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'iMI! klVUtilbtQ WOKLD, KAiUKUAK, JAMUAKK 16, ltfl3.
mraitor of th police fore. Hene
Mr. (Whitman is puisled v lha p s
Um of the .i?r' 11. nt neal
TheDlstHct-At:orny I. to-day whip
pln hi evidence In srrspe for IB John
Do Otand Jur Monday The graft in-vrsUga-lon
with Its various col; itfrjl
readSc-iiton It developing a MBit '
goq)flrntrla'.. A new Una taken up to
day ! why Policeman Charles E rtM
mad th aocu.et.en ha did TBBfl
day bafora tha Alderinanic CdlUBilllta I
agasnst Chairman Curran Th pjl. - i
nian declared that AMtfMI CairrflB
trltd t indue him to "throw" a fat
against an Eighth ItBIIMI iojnheper
Alderman Curran to effectually d:-1
-yted in charge that be " is shd
Diatftatt-Altorney Whitman lo hav th
urand Jury Investigate th possibility .
of a priuty tndlctmr 11. But th Dti I
irlBt-Atmrney la mor Interested n
obi, if anybody. bhlnd Koyc. Ha j
do nt unJrtnd why Toy, a
stringer to Aldrmn Curran. a far
at known. hould hgTt gone bfor th
comnlliM and om thai ta Aidei- f
man earn to him on behalf of a saloon- ,
keeper not In Curran's district, and who j
aya h naver u Curran and oavr t
hoard of him.
ft la th theory of Mr. Whitman, a
eH.es of th Alderman, that If Knye'a
chars ara untrue, h did not mak .
'ham on hi own initially. Thy will
try. to find out who Insplrsd tbarn. Al- ;
rfersaan Curran, It I undratood, sa
psrtt to b M to ihow ha wa not
boat th criminal Courta Building tha
rtay Pay ya h approached him (br.
Aaetber matter Mr. Whitman '.a buiy
on to-day la who I responsible for th
continued abn-e of Tliomm J. Dorian,
-moot a esluabla
wltiii gai-.t I
tboollco grafter in Harlem aa Blpp. I
II b reported that Mrs Dorian ha ad
nitud to Mr Whitman aaltnt
rte haa ban receiving hr huiband'a
wMir aaiary a'.nca h dlappardi
though It I undrtood hi contract aa
manager of the hotal aplrd on Jan. 1.
Another roort la mat h ha bn aa-
urd h will con 1 1 n j to rclv th I
aa long aa Dorian remain out of
th dtnitdlctlon of th Urand Jury.
Alt along an effort ha ' en mada by
earlaln prona to leave th Irapradlon
tha Dorian haa been titlJ In th back
ground by tha Dlttrlct-Attorney until
he tattar waa raady to tit htm. Mr
Wiylman ay ha do gol know whr
I'orlan li, but that h nope to fin I out.
nd when ha doc h apcta to Uarn
ha aorauadad him lo "dUappear."
"Pc" Ualer, rrtd a mor.th ago
wtyi Char I Dbllr on a charga of
atbaBptlng to bribe a proapactlv wit
naa for th Stat, waa rlaad from
th Tomb yterday afternoon on
of I7.M0 furnlihed by tn illloola
Burpty Company. Malar and Dubdlar. i tared nt th hotel yesterday morning,
it If charged, gave Charle Mullar. a "My brother haa told me." aald Mlsa
Janitor in Wat Fifty-eighth atrt. II Mrrlngton later, "that h doe not know
and" promlaed him Mo mor to awaar Iww he eama by tha wound on hi wrlat
that' Mr. Oo4. th accuser of Patrol- and that after noon yestsrday hi mem
mam John Bkllv. bad offered him 1 ory waa a blank until he awoke early
to aubataotlate br chargaa
agatoit grafter.
(ConUnuod from flnt Pag
tht goll.-sraan. Th woman tors at hi
clothe and triad to scratch hi facs.
Through the crowds cam ten sblj
bodlod reserves from the Meretr atreet
station, who fought thalr way to tha
centre of disturbance
Ths women clung to the policemen,
grabbed them by the coats, by ths armi.
snf flying aedges In against them snd
around thorn, pulled and hauled them
with no gentle fore and fought with
than. Policeman Wedenkopf held on
to hla struggling prisoner against the
efforts to relets bar, but he was bajiy
In want of aid by the time his brother
pellomn reached him. One man got
himself Into thl tangls and he was ar-
raatad with two mor or ths women
picket That were ITmberta 1-eo and
Mrs. Qraci Oriel, both living at No.
HI Eatt Fortj -fourth gtfftt The man
wa Harry Utlakln of No HOT froton
avenue In the Bront.
Tile police formed a hollow square
around the prisoners and the women
boat MB asalnst Ibt r'des of this III.S
slorm-toJ.ini wave against a aollo wall.
Aaaaui; flr asssult waa made upon
the police, hut ths latter succeeded In
getting their four prisoners to ths Mer
cer trt polio station. All were sub
sequonlly arraigned In tbe Jeffarson
Markgt Police Court
Willi th riot lo front of Benlamln'
waa la progress a wagon ladan with
mattresses drove up lo the front of the
store of Jacob Oreenbsrg at Bon, No.
