Stump.
i negro messengers employed by the
company, was told to the Senate Cam
paign I' I Investigating Committee to-
day by Uilchi 1st Stewart, a negro law
! clerk.
I Stewart nald he was employed by Mr.
Foraker to Investigate whether certain
I alleged photographic eoplea of letter
published were forgeries. Wlnkfleld was
found In Chicago. gtSWSM said, and told
lilm a atory of how he and Stump took
copies of lettera from the Standard Oil
flies and disposed of (hem to a repre
eentatlve ot the New York American.
While on the witness stand before
the committee, Stewart told a wlerd
tale of being kidnapped In Chicago on
the night of Dec. 21. 11 2. by men
posing ae police officers and of being
taken to a room In the office of tjie
JCxaminer and subjected to a mock
trial by employeea of William R.
Hearst The man who posed as
"Judge" at the trlaJ. according to
fttewart, waa Andrew M. Lawrence. Mr.
Hearst' business man In Chicago,
-while an editor named Victor Polachek
acted as prosecuting attorney.
eitnwart says he found he was trailed
by detectlvea soon after he reached
Chicago. le went to WlnkflVld'e horns
and Wlnkfleld was out. Stewart, after
giroiniltig to return later, went to a
negro aaloon In South Stats street.
While he was there Wlukfl-ld te.e
piioned Itbn that Ids house was being
watched by detectives. Stewart In
structed WmkAeld to escape by the
bartk way and make haste to the saloon
which Is conducted by one Ovrntn.
Drioctlvrs swarmed all over the
neighborhood, according to Htewart.
While he was In Outmn's uufe they
searched his room In a boarding houie
and also searched a hotel where he had
(Contlnued on Second Page.)
Smash !
Go the Records!
World "Help Wanted" and "situations
Wanted" Ads. Last Tear
STS.tMib Mass Than the il scald.
World "To Let" Ads. Last Tear
1BS.V11 Man Thaa tas Haras.
63 80
World "Business Opportunity" Adi.
Last Year
8T.53T Mare Than the Herald.
W-vl "Summer Resort" Ads I. tit
4:1,704 More Thaa the Herald.
Comparison is made with the Herald
as that is the only newspaper in New
York that prints even half gj manv
Ada. as The World.
QrsslCssfsasf or World Ad. RuulU.
Circulation Books Open to All.
Th rres FnMlthlas
Vork World!.
35,000 STRIKERS'
Garment Workers' Union
Winds Up Big Demonstra
tion at Union Square.
Shirt Waist Makers' Union
Votes to Join the Strikers
This Week.
n.t...n ai ass 1 MM. - - -
ment workera made a ahow of strength
under the eyes of their employers to
day by a great pirade through the
manufacturing district, which ended In
a mass meeting that overflowed Union
Though some of the speeches delivered
by orator In three language dirtied
with condemnation of the clothing
manufacturers and tha conditions
which the garment workers era pro
testing against, there was. no violence
during the whole course of the parade
and ensuing maa meeting, and, by or
der of the union heads, red flags were
The marchers assembled In nutgers
Square and. Joined by a big contingent
from Brooklyn, headed through the die
Irtct of the smaller tailoring establish
ments and sweatshops on the esat aide
and Into the district of the larger
manuAscturtr about Cooper Square and
Lafayette street.
Several hands, favoring the "Mursel
lalse" for a marching tune, were tnter
npnraed 1n the line of march On
Broadway, from Oreat Jones street to
t'nlon Squnre, tihe loyal employees In
the clothing manufactories gathered
at the windows and hooted the. march
ers In the street.
William Kartln. aSorlnllst lawyer, at
tacked the City Magistrates In his
speech at the square. He sold:
"Don't psv any attention to the
M-.iKlstrates who tine you and aend
you to lall because you do your duty
as strike pickets. You have a right
to act as pickets. The Magistrates
violate the law more than you do
when they punish you for exercis
ing this right."
Andrew Marato. Benamln Pchweltzer.
Rose Pastor Stokes and Mrs. Alary Mm -donald
were among the other speakers.
It waa announced to-day that the
ballot of the Shirtwaist Makers and
Dressmakers' T'nlon, which had been la
progrees all of last week, had resulted
In favor of a strike of that union,
numbering about 26,000 workera. Tha
vote, as cast, was 11,11 for a strike
and B4I against It.
