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Women Strikers Riot After Leaders9 Order to Work
ntCATHKH lie. Hi to-Hlgkt clrarlaa ftaaatayi raider.
" Circulation Books Open to All.
14 Circulation Books Open to All."
20,000 10 RESUME WORK
They Repudiate Peace Proto
col and Hold Riotous Meeting
in Astor Place.
Policemen Are Scratched and
Beaten When They Arrest
Rioters in Crowd.
Settled, ai the leaders tho.'iht. thla
morning, tha shirtwaist strike got he
yond tha control of the un'.on official!
thig afternoon, when thousands of th
striken vigorously declared they would
not return to their benches next Mon
day, aa tha union had ordertd.
Thar savxgely danounced the union
Iseders, asserting thay had been sold
out tor tha benefit of the manufacturers
sad that tha flcht had not baaa won. as
tha Executive Board of tha union had
assured tham. Tha tamper of theae so
protesting; was plainly aroused, and as
thay apparently repraaent a substantial
majority of tha strikers, serious com
pileatlons will likely ensue, although
this fawning tha praspact of peaca was
moat rosy.
The mast Impressive manifestation of
tha anger of the strikers over the action
of the union offlclala, In ordering tbem
bask to work without ftrat submitting
tne proposed protocol arrangement to
a vote of the workera, occured at Cooper
'nton, shortly after noon.
Hare mora than two thouiand strikers,
nearly all of tbem gjtla and young
woman, met to learn from union repre
xentatlvea of the ending of the strike
No aonner had l'aeiuale dl Nerl, tha
union's emlaaary, begun reading the
term of a protocol, made with thii
manufacturer's this murnlng, than yells
of protest were hesrd In all psrts of the
throng snd In a few momenta the din
beoame so great lie could not continue.
The nn. thereupon ru-hed pel! melt
from the hall, nearly causing s panic.
lathering In Astor place, the strikers
held an Impromptu Indignation mect.ng.
that effectually blocked traffic until the
arrival of extra policemen. Practically
without exception, they declared In sting-,
ing terms they would not ooey Die man
i'ate nf the union. Some of the more
hot-headed aivorated leuvlng the union
for good ami affiliating .. i ll the 1. W
V. A leader appeared In the p rson of
Nicholas l. r him, ami addressing the
moo, he den :nied that the strlkera
swear pel to go back to work Monday
'this tne mob did wlt.i a will and the
crOWd gradually dispersed, muttering
imprecations on the heads of thoie
uhom tney declared had bet raves! thejn.
The chief grievance of theae dleaf
feclad fighters In the Industrial war
now he.ng waged Is that the peace
plans do not provide for the Increase of
wages for which the workers wslkcd
out. Inatead of Increases amounting in
some caaes to 2 per cent., the leadere
of the revolt agalna: the union declared
but I snd 10 per cent ! promised.
The workers hold that, having begun
tha light, thrre should be no peace un
til all their demands are granted, and
thai In sny event the union leaders
have no right to come to terms with the
msnufacturers until the strikers tbsm
selvss have approved the terms.
Rioting nd dlsturbancea were fea
tures In the manufacturers' quarters
to-day and six women and one man
war arrastsd. The police were obliged
to draw their nlghbatlcka, some of the
women fighting them like msn.
Tha striker gave the police aoma
busy and anxious moments In La
nay etta and Bleeoker streets, thts
morning, where trifling disturbance
blossomed Into life-sized riots. In
front of tha store of Alfred Benjamin
A Co., on LaFayette alrcst near Astor
place, the picket line wss as difficult
aa a barbed wire fence to get through,
and tha ploksts were hostile to the
Trouble started hers whsn Oledala
Lombardo ' grabbed e, young woman
Btrthebreaker by the throat and iv'd her
not to go to work. The a '
sad Policeman Wedenlio(v
owed A
to thsv
hands on
is wsre .aid
is at or station elbowed
ant amoved fals wsy
sweoseded 1n laying
it Then hand
sesirlahl. he
C. Taa New
St oo.ooo Personal Wealth and
Much Realty Listed in
Plea for Committee.
Doctors Tell in Affidavits of
Symptoms of Malady Af
flicting Bowery Boss.
