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Mitchel Scores Traction Grab at Subway Hearing
WKATHEH-Mil to-nlghti Taeaday elrsrlnai roister.
Inight i
President Mitchel Leads Denuncia
tion of Scheme to Make City Pay
Losses and Guarantee Big
Profits for 50 Years.
The first of llir nrrlte of final public hrarlncs on the contracts drawn
ewten (he city and the B. R. T. an ! Inttrbti. nunc companies for the oper
ation or i h' new subway IjrilWTM wait held this afternoon before t h Pub
lic BffVltll Commission
The me ,xi. I fifty-year monopoly was bitterly attackpd by President
Mitchel of the Board of Aldermen, who tlerlai'i-il the Traction Trust de
manded a pure Rf ft of $45,oOi',liOO from the rty and pointed out many of
the "Jokers" that made the contract! absolutely onesided, with ttroflt for
everybody at the city's expense Under the latter guarantee to make good
Before Mr. elltohel'g appoaran
three Brooklynttes taike r the n. it. T
contract Two favored It and one op
posed. M. J. Horohan, representing th In
tel national Brotherhood of Klectrical
Workers and the Central Kedersted
felon, wanted to know why labor hal
been entirely overlooked tn thr contract.
He said hr wanted an "eight-hour woik
day" and "employment at the prevail
ing rat.- of wuges ' stipulated In the con
tract. Chairman William R Wt!tco, who
has engineered thr whole subway lift
to the traction 'ntcreaU down to
Interrupted ; 'Thr l.iw fixes the pe
tor failure to live up to the Statute.
Aay cuntrnetor who falls to abide by
the law ought to forfeit his contract."
Commissioner George v. 8. wiiiium.
who was formerly a B. It. T. lawyer,
frequently assisted Chairman WUIOM in,
explaining that the speaker had not
i hoeen the proper time and occaalon '.e
vent his views.
"We Investigated all the complaints
yOU speak of," mild Commissioner Will
iams. "We did nut want to turn down
these complaints, hut we had no evi
dence." "You ootrld have written and got tn
evidence if you had wanted to," con
cluded Mr. Ilorenan.
Charles Bott of thu Kensington and
Parkvllle Improvement League and
Jobn N. Tilly of Hay Kldge epok In
favor of the propoeed operating con
tract. Mr. Tilly rsmaxked: "Ten cent
fare Is nothing to consider."
President John Purroy Mitchel of the
Daard of Aldermen opened for the peo
ple against the propoeed contracts by
filing a lengthy brief. He explained the
brief In detail and addraaeed his re
mark directly to the Ave Commis
sioners. Hie remark were Interrupted
at tlmee by sharp bursts of applause,
snowing that the packed room was not
entirely filled with Interbomugh accel
laratois. Every rime these Interrup
tion ooeerred Mr. Wllkox brought
down hie gavel.
Phe contracts will not take effect
until Jan. 1, 11T. Yet the Commis
sion and the Traotton Trust are aiix
louo to dose the deal wlttilu twelve
date, oetenelbJy for the reason that
WHIoox of the Public lei -
(Continued on Laut Page.)
60,118 "Help Wanted" Ads. were
printed in Tb World last year;
Ml, 186 more than in ALL THE 6
OTHER New York morning and
Sunday newspapers COMBINED.
When your "Help Wanted" ad. is
printed In the morning or Sunday
World it gets a circulation in New
York City greater than the Herald,
Times, Sun, Tribune and Preis
That World "Help Wanted" ads.
outnumber those printed in ALL
THE OTHER New York newspapers,
COLLECTIVELY, is pretty good
evidence they may be relied upon
to produce the best
Coo.rlshl. IK 13. hr
Ce. ( r hr New
Wyoming Speaker and Speaker
r t. :.. ii i i i:iU
riu i cm. mi a ii i i vviui
House in Uproar.
ciilOVIlXNK, Wro, Ian W.-A Hot
broke ut In ttie House of Hepresenta
tlvrs ot the Wyoming Legislature to
day when speaker Pratt and Speaker
pro lein Wood both claimed the right
V preside. A vicious tight, interrupted
by members, took plate between the
two officers
Ths scene of violence lasted fully
three-quarters of an hour and Included
two separata encounters betveeu Pratt
end Wood. The situation Aa. ended
usn cool beaded leaders of either fac
tion announced an agreement to let the
uussUon of authority reel until after
noon. With Wood sitting In the Speak
er' chair atid Pratt wielding tliu gavel,
the allow of authority seemed about
equal this forenoon.
Tlie Immediate ocritslon of the trouble
was the attempt of Speaker Martin L.
Pratt to call to the chair Y. C. Hunter.
liepuWl.'aii. of Carbon County An ap-
Ipeal had lieen taken from the Speaker's
rul.ng against in offer by Democrats of
substitute com : 1 1 1 1 1 ees for those he nad
submitted and In which he himself held
the balance of jxiwer up .n flulee an I
Tne latter committee Is to puss upon
the right of inree Hepu'bl.eans bo hold
at sis from L'ltiluh County, snd Upon Hie
outoome or theee thUltOftl depends
largely the chances of United States
Senator Warren for re-election
Mr. Hunter took the (hall and Pralt
went to Hunter's seat on tne floor.
judge Motu, Democrat, declared that
the Speaker could not designate any
other than the Speaker pro ten! 10 lake
the chair and culled upon Kep.senia
llve W, J Wood of Crook County.
Speaker pro tern, and a Hemoerat, to
preside This Wood proceeded to do
and Hunter yielded
Thereupon Pratt started to tesume
the chair himself. Wood sat staunchly
in hU place until IVatl. grasping him
by the shoulders, threw him off the
platform. Wood prompt. y aiose and
ruehesl back and the men truffled
until Chaplain Davidson and others on
the platform held litem apart.
wielding the gavel, which i had
gotten hold of In the melee, Pratt de
I dared the House adjourned lifVlflf
the prestige of the fpegket t chair and
using paper weigi.t ...i a gaVi I, Word
ikouted t o th. nergeant.g tArmi to
close the door lie tiien railed for a
roll call on the appeal motion.
Standing over the Chief Cle: k. gavel
in hand, Pratt fopbg Is the cflllnfl of
the roll, Pratt attempted again to get
ins own chair ani when Representative
Sp. oul, who lias heretofore ."-en closer
to Tratt Iti counsel than any other
Democrat, attempted to Interfere he
sjgi kick.. I in the gtoniach by ih
ttpuaker. further violence was avorttd.
Circulation Books Open to All."
The Pm Publlehlaa
Vnrk World t.
Mrs. Berry, From Whom He
Got $83,ooo, Bought
Two Revolvers.
Was Afraid to Shoot at Him
in Crowd at Vander
bilt Hotel.
Mrs Eleanor Berry, a widow who shot
and killed herself ystrday tn her
apartment on Claremont avenue because
of uhe convp'tlon on Krlday of Edgar B.
Jackson, a real eatatr manipulator, who
had lost all her money, and against
whom she was to have testified before
the C.rand Jury, came cloee to sav
ing New York County the expenae of
Jsokeon'e trial last Wedneeday. She
went to the Vanderllt Hotel that day
to meet Jackson and had lunch with
him. In her handbag she carried a re
volver the weapon with which she
hilled herself
She Intended to kill Jackaon But
there was a grsat crowd In the hotel
and she was afraid to shoot at him
and take a chance on hitting some
body else. Jaokson'a trial had Juet
started before Justloa Oorf. but he
Insisted at the luncheon he would not
be convicted.
Deeperate over the lose of her money
through Jaukaon's schemes, Mrs. Berry
bought a .23 calibre revolver a month
ago and told Jackson she would kill
herself It he were convicted. He
laughed at her feara for his safety
from the law and told her she was
foolish to think of killing herself with
a .22 calibre revolver because it wasn't
big enough. On last Monday a week
ago to-day she bought a large re
volver. GOT 183,000 AND GAVE HER A
Jaokson took more than Wa,0(i0 ot Mrs.
Bsrry's money and tn return gave her
a worthless mortgage on eighty-seven
acres of land Bear Garden City. He took
nearly every penny Mee. Berry had.
When she complained that shs was des
titute he advanced her money for her
household cxpenees, making his last
paymsnt two weeks ago.
Mrs. Berry was tblrty-eeven years
old. Shs was lsft a widow slxtnrn
ysara ago. Her husband settled an es
tate of some Ili'MOu on her. and she had
between iait,0U and iM.OOU when she .net
Jackson sotn eight or ten years ago it
her home in a small town near Topeka,
Jaokson was engsged In business jut
there, snd had the reputation of being
too smart a man for such a restricted
He came to New York, and Ave yesrs
ago Mrs. Uerry located In this city.
On her arrival here she went to live at
the Claremont avenue addreae. and en
gaged as maid and companion Bttaa
beth Wilson, a diminutive but bright
and wllUng girl, who remained with the
widow through all her troubles, and Is
to-day herself destitute, fur she haal
rorelved no wages for months
Jaokson was more than the business
man for Mrs Kerry. He vlsiti-d her
frequently at her home. She was an
a'complUhed muri Ian and he, too, Mas
iutere.ttud In music. Mrs. Uerry hud
the utmost talth tn his business acumen.
She thought he was going to make
millions and carry all file friends to
wealtn In Long Island real estate specu
In time Ja keoti nersuaaled her to In
truet her money to hsm. and gave her
the mortgage as security. At tlrst
and for many months remittee! oas
came regularly to Mrs. Merry, osten-
I slhlv the profits and interest on her In
vestment. About a -ear ago those re
turn begun to diminish In number and
amount. And laat August, when Jack
son wax uidUled, chaj grd with having
Swindled hundreds of persons, they
ceased altogether.
In September Mrs. iterry, penniless)
attd proofed by creditor, appealed to j
Jackson, who had been released on ball, i
He agreed to put up money for her run
nlnf expenses, and did so until two
e.eeks ago, making regular payments.
JgOktOn was a frequent caller at Mrs
rry's: home Hi assured her that he ;
would never be tried, and until about a
month ago the believed him. She nevjr
read the newspapers. She had eonti-
tcontlnuea on fourth Pajs.j
Hi i
Looking for Miss Helen Gould at City Hall
When Rumor Brought Her for Marriage License!
L' aveaC 11 Wfc ' " ItetMHftnBB '
' ssaaPVlV '
i U rl 11 Ry fjj I :
x W. mm I '
' I L P"V Hsi9 kVf fl H
.' gggagggge aaaaaaaaaaaasawi
' I fefrS ggej gel WMfSP-aaati. 1 ' ' -
j vll,
Former Presidents Are Brought
Info Court for Sentence Hand
cuffed Together.
Two former bank presidents. redS.1 1
to the ranks of common felons, hand
cuffed together, were takan Into the
Criminal Branch or the supreme Court
In ltroklyn to-day to receive prison
sentences David A Sullivan, former
president and grgokor Of tho Mechanics
and TradoTg' Han't Of Hrooklyn, was
sentenced to not Ums than two years nor
more than four yoar ani thtee Bionthf
In Sing Sing Hanker BrOU It. Shears,
former president of the BorOUfh Hank
of Urookl'n. was sentenced to throe
months in the penltenUary.
Sullivan's attorney. John J. Cnrtls,
moved to set aside th. vridict in his
client's case. The motion being denied
by Justice Cran.-, the attorney had an
older nmde by Justice J gyooi com
manding the I nstrlct-A ttoi nej to show
raues why a certificate ..r reasons le
doubt should not be las led ThU Will
be argued before JugtloO K.lpper oil
Wednesday. In the CUSI of Qroc Hhearg
a certitlcutti of reasonsole doubt will
alao he asHUed, lue sentencing Judge
himself stalutg he would I gn the or
Sullrvan was OOnVtfted or the larceny
of a check for tih.ihi. 'I'he sentence l:i.
posed n st the suggestion of IMstr.ct
Attorney Croiksey. When the II 00 ban .
I s' and Traders' Hank failed, there vas
on deposit In the bank J3, no ,).
The former President was to ..ave
lern Iff Iff Pad s week igo, hut en
trnoe was dnfem 1 on h s promise to
iielp the Hlate straighten out thr affairs
of the defunct Institution.
Kvldently the hanker did not make
good his promise of saving thousands
of dollars to the depositors Kdward
I.. lodge. who has the affairs of the
bsnk :n charge for 1 tie State Hanking
I irpartment. said tti".-e was no way In
which thr former president could assist
him and that 'here was no possible
chance of him making any saving
further than wht was already In gtfht,
Mrs. Siilllyan and her son were In
court and both were vlrdbly affected at
(Conl.iiued ou seconu i'agt.j
' ' -. -isNe..-e I t...ttM hi . ..e-i-.i t.s
False Humor That She Would
Get Marriage License Excites
City Hall Habitues.
Saift winged rumor biought a ling'
crowd if men und women to the ("It.
iiuii to-day offer to get a glimpse ft
Mls Helen I iould as she nopeuted for a
marriage tloense.
Mtgg fiiMild did not Rppear. nor was
she expected, but Hist nuide little dif
ference with ihe crowd, which con
tinued t., .rather round the entrance to
the Marriage LtCgnaO BUfOfUi putih and
shove and crane 1t neck It was only
sum. 'lent to get the rumor started to
the effect that Miss Qould was coming
to fetch the crowd and It on tinned f
grow o large that sidewalk trer)le wa
topped Police were sent for to make
a ptonagewav lor Iras Inquleltlve and
.-urtoiia psdoooriano.
The presenie of thr polloo, Iniin. II
stely folkwel by a battery of pho
to graph ere, gave the BfOWd thr imptre
sh.ii a plan was oil to permit Mies Gould
t.. e. ap" unseen, and the crowd would
have nee. of that silbt.rfnae. Men .i.nd
women struffled with each other to ri
Urn the p duta of rfntafe they had
gained before the arnv.il of Uivim.Ii
gnd It was only after th. most persist
enl demands by Che pollfle that the
crowd was partially dispersed and thi
"move on" ort..r i-arrled Into effe i
Kof hours a'ter noon tne poller a e: .
kept bus. preventing a recurrence of
the gathering, so perstltOrH was Ihe
nimor and so keen the desire of the
p.ple to see Miss Uotitd.
City Clerk Scully explained that doubt
less Miss Could will obtain her license
at Tarrytown, where the wedding Is to
take place Wednesday. He had re
OOived no Intimation that the ll ense
Is to la. taken out In fills county hut
added thai hr woui.i willingly rei evs
Miss Gould of the embarraMmont of
facing a crowd if she determined to grt
s license at the Cltv Hall m sending an
attache of hie office to .Miss Gould's
res denoe.
TrOOfg MII Mold Itnllroad I'ler.
W.UIHIVGTON, jun so, - Pederal
troops, who on Saturday to,,k DOI Session
of a railroad pi if at Buffalo claimed by
the Lackawanna Railroad. iii remain
there until thr road i eilnu ushra i la.ni
t. the wharf or the quostioa Is tettled
hi th urtfi ft T. HtHcklsndi ths ft.
torn, y of the Department Of Justice con
di iiig i-e QOVernment'g case, returned
to Washington to-day to confer with Al
ton. . afjtnera Wlekergham and Be r. -tary
Stlmson. who are working In in
.on to p'tii'ti paffefalOll U the pltr Cof
lilu laO.tlOUiSUL
Circulation Books Open to
Wilson Will Receive at the
Capitol From 9 to 12 at
Night on March 4.
WAsstUNOTON, Jan. JO - "No Inaug
ura I Hall" was the vote of the lniiugu
nil Committee here to-.lay. I'rrsldrnt-
elesn Wilson's expressed desire to
abendon the eoctety's function that has
been a feature of the Induction Into of
fice of every executive since Madison
was acquiesced In by the local coin
mtttrr at an executive session
It was decided, however, to hold a pa.
I'h .ii .tn the n.ght ot March 4, at
WhlOh the new President could uro f all
cltUens, and 8ef f toil Hrown. Oveffeff
and Crana and lt. pi esmtatlvea McKIn
ley. Garret ami Hukr woe affOlfAod
a eommtttiH. to consider plans. While
no place was detlnttelj selected for ttie
reception. It was generally ana lined that
ttie function would be held In the ro
tunda of the Cupltol I. Hiding
Thr Cltlxens' Inaugural Committee this
afternoon wash d Its hands of the entire
.all matte- It iurnd over to the Joint
Couglf Hslonal f '0:1111111 tee the suggestion
of I'rcsldcrit-elei t Wilson for a recep
tion, hi l.r held a! the Capitol nmidlng
The Citizens' Cnirriuti.., In ending off
tne hall at I iov Wilson's request, stated
Its willingness to assist In Ihe reception
plans, hut will leave all arrangements
to a committee of Senators and Kepre
lov Wilson, t' roiath Secretary Tu
multy, notified inaugural headquarters
before to-day's executive session of the
committee that he favored a reception
In the Capitol from ' to 12 on the night
Of his Induction Inu. offl-s.
It Costs BlMt I'Hi'her flo to
Speed la tulo.
Christopher statheweon w.is Judletally
declared loo speedy by Magistrate
latach at Jamaica to-day, and was
lined tin.
The Giant pit her was runnlnt his au-
o iblls iloiuj Hoffman Boulevard, ai
1 1 n ie a. funday evenlnfi ami .
timed Pa ol aan aleeban as doing
thlrty.ont miles an hour lie appeared
li urt to-day In response to the re
call. ug su e i. ons. aie. with the Mnpool"
pi '. Ihl I ns Weill Oil Of advice nut
w m.splacv phi spevu If the future.
Whitman Will Ask the Indictment
of Two Lawyers Alleged to Be
in the Plot With Inspector
and Captain.
One Who Passed Money in New Jer
sey Will Give Grand Jury
All Details.
What District-Attorney Whitman and his aide believe is absolute
confrrination of the passage of 11,000 brilie money to deorge A. Sipp
to leave New York instead of appearing belore Hie Grand Jury that was
investigating the charges of graft against Policeman Eugene Pox, wis
obtained to-day. This new teimony, laid bare by a witness whose
idenlity is wttrtheld by the District-Attoniey's office, will be put before
the John Doe Grand Jury to-morrow morning. Before night the in
dictment of one lawyer, who took part in the bribery, is said to be as
sured. One other lawyer, it is believed, will be indicted, while a third b
fast being enmeslied in the coils which the District-Attorney's office is lay-
jng for bribe givers.
Central Park Zoo Keeper Just
in Time to Assist in Babies'
For the nrstt time since the Instl
tutl.m or the menagerie In tViitrsl
1'iuk ths population of animals ha
been InrrMuted by the birth of two
black bears The two oubs were ills
coverod this morning by
Keeper Jo.
i 'iiunlngham about '
o'olnrk Ttie,
are both males
ehelr parents ar.
Hole snd Boh.
The black boars ari In a cngr ad
I. tiling that of the white I'olar bears
and ths hrst warning thin
runnlngliam had that anything un
uaual i id happened was when he no
tlced great escltoment among th
P-'lar bears They wars running
around the cage and performing
-t range, anthw
As the k
.llc.d tic
eper was looking st th.-m he
blnck bears for the first
tlm. and his attention was am eotr.1 J eisiani insirtct Attorney obtained cot -to
them st a most opportune moment i nuboi ation of their Story that th atfer
for the ottbf lor. Juet as he dUs ovored I asPp paid fTOO of a ll.uuu bribe fusaf to
them, the fsilier. Bob. with evident In- Btf
tenl In kill them rush,! upon the bs- j The bribe was paid In New Jerssy in
nies. Tne mother turneal and met the
majoi end for .1 time in
(Wo eliKSged
tn a tierce encounter
Cunnliighum ailed fru h-tp, and
rustied St the OfafS with hl pole Keep
ers Snyder ami Huftofl Bfnti running
up In answer to funning hum s rail, and
between tfetn thu three mon tioceeded
a, separating the lighting h.ara and re
moving the nienaa-ed cutia froni the
The young fellows were taken to the
aay loft and will be fed iher. on a
botllu until weaned As .a customary,
I'ark Commissioner Stover will name
tun newcomers and ohrlStSD them with
due .eieiuony In proper tune
INCOJdINa sniAMsiui's.
lit k in DAI
1 c d. , tllsaguw. Usnsiae. iu.i
u.i B.t i n . i tat
Iilsh... ItuJI.
lt l r n .Ire. Ju-nl .
(lain 1, K. w . i
s 11 lenu, illsssue.
Caar, 1 . a.
alsai. Ilettsnlasj
Ui.sUi, 1 . u k.n
hi Uanmi, sWrdta 11
kits at', ..
Altai league.
I fraaUll, II. n.
Sautll.su. AiltSHa.
This new witness, who haa lust haan
discovered, win te th grand jurors at
certain trirphona conversations over
heard in whloli a police Inspector, a
captain, th lawyers and Hipp are
aid to have, been partlee. In addition
tw this new witness. It Is understood ,
1 hsti i -Attorney Whitman's detectives
have requisitioned the tally aheets ol
eertan uptown talephons en-hanges. 10
show thai there were telephonic eon
nectlona net ween Slpp'a home snd the
offices of thr tines lawyers and the po-
llee omi isis.
It wa raporlld atiuut the District Al
t' me - office to-day that the lawyer
who actually paid the money Into Slpp'a
hands in Newark was acting In good
faith and that he la prepared, in order
to clear himself of the bribery charger
that are almost certain to be laid
aaalnst him. to make a clean breast or
the entire affair, implicating t U-ast
I two other attorneys and two high po-
I Ilea officials.
j Sipp and his son Howard will appear
barms Ihe John Dog ilrand Jury to-morrow
without tall ii. .tn are under the
I ooiistant survalllatioe of d.-tectlves from
; the District Attorney's onioa. This
i "lornlug. In company with Assistant
I'isirict Attorney Kreditrick J. ilroehl.
they lft their home. No. M Wbt one
Hundred and Thirtieth street, in en
j uaiotiioi.Hr, ostensibly for the t'rlminal
j 1 ourts UiiII.Iiiik 'Phey did not ieas.li
that structure. It Is (tools red ol, jooo
authority the! they took Mr. Or. eh.
to the new Witness and that the As-
ara- nut tn.it will nut militate
against indictments in New York, ths
crime having had Is In epUun in this
Although he declined to discuss this
latest n. ase of the case. IMstrlct-Atlor-00)
Whitman was In a most optimistic
Wood to-day. He will personally havs
ChargS of the examination of witnesses
Indole the John loe Urand Jury le
mon ow. a -slated by Mr. Oroehl, who
I has worked up the evidence against the
lawyers and policemen Involved.
The trial of this II. hum "slush' fund
ai.. .ecu lel'l pretty ctuar by the sl
ice! . ,.n.- ,u at.u s, and It la declared
thai little irou.de will .c eiicoulUedssJ
In reaching the fountain lieaal fross
Which the money ...me. That a Ofltpt
ln-.pe lur cut vip most of It hag hOSJI
almost positively vsUbllshed, sJM 4
ol.. ii couiilbuior lu the luo4 off f

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