The day of the walkout of tha shirt
waist makers and dressmakers has not
been announced, but It will come soon.
A union composed of dressmakers, who
work on tha alterations of garments In
the big department stores and womsn's
cloak and suit houses on Forth avenue
and which comprises about 4,000 mem
beri, passed a resolution last week to
strike If the shirtwaist makers and
dressmakers went out. The strikes will
occur simultaneously.
The first outbreak of violence to-day
took place before the big manufactur
ing plant of the C. Kenyon Company,
at No. 764 Pacific avenue, Brooklyn.
Two strikers olalmed to have been
beaten by guards. They wars IsiCor
Rich man ot No. 4s Uartlett street and
Louis Uernfeld of No, mo J-ouglaa
street. The reserves had to be called
to quell the disturbance.
Rose Schnelderman and Gertrude
Barnum, representing the striking gar
ment makers, called on Mayor Oaynor
to-day at the City Jiall. They naked
the Mayor to uppolnt twenty of the
women strikers special officers with
power of arrest. They eirplulned that
during the secret meetings of the wom
en strikers men have forced their ay
In and refused to go out.
Mayor Oaynor informed the young
women that he could not give them
power of ar.es. That SOtiUJ sgablsn !
an undue precedent, n said Me ad
vised that pickets ue. stationed at the
doors of their meeting rooms and warn
the men away. Then. II the objection
able men Insisted on ' ntepllig, a pol. 1
inan might he summoned to '. 1.
. v- si ' 14. intruders.
trriii amrrli-un Indt.-iu In Madrid.
MADMD, pain. Jun. it, Ai . rt
Hirlckland, an American Indian, was
arraated to-day on the chargn of killing
Alfred Barttliou, a Britbh subject, by
Mm wtcb a knife.
Judge of the Commerce Court
Declared Guuty by the Senate
! f
bbbbblsbV bbbsbsbsW
sssssl ssssssssssk. Amtm ' I sssasasassW
' ' J-sSsssssssssHHssHhtsssH'
i I 1
Capt. Rostral, Carpathian
Hero, Brings Caronia Into
Port After Fiercest Storm.
The Ounard liner Caronia. commanded
by Capt. Rostron, formerly of the Car
pathla, which brought tu New York the
survivors of the Tttaulc disaster, reached
port to-day from Liverpool with one of
hsr life 1 oats missing, two others dis
abled and her upper works generally
askew as the result of in enoounter
with a hurricane In mldocean. Capt.
Rostron says that In all his experience
with typhoons, tornadoes, OJPOlonsg and
other forma of wind dlsturtancej he haa
never seen such a virile, healthy gain
as that through Which the ship passed
last Thursday and Friday.
The Caronia sailed from Liverpool on
Jan. 4, and fought variable winds and
cross seas until last Thureday, when
the wind settled In from the north and
began to speed up. In tho afternoon
the velocity of the gale waa no miles an
hour and the odlcera ot lue aiUp were
to buay to measure Us force any
Am the Caronia was bending Into the
anuthweat the gale was almost asti rti
and the waves did little damage, but
the sldp waa surrounded hy a fog like
a curtain of soray. Capt HostfM on the
bridge last Thursday afternoon heard
a ripping, tearing MUM behind him.
He turned in time to see Ufa boat No. B,
on the isirt side, almost amidships, sail
through the sir like a hulloon and
vanish on the wings of the gale. The
wind had torn the host from fsstenlnt-s
supposed to be ImpervUmis to tha fore
of almost any kind of wind or wave.
Orant Hqiilrea. a lawyer of No. 411
Wall street, was a pansenger on tha
Caronia returning from Chfnn Me
left New York on a business mission
on Oct J, and since that date ha
travelled 2,noO miles
"China." said Mr H1111I-,
. . of s i,i rr awalisnlnff.
probably be two or ttm
"Is on "he
There will
or maybi
more government nerot-e th- nution
settles down on an even ke-, hut
prograei le being made ail the time-
"It Is exasperation foe A men '.in
to go over Utere gnd , .,. n,,iv n f
mer -hints and rnHm.fnci : . nrenvep
looking oppertunltleg In u is vir
,. H nss i-minify 1 The Oermann,
1: r 'i unii Kreneg are ueiti.,- the.
trstta and making pinna in h .id it
The..- are send.nK nut hull . ,iss. ej.n-
est. persistent men who re much mori
apable than repreeentatlvei ot Amerl
can nrms I except the Standard Oil
Company representatives, who are the
leaders In thalr communities not only
In China but all through tha Orient
Said to Confirm Claim that
Magnate Has Gouty Inflam
mation of the Larynx.