Bleockor strat. Immediately the report
want out that tbe mattresses wsro for
tht strike breakers in ths stor. and
sally was made for the wagon. Women
surrounded the vehicle, and a doren or
more grabbed the bora. Others
warmed up on ths aat and dragged
down Hi driver. Still other women at
tacked the wsgon's cargo.
Wniie an army ot women pounced on
tii mattresses a detachment pounced on I His cungregalluii aaa unit In bis sup
tht unfortunal driver Tny amashod tort.
hi hat. lore his cluihliut and hi hair, i eighteen monlhs sgo Ids health began
scratched but fac, punrnad him, rolltd to fail. He labored along despite gap
bun and poundsd hlin. When he got to vouse trouble until laat summer, when
th outskirts ..f th., crowd i.e looked Um Prse was preaente.1 to him snd he
he had .pent a week m.ide a vary pu.y 1 f"' r?" "' "J?"
-.,. ... ' y seversl that he no longer could give th
ngved and torn lo ahreda. The pollee
war busy trying to r.acu. the driver,
nd tb. bluedial cam In fgy tnelr
share of attention fruni tit striker.
Ths leader uf the assault nn th,. aau.
a pp acred to kg a girl of eighteen, who
gave th nan or vlvona Clamuao of
No. ask ttast Houston street. She was
evrraat.d and th police had their hands
full In getting her through the crowds.
Women swung umbrellas on the bead
of ib polue and fought tlicut at pegrj
Step. Anna Coocha of No. Sou Kast
Twtirth meet and BeUls La lloaa ut
Nsv U I
Houston street also care
and the three women were
awl MB h lies tfvwd to tht Mar- I
sir ptrwat station.
ic rnnuniMunTPi I!
Ml UUIHI 1111 WILL :i
Clerk's Tourniquet Saves Life g
of Rev. R. W. li. MerinRton !
of Jissex 1-ells, N. J. .-;
Declares He Awoke to Find
Artery Slashed, Then
Rang for Bellboy.
The Rev. Richard W, tiniit
ton, paator of at. Pilar
Church, Beset Falla, N. J.. and r
dent nf tha Board of Eduoatlon of that
vlllag. I areuoad by lha polio of at
ttmpllng to commit anlctda
ting th artery In hi lft wrltt
rrn1 I
th Athn Hot) on Coat Forty-iarnnd
trt. aarly tn-dav. HJa Ufa waa
by tha prompt action of 1. m. Torray. a
the hotel dark, who mada haaty tourn- j T
by th prompt jetton of J. M Torray.
tquat above th wound ana aummonon a,
an ambulanra to taka tha unronacloua
clergyman lo Hellevu
ur. jaenngton naa oevn miH.ni
hi horn at No. 101 Hoaaland avanua. j
Caldwell. N. J , lnc Thursday morn-
Ing, when h wnt away.
telling Ma I
landlady that ha would bo back In tha
evening. Member of hi pariah, grow
ing alarmed at hla unaiplalned and
continued ahience. had appealed to ih
police to aas:t them In finding thalr
paator and a general alarm wa aant
out by tha Caldwell police laal night.
Whan Mil Margaret Merlngtun, a
play-a right and magailne w riter, anil
author of th play "Captain lltar-
blalr." In which E. H. 8othrn tarre.i.
who livaa at tha Students' Inn. No. Be
Went Fifty-eighth atreet, vlalted br
bruthor In Hllvu Hoapltal. h wor to
her that h had not attempted aulrlde.
and aald that he had no recollection of
what happened to him after he regis-
this niornlng In tha hotel room and founJ
j blmwll almost too weak to move ami
j with lha bed aonkd with hla blood
Then n pusned tn putton or
n and fell bark unconscious.
"He haa not been well ol lata and he
attrlbut th temporary loss of mom
pry to that fact H aay that h ha
no raoo to take hla Ufa and that
rlde would bo the last thought he would
hsve. The whole terrible .ncldent Is a
mystery to him a well as to me."
lrpltt the clsrgyman's statement, he
1'. under technical arreat on th chargo
of attempted aulclde. Broken glass and
a pair of blood-atalncd hara wur
found In his room, bealdss the rssor.
A tall, distinguished looking man who
wor UM "ilerlcais" of a man ot m
rloth rglstrd al th Athene ytr
dsy morning and was shown to room
No. 4 IT. II wa not seen about the
hotel for the rest of the day or last
night A few minutes after o'clock
this morning th Indicator at th merit's
desk downstairs sliowcJ a call from
room No. 411. Torray tent Ooorge
Casopaulus. a bellboy, lo answer the call.
