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Grutz and Broker Indicted
in Arson Mot MM
, -sm.
- 1 W 1 1 l gMamahVHgj
Tells LcpsUture Statutes Help
Create Instead of Check
ing Monopolies.
Demands Approval 9f Amend
ments for Income Tax and
Direct Vote for Senators.
TRJENTON, N. I-, Jan. ll.-Dsnuncla-
Nw e tha Stat tew which have)
brought to New Jsrssy ths designation
f "Moth of the Truatt" the fea
ture of the second and final regular tnei
ssgs of Oov. Wilson to lha One Hun
dred and Thirty-seventh Legislature,
which orgsnlset in the (Mala Hasan to.
it e docsmtmt the
praised awogrossgsp
tetare. Demo
muit keep abreast of adVanead methods
or its at sirs wsM face pssillsnl ob
livion. ,
la lha Smite tha Oimeorats have a
majority at throe and In the House titer
hare Mty.one members against a rea
relaxation of eight for the Rspublloans.
This ensnroa eba election of former Con.
a-rasaman W HI lam Hugh. Demoaret. to
the Celled States Senate.
Tha Senate elooted Senate fames r.
Fielder of Hudson as Ha President, and
Its will automatically mooeed Gov. WU
aon on March 4 as Chief Executive of
tha State. AsserrfMyaian Taylor was
elected Speaker of the House.
ihe galleries of both Houaea ware
crowded during the election of officers.
Tha desks of all tha members ware
covered with flowers and hugs floral
design covered Ihe rostrums Of the
Meant. President and Speaker of the
Ta his message Oov. Wilson said In
"Tha Corporation laws sf the Stale
notoriously staad.ln assd of alteration.
They are manifestly inconsistent with
the potior of the Federal Government
and with ths Interests of the people in
the afl-lmprtsnt matter af monopoly,
to which ths attention of ths whole na
tlon is now so sarnestly directed.
"Ths laws of Now Jersey as they
stand, so far from, checking monopoly,
totually sncourago It They explicitly
permit every corporation formed In N'ew
,lrseyi for example, to purchase, hold,
assign and dlspuss of as It pleases ths
securities of any and all over corpora
tions of tbls or suy othsr State, end
to exercise at pleasure the full rights
ml ownership In them. Including ths
tight to vote as stscJpfteldsrs.
This is nothing- Isas than an sa-
aualt maase of
TKSKTON, Jan. 14. -On of ths first
-ma M matte Ms appearanca In tha Sen
ate td tjaf was ths Mothers' Pension
bllL Ths measure was) Introduced by
ttenator Isaac Nichols of Cumberland
flaunt. It Is entitled "An act to pro-
snots horns Ufa for dependent persons
"I win bars to Introduce asms otbsr
Wlls." said Senator Nichols, "hut this
is ths measure to tha passage of which
I shall devote my host snsrgtm ths
winter. It Is a subject In which I am
much interested. In root, my heart i
mamma up In the pasaags of this MIL
The bill la a compilation of the beat
features of ths laws of Illinois. Call
fornie, MloslBourl and Colorado.
Mayor to Hold Aula Hearing"
Mayor Oajmor wis. hold a hearing
Thursday afternoon on tha automsbila
ordinance raoaatly passed sy tnoi
day. smmout the docajMpt tko Saw-
and 1 Misled IML IhsTSsiftriltlg
forming; vast sssnhtnatisas aad
creating saonopolr, against which
,ae waole oonntxy has set its fans,
aag t am rare Shad ths people sf
grew gssosy ds at dlaaoat from
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"Si aBw
Judge Dismisses -Man's Suit
and Tells Him to Take
.Mrs. Field Back.
Mast a wifs live In tha earns boos
with her mother-in-law T
Justics Craao bravely tagkisd this
question In tho Brooklyn Sue tame
Court to-day arm aaawsrU. faha must
eertaln saontBetsg- Again.
ahe la net oognpotted ti nndsr oartal
smmitted. wan tha only may of
tag th asu for a aspamtfon of Qard-
U Meld of No. lt Ragara atraot
iptt, eMsjght from la wtfa Ada-
laid r. raid.
jrieid said hta wife had ahandsasd
het. Mrs. Field arsstapHy admitted It
But she mt ruts had persisted la
bringing his mother, now a widow for
tha second time. Mrs. Ida Burling ham,
to lira with them. And sbs gold Mrs.