WASHINOTOM. dan 1 Dr. C. W.
Richardson, who examined William
Rockefeller, 1 lie oil magnate, at Miami
for the House money trust Invest 'gat
ing commute.- to determine If the mil
lionaire were physically able to give
testimony, ha- made his report. Chair
men I'ujo will not muke It public un
til after It has been presented to tha
full membership of the Itouse banking
and Currency Committee.
It In understood, however, that Dr.
BlOksfrtaon found Mr, Rockefeller suf
fering from the ailment 1 rlbad In
affidavits tiled with the committee by
his physicians, as "gouty Inflamma
tion of the larynx." which has uecesel
tated six operations.
Or. Richardson will testify regard
ing his examination before the com
mittee Wednesilay, so the easlon which
had been set r.r to-morrow was ad
vanced one day.
1,066,345 PERSONS
More Than Half ol the Voy
agers Were Immigrants
Who ( ."ame in Steerage.
The .tt.t! Ill Division of the psj
pertinent ol Commerce and Istnoi it
Kills Ulan. I nave out toxtay, t -.rough
Landing Master William c Moore, the
transatlantic traMc stati-n for this
port during the pas' ikl mo; 14:. pe..
sons i-htered the Kirt; I4'.,HI". rame In the
tii-at cabin, ri4i seeond cabin and :.!,.
is? in the steerage The Nort1. rjsrmtM
l.lod leil ;n the nuinhi-r ..' p., ,.
brought, with u record ol Ut,6H The
cunard line was second, the Hamburg
Anierl.-an third anl the Red Hlar line
" Circulation Book Open
1913. 14 PAGES
"You're ot My Wife," He
Said, Mrs. B.iylLs Tells
'And Her Children, Whom,
She Declares, He Keeps
From Her.
A Nvey dispute betwasn busband and
wlfs In a resturant. with enough mslo
dratna to luxld the interest of bored
Uroadnvay pleasurs seekers for fully rtf
tesn minutes. Is detailed by Mra Bdith
1.. Hay Us In Hie suit she IBed to-day la
the Hupreme urt for a separaUon from
Aibert :uns Hnylls. an olncer of a
bank In Cleveland, U.
Mis. Uaorlls oomplalns of her buebaod's
oonduot to the extant of a pound uf
closely typewritten pages, but the Inci
dent that raiaklsa above aU la her mind
wee ths occasion when, she says, IiayUs
caat her off publicly In t'auet'i restau
rant, at Broadway and Klftyvlnth
street, and exhibited a marsved predllec
Hon for tha etaams of a woman whose
name and asadraes Mats. Barns regret
fully stales shs does not anew.
The trouble began on Kev. 4. wbsgi the
llaytliea were living kn Richmond, Vs.
wbsre Mr Uaylla waa assistaiat o ashler
of ths Msrohancs Nat tonal liana. On
that day he received an offer of a sal
ary of ff.UU a year from a I'lsveland
bank and acceptud It by wire.
In lbs afternoon he took their two
children, Kllen Janet, sight years old,
and Leontloe (Mine, three years, out for
what ha termed "a walk about the
neighborhood." That was the last time
Mrs. liaylla aaw the children, she as
aerts, for he took them to New York
On his arrival here ahe saya he wrote
back that r.e did not Intend return
nor allow her to ses ths children and
left her only t:..
Hhe got a money order from In 1 par
ciita In ayrai-use, left for Now York ami
started on a aim hunt fur her husband
and children Oujte by aa-cldent, shs
saya. a lie met htm 011 Uroadwayi Thanks
giving morning. He arrested her effusive
ly anu saked her to a turkey dinner at
the Waldorf. The dlnnt-r puseei! off
pleasantly i-uough. by the time the frutt
and nuts WON served Mrs. llaylls was
convinced a happy rei-oncUlatlon had
been affected.