"Big Tim" Sullivan, who was com
mitted to an Insane asylum a week
sko. Is suffering from hallucinations that
HO TlssfVPJ. llll 101
Dibiiivid mm
his enemies ar trying tat put poison in Max Block, a freight manager for the
his food and at times trlss his utmost West Shore Railroad, and his wits,
to commltt suicide to cheat his fancied' Mrs. Uubner charged that the real
pursuers. 1 raaon for the raid was the resentment
Such la the sorry plight of ths "Big 'of v ndsn. whom she described aa a
Fellow." as described bv Hri John K. gambler, ho had not been allowed to
.i aviMi.s. u rMSakeus. I Jln " games at the house.
,ai.iin S I
whose certifications Supreme Court Jus
tice Amend ordered tha Bowery leader
confined In Dr. Bond's sanitarium at
No. 960 North Broadway, Vonkers. Ths
sffldavlts or Drs. Herrlty and Prllcliard
accompany a petition asking the Su-
pretne Court to appoint a committee cfj
(he person and property of Congressman
Sullivan, and also to appoint u commls-
slon to ascertain Hue exact value of hla !
CI.-. la ...a 1. K.. D.lri L BS I
i 1 1 r l'1'.' .i 1 i i d ' , a v .. mi iin .
I Sullivan, a hrnthar of the Insane boas;
' l.aarence Mulligan 'belter kn.m i as
'. " I.a.-ry hls half-brother; and liar
' garei Hlckey, his hslf-slster. Ths lsw
firm of Rltlson 4 Klllson. of which
William B. Ulllaon. one tlms Corpora
tion Counsel, la a member, drew up ths
legsl papers in the rase
"I'addy" Sullivan, Mulligan and Mrs.
Hlekty atale they know "Big Tim's"
personal estate exceeds tlOO.OUU In value,
but beyond that figure they ars In doubt
An exhaustive investigation by a com
ml-s on will be neceisary, they say, be
fore the exact value Is known
Koot d:nn entenalun uareala of recent :
origin, " is the diagnosis of the Congress- Tn Magistrals held both Mrs Club
mans condition, made by Drs. Herrlty n,r ,,d Brilliant In ll.om bail, which
and Prltchar
Thejltaease is virtuslly
In hia nihil ii 'i Dr. Herrlty dsclsiesi
"I ubaerved ih following facta: Tlsat
the patient la fairly wall nourlahedi
color good; heart, lungs and kidneys ; qu,lllUao, 0, two ir,a Zlm.
ahow no evidence of organic dlaoaae; wbo uksd thsm If tusy ever gamuiad.
has foot drop extsnslon paresis of i . j bs detectives, paung ss men from ths
cent origin, left foot, knee Jerks sound i Wait, aald they (lid, and ths four took
and equSi. lumbar puncture negative. I a taxi cab and drove to the Nlseiy-eac-thst
the patient showed Intense anxiety ond street house.
snd seemed tilled with terrifying fore- Tbsrs, according to tha dstectlvas, tbsy
in.i.i.ri ih.i ..,..,,., n were Introduced to a poker gams In
ShOUld be in whi.pera. he In.l.ted Ihgt
he was being 'doped' by Ills enemies i
thst dope was put in food and fW. eJ
Into the air of hla room; wss discon
certed aa to tlms, tint showed qui'.e
some Insight.
"I aacei lalned. .concerning hla blatorj
thst the aia nmoiny l aumvan nsu
an uncle who was In an Institution rot
the Insane, inn wss discharged there,
from Improved, that said Ttmotny D
Sullivan hsd been considered of normal
mental siandsrd snd hsd no previous
attack or InssnlU. snd that be bad been
In the ssid lr Bond's house since Sep:
II. 111?, as s voluntary paiieni. and thai
he had never in his life used nuuor, to
bacco or drugs, that ihe earliest time
at which the present attack tiegan
was rSAOfnlted was about Marcn. Utt,l
and was characterised by alternate ex-
clteinent and depression, tlireals tt
suicide and leas often or violen e, de- ,
lualona of conspiracy and persecutor.-
delusions, almost continuous nlfactor)
anil fUgtatOfy liallut-lnalions. lias less of
the VbJUgl liallui'lnatlons."
The petition seta forth that Kig
(Continue. I on seoOhd PUI.I
sets, rtssristion asd l 1 -v isformtilie 1a
links it THE n.ini.ti ini'ti.
Police Raided Her Private
Home Game, Mrs. Gubner
Woman Tells Detective She
Lost $14,000 Another Had
to Pawn Gems.
i Sarcasm snd tslk of throwing police
' msn ln'o the street enlivened to-day'a
' hearing In the West Side Court, before
Magistrate Corrlgsn, of Harry Brilliant
j and Mrs. Belle Uubner, accused of con
I ducting a gambling house In the Flrwnia
apartment house. Nos. SW-IMt West
Ninety-second street. The police raided
Mra Qubner'e apartment last night.
Former Assemb ly.nan llarowlts for
: Mrs. Oubner. aald that Inspector Dwyer
had fabricated a list of men and women
alleged to have been present last night
and that Detectives Armstrong and
Sutter, who were Inside when the raid
started, were only admitted because they
came as friends of friends of the fsmlly,
who sometimes Joined In a soclsl home
poker game. The only other parsons pres
ent, according to the lawyer, were her
brothers, lid ward Block, w ho Is general
manager in Chicago of the National En
gineering and Printing Company, and
vuBAUJ i i t WSJ Men SI u . si
msvn ww i inc. ruLivamsn,
' Your Honor." aald Mr. llarowlts.
"the police have stationed a man lit
uniform In mi oilent'a apartmenl. lie
was there all last night and was to oe
relieved at s o'clock tills morning ly
another man. 1 want a warrant for
Inspector Dwyer for oppression. '
"1 cannot do that," aald Maglatate
Corrlgan. "If the facta are as you
I state I Should go down and have a
1 . 11- i .. !.... I. - ' tk.
Curran Committee"
e'And gVt myself subpoeused as a
wltiieats," aald the lawyer, interrupting,
"there's no nourishment for me in
"Well," continued the Court, "you
might go down and talk with Mr.
Waldo or better, with the real head
of the Police Department, .Mr. Uaynor.
Perhapa District-Attorney Whitman
might help yxu. But ir 1 were In the
situation yuu deacrlbs I should throw
ths policeman out."
"1 'have Instructed my client to
do so," said Mr. llaro.vitz. "and to
-.ii,- violence If necetsurj . Well go
''' I up there now."
was furnished by Mrs. Herts, ths owner
of the Flrenzo
Armstrong and Sutler, according to
Inspector Dwysr, Wsrs in Hector's,
Forty-fourth street and Broadway
VV1n.,1. U when than ..,.,1. .... .
1 AJWjm&&
than UO worth of chips could bs bought
114,000 IN GAME.
One of tbs woman who Introduced the
detectives said she had lost Vt.iM) auJ
bar buaband had baen kept la Ignorsnce
f il Th. other woman selil i- J
.ut ,,ge sums or money, and must o
bar Jswslry bad hean pawned to meet
bsi losses. Both said, the detectives re
ported, they had been forctd to become
"cappers" foi tnt house and that's wrh.n
they were doing when dining m Itsc
The detectives iviught . hips at fg a
slack, they aald. and played for a little
time Tnen thay went to a windoVJ and
wave.i handkerchlafs at Inapaotor
Pwygf and H siiuad of raiders gcrOai
the street. There was wild eonfualou
and acrgmbllng under beds and out nf
slndOVg to the hie escapes, the police
say. wiien thav euterej.
name "i i:ie n.ines iisien u in-pecinr
flwyer were Mrs. (Genevieve Iiei.u,. No
il Kat P.vteenth tree: Br.niKlvn Mrs
Anna (lordnn N'o iii'4 une Hun-
nieil and Thlrlv-r.lntr. ttrael Mr I Ma
Russell No Ml West r rti a vih m eet
Mrs Helln Tlmmpsnn, No J.V. IV as I fine
Hiindrad and Twenirftrth street mis
Hells Hon. No M West Ml'sntieth
.tree! Min- K l.etlensnn No We.,
fine HUnSrag and 'I'wentv. first st-eet
U( Hriirn. So V Klghty-elrhth
street Miss tlepfgia fftinthsi anil Mis.
K A B i - both of No 1(0 West .Vine-
Tka Pro Paallefelaa
Tata Weeldl.
Banker and Wife
Naming Leader of Society.
Jr. set v'IPJ esi a- c
m mug r alv
i Usurper of Chairman's Chair
and Invader of Private
Room Are Ejected.
Thai se. Hon of the Tribune Ruildlng
ear the room where the Public Ser
vice Commission was hearing protests
against proposed extensions or t ie H. It
T offered every attraction of i elrctlS
lot tn.a afternoon agoap) p nk lamontds
snd peanuts.
Wllh il Mg overflow erOWd In tne ball,
the commissioners Inslil strove desper
ately to transitu Ihelr butlnasl In noise
and ronfuslon. Plclipo. kets piled their
trade Jll the crowds, both In and- ,iut of
tne courtroom, and at Intervals person.
Ml" had distinguished IhSmaalVSI BOOVS
the ordinary run or nolsemakera cam.
(atapiiltlng tlirough the door.
Two pol ce.neii were on duly all morn
ing and hy aighed with thtnkfulnoai
aa ftiui more gfsVWny c.i.i.panlnns.
nastily UHHtlOMd by the -o iimlsslonera
in the afternoon, onina to tbe-lr al 1.
Ira Hi Dean, on of the indignant I
Brooklynltas, attracted attsntloa to hi n-
all by rising Hi ihe room uni shouting I
al he tn;i .if hla voles I "I aan I to pro
tec: agamsi Ihll hall bedroom learliiK.
I have lusl hid uiy po Kei picked and
vary Rlkal i had is gone. Now i .i
hi' .' to Whlk llome
In Ihe fro.'i. rOW smith t man
lumpad up.
"No you wont I've ad rn own
po. ke: picked, bul I ctn spars these."
lis said, nnd he passed '" Usatl a ii kal
and a transfer.
The pickpocket's v cjliii was s ill
onianina his logs when
.,,, mg
leaned lip
"1 Dan ' hear a v
S' k hear." In aald.
lUinuuuad on oeuoud fm.
Who Sues,
earS rrom lOUng
Tobacco Dealer Who Dis
appeared Last September.
Henry l.i.yties. a wealthy young to-
bscco dealer who disappeared from Set
taglcab on Sept (, la In Denver, ar- !
cording to Information received by hla j
brother, mi.. I. it lies, with whom he
formerly resided at No e?d Klversldo
Kver since Mr Duytlea s mysterious
disappesrance after entering the taxi
cab at Riverside Drive and Kighty
SOand street, telatlvea here have be-n
seeking to find some trace of him Once,
on Sept in, The World succeeded In find
ing a d ie to his wnereaboute. H was
learned h had been registered at the
Congress Hotel, In Chicago, several dsya
Hut Mr l.uytles. who left New Turk
with tabu ln his pocket, two suit csass
and a yellow chow dog. went almost
directly to lienvtr. atopping over In
Cblogfo only to break Ihe Journey.
Utile Is known of his estly actions ln
the Wssteru oily, but he has written lie
is now Ihe manager of a bottled water
concet a,
(Itto Lliytltg waa loath to explain
tne reasuu j'or hla brothcr'a deuaiture.
He admlttad I0dgy that It was be
cause of a young woman he admirej
greatly and wltn whom he had nad a
laiiing out. i tits young woman was
..at ... ha . 111.. , ... I I A m
I i" "r ... ' -.ii... ih ri hi s
I bankar. Miss Curtis was. in Ktirupe at
I the time of l.uyiles's dlsappearan, e.
nnd for a u tile t wus thought he had
none (broad lo he w.tb hir.
, "My niothei wus not engaged to Miss
Curtis." anld otto l.uytlus to-day "He
I was merely one of h? aduiliers. and
i after the had a til he .ie Ided
w mill bs best for him lo leave New
He avs hg unite me a note adtla
lllg IBS
aiis le.n.ni f.n Hen e, i
inevei ie sivau n i .i..n t gno why I
I ii I 'Ion I kiniw why 1
dWll't, nue.s Henry a miffed
I w en I failed to rgply, I don' I know
a lJ lie il ke.l Uanvar M Why hs u
so asttsuve u his dapax.uxa. '
18, 1913. 12
i i iiiiiiiiii iinim ii iiffisv.ni i I it sH iiiiij
eiitwe hiviivi i is is ww tig i if i r i ii : n swiipr i
Banker's Wife Declares Mrs. J.
Temple ( iwathnwy of New
port Won Husband's Love.
Charges Wickedly Untrue,"
Is Comment of Woman
Brought Into Suit.
Mis. Abigail H. Bishop, wife of .lanes
Ciinn.nghsm Dlsliop, who Is a proml
nentclub man and Memhaf of the Him
of Itedmond A Co , han.ie-a, of No. IKI
Pine street, lis sued her luisbsnd fu
an absolute dlvorcs, naming us a co
respondent Mis. J. Temple tlwstlimsy.
one o.' the most prominent women in
the Newport and New Yolk exclusive
Il , les. wife of a une-llnia president of
Ida Cotton BtnhstniS and one of Ilia
leading tlgurea In lbs sensational cot
ton pool of a few yeara ago.
It .level uej lo-d.ty for lite rli st time
that tne sull for absolute divorce fm
owe 1 and wa an ametiitiunt to a suit
for separation which Mrs. B'ahop had
filed aga'.ne'. her husoand In the Hi
preme Court It wea only l.'.t'.e inu;
tlitn a wsek ago that the firs: Intimation
of uiar.tal 4Jticji:!s m the pro ntnan:
Huhop family became public l trough
) the lnssitlon by Mr. Blauop of a "per.
onal" In the advertising oolumua of a
morning newspaper, setting forth the
fact that he would no longer be reipon
Sibls ror his wife's debts
Kvent In the legal aapeci of the
Bishop's marital battles have moved
with swtftnesa, When Mr. Hlsiinp a
Interviewed w.ek ngo eanaarntag hi
advertisement hn said he knew of no
court ni Hon hav.ng lieen Instituted
against lilm. Mra. Hisn.ui would nui
dlrruss the lUbjaal st all. Tetlerdav
an oixler was signet by Justice Amend.
In the Suprenie Court, f ubatliutlng Louis.
f Posner. a lawyer of No "' Broad
alreet. for the Do. Paaaoa U.others.
lawyera at the sstne address. In ths suit
for a sepsratlon brought by Mia. Blaliop
against hsr hu. bund.
To-day I'osii"! filed sn amended com-
in. in in inw i" s ii. i as nun, wnicn
makes ths sctlon me for susolute di
vorce inaiesn of ror aepaiatlon. He
served ihe pspers upon Henry Taft of
No. 4 Wall attest. ' attorney for Mr.
The amended complaint recites that
for a year past Mr. lilahop has been
illiu nf mlscnniltict with several Mnm.
" hM. n.m are alluded onlv hi,
inM,t but It recites a specific Instsnce
ln whCh Mrs. Gwsthmey Is miitied and
wherein the misconduct romplulned of
D alleged to have occurred In December
In tne Hose! Astor
Mrs. Uwathmey resdily came to the
telephone of her apartment In 'he Hotel
it.it Mam She was told by a represen
tatlvs of the Evening World of Ihe ac
tion of ihe lawyer for Mrs. Ulibop ln
amending1 the complaint.
Her answer waa prompt and aweep
Ing. She. aald
"Tne charges mads by Mrs. Bishop
are, of course, absolutely end wickedly
untrue and will be shown tn be untrue.
It la only charitable to auppose tnat
Mra Bishop Is laboring under dalu-
(Contlnued on Second Page
Wsrslsg ml Heavy Weather lo
Mlki Alaaar ItsMtsg ( oastl.
Tha following was rsce.vad st tiis
local Wcsiher Iturea i thla afternoon:
"Klrat northwest aiorm warning 1,11
P M HtitTi ceniral 0Vr Lake Krie
moving northeast. Whldh will shift
to west and nortnwest to-mgnt snd
iieconie nig Warnings OfSfrag from
ths I" inn' breakwater to Html
Hargtlara Naasaitk Home of Hereai
l aadldate for Uettrsur.
I pastil Ui lie R,enio( Wot' I i
HTA Ml'oKli, Conn., Jsn Is ' The resi
dence of Rogarl Hunter, recently Mo lal
ist candidate foi QovarflOf "r Connacti.
It cut snd fur tigress In this dlstrli t ami
also the eon-ln-aw at Anion Phelpa
rftokea. a mull i-mllllonalre. was rsn-
aackeii last nigh I by uurgiais. ni used
ske.einn Kv in open cioseia,
.... .Kit I .1 ii 'a.
.. ,.,.....,., ,.,.,,, y ,. .,,,,
wf, , ,.,,,. ,-, h, T!ve
,,,, .stent of the loss cannot be aaoer
I Ituiad. It believed t ie bu.'glara mads
i a Largs haul la ailvarware aad jewelry
Whitman Gets Names of All Con
cerned in the Attempt to Silence
the Accusers oi Police
man Fox.
