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Mrs. Corey's Dancing Wins Wild Bravos
Mrs. Hatfield, Probation Ofti- W orst Slorm in Skipper's ' Presence of Nobleman's Fam
cvr, Drives Back Hostile 1 Memory Hit Kaiser Wilhelm ; ily Indicates They Will Intro-
At Merry Send-Off Party at Sherry's
Instalment House Takes Every
thing After Young Woman
With Infant Had Paid $125.
fl Two Days L.ve. duce Actress to Society.
Band of Foreigners.
m wigbii 'ei n it u wyr- --vx K"ro
Money Is Recovered by Suit,
After Summer Tragedy Ends
Her Domestic Bliss.
SemtRRs. ttls IV rf oneo fjto tow agOS
on th aid of foetlc and meroy, Jul-
tinea I-ehmnn, Pace and geabury, con
stats ting ! AppetlO Trm of tha
Supreme Court rescued Hn Chvrentlne
Headier, a widow with a eeven-month-oM
baby, from a pttlaMe plight.
A week after the father of the baby,
John HeaAley, an underpaid clerk, waa
drowned last July, to firm of furniture
dealer from whom the lleadleya had
bought enough furniture on lnttalmente
baraly to fit up a tiny home, had de
eoeaded upon th wldow'a refuse. When
tha furniture van departed all that waa
left to tha bereaved young wife waa a
broken-hearted memory Four bare
walla and a ootd. drafty floor, without
ao msjoh aa a rue, were the shelter of
tha mother with a baby Juet peat his
wo moot ha' birthday.
Alfred C. Cowan, an attorney, hoard of
the young wldow'a predicament, and to
tal proceeding . gatnat the furniture
dOglOfg fallowed, with the remit that
:o-dy the Appellate Term ordered thi
furniture men to pay Mis. Ilaadley $124
and Ave centa costs.
Whan Jim H. , idle) decided Claientlne
Slmmona, the prettiest g rl In Vorkvllle.
g aa horn to thrift sufficient to make
an ao meagre a sum aa SIS a week
found a home .mil pay the buieher'a and
llfOOl I'd bills. tnry Journeyed to the
Ity il ill With a dollar for the license
al d anothei doll r lor the alderman wt. .
..i.ide tliem i. i.'n and wife both dollars
i.i fully pruned from John's envelope
' the Weak before they atarted on
hir home building.
I'no llttie rooni and a bath were
eei'llfed In an oM flnt building on the
Jgl aldr d llurli!!!. The hare neccaal-
tlog of furniture wr procured on in-
staknanU from Htmjatiiih and August
waltnua, CUrrUtUra dealers. Clarenttne
i.u a born housekeeper. 11 waa the
continual wonder and a delight of the
adoring young husband to ree how far
she run; I naka .'. a week go toward
fable board. The lusiaUiitnle on the
lumltuii- were paid with religiose
Then the baby grog horn. There waa
lid Increase In Lha salary envelope, bit
iiiingH ran a all, for Clare ntln simply
r :r roiiru her rrug ant y
he!' fruK.ilHv a no. in further
mj stopped puttlna the half-dollar .. i
tress Into the savlnsa bank. So well had ouwrndalrs. was right. It waa "Mra.
lo-y met ihr bllrdanS Of Wadded life that ' Corey's party."
i a week-end In July they took a holl- j Xu'i,,. Mr( tha re. ltal occurred. Mrs.
My at thrlirarl. Nothing waa too ROOd AjjuJb e,i, trale.l the art of a
for th little w!fe, liiousht John, ao SS ..,,,. u iii H,enre-Ber-r.nted
a rOWbOSl and pulird awav from companMiin Mr. MMMa Ha, erne Her
tha float with ClsrenUne and the boy -V- " Mr 0tor,BM "
kOAtOd jo uly In the atern. J baritone, eiintf.
COURT HITS FURNITURE PEO- Mils Olllg0 tolQW ayad ' WUSa'
" Josss read The rHnosM of the Mm u-
Ihe holiday brouglll I larnitnie a hap- , . .. . Cuu Sa,.k ,jagh In a serloa
.,MM lo an and. John hud been work-, , ,. dloStSd that
ig long hour., m win promotion. The.'" " ' ., " ,,, URk
aiM and llOtVI nnd exertion of rowing1"1 W" aTOPptltSi tbt lightning
Wort too muck for him. An attack ut fteoMlUJ over Brooklyn BnoRO and met.
rtlgO tailed nlm when he OUllsd well no OMtttOI What tha weather man had ID
ill from it" nhore. He tumbled over- i ay abuu. It, turrc waa ooilildOfObNl
iward and was drowned. How am. and I thunder In loo stmogphoro.
ia bab) got baok to ihr ihora Mr.. Thsrs wos than gn sntsrtsinlnaT,ntor
Utadlc) does "t remembar. miggion. sftsr whloh r. Andra do Fou-
She mid :lie luriiiluie prop le of her. " : ' p.,..
nypoalll.in d they, ehe said, prmn- uu.erea 01 that SKOSggltSlI dear la a
i 'e.l to let hri k-. p a bed, i lurking
ISlr ant a bin. i Hut the Instal-
irnt msn goon plsesd 'sslnoss" stoova
msvoy, and ona afternoon tbr furniture
n draw up to the .lour, carrying away
icer tow Inst otloka of the wrecked
attorney Cowkn learned ttie widow
.,. i already paid the furnlturs psojiie
IRS. W eii t is van dtOVS ntiiy Mha
lis I liut tJ In tha WOfld and nothing I .
. iow for tlie bard wrung Instalment I
l. liad paid it faithfully.
Mr. i'iSvvjiii nfT -.il bin H'.!-.e.4 and
brought milt In Iks Munlelpal Court
before III tlos DgVlOS where the Jurr
, .... I i verd t nf H'-'4 In Mm.
ItOSdlSy'a favor Without leaving tbr
..u.t room Tlta futnllure psonTa .'ip
.enieil to the AppsltgitS Trim of the
Kuprsma court and to-day that conn
. onflrmed tha vsrdlot.
Woman Makes Bigani)' Charge
y;aiiis1 Real Estate .Man Who
Sought to Marry Mis Norden.
More trouble came to-day for lnoar
Portman, who ia alleged to have bad
two wives already when he prepared
laat month to take to himself a third
In the peraon of elghtaen-year-old Kay
sordan, whose wealthy papa objected.
Tha Klnga County Orand Jury returned
an Indictment charging I'nrtman, In
volved before in queatlonable rtnan. lal
deals, with bigamy.
lira. Rachel Qreenberg teatlfled bc
(OM the Orand Jury that fortman mar
ried her In UMi when he wm plain Mr.
'Iraanberg. 8ha applied for a separa
tion, she thought, but tha action really
waa for a dlvoroa. and waa nueceaeful.
In aeeklng to have the divorce put
islde It waa learned that the Inter
locutory rteoree never hod been made
inal. Thus fortman's marriage to
Kill Rsrthg LO Vine In 190 waa blg
amous. Mla l.e Vine the only "Mra.
PortlllOh" nancrta tl.Ht It waa upon
$; 04 obtained from her relatives
Hill PortniSn went Into the real es
tate buelneas and fitted out hla 1'lfth
. i ... ua otllca.
Porlmsn'l grrasl was the result nf
e.ime detective nn.k on the pai t nf the
alder Nordotli who In looking up his
r.-,.id leai ned of seiernl deala war-
i anting urlmlnnl anion. Port man was
'aken Into ruatody aa ha drova up to
i ha N ot den home In
Riverside Dru
trtu i phantly bosrlng
M!s kfor lan
Wife of Steel Magnate Be
fore Embarking on La
Provence for Gay Paris
Is Soul of Giddy Night
Given by Friende.
After Turkey Trotting Hoe
Held the Floor, Mr:
Corey Exclaims Amid
Applause, "There Is No
Land Like America, No
City Like New York."
"Bravo' Bravo' Bravo!"
"But I said at 10 to-day!"
"Bravo! Bravo! Bravo'"
"But inParla!"
Now, why all this?
Why, only that at 3 o'clock thla morn
Ins, three hundred and elshty yea, the
number la exact very, very say merry
makers shouted the "Bravoa" aa Ma
belle U 11 -fees pardon M re. William Ki
lts Corey danced.
The placet
The time"
Hinted above.
And now? Mrs. Corey la at aea on
La Provence.
But It all besan to happen at o'clock
laat nlslit. If jnn dropped Into Bher
ry'a at that hoy you wera met with
"Mrs Cnrey'e party?"
Aid If, throush poaaeeelon of an In
vitation, you could say "yea" you founJ
very soon that you ware there.
It waa all under the title a pro
gramme Mates It of an accompanist
recital Klven by Mr, lirace Anderson.
aistvd by Mr. Andre Kouqulerea auJ
Miss Sara tlerakli. but "Maadowa,
uii-. ilb! In l i. ii.b aim p.vi.iil. ...
whors the oooktnll i
name uiiij
Tne above wsa a "color oonfaronos,
Mr. de FoURUlaroi bring tne on y BOO"
ferree who Igproliad hinucll.
And tk in, kt m'dnllht, eama t .e
dances turkey trot and tHiigo.
,S0 Mr. Corey
it.. i no "Brsvot" sera aoatid'-d until
Mra. Corey, sliding with esqiilslta grace
gvsr tks dancing iloor. oompaflod Ikom.
Sa.. fo. mc," die exclal.ind Juyfally
wh.-n tin " iravot" were I u let, "ngy
for mr thai thsrs ll "o land line Auiir
Ira. no rlty like New V,.rU. If I I
to-day at !. I ' 0O0SUSS my kogltk
domsndi il and my roldo"
isre war 0 great man.' very pretty
gala at "Mik. UOrO) a mri.
Among IU0SS tnvltrd Wsrg ar. ano
Mrs. Bsnjj uln (iulnnass. Mr, and Mra.
William .Wor ODSniar, ur. ami .mib.
James H. Cuetla. Mr. and Mrs. rrooorsea
Y. Dalibd, M.aa Fanuy rottenet, !!'.
and Mm, Andrew lainrgir. n.
Mra. William K. OOfSy, Mine. MorOlOa,
Mme. OadaUi Mlaa lletbt Alton, Mi
Elalu Pa Woile, Mlaa Mai bury. MS1
Aiinu Morgan, Mr. und Mra. Orninnd
O. Smith, Mr. and Mra. Jamea ROya
Mra. HI 'hard Irvln, Mra. Kdaard N
Br-ltiiiit und M!sa Hre.tung.
fr'abre I. tne llrnra ICsploalua on
ggsOmOt Wa l erloua.
No passenserr were Injured When an
uptake boiler explodetl on the FstMa
I.lne ateamablp Madonns lb the Mt'dller
raneau. according to a cablegram re
ceived to-day by Jamea W, I'lweli and
I'ompany. lOOgJ agnita for the line. The
message, rrom the agenta at Marseilles,
naid all the pgggtngtri ware aafe and
that the gOOldsnl was ' not of a eeiioiin
This ontradlcta a wl.eleas (luepatch
rereived iu I.onuou ggl night from
Kaya! and I abled here 'Phis rspOrl said
nve goraon lost tkalr Uvog In iko gol
The Madonna left New York .ran. ,
with paaKingeia and freight, fur Algiers
and Mai sen e
Red Crorg 4 CeurK Dmra.
MRA eoev
thr a erf
On The
New Jersey Lads Quit Playing
Cave Highwaymen and Try
the Real Thing.
The village of Weatwood. S.gJ. , ta all
worked up to-day over the Stevor high
way PUMlaiy eaae. Kdward Hellly, eon of
J. H. K. a former freeholder, a boy
In knee bree,-lioa; Ferdinand .lcette,
twenty ears old, son of the next door
nelghlayra uf Arthur J. Htever, nnd Will
iam Clark, nineteen years old, who bus
been known to the village for yeare aa
rather rrratlr, were ait-rated and are
paroled In the cuatody of their parents.
A c coding to 'unstable Thomas Dawson,
they made a full confession of their
Crlma last nlghi In the preaenre of the
Steve,- family and young Kolcetr'a
Arthur J. Htever, Jr., wiio ll an
architect, haa an offlre near the ItnUoO
at WsstWOOw). ilia home g next door
to thai of kll parsntSi half a mile from
the station. Mi unlay night, as he was
walking homa through the dark, after
closing Ills olfloe, he wgl confronted by
four buys on the TgtSI brldjte.
one .if thorn poked rovolror Into i.ia
fare and said:
"Oive ua all you have and keep quirt. '
Mr. Sirvcr thought a ioke waa being
played and laughed.
'Ha won't laugh an muok in a mln
i! Hii.l a voire bohiud him.
TW archltegl lOOfeod back and saw a
boy ' rceplng up with a lung piece uf
b ad pipe. He at 00. OS pui up hU hainis
an I bergrd for mercy.
One of the younger lj"' a .he I ho Ugh I
it waa BdWgrd Hellly. though Ilia f
f aii worn rovsred with Mark masks)
want tnrough hla pooksts They con
tained only $LM.
"On your WSJ'," said one of the rob.
bars, sftsr the) wari est isled he uad
ir. uing left. ' And keep guilt alio. it
thla or n i win kin ) i.u."
Mr, Btovor ahoutod bark an angry rs
ion. There wr.e ti.ree fliniF and thrsg
OUllOtl WbUtlol Over hla head.
Congisbk) Aaron h'uiae was at one.
called to th Rtovor iioun by telephone,
lli. workedyor iao da a With Congtsbla
li)awaun, and ai 'J o'.lock thla morning
three boys uta Mr, HtSVSr WOrti
glimmering nnd kg ling, lha three con
fessed und named three other boyg. g
panics to the p'.ot. They aaid they had
. robber nave In the woods and had
grown tired of merely reading nbn.it
iiloodcurd!!ng adventures ami telling I
itoi lea about ihem.
pVorn the ti n.- the boy- ware pulled
out of bed until nearly dg)'l atn, ttieyl
sat eg the edk- of t.ieir tiius audi
little by little hamefSOSdl) ail ii. Nil,
their handing together for a lucaaul n
of highway robberies of shlek M' '
Stever waa to M the II. at v i tim. All
the time, tnr Folcetg boy a parents, In
tears themselves. WOTS Ix-gging i.lni to
tell the whole truth, holding '.a 'It no.l
tiling. Mr RtOVor had not sren im
and bad not auaperted him; uulei a
Honing, the youngster gae up the name
of William Tompkins, a wi'1-t..-do tins
farmer, w hoae ronne.'tlon With thr rojb
bery ha.l not been auepe'ted bv an"- 1
body. ' ha n .i it been arrested
eiiale Racks ..minerre f'oarl.
WASHINGTON Jan. Id. Tie Leg tela
the Hxecutive and .1 .idlclal A.pprop la
Hon bill egnVlni an aisproprlatun Dl
f'JO.niri to continue tha Comm.
until Jugs H aa pased
'da and now goes ta !.
w mi n i n
Folks Withdraws His Measure
After Hearing Car Owners'
. Criticism.
The Folka sutomoblle epeed erdlnsnre,
nn which tha Mayor gave a hearing to
day, la to be withdrawn from hla desk
by the Aldermen to enable the maklnaT
of rhangea auggaateil by the Mayor aa
th reault of tha hearing. The Mayor
explained that ha did not deal re to veto
the ordinance and probably would not
do ao, hut he ad deed that tha changea
he made. Mr. Folka decided then to take
the document hack to the Aldermen.
t'onalderable oppoeltton to the ordi
nance was expressed at thr heating.
William W. Miller, Charlman of the
I. aw i '..'unlit i re of the Automobile Club
of America and ether mem here of the
club, spoke against many aeettone af
the .i..)-.s..,i meaatira.
Their general opinion was that the
limiting of apeed In city thoroughfares
ahould be made a matter of Judgment
It would be criminal, one speaker aald.
lo oprrat.. nn automobile at two mllea
an hour In lower Hrnadway during the
rush bOUrS, although the pr..j oeed law
preeertbed a rate of fifteen miles an
hour In rlty afreets.
Mr. Miller opposed the aectii.n of the
Ordinance minpelltng an auto fo come
to s at on within six feet of the reer
street rar while paasengers are
ullghtlng or errtbarklng Tf auoh a con
dition wine dafnOndgdj he aald, great
goniegtlon would RhMow. The (JoHm
law. he added, rovera this situation by
requiring that vehicle, alow down be
fore passing stan. Hi, g afreet cara. Tha
Oct Ion "f the prop, fed ordinance re
., lining that automobilea not oaogod a
apeed of ten miles an hour in pisalng
aSh 00 houses he declared to be too
Innad In ita appli ration, unjust to the
. hguffour and otoc timing tor j aa woM
In aPdlng to public acuools. as against
private and parohlal schools, uniuat
because a okguffour ognnot datormlni
.then soprooehlng a aehol house with
out drawing hla attention f"om the ac
tual Work til' directing hla rar and too
broad berauae It atatejt (tie hoUfg "be
tween and I o'oluck " when dhlren
gn to Of leave aoiiool houses. Police
men aie alwaya now itatkmod at school
hOUaei dating the tlnir the rhildreu are
errivlng at of departing groin school,
hi said.
H.' H...il.e of t-'ie llahllltv uf ownrra as
contomnlstod under t e i.i.. ..-.i new
ordinances It w...ill be iiiuuat lo nn
prison an owner for a violation when
his chauffeur might be alioaethei
blame. Tlie owner might discharge the
Dffendlnp chsuReui and hire another
wbi ntlglit maiie a ilmllnr mlatabe.
"e must I'sntembei' in -is roniieotlon,"
gddod Mi. Miller, "i ist there aie many
...in. -n who own and operate aulo'iio-
i ilea, an i i, aould not lie pleasant 10
OOntemptSte their going lii piigon."
a private owner rnlsed tha point that
if autouiobllea ueie i.ijre.l In come
lu a leal Hop behind atnllcl sired
cars all the automobile would le
driven lo Fifth or other gvonuss who re
thee Were no car tracka with t ie re-
iit that a greater uongeatlon i .an ovsr
soulil reault
Aliothar nwnOf protean I age nl I
aeutlon of the ordnlanre psimittlng I n-
I'ontobllea to be driven am und it red
cornets hi a speed of ten m.lea an hnur.
ff recommended ihat the rate be oul to
four uules an hour
Itaaacd alf I ii a ii d la Mall
A '
In .ags
iotithsol4 hoy r.aby,
was round last i gl.
dressi i
in lha
31 Vla't
e bok
hsllo Of th.
i'lt. - g.l!
H I r 7s
gntOil ni at
aiie.t The
. fl . i
Men Go Back to Work After
Whitridge Agrees to Con
sider Demands.
The street oar errtke whloh. elnoe Jan.
