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Circulation Books Open to All." J
Circulation Books Open to All."
mii mwulY m
pnort of thr "Plan
ence at City Hall Between Gay
nor, Francis Lynde Stetson
and Morgan J. O'Brien.
Francis LytxU Stetson, counsel for J. P. Morgan & Co., accompanied
by former Judfe MofflU J. O'Brien, who in the early subway con
ferences wpwxnted the Pennsylvania Railroad, were in conference to-day
vith Mayor GaynOT at the City Hall. It .is learned thai subway con
tract were under discussion.
After these two visitors left
v g requested to go to the Mayor's office. He did so W ithin live niinu.es.
AJier he had been with the Mayor a few moments Borough President
McAneny was ;iked into the conference and a little later Corporation
Counsel WatStyi also arrived- Mr. Watson's approval of the contracts
is necessary under the law.
Ihe flatten remained n 1th thr Major for almut half an liour.
viler their ilppartui It wits persistently reported around City
Hall, in spitr of ofiirul statements thai no special efforts were
eiair put forth to nnh the snlmaj eontrarU trunngk before
Veli. I, tVMTy attempt i- aetuallj tiring made to Jam the whole
lira I llirouirti b Dial dale. - Indeed, It wa Mated ih.it the matter
nmj he arranged liy neat Tluirdu.
It wis lrerneJ upon uaQuastlonftbex ?
author'.!)- that thme u M ttjth in
story pi' llsned In a Br..okln n!fp
that tin1 Comptroller may not, after all.
ran the trtnslt J ictiments beta It ot a
la I'll of city funds. The position ,,f t)U
comptroller haa not changed, it? made
up his mind long MO I' la laldi th.it the
municipality w ablt to Ananoa Ita pan
:n the subway leal,
It was ascertained tnat another eub
woy conference la to he h' ! 1 to night
at the boms of Ciialrman William it
Wllleoa of the Public Sorvies Uommta-
alon at No, II haet Port y-Af 111 street.
Beida members of lha Commission and
of thr Biaiil nt Kstltli.ite, aCouiejt fur
rue int ough md tbs B, R r, nu
be preset, i Mayor Oaynor wnn Invitsd
ti attend, hut he Mid ha didn't lain
he would, rsplalniag thai he i i.i not "
'Mora hia preaonea wag aooaaaary.
The Evening World point out ten
i lie subway oontraoti witicn
(lai- with tfia i R, a. Comnilasloiicf
Miio it. Mii..ie. v mi believes ) lettlnaj
the publhi know w i it is going on Jiltl
now Behind loan.! doors, aatd to lai
The oonferroM bgvs neari-, gnlshsd
(he dHIOUaalOn ot the proposed chsngea
In the H. K T. contract, and they ara
iriany and of considerable importance
The important ones are as follows:
"1. The proTlalon authorizing
the amortisation of tbe coat of cer
tain property wbloh la HOT to re
vert to the oily to be eliminated.
a. The supervision of the Com
aalealoa to be a at ad ad to all
aubaidiaxy oompaalea to preeaat
the la8atloa of operatloa eapenoea.
"3. flee east fare to Canty Isl
and to take a if act when the olty'a
Usee to Coney Xaland are com
pleted, instead of Jan. 1, 1917, or
some later date.
"4. The term of operatfnf ooa
tracta to ha limited to three or See
years instead of unlimited, aa m
tba contract.
"B. Company's traokafa rlfhts
over the clty'a anberaya to be lim
ited In oaas cf recapture, laatead of
tnllnutud aa providad la the con
tract. "f. Tha aaamnl to be paid for
'.'.ram'! In Oruvca nd avenne to
ha i tannistd bef ore the contracts
"7 Qontracll for operation cf
yr-ria Unoj to te upyrovfd tho
lanta timo anbwr.y contract i aru
;i. Control a the city oeer the
aaeapany'g eapiu:llturts to be
' I'cii.ythentd-
' 9. Adequate provision to be
made for depreciation on the com
pany's property.
"10. The ptnaltlee la the case
of default to be atreartheaed so
that the city's Interest may be
more adequately protected."
A curloua feature of tha discussion of
the "Joker" In the Interborouh at
wall aa the B. Ft. T, contracts tt that
srben the membera of the Transit Com
mittee of the BMPd of Estimate and
IConUnued on Last Page )
tetnrisM. I ii 11.
Co. (Tna
Fnllnwc Pnnfr.
Ciry Hall, Comptroller Prendergast
Nieupori and Mis Mechanic
Killed In Prance and Bo
land in Trinidad.
