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tj "fa sating for riO.W bell. There ars
ethers deeply Involved In this erlnlr end
it li necessary that ttrl dafemlant
'sariirril within ths 1tl'll tlii of h'
Mr "
Sk rtrinlly Justice Ooff filed tall at
-i&.ont He granted motion offered by
Hta DlstrlotWUtornay Hrlm ths prose
,WBSfon perwileslon to uk for in tncreess
1 nf ball t ny time end also giving Mr.
.r Whitman forty-eight hour esemlnatlon
p, of any serurlty offered,
fu Although FYix m prepared to give
i baa and the1 roenrlotsAttorney was win
'HlM rllMH trie IniMoted polloeman on
''lM. JoaOoa Ooft upset the frrogramme
.-sad yvix had not secursd hie liberty lata
7hla afternoon. H had than heen trying
'Seer than four houre to get hta matter
vst ball etreUrhtenert out.
A Hn Pauline lClaue frret furnlslsed a
bond for Fox and IMatrkn-Atmrnry
WaTttman arreted It, but Justice Ooff
turned It down. hsildlnej that the
equity of 'Mrs. KIbiis In fe property
s offered. !. . was not sufficient.
Then the National Surety 'omieny
was aake.l t.. furnlah hall. F.verythlng
" appeared t be progressing well until,
after looking Into the case, officers of
the National Surety derided that they
at dM not want to Incur the ol.lluatlon.
As a laat reanrt Fo aent f"r esi'-.n-s-rssmn
William . Msnnet, who. It
waa hope.1 by the prisoner, would pro--Sua
a aatl' factory bnndanian.
It waa announced at Police Head
quarters to-day thet Koa'a trial at Head
quarters will be resinned on Friday
morning, and that the commissioner
Ml,... nit J Howard
"f?r" . etad l.v de- I strsngled A. Dr. Weston wa. malrlnK
Coroner's Physician Declares
"Mrs. Beecham" Was Mur
dered in Her Bed.
Messenger Leads Them lo Man
Whom Fled From Rooming !
House After Death.
Coroner's Physician Weeton completed i
hie autopay this afternoon on the body
of the woman known aa Mrs. Harry
Ileecham at No. 131 Went Twenty-third
atreet, where ahe wan found dead In her
room ysaterrlny. Hn found the rial been
(Continued from Flrat rage,)
He kne
nvrniir offered me SMO once."
"I low mti' li did you keep?"
"Not a rent."
The witness could not recall anyone
nhfl who hnd approached tilm. He hII
SO Tar ns he knew there wa no grsft
In the l'olli e liepnrtment. He aald he
had never heard of policemen receiving
money ex opt In the newspapers.
Mr. fluckner started off on a new
line of questioning-, but he waa inter
rupted by Chairman C'urran.
"Lot me nay right here," said Alder
teotlvee aa havlni been legslly
with subpoenas to be preaent ready to
testify. But aa.Foa In due In the Hu
preine Court to plead to hta Indictment
at the time aet for hla trial It la likely
that the trial at Headquarters wtll be
IMiatponed ngalri.
Reports that George Slpp. upon whose
taatimonv. arlvan yesterday. Fox waa
indicted, la In a preuarloua condition
from a aerloua operutlon performed laat
night tuin out to be eaagserated Hipp
did undergo a minor operation, but It
waa not serious or even painful and he
could leave his bed to-morrow If It
should be neceaasry.
Fearing arreat on a trumped up charge,
8a7P Insisted that he be put through
some sort of an operation Ae his
hearth te rather bad. Or. William II. Hp
ton didn't have much dtffloulty In fig
uring out something that would appease
Hipp and insure him agalnat arreet.
The Qrand Jury has temporarily
dropped the Hipp charges, but they will
be taken up later with particular refer
sne to the aBeged police "frame-up" by
whloh Blpp waa arrested tn Atlantic
City on charges made by two women of
no reputation. It la eald that the pollce
men who got theae charges together
mil ir overreached themselves, for when
the accusations became public and P rp
waa arrested his friendship with oerta'n
policemen gave ... to bitter enmity and
resentment, and U now detertnltied to
dtagraat them.
BJpa la his etoy to the Grand Jury
yesterday mentioned the names of an In
spector and a rtptaln In the Police
Department, but was unable to give evi
dence which would warrant the arand
Jury in taking action However, a Un
of Inquiry has been opened up which
wfll be followed.