Burllngham Was "unbearable aad dic
tatorial" aad had keen given to call
ing her ' harsh names." Mrs. Field said
aba would ho glad to return to har hus
band, hot aaly whea his mother loft
their home.
Hera la the way Just to Crans stssd
up ths situation:
Mr. Field, a man of moderate moans.
has brought his mother, Mrs. Rurtlng
ham. a widow, Into hla home la provide
for har. Bams difference having arisen
ueiwosn ins mother and wife, tha tetter
has left and expresses hsr Intsntfoa and
desirs not again to return so long as
ths husband's mother Is la the house,
ueles eompsliod t do so by ths law
of this Stats. hs to very desirous of
living -with hor. husband and has of
fered to return whsn his mother laaras.
"Ths ttnahaad Insists upon his right
to provide a horns with hrm 'for -hla
mother, hut ths wife Insists upon her
right to live with hsr husband without
hla mother, and in spits of all tha coun
sel and Court has been able to do In
an attempt to adjust thsss strained re
lations ths parti Insist on having their
I kg' I rights determined.
This would bo a atraago world If pv
ple were no bettor than tha law allows.
By ths code of criminal procedure, s
son Is only rsqulrad to support his
mother whsn she Is so Istflrm as to be
unabta to work for a living; the law
permits parents to disinherit their chil
dren and glvs their property to stran
gers; but how often do psopis act in
accordance with thsss laws?
"Society end tho homo era preserved
not by law but by an instlnotlve as
wall as an sduoatad regard for the
moral rights of others.
"But while Bis law does not compel
the son to support his mother In his
home, yet It raoesmlsss his prlvllag so
to do If circumstances make It neues
snry. Mr, FlsM has not sufficient In-
onms to maintain two homes and hi
mother has not ths means or ability to
support herself. Vnder these conditions
he Is justified In providing a place lor
her la nie own home, provided ahe
recognises her place and keeps it.
"Thus, she can hav no say whatever
regarding the management and control
of ttio home; this belongs to ths wife,
and if the huaband'a mother makes dla
cord where there ahonld bs harmony
interferes witn tne wife control an I
manngoment. evea at the request of
hsr on. or by hor own ltnpipr con'
duct and tbougbtlrss laaguacs make.
ths home unpleasant snd distressing to
ths wile, men toe wire should be Justl-
nea in leaving tier nusoana snd requli
lng support from him elsewhere.
'"Mr. Field Isnot entitled to a dscree
of ssparatioa. as Mrs. Pleld did not
Isave him with tha Intention to sbindnu
him permanently, and ah has offered
to return under the proper conditions
I hav above stated ' what will he the
conditions. Tha complaint Is
OrcalMtioa Books C
' 1 -V
to AIL
Mr. Chariot Compares
Wealthy Mine Owner With
Goethe's Satanic Character.
Mock Execution of Wife One
of His Daily Divertisements,
She Says in Suit.
A drama of lie.
bteaahes tho problem story of Marguer
ite aad MmMilaFkslii ht "Fauat." has
come to Ugnt ta tha ssssaswsjoa action
filed la the Supreme Court by Mr. Dacs
Melbourne Chariot, a itrlklagly winsome
Detroit girl, who tow years sge married
ttohtrsns Cfeartos Chariot, a magnetic
Trsnrsjsaaa. almost three times hor age.
Chariot ha not rat Usd Ma assrwer to
har etstrgsay, .
Tesstrs nss a uataa of bilsafnl.
aprtasr wtth nerMty. uamalslasj
about amy thesugk har glrtash byre af
all aae at Saw Sknuu W BHBlBi III
His was aat a rule of tot or do
sha say, hat a d
sway of shBid. iatonded ta
It waaaoassnatof towaoa kar part but
at being mentally ssaqusred by hypnotic
arts, ska declares.