RTaVMPM Franoa, .lae 34 rero
French airmen were killed near hero
to-day while making a High) III mono
plane. Chariest .Nieupori and his me
ohanlo were flying :it a eonside. able
height when their Biaohlne doubled up
and fall to earth, kilting both of tliem
Charles Nlenport received h's pilot's
certifli ate on H"b. 19 last year.
Edouatd Nieupnrt, a brother, who In
vented the machine In which Charles
N'leuport waa riding, was killed in an
a:cldent a year ago.
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Jan. 24.
Frank Bolmd, said to be an American
aviator, was killed last evening while
Hying here. After accomplishing nu
merous successful flights In Venetuela
he had arranged to give an exhibition
flight here to-morrow. The weather
conditions being perfect yesterday, he
decided to make a trial flight. He
ascended In the evening and flew fo
some time and waa returning to the
landing place.
When h had reached to about half a
mile from the tent e-ected to ehelter
hU ma -hlne h's biplane, which was Hy
ing low. suddenly dived and struck the
ground With terrlllc force. The ma
chine was imashed and the avlitor w
found dead beneath It.
Frank I". Roland, who was killed at
Trinidad yegterdaj'i was a Maiden! al
Railway. N. ' He and his brother
Joseph Q, Roland wenl into aclatlun
about three years ago and In October,
mi, the) gHlblted ot Mine lla a blplfeM
u their uwn liivrntlon whh h, they
ulalnted, iteadled Iteelt nlnwal automati
cally. tttavhed '" 'ha inavdilwa lore and
.if; waa an appllantft uallad ;i "jib."
t iii eon ru .me uiii arrangad to shirt
With each movement of tie ica, hlne
and cateh H,M alf aomi what . the
centreboard ol a .-.i ling vessel catches
the water and Iteopi t ie boat from turn
ing over.
lUiland had no license fiom the Aero
Club 'f America, but he wh a member
of tho Royal Aero Club of England.
Last Two Days of Big Sale.
$10 Mi $12 Men's Orercoala Suits, (4.95
THI "aT0" Clothing comer, Broad
way, cor. Barclay hit., opp. Woolworth
Building (highest tn the world), will
sell to-day and Saturday the balance
of their 110 & 1.' Men's Winter riulu
and Overcoats, fine hlick thlbet, fancy
grays, browns and dark mixed wornisd:
SOI. Open att-dgy nlgbt UU 10. A4l
h The hw rabllshlaa
New Yarh World I.
Presents Statement Refuting
Charge of Absolute Power
Through Directories.
Money, He Insists, Is Tied Up j
in Properties and Not Avail
able for Control.
WASHINGTON, Jan 14. To rafnto
tha dbntaitttOfl that ejroup (,f $n
mem In the world of finance, through
Interl'M'Kin .llrei'torafee. control cor
poration aMiela aaareaatln $26,001.
nno.ooo Henry V tiavlapii. pariner of
J Plernont Morfan. to-day offered to
the House Money Trunt I nvesi r 1 1 hk
iVmmltt.-a a lonv prepared etatemeiu
calculated to controvert etatlntlca
prepared by tha oommltlee'a account
nte and put Into the record for the
put-pone of flhnw!iur audi a condition.
Mr. Davleoti offered hl etatemrnl at
the conclusion of hie leedlmony and
the committer derided to deliberate
whether to adVAlt It.
Mr. Davison thereupon Rive out
"opiee. although earlier In the day he
and Thomaji W Kiinont, another part
ner of .t. t'. Morgan- i'o had de
i tared they had na etalenient to give
out. The doeutnonl reviews the In
fcrencea drswn from the coiiimiltee'ii
tables mid auys In part:
"No such control cxtaiH and no such
deduct Inn can be properly made from
those t.tbles. Thosl w-hn Inive made
such deductions have fallen into sev
eral obvious errors.
They fall to observe, first, that of
the total number of directorates In
these partlr-nlar corporations tfhla
'group' represents only about one
quarter; second, that, upon thla as-
stiiuiition. these men In order to exer
else 'control' must act and vole In I
every litetanc hs a unit, although they
runic from different parte of the coun
try ami represent diverse and fre- i
uuently confllotlng Inlarests; third
tliat. noon this assumption, the dlr0
lors oiitsld" or this arnup' must be
mere dummies, with no vol. e or ,.pln- :
Inn of their own. e lo. in aluiosl every
iiFtance. an overruled by a minority,
tin. illy, that this mm of f H5,0flli,unu.uuu
is not get ital caeh or ihiuiii ggaata. nua
erptlble of inaulpulatloii or misuse by
lie g tree tore, the fact of course being
lhat the great buk of thla enormous
sum lr, ami for many years has bean,
tied up In the rorm of rlg'.U of way,
rails, ties, equipment, factorlss, plants,
loole, manufactured gooda and other
forme of orporate property necessary
for carrying on railroad and Industrial
business In this country.
