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Federal Control Will End Stock Exchange Evils, Says Perkins
Wntlifr-Knlr Tn-Maht. 1 hnrirtu, l.inrin Warmer.
W,H,rr-rlr In-Muhi. Tharegay rinari WtraM.
That, with Plenty of Publicity,
Will Cure Evils, Says Finan
cier at Money Inquiry.
Refuses to Be Finned Down
on Effect of Concentration of
S2,48(),ouo,()(XJ by a Few.
WASinVOTON. Jan. IS Oentge V.
Peakine, testify. ng before Mm Monty
Trut Investigating CommittM thli af
ternoon, declared lil'nee f In favor of
placing thi Block1 Bsehange undtr sed"
erel control,
MamUaJ I 'nterm-, sr. eotMMl for the
omm'itfe, asked If Mr. Perkins had
formed any l, lea as to the dealrab"lty
uf "plarltig the Stock KX'-liatige under
leg.-il control?"
Mr. Parkins said he favored puttm,
:he Slork fciumnnai ijri.lvr Federal . i - i
"I feel that If ttaa Stock Bsehange
were lnrorooratod an 1 put under some
broad systsm uf regulation that It
would laara to th benefit of the people
who were Investing In securities aad
would be better for the public and Uie
people conducting lte bnatneaa."
Whet legislation would you recom
mend to remedy abuse on the Stork
"Well, that Ik a matter that leads In- j
to detail. 1 believe that many Of tlie
au-called abuse would i-ure themselves
with plenty of publicity." "aid Mr 1
Perkins. He added that he would afford j
ttia Investor a better opportunity to
kuow of the Intrlnatc value of lecurKlei
In relation to the Stock Kyhange quo-
ta ttons.
"What would you do ghOtlt niunipiilu
p.on of prices io false values'." allied
Mr. Vntetmyer.
"Wall, that is a Very difficult qua.
lion." said Mr .Perk nl. That form Ol
gaarbllni; is Indulged In even down to
the Tammr wlio Bells hll W "it thll
winter for delivery nexl spring ,"
Mr. Perk na said ho knew nothing per
sonally about manipulation f stocks.
"One ..f the eommlttee would like
to know what you think would happon
la a law was panned pro Jolting gam
bling In t tocka. " sad Mr. iTntermyei
Mr. Perkins said that It was a question
as to what was laauihlliig on the Stork
Ksrhange Me and not knw w lOthar
such a law WOllM release large sums
of mousy now tlgd u i In apt illation.
He flavored small hoards of director!
for banks with concentration of re
sponsibility and an enforced certifi
cation of directors that iliey know the
exact condition of tho Institution.
iir. Untermyer produced from rxhti
ita in the record a J c of rseouroea of
J. r. -Morgan Co., tho Guaranty Trust
(Company, the Hunkers' Trust, the Plrat
National Hank, the National City Banki
Chase National Hank and the Xat.onul
Hank of Commafoa, ihowlng thai com.
i.inrd they controlled H "
Mat the 1-. unliable and Mutual Insur
ance Companies controlled H.0.11, 000,000.
Tnen Mr. ITntermyer framed a hypo
thetical queallon assuming thai tuch an
amount of mom ly, Midst, ' all. "
controlled In bulk an I Hiked Perkins
if he though) that "concentration
aigngoo and a part te Iha progreaa af
the country."
"Wall." "a"' Mr Parkin, I've had
that question ovemlghi and H eaami
to me It 'I like tl Id conundrunii 'Why
u a mause ehen it aplnaf "
paetatori and eommlttee ("Inert Mr.
Perkins in a luiiKh. Then the erltneii
launohad Into n Itngthy dloiortatlon on
"What is undue .oom'entratlon? At
what point does oon en t ration beoome
a peril?" aked Mr. p. rklns refl. ctlvely.
"aftafy ana would agree that al i cor
lain point oanrentratton would be I
peril, but whether tb polnl you )
it :u raaehad 11 wuuld 11 i ' 1
cannot y. I've Uecti uut of touch With
these afitrs for two yaari at ! I'd wanj
lo study these quuMlons very cirefully.
