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Proo o Spp Bribery Plot Ready for Grand Jury
V I I HKn-Rala to-ulaat end Fridays MM
WKATilimKaJa twalght aaa mean w
ri wrair.
' 'I . F
Whitman to Give Grand Jury Evi
dence of $5,000 From Inspector
and Captain That Shrunk to
$700 Informer Got.
The liijjfh police officers implicate!.! by George A. Sipp in his charges
of grafting are gelling themselves deeper and deeper into the mire, ac
cording to information which has been gathered by the District-Attorney.
Not only do they stand accused of taxing the keepers of disorderly houses,
but they are charged with raising a large fund to be used for the purpose
of bribing and intimidating witnesses.
The total of ttm fund is said to reach SzS.ooo. P.trt of it, expend
ed in an endeavor to silence Sipp, has been wasted, but the balance is be
lieved to be ready tor use in the case of Fox, the indicted patrolman, and
others whose testimony is of importance.
Three inspectors and a captain ate under investigation. Since Sipp
told his story to the (irarxl JUT) many new lines of information have
been opened. Le.ters and per. nival complaints to the District-Attorney
give the names of policemen who are charged with grafting and also bring
in the names of Tammany politicians.
When t!ie Kxtraordlnary lirand Jury
meets Monday District-Attorney
mai ti expcied to lay iierore it ranun
catlone of the " ytm" Hint miy lead
to th Indictment of cm'! ur mor law
yer for IMglH lllgl With the brlbt.ig of
Sipp o tie to Atlantic t'lty and thu
prevent bin appears n-- at the police ti lal
of Policeman BnfTfll fi r"0, now
under Indictment and In the Tombs an
ti.e charge of bribei y.
Ano. . . a t t.-n pt STM made to-day u
ontaln the PllNM Of K.ix M hail wltil
gg Utile aUoogee as that made yrstri
.., the security he,n rejected with
out the formality of going before Jus
tus Ooff
Mr. Hilda OottenWW : No. ii
West Our HttndNd and Tenty-i.!nih
street offered as security for the ap
lieartnct of the Indicted policeman her
'lome. Tim houMi which the city P
susaed at UdMOi 1 mortgaged for tJsVW,
teeletml Dtetrlet-Attorney Lewi lie.
In rharge of the Bond I MHrniient, wus
hot ssll:l"d with Mr. Qotteeniann'l
'UUlty 1" the property and refused Ul
ungider it ae eoeurlty, Ill woman lali
tb Criminal Court atutldlng plaint)
Tilt PUtriet-Attoriley has In hli pus-
-talon Ml bat he considers almost BOA
i.uslre r"( ,f of, 'he pusingc of thin
bribe money, even to tho telephone cnll
I hat precedid it. i"id tho code M
i,-,el by the conspirators to Identify
innniBrivee. sipp win bo Balled baton
the Grand Jury Monday, In connection
with thin bribery charge, and ills on,
Howard, together with Mm. Sipp, all of
whom are aald to have complete knowl
edge of It, will appear a wit ileuses. The
mde name "McJCulty" will figure promi
nently In the proceeding.
S'rp admits that he received 1700
from an attorney to leave New York.
The District-Attorney la aald to hav
in hi posseaslon the name of three
attorney through Whoaa hand thle
money passed before It fin. ill reached
Hipp, to whom it wai paid In Newark.
It Is said Hipp has declared the sum
originally tan) to him was considerable
In sxces or TO0 -he tixe It at 16,000
but the balance v. ah diverted to other
i hannels by the various hands through
Which It Is said to hate paed.
gas tiaej It440i It was pointed out lit the
li. strict Attorney's ofllea to-day, re-
clte inat "a paraon who gives or prow
llOl to give to any witness or asiy per
,on ABOUT to bt called as a witness,
any bribe" Is wullty of a felony. Th
LMetrlet Attorney i angry baoauie sipp
was spirited from tills Jurledlctlon, In
tendi a leave nothing undone to learn
the truth of Slpp's story of the bribe
and to t'lce the source of this money,
8!p; declareo It came from a police
Inspector and a police ?aptHln who
naturally feared the revelation he
would make if he were forced 10 leatlfy.