"It is tnott regrettable and harmful
that either Congreae or the country at
large should gain the wholly erroneous
Impression that thsss great resources
are at the disposition of a small group
of men. or with corporations themselves
are controlled by a minority of thel-
v.rloi,. boards.
various boards
"The great accumulation of money
and credit in New York Is due In part
to purely economic con lit ions and in
part to the defects of our banking sys
tem. If this country possessed a proper
and scientific banking system, such as
Is poaseated by almost every other civ
ilized nation, Interior banks enulo uu
longer be obliged to concentrate their j
reserves' In New York. In this connec- j
Uon It Is Impoitant to note that, go
eoidlng to authoritative statistic-, (lie '
country n s a hol" hut been growing'
so rapidly that, whereat In that New !
York i'itv banks representee jj ; per'
cent, of Hie Dunking res mrces of tha
Tnltld states, now H,e re;, resent only
IVU per rein, of such resoui ces."
"Ae to the consolidation gad co-operation
of banking tnstttuttoas, wblcb
has beta aotsd la Hew York, and lo
only less degree la Chloago and other
financial oeatrea, this has talcea place
chiefly sines 1907. la that year tbs 1
Douutn waa swsot bv a dlaaaftrnna I
panic which la grew Torh and else
where lander our weak 'fnlng; aya
tem) waa stayed only by the nnim ef
forta of the banks, drives thereto la
order to preserve tbexnselvee aag to
avert wldeepread calamity
"An additional factor tending M
ward consolidation Into larger n in. i
etgl units lies In the rapidly Incraxn
Ing demands of thla country fm de
tConllnutd en Last Page.)
Government Officials
Arms Buy Back What Al
ready Belonged to Them.
Many Said to Buy Loot Taken ,
From Country Post-Ollices
Without Question,
Certain men of fie money dlatrlrt
who prld themsslvea on buslne es
aacity rc wondering lo-day ho thy
ever fouled themselves Into believing
tiey knew anything about eclentlrl.:
managemem. H the score they dis
covered that ever since they can re
member having an office boy they have
been selling themselves postage stamp
lliey already owned la mercantile feat
Involving a precisely 100 per cent,
loss.) All this and a few other thlnga
haa l.een revealed in the expose by
a squad or I'ost-Om.e Inspectors of
stamp brokering, aa carried on here
and In other parts of trie country.
Following two arrests In Wall atreet
yesterday afternoon the Post ortlee au
thorities began worklnc on other oaaag
vith lncreasud vigor, and to-day In
spector Frank W. Smith of Washing
ton, who Is in charge of the Investiga
tion, declared a stream of indl. tuienta
and arreata here and elsewhere will
come within a week. He aaeerted that
one of the mst gigantic frauds In the
history of the department has been un
covered. Involving the loss to the gov
ernment and Indlviduala of millions
elome monlha ago I postage Htamp
broker, testifying at the trtai of a
suburban posimaster who was charged
selllns; sumps in New Vnrk to
sweii his oirtoe'a raeatpit and thus gala
Mm Increased salary, adinltied h did a
brokerage um,. ... j i,,tt a million
dollars a j. ar. This man hna a I by I
U office In the heart of the Wall street
district Postmaster tieneral Kiank 11.
Kltohetwh kne that liio amuiiiit or I
nropa stolen an inrough the. oountr)
i during tile
""" yean iwes ooi ihiiouiii to thl
I lolHl or TUt one HMD S ,ie i ii.l loiia and
he Inatruetad inspector Smith to Invoa
: tignte. Kmith had not proceeded far
. before he uncovered the trail of nu en -less
chain of postage stausjj "fencea."
or brokers, tfe asked for aid and with
live other Inspectors ran down clues
that proved the existence of wholesale
unlawful trafficking In stamps.