Into tha perplexing atary comas the
acmotpharo af Old Mexico, with Its
a. Ma Saatkb. Mi i ami if moirn-
talas aad Ms so Iliads
Mrs. Chariot was a Mem Docs Mel
bourne 8hsnnn, daughter or Mrs. Blls
abeth Alios Shsunon. a pointer snd
author of not and tha granddaughter
af William Symington, luvantor of tbs
first rotary sagine. She waa seventeen
years old and in Maw York finishing a
musical course looking to an operatic
career, when the shadow of ths dark
man of her life fell a urns her path.
Chariot to tha pes si dam of tha Char'ot
Mines' Smelters' Company, in Sonora,
a IW,00,M0 corporation. Ha Uvea oa a
groat hactsstda near Atia-pe, called ' Kl
Triumfo." aad baa mora tha Me mss-
lcans and Indiana on his preserve. He
Is now at the Hotel Seymour, In Now
Tork. Hla wife and hor mother are
living at tha Rockingham Apartments,
sn Broadway and rifty-alsth street. .
Her ssparatioa from Chariot waa la a
tail, foreign-appearing man af fifty-tiln
years. with bristling mustaohlos and Im
perial, dated from Nov. . ltu, when, shs
ha rates, chariot gripped hor throat n
his powerful hands snd chokad hsr into
senrt-oonsirlonenes, during which be
ripped a BMW pearl necklace from her
throat and took away her diamonds.
Ho Sod from the hotel, she charges, snd
left direction thai accommodations for
his wlfs bo cancelled.
But this grave accusatlsn is mild oem-
pared with hsr narrative of hsr life st
Kl Trlumlo." wrtbln a year after cer
marriage, shs charges, Charlst gave his
twenty-year-old sou Robert a pistol.
which bs previously had pre sated ta
his wlfs, and told the hoy to follow his
brids up a mountain. From the youth,
aha saya, shs learned he waa dlreoled
by his fathar to shoot at bar and then
to throw the pistol at bar fast.
"If tha busaarda did not maks qulok
work of fny carcass thsre wss tbs tell
Utsls pistol to close the story," declared
Mrs. Chariot leay.
A frequent caper hsr husband la
dulgsd in, shs alleges, was to place .
pistol to her head and shy cxciiwlly
that ahe had two momenta to llv.
would oount "one" snd thsn "two" and
then withdraw Ihe weapon. Often she
begged bim to about, but shs declares he
lacked ths ooursge. it was almost a
dally execution, ebs saya
To compel her to undergo hardships
Mrs. Chsrlo:, who .s toll, athletic, of
olive skin aad Spanish type, declares hsr
hiisoand conipelled her to stay in the
saddle and ride all night over treuchwouw'
roads. Often she mad ssventy miles yn
borsewack and was ao fatigued ahs had
to bs lifted from her pony.
That her husband waa Insistent on
osuslng her death and thus rsllevlng
himself of the obligation Imposed by
(Continued on Second Pegs.)
' Cree
ITS. La.
'Chi Graft Accueer'e Son Who
Backed Charges to Grand Juryl
(rnninissSifaeociiay tor Tht t
Wireless Reports Freiirhter
Saved, After Difficulties
Due to Fog.
Tha official, of the Hamburg-American
Blssmablp Company retietvsd a
IreJess lata this afternoon from the
Steamship Minnelonka of the Atlantic
Transport f.lne that their ship ths Tlsa
wss proceeding to tho assistance of tha
Steamship Abbeastnte snd would reach
hsr before nightfall. Tbs position of
ths Ahbssstnla is given aa about m
roiys southeast of Sable Island. Ths
Tlsa left (New Tork Jsn. 2 and ths
Minnelonka Is due hare tn-morrow.
Wireless messages received from the
agonte of the White! Star line In Hall
fas earlier In the day said the atenurehlp
Canada reported she hsd lutercspted the
wireless of the steamship Armenian aid
and read thnt the Armenian had the
Abbrssinia In tow, but that she hsd lost
hsr again In ths fog later In the dny.