The boy cam running downstair ex
citedly a few minutes later to say that
ths man In No. II" had been murdered
Torray rushed to th roam and found
th guast lying unconscious on ths bed,
aa ha had fallen aftar pushing th but
ton to summon assistance. Uloud waa
pouring from a deep cut in hi loft
wrist and a raaor lay by him on th
Torrey twisted a towel above the
wound, and whan Dr. Watera of New
Turk Hoapltal came with an ainbulauc
hi ald that the clerk' quick action had
doubtless avd th man' life, for he
wa lar guns from loss of blood. At
Bellevue Hospital h revealed ht iden
tic, but would make no further state
ment. Th police nmlfleu Dr. MT,ngton'a two
naleis, alias Mer.nglun and Mrs. (Icorg
A. lingers, the wife u( a physlotan who
lives at No. 1 Wallace atreel, Newark,
after tile clergyman had regained (SaV
sclousneaa and had whispered thelf
Dr. Merlngtun has MSB paator of St.
Petr'a Church In Kaasx 'ella fur twelv
year and waa the inuil popular man
In the community. Ills rlectlun to the
presidency of the Uoard. of Education
aome time ago was unanimous and rep
resented the esteem In which bis fsllow
ownsmen held him.
Members of Ills congregation said
when they hard h was BtBMtHl tt at.
tempted suicide ihst the affaire or the
church a cre running emoothly and I hat
no incident hd arisen In Dr. Merlngtun a
i pasturste to .suae him embarrassment
chureli all It was entitled to. He seemed
to fee', this keenly, and hla friend
sought to cheer him up In vain.
The clergyman llvis alth the family
ol Mr Oscar Slmcbsn t No. 103 Rose
land ,i venue. In Caldwdl. He Is a
Bank Reserve -1 . 1 im.himi.
Tli statement of the a.-tuul condi
tion uf tearing House bnnks snd trust
companies for the week shows thst
1 ihsy nolo . 1 mi :: rsserce In excess
ol legal requirement. This Is an In-
1 ,-rs of l,Mt.MI from la.t ws.k
Ill.lai CIMI.U IN il TO It DAIS.
Yftur aruasctt sill esfui.a ailie If PAItJ lll.Vr
isg'er rieirudcDg l'iw is te 14 , M . Ain
Girl Who Asks the Police to Find I
Pup and Her
I gfrC
l "HoifJU
Z (7
U QrtA,
W , ,
Z K4fldL
a a
T f
4 o
1 jtV .jk-y ad-J
1 B
1 llrV
Hi, i i ! x
10,000 Policemen Hunting
For Pup on Waldo's Orders,
As a Favor to a Little Girl
Miss Gladys Is a Friend of
the Commissioner and She
Wrote Him About "Lassie."
Tn thousand New York policemen ars
Msrchlng for Lassie to-day.
From Tottenvllle to farlheat West
chester village, frum Csnaralc to Wash
ington Heights, ths cops ate sleuthing
ss boss iiii ------- '
mounted cups, probationers, strong I
arms, plain pavement poundsrs and :
fixed posters, til with syes peeiea
ears erect for sight or sov.nu or a ei-1
months-old collie pup. I
Tp, Commissioner'! orders, uenarei
alarm went cut from Headquarters last
night for every man of the uniformed
force to find little Mies Gladys Free
man's PUP. Lsttsle. To quote Bull Mc
Carthy, the etllor taga of the depart
ment. "Hi a cinch M this yer vurp'e
above ground still she'll bs found."
All bscatiae of a letter that little Miss
Frssman. who lives at No. WaJ West One
Hundred and Thlrty-slath strsst. wrote
to Commissioner Waldp. Thle Is ths
letter that came to Police Headquarlsrs
"Dsar Mr. Waldo: When you were
Firs Commissioner you wsr vsry kind
to m. Then I llvd at No. 107 West
Eleventh strset, and you gave m a let
ter to visit all the fire houses tnd see
the horses.
"Now. I'm In trouble again I lott
my little npllle puppy. I think hs lis
been stolen. I am sure you can help
me and will, becaut you war u kind
to m lief ii re
"She Is almost all innnthg old and la
black and white. Her name 1 Laaale.
1 love tier very much.
"I was excuesd from school to-day,
and I have hunted everywhere for htr,
but cannot Mud nar. I have aakad tha
policemen I could see, but they did not
see her, but will look out for bar. I
kd one right near here, and he aald
that about l JO o'clock thia morning her husband had quarrelled violently 'on. Then, too, th Insured was ad
he saw a man with a dog like mine. over his attentions lo other women ! vl,,d by th aujuster that If bo hired s
Th. ofT.c.r'. number I. 4 .44 I Two month. .?; --rdlng to her con. AnX Ztt
. ..... ... . ......... .
IS ajid still lov to go.
Pleaaa help
me find my clog. I go to Public School
No. lit. I can't hunt for her, ao won't
you please help me? 1 Bill thank you
vsry much, Slncsraly,
It Is plain to be aeen that llladys
considers Commissioner Waldo a very
guou rriena or nsrs. .nu wmi gooa nwmu, UPon Mrs. Bishop by her huabsnd. i the insurance company adjuster, who Cc.'BtU l'nlverlly. He will speud Sun
reason, too; for s cnupls of ear ago. fh will obviate the usual action lor I c'a'm that he htd examined day In the city aud on Monday will go
a hen Waldo was Firs Commission!-, ,n(1 ,.ounie reee pending the I t'le nr'' ,"M tn ,0" within three to New Haven, returning to w York
he helped uia.iy in trnunie as ueei as
her present distress That was when
the llttl Mlas was barrsd from the
fir mil (- Of No. II.
one of her chief delights wss to run
ground from her home to the flfthoutt
and play with the horses there. The
three hlg ahlte fellows thst pulled No
1 engine would whinny their "liood
morning' every time Gladys BPIMMtrts
In tli doorway, an I no hay was no
.sweet that it could not be Ignored
while the Ultle girl wa "shaking
hands'' with her friend. In the stalia
Hut hscause a child was slightly
hurt In another rlrshouss somewhere
Fire Chief Croker Issued an nrlr
.... .u, .11 hil.ir.n from the Kau.
Oltdyt't frltndt of No II wara barrd
Drawing of 'Pet:
ill & . .
x ,
! ;
from hr, and her grief waa almost
Krent . it l. tmlAmu ks. i ......
-w agra ga ' - i i r 1 ;
Km - r law '. -.rTC.
J-rZHfm m aPBBBsata 1
'JSW, K bV .jibbbui--
aura- .j ewwasBBBBBBM. .Taastf a
jz r vv 7 i
M IrlfAWvvTAmV "SSuW ft
U,ine I thy . -olle ted for the alleged loss.
So she did th. just what sbs did yss- j WORI PERSONS FOUND WHOSE
terday-sat down and wrots a Istur to FLATS WE'RE FIRED.
th Commissioner. And Waldo, wnj Deputy Fir Marshall Wade and
knows all about the sorrows of little i Emerson were i.nslly engaged to-day In
girls, even though his Interest It some- I rounding up and taking to the Dletrlct
tlmca centred on th naughty dead of ' Attorney's office persons who are said
had cops, sat right down then and wrots by Hteln to have figured BB the Insured
a letter which permitted (Jladys to visit m Area he started. Thess people are all
the horses of Engine No. IS or any other i Ignorant and poor and they aj came
enalni, just as often as she pleased. from Warsaw, tha birthplace of stein
VfOWi Ctladyi knows that a Pollca Com-
mlssionei i. just as anglous to help her
find her pup, Ugsjtt, as the Klre Com -
' "' "" " wuo WflfnttmtU tUtm, bu, thcy W111 be used
(Continued from First Pag )
slnns. from wiiatavsr enure thess do-
usioos may nin pi Uliaaraou, ana mail
ror some reason she is not now cap
able of rational thought."
Neither Mr. Bishop nor Mr. Taft, hla
counsel, on.l dlaeuss the sudden turn
lo i... i .rr.ir. hNi.i.in .iv. i... vi..
" , w, .....
Illshops amendment of the original
complaint. Mr. ltlahop ssld that his
lawyer would do all Ih talking nca-
aary and ths lawyer thought nons wa
Tt develops that In the original com
plaint for a separation Mrs. Blnhoo
set forth that for three years shs and
,.,,. , ... iidu no un-
bearable height and Mr. Bl.hop pack.d
his belongings aim moved to th Hotel
Helm. .nt Mrs Bishop has not asen
him sines that tints.
It became known to-day that a stip
ulation will soon b entered Into ha.
twieu counsel for the warring husnnid
, -nJ wire for a ssttlsmeiit of 11.2110 a
h.arinir nt Hie dlvorc. case
Bishop Slid her Bve daughters
sre living at the Bishop town house, at
No. Fast txt.v-nrt-i street.
"Thank you for letting me know of
the arllon taken to-day In the court,
nut kindly do not press ms to make a
statement.' said Mr. Bishop lo an
Rvantttfl World reporter. "I have no
oiiiment to make upon the procedure.
taken by Mis. Bishop."
A friend, speaking for Mr. Bishop,
Hald thai evsrt effot; nsd been made
Mi. lilshop a ol ols Ave daughters
to Induce Mrs Blanop lo abandon her
.Mention of bringing an action fur
d i core. Thlr combined efforts, h
aald. had been without au, oess
d Croat e Couf h Draps.
is( better fsr sees tlsratl. Sc. ssr kasT A4
Schliehten, InJicteJ on Stern's,
Testimony, Gives New De
tails of Plot.
Fire Marshals Round Up Many
Persons for Whom Gang
Started Fires.
Abrsiiam 8shlichtn tt No 34 East
Ons Hundred and Tsnth street the
fourth member of th Arson Truat" to
! he arrested, made a stjajfgBSstfl to Assist
ant DItrlct-Attornry Weller late !hls
i Kchllcten a ttBBMBlBB rank with tint
made by "Issy the Tnlnter." now a con
vict in Hlng Ming. In wealth of detail of
tiie widespread activities of the firebugs
;snd "Independent adjusters" working
for the Insurance companies. Me s
snld to have confeaaed to fires set In
I i emise.s he was occupying a well aa !
to hsvlng "adjusted" the losses In
other fires engineered by members of
th firebug gang.
After making his confsaalon Hchllcli
tr wnt bank lo'th Tombs to wait for
hla sppearancg before the Urand Jury
on Monday.
Schliehten was Indicted yesterday.
Jointly with Roborl J Hubln. an "Inde
pendent'' ii. Hunter, with offices st Ful
ton street end Tlroadway. Rubin was
arrested last night. Rotli Itflhln and
Schliehten were arraigned to-day asid
held. Hchllchten will be arraigned
again to-morrow In Harlem Court.