Mr. Hay li promised with the salad,
ahe saya. to let her see the children
next day, and then to take them aU tu
Cleveland with him But when ahe ap
peared on the following afternoon ahe
aaS he wsen't there
Hhe did not aee him agulu until a night
In the mldille of Ucceitiher when, she
siiys, she heard he wo mining about
the Tenderloin. Helaurant after res
taurant she vlsltxd without result until
she Invaded Kauat a. There, Mra. Uay
lla seys, she espied hsr husband aeated
amicably at a table with The Other
rthe dashed forward shrieking.
"What ure you, my husband, doing
Iiiitnedtiti-ly Bnoreg of diners i-isned
t heir niM ks in her SlrOOttoe
"Why, you are not my wife'" Mrs
lluvlls say kef husband r.phed.
whereupon Mr ataylla droppd to
thi floor In a deail faint Hhe revived
III time. Hhi4 declares, to sei- hT hus
hand leaving th.- nstauiant with the
woman, with Whom he was i-ngagerl ir,
the fHsndlleSl of banter, ami us he
ptw4ed h le stricken w-lfe she say he
nodded to her In a manner aulta sang
frold, murtiiurlug :
"I'll se you to-morrow '
I lie uiivnai wen- inarneil .1
home of Mr Havll s i.ueiit m Huiltk
saline street, Hyraeuse, on Jun. 11
1(01 II.. 11 Ml lilt time lived In
mean, urkera ha held position with
Armour a Oompany For 4-verui years
then eai ' was a wandering one, Bay
lis holding positions uccsselvely m
this city. Ashsvlle, n '. Jseksonvllle,
KIs.- Knrfolk, V.i . and latter) Rlcli
mond, Va
lira, Bayllg a-.i. for a asps ration
with eJlRIOn) ami Ike custody of Hi.
Not to PfgellSS later Vtlih ir. Tan.
it l n fakrloatlon that hat not the
legal f" latlen .i.i - rldleulove that
i ..mi understand how it eeuld nave
orlgtnalad,4 was tl intnteni of for
mrr Attornsy.asnerul lehn W, Qrlggt
in ruter'in. n .i . upon u report t igl
h and PreStdenl Tuft are to be asso
ciated In ths pra -tlrs of law after Ur.
Taft a trip around the world.
to All."
'ippURii n IQ ciiii TV
Judge of Commerce Court Quickly
jPound Guilty by Overwhelming
Vote on the First Charge
Brought Against Him.
But Verdict Is Taken on -All the
Other 12 Judge Is Acquitted
on Eight Charges.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 13. "Guilty" on five of the tMrteen tot
rjeachment articles against him ip the verdict of the Senate to-day in
the case of Judfe Robert W. ArdrbakJ of the Commerce Court, charfed
wHh misuse of Ms power aa a Juefcr to his personal ftJn. The Judge
waB convicted on the first, third, fourth, fifth and tttrteenfh charges and
acquitted on the second, sixth, seventh, eijtith. ninth, tenth, eleventh
and twelfth. This removes him from office.
The verdict removed Mm from the bench the moment It was
reached and may prevent him from ever a:ain hordine oosltlon nf
honor or profit tor the United Stales unless the Senate modifies the
penalty, bviderwe in hh case might lie turned over to dvfl airrturiUes, '
frough this is thought unlikely.
Victims Believed to Be McDon
ald and Ingles, Who Were
on a Test Flight.
IXl.NOON, Jan IS. Two aviators, at
drat tuit positive. i ldcntlflsd, but ba
Hi., .-d to h MoOonaltl and Inglas, were
drowned In th Thames this afternoon.
whn their ari4p!an -- am unnianaaTe-
ble In midslr and plunged Into tha
Thay erere on a last nignt from the
Long Itsach arrodrunw.
The arotdsnt wirred at l.ung RaaOh
betW4.4in rurflxtH and (Ireenhlthe on
tha Inwsr Thames, whsr many of the
ahlpe of tha British navy undargo thalr
trlala nvsr the meaaured mil.