The first lawyer through whose tiandi
the money pissed Is said to bo friendly
With both the Inspn tor and the captain
whom Hipp named, while the go between
waa an associate of hi. Tim tuird law
ytr. who name Sipp ha used openly,
s..a known Sipp for some time.
Th IMstrlot-Attoniey ha heard thai
before the naeot!atlons were completed,
i dfjaj m fieeood radf.).
.outright. I II I S. h
C o. (The Mow
Court Promptly Annuls Mar
riage of Girl Who Says
She Was Victimized.
if a ntt Kiri can be taken down to
liu ''Il Hall and there bo married tin
10 Some fellow, without her consent, or.
Infnct, erithpUl even her knowln,' bJm
w.ih eiiig married, i want to kn-jw
abOUl it. If such a thing Is posklhle. It
Is outrageous, frankly. It Is hard for
me to believe that such can be the case
w.th all our modern lifeguard's. How
ever, m it appear oleart) that this llttl
llirl was only sixteen ears old KfHefl
she w as married In the llty Hall, I gfill
annul her marrl.ige,"
With these words Justice llendrhk
omiiaht to a I iuse the mysterious ro
manoe of Mrs. Kv Lory Mezan, a lit
tle Turkish Klrl. with enormous starina
brow u eye., w-ho looked more like thir
teen or fourteen yens old than the sev enteen
years I he claims. Before Jus
tice Ilendrlck began to be st!!led that
he had gotten somewhere near the bot
tom of the peculiar tase lie hud sum
moned before him Aide-man James I
Smith, w f0 in the neighborhood of
the Marriage License Bureau III the
basement of City Mali for the past six
teen ye irs has earned, the soubriquet
Of "the Marrying Aldernnn." t'lty
i'lrk I'. Joeepb lOUUy and three em
ploye's of the rity i.'lerk'a otflce.
In l-rlef the plea of the little Oriental
was that she had been taken to the
C! Hall by her aunt, ant "111 I.
Mizau. a young Turk, both of whom
had given her to understand that she
fai to go th rough an engacement cere
mony with Mexan, and. Instead, she
had been married to Mexan by Aldei--min
Smith. She never lived with M. ran.
ahv ileclared, and It waa nut until three
day later thf.t she found out the cere
mony sho ha 1 been through was one of
marriage Instead of engagement.
wiksiii hv, Maee., j n-. I. Tu tM
net' husoaud. Mrs. AHioonse 'i, t,i iio .
concealed beraalf in a trunk as ehu
heard him enter the bMiai last T k -day.
A the cover dropped over n o
the holt of the old fashioned look applied
into its place and in a few hours the
woman was ei frum hoiT . .c '.n
Tills Is the thsory of Mexliral Ex
aminer V. I' llurd. alio pei-forme.1 an
autopsy to-lay after a threr dan aear. n
by the poMoe had revvaled the death
at th ioau.
Circulation Books Open to All.
The Press Pabllshls
tork World I .
Wall Street Magnate Says Mor
gan Does Not Invade the
Field of His Firm.
They Are Called In to Under
write Risks on Securities As
sumed by Bond Houses.
WAHIirNOTON. Jan. M.-Incob ft
Schiff, of Kuhn. Loeb A I'ompany. lai
the chief witness nt the money trust In
vestigation this afternoon. He gave the
other members of the firm as Mortimer
I.. ItC hi 8, his son; Otto H. Kuhn, Pa.nl
M. and Helix M. Warburg and Jerome .1.
llanauer. He des -rthed the method of
Issulnx securities for corporation as
practiced by hli house. He said after
his firm hail agreed to ls.ue the securi
ties, syndicates were formed to under
write the risk assumed by the bond
"The object of t oe syndicate la to take
ovr the securities If you faU to sell
I hem?" asked Mr. I'ntermyer.
