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London Suffragettes in Night Attack Fight Police
WTATHKH-.cm or nla ln-nlath
Fighi Police in attempt to
"Kush" British Chancellor for
Refusal to Med Them.
Irish Militants Smash injows
of Government Building
Homo Office Stoned.
London. Jan. IS Renewed se
rious rioting, which resulted in the
nrrcst of Mrs. Drummottdi Sylvi.il
PankliurM and a dozen of the heat I
known of i lie militant suftragstteo, I
took place ahout Parliament Mouse
The women gathered, and in pur
suance of a definite plan tried tu
"rusii" Lloyd George, who i now
ItOSt bitterly hated hy then fori
what they term Ilia attempt to de
lude th"in. A cordon of police hud
been hastily munitioned, bin tits
women threw Utentsslvei sislust
the guards end bad 10 be fairly car
ried off to tin- station bouse.
Three milium euffraaettes who re
fusel to iiivr melt mime- thl after
Man smashed i is windows "f thu lioms
im.e with slonea, Thej arera prompt! j
arrested snl looked up t Bow Street
to await trial, ii. em- s. rotary m-
Nenua was In 111 Hce. i, it wes nut
within the sone of lire.
ll Ih feered thai i are will ba eii
ma demoneiietlons under cover "i lha
ii 1 Kiit . : it. i the authorities aie taking
renewed preceutlone.
"Pen." Mra, Drummond sent an ultl-
" " ' ' "
han'"llor of Hi KxcheojUer, when lis
refused at bar request to reoelve a depu
tation of woman on t ie around that lie
other ena-agi mams. Sha wrotei
'I ami other members of t depute-
Intend t i wall upon : ou in me
Mouse of Commons at i ooiocic twa
ay awing IVs iruat .. will make ibe
neesseary errenfements U Iva us."
Tut sttsck lo-nlght a tha fuMllmen
of thin threat.
A despatch from
Irish suffragettes si
M onslsughl on i n
fleial build na of th.
Dublin says that
noon to-dey mode
I n Castle, tiie o'-
Lord-Dli utenem of
Iretend. sud emaa! d avara
'fhi-ee u.' aha wonti n :
w Indow s,
.Mra. COnen "! Xl " Hopktns .v.o,.
MSlliPllj arrested end -'"t to tell lo e
held for trial, Uali In the tta) ma
ihiee women weie i i n sotrteueed to a
month s hard lehoi
All Cabinet Ministers to-day wsre
guarded in their hones and oRU'M and,
on the streets. Premier AsgiHth w-asj
tbs objeot of sspeclel vlglleiice, Lon
don aotaaliy feared a OStnOSlgn of ial
violence that would make child's play
of window amssMng. tslepfcone i
cut-ins and letter box outi aK a
Mra. Deepsrd, one of th most promi
nent leaders oi the militant euSrsgettea,
ni two of her omnoanlona Wars sen
tenced to fourteen days imprisonment to
ay on the chaise of res! K the police
When they dlepereed a meeting in Trafai
Bai' Square last night. Mrs. Deepsrd, who
ts a alster of the famous cavalry gen
eral, sir John FYsnob, was offered the
option of paying a flue of I0. but eho
refused to accept this snd was sent to
A fourth suffragette, who was among
tkoaa arrested lat nlfht, was sent to
prtoon for seven days.
John Simpson, a main suffragette, ar
rosted at Mrs. Despards Tratalgit
!4uera meeting, was tried In Bow
atreet and given his choice of a 10 One
or two weeks In Jail. -He chose con
finement. Mts. Despard, addressing the magis
trate after being sentenced, said that
aba would prObsMy i.-peat her off SAM
when ahe was refused.
Borne pympethtsers in court who made
a demonstration when sentence was
pronounced were ejected by the at
tend ants.
Tk.r, 1'JS ' lUOl
is denial to-day that
arrested bet nlgiit
Hail, adjoining the
in til. fiteDlien's
House of Commons, was M
i Sylvia
Of Mrs.
Pankhuist. youngesi daun
Kenmellnc I'auk
ii si leader of the mil-
or M MlNi m .
lenvHaht. I Mill, be
te. ( in New
in hiht
in ttiui
Still Legal Minor. Though Mar-i
ried Three Years, She Asks
for a Guardian.