'Kid Aviator" Passes Provid-iur: on
His Way Mere Hrom
ines. tne "kill
I .1( o -li. k thl
Nee) Vnrk ffi.n
Ian 13. Hurry
rlatar," aagggd hers
i aftargjoan en iiute
Huston with the rtret
4i-rlal parrel pssl a-hage
street Cleaner Gels VMdLct Atsilfuri
.... -1
roucerfian wno a) uhd I
UuideJ by Accidem I
i jur before J
i'ity OBnrl I Ml i
Thomggi ii i.cgi
4Ik Deiehanty In ihe '
I warded i.i .lam'
irllieht..kr during I
the Ureal elsaalna itrlkt of Ml, paB I
wee irmn 4, uui witiin-s t-i ni n-
urn, sormsri) anaeneq to i.ieut.
llecker's Strong Ann" a-iuad. stkam I
Tnomaa n eilssd ' begtlna klm with a!
mghtstlcli I'rltchsrd arrested Thorn 11,
during u riot at Kit t) fourth atreet and
Kleventh avenue.
The patrolman admit ted that hla club
hit the negro In ths head, but he ei
t allied the blow was aa atcldsnt.
la aa asSosaa asses aha
Judge eat wttk has wlfs, als eoa east
ssnghisr-u-law. eoaastag ssT tas tiIi
ssssteea aiaa oat of ssjjlte Ufa
Mrs. Arekaald, whs has sesai at tSs
Hal every aay, wttkgrww frsta tas gtU
levy whea tas vsttag ssgaa.
i-onvli tlon or the first chargs by an
M-erweirlinng msJurity-sj tu aalane
wits necessary to removs Judge Aruh
Iwld from the bench, bin she eJeoasts
prensoded ts disposs of the other
twelve Ths charge which drww tha
great majority for tint Judges convl,
tlun was that whli-h alleged ho bed
used hla lnlluence aa a Judge to In
fluence Brie Kallrosd olBclala to sell
hwn the ' Katydid" cukn dump near
H- rarrtmn, Pa., at a price nwoh lass
lhan Its real valu e.
After a vote of three hours on Us
eeparate article ths Senate went .Hi' .
eascutlvs sssslon to deeids whether
Archbsld shall bs dlsqualiflsd forever
from any other federal ofl(;s or only
removed frm the Pedersl Judiciary.
At nia trial the aocuaed Judge ad
mitted practically all the facia of ovary
accusation brought against Mm, but pro
tssted in defense that none of rkean
was wroagful or corrupt, nor count tie
hevs bssn convicted In any court of
law for them.
The conviction upon the Brat estsst
was an uneipected majority against
Judgs Archbsld. but two-thirds beleg
necessary for a convtctlosi. As the rol -"eli
proceeded slaty-eight Senators roe
lowly (n their places and pronuuuoe.l
ths word "guilty" in low tones.
As ths vote on the Bret article wee
announced (tenator Hnhe Smith ot
Ueorgla moved that the Xenate go Into
eg Setl thro session He said that ba be
Ihved a cote on the other counts cnbjht
be dlsjiensei." with or abridged by secret
sMIberaUon. Menulnr Culberaon and
Senator I'nlndi-xter objected that the
Henitt,. easM net w,te u ti .rejsj in
sxecutlve session. After some dleeus
slon, Senator Bmllh withdrew hie mo
tion and the clerk pioi 4leJ to reed tht
Meats! article.
neiutor mean, Wfw haa
throughout the Impca t niieat
Ings. asked to be c used from all votes.
" "' ,"" ' 'rv
to e
iiecisiun on tiie .c.i.iid lount
amith of aeorgta also ukd to be
"i an ii., mis ti,e indict on the se,
Olid article of Impeachmsnt. wtilch
ohurnd Judge Aithbold with having
oats between ike start oa coal
psn v ami the pelu hy. Lack
anil .-stern rtallrnail. Tn
I" M la ths luaas'i eae.
"ii t ie third ciiargo th.- Senate Bsnnd
Judge Archbald gulltv Thl. nh..
uouien anegen undue intluenrs on lav
hlgh Valley ilsllroiul officials In a eaal
dump deal. The vote waa at to It
rae vote an ths rousts atUdkt af tnt
titssj a

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