The Abbasstnla Is a freighter with a
crow of forty. She carries no passengers.
la Math Attempt Italian Haags
Himself la Passals Jail.
Flvs time policeman at Passaic, N.
J., prevented Npoleon Bennettl from
taking hla Ufa to-day, but ha suooesdsd
at teat
Bennettl, who was twsnty-two, bs4
bean released yeaterdny from tha
county Jail, where ha waa under ob
servation, and turned over to three
Early to-day tha Italian ran Into Po
lios Headquarters and begged to be
locked up. Assassins, he ald. were
after him. He was put in a cell.
polloeman later saw him hanging st
ths and of u rops made out of his Vent.
Ha was cut down. Tlisn lis made a
rope of hla shirt and again he waa cut
down. After that Bsnnstfl pounded
his hesd against the wall till th po
lice took him to the captain's room.
There ho tried twice to Jump from the
window. A constable took the Italian
bark to the Jail. He was left ulone lit
a cell and later a keeper found hla body
auapended by a col strap fium an Inm
Brorp Balldlag la Bswea Mirer, K.
Boporlod Washed tsvay.
UM-I8YII.I.K. Mr.; Jsn li -Word wis
received here lo-dly the! the village of
tlreen River. Butler County. Ky.. wss
swept on me map wtien iren It.w
ovarSowrd It banks Kvery building In
agm BVwm Las
' MilismMa r tlWmTkPl
nMiffllL,eU.i f WsEL ga 4 4''
gammmalul slk'saaWaSaas it 1 ROlskTrMm'llAiA H 1 I '
' ammmmammiaml s! 'JSHaBafl saaTWai flMr't
H gagl
hn .imum.,,,,! :
i i In s aaJHw s i a ihOaiSlidi ii in ,i ii ii ,i ii
.' it ' i
ventre! World by t Staff PnotoiTtpfltr )
LMHiS OF $161,900,
Forriier Columbia Instructor
includes Breach of Promise
Demands in List.
Prof. Harry Thurston Peok, whose
connecltoii llh the faculty of Cplum
'hla University-aa professor of latin was
discontinued following ths beginning of
a breaah of promise suit against him
by Rather Qulnn. filed a voluntary pa
Iftion in bankruptcy In tha Untied
Slats District .Court to-day.
Of alleged liabilities of IKI.mm.m Vrof.
Feck lists Mis Qulnn aa a creditor to
the extant of HM.OW This covers two
suits brought against him by her and.
now penning-on a new preach OX
promise suit for Bo,(MO and ths othsr a
libel a-ilon In which 1100.000 Is asked
Miss Qulnn, who had been V at. Penh's
stenographer, brought suit after h had
been divorced by Mrs, Cornelia Peck
snd had married Miss Ellsabsth II. Du
Bote She produced a number of letters
In which her pedagogic admirer pro
fssmd his affliction. Tho ground In ths
Hhal action grow out of Prof. Pock's
counter attaok. He allegnd Miss Qulnn
had not 'been of good character before
hip affair with her, and oouplsd her
name with that of Daniel O'tteilly, her
attorney, until the time of bis disbar
merit, and also with tbst of Uaorr.
Or alia in It ice, for whom ahs worked In
The first suit of Miss Qulnn for breach
of promise was dismissed with leave to
amend the complaint, and has alnce been
re-entered on the Muprcm Court cal
endar. Prof. Peok schedulee aa hla at.eta
royalty contracts with publishers.
Amendments Pat fT trllon by
Aasombly I atll Monday.
A I, BAN Y Jan. lt.-Thc tgssaably to
day postpuned action mi tin, srsjgsgg
suffiag conatliutlvnal uiin'iidiin n .
which last night wsa made a apeclnl
....Im, fill- til-. 1. 1 . tllltll Vl.ii .l.i ,r.i.l...
The delay
inadr to vu
HI llll N U kill' ' I. I'l .1
a iii dite to aii.n.liiia,,tariVBn to ,he ,i,uJ
miii'-I rii'iiP in I'm it - o'iu
Bade Mfr WMh Bevalvs.
Cbarlee Lunnlgau, forty.on year
sld, while despondent killed hlmaeir wltn
s revolver st Urn hums. No. ti Oskland
street. Oreenpolnt. early tu-ijay it,
ahot himself In the rlgut uf the
PAXAMA c t.Vtl. I U IMA.
iiM "iitktvi
"CfrcaJstto JkaMafhamlPAa" I LjJjLlll rsftrfanaTsT
14, 11. f Asll F-RIO.Bg;.'ay-p
Georre Grutz, Insurance
Broker, Already Under Ar
rest, One of the Acoafll
Name Mot Made Public, but
tt is Expected He Will
Be Caught pon.
The Or aad Jury
war at tha h '
nam, waseoj is swm ss
drMssf y wi
-- ' - a..
ktet up en the smsm syaBaMft r
awpw gw F-SaaRs pTLwsgF
Othsr .tndlotmaata ass
tha Or snd Jury
tton Into
day. Orats aad hto
dktsd largely as tha
wo pleaded fwlMy ts
Mamod Stato'a svMasncs
Gold wag asrighsratsd hy
firemen and pelloemea la a
af Insuring hid goods with lha
Amsrloan laswraaoe
Oruts. enspieylng "Iaay tbs
profsssisaal fit shag, as Bra
raUoctlng MB from mo
actual loan af smoat fA
For reasons suited ta ths
of Justice it was necessary ta harry
indictment of Orats aad th attar
was gathered a Monday.
Mors than poors af
rated in Bras started for tha
collecting Insurant are under
lanes. It to expected that assay af thsss
will confess. Implies ting tbs
'Tssy ths Pain tsr," who to
ssnteacs of twenty-four years In
Ming, has turned State's evidsaas aad
will appear before tha Orand Jury. Tha
Durtrict-Attonfoy Is after tha Ms assa kt
ths arson syndicate.
Kvldsaos thus far gathered shows that
Oruta, in his Mps city as lasuraacs
agent and sdjuster, arranged fop Ires
snd dlvidsd tl,s proeseds with ths par
sons who consented to pons as pirgfi
having sustslnsd a kma. Tha syndicate
employed six mscltanlca." or profao
elonai Are starters, who atom kspl busy
all tha ume. "liay tha Palaiar" waa
one, another has fled tha oesmtlj and
ths four remaining are wstshsd. At
leant three lives are said ta have hoes
lost In firm start sd by ths syrsMtata.
hornier (Commissioner's TeMimony
in Libel Suit Against Mayor
Is Filed.
The transcript of ths evidence given
by Raymond M. Kosdtok aa a witness
In Alderman Curran's libel aitK again it
Mayor tlaynor inr liuo.oa). sn Jan. I
bsfore a referee, was filed m-Jay in the
Supreme (Vyurt.
Mr. Foerilck ii-Hllflel that, so far a
iiiveafigatluns couductnd by ths listen 1
nient nf Account wlsis lis was Oom
mlsaioner were aunuorsad. Alderman
Cnrraii never iceln-d a went of grafl
for llcennlnK newa -Intnla.
i ' ii i in a salt I. bnaed on a letter
nrlttcn Uy Ihe Muyoitto him. and tlie.i
h!oll the
Mayor luttmsli'il that lha Alderman
Wa. In ou' Ihe news stand grsfl.
Mi Kosdlck ssld that In ths latte.
pail of ltt August, after lis returned
front nla vacation, he found tne otnee
so clutterol up with compfaliit) of
gisft agalnet Aldermen that s general
Investigation waa taken In tutnd. '
Mr. Illcc, my aasistani. told in." Mi.