Rapid-Pire Romance of Noted
Gambler's Child Has An
Unhappy Ending.
Mrs ttrnci Ma 'tin Hennoiii dsuante
H herd I'wnileid. bo. when she ens
ilxteen, rs seet with and merried
Martin Bdward Hsnnon. the welt known
Dartmouth sthlete. ma le eppileetien
tiin.ini . he; eotMsel uj the gnpromo
i' ou t, to-day. for Hie SppolgtSUinl f
R lard i ' i ii"n as lit c it rdlah,
pending tba settlement of a -uit f.r dl
e will, . i sle- riiaiis t,i lir;us Hi;ainf-l
io Mm lend,
I'anfleld's pretty daughter! though
married atmosl tioee yens, is stn a
n H" iii : lie e of th, law nnd sha
pantMl 1 1 r i i. ar ,ll ,ili-e IK e.l'lias afolllf t
hei v husband until tba Court has
m. ui ...i... .. i,.
lulu lhan the man she wed. IgngeR.
w in n ehe speclAat ,i hi choice, la a
lawyer ami Uvea at o. 149 nasi Sixty-
Ui i street.
ties ll move in l lip aaliet I
to-day, winch was made througii her "" ,,,"""t"' ""'" '" ""'
counael, L'herlsa C, Lreokwood of No. Audubon Hank. Where tie had be,. in
Naassu atreet, conflrma i ie raports ,lo,lu"J by the Jefandanl aa the man
of Infelicity In the family of be would teke ebsrge wMIe he wss
young bond broker, Word came from ! "
Providence, is. i . a few dnya ego, that! " 1 '"" -' N';'" esld, UUIs resigned,
the loiiuit woman Who had wed In saying ie was olns to llarilsburg, ft.,
iu,Kie bed soon found reason to regret nd sfterwnrd m a heepltal to be opar
har atep end Inst ane .a i separated " 'uet before UUIs reelgnsd,
from her hUefaend. She Is MM to be Xkltre sid. auli.st his will he was
i i mi; in i atlretnenl with
old SHjn, Held', ill Huston.
of Canflald'a I
ni.e held the I
The alor) Of toe unman
da iii. iter and the boy wb
record for ihe ilasblt laimeut and tieils'ge bloc
wiidesi eeoepsdos of Dartmoutsi, is
tune,i to three hpeed ferwerdi Hennon,
who once startled Of swYoHi b) whipping
eight policemen In suecswion an,i laud
ing In the psychopathic ws:d at Beile-
vie. met pretty, grey-eyed arena Cgn-J
Held, a Utile miss iiaidly out or shori I
dresese, Is Providence, iiei Reunon
had tione to work in s bend hroiieiage
Petite .Miss (trace was ou the eve of
a trip lo Bursas 'S "finishing tour"
whloh ehoutd round out tiie oareful edu
cation iter parents had given her when
'he liia- athlete teem Dai mouth met her
and wooi cl her tn "lo seconds flat."
.! rnc'a .mother connived at Me elope-
meiit. The young couple slip;ed away
tu Attleboro, Mass.. and were man led
PerglVeneSS oame from I 'a pa Canllcld,
wlio was a man used to sny surprising
turn of the wheel, and the young
Leouple loolc up their residence In Provi
dence. Whispers of trouble wsre
breathed almost Immediately after the
marriage, hut when the infunt son
a. n- It was hoped all difficulties would
be simsJllied out.
Mrs. Hannon finally told her friends,
last November, that life with her hue
hand was Intolerable. In-ompatlblllty
of temperament, she said, was the
kindest explanation of their disagree-
i meilte. Bhe wnt to Boston to live and
j Hsnnon oame to New fork, where he
found employment with e I.md selling
i flrm in the financial district,
street, .letse.i City, to-da.' thai he was
I. ales llui of Hrnubllf S.eel ll.mid. n, rror.i h-ari .llsaase and that his lain
At Uneement to-day of changes In Uy ffM,eJ the news of toe adverse de
ll, e il.reeu.rule of I He, lierciidlc I ro.i , ,.n ,,,1-ht nenis atal II.. I. .ui,l i..
and steel Company was na-n in n
street lo Indleste nisi the control of
jibe corporation hsd passed 'run, i iu
bands Of I IS estate of Jo in w ila- ,
Charles c OaH's. ciakleigii Thