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First Sipp Bribery Indictment Accuses Lawyer
WEATHER Fair la-alsjht aad Wedaeadan colder.
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Circulation Books Open to All."
Circulation Books Open to
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Ce. The New Vetk W orld I
UARinirn nr nniior ruun
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Grand Jury Promptly Indicts
Lawyer After Accuser, Wife
and Son Testify.
Secretly Taken Through Court
Building Surrounded by
Whitman's Men.
The Extraordinary Grand Jury, af
ter hearing testimony from Oeorgri
A. 81pp. hla wife and hla son, J.
Howard Slpp, voted to Indict a law
yer this afternoon. The Indictment,
which will be handed to Justice Ooff
to-morrow, will charge that this law
yer, acting for persons I in rested
presumably police officers sought to
bribe Slpp to leave the State and re
fuse to go before the Grand Jury and
confirm his staU'nnnts that he had
MM protection money tor Ave years
Id) Patrolman Rugsmo Egg
Ybja Identity of the lawyer was not
revealed. Tlia work of the Orand Jury
la mot concluded In lli.a par... uUr In
vestigation, which la devoted to the
Identity of ti.e persons who contributed
le a fund to bribe Sipp and Thomas J.
Dorian, Hipp' a corroiiurating witness, to
leeve town and eta awn; nSfcloa
Hon in haa cone.
A RiySter.OUfl feature of the deiibers
liuna of tile Orand Jury tn-Jay WS1 tht
investigation of certain record anil
gnbpoaoaj front p.iii e Headquarters, it
Is believed the?e re .'nr Is have to do w th
I'lt ellieVM Mini . iiTM.'ist Itinn :vv two
llsrcjiutshle women, who, when ill I
are the Urand Jury, said they never
read the charge which were submitted
Mr. Whitman admited that the police
records and subpoenas were being In
vestigated under section -,H" .ml
'.'.HI of the t'enal Code. The first Of
these makes it a felony to try to brlhe
a prospective witness for the Hmte.
The second makes It a misdemeanor
to see'v to dissuade a pVospo d 1 vr witness
from testifying.
From tho fact that police records and
the suhpeonas which were lssue call
ing for tho attendsnee of Slpp at the
police trial of Patrolman Fox ure un l-r
investigation, it is asumsd that Mr.
Whitman is after SOmsbody at Poll CO
lleaihiuartrrs or the City Hall.
Kit! aordlnury precautions ere taken
by the Dlsttlct-Attorney to keep tlia
witnesses who teattfled before the Cirsnd
Jury from being approached by anybody
who might seek to Intimidate or annoy
t'.iem. Nearly every process server on
liis staff was on duty In the building
protecting the varloua channels through
which the witnesses had to pass.
Mrs. Slpp arrived at the building at
noati. 8he was not known to the
watchers outside, and heavily veiled,
hurried Into the main floor through the
Centre street entrance. Three process
servers Joined her, rushed her to one
of the Judge's elevators and took her
to the District-Attorney's office by a
route remute from the public corridors.
Ten minutes later Ueorge A. Slpp mid
his son arrived. They entered from the
Utfayette street side. Assistant Wstrict
Attorney Oroehl walked close to Slpp,
and before, beside and behind them
process servers wore massed. Nobody
attempted to approach the group, which
gained the District-Attorney's office by
the same route that had been token by
're. 81pp.
The three Blpps. following secret pas
aageway. went from the District-Attorney's
office to the Ornnd Jury room
on the top floor. Mrs. Hipp went before
the Grand Jury at If.SS and testified
for half an hour. Hhe was followed by
her husband and her eon. Then the wit
Besses left the building by the route they
had used In entering.
Mrs. Thomas Dorian claims aha does
not know where her husband It, and
profuift.es to believe he has met with
foul play. The District-Attorney Is not
dlspostd to take stock In the theory
that Dorian ha been a vlcti.n of vio
lence. He thinks Dorian w frtu.-
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Grand Jury Counts Votes and
Finds Meyer (ireenherg
Is "Counted In."
Five Indictments returned by the Kx
traordlcarv Grand Jury this afte-noin
amount to a decision 'hy that body that
Meyer Orssnbsi b. the Tammany Assam
blyman from tit" Tenia A cmbly Dis
trict, was Illegally declared elected last
fall. A count of the wallota cast In the
Fourth, Tenth and Twelfth election ii
trlcts of the Tenth Assembly Dlrtrlrt
howa that Green berg, instead Of hav
ing been elected b majority of li. was
really beaten by stasia Blrnkrant, t.'S
National Frugl Sjl VS rimMdate, Whose
majority la plsood at 10 votes.