"We're up agalnat oonoentratlon tn
weary time of life It s the same la
ear Government. Ton say tnoae oom
pwada oomtrol gg00,000,00O. Vow that
Cevirllht. 1013. b.
Ce. lh. N
Riij Row at No. 80 in Lenox
Avenue Follows Boy's He
port of Whipping.
Mrs. Mien and Her Friend.
Mrs. ( eOleman, Taken td
Cmirt, but Set Free.
M"m. Lillian .Mien of Na s;, et
One Hundred and Thirty-um, itn
arxi lira. Lucy colaman No, 41 Went I
one Hundred and Thirtyaaoond traal
daacanded upon Taachrr Hamuel Q,
Roaanblum o Public Hohool N 19,
LeTrOX avenue an I One lluudr.'d mid
T Irty-fourttt atreet, at ten minutes
after 1 o'clook to-dny. He was till with
their f.i'n mabte long laaahad hand
Ii.iks. Me was acratohed with a had
pin. And If his somewhat OOltfttaad
memory lurnldha. a rellalde re cord he
hail u narrow eojoape. from balng
alaaliad by young Mosey Ootaman, tho
twelve-year-old son of one of the two
dark antaaona
"Hoaoy." said Mrs. Coleman ill the
ll.'irletH Court, "came home for his din
ner around recess time an.l Mhowed m
ills pom little tinm rs which ware cut
"I askr, I him about It and he told me
Mr. Rooenblum, win, has charge In t ie
yard at r 'es lima, hit him w ith a
whip. Mrs. Allen happanad to be call
In, on tin and we went rlaht on over
tn the achool, Hoaey pointed out Rosen.
Mum and Mis. .M en and I went to turn
and asked lllm why lie whipped the
child, One thing lad to another and th.
Ural t dng i know the pollcaman hi
rested me. Mr Allan and Hoaay, And
what with children yelling and boyg
tioutlng and white woman teachare
toreamlng iik, than waa burglara after
'em. thara waa aome nolae."
Mr Itosinblum sail that he was about
to enter 111 own Olaaaroam when he
was i trUOk over the Lead 'by a heavy
handbag, "e turned Just In time to see
the two colored woman pouncing upon
him He whirled to ward off a second
blow of the handbag and waa acral n i
With a hatpin, He sprang for the n.'ar-
eai door, which was that of Mra, Dali:
Crow the teacher of cik f,H. There he
trlppad, He rolled Into the r-twa of black
and win'' ch. idreti the census of tn.
school PhoWl that M tier cent, of th -putslll
are in-sTors anl Iht infuriat.'il
i.i n ier and iter iiy roiled on i"i or mm,
It was at rhls ino'iieiit that the valiant
Mosey t'olenuni sprang from his deik
lth a flashititf Waa Pun and dlvod lata
the ineici . Tho other children thouaTht
it wis a knife. Mr.. Crow says th!
s'i" ,s sure, fratg what she n members
.-'I- , .h. fainted, i ,-is n knife Mr.
RoaanblUtU layi It was a razor.
At ejOout t r lea siage of the bagtle
Prlaelpal Charlaa B, Vhalluaan arrlvad
and pried the matfOBl and their victim
and t ie aaun-sslve child apart, He was
aided by Pli cinnn O'Connor. There
was ho ling esettament in Lei, ox avenue
I and in the iaiis.
I Mr. Thalluaan t.dd Magistrate Daniel
1 Murphi thai among the parents f the
pupils ,,f his pohoal ware many quiet.
selfrreapvcUiig and well mannared rig.
nred pco lc atul that he did ted want In
take, any tioii reflcctii:.; i,n iliem is
a ulaaJi Me aaaad lhai lh lao women
be dtacdarged with a reprimand and
I t:it-y woie.
The principal explained to the Uagll-
Irate after the case was tried ttiu hi
, would not on any account Allow ei-pai
punishment In tho aohool, and waa sure
I there was eome mlataks In Mossy Co..
fflui ooaaplaltyt agalnat Mr. BoaaHblum.
Circulation Books Open to All."
The Pres. 1'uMUblu
ork Viorldl.
Says on Witness Stand Head
of Aldennanie Committee
Tried to Influence Him.
Curran Enters a Denial, But
Whitman Is Likely to
A pollcetnan named Charles I" Foye,
atta had to the Kat Thlrtyflfth itrat
tatlon, exploded a bomb In the tn 'etlng
of the Aldarraanla Police In vea ligation
Commlttae this afternoon by acoualBg
Chairman Henry Outran of the com
mittee with trying to get him to -1 -1
dow a" on an cx.-ih,. L'ase,
Curran promptly denied that rharge,
tint I'oyc was inalatanti and his accusa
tion win probabl) lead to no Inveatlga-
tlon In the I dttrlct- Attorney's office as
to why an excise violation called for
trial ahnoei a yrar aso remaini untried,
royi was a plnlii-clntlieamiin In the
Central office up to April 15, Ills, and
i member of Baokari HtroagArm
Squad, lie was culled by Counsellor
Bueknar to show that policemen, when
called lo ghe teetlmon) iii eourt) are
not alwaxs aura witnesses and nf-ci
Hive evidence Of n much Weaker char
acter than Ihalr original affldavlta.
Mr. it, i km ' producad aomplalnt
swom to b Koyo in July. Ull, whan he
waa on temporarj plalnclothaa duty
three iias a week, agalnat one Vllo
Patarau of No, 571 Third avenue, The
affidavit charged Paterno with s.-iiing
liquor without an excise license.
k'o) t sold this caUJM nad been poutnoned
time and attain ulthough he had always
been ready 10 give his taattmony. Mr.
lluckner, evidently leading to euinetlili.g
but not what he landed-uald :
"l!d you ever hear of the police
'throwing1 a caaat"
"1 never did," replied Koye, an alert,
well spoken young policeman, "but I
have been approached a certain per
son who wanted in" P. throw a cose.''
"Who was that paraonT"
"Aldarman L'urran, the chairman al
this committee." said Coye
r"oye could no l aave i reatad more of a
anagtlon had h,- drawn a revolver and
hoi holrs In the frescoes on the loll
ing. Aldarman Curran turned whluy.
nis aaaociatai ion's, at
Police wltnaaari and s
him curiously,
i mpathiaera In
t.ie Alileriiiaiilc chamber
"Under What rondltlona ere you ap
proached by Aldarman Curran?" aaked
Mr Buoknar,
"it was an excise eaat agalnal Bmlth'i
saloon." said l-'oy. There was so mueh
tumult in the room that his description
of the location uf the gigaa was tiot
plainly heard, but H sounded like
"Tw elitv-foiirlh street and Sixth ave
nue." "Alder nan Cut ran,
"appi o. c hed inc In the
Huiidtiig on the day
ha e co. ne to trial II
roya went on.
Criminal Courts
he . ase waa to
aald Smith was
a friend of hll and If I pus
Smith would loae tua li mm
j the case
lie .is . , t
nn. lo let down."
"Did lo- offer you anything?"
"Nn, but he told nn if I pushed
caaa agalnat smith he'd
s.-.id in- had flaed i. cut
maanl he arould lutva uu
"What did " i du a'""i
tlx ma, lie
H, ker. Me
; i unafarfad."
1 raw A--ist.it.' Dlatrlci tltornvy I
James Smith wUOUl the caae Hut there
was nothing doing. II didn't
1 1 1 1 1 thai da and it hasn't a to tr i (
at anv time sine I I old Backet what'
Alderman tHirran had said to ui" ai
Backer anldi 'WaU( if be
him go ahead.' "
Alderican Purfan had
aonrpoaad himaelf to taki
procaadlnga raid.
"I Want to I t ile I at
first Urn 1 1 my life i a
h '
II let
part I
n t ie
I the
' this
man. i did - H k'
The fit -l I. ' I i .