Ve. that's It." said Mr. SchlB.
Banks and trust rompaniea, he aald,
were the participants In these under
writing syndicates.
Mr. Sehlff aald that about seventy-live
to one hundred and twenty-five uon
eerna were on a list uf participants tr on
time to time Invited to take part In
underwriting s.vndpate.
"What Is fhe et ilea of the bankluk"
buslines In connection with bond Issues?"
nsked Mr. rntermyer.
"It Is not conbhlereil good form," said
Mr. Hchlff, "to create undue Interfer
ence or competition by n hanklna firm '
He added that blic banking house gOtt
Orally hud corporations as their clients
and that no other Ismd house would en
deaVOT to take issues from the banklnK
rtrm raooanlaed aa the usual nai
a gen l of the oorporation
.Mr. Sehlff Said there wa a harp ri
valry between his flrm and shjeyar ft 1 '
but he kne'.v of no Instance In the last
ll, lea.-, when Morgan Hi l'o. hud "In
vaded the held of Kuhn. Loeli A Co.,"
or vice versa.
Mr kakta! laid that national hank ind
trust roiejfsinlaa' afloare were not offered
participation In syndicates formed by
Kuhn, Ijoeb v ('o., hut he hctlvcd OanKs
and trust eompaniea ehouM be allowod
o participate in tiiciM un li t w iitlnc -dlcatea,
Individual oonotntratlon of wealth la
not daxtgeroas; corporate ooaoeatratloa
iai but there should he a fear of amok
a menace, as concentration would
break down of Its own weight, wa
Mr. ohUt'a opinion. said b had
obeerrad growing concentration ot
wealth, but waa not ooaeeraed oTsr IV
That a bank's Uf could be crushed out
by "too much law" and there la now
"uflloJeat aafety for depositors In sTa
tlou1 banks," war other opinions -prsd
by Nchifl.
ti.i a kens dlacueaton Mr. Ifatermyei
"Then you think tint national bank
ihotlld b ollowed to do business as syn-
Urate onderwrlterni prontotari and i
anion houses?"
"Vis. I WOUld allow them ,, o,, an)
legitime! banking bualneea without n
strt 'tiou except h raatrieUon of care
ful manaaenent i believe officer and
direct-, rs boto should be barred froJN
borrOWlnS from toe banks sac in thoe'
firms which hive partners who are
directors, should bt allowed to borrow
from the hank."
Mr. sehiff paid th.u he t loutlit mi
nority PtOCkhOhV rs should be represent
ed meth management of bank, but he
did not think tiny should have thai
rasreeantatlon as a matter of i,w
That the present , ,,mentt atlOB Ol
money and credit Is a potential "men i
to the eountry" wa aaeerted before tht
House alone) Trust Oontmltto i -dai bs
(jiortie M Reynold preaieVtit of the
Continental ami Commorclal tlatlonai
Uank of L'hUago. Mi Raynuhl a i
that be knew of ke tend toward con
ccntration of Rionoy and eredlta11 jnd
that he th" ,!it it a dangerous thing
"l am ' ppused to the oonvontrgtlon
of any sort of power," li rani "1 b, -lleve
thai concentration to the point h
baa alreeuly gone Is a menace In s.iy-
(Conlinued en eoood l ag.;
i "
NEAR $12,000,000,
She Is to Provide for Son's and
Daughter! Shares, Finan
cier's Will Directs.
Lawyer Says There Is "Par
ticular Reason" to Refuse
to Make Estimate Now.