Two f tee men Indicted were arri-et-ed
this afternoon on a charge of fal
stf ring election returns snd held by
Justice (J. iff In .:' ball toetl for trial.
Tiiey are Joseph llartsteln Of No ill
Tenth street and I.o-.ils Naeei of No.
I'M Rail Clue I lii ml led and S xty-iev-enth
street, who Mere Inspe -tore Of elec
tion in the Twelfth Blectloo Dtatrl it.
Today's ir.diet'iienls, SfhlOh my be
followed Jy otliers. are t!ie lesult of a
oomplstnt mad.. t- the National Pro-'
grrsslve Party and the Honest Hall it
Aaaoelatlon soon gftor slocttou, Thoy
told Distiiet-Attorney that t ic alleged
i lection of Orosnborg wa a Domptlshed
uy fraud. Tne matter was not pusltod
until after the board of County Canv'iW
sera hnd de dared Orrenbcrg circled.
Then Mr. Whitman took It before Fie
extraordinary Brand Jury, which, after
salting vainly to get at the facts
through Inspection of tally sheets and
returnn. derided upon a course of ac
tion unprecedented In this country
namelv. the opening of tlte linllot tmxes
In thrOS districts where It was alleged
the frnuila hud been committed and
the. recounting of the ballots.
It was alleged to the Grand Jury that
on election ntgtrl Green berg was in the
Fifth street police station as the re
turn were brought In. On the face of
figures for till first district! returned
Greanbars wis gointr t io on the Anal
count. (1-e en '.iwir, sav.ng "There must
' a mlstaUe.'' hurried fro:n the statl'in
Soon aflei emme the revised returns
from r"'e four'h, tenth snd tne! fell
dltrle,t. tlm polling place of all of
wiiloh were within tnree block of the
Ortonbarg was appanerrtly alaottd,
Tlie Grand Jur;- ( nunt of the billots
revealed curious discrepancies In the
reiturne on Aemblym;in from the
Twelfth Blsetlon District of the Ten:h
Assembly DiStHOt. The vote as
counted and certified to by the lloa-d
Of County Canvassers sl.riwed 172 for
lireenberg and 116 for Hrlnkrant.
The first police returns ibOWtd lf.0 fir
lireenberg and 12'1 for Hrlnkrant. The
c Irani Jury count. glwInK reenberg
the advantage in to spill ballots, gave
his vote rs 140 and Brink! ant's as 'it.
KtTorl to Hn ii el Ordlnnnoe Ovee Ma-
jurs trio Vulrd Uowa,
On motion of Alderman 1'endry toe
Board of Aldermen attempted to pa's
to-day the moving picture ordinance le-
centiy vetoed by Mayor Gnynor bt-i?ause
It varried a OeniOrslttn etSUSS.
To pass an ordinance over the Mayor's
veto reUlres j.. tei . The Hi publicans
and fusion member 00Uld not s are up
tlie requisite puuiber of VOtSS an 1 the
veto of Ma or Osynor stands
1'Vvllowlng the vole Ald. iinun While
praHen-ted two iiioxing plotltrs oidl
nancea, one contemplating- OSfll rf'.iip
hy the .Mayor's marshal and the othsr
without provision of oenaofsbiii but
oontalnlng a limitation of Ml seailng
oapaolty Instead of tin MO limit oon-
talnei In t.:e Kolk- urdinaucs
IMMIIl t vn.vi iHtisr.s.
i Tirkrfs mtrii'los e o1 li if.i i.'. 'or its
SIT. IdNEn .1 Till? Vnitl.l Mn fBt,
I uiiun-.K I- .1. Inllrv W .. ,li R.i 1.1 n. SS
rait ass. a. s. rasas
S20.000 in Gems Hidden in
Registered Package Confis
cated at P. O. Window.
Jeweller Arrested and Authori
ties Hold Stones Valued at
560,000 Found in Shop.
The pk-ture of a swset-fsced. silver
haired old lady and ti e simple leather
fr.im that surrounded It assayed Just
tli.Cuo to-day w.ien a sniuggiing run.
splrscy w.iloh is believed to hsve
cost t'm'.e .-'am iiundreds Of thousands
in the last four eara was uncovered
and QOTemment detectives arrested t'ie
alleged New York aer.t of the luty
Uurii g thee fou: years the firm of
GrOSn Mrotl.e . diamond callers, had
b-en hooted In a ilttle shop at No. 2M
Pearl street. The Diamond Dealers'
Asroclatlon. as wed m Federsl Invea
tlxatots, has been WOO lerlng how a
firm that paid sj. i slight revenue to
the Government OOUld tnanage to put So
many cuet diamonds on the market.
It waa nntlcid tial Na'.nan Citoen,
the New Torit "brother,'" received many
regietsred packag front Amstinlxni,
Holland, where DTOUMf No. Z botght
and sold pr.clous atones. Always he
sent to the post-office, showed his re
dentials and carried away the packat
to ids siiop.
Tho Cunatder Maoretanla. which a'
rlved Sunday, orought one more patke
ase for Nathan Own. Customs oltt
Ojalg had been waiting for it no Ic-ik
oagarly than lh nddressee Iast niaTi.t
it nas opened. Jn the middle of lite
leather frame, about six Inches by
tlgbt, wss tne p i olograph of the "id
lady, llor..et beartied from her eyes
ar.d her kindly, wrinkled face was
a one as OOttld not In tho original lend
Itaelf to any practice saior.ng o.' stia
Imtcii words, s.ran'.ed In wavtry
handwriting In tho lower right hand
corner of the picture, gave the informa
Has teat t'ie good Vra.l Oroen loved I
most of all the world her eon Nathan
It seemed almost sacrilegious to tear j
part the frame which sheltered that I
susplclon-shamlns countenance but UWK ftboUI their little orators, house-I
Insuec'ors hn 1 thlr ordere. The frame ;
inipe-.o iibi in u -ij WtVSI stood wllh nhauls over their.
was made In two thin sections, glued and 1
task together. Altogether It did not . nd 'haffer-d for the day, provl-
weigh more than a doczn ounces. IsloOS Suddenly a about was heard and
A knlfs blade Inserted hetween the two every head waa turned upward.
sections split t':ent easily, and from a
half dozen compartments where they bad
heen wadded safely with cotton u nun 1
ful of flawless diamonds rolled out Into
a flaking, flen' heap.
When Nalhan titoen tailed for Ills
OaeltagS tills moinlng It WM Just as It
had been on board the Ma iretaiiia.
walked qulokly up to the wicket behind
WBlOb sat Heglster Llppmaii.
T.icro Is a registered package here
for Nathan Oroen. pei-aaps .' ' he sa d.
Two men who Vad b-en l.ngerlng at
either end of the eorr! tor .Hew nearer.
I.lppman turned away and returned
Wit. i tho package.
"Just sign for it," he ss'.d.
While OroOB was cur: Bg a final tad
on bis slstnalUrS tho two byttunders,
who were Special Treaaui Aaentk
KStsrbrOOSS snd Brouks, stepped up tu !
"What have you there'.'" asked Kr.tsi-'
"A ploturs of my nut i.r, back In
Holltndi i guest," akswerofj the lia-
msnd cutis', "if juu bad ti.a right to
ask 1 should show it tu you."
"We have the tight," said Kster
brOOkSi "nil we'll wait to look Ins de
iste-. In t:.a mean tln-e you'd better 1
let us have that package. '
CsPOSn s.irugged Ills shOUldsri and;
gave up. We waa taken bators United
Stttrg Commissions! Ku elJs, who hidd
blm In It, 600 hall for thv action of tlu
Fedrral (irand Jury.
The TroaaUr) aseuts afterward visited
me x r-mi i .mvi ..v i seiassj aeuis
valued at J.') pending fnvesfgatlon
or me manner in wnwa tnsy wsra
brought Into this count; y.
QlHMni SVltO is married, li.es at No
ioi Wait one Hundrtd and Tenth
1I.j1i . lOI S-l II. SI
litiribti ... I'TtKri
. tif . s " '..i . a
1 s 11 pi
, . . itiira.sU artlule
11 . . .1 rssiructivs
y aeaslas. uf 11 ndi
X or: I Is
end story
liSIQSi 1 li
it a iors
wit. 1 seii
:'! e.Ri
ftsaiias sb
,11 1 itsr.ii
This Is a lit. i,
at ion v as saail
roldeil 10 Hi it,, peukel
Ord.r tkf Nun. lav
w void ueai ar aswaSsa-sr la sdv
Mi88 Helen Gould, Who Will Be Married To-MorrowA
Ana mansion rrnerv .vremony aukc riaw
I 1 i
; H BHEffstsalggg' ggggssgafSffakIgggggggBBV
I BSSH gggt T
ggggggs .B ggrTsB ggsggggffsB
r M Bgggsia B
us- - . tH B Bn fgar
at4 -s frita) ssfj' jMi
Solomon Bergman
From Manhattan Span 75
Feet to Monroe Street.
Who knows Solomon Ilergman. the
IdaaMat. who feund that all life was
.seei .nd that only he was vile?
Ilergman stood upon the north foot
psth of the Manhattan Hrldge for a ;
mlnUlS to-day snd lifted his hands to
Heaven, callln In a great voice for
ihe forgiveness of the Almighty. Then
UlS young man leaped into space.
Whirled over and ovie and was crushed 1
on the stones of Monroe street, aev-
entv-flve feet below. K ept thut he!
was Solomon Dsrgnan and that in- had i
strange .deals. Rot s thing wss found!
on his broken body to link him to the I
life he had Juat quit. ,
Monroe street at tile corner of Pike
wns swsr.iiing at the busy hour. Push- I
crt mpn dogged tho street from curb I
,rl k lU of MrlklnB tailors clus-
There against the great grlllwork cf
the bridge waa outlined the tig ire of a
young malt. Untie he stood on the
railing of the north fcotpatd The wind
tumbled his heavy hatr over his eyes.
Ills arms waved ai d he called to th ise
be.ow to clear a way for him. I'ersons
on tie streets screamed, heads were
hastily thrust out of a hundred tenement
windows; little figures oould be aeen
rurhlng lines; t footpath towards tho
grotssuus alihourtta a tainst the gray
"Almighty odi" the youth's words
came faintly down to tiia wat hera be
low. He aliouted something else which
was undlstlngulshable, and then he
(Continued on Last Page.)
New York WojIeM KeptnicJ Held
In Haniiit-, Cannot Tell What
Happened to Her.
IjONDOX, JaOi II M s. William
M inifleldi I e New York woman who
rectaUy etaappeared from HaJo on Uaks
; i la: da,
111!', was found, to-day In
goaording to a nswi agenoy
despatch from Boms, it had been ie-
ported that s'e i.aJ linn captured by
)lr !gBso
a;nei: i have no
., olfaction of wbai has bappsnad lo bsr
sin.e si e !ft sail vVneu discovered
sin had Okly s few cents n ber picket
nh was taken to a Mspllal VhsrS she
:s under lbs cue of physicians
tldrruieo olr aiH.IHiil for I rrl
The Hoard "f SjdaSTttOn in-dav lutglll.
motigly vo ei to appropriate lk,O0l toi
the ncntiauaiion of concarn in pjidic
gnnooli 111 ae'o.dan-e S;Hh Ihi idan of
,- tats Joss? ' Pulltei '. 10 lavs l&o.
1 Vuvi 101 uos e-'.' duilng ulf UlsUtoa
e 1T7T
I dg&p
im mm Ww
yi mam
mm mw
kWk PI W Htl-EM
mr sw- w:v,r-"
I v m
Ml Z
Women in Divorce Suits
Outnumber Men Nearly
. Three to One in New York
Judgments Affecting the
Marriage Relatione in
1,046 Case Were Ren
dered in Thie County
During 1912- Women
Plaintiff e in 763.
Neariv three women to every niat: oh
tained judgments In Nulls affecting mat
rimonlal relations in New Vurk County
last year, according to atatlattcs for
warded to-day to CUSS Justice o.' tne
Appellate Division (leorae I Inaru-'
ham by Jsmes li. 1'. Hiulth, OlsTk of
fart III. of the (supreme Court, in
Bart 111 nearly all the dlvoice, aepara
lion and annulment suits brought In
Munhuttan and the Bronx are Indexed.
Mr. Smith's report is of great value to
d.v statisticians as showing the
percentaga of OothaaetlSS who appoul to
the courts to sever unhappy marital
Uurlng th year Hn-1 only 1.046 Judg
ments of divorce, separatWm end annul
montl were signed by lUOtlesi in this
county. if this number TU3 si Hons
were brought hy womsn. On the un
defended calendsr, Mr. Hmi'.h's leporl
snows that 014 diVOreaS wete granted
sVltbOUl anv protest or defense Ny the
psriy tUed, Hero the women out
number the men by neaily thiee to
one The plaintiffs in of th CU
poaSS weie women Husbands were
plalntlBa in only ins pctlpns.