Tho specific raae against Rubin la
that he and Stein conspired In have a
fir destroy lot of Junk In Stein's
apartment at No. 614 Eaat One Hun
dred and Thirty-fifth street on Jan.
14,1111, Stein atarteJ the fir. Rubin,
who had placed the Insurance, adjusted
the loaa snd collected 1410. tskln 17ft
for himself and giving the balance to
8tln, to whom he owed mny for
I atartlng other fires
SlchlU-htrn lived at No. .lift Kast One
. Hundred and Tenth street thirteen
months ago and entered into nn agree
ment with Stein to burn up his prop
erty. The Bluff was Insured In (he
Liverpool, Ixmdon and Olob Insurance
Company. Stein stsrted ths fire and
U.L1I..I.I . - mi i.l. .
"ln""11"1 "" wwwn
m',... w i.-i, v.
t sun 'irui gr UiUlt, WBBJ "Mihri, W II U in
i h under Ui.OOO ball. II la not the
1 lnllton ut ui.t.ici-Attorney to
rroborata Stein , remarkable con-
fession and BlrBai allien the ease :iea 1ns'
the leaders In the conspiracy.
The ignorant Immigrants were eaally
cnirvlncrd Ihut nrson wss a profllabls
pastime in NJW York. The poorer they
were the mors easily were they in.
! fluenced.
'St.ln. although he has been trlllng his
1 story for three days, is not yet through.
Hla operations as a lire mg were so
I widespread that the Urand Jury may
require weeks to Investigate all the fires
he aay he stal led, l oncerninc oteina, h N w York .t,kors, becauss offl
confeaalon Assistant District-Attorney " .. . ZTV
Weller said to-day: clala of toe United Oarment Workers
RUBIN CANVASSED FOR FIRE '. " ",J to h,ve dl,cov"e1 hat
J0B8 Ktatern manufacturers ars sending
itldor BttiB says Kubln canvaassd ordsrs here to be rtllsd.
throughout the city from houss lo I The union men say that unless
house and arranges! for different pen- manufacture of such goods Is stopped
pie to nave brokers in other parts of
th city, not known to th assured.
urn u. iiihimu n
lbs furniture, ihen the insured was K . . . ,
told by Kubln that "itty the Palnt.r" "tvlll h"n recelied from Thomas A.
would ruska a Bra for him, or ons Klekert. Presldsnt of the I nlted Oar
of the several other bugs would do It , ment Workers, who I In charge of the
'.U'k..iiiiAH Ih. ltiaiie.iS .... I ,, I .. V L. .,-11,.
' """. o
Bteln aTi niak tne necessary arrangs-
, n,nt with regard to alibi, preparation
and compensation. Stain says that be
wa told by Rubin not to mak Mi flrs
j until th Insuted delivered his policy ot
I Insurance to Hubln or to aome friendly
gu-seiween mr security, ana Biein
would not make the tire for the Insured
until Rubin told him to go ahead.
"Stein says that lie was told that un
less the Fire Marshal .'aught him by
the band while h Wat actually 'making
lha Ilea' Visa nr.il 1 .4 rmtrap ha .,1 ilaJ . .
ths lire' h could never b convicted of
time ha waa not fu Iv nf seas .
"Th.n tbe adju.ter would toll th. In
I aured thst th company had complained
to the Fir Department that the lire
was of suspicious origin, aud that th
Firs Marshal's offlc had ;.i. ettlg-Ued
.... ..... ... . . . r . . " ... .
fir,' but not knowing tBii waa the 1
Dug. had no evidence to connect the
fire nliii the defendant. Thereaft-r
" ' Fouy
I thai If h at v rlrin't ni,'iM lha i rininroroi..
h. will hold uu the money for lb. sj.iv.
day period t prescribed under ths Minis Iff ILdUN I HIVCd A UHI Uff.
at the policy. -Whlte
IBty waa appearing hef.ve the Jsl I.Ike trhoolboy. He erd gats
Jury Kilman Newinsrk. the sdlnsler
who wa n il -ted last week lor riling s
raise proof of loss, as a result of the
confession made hv Sn-n flasVI, wa. sr
ralnged hefore tiisll. e ilofr for pleading
His attorn filed a demurrer to the In-
idlctmenl. and the pleading w ;nst.
po.nel until Monday He obtained the
M,'ni hall n-ider which he wa hld. and
was released
Stain conilt ued veatardav in unfold to
Asilant IHstrlct-Attomec Weller store
after etory or his methods snd leeda
He has been able to pick out Sre after
fl e end tell how 11 wa started gad
give th name of tho who profiled
by It. and bis story hss been corroborated.
SotlthWMl ink Sink.; One e-el :
OR Virginia Cost Crews
Are Saved.
N B W POUT NKWft, Va.. Jan. II. The
coiil atcsmer HvJ) n, from F'h.ladrlphla
in Key Wet with coal for In naiy,
was driven hn.nl aground off Cape
Henry early to-day In a aoutliweat gal,-.
'apt. Meeker nal hi crew were taki n
off safely. The schooner Qn. White.
from Mobile. aritm atrounu. n.i
an unknown schooner waa sunk.
crew of tn latter was ftBtttad,
Continued from First rage.
Tim's condition Is such that- personal
service of the petition or of any papers
In the proceeding would grtly aggra
vate hla malady and aerlously Jeopard
ise what chance of recovery he may
hove. The affidavit Is attested by M.
A. Fowler of Kings County, for Dr.
Merrily, and by JtBtph U. E. Ilughsa,
notary for Dr. Prltchard.
The personal property of Congress
man Nulllvan. which haa a I way been
omewhM of a mystery to his friends.
is disclosed by the petitioners to con
xlst of partnership snd corporation In
terests In various t.'iestrical enter
prises, and enterprise outtlJe ths
theatrical lines.
Kollowrrrt Is a list of real properly
owned by Hulllvan. so fsr as tha
petltlonerers know: Tremlaes and land
at No. MS-MI Broom street; an equity
In the Sullivan Club building, st No.
30 Rowery; a number of unlmprovel
lots In the Pvrkmsn tract at Two
Hundred and Seventh street . a 10.sW
equity In No. 240 Weal ? enty-flfth
street: resl property at Plelrd-r uv.
nue and Chester street. Mount Ve'non;
real property (Incorporate 11 on -Iing
Island; real property st Tht sgsl't Nck.
N. T.. and real property it Kast Hill
Stone. Somerset County. .Ww Icrsv.
The only relatives snd nxt of kin
sre given by the petitioners aa fol
lows ratrlck H. Sullivan, brother;
Lawrence Sullivan, half brother: Mar
garet Illckey, half sister: Irene Sum
mers, niece; Olive Rummers, n'ece:
Chsrlss S. Summers, nephew; Timothy
! Summer, nsphew
The Summers live st Nn. J4f) West
Seventy-nrth street, ani tre me rail
dren of a deceased aister nf flulltvan
who was the wife of Mlrhsel Summers,
a detective.
tl Is further, sisted Sullivan recslvsa
directly the income from only one. piece
of his prnpertv. ths net amount of
wtileh Is only 4.0Of s year. Immediate
steps are ncressarv. the petition state,
looking to the conservation and pro
tection of the numerous business and
other Interests of Sulllvsn during his
It Is further deelarsd that for long
time past. Sullivan has bssn unfit and
unable to attend properly to and man
age his property.
The petition will bs srgued before Su
preme Court Justice Heprlrtek In Part
I, Special Term of the .unrem Court.
Monday morning, at 10 SO o'clock. Notice
of the argument was served on Tr.
Bond, to-day. ball It will not he neces
sary to have the Congreasmsn In court,
ss the petitioners will be there prepared
to present properly their relative's con-
i dltlon lo the eourt.
gfl (Wl (snRMPNT WHRkFRS
I Tvlww
Charre Made That New York Manu
factuftri Are Having Orders
Hilled in the West.
CTIICAOO. Jan. It Forty thousand
Chicago -garment workers may bs call-
j on to strike next week In sympathy
at o0. a general strike will be ordered
In tU shops controlled by ths m-
...--., ...oeiatlon word to that -,..
sr ..,.-
St-llie t Aid Ini Yorker.
BAL.TIMOKK. Jan. 18.- Refuting to
work on tjetklB which lliey - nd had been
tent from New York because of too gar
ment workers' strike, one hundred em
ployee, of I.. Urlef tt Pro. went on atiik
to-day. Two girl were arrested and
lined for Interfering with Other workers
who had refused to quit. 1 he drier.
deny aiding metropolitan manufacturer
Altrntle Dinner of III Ohio Xoelely
Fl tttlltlll Tart, ac otnpanied by Mrs.
Tsft and Bacrtlary llllles. reached New
York oter th Pennsylvania llall.'oad al
S o'i lock Ihla uft. no. in
To-nlglit he will attend a dinner or the
Ohio Society and a dinner in honor of
Andrew Ii White, former President or
juunuai nigni
urdaye. bays I'resldeui-llleel.
PRtNCBTOef. N. I., Jan. IH. After
pending the night In New York, President-elect
Wilson relumed to-day and
planned to spend the day at home.
"1 m Just like a ichoolpoy," ho said, "I
like u take Saiurdaya off
11.. had no Mftg.intlllt for t.,, da.
in k Tn DA f.
u ,11 M .in ' ' -c " ItsalMtf, Us-ai.s
1 1 ill. use. ii.ot.
Kansas li . s.in.ia
MsiipMsnls. UigrtaMl
l.ui. Msrie oi I,
alta .K Wss
nut li. r.i. St. atiie
BSII1B, " . 1
La nsailr. tilstw.
- arrJng Picture of Woman, a Man
Kills Himself as h'xpre5s
SpeeJed to Port Jervis.
.e te Tit C'filni BTsrl I I
When an Erie express train from th?