The Inte James n. K-ene. flnan'ler
and breeder and racer of fine horse-,,
who died a fortnight ao. left behind
him a fortune of between fll.oisi.iwi an(i
lll.ono.oon. His widow. Mrs. Hara
Jay Kerne, la made sole resld lary
'W f 'nis estate under the will and
upon her Is loft the sni,. renpoisibilty
of providing for FVxhali Keene and
Mrs. Talbol J. Taylor, the riiianrler's
two children.
The .x.ict amount of the Keene estate
will not lm made known until next sum
mer when the transfer tax appraisals
are made, according to Solomon linn.
I ford, the lawyer, who was Mr, Keune e
personal oouncel during his lifetime and
who la one of the three executor under
the term of the will and who offered the
will for probate In the Surrogate's Court
at Mlneola to-dsy.
HI accompanying affidavit mad only
the formal tatemcnt that ther was no
real estate and that to the best of his
belief the value of the personal property
is more than flO.flOD.
The final clause In the will make the
following provision:
"I hav Intentionally omitted making
any special provision for the benefit of
my son Koxhall and my daughter Jessie
(lira, Talbot I, TVsylorl relying upon my
wife to haraaftei' make as)4l prnvlaJ.m
for them as may kg proper, enjoining
upon her. however, to be guided In this
ami all other matters relating to my
estate by tho judgment of I v . .leciitor.
In whom I have the greatest ontldeme."
The will was witnessed by t'harlea I'.
Qahrmann 'if No, IM Kast Oae Hundred
and riilrti -nlnth-sti got ; 'har1es J. Klynn,
uf No. HI Kaat One Hundred and Sev
entieth street and lieorg, Wright Hinck
ley of No. 117 West One Hundred and
Seventy-ninth street.
Though Mr, nonfood refused to make
any dellnltr- statement In regard to the
total value ot' I he Keen,. eHtate, it was
learned from a source Inilmote with
roe affairs of Mr. Keen,, that the for.
tune wh! oh had auffored so many vi
cissitudes In Wull street during later
years would not exoeed f I 'I loin.ono and
would certainly be over the l6a006,O06
Of this total fully tl.0uu.000 Is rep
resented by the value uf the fftalllnivs.
-nits and railing and brood inure Which
are now either racing abnotal or nre on
the Keene gtook funn In Kentucky.
"I eunllOt at toe preent time even
lilnt at the exact amount of Mi. Keene
Male, w hlcn I know," said Mr II ,n-
ford after the nilng of the win for
probate. "There is a particular reason
at this time why 1 should not revgg)
toe amount. Iiut I ahull nut give that
reason. '
"Wall Sire i guesses vary between
sj.Q0O.Q0U and tlOiW.tQOi'' said the '.nitr-
kiewer, "''un you ten which is nenroet
'ii Hi trutbf
'1 . Id mi the O,Wa,0H estimate
waa the eluaeaL" said Mr. lianford.
! Tho will Is brief. After urderlna thoi
all the ixpcnsrs .attendant upon Ina
funeral ahould b settled immediately,
the tejtator left to .his wlfo or her heirs
"all the residue, real or per.sonao" of
th, aetet hi widow is appointed an
egeoajtrlg and w ith her as co-1 gaeutora
wi re appointed gamuel W it k, the
looker, of No i'l Broad itreet, ind Mol
onion lianford, 'fni will etlpuUtv that
ihci ihuit tarv wltauui ntrlty,
i. -i imi i lit rn ii.tv.
lua rkaa, I.Sk sst., ,a '.bs,- ,et iui
ii:. Wfaiai r, Les ,,.
it p vi ra, ,
sand It-ell I B I Mi ell
kutmor'i Ulnii , . IS', til s to i.
lieu Oats I.el i H 10 1 1 tu
Ij4l.ierl ,o.rr in Main
Bisi iBe, r ..
d o aui.vau
.ibeller of Kinr; George Will
Be Deported on Secretary
Nagel's Order.