Twanl t t i street
r iii i
ug h
id MUtl
eclse c ise w '
"Mi rtnati
yoj , loudli
place is .mo '.
' This is Inn t
man Cuirsn. s
two -I.i v s agti
i "in rn ii." lot
.. it's not W' iei i
rruilti I
atltig," remarked Aide,.
iroaelloally. "it i, uu a
(Continued on deoond Page
Beauty Rings Heiself From
Gangplank Into Arms
of Fiance.
So Fretty Marie Victor Goe J
" I
to Ellis Island Till Belknap
Names the Day.
A young woman whose extremely he
mming (."inns and gleaming golden
hair had attracted the attention of her
r, How passengers on board the a'.eam
Ihlp Oarlllo, Just as her haughty man
ner had repelled attempts at conver
sation, tripped down tin gangway when
the liner reached the I'nlted Krult
Company's pier to-da, nnd fling hei
st If Into the arms of a man who was
young, tall, hand-, cue and prosperous
They ere still embracing each other
when nn Immigration Inspector stepped
toward them.
' BgQUaa me, niles,' lie said, "hut duty
BOmpala me to ask whad brine you to
the United states?"
Tiie girl laughed.
"U in to man) this gentleman.'' she
aid proudly, her Kltgllah tinged with a
Teutonic accent "Al this moment I
am yet Marie Viator, but when that
has been accompllehed which hiought
me all the way from lea Pa., Hollvln, 1
shall be Mrs. Ralph I. Uelkuap. This
la Mr. BelknaP." and she waved her
he rd tow-.ird tho big young man.
viiu are to marry her'.'" asked the
Inspector of Hi iknap.
' V-e-s," said the big man, so aloaly
that the Inspector became suspicious.
"Immediately'.'" he wanted to know.
Belknap'a face grew red and ha heal
lated before he answered:
"No; 1 am afraid we can't bo married
Immediately, You see, my business
hasn't been proapering as i had hoped
and axpaotad, and we may have to wait
some time."
The Inspector suggested (hat It would
he welt for the young woman to go to
Kil e island thai a further Investigation
might In made. She looked appealing!)
al Mr BalktiaP, but he repealed.
"We can't be married right away. I'm
not financially able ut this lime."
Miss Victor, at first Indignant, began
to sob, Tears streamed from the blue
eyes that had Hashed reil ntfully at the
"you'll accompany her lo HUH island.
Won't yon, Mr. Helkn.'ip'" asked tho of-
"i ve got some
Rl I i bat 1 shall
onoa." he suid.
Then he hurried
vary important dusi-
have tn attend to at
' I ii ally. I can't go."
away from the pier
after telling tin inspe, tor 'bat he waa a
mining tig ncer. tie grand "on of Bruce
Belknap, and lived at No WO West End
tin the way to Kills Island Mlsa
Vletoi-.Kniulein, she called hersslf -said
she had been u s houltea 'her In
Berlin, where liar parents were of good
connection but moderate means, umli
two yeara ago. Khe had gone to wouth
America tor her healihi a ittng as gov
arneaa in Hie family of wealthy friends
of her nariuls, u ucl there had met Mr.
IP I n a p.
II.- rame to New Vork .e.eral months
ago and returned in in Pas, she aald.
Th"' tiecanie tngaged nnd wnan he em
barked on steamer whloti landed him
in re nine dais aao to bad arranged for
III r to follow hllll .'-lie UaderatOOd they
, old b' itiai rl'd as Boon as sue ai -lived.
t .i 'h nla atlon authorities nt make
i thorough Investigation and may not
allow Mlsa Viator to Kind unless thai
are assured Mr Belknap win marry her
At t'.i a ldiesa given by Beiknapth
Monti ioIIo tnarlmenti st seventy ninth
trevl sod Wist i;ni iv ni" n win
said he lad i lis I used In file m-if ier,
a in w i, un hi I' any plan to man-,
y, 1 1 "... - . 1 1 . i i" u id,, w u' a Wealth)
i . cam
to Ni
rk fro
r had
iild her sou
,i et i. H 'ih.
imager fur I
llSd ll.'lc
ilthu tab
llilll a
i 'utiipaii) , a Nsa
rratln Built i
At.u m tut: i" mi
aies., T isii -t'. l.af it 'i h A.U
'fit K 1Jli..