Apparently Blpp haa determined to tall
all he knows about vice conditions as
they prevailed during the days of hla
sstlvlty aa a keeper of a disorderly
hotel In Harlem. He aald yesterday
at he waa going clear to the bottom
that hla revelations would surprise
tpp at the same time repeated a story
he told to the Grand Jury to the effect
that ha understood a large sum bad been
raised to keep him out of the State, and
that he had acoepted T0 of the money
while la Newark. The reports of the
amount vary from 11.000 to tt.vOu. Ed
ward J. Newell, i tpp'e lawyer, and the
lawyers for Fog deny the story Blpp
jakt Newell knew about the transaction,
whtcb Newell flatly denlee. Blpp saya bs
haa released Newell aa hla lawyer and
retained Solomon A. Hyman of No. Mi
Bast One Hundred and Twenty-first
atreet to represent him In case the police
make another attempt to Set nun on
criminal charges
Last night eight or ten buatnsss men
ot standing tried to get In to see Slpp.
but were not admitted. They had var
ious excuses for wanting to talk to h.tn.
but It Is surmised they intended to urge
him not to go farther with his es
poaurn It la likely no other police graft wit
nesses will bs heard by the Grand Jury
before next Monday, as tbey have arson
t4 also t ion cases and other matters to
work on that will bap them busy until
the. It may be possible to hear a few
by Friday, however.
Bipp told the Grand Jury aU he told
Use AJdsrrnanlo Committee and mush
aete Hs waa corroborated lo Important
details by hie eon. Howard. After near-
las them the jury did not heat lata lo
vote an tadlotmenl agalnat Fox.
It la understood that Bipp'a atory was
a samarkable expose of hew the polios
jbave regulated vlue In Harlem far yeara
aad named three Inspeuturs and one
captain aa men who bad participated at
dllsrent times m the laat five years in
ths graft.
Be told of the Influence of a Tarn-
' leader who could have police com-
installed or trans'" ed at wi:
hose word was sufflolsnt to drive
out of business or make him
Borne saloons, he said, could re
ejMta open as long as their proprietors
desired, while others had to close on
,dba minute or be raided. Even bar
tenders could not get lobe In Harism If
this Tammany man objected to them
his report to Coroner Hellenateln word
came that lleechein, who had been
Sought sIikc last night, finally had been
atrested In a telegraph office at No. II
West Hlsteenth stinet and waa being
brought to the Cot-oner's ufflue by way
of loilce Headquarters.
Heerham engaged a room at the Twenty-third
atresl house, which la con
ducted ly lllnarl Mlneghottl. nhnut two
weeks ago. Tlie aomnti Joined him un
Saturday, went away over Hunday and
came back on Monday. That after
noon ahe began to scream and Ida
Ismpe, a maid, was sunt to hsr room.
"Those Dills huve msde me deathlv
SjssV1 the woman told His girl, pointing
to a half-emptied box on a lable beside
her bed. "Mr. Ileecham got them to
make tn,. sleep and I'm afield I've been
A doctor aa called He told "Mis.
Ilrecham" she an srlously 111 and ad
vised her lo go a hospital. An am
bulance was summoned, but Heecham
returned before It came. He refused IS
permit the wonvan to he moved.
Teslerdny morning. BgeohaBI left the
houss at II o'clock. Mrs. MlnegheWtl
aeked him hbottl his Wife' I condition and
he aald she waa "feei ng better." Juki
before ho closed the door behind him,
Ileecham asked Mrs Mlneghettl to take
a cun of coffee to Ills irlfe at noon.
BVsim Mo Mimurliettl went npMalra
with the coffee she saw the woman ly
ing In bed, her face covered with a
cloth. Hhe did siot dure to enter the
mom until her husband returned, an
hour later. Then they found the wom
an was desd. The woman had Instruct
ed the maid to notify her brother. John
ttlmer of Hsonne. N J., if anything
happened," and the Mineghetlls sent htm
a wire.
Almost at the same time Timer re
celved a telegram from llrocham whloh
Yiwr sister died at S this morn
The time Tteecham mentioned waa
eight hours before he had assured Mrs.
Mlneghettl the woman was still alive
and well.
Ileecham sent a messenger boy to (he
Twenty-third street house for Ills cloth
ing to-day and detectives trailed the
boy to the telegraph office. Ileecham
told them on the way downtown thill he
waa not marrlod to the wont in, ullhough
they had made their home together most
of the time during the last seven yeara
"Her name Is Bertha iMmer," he si'd
"and we last ware together In lios.on
where I was cashier In a lunclinion
My rsal wife Is In Allentown, !., and I
Save a eon In college."
I Beecham we confronted at the for
loner's offloe by John I'lnier, who Is em
! ploy ad by the Htandard Oil Company
Bayonne. He dented he had atruck or
even iiuarrellrd with the woman I'line
eald hla slater was thirty. Beecham
well-dressed, with dark hair brushed
wffaght hack from a hth forehead,
aald he waa forty.
Disregards Prtcedents and Orders
Prison Warden to Bring
Him to Albany.
ALBANY. Jan. 16 - Disregarding
precedents. Gov. 8ulser has ordered
that Foulke K. Brandt, Mortimer I.,
sjchtffs former valet, now serving a
tklrty-year sentence In Clinton Prison
for burglary, shall appear In person
at ths hearing In the Ksecutlve Cham
ber on Friday on Hrandt'a application
for executive clemency.
The order waa sent to Warden
Kalaer of Clinton Prison, who has ar-
rangsd to bring Brandt to Albany.
-Attorney Whitman haa aipplled
la the Board of Estimate for SM.0U0, to
S raised by the Issue of special revenue
bands, for the purpose ot carrying for
pard ths work of Investigating the Po
i4a Depart moot and other work of in
i sasllpsll hi growing out of the proseou
''SJjga of Herman Rosenthal.
e,- TiabssTT sner 1 1" you surprise the
jLjQaTfasl Taw; .hay saosVt aansot w see
AldlA'N V, N. T., Jan. W.-Bllls de
Signed to permit the city of Yonkers to
acquire and operate the street car line"
In that city, which have been tied up by
a etrtke pf employees since Jan. 1, wcie
Introduced to-day by Senator Healy and
Assemblyman Madden.
The measures provide that If the city
and company are unable to agree upon
a purchase prloe a commission of three
la to be named by the Supreme Court
to ai t aa appraisers. The city la au
thorxed to Issue bonds to buy the road
and the Mayor may appoint a euperln-
tendent rf street railroads, under whoae
supervision the road Is to be operated.
D. J. His worth, a passenger on the
steamship Panama, In port to-day from
Cristobal, disappeared on Jan. U and la
supposed to have jumped overboard.
Be waa a canal employee, twsnty-slx
years aid, sod lived In Washington,
she earns as
ad the oeaatry. The
mat eeeaa aa lam whoa
treated with aU of the money the erope
bring over a period of years.
"I'm opposed to the ooaoentrevMoa of
the money power, brain power or en
ergy whore that concentration la likely
to result a harm. This question la one
that coaoorns men as maoh aa mosey.
Why, If Mr. Mor gas wars to get oat an
Issae of secant! oe on ths Desert of
Sahara It woald probably bs sabeerlbed.
Bvery-thing Is tending toward concen
tration. Why this oowUwJttee Instead
of doing its owa questioning west out
aad got Itself the beat law I as to the
Here the committee snd spectator as
well as the counsel nd the witness
For half an hour Mr I'ntermyer en
deavored In vain lo eeeurc a definite
answer tn his hvpothetlr al question, hut
Mr. Perkins sal dthat he could not as-
ume to know the facta assumed In the
When Mr Perkins was cslled to the
st nd Samuel I'ntermyer. counsel for
the committee, asked:
"Whnt la your present occupation?"
"Well, I am a student Juat now." an
swered Mr. Perkins, with a smile. "I
slao spend conalderabls lime testifying
efore Omgresalonal committees."
Mr. Perkins told nf having been a
n ember nt the firm of J. P. Morgan
Vi. and of hla camnectlnn with the
'rilled Htatea Rleel Wri .ration He
waa still a dlrctor nnd member of the
'Inance Committee of the corporation,
le said, and had a great deal to do
with Its business organisation after
wns formed Mr Perkins aa a di
rector of the Hteel 'orio atlun and the
International Harvester Company Is a
defendant In the Oovernment'a suits for
the diasolutlcn of those concerns.
Aa Hamuol l.'ritermyer, counsel for the
committee, begun lo question lilm about
those two companies, there was much
speculntlon among Iswyers and others
present as to whether Mr Perklne's
answers would give him Immunity from
ny possible Government prosecution.
Mr. Perkins mid th. corporation
'bought Its own stock only, so far is
he knew, to be sold to employees under
profit sharing schemes.
We never knew of the corporation
buying Its own slock to protect It In
the market and know (.f no pools to
manipulate the m.nket In ateel stock.'1
he ssld.
Un you believe thst directors should
he allow.) to trails In the stock of their
own corporations on advance Informa
tion secured by thsni through their con
nection with the corporation?" saked
Mr. I'ntermyer. "I do not," sild Mr
'The ftleel Corporation was the first
Wg corporation lo give entire MbMaltt
to Its affairs, was It not?" naked Mr.
ITnlermyer. "Yea. so far as I know."
Mr. Perkins said he be'leved all cor-
rporatlons siuuld give publicity to all
their affaire.
"Now, ai to the organisation of the
Harvester Company, thai wae mm
pui-tlcularly you.. Job. was It mil?" "It
was." snld Mr. Perkins.
Mr I'ntecmvrr told Mr. Perking that
he did not wish to ask any questions
that might bear upon the suit of the
Government against the Harvester
trust. "In fairness to myself and the
oomnilttee," ssld Mr. Perkins "I sug
gest that I have Just ' titled tn that
suit, and It would lie difficult for rue
to testify uluMit the Harvester Com
pany without Infringing on the matters
at lasbe."
Mr. I'ntermyer dropped the qucsflomi
Into Harvester Company after the wit
ness ssld he was a member of the
(Inance committee.
Mr. Pcrltlns said be waa one of the
original voting trustees of the Hankers'
Trust Company.
"What ueeful purpose la served by
plhotng the voting power of a trust com
pany In the hunda of few trustees?"
usked Mr. I'nterniyer.
Mr. Perkins answer ed that he believed
a voting trust wits used In organising a
new concern, to Insure Its being run
along certain lines Indorsed by the
1 metres.
"A few yonng men In Blew Tork who
met ocoaslonslly at dinner aad abo-it
town fait that there was an opening
for another trust romnany In Maw
Tork and we organised this one," he
ssld, and added that the Bankers'
Trust Company was the flrat financial
Institution organised ander a toting
Do you approve of ths continuance
of this voting trust?" aslked Mr. TJnter-inyer.
'Probably not," said Mr. Perkins, but
I em not eufrlrlently familiar with con
ditlons to-day to say."
He said he believed that minority
stockholdere of corporations should
have a proportionate representation r.f
the board of dlrectore. He and Mr. Un
trrmyrr argued over the legal standing
r thle question.
"Bo you or do you sot approve of a
ohangs in the law that would give the
minority stock of a oornoratloa a right
of repreesntauont" asked Mr. Unter-myer.
I certainly would approve of that
If it were properly eafegvarded aad
properly Introduced and Trranged so as
to oondnct It properly."
Mr. Perkins declared he did not be
lieve persons ought to have the power
to go out snd buy one or two shares of
stock nnd then demand representation
on a board of directors and "raise hob
with the Institution."
Albert C. Hurras of Boston beati
fied he was one of the original organ
isers of the Amalgamated Copper Com
pany In iw He named aa hie arslst
ants In the deal W'Jllam Rockefeller,
Marcus Baly. H. II. Rogers and other
financiers. Mr. Burrage could not re
member how much was made by the
organisers In turning over the various
properties to the Amalgamated.
"Waa the profit $S,ooo.ooot" asked
Mr. Untsnuyer. "I could not gay," an
swered Mr. Barrage. Be oould not re
member bis owa profit, that made by
Thomas W. X.avrson, William Bocke
fellsr or Mr. Bog'srs.
Mr. Burrage eald he got hie profit In
securities so far as he could renum
ber and did not get any Butta, Boston
or Boston-Montana.
"Will you aay that your profit was
not more than IMOO.OOOT" asked Mr.
UMtnurv. "J would boa sax," an
swered Mr llurrage
records of the deed.
"Then this entire deal, lavolTtag 75,
000,000, was aeootapUahad without ths
sera tab of a pear" asked ths sonaseL
Tea, so far as X know."
"The public came In In sJioala, didn't
It?" asked Mr I'ntermyer "Tea, you
might nay that." said Mr. Rurrge. He
could not say Whether tlhe "Irwrtdere'
entered large requests for subscriptions
to the stock, hut he knew that before
the stock was allotted Hie pries had
gone Is II IK or llto per II"" Mar
About ll7r,.nfin.non of offers, he eald,
wera rSSalgSi for the 171,000, 000 of
Mr. llurrage could not remember de
tails of operations by which Amalga
mated took oer Roaton ami Montana
and Butte and Roeton Boston and
Bulla, Mr. llurrage aald. waa accumu
lated on his advice. Mter. he said, the
(llnbe Bank of Boaton failed, holding
a large block of Boston and Montana
stock, .lust prior to the failure, he
ssld. Mr I.awaon conducted a vigor
ous advertising campaign, "hulling"
Butte and Boston snd "bearing" Boston
snd Montana. Mr Rurrnge aald he had
taken no part in the negotiations by
which the Amalgamated organisers se
cured the Boston snd Montsna stock
held by the (llohe Bank He did not
believe the I.awaon advertising cam
paign had any relation to the Ulobe
Mr Hurra said that 'Butte and Bos
ton stock was exchanged for Amalga
mated at a rate of four shares of Ansl
gamated rfnr one of Rutle and Boston,
which with Amalgamated at IB), made a
price) of 30. Butte-Montan. bs aald.
was exrhsnred share for share with
Aima.1g.im a ted in the menger. '
MT Unlermyer asked If Mr Rogers
and Mr. lo.kefste1r had not acquired
Hutle and Boston and Butte and Mon
tana and had then as f rectors of yie
Amalgamated voted to buy this stoi-k
from themselves. Rut Mr. Hurrag did
not resTiem-'ber.
"But you tourw thai the vslue of these
stocks Increased from Sn.OOn,UOO to II"! -Onn.iiuo
when they ware transferred to
the Amalgamated?"
Mr. Kurrage said that In 1104 he or
dered all his papers and accounts de
stroyed because Mr. l-awson and Mr.
Hgera were engaged In an altercation
"They were hotih frlenda of mine and
I did not wish to become Involved," said
Mr. llurrage.
His Rieht Vocal Chord (ione Liner Reported Rudderless in mnn ran, that these wild charges
' ' o I i .made against me have gone far enough.
and Appearance at Money
Inquiry Would Be Risky,
Mid-Ocean Reaches Nova
Scotia Port.
WAHIirNOTON. Jan. IB. - William
Rocksfeller, Htandard HI millionaire, la
not too sick to testify briefly In the
Money Trust Inquiry. This was the
opinion given lo-dsy by lr. Richardson,
the committee's throat speclsllat, who
examined Rockefeller at Miami, Fla.,
last Sunday.
He said s long examination might be
dangerous tn ltockefeller's health, but
the'brlef questioning would not.
tar. Richardson gave It aa tils opin
ion that If the commutes desired to
question the oil magnate on a matter
of verry great Importance. Rockefeller
could endure about two hours ordeal
on the stsnd without danger.
The expert said that aluiough Rocke
feller's vocal cords were badly effected,
his voice could be heard for twenty
feet. He said that the millionaire was
a victim of ehaklng palsy, which would
make It lmiaslble to conduct an exami
nation In writing.
Dr. Richardson added that were lie
Mr. Rockefeller's physician he would
endeavor to protect him against the
strain of testifying. Chairman Pujo un
nounced the committee would decide
later whether to Insist on the testimony.
Dr. Richardson said that lie exam
ined Mr. It... kefeller at Miami. Fla., on
Sunday, Jan. It, that no one else was
present and that he spent an hour With
him. The affidavit presented by Dr.
Chappoll, Mr. Rockefeller's physician,
he snld, did not fully state the case.
"Mr. Rockefeller's condition Is more
serious than would be supposed fr.mi
reading Dr. Chappell'a affidavit," said
the witness.
Br. Klohardeon said that he found
that the right vocal ohord of the oil
magnate waa practically gone aad that
the left was badly affsctsd. Bs said
hs foaad Mr. Bookafeller's pulse 100
aad hla blood pressors laa. A writing
test, hs said, showed that Mr. Books
feller by continued effort oonld write
only eleven words la two aad one-half
minutes. Bs said hs found a condition
of what la mostly called "shaking pal
sy," whloh mads aa ssamlaatlc : by
writing a practical Impossibility.
Manufacturing Cliemis in New
York City Obtains Im
mediate Relief.
The Hamburg-American line received
wdrd to-day from Its agent at Halifax
that the freighter Abeselnla, which had
laat bSSfl reputed as drifting In mid
ocean at the rrreroy of wind and wave,
with Its rudder gone and Its idiaft brok
en, arrived aafely In that port this morn
I Ing under Its own steam.
mil. .i I j of the line and relatives of
the officers and crew had been extreme
ly anxious about the Ahesslnla and the
wlreTees had been exchanging messagrn
from the shore wlih every vessel In
rsnge In the hope of picking up a trace
of the freighter. Bach Incoming vessel
brought stories of the terrific storm
lushing up waves mountain high and
experienced seaman felt that a vess d
Willi the Abesslnla's supposed Injuries
could not live out trie hurricane. Just
what foundation there w.is for the early
reports has nut been ascertained here
The crippled freighter came Inlo Hall
f.ix harbor to-duv un ler her own steam,
steered by a Jury rudder rigged up by
the crew. Hhe had been In tow of the
White Star freighter Arnl Of! un, but
after a half day's hard pulling the
tow line parted aOd the vessels drifted
The crew then set to work at a make
shift rudder arrd were able to construct
one, permitting of slow progress to
Halifax. The accident to the crank
shaft and tee ring occurred during the
, turm of Jan. 2.
Many Suffer from Tins Ail
ment Bui Do Not
Know It.
(Continued from First Page.)
Fugitive From One Asylum
Asks Court to Free Her
From Another.
37.000 GIRL WALK
Miss Amelia Leonard, the comely
young nurse whuse arrest In i-otirfectlon
with mysterious, deaths In severul prom
inent Boston families stirred Kastern
M issa chuietts two years ago. wae be
fore Justice Amend to-day In the Su
preme Court on a writ of habeas cor
pus, whb'h she sued out to obtain her
release fnu.i Manhattan Btate Asylum,
wliere she w.ts commlted last October
by Jstlce MsOBtl. Justice Amend ad
journed the hearing one week to give
the young girl an opportunity to call
witnesses from Boston to testify aa to
her sanity.
Mlea Leonard, during the argument In
her behalf by Mra J. ft. Valentine, her
couneel, read a magazine apparently
oblivious to her surroundings. She Is
apparently still In the early twenties.
She was not convicted of any of the al
leged murde r with which her name wss
(I'onUnurd from First Page.)
lenced n
for not
..in was arreateu and son
Marsachuaetts reformatory
less than ten months. A few
days after her Incarceration she be
came ISSIflt and was tranterrod to a
Massachusetts insane asylum, from
whlcb she eecaped and oams to New
An alarm was sent throughout the
United States, and circulars showing
the young woman'e face from three dif
ferent views was sent to every police
headquarters n thte and foreign coun
tries She was traced to ths Vsnuer
bllt Hotel here and taken to llellevue
Hospital. Investigation disclosed that
she really le Mra. William Bain. She
waa married to an Engllahman In Lon
don while very young and came to flits
country and took up the vocation of
private nurse without being a gradu
ate, the authorities aay.
"This woman is a dangeruus para
noiac," said lr. Ueorge SaV I'smpbell of
the Now York Htate lluieau of De
portation, who came to court with
Deputy Attorncy-Oeneral Joseph 1.
Bdelaon to oppoee her releaee. "If ahe
la not freed on this writ I Intend to
have hsr returned to Massachusetts."
A report submitted by Dr. Henry K.
8t end men of Brookllne, Mass , of an ex
amination he made of Mlae Leonard dis
closed thsl she attributes her predic
ament to a plot engineered by WlUhiin
M. Gaston, president of the rthawn.ut
National Bank of Boston, and the de
feated candidate for the Demixmatlc
Oubernatorlal nomination last fall. Hhe
declares, the physician reports, that Has
ten withdrew fro:.i the candidacy
through the fear of her.
The physician eald she had adminis
tered an overdoes of medicine and
given morphine to patients without or
ders, and had for some time past de
famed characters of raputabls phystotens
and families by whom she had been
employed. Hhe was oharged with lar
ceny In ransacking an apartment In
wtuoh wealthy paUtat died. ,
clothing except corsets and knitted
The walk-out of the ahlrtwalst makers
and the workers on white dresses was
spectacular. Most ot the trado le lo
cated In the streets off Broadway about
Fourteenth street and north of Union
square. When the big clock In the
Metropolitan tower sounded thu lost
stroke oif ten, Hroudwuy, Fourth avenue,
University pluce and the cross streets
north of Union square became sud
denly gorged with women and tie all
making their way southward to the
various halls south of Fourteenth street,
whloh hud been reserved for mass
meetings. They marched In groups of
dozens and even hundreda, some sing
ing "The Marseillaise," some chatting
and laughing a bit hysterically, aome
soberly serious over the prospect of
ISOB of employment.
Wsbster Hall on East Eleventh
street, Arlington Hall and the German
Assembly Hall on St. Mark's place,
the Manhattan Lyceum and Casino Hall
on East Fourth street, rapidly filled
and overflow meetings had to be held
In the streets outside. Traffic waa
olncksd In nearby streets by the In
cursion of the workers, for the moat
part girls under twenty. Inside eaun
..all, speakers In various languages out
lined the plans of campaign to be fol
lowed In the strike and heartened the
listeners with assurances that they
could not lose.
It Is sn open secret that the shirt
waist workers and white goods dress
makers have been preparing for to
day's demonstration of power for a
year and the employere have known ol
their intentions. Last week a vote was
taken on the strike and there were only
60t dissenting votes against more
than 11.0UU favoring the wulkout. Fl
owing ths plan laid down by the other
striking unions, the leadens of the
shirtwaist and dressmakers made no
formal demands on the employers In
advance of the strike. To-day they
were busy dt awing up a form of agree
ment which eaoh Individual employer
will have to elgn before hie workers re
par with accusations male against me
of m ws-atund graft. Only last 1'riday
SetSCttVSI were hunting through my dis
trict, ami one of them Interviewed n
nSWe-itand keeper two hours trying ti
get him to say I was offered money for
land pirvllege. The news dealer re
fused to perjure himself."
Alderman Howling said there wai
some confusion In the committee as to
the location of Smith's saloon. Foye
aa.id It Is at No. 3.VI Eighth avenue.
"Hive you unythlng further to say?"
kad Alderman I'urran of the witness.
"I say," replied Foye, loudly, "that you
did come to me, und I specifically nny
that you urked me to go easy with
Smith so he wouldn't lose his license."
What day was that?" asked the Al
"April 4, 1W2." replied Foye, after
consulting a note hook. "It was about
10 o'clock In the morning. I know
the date because thut wuh the date the
case was called for trial or set down
for trial because It never has been
Foye aald he kept a record In his note
book of the cases In which he Ilgured,
wiren they were called for trial and so
on. He said he also kept copies of all
affidavits he made In exoibe and gam
bling cases so nobody could put any
thing over" on him,
"Who did you think might try to
'put something over?' " asked Mr.
"Those gambling lawyers aru prclly
allck and tricky," replied Foye.
The witness said several gu.nblers
had approached hjm at different times
luring hla career and ofi'cied him
Who?" demanded Mr. Buokner,
Well. Kid L'urlcy of No. " Fourth
This Investigation la going to go on
with the same Uhalnman and without
Interruption, but if there la any one
else in the room who has any auch
i harge to moke let him come forward
right now."
There was no response BAY Ifi Buek
ner continued his question!. .. He 3 it
hack on the Curran Incident, asking
how It was the wltnesn oould rememiier
Alderman Curran so well and could not
rcnieirnber persons mixed up In other
"Alderman Curran tosrl me who he
was." replied tre witness.
"Who did I toll you I was'" asked
Mr. Curran.
"You aald you were an Alderman."
Mr Ihickner kept up his questioning,
heckling the witness and firing at him
ontlnually quesilons Intimating the
Witness hsd re elvod money.
"No man can fay I e er received s
dollar unlawfully," shouted the wit
ness. lie said a b iokmaklng chri.-e against
a man named Ahrahsll a misdemeanor
charge was sent before the Grand Jury
Instead of lo Special Sessions, as la
usual, nnd that Assistant District-Attorney
Ellison was responsible for the
The witrress said Assistant-District
Attorney Wllmnt wasn't anxious to con
vict Piiterno.
"Are you going to put Wllmot In the
cluh with Curran mid Ulllson?" asked
"Well, I think bt wusn't anxloue."
The wltncfs said Justice Hussell had
thrown out many cases In Speciul Ses
sions taking tire henrt out of BoMca
matt' Wntefl looked very good to thu
arresting officers.
"Ah, an Justice Hussell belongs to the
cl ub with I'.inan. BJIIlSOB, Wllmot. The
' ot .''"'V-. , ' , ii,.vH ,, , I overjoyed, because now I felt that I
...,. , ,, mif , , -
the witness lUHOniJT,
As gOOn is the accusations of foye
agaln-it Aldernmn Curraii lud been
hi id by the committee the mi.lorlty
mefrsbera dooldad on a prompt Investlga
tlnn. They ssftt W. H. Houghton, the
chief Investigator for the committee up
to see Smith, the saloonkeeper In Eighth
Smith told Houghton he didn't know
MderrntUI Currstn. He said he never
is'fel Alderman Curnan to do him a
favor. And, bsstdsg, Smith added, his
stloon Is not In C irran's district.
Half a rtoxen policemen had tSStMsl
I h iy never kent a ll"t of places sus
pected or heinir BasTseling aim dis
orderly houses In t :elr note hooks, as
required by the rules. Several had
never henrd of the rule. The com-,i
mltte" adjourned until to-morrow
Sufferers from nervtos debility who
have tried Tona Vita arc all uneniraouj
in their opinion of thr good merits of
this new great national tonic.
Among those who wish others to
benefit by their experience ie Mt. 'A.
Plonsky. a manufacturing 'hemlet,
who has a factory at 40 West Third
-treel. New York City, and who re--ides
over at Hath Beach. Long Island.
Mr. Plonsky made the foUowinf
"For many years I have been sutler
ng from a complaint which seemed
to baffle all attempts of diagnosis. I
felt run down all the time. I did not
have my nerves with mr. 1 could not
bear of a single ailment without im
agininp that I had it. My nerves were
all on edgs; a sudden noise and I
would jump like a startled rabbit.
First 1 took medicine for stomach
trouble, then I took medicine for kid
nev trouble, then for liver trouble.
and. in fart, 1 believe I took medicine
for every imaginary ailment,
''The 'other dnv I was reading one
of John HtStitJ W'cbh's talks on nerv
ous debility in a local newspaper and
I immediately knew that that was
what 1 was suffering from. I was
Old llnaeball Player Dead.
Harry OHngan, formerly a well
known baseball player, died suddenly
from heRrt diserwe In hie oorne, No. 16
West End avenue. Newark, to-day. For
thg past two years 'he hnd been em
ployed as an electrician. He wus at
one time a member of the New York
Glnnta. He wns forty-one years old
nn 1 Is survived by a widow and five
chlldr en.
Tn 11 (intn I'lirnntesUert IHvoreea.
Justice Jayeot In the roipiemo Court.
R:-o iklyn, granted divorces to-day to
May Ortsnbsrg from Jacob Greenberg of
Vo SOI Carnbr dge street, and to Edith
May Vln ent from William J. Vincent,
lerk In the re il estate branch of the
Long Island ftAllroad. Neither of t.ie
ictlnna was SetenSSB.
-SjgftX "Motorist's
yr Throat"
aEsef caused by ruahlng
NQ I ,,saxssss. wind and
aJSiWaash irrltatine
Give Quick
JA Relief
' 0 from Coutrhs jwBBBatva.
J Colds, and T
-4 Soro Throat
"Have a Hundred I'ses"
Manilla, luring SV
t'onfectlouer LT
E HK-UUNU. PA. xeaasse- m
A Fiery Sensation
Salt Rhoum All Over Arms.
1 had boils, and suit rheum on my
arms so thut they were literally a scab
from scratching, and a fiery itching
sensation which waa very annoying. I
look a six-bottle course of Hood's Sar
sanarilla, nnd have not had u single
boil since, neither has the eruption
returned on uiy arms. My general
ltcallh is now good, no aches or pains,
and as spring approaches I don t feel
the need of any spring medicine." W.
. Caldwell, Litchfield, t oun.
Get it today in the usual liquid form
or in the taun ts Known as auraaiuua-
hnd something tangible to go OB. I
purchased a bottle of Tona Vita, aad
sfter the first few doses I began to
feel the good effects. My nerva and
my ambition came bark to me. I felt
ten years younger and as vigorous a
1 boy in his teens.
"I am msking this statement be
cause I feel sure that there are thou
sands of others around who are euf
ferers from nervous debility and be
cause of that arc worrying themselves
to an early grave because their dis
eased imagination leads them to be
lieve they have every organic disease
under the sun."
When John Hcaxley Webb, the Lon-
Ion nerve expert, read this statement
he said: .
"This Mr. Plonsky is exactly righ'
The great danger in nervous debitttv
lies in the fact that only a few p
those who are suffering from it realh
know that they have it at all. Ther
imagine they have something wron
with the important organs of tne body
and it will soon actually pass From a
disease of the mind to a real organic
"I am vcrv glad to notice how all
the drug stores in New York are re
porting thut nut only are the sales o(
Tona Vita so satisfactory, but that
everyone who tries it is obtaining
nearly instant relief."
i nuit I'laao, aaausoaie a piece est of Pur
P sT SOS 4S Wei MS. St
8T1IAI EH from M K slit st.. dark (stadia batl
dog. .mis 'Sis snd broken tail, whits chest. Blast
l.cnu -ewsri ; to.irws.
tnrs: I
Address Davit. I
Ituos Lsb ftiun.lsiit fix DnrsuiB
ident ot Brooklyn; salary K weekly.
u uos wo. .sitw xors JOf.
Purses are tilled
hearts are made glad
By the timely use
of a Word Want Ad.
Sustains and Cheers
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vertised in The World will he
listed at The World's Informa
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ner lisiu Nt. aad Broadway 1
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ton Nt,, Brooklyn, for BO days
following the orlstlag ef ths
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If desired, packages can be insured for ICc.
additional. Postal Note or Currency must
accompany order.
Special lor Wednesday. 15th Special lor Thursday. 16lh
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- - Mw..n .jo same NHwiMN a
I'lll M BOX vw POI Nl. JIUI.
Wednesday's Oiler Ing
llll.ll (HAD: tHNOKTKO
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elsewnersj roi ni box
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Pot mi hiix eJsJFsL.
All oar stores opea HaturdsT even
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m cobttlandt it.
ParsTRow A Nsusu St
At City Hall Ptrlt
The ssstfteS weight la sash
Fulton st
sw " vfsisbw oca
6J Jsst East ol Bth Avs.
rastaans lastaaso ths eeataiasr

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