Ii haa made pedeatrlana and traveller" hy
railroad of Yonkera residents, ended to
day st approximately Ita atartlng point,
with both stdea agreelqor to operate the
tled-up llnae while arbitrating their dif
ferences. (Following the example of President
Whttrtdge. who agreed last night to the
propoaltlon submitted by the Public .Mar
vice Conwnleelon of the Beoond District,
the itrtkors voted to go back to work,
and when they left the hall It waa to
hurry home to luncheon, put on their
uniforma and prepare to assemble ready
for duty Hi Oertty Aqua re
Shortly before i o'clock the atifkera
hegwn to go Into the carbarua. T'ley
ware In uniform and were ready for
work. Before entering the barna the
men formed In a group and were photo,
graphed. The otreeta In the Immediate
vldntty wore crowded with rltlxena.
Manager .Sutherland ma.le nn addresa to
the man In the barns while the great
throne mitalde, numbering proosldy S.OnO
persona, waited patiently for the cara to
Tha rlret rar left the bama at 2.lo
o'clonk amid a great nbeerlng and wnv.
Ing of beta. It waa a N'epena Park line
car and waa the very ..ne on which all
the trouble atarted. It waa manned hy
John Amtth and Frank shannon, the
two men who refuaed to break In fam
uel Marklewlcx aa a motorman lierviuae
he waa a non-reslident. and who In Ihat
way atarted the strike
As the Mral car went oul the tillage
of Hastlnaa was notified i teluphone.
and a rocket waa sent up there o make
loyiahllc announcement Ihat n ai waa
coming. Hy I n'olo -k the cais .in all
lines will ibe In full operation
No laaa than elgiil bualneaa bOUSOl have
been forced Into bankruptcy, aa a reault
Of the cat atrtke, and ren.denta of
Yonkera employed In New York have
been put to great Incunvenlence and ex
OjgxtgOV Until the niatter has been arbitrated,
the sunns of the men will be aa before.
Mr. Marknwltx apparently'haa been lost
In the shuffle.
UnclfJ -"oil" MS Miss Victor
Leave Ellis Island With Her
Ueaminn Hiaiwe.
Wl."ii j.retlt Maiie Vielur and her
gleaming, gold eg hair nnd her beaming,
I big Mr Hoi knap Store laai arm. thla
silernoon. it looked .ir niuoh n1 if
rne apparently tun. tiling romance, over
which ghe wept gnd he atsawledi reatet
day, waa st'.ll In good working order.
Marls same bne t.. aea rtuea i rut
knap, a young mm ng onglneeri llrlng
an R 'eel Hnd a" Una arrived .r-
I ter.i.i .in a atogngor of tha lnitod e'l-.i.t
I Compsny'f I ne. uial was me' ai lha
lei hy hot dsn 30. Then an lmmlRfg
lion ii-epei it aire a Ions and anted
to kipiw wiin' briigbt M;K V'letor lu
tha I'uited Htatee.
H ,. to Id him und then he wanted to
1,11. .w If III RelkhetP was g.rng lo niai-
r) her lhi awnt. It was an eii gr
rgoalng uueatlorl 'or ihr young a igin er,
M .l allai.-d gild agld hf -t aani gura hla
ilnsnelsa indliinn was aueh be ooutd
plunge ai ..nc irrto mstrlmoni
' Mar .- waeplng a as IgUen lu Idl.a Is -1
ar.l. Ml flelktiap I it had a rery
,.i poti.tt lelnegg eugggotnenl gnd
eoufdn't go atoug gnd thai s,e:i,d ihs
I : , 't aloe fur hgfi
i 11 il In la1 aas a Rlffei'Og so , of a
tl it al. IgetUOJ Th hog d .- a.
i.i .
Mia Mai Matnel.l. probation ohVer
all bad to the Manhattan Avenue
Court In Wllllemeburs. found ben-ir
eatl lo ilai In Hi. must arute nmnnnt
nf peril of all hm oftl'lal SSrSaf when,
wltn a levelled revolver, she PJrSSaJ a
Srmip uf threatcnlns fori!sner. ' 'ho
had louked her In a tanement room at
No. m North Fifth etraet. Wllllama
hurs, to fall berk, and she made har
: eaoapa.
Tha douThty llttie rn art oltlcer alao
' raacued from the clutrhe nf thr (S
perata men who had held her prleoner
! orettv Utile l-'nnnv Martin", who waa
feelns forced In' . a marrlas asainat
her heart and will,
Teeterday Kanny appeal e.l before
Mml.lr.i,. Ihald III tile Manhattan
a. a .ia bin, be- i
father. Kndllo. was lrlns to Torre br
to marry a man three t nies her as"
Rim loved a youth who eraa only twenty
two. Fanny declared, and had triad to
sat a llcenae from tha marriage bureau
to marry him, but had failed. Her
father, lenrnlns of her effort, had
threatened to kill her. the ollt e-aklnned
little peraon stammered In fear. He ha.l
beaten her and bad IWOrS that If an"
did not marry the man of hla rltnlre aha
would never UVS to be the wife of an
other, aha aald
The Maslatrale Issued summons and
since Mra. Hatfield had Intireated her-
elf In the girl's case he gave It Ig lh
probation ofAear to serve. Fanny told
Mra. Hatfield that har father alwaya
want to work about 7 o'.dot'k and lt
would be tierraaary to be at the houae on
North Fifth alreet before that hour lf
ehe would serve tlie aummona.