The most Important thins; uncov
ered was that In addition to buying
stolen stamps from Post-Offlcs thieves
these brokers have no scruples over
obtaining, at a tremendous discount,
postage stamps pilfered by office boys
In many cases, he declared, the
brokere become veritable Fagltis.
threatening the boys who have fallen
In their clutch a with exposure unless
'ncreaseo quani
tol o0,- The reeult
they bring tn Increased quantltlss of
Is. aa-
serte Hmlth, that a million dollars
worth of stamps sre atolsn by office
boys annually in New York, not a
small percentage being In turn sold
back to tho rightful owners by the
same boys, supposedly navlng bgan
bought at the f'ost-Offlns.
I The direct result of Hmlth's investlga
j tlon la tha' prusecutions for receiving
stolen property are being worked up
against t...rty-ie n New York brokers
'. and the inspectors declun they have
I evidence to poavtvt, Tnsy say the Inveg-
ligation has proven lhat the brokers
; iiuv. nu Itesltancy In buying stumps
; they klMW hail co ll, ran the olow.l
ssr.-s iii . ouniry leueimasiurs. in ,m,
I ease i n nuns ;ag, ueiing .i" a Moo,
pigeon f'D' lha Uovsrsntani gold
worth of gtantpa in denier within a
Igtone'g tbiow of tn, general poatofllci
.i rn afte admitting t" the broker t.iat
they wan I'art 'f a hjul over In
Jtrsey "
Another important revelation is tv
relation of the business of t ie-a brokers
to the somparatlvaty small sajs of
stumps at the local poat-uttl 'es Tlie de-
partment'i ranort for i.n August
showed that during that month the
OldllgSII post-ofllce sold tr.nurju worth
re.,-,. tairiiM tliao New V.ok u-i,r
upon the entire Windy t'liy crowed de
lightedly over this proof of superiorly.
The discrepancy, say the suthorlHes. ,s
more than xiplalned by the vast Illegal
treflli. la postage at tips that bag btn
going ou here for year a
.I f MII M
Society Leader
Will Answer the Charges1
. a-aaBBBBBBBBaavYfW.
f asasslsBBSs1 K3bs4
JK issl
smaf jaaaf ar1 "? W'
-.-".. ; i' ?jm
. v " ' "6f
. i i h .
I !
Will Testify in Denial
Allegations Against
Banker Bishop.
That Mrs Iella Oalnea Ciwathmey,
the young society mitron who Is In the
Inner shrin of exclusive New York ml
Newport fashion, proposes to bitterly
contest Mrs Abigail II. Illsbop a
Shargag In the letters suit fi a di
vorce fiom her husbsnd, James Cun-
nlnghaiii Ulsliop. tlis banksr, waa In-
dlcated to-day. Her counsel nleJ in th
County t:ierks office a notice of aa.
praranre In the action Mrs, Oaathmav
l.aa engag.d the law firm of O'ltnrmau
Battle a sfgrajtallj of whli n United
Slates Senator O'Qortnan, ll head
Mrs. Qwatbme) waa named as co-re.
spondsnl by Mrs Ulshor d. promptly
ganlad Ihe
OClety I' ildrr's sen..lloci,l
allstatlons and deelared Mn Rlshop
was "laboring under delusions" ami
"Hot now . apsole ,.f tan. ngi ihoughi "
Under ih law a person named oo
i aii indent hat ih.' right lo demand
fiom the plalnllff h copy of u pa pari
in the son and also i , appear at ihe
trial and cross sgamlna witnesses in
many ease- in Which Ihe defendant has
defaulted enllrnly the eoraapondenl haa
appeared and contested ihe nation
The day I ie complaint waa served In
the County Clerk's ortlee Mrs. Uwth
mey rrferrel reporters to her hua-
I baud's ay
' mat loll. M'
, David -Miller, for Infnr
Mlller declined to discuss
the cate, but Intimated thai n an
seer would be made to Mrs. Blihop't
shargag, Ho far the position of Mr
Hwathmey us to the ciiarges made
against hit wife bv Mrs. Blahon ha
i it dsealoped t ataadtestly it
fused to any a word.
t--.f-a, -. s-..t-..ft
Co - respondent
. - .
g .
------ - T V 1
Acts of Suffragettes Prove, He
Says, They Would Misuse
Power If Given Them.
I,oNTrN. Jan. 34 -The rrlttoal stage
waa reached tills afternoon In Ihe fnrty
Hve years strugglo to obtain votes for
women, which was atsrled In the lluue
of Commons by John ettusrt Mill, Ihe
great Krltlah economist, tn ist7
Alfred Lttel'on Immedlstely after
; question tlme, moved the amendme, I
I s'andlng In the name of Blr Kdwsrl!
I ilr.v. tha Foreign Se-retarv. 4a eliminate!
' the word 1 male " from the franchise re-
i form bill and thus open the wag to Ihe
extent. on af the parliaments' vote to
'women. The mover's grglimentl were
Hi ,ng familiar linen, lie urged ihst tha
trend ol recei i sglslatUM wan to reoyJre
woman In be called Into lbs counsels, al
I the nation, They had, he paid, alrsady
, Dei n , tiled to aaalai in numaroiM depart.
I mstita,
i.ew.s Haronurt, gaeratary ol hi, tie tor
; tit,. Uulonles, who hag not forgotten the
! attempt made aom, ISMinl 's ago oy the
I guffragettes la burn down i, anoaatrpl
home ,,i Nuneham I'srk, flgford, made a
I bitter assault tin Ida eollaaguea in the
oaMnst, nlr lelward ilrev and fiavltl
Lloyd-Oeorge, and OU tba w hole project,
I Hi said:
: "The adoption of violence Is an Indi
cation of the type of mentt balance w
may expect from women If tney get t
vote "
The comment of Lord Hurh Cecil
on the Speech of Lewis Han ourt waa
as follows.
"Ilia antlpgthy to the 'Irey amend
ment ruggeaia that he has been rwent.
ly spanked or has never got over the
indignity of being born of woman."
' nmr . t ...
Striking Waiters Battle With Mis
siles Against Police Clubs in At
tempt to Rush the Astor and
Drag Out Loyal Help.
Walk Out at Martin's and Rector's
Complete Sherry's and Other
Restaurants Badly Crippled.
Th worst rkii ol the waiters' strike occurred at 4.15 o'clock this
iftfmooftj w lwii about 2V strikers attempted to'jtorm rhe kitchens of the
Hotel AttOf .ukI drive out the cooks and waiters, who had refused o
strike. The invaoinfj force tan into a piard of private detectives, armed
w'th tMn, and a pltv-lied battle followed.
Policemen ran from all directions and soon a dozen of them were
in the iMck of the fray. Many men were knocked down, several arnwts
were made Md I mptcre Square was, for fifteen minutes, Jarnrned vMh
1 ev.itcj people and stalled automobile., and street cars.
The litlaca on Ho llotal Aalor aa
lre. lplltd kg a Prctic i cook who got
1 no i'i n meeting al llr. ant Hull ami
j mmlr an ltnpoaeoiie, nddiess In Ma
Illative tongue lie hh 1.1 ha had nrglked
out, but others lia.l rtfUMd to folh.w
I him. lie implored nil comrades to fot
' low him to ha Astor and drag out the
'acerbs' - or whatever correeponds to
scabs" In French.
Hhnutlng and waving his urine, the
,ok lft the hall About IJn excited
KrencKmrni and Hlss followe.1 him.
L . .,,),.... ttli,, were MSSe III t.l.-o on ine
j street Jo ned In. The proi aaalon ruovad
i nipldli up ilxth avonue, tinel ewt
int., Korlv foin II' street. eearmeg
,i rose LengaVerS H.imire and emigre-
I g.ited OUtakte the aa tufa serant en-
n.ni e, al i extreme rear of the build j
1 1... .... Die rests fourth street sine sum
right next io oiies of imtldlng material
rie n new invau
l-'oe a few mO neiiia. lb
lentei rhainnrtvag with
satloaa In foreign lonsjus
nf ihem mads h nish foi
entrance. The prll.lte
strikers con
.llliig ImgfW
Than some
the garvnntii1
deiaetlvs on
guiiid Ma his whistle age hurlv guards,
wielding clubs, rttahed to the scene. The
sound of the whistle gjaa aitrw'.Nl ggje
Itngman. Of oouree. more or leas In
Oi enl byslsnders rushed from Hrod
wav Into pvjurty-fmirrh street and eoon
tliat thorouajhfare, or half a block
west of Long-acre squars. was packed
with strucfllng men.