West reached Tort Jervis early to- I
day on Its way to New York the con
ductor discovered lh.it a passenger
haJ committed eulilde In Hit wsMirooni 1
of the car by hanging hlmlf with hi
BMliUtV T.ie body wa rtmcved from
tn train
(Continued from first rage i
"I demand that ou speak louder uf
Come up front," ssld stme one more
fortunately seated.
t'P went the dlagrunileil one. Inside
the brass rail separating the commis
sioners from hoi pollol. He sat down
In chairman Wlllcox's chair and tayrd
there until Secretary Whitney got a
grip nn his collar and lifted htm out.
Whitney half dragged him down ths
hall end put him on tlis elevator with
ths direction that he bs turned over U
a guard st the bottom of the shaft and
put nut of the building.
C. H. Van His . k of No KS Uats ave
nue. Brooklyn, who wanted to protest
against B. It. T. plsns, went Into a pri
vate ante-room of the Commission when
lis was blocked from the room where
the hearing was In progress by the
crowds "B. R. T. employee"." he esid
they were ls got into trouble with at
taches snd was ejected by the crowd
surrounding him.
Chairman Wlllcox presided snd hsd
considerable difficulty In getting things
tarted. but tt last a delegation
In opposition to an elevated line on Ja
maica avenue got to the front. Henry
C. 4. i wood of No. 1X1 Jamaica avenue.
Wondhavn, wa the spokesman. Ha
ssld he hsd a list of property owners
representing HIO.OOO and thai he knew of
three other petition representing nearly
flv mlll'ons tn value, all opposed to the
new line
He paid his respects to th method of
the Brooklyn Rip'.d Transit Company In
circulating cards on its cars ss lullots
on the question of building the road.
Andrew Moors, Ueorg T. Furbell
and others followed In similar manner.
John H. I.ole.1 stld: "I wsnt to pro-
test In behalf of the people in my
section of (Jut .in agtlnst this holding
of hearings In ths day time Ws do
not get II4.00U a year from the State,
work or not. We get I: 50 or 13 a
day and must loe It to com. to your
hearings. We would come here en
masse from Wood haven In the night
time and tall you we never would and
never will believe a word the II. R. T.
utters. We are against any elevated
road now or any time."
Rouert F. Craig, who aald be spoke
for the real estate Interests on Rich
mond Hill and nas la favor of the
elevated structure on Jamaica avenue
as a release from present surfnee csr
transportation, said: "T iere are a lot
of Jamaica storekeeper here against
an elevated road, hut they are alone"
"Who arc you from?" came from the
back of th hall. "You are hired by
th B. B. T. Throw hit out!"
"Com up bare arid throw mo out"'
shouted Cralg.
, Robert W. Hlghle of the Chamber of
Commerce of Wueens was the prtnclpsl
speaker of the delgutlon In 'avor of thelr
Liberty avenue elevated structure.
After the Jamaica avenue protestors
had none, Charle II. Bchroeder spoke In'
favor of the Jamaica avenue road and
!,-. -hired that only "vest pocket civic
uejocls'.lons" ware tn opposition. He
t! hissed repeatedly but maintained
hla argument. I
K.x-Publlc Service Commissioner F.d
wars! M. Baaaett was called on by ;
Chairman Wlllcoc. and lexl t ie argu
ment for the crost,own line. He said :
there are 2.000.000 people along the;
Kast Iliver water front and Hint they
must nut be OVgrlOBBBtl while conven
ience are bslng furnished from Man
hattan to points beyond the Oongttd
Brooklyn section. K. A. MrDougai of
ths Queens Hoard af Trade apoks along
the same line".
ugene N. Travis, former Stale P hi
tiT from the Bedford aenloti of Hro k
lyn, slid the line-up was that of hotflt
owners against elevated roads and real
estate promoter. "These laat (tntr)
are willing to destroy the Bedford It;.
Hon to aell their land to those of us
who are drlvn out," he said.
Senators Charlre J, I'arawell, for ner
Juatlco A. A. Vtfl Wyik ami Magistrate
John I". Hyland followed In the sane
Borough President Connolly ura-ed a
SfogatQWtt Hue. aud said there would
he nn de. reuse in values ', ..u-e of au
tltVtttll road.
There were numerous Inlerruntloiis
of the Borough President, and '"halr
msn Wlllcox said:
I will say to thone peeron who
were brought here to make a nolgt tnd
ore doing so that If they don't cgg
I will have arrests made "
Anio Baalaess Too l.ond In llay
Ball I ales f
fjftf ANOI'l.KS, Jan 1. Art St-afei-,
Utility lnflldr for :he New York
Nationals, msllel an UBBlBBBd onirnrt
to-ilav tfl Mtnuger MoOrBW iiealte the
set that It conthlnel a liuounilal :
ralae in salary SlUVttl .aid hi believed I
the automobile buslners pi. Id better thr.n
buteball. but added thai If stcOrtW
"came throuth" ho mlu'l reconsider
his determination to qui',
Kred Bnodfttlt, Hlg OUtfltldflr, has
net received t eonlrtoi yet.
.iBsnrs .. Melenlf, Kilmer, Head.
JtlU.I A. Metctlf, for many years baa I
soloist at Once CJiurch. und ror twenty-
i flee year, one of the best known choir i
linger. In the country, died yesterday
at the age of e xty from a cancer which
had confined him in the New Turk Hos
pital fur eighteen months.