WASIilMITOV. Tan N eeretnr)
Xagel of the Iiepartment of iVmimerce
and ltMf di'cldesi this afternoon that
Edw.ird r. Myllus. the fCnarllsh lournnl
Ist OOnrtcted of libelling King lieorg.
cannot he admitted to the t'nlted Htitos
becausi' too crbno for ahleh he was
adjudged guilty wa not a political
The decision was reached after ri -retary
Nagel flnlshid reviewing the
finding of the Kills Island board. Myllus
will be dagOirtOd on the next steamer
after the Kills Island authnrlth-s re
ceive Mr Xa,gr division.
Myllus was found guilty In Krvglarid
of having libelled King ilenrge 'hv pub
lication of a story In the Liberator thai
the sovereign had Contracted, a morgan
UP marriage at HI oaltsr with the
daughter of a llrlllsh Admiral prior to
his mannage with yoeen Mary
Question of Whether Grand
Juror Lives in Jersey Is
Up to Them.
Assist i nt t'nlted Jtates Dlstrln-At-tornso
liui er appea -e( lKfor .tudg:
Ms, I: tht aflernoon In the I'nlied Htstes
Dtatrlet Court ami demanded Jury
trial ax to whether Albert A. Htehena,
member of the DeoergtMEr franl Jury
ii a real lent of the VouMmpb Dtatriot
of New " k
I Th, d Ulan I must he arcade! in
This Jni- s tie gag "hi. '.i IndP led
larioa Mallen, K.ts, n .t f.naniargin
and Alfred Hmlthen for vlolMloit of
t ie Hheiinoii law. i'',u iel for Hie ije-
renuanta rataati uuention to the
valnliiv of Uta lOdil irneut. Tuny
ohari that Aiberi a sn.pi, ens. ,
ol the j.i'oie. la In fa,.t g leild.nt if
Jersey CVfey, and nor ghorafor, all
glble I" s. rve aa a Juro- in this Juris
dl'tlon To day the Dovomnienl replied wiui
U ttaieinsai uat tiupntue a a duly
I f
saHPsaaextsgaV gV(ggV aaaeW
Circulation Book Open to
InsurRents Visit the Largest
Hostelries and Try to Call
Out All Help.
Committee Deliberates, While
I. W. W. Leaders Declare
Trouble Is Certain.
TMrhJ i if t'i International Hotel
Workers' 1'nlon deliberated Ue.nn.l
locked doors this afternoon whether or
not It would h policy for ttiem to Mil
a g'-mral strike of all hotel holp In
New York from nhefs and paatr, rooks,
wallers and omiilhuse., to poriers and
eh x.ttor runner.-. While this committee
was In aesslon. resting on Its oars, ap
parently, bands of agitators made the
round of the largwt hotels "teatlng"
the strike Mt'lment where there was
r tisxce of It Hnd strlvlnir to produe
audi eentlmcnt here there aaa non.
Altogether It did not look a If th
rnu h hetalded walkout would in,oii
I Use aooorling to arhvltile, for the l-
tator found unexpectedly olrllly re
ceptions from the waiters and cooks,
upon whom the brunt of their verbal
attack was thrown
'Pwo attempt were made to Invito
waiter at the t'laaa to stilling hral.
hut not n man would agree to walk out,
van when they were told a other
waiters In olher pln. es were hclim told
that May would be the only ones to
stick to their Job.
The regular nwwa channel os tho
strikers seamed to be clogged, out I. W.
W. officials, who are taking a leading
purl In th srrlke-maklng. wer willing
to assure roportara In an undertone that
certainly the strike would tie called
r'ther to-nlgrht or within the next couple
of dais. And then It would be not only
the rooks and waiters who would leave
their stations, they said, but porter and
clervatnr runners and baMboys, snd even
diminutive pages an I chambermaids.
Whatever tho result of the commit
tee's aOgfltattOn and whatever the ac
tion of the waiters, the hotet maji
agera are prepare I t'p under the
roofs of practically every big hotel In
Now York there ar new non-paying
goeala ready to iep at a moment's
notice Into deserted klrroens and din
Ing rooms and elevators and turn the
w iii-eis of the caravansierlea' machin
ery. Hut the managers do not be
lieve they will have to call upon the
emergency crews.