II. i Wile I- pa
M P l II I' t
II. i ......... t ; i t ..... i i . i I
Girl From South America
Detained Till Fiance Names Dayl
'i (photoar.i piirii Rtpectally for Tiir Evening World by n stair I'rmt.igruphei.i
' avet
' -IT
'f IT
rStSl4'e'.-4sleAs'!"J,'i ete
Garment Making industry
Mere Now Paralyzed With
175.000 Workers ( )ut.
Following the walk. mi n( .17. one women
and glrla of tin- ghlrtwalal and Ureas,
tnakers' Union at 10 o'clock ihts morns
lig, a mine which !'-ft NO nlmp through
out aha city without a working force
efforts ut a settlement wore lcgun this
aftafttOOn upon the p i. t uf the man
agers of the strike and the Shirtwaist
and Iireh-.liiai.,ig Minu'i 'iiicI'm' I'm-
lective Aaiooiatloni Iha employers' nodi '
Oreatssl teen y cloaked the nagdtln
lions, ami there much effort, both
on tho pau't uf the union's Monti and
tho fiiainifa' t 'tiers' association, to pie-I
vent the fact of a meeting, held in the
association's r"oms In (lie rVth avenue J
buttdtagi banmidng mildlc
John A. Uyche. secretary and treas
urer of the International Uarmant Mak
ers' Union, and A'irnhain RoaanbgTg, an
rafansaer of thai unii. went to the
olllces of Walter Hal tl il-onew, the
general manager of tne Manufacturing
Kmployera' Asaoclatlon, and were
Joined thara by Hugh Kraynai an or
ganlaar of Iha Federation uf Labor,
While the pre-s agent of the manu
facturing company was busy denying
any meeting wus 111 progreaa then
three labor men had a conference witu
Barthnl itnew and a sub ommlttaa of
the ghlrtwalal and Draaamaklng Munu
factursra' Ausoelatlon in liatholemew'a
The stilke of the si.lrtwatu makers,
dii-Hiuagers In whit, l'l and the
guttata niiied with iheao tradee brings
tn.. number f Idle workers in
earsoua garment worklgg trad' cloei
tn 17&.U0H
Knles the strlks Is settled aoon, a",
onrding to the enploiers' oel.ef, It mil
have a marked erf,- i upon the summer
supply of white goods for women Iht
ountry over. For, ssi lc fro n tssveiand,
O., the iroa-t centre uf prgdltcttog '
New Voik mi l the trikn m time I lo
paralyse Iha Industry ual 't t ie height
ol the lumaief g"'sis pfoduoliQit,
aalda from Ike i niti t iJarmeni Work
rsi ih-' ItraM lo strike and a1 hoes action
alt. ta ,,nli ka prodUOtlon of boys' an I
men's cloth ugi ti ire bow between
:..' i au-i loMHl prisiu an ot woman
garments nulling nil . tun Word of then
sniployeri that their tarmi aocept
able. There Is .ooiplete cvasatluti in
ihs prodU' Hon of aii arliclag f woman'e
(Cgaiinued oa aeaond Page.;
af eV sf tli W
Circulation Hooks Open to .4."
15, 1913. 20 PAGES
a -a .
r a-'A-a..s.-e-...-.. e' -- -
Judge Gives Decision Vgainsl
Blossom Seeley from
the Bench.
Wharevap Bloasom Naeiet an actfaaa
a hose Kofjfby Ik aald to be Imih II and
Rube Mnrojuard a ha as ball player
whoae penohant is lor tne stage wers
this afternoon, ihey were not in jn.