In hS h defended dlvoros aetluns
decrees wete granted to thl iy-slk. men
and tlftytwo STomeO. In iwenty-otie
cases jlidgmsnl was irtveti for Ihe de.
f.-ndsnt-fourteen men and suvni
w mien.
Dnlv U separation stilts were brought
la't year -in helms defsndsd and the
bslsncg undefended. Theie were "i an.
nullment antluus, sixty of them bslng
j:. defend" I.
Tin- judgments granted on the sports
if referees .w-signe.i t,j tbi . ,, it-t to ii..ur
tootlmony ami repot t bank. Sndlngs ssrs
only In M (ase- shars 'be In j:it
weie .nils to pin rsfsroo'i foss and
Sane onen Iris's in court j nlgnc ots
w.:e sturned for div or Only mm
sSPaJ atlufl action and oiilv tBTU annul-
gt silt suits ftysisscut w islsisss
were plaintiffs In V of these referee
case. In two Instances the man failed
to win a de ree and Judgment whs given
for the wife.
Tim summary of tin- work done by the
Justices who sit In Part HI. during the
year thaws that Justl e Joseph K. Ne.v
hunter disposed of the most, his total
bring 67s rases of nl! sorts a rial us In
the iHiulty part of the gtlPrsms Court.
This Includes defended and underdid -d
actions, lirmurrers, on tlotis, proofs and
settlements lustier Klward K. MoCall
Is SeoOtld wit'i M cases, and Justice
Oleovrlob Is a ( lose thlnl with AX cases.
Mr. flmtth'g nosjinsiiflium for itu gives
in mlnufoal detail the work gooom
plia.ied by eneli of the Just!. ... asalgned
10 Stall! parts
Jiir HnJs tor MKs Margaret Hran-
fan in Action Ajrainst Her
tor 110,160.
A Jury before Justice Quy in the Hu
presnS CoUli to-day vindicated the eon
diet of Miss Margaret HranKiin. Irin"l
pal of Public ckiionl No. 17.', at One
Hundred and Rigid h street and Siswind
avenue, by returning a verdict in hei
favor on all three counts or u ntt
broughl Hgainst her by James Boddon,
formerly asststsat to his uncle, Mtohael
McCarthy, laaltoi or the sottool, to re
cover 110. 1 AO.
Miss Brangan has been connected
with tun popartmoai of Rid u cation 'or
thlrty.thraa ymrs Hidden sued for
siandsr on two counts or t'cOuo oaoh
a. i I foi ltQ for loss of I. is oh because
of Mis Brangan's opposition to htm
Ac ordlng to th" testimony at the trial
evr:si tsaohert had missed small sums
of monoy from tholr pocket, tin Nov,
i", isio, one isavher missed Jio tnothcr
teacher kiw Baddeii upstalri In a room
ii. iplcd by tl trge girls. Ite ex.
pi lined tout he waa there to flx tin
,1 am pipes
t e isaehsr reported to Mlsi Brangan,
who in turn 'old M.s'arlli.,
im another di ..s, . i ss Brangan
erttlelsad Bedden hef.ee no of the ln
,ii... t ii of the nenartmsni "f Rduci.
Itlon, stating thai she thought the laal-
' t..r hhoiild have a licensed engineei lo
I run lit- school h Stltlg apparat is M -
Cart is Anally ulsohi gad ii naphssr
XI e Jur; found 11 -d iv thai Miss Brsn.
gati had s 'cd psoporl) iti rver rssjpoei,
HI M'AIH rOtTKR BOr. Stir Mi.
Hal nr. r ,ast su-i pslit.il. in... ' 4 .
aivav. at snail e) Osodil C. 's steim-vSsft,
Final Plans Made Public This After
noon After Her Arrival at Lynd
hurst, Where the Ceremony
Will Take Place.
Business Engagements Keep Mr.
Shepard in New York Until Time
to Arrange for Getting License.
Miss Helen Miller Gould, accompanied by her companion of recent
years, Mrs. Bdward Shaw, and her cousin, Miss Anna Palen, arrived at
her country home, Lyndhurst, at lrvropon-on-the-Hudson, this afternoon
to complete the preparations for her marriage to-morrow at 12.30 o'clock
P. M. to Finley J. Shepard, the Missouri Pacific Railroad man, whdvoa
hsv heart duriuf their work in helping the sustain of fntms hurt In
a railroad wreck a year ago. The
knerwn until this afternoon.
"Justice, Not Gracefulness,"
His Rule, He Tells Peti
tioning Labor Men.