. .w.. !. s iJlt vi ... i
eo 1 1 1 1 in... ma ,.v, ...
llatflrld met Fanny outside the house
and went with her to a dingy room on
the ierond floor. It waa evident that
ome Inkling uf the girl', atrategy had !
.scaped to her father'a eara. for when
the daughter, with tha strange woman
try her aide, appeared at tha door of hur
father'a room Martlno jumped Into a
bedroom and eaoeped to tha etraet by
way of the flreaooape.
But Mra. Hatfield could not follow
him. Hardly had ahe entered the room
when she heard a key turn In the doo.'
behind her and found tuiaelt a pr'.a
oner. geven or eight men and a omen
stood between heraelf and the single
avenue of escape, one of the n waa the
aged suitor whoae bid fur Fanny a hand
hud started the trouble.
Mra. Hatfield g a llttie woman, hut
her nerve la of a proportion that many
big men envy. W.ien aie found heraelf
confronted by several scowling men and
frowsy women who chattered at liar In
an alien language and made xna to
her that ahe uould not he allowed lo
take Fanny awa ahe acted quickly.
She had carrld In the luoae sleet e of
her coat In a pocket prepared for Just
auch emergrnclea-a email but wicked
looking revolver. With a aingln move
ment of her right hand the nervy little
probation officer whipped the weapon
from Ita haling plate and levelled It at
the knot of menacing pcnp.e before har
"Tall thatn. Kenny.' ahe ordered in a
quiet, level lone, "thai you and I are
going away from here and the first
person that Interfere will get a bullet
througn the heai t. Tell Ihran that I
can about and will without an Ig.
slant's hesitation "
Kanny, trembling ao thai ahe oould
hardly whlaper, translated Mrs Hat
fleld'e msaaage. The wurda proved1
strung emphaela g tha an ub-nosed re- '
volver barrel whlrh was bearing wltn 1
oat a Iremor on the breast of the fore
moat man in the gang. Iltertb.nl,
fade! awat frurn the dour and Kami;
unlocked It.
"Now, Kannv, you go downatalie fl'ai
and I'll follow," oggli lha low rum
in and
Kami, el I pi.ed out of th dour and tne
probation officer, her fSVOlVff alwats,
covering Ut .owning, HUMS, scowling
man In tha room, hacked atuwly out of
the door. Mhe rinsed It behind ner wlli
a hgng and VOOt Step hy atep down
stairs, her fare alttavs turned tOWgfd
the door that had all ut her off from
ntntlnont IrouMo.
When Kanny and the prolattlon nrhi-er
i cached the alreet both M. v to the Man
rattan Vtanue (ourl. There Martlno
wiin hud been picked up by a poilce
' .an. waa arraigned iter and held for
further examination.
When Magistrate Hold hgfd the whole
tiiry and had received I'.mni ggggj .
an t hi she was foul morilha over
elglit'.n yeara of age h aent Mrs Uot
geld wib her and her awaln to lha
Ugff tg IJcenS lluread lo Insure
Kit ' gelling t.u Irasaursd fight to
wed. Kanny w'll iiraly ned lu-day.
ther waani the ; ghieet rutin in I n-
w-oi i i foi keeping t"'1' o it of New York.
Ten gllntMOl l iter, ahe' we. RglghlnR ibe
rial paii t he lourn) from lai Tax
llolltia, la I ii' b Rgm'g country. Sue
Hioo.i op 1 1 .ir ut th. Immigration
fjeportmc a frry aunt, In it.e mldal of
;a i rus J n; iiiu ris, s nut. d.rtlneag and
; nke.llptl.e-- it o. IbrOWn IntO ,-ilef le.
.sole ttf gniirtlyfon id Hgur ami lh
wonderful nssas of hurj.hd goi.i
, pRgd on i up of nor hi a.i.
Ami a .. . I c Hal le-1 gag.
wall. Mr HelknSg WO tins tie hid
g .-aii and he hi'. ted Vino. Int..
u gnd aal.l aotiiething to the cah
'lha ''ia.e nj s.Mi'.. M.ul resrj. Ii
I wh'p. u that h llred.lOoklnR Slsod
.woke op and rslfled nRrihwnrn fagfe
ii. an evog a ropoeter could run,
Th laa' glim ire fggghl nf M as Vie
io and i t'ei. uii.i .vrtaini) lgdlotod
'l i - ,i: es dead.
Tra data late, the North Urman
Ltoyd IhMf b ii-i Wlihelm II al.amed
into tue biy this afternoon with her up
per Rgfag !n a langla and her pasa.n
gere pain and wobbly on their feet
Their Sara MM In the , .tuns and (IT n
soul of them 1
th" elerragc. and etr
had looked into the wrath and mcnaja 1
of a atorm ... h aa baa aaldont been
are,, at tSS by penple who have lived
to (ell of it.
Cspt. O. Cuppers, alio on Ida ratsrn
to Kurope will retire frjiu tha aea after
forty-five years of aMperlenre. felt frae 1
to aav that he bad never m n' b a
etorin aa thai throusb whlrh he had
bi.oia.it ttir bl ahlp Charlaa M.
Hrhwab. steel mllllonalra and globe
trotter, said that In rn.aalns the o.iean
112 limes h- haul nrver been throush
anythins whlrh even ausgeatrd Ibn' )
the wind could blow ao hard and tha I
wavea run ao hlgn and wllh audi angry ;
The trouble began lat Tuesday whan
a aonthweat gal" rolled up long, aullen
rollrra which put moat of tha paeean
sera lielow ami made them faal Ilka
ataylng away from ihelr mcala. Friday
the wavea began breaking and pairing
at the lifeboats and before night many
of them had been wrenched out from
their lonaened laahlnga and ibreahrd lo
kindling wood.
('apt. Cuppria aent alx aallora out to
try to aave some of the boata. A great
wave caught them and swept them diiwn
,n, deck. He thought they had gon
overboard, but aa the a'dp heaved alde-
waya. alrpplng down tha far aide of the
wave, he aaw them rolling Ilka lugs In
the back waah. The rail had
them. Twenty oilier men acurrled out
and dressed them In. They were -jenee-I
less, nme of them, and all of them wera
hrulaed and cut. There was no furlhar
w rw "
The twist of the hurricane Capt. Cup-
pers talnka he must nave been In thi
centre of Hie storm which made Its
mark on ao many ahlpi In mkln.-ean laat
weak turned the force of the elorm
around to the wast northweet. The ship
twisted and dived and aklttered like a
seal at play In a tank. On Mnturdav
nnly five nf the slO uah;n paaaetigera ap
peared In the dining aaluuna. And lha
veteran Bailor, diaries M. goliwab, by
hla own rueful admlsalun waa nut among
The captain's oatimate of the height of
the wavea waa that they ran over forty
feet. The apray aa they el ruck Ihe ahlp
it as thrown a hundtad feet In the air
and fall on the decka In contlnuoua
pounding uiaaaea, aa heavy aa the
... .... ii volume of water ut lha feet of a
high wlnd-ldown uateifell. The Uai
Ometor fell until It OORM fall no further
and tea acd rvisodlng. Tha wind meaau.-
lOjfl in. i. nn..' t.iuk. down regialerlng Kg)
I mill an hour; It blew harder afier ihat.
lap- I'uppera eailinatra that It reached
IJU mllea an hour repeatedly.
since Sunday the ahlp travelled more
rnally and waa able tu In .ease her
apeed slightly. It had iieen redui.ed al
th height of th atorm to ateerage
iieadway. no that on Saturday aba made
but lilt mllea an hour. But ahe waa
Inside Handy Honk before the great
majority of her paearngera crawled out
nf their atattiruoma
VPIti. Spa u. Jan U The Hrttleh
sieamei Vei onese wllh IS paaa.ngera on
boaid. went aahore lo-day off LalBoee.
tlie QSJtpQH of iip... to Aa h.gli aea waa
running late thla gftsmOon and the ves
sel could not be reavched by 'boats
Effort were being made to reame tha
pgngOnROfg and rew by mean of life
lines th'i.an from the abore.
The Vg0n0i whlrh la owned in
UverpoOl by the lunport and Holl
UMi waa on tne ...tag- from OlgMOW,
Scotland, to Brasll and thence to New
ns.putt State 'omptro.r Wailas-e
l'.ni.i' iranamltted the foliowlng ap
prnlMl of 0tS tO ItndOf ibe inheritance
tg law lo-day to tne tranafer tax tef
Boa .f the Surrogate Court
John . Hlngf. died rtept X 1B1 Ke
poll of Appraiser QnrVtn. reappralairgj
thla .slate. ghOWg a i"i ealate
amounting lo fjgl Uii net value tS'K.O
An at. -pal was taken from the former
appraisal and the reappralaat wa of.
ii, hi sui .'ogie Cohajgn.
Cate for thm by uilng th Oenulna
of QgAhiT
1 mads Marts .! ISa taatk. reaiaa.
H with Qsil... tke sail. leiiMe. eaaiiafi
i it. saw) i if)! gaaj isna
B aeeass
. I. On...