The detectives and poHcatnen waated
no time tn gentle persuasive tactics, out
sailed right In with their elube. How
many were knocked down will not be I
known until casualttea ware counted up.
fin man In a fur ooat. wtw waan't
mixed up in the riot at all. but Just hap
pened tn be passing through she etreet,
was knocked cold by a Mow from a cjub
and dragged Into a basement across the
sireet from the 'hotel. Three men appar
ently unconscious were pulled Into the
eervunte' querters In the Aator
it, siting crowda followed the police
men who lad prisoners to the Wist
r'oi ty-aeventh etreet station
. . a nai I n r- e. r- I ,n a t a f U a
The riot at the Hotel Aetor waa
Preceded by one at the Knickerbocker
of Jeaa violence but which looked for
t 'line is If Dig trouble was about to
break a band ol Tea or no strikem
ll trcned U I Wit Itrondway behind red
digs ami wilh iiiii wearing bits of
-..i ribbon In their t.ution'Htiwa. and,
Met giving Louis Martin's rewiaur:tit I
a t ,ii passing, tin. uiMoiiieriM iiiod
tu ned east into forty ateasjinl -.tieet
.ml bhltad before me main en nan., ol
the KnlckerlKM-ker.
I Curaeg la a bill daggn languages were
I hurled al the hotel Slid lt guests, and
I a minute, the stdewslk was cleared of
I all but the strikers and lh- half doxen
1 lusky guards whom Janieai ft. Kegau
I had kept st at loo. -.1 In livmt f tha doors
' all day. Rngan ajtjjarad both entran.-es
on K,rt -tasrond elrewt nd tlw entrance
to thr cafe on Brovlwav c.loaod and
, barred, and he appeared on the aide
walk, fearlessly facing; the strikers.
Tha chorus of curses and screams
swelled Inuder at the sight of the pro
prtator and a concerted ruth was mals
toward bin and the barred dooro. Hut
the big guards surrounded Regnxn and
rolMht ha ok t)w fneamnae
rsf tha
with their sHeba.
Police reserves ehanrad on the swan
Just at the moment that some of tlie
strikers 'fin to aitn t lamselvss erlth
stureee from a gravel vrsgon ttiey had
stoptssd. The. police eherged the mob and
useil their clubs without mercy,
belling it after flfi., mtmitea hard
Many of the exclusive raatauraarta .
pati-imsed by society and the nterbt Joy
seekers iavo been seriously crippled. I'
not put nut or business altogether, by
the sw.eplng strike edict. Ixiuls Mar
tin e r.ataurant. at rnrtyecond atrea'
ii nd Itroudway. loat 17t of lla waltara
ahortly .before tha noon hour; forty
waltera ,m,i 'hue boys deserted Hherry'a
dlnlngisMima at Forty-fourth atreet and
Fifth avenue, i he Hote Rector has been
swept Into Miibairaaement by the de
pirn i re of more than mt of Ma am
realauranl, Churchill's, the
'nfe dea Heux Arte at Fortieth street
and Sixth avenue, Hstlkatg Chop House
and Urown'a Chop House all have been
lrt more or lass crippled.
Aside from Rector's and tba Ttstm
Knbtkerhooker. where Proprlator James
B Regan took the Initiative yesterday
by discharging his whols dlnlrag room
ctsw and thereby brought on. kadi
roctly, the general ati '.;a order of last
night, the Hotel Algooqulq oat West
Forty-fourth etreet. tha Cadi 11 as em
Broadway and the Hotel MaresUle at
Broadway gad One Hundred and Third
street have been mavdo to feel ejhe
wrath of the International Hotel Work
are' Union. In their widespread aatn
pslgn ths organisers did not even over
look ths student commons at Columbia
In one demonstration tha strikers
made a flat failure. At tho time,
ehortly before noon, when the waiters
were walking out of Hherry'a. etrtke
managers were acroae the strset at
Delmonleo'e, trying to force a walk
out there. They wsrs unsuccessful .
not one man quit hie place In the pop
ular caravansary.
The effect of the strike made Itself
quickly felt upon the ultimate sufferers
the public At Rector'e, wbere not a
waiter or oook was left In the clean
sweep, luncheon wat served with ex
I moil difficulty, a fw raw strike
Dreakers trying to attend to lbs wants
of toe guests At the Hotel I'auTla
lbs WSBt'Qttt of laU waiters and kllcbsu
hcLpers Bag le log luncheon hour one '
agony to lite management . but I, C.
Walllok. the manager, said that he
would close bla doors before he granted
the union demands.
Two arrests were made early thla a?-t.-i
noon. Al tha employees' door of the
Hotel Aator Patrick MoCartby, a guard
hired by the hotel, waa arrested after
he had broken the noae of Klavlo Mag
nanl, who waa trying; to gat Into the
kitchen to oall out tba help. Magnanl
want to ths Polyclinic Hospital.
William Bsnnell. a striking waiter of
No. I2J West Forty-seventh street, was
locked up on a charge of disordorly
conduct when ha refueed to move team

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