Brother of the Indicted Policeman
Urges Him to Expose "'the System"
and Save Himself Punish
Eugene Fox. the policeman under indictment for taking
protection money from George A. Sipp, was released lata
this afternoon under $6,000 cash bail. The produoiran of
bail was unexpected, took the District-Attorney's office off
its guard and savored of the underground methods that
have characterized the Fox case.
Louis Grant, Fox's lawyer, furnished the $5,000 in cash.
He refused to say where he got the money. The District
Attorney could have held up $5,000 real estate bail for
forty-eight hours, but he could not refuse the cash bail.
No court was in session.
Convinced that he knows who raised and contributed to the fund
a part ol which was paid to George A. Sipp and Thomas J. Dorian for
leaving the city, District-Attorney Whitman has arranged to bring this
phase of the graft investigation before the Grand Jury on Monday.
George fcipp, his son, J. Howard Sipp, his wife, Mrs. Thomas J. Dorian,
and others will be witnesses, and the District-Attorney thinks he will be
able to produce evidence which will warrant the Grand Jury in finding
Indictments. Six men are believed to have figured in raising and dis
tributing the money. H
Tne Identity of the men whn m.a. ...
OSSININtJ, Jsn. ll-A convict tried
to escape from Hlng Sing Prison to-dsy.
and succesdsd In getting ss far aa the
river, Into which he plunged. A few
unit fired In his direction to frighten
iiltn bed the desired effect, however,
aud he swam ba.k to shore snd wss
trken back to the prlaon.
The man who broke for liberty 1
William Jones, who was brought here
from New York on June 17. tsll. to
servs an Indeiermlnals aeuten.-a or
from twenty yesrs to life on a con
viction of murder In tne sei ond degree
llUed In me brush
He hss ben em
Jones, tin letecled bv the guards,
climbed up to the top Of the treatle snd
made hla wsy to ths river. He Jumped
Into the water and started to awim
away, but he was seen by a guard when
he waa about fifteen feet from the
Shore. Trie gur.rd tired s shot over the
fugltUe's he i I to scare him and other
guards who run up also tired, but took
ca-e not to wound him. Jones was
ev.di nily terrified by the shots, for he
aui.'klv t irnej. He was so exliaus.ed
that he hid to be hauled up to trie
Soak bv a rope The guards aay that
If hs had gvme ten feet further when
be gSfOttl awiv from the shore he
soild have been invisible from the
JoawJi a hO la tnirly-four. w.ll he put
on s. diet ol ui ead and water aa a
trunisimenv 4
the fund meant to silence Sipp and
Dorian la a matter of open comment n
Police circles. None of these men will
he called before the Orand Jury, aa II Is
Mr. Wliman's deiermlnaUon to avoid
any chance of giving them Immunity.
Pos's brother epsat aa how wttk
him to the Tombs yeeUrday, plead
tag wit bias to save himself. Tha
pollcemaa Unseated to all his broth
r had to say. hat did aot reply aw
ladles te la aay way hla fataro attt.
tad a. His brother told him he and
everything to gala ky ginag Mr.
Waitaaaa ail the laforaaaUea he
haa aad sverytaiag- to laws by be
ing "the goat."
What effect the tremendous preasurs
from two directions will havs on r.ia
la a matter of Interest In the Police
Department aa well as In ths District-
Attorney's office.
ii srsn-vice ring u credited wllh
having raised a IK.UOO fund for Foa's
benefit, but thus far II hasn't dons aim
any goou. and it is OelleveJ when he
tees how powsrlese the ' .System" Is to
ld hlm- "" "''' to the Dlslrlcl-At-
lie. as so iiian, oiners have done
lately, rather than sacrifice themselves
for those whoss tools they have been.
Policeman's Fox's trial at Headquar
ters haa been postponed until Tuesday
because neither Sipp, his son, aor
Thomas J. Hunan appeared when It waa
called again yesterday. The Police Ue
partinanl. It Is understood, will take
legal steps to try to compel ths atlead
ance of the tilppa.
Ulatrlct-Altorney Whitman does aot
j understand the peculiar eagerness of the
police to bring Fox to trial on tbs
csiarges against him In ths department.
Hs poi 1 1 :ed out that even If Fox were
flee he could not be compelled to tag.
t'fy at a police trial aa long aa ai
similar criminal charge Is pendiag
egatnd him. If ha Is acqulttsd In oourk
it would be Imposalbls to convlot h n
In ihe police case, and If he la convicted
la court, ha aulnmallrajly aaaaaa at mo
0attaed m Saaond fM i

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