Kosd'.rk said, "thni h h of the coin
aiaUim nad uoou fram tne Bursas of
l.lcsnaea snd scms ftom t,we Mayoi
office, vis agreed that Mr. Cunan was
Jugejss QaS that It BBS BJBBB SB Br
dtatmaa t eargtosr ssMb adaPBsM' ejgggm)
Onita, a issuasmai kuksr s MB. A
was net 1 1 igalad A hems mmmmnm
toauas Prr Mm nam ad sp pjgt ha
will he arrmtad Malgarl. BPSsM kf M
tha Tombs, harksg has ssBSBMB MbB
wn Si Mjj.pt pi
I not rr iM Miiir u&mt
rioni in uuoni -mm
QrnH Infonjnir apfi Tmod
ball wtM UoMnnai)
Police Ckh With Hit
at 0
I af
- s, n'n
Hotaikoeper rad
tlmtt Nlat
"tr Tw"TrKi
Safjp aotl Mi son p9
T-iJMT ,.1 V -a .-iL Uii... jJLs.uMls: Xtr Ml
pjMtKam mUw.mbm
m bNB mH CtoWaSary (Ml tim
lasad ' -
' 1 - I
IJury in wAItm; trflon on tm mtUkx. - niMj .
.dab, i -s aat SP. an 'JT
Abo Tdb Service Bond Prwhwj
poHd Contract Cava B.
R. T. a Monopoly.
Ths Public Isrvtcs Camantaloa this
a puMtc learteg sn the
terms sf tbs operating oanlraet sntsrsd
lata bstwssa tha city aad ths
Tork Municipal Railway C
format by tha Brooklyn RaaM Transit
to spors u tha Mar subway
lis as. and elevated eateastona whtoh will
a part of Pee the Brooklyn
Rapid Transit systsm as lu skar at ,h.
dual system sf transit lines.
MagieUat Job F. Uyla.i waa the
obtof objector as lbs spokesman of the
ADiad Board of Trade and TaApayers
both of Brooklyn. .Mo sol.
lowed Klchard C, Harrison, who on bo.
half of President Mitchel af th Board
of Aldermen, waa granted several days
mors ta snahle Mr. Mltuhel to prepare
a brief.
Magistrate Hylan first entered a gen
oral objection to the entire contract
"i'nder it tne city takes all Hie ehaaeee
and Ihe ooiporatlans nuns." sM ths
MagistraU. "If His Brooklyn Rapid
Transit's attorney had prepares It. it
I'oiikl out have favored that carporathm
mors and tnepeopla of Brooklyn tees.
Ml Brooklyn 4n ssklng for relief from
ths preernt transit conditions. Ths B.
it T. takss off car and withdraws
trains from service during ths heaviest
rus.'. hours right la ths vary (am of tha
Public Servlcs Comlaslan. Tho City
should not aitter-Ihlo this co.Uract until
It baa finally safeguardsd Itself and its
Jury Door
' -''
OF Bit
n; ii ' Vif ;
Son eAJbb
me ami jmf twm
pays "-T - FT-I .Agama'
as m.. .w- jl r. .
to mm iBfcn OmWmSi
0W sMSjMMbbbb
was a toga)
Bpp aa ho esna
asiMuag a iisiganj aft
k jam. m i. ZZ17 t
him as ha WMKamsmastT
JJee eaa eTAdr. TigaMtj
the private atessMgr of Bag JBtJSB djfe-:
va,m isw n uas hi saysswm am,
porter who had
tha street ,
tha report
anguish. Tha lagtoa
Blow ware struck
hurled bask and fort ta .tha
Acound Btp aa tha
ttdtiva JaS r. Bred
served tha sntgiis ah Si pgr, batd hi
aai sraaaa aad nts soisV bpra asm.
from Comndaoioapr
bs will appeal to the
tha sulposns if Ska
Fog's trial Monday
si Rtrutan m Taigripjai-
sipp had been at the Mats)
in Nswark, sines Sunday, ami
tatsd there by an afteaBbx
uortsr early to-day. It I
to bring tbm avar t Now T
s o clock, but whs Ik
start arrived Pipy
Ho said ha
who has bos wHS I
I Htsjda at
was waahad away.
0 i
SjWNwBBsi basj

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