The waiter and other employ are
war that theh going would not cause
the contmatton among their employer
for which th T W. W. leader hope,
and are dtoplaylna a desire to "tand
Kllbth ft ""lynn. n L W. W. or
gsnlser. announced that th balloting
on the question "to strike or not to
strike" Hhowil a ten to on ratio In
fsvor of a general strike In tho l,uou
lutes already counted cinly ft.'JOO were
Before the rommlttee of Thirty went
Into its ret session the room at No.
West Thirty-sixth tret- trlke
headiiarters was carefully searched
for concealed spies and dictagraph.
At Inst ulght'a meeting four men sup
posed to be agents of tho hotel pro
prietors weie ele ted from Ilryant Hall.
uuallne1 reoldent 'if the borough sf
Mantialtan ."
Mr. OuHor Informed th ionrt that
tola phase of the as. will be broig ht
to trial as soon aa it can he put un the
Thla runs of file Government doe
sway wtth the neceaalty of an argu
tnrtii on the Nu'de. ! to-TOomiw. It the
oulentlon of the de.'einse. that Mtophens
was nresldent ,sf Jersey Oly, had been
o pted as a fa l Judge Mac Wouol
uie seen called upon todeolde whether
eurh a stste of nffairs Invalkfated h
liiduitmenl No to Jn: fill deckle
Htephane' reside, n ... If sa. a n,
' a in New York tt,e indl, imeni
stand, and If It d Ides he l not a
resident f .he jioutoorn iJIslri. t or
New York. in court then will dMlde
whether BUeh fail Invalldato rhe ladlct.
Twttu, rar,atka sod fullest 1-if-iraistsno ai
kCL llKKi al THU W',Il.i Ti7gC
"Izzy" Stein, Brought Here From
Sing Sing, Gives a Startling Story
of How the Swindlers Collected
$300,000 on Fictitious Losses.
FROM $15,000 TO $25,000
Agents and Brokers Connected With
Insurance Companies Implicated
by the Firebug's Revelations.
A story more sensational than those which shocked New York In
the (Treat arson exposure of sixteen years ago was tokJ this afternoon to
Assistant District-Attorney Weller and Fire Marshal Prial by "lny"
Stein, alixs "lz.y, the Painter," a professkinal firebug, who is serving a
long lerm in Sing Sing. It will take Stein two or three days to complete
his history of fires started at the hchest of the arson syndkate, but m
three hours this afternoon he told of a list which i etted the conspirators
nearly $too,rxx in money collected from insurance companies for
fictitious losses.
After st "In had rented hie avert''
Fumnv law
QrnimspewOii'i Report Suggests
Measure Relieving Directors
From Betting Violations.
Al.lt A NY. N. Y.. Jan. f
present statu of affairs shall
continued the Itraeitlag and
mfrit of Ihnrougltbrfsl horaea
"ff the
be lung
Will en-
tlrely ceaae and the thoroughbred will
i.-i'jieu r from th t'nlted Htates," d -
clard th Nw York Btatu Racltm Oom -
mlaslon In It report to th I.egt! -
ture to-day.
Aecsinllng to th fommlaeton' re
p,irt ttm race track te neceiwary to kep
a thoroughbred hnrae ot hie beat and
thry recommend that a law h en
acted protecting the llrnctor of the
racing association In conduntlng a rgs,
mid likewise the Ntate Itacltur Pomaitg
sl'iner themaetvcH, fnuu being inad
liable In ronnectl,,n with h reisjrdlng
of bet by third Mrsons
The Odinnilseson says In wt
"With the criminal law In reaie-i ej
grfrnbltiLi, as it e, and proiMirly enfort'ed i
in and off the rao isurse, it may be
posslot for raoe trucks to be opened,
out not If the officers of a corporation
duly licensed to conduct a race meeting
are to be held criminally Ua'ile for vio
ls (Ions of the gambling taw iimlttad
by other persons
"Wli-re there Is horse racing It 1 ln
vltatil i.n there will be ume bettiiuj.