Court Orders Charge Against
Pasquale Poliarti Changed
to Felonious Assault
Pasqusle Poliarti of No. (17 Eaat
One Hundred and Sixteenth atreet ws
held to-dsy without hall In llarlttn
Court mi s chsrge of felonious assault
i with Intsnt to kill. The victim In the
'esse Is s boy child a year old, whom
Poliarti Is accused of besting with a
weapon. It Is also charged that he
hit th llttl one s fact.
"This Is tho most outrageous eaas of
cruelty to an Infant that has avar
I come to my official notice," said Ma -!
irate Applet. ,n "I want th Children a
Society to call me as a witness to t-.
condition uf the child when this man
la brought up for trial."
(ilga Cushln, mother of the cMI.
waa her u.t lei to make the complaint
againat Poilartl. She refuse to tell
the name of the Infant's father.
For the Isst three months Pollarll snd
the woman "have lived al In JJast
One Hundred and .Sixteenth ttrest ad
dress. NelKhbor sent word to the ChU-,
drens' Society yesterday that the infant
was being abused and agents were an
to make an Investigation. They took
the little one and Pollarll and . Ih
woman to the BtMqUBI ters of tho so
cley. Or. W. Travis ijibb examine! the
Bttle child and found on his bofy th'r
teen bruisna tanging from half an Inch
to an Inch and a half in length- The
teeth marks on th liild's face were
plain. , ,
When p.'st arrested the man snd woman
an said the child wa Injured failing
cut of bed Inquiry among the neigh
bors brought out thst they wr ac
customed to leave the Infant alon oi
the flat for hours at a time.
When tbe two were arraigned to-day
Magistrate Appleton found that th
Children's Society agents had made' a
charge of simple assault againat Poliar
ti. The Magistrate, who had examined,
the baby, directed that the charge be
changed lo felonious assault with Intent
to kill. Olga Cushln. after some pre,
sure htd been applied, admitted that
Poliarti struck th child vry lot h
'"How came the teeth mark on th
bay s face?" asked th Court.
"He kissed the baby," said th woman.
Poliarti admitted that he struck th
baby. He said he was annoyed when
(hat lit- a. ,,,,,, Kli- K. BBBs B,.attm
. ,r,um,nt Wrh m,n ,bout H..
j slapped the Ultle one twice, he laid. ,,
The woman wag brought to pot tha
enormity of the offences of th man tnd
consented to appear as the coutntn,
I b,,or th 0J,,nd, Jl"y ? SalL25
.a... ii- " mami p " , ,.,. ii.i . V . till 1 -
rourth street
and Ninth avenue dor
"The Show Flsce si New Ysrk"
rTsrelleat calslar and p erf set I
rtee. A raharet thai leads all.
settertalaeaeat he wmmi
talneee. enatlaaeus feasn A
Our fame.it dlaaer anorlals I
te serTf egeaeai rri
eerve dishes I frees h te BeJ
A (a earl all day. Every T
tin it ri" efiaii.
... .
There is no place like the-
Second Avenue & Tenth Street
Go there to-night and
you will go again I
nan. nt. sad u At.
Tfl. WU5 Plssa.
Dinner Every Evening $1.00
to I P. II
Is carts .rei-lslUe.
mini IM. i ,. .un i). IBIS, after a BM
seilns Illness in hit .",oth year. .IOH.V1
eel i i. mi eriiceo hnshsnd K k'rlail.
-!.,.. Ken. Ins nee Ml.-r
weisiies iinn rnenl. slse firm ef
Hn-sgue Ele.-lrlc Co sre Invited lo al-"
leno tne runsrsl servlees Mumlav eve
ning - r, clock. Jan 110. lam. at kls tat
resilience. No. 43U Bf, JUIb si. Inlsr-
. I.iiio.c.iii i nu.t,.r. Tue.its- '.' P, M.
A -l-. li. MKKTINli Ilk- THk mik k.
iiolIieSh ay thb willcox miL wo..
.in i neiu sc i..n i.nnc .irect st il r. M
i il'isj , J.n. oi, i., .inisni .uns.ut tn a
n a nin.biiy.viin.
I. (1ST Lai.: rtllo euua doe: lut ttmt
st, and d sir.. lh ilsnoM sod li-sawd tl
tui, '".(.I ir..ej li rrturn.J
c nsinior. i.' r. .111 s:.
rTUAYISn f "i M H III! It., dsrH hr cxtlr b-i
'lie. 101 far Itfl erOsee. lall, trhlt ch
tirli.s i-.l nr. . 1 . ...t I st i'.viv, nl.lr,..
All lost or found srllrles sd
lerllsed In The World will be
listed st 'lbs World's Inform,
tlon Rureau. I'ulltier llnllilln
Areade, I'ark Howl WorlJ's
I ntewii Office, niirlhwesl rnr.
orr .IHth HI. and Hroadwsy
World's llurlem OfHre. 11411
West ISBIh tt., and World's
Hrnokl.n offbe. Ifri Weahlsaj
lon hi.. Breoklra. for SO dy
fidlewlng the urlnUaa of tb
- I

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