THKNTON. X J.. Jan. :1 - President
reel Wilson eel forth the principle to
do v that "Justice and nut gracefulness"
recognition of aervlcre and not poli
ticswould guide him In the dletrlbu
ton of pubic offices.
A delegation of lahor loader asked
hint to appoint John T. Cosgrove, a
Democrat, to the office of .State Com
missioner Of Iabor now held hy Col.
Lewis T. Itrvant, a HepmbHcan. Tha
ajrglgfMM advanced as that aa the na
tional government waa about to create
a Department uf i.a.xn- ths laboring
men should bo recognised by having one
of their own number chosen In both the
Federal and Htate bureaus of labor.
"Public office Is not worth anything,"
replied the llovernor, "If an entirely
satisfactory fullllment of the duties of
an i nice due not entitle a man to con
sideration for reaipolntnieist. if man
are to know that a mere change of ad
mlnleiratlon le to empty an office, no
matter how they nave deserved to be
reappoint!, there la not anything of,
Justice ur public right left J feel to
the fuW extern the argument you have
made In favor of Mr Cosgrove, but 1
huven't a lean slate to write on. If
wc were creating thia office your argu
meiita would l.e different.
"I do not need to eay to tins com
pany that I eutiiely sympathies wllh
ths aspirations of lalftor and that I en
Uraty recognize Ihe .guts of labor, but
CoL BryMt has made goikd. and I am
bound to consider hi claims. I would
tie ashamrsl of myself If I did not"
"Would It not be Justice and mercy to
appoint a laibur man would It not be
graceful?" pleaded Samuel Uotterlll,
spokesman for the delegation.
"QmOO fulness l easy snd J istlcs Is
hard," alghmt the llovernor.
"We hoped then that you might de
part in this casO from the beaten path,"
insisted Mr. Uotterlll
"The heairn path leads 10 scooping
(Very office. " remarked the ilovernoi,
with a imllSi and the ggi usslon ended.
ii .. U Ison atuiouncad this sftemooo
tCentlnuo4 on Sstjand Page.)
hour of the wedding was not made
It had been Intended that there should
rehearsal eh la afternoon of to
evime'i simple ceremony In the big
gray atone and glass house overlooKng
she Hudson Buatnesa matters kept Mr.
Shepard In town until there was only
tlma for Mm to get to Irvlngton to be
preeent wMh Mia Oould when the license
eras gramad by ttie town clerk. Tho
rshearsal waa poitponed until to-night,
to ha ae early aa possible before the
bedtime of Helen and Dorothy Oould.
the little daughters of Frank Oould.
who are to tie the bride's only a-,
Mies Oould and ber friends want to
Irvlngton from her town hotiss at No.
t7 Klfth avenue, at 10 o'otock.
After Miss Oould'a arrival a brief
outline of the programme for to-morrow
was made public. Ths ceremony la to
taste place In the southeast room of aba
mansion. II will be performed toy th
Rev. Dr. Daniel Russell of ths Irrtag
ton Presbyterian Church. The ritual
will be simple except for tho musical
programme. Nahan Pranko with an
orchestra of forty will conduct Iks
following musical numbers:
Baiut d'Amour Rtgar
Kventng Bong Schumann
Prti Hong from "Die Meleterslnger."
Meditation from "Thais".
. Maseenet
On Wings of Isove
The Wedding March from Lohengrin."
Wedding March from
Night's Dream"
Miss Oould on her arrival al the port
enchrre of her house emerged from the
llmoualos carrying a small suit esse.
Hie chauffeur sprang out from his seat
to take It from her. She thanked him
but did not release the hag. saying that
alio would allow no one but hrreelf to
touch that particular rase. Ae shs ap
proached the door the detective on duty
ran forward to take It but ebe alao
smiled him aside. Nobody except Mies
Oould e earned to know what was In the
Following the oar In which Mlas Oould
went to Irvlngton wbre two motor vans
packed with wedding presents.
Thase gifts have been delivered at the
Oould home la Fifth avenue at Intervale
of about fifteen minutes for several
days. Ad estimate of their value would
be mere guesswork. But a hint at their
north could be gathered by the presence
of three private deteottves wo oa the
seat of tbe van and one on each motor
-looked into a narrow spsce within ths
rear doors ,
After the departure of th van wed
ding gifts continued to arrive at ths
house They came from railroad kings,
flnsnclcrs, rulers of society, from Bow
ery folk and the bluejscketa of ths)
navy and from the thousands of walfa
and other children of the tenements to
whom Miss Oould until now baa

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