Moa Headridk'a pun ,.f the Ruprume
Couri when Joseph Cahen, MlaaRaalay'e
huaband, askil the nourl to grunt him
a divorce nn the ground that his wife
and Mi Maruuard had bean too
fib ndly,
The stories told by sundry private
detectlvea about nips lo Atlantic oil)
wen- convincing enough to tin. mind of
the justice tor him io gram Cation
divorce front Iha banoh.
justice Kendrl k iad been i"tiing far
buck In his chair when bis alert ear
caught the name Ol Manpiard
'WRopf" he aXoialmed to Nicholas Rei
vnggl, sttorney fur Mr. ilahen. 'Van n
Is. that this en rOC pendent Is Mnnnutrd
it Marquardi tic great pitcher?'
"Plven so. IfoUl Kono ." replied the
I iwver, humbly
"Well, wnll web" Mid the Jildg
"What do ,ci I Ink of I hall I'll I.
sir'" And thereafter tl Judge ;-a e.
back and fortji be ilnd h'. barrier
t'sdien, ni tn,' vary outsell said th't
he was a 'professional actor "
There wa. perceptible psuss before
flu attorney had the heart Q ask If
Mi i ii, in bad "voluntarily lived arlUi
mns gee ley since be disco trared h i
proference for Manpianl "
"I hale not," was ins answer
Then Waiter K Carter, a prii.ue d-
toctlve, t ol Hi' stun I
"i mei Mr, fahen aad Mi Kenay, a
detective, in Philadelphia" be said,
"and ws weni ovet to Atlantl Oily,
uiti ng Ibera atwui .if pas- ..in in gs
iir iv- as Iked dovg ".. baarej.
w .Ik and saw Mn'ipiard and H'oHsom
gaeley t oming out .,f th" Apollo 1 beatri
From there Ihey went lo a ate. when
they remained, hailng n high old time
until half-pas I twelve that night Then
t". weir up lo the Continental Hotel,
nd ui up the stairs to Parlor '.
t J ii, in ll in the moflllng We pgged
null -ie inc i door while I yelled in Mar
in"d ti'.i' i bid ii n ie sage for him.
' 'ctilck I, outer Hie dour or leave it
III toe ufll I'.' Ill 'l lied I'X'k up II th it
iksti Uaruard'i I called, "i we'll br..ik
1. UI.
"i i, rythlng
i a le lg it or
du ir gave Tile
. w mapped
I w ell 1 n n, and
i i raiahei before tin
room was ,u darkneas
on ih" elei tr. light.
then aas Maruuard hiding behind ih
duur and Mum deeley was just coming
out from under the btl.
Indicted Policeman and Counsel
Have Secret Talk with Whitman
Before Bail Is Reduced to $5,
000 by Prosecutor's Consent
Man Accused by Sipp, Facing Testi
mony of Six Others, Prepares
to Save Himself.
rattotituti Eugene Pox, Indicted yctcutay on a charge of collecthif
iTKtuey for pnttOCtiotl fropi Gtorl A. bipp Jiiiiiig five years of Sipp's
.'oniicvlinn with a dJsrffptltsUfl Hlllem hotel, is repoited to have mad l
statement to I lie Ui.-;rivt-Aitcmey whiLh involves a captain and, pos
libly, an inspector in the gnftinf. I lie intormation that Fox is pre
paied to -vavc hlnuelf come! from tlie very best of authority and is in
line wi:li pox'i declaration a tew dayi dgu that he wouldn't make a
martyr uf himselt to bave anybody.
Tlie Indictment against Hox was hinded Jown by the Gnnd Jury
at 12.35 o'eluek this afternoon. Ten minutes later Fox, pale and wor-ried-looking,
anJ acconipanied by his lawyer, Louis Grant, appeared in
the Criminal Courts Building and went to the District-Attorney's quar
ters. tvklenly Fox had been expected. He was met at the door by one
nl Mr. Whitman1! aides who e-corted him into Mr. Whitman's private
Dllke. None ol Mr. Whitman'! assistants conversant with the case
would deny that f ox previously had been in consultation with the Dis-
Former President of Venezuela
Found Guilty of Moral
I'lprisno Castro's hops of getting a
pa-sport to this land of the fia. fr.mi
.hi-, temporary pals at BthAjslsnd
from t '.' Hoard -ip- i ' -i I
wbi'ii bus tn- -i cortsldsring ins cnaa,
was ni., iei i in when Ihs Board
found he t.ud given evidence of moral
turpitude as Preaktatit of Vonoauclg and
e i 1 1 , 1 1 . i him from up United nute.