L4l...a .i .rrs rule., on... aaasawsaaaaasnwaonMwwwaMWBMwaaaw i I
XmmmW j j Worlr, Jf. VV0Hf T.
1-OVDOV, Ian. M-Wlt.i one of the
most elaborate eiM -at nf the Len-
Inn aea son. Miss Olive Mav, an Amer
tran aelresa thla f-rnii'i waa married
to Lsfi Mil I'as't. brothi and h"lr
preumpt'e of the Marqula of Angle-
at v'' NBlta Churoh, fddlnston.
"Baaiaas noiaoie wom-n arm men
' Knsland ware praaent. ineludlns tha
atanuia ftf Ansteaey. the Msrchloneee.
I.ad I'aset and other hlsbly ronneeted
relatives, demonatratlns the truth of
"" '' thai tha brldesroois a
family had adapted the musical corn-
ed tar unconditionally and would
troditoe tier Into society. ,
Aa a weildlns Sift the Marnula of
Analeaes aettled ,ivi ., year each on
l.oid Taset and the hrldr
Olive Mai Maeh"l on the orhlt of th
London .lobnnles aeven yearn aso. T:
tlaletv Theatre, famnua for Its Produ
Hon of heautlea, erlpe. ltelf ah
thla new haauty appeared
glie became the rage, and ..Id atagen
vied with empty-headed rhapplea In the
pursuit nf her amllea. She had aiiltm .
by the a. -ore. and It wa said that h
. mild have bad the plrk o? laandoo
nnhllltv Lord Victor I'nscl waa thn t
youth of sixteen.
t.irsl Paget was scarcely out of hli
teens when he figured aa co-reapondci'
In one of London s most aensatlnnii '
divorce casae. A little moie than a jea
ago he rocusaed his attcntlotia on tn I
llelety'a pe'rh aa dancer, ahe kgvWg
known al Ihat time as tne "Ulrl Wit .
the I'hlp.irlidale l.ega. " laird Pag. '
look hla place m the line at the atag.
door, but waa soon among those sa '
the top
licensed t haafrars Maat Be gl.
ALIIANY. Jan U.-Aillo drivers Sag
not be Mcenaed until ihey are twentt
one yeara old la the prtmaiun made k
a bill Introduced by AeeernMyinan Fai
rell of Hruoklwi to-day.
In Very Wont Condition. Pimplei
on Whole Body. Could Not Wesr
Any Clothes. Cuticura Sotp and
Ointment Certainly Cured.
T. M
f all plmplna neaea mm my
whole body eroep say the.
-Then gradually r baaaaaa
I had I ao khe I
I wear any
I walked the floor d
sigh for n weak aa.
not He tn bed H
es. I could no mmm. I Mil
pv Fws
try and St dowo tor a few anlnutaa, I would
be se tired, but I would hove to get op
again. Than I would lis on the laetkw
couch end whew th fever would get not
gain I would have to walk. -
" I lived oa a adld diet aU the Unas for
tare weeks. I could not ant. Rut when t
und tbo Pa thaw Hoop and OtaknkMI I
waa rertalaly eured and I can anil
the Ojoora Soap and Olataeaat to any
body " ftttgnedi Mlaa Rtta RSjSnRgss. Msr
g, 113.
A alright oaks of Ontteura Soap toe. and
boa of Putunuo Ointment Ooe. ore ofteo
aufAetent wban all etas has failed Chittrur
noop aad Ointment are aoid by druggloU
aad daalera erary where liberal aatnpl of
frae- wllh Vp akin Book Ad
Outteura. Dept. T. Boston "
I ebotlM ua Outttnvn
gbaetasj stick. 8c. gostole fro.
A besa for wumaaklad
auffarlng from
l imi t WBAK.NgatNICH
Poudre Blanche
Uoaranieed und.r Fure rood and
Aei. Serial No. at.tsa
la a harmlaaa. natural, latereel aad the
ealy remedy far annul, regardless of aaa
roiiipuundsd of tks rarsat eonilnan:..!
hsrba and rcnta. Bffeela Immediate and
laellag roller In all caaee ef female aaa',
neaiee. will Invigorate, aoethe and ur
aervaua Irritability, toaa ao tha ean i
aarve cantraa! crtRn AWlTlUUrvpN tin
Oet ear taeklat at easel M free.
poiWp. llTtMB r M WCIC A I
tL to.,
ivii oieMw.1. s.s lore uijr.
gor aels at the Oeb Drug Oe.. tan tta
eve . oeo. 0. Mous, 10 go ava.: Ward's
1 it .1 a morse, j uoivmeui ava.: a. law.
IT Ametareaei eve.i
I Blum .
lltd at.
soraer uuwi eve. aaa
lg at Asa' Ave. Rroaa. N.
had eraseri a in the very wont nauMMna.
Whan I so
When I go
i mm

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