Inasmuch a betting aiKl wagering I
not criminal, whv. a a matter of com
mon fairness, should officio s uf a, race
course bn held rH-punstbl for the se
cret iis'urd of a net? That ouitter Is
one beynl telr control."
only nlii stayer racing m eogidttot
td under the auspice of the Reel fig
Cumuli eelon last ggggnn, ami ail the
events wi re cr ss-, oun'.ry rai s Tii
CommlaalOlt'l report is signed by
jamc W Wedewortb, ebalrntgAi Joiui
ganfor i and ii. k Kvu
Al.lt.VNY. Jan. If. Two gfUg, on
mpeiillng the Kruwley boxing law and
th other prohibiting the publication of
belting od 1. were lulrtHiuced to-dsy
by AatBiblyniau Allen These btlig are
being promoted by Ui "CbiislUui
1 aaaiteace. w
In lielng employed by the arson syedl
oat and had toid of starting a few
Urea at th Instigation of Oeorg Grata,
of No. 2 Kast On Hundred and gsseond
street. Mr. Weller and Marshal Prial
sent a hurry call to the Tombs ofr Carats,
who ha tiecn under arrest under Wi,00n
hull on an Indictment charging htm arlth
arsusi. (Iruta waa nairaLgned baton
Justlc Ooff and Mr. Waller aald that
Information he had received from tXeln
justified him In aaklng that Orut' kali
be raised to tU.aon.
Th ln. reuse waa granted and Gtrata
wa taken bas k to th Tomb. Marshal
rrui sold that from th way Btaln
stair ted off he thought It would be eliea
that this particular firebug started aaaea
than UO incendiary ftrae In Harlem, la
each caa the lire being preliminary to
the collection of a fake I oae from a Ore
insurance company.
Mi in told uf lire wtilrh he atarted
that were never regarded aa auspicious
Kach fire he deacribrd waa looked up en
the r"ord of tho Kir Marshal. Th
records ahowed that the fire ha man-
j tiond occurrtd at th piaoaa asd ttmaa
, n maul kg gel BtelD. as hie story piles
1 up. i, adding the nsrne of acorea of
person to th alresdy long list la th
posMnlon of the District-Attorney, and
process servers are already out rounding
up Uieae Individual or getting a line on
their whereabouts,
rlteln implicate not only Grata, knit
I other Insuranoe agent and biwker.
some of whom are regularly connected
with fire Insurance companies. His
story goes a long way to confirm the
statement of Klre Coiunilsaloner John
son that : per cent, ot tbe tire of New
York ar Incendiary.
Stein, known as "Issy th Painter 1
bts-ause he poaed as a painter In order
that he might buy benzine and othev
Inflammable llgulila without aroualng
suspicion, was th chief "mechanic" of
tha Harlem arson syndicate. There
wer six "mechanic" or Ar (tartars
In all.
Stein, when the syndic wa at It
bualest, atarted on an average of three
lire a week, getting tl a Ar and a per
centage of the money recovered from
the Insurance compaiUs. His earnings
averaged about 3li a week.
Toe syndicate became too hold and
Main is caught aad sent to sing $.114
to serve a sentence from twtlve tu
!wap.tyfuui yeara, Then Saiu Gold. Ui
dioted with suln. confessed, implicating
a number of seraaaa. moiuding iirut
and Newraarfc, broker and adjuater.
Indiciincuts were returned agalnet
Uruta, New mark and Stein on .Wmday.
btaln sent word from cling Hlag that lea
was willing to make a confession. If by
so doing be could gat aom time off hig
hen he waa tu ought
v 1
eV m

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