It was the minn.r of Hie little ec-
Olotatoi and Ms refusal to gnawer eer
uiin iiuesriuns p'n t" iiim b, the board
which had most to do with ' ' egciualofii
particularly did hl atUl ' whan I eked
S had bs knew uf ihe death "l '".
Antonio rarla, BjakS a bad linpi-j.
a statamanl given out by Commie-
si r HVtlllam Williams said
Ue consider 'aatro an unruly wtt-
nes His testimony t" the effect t'ist
no foreigner --uff red a result of hie
action during the year i he was Presl
dent of Venealela wa ds line to he-
i ii, ve itis refusal In i. nil to many
I uuesitmn beartng nn hie right t
uiiuiee. us linn net dantaglll
lc ll.
i n iii. h tie dealt " t i i .
I iin laformalioa we have recalled
fi.-lu utTlcl.il ."-lire- , b, was . ' i d
w ltli r. e Minsilii Ii t tin' l i
Pan d '. hut declined t
ull, r
d il,
i -
tlen. ''astro has decided in .iip. il o
tin. .-ie.-ret.irv of Commerce and Labor
at Was'ilngtoli- hl.i lu.-l ivaurl uoXoie
It is said that I'm learned last night
Of the nature uf the evidenee given
agalnat kin by Pipp and iwa'a aon.
and alao learned that thu DsstricteAt
torm y h i. six other witneaaea who win
positively corroborate the yipps. Ft
i nd to have thrown up his haidn
nil, on the ground tnnt he Idn't keep
1 1 v of the money he collected, bnt
turned It our to ulbers, agree.) lo tell
the whole story lo save himself from
II I'm should decide tn turn State a
Ptdance the Olatru-t-Attorney would
lake htm before toe lirand .lory neat
Monday, Of course, by testifying
iigalnst others, Fog wuuld gain Im
munity for himself, as did the wit
nesses for the State In the Rosenthal
In -Mental to the Irani Jury Inquiry,
the mat riot. A 'to rosy has been Invest!-
I git ug Bna rcianona net ween aipp ana
Oapt rhomaa W IVslsh and inspector
t i Sweeney. In tin- -aae f Walsh,
' Aic, , - iii sortrmand ,f the Baal one
Hundl I nd Twcnty-s.xih street pre
i '' than ftv i years. It has been
to in I 'I, i ne was not only a close par
aonal friend of Bkpp, but ngured Jointly
w't - Slpp In at least one real estate deal.
Rtpp ,'1 Wii-i ui company i the in-
. uc f., -t,i ,i.:tei s iratnaa
and trldUi and they reara summer
ii, ghna at Teais k. K, J.
1 a IS srralgned "fur.- Justice Ooft
a' i ,, lock tht aft nooa to plead to
t'.i In l.efnent agil ist bi n, which
cinrgij bribery i and not extortion, as
had been announced. Lawyer Grant
i . i d Dial as he had not read the indict
ment he was not in position to enter a
plea (Of kla client anJ asked for time
I Justice Oof! s.-t the pleading for 11
o'clock Prldn) morning. Pistrkt-Attor-no
Wh tt i e i thu t Koa be add m
i 1,000 bail.
i , le exorbitant." protested Law.
e r mt "Why, Pulleotnan .'Uelly,
ted for ertui llou, was held ,,, only
u .1 ii i hii Court of Ueneral Heseloaa
In utni K b aa Km has given hlmsaif ng
and has norne down here to do the right
thing I submit that we should not ha
Compelled to give larcer bail
"iiulred of Skelly."
I fcsl justified," aald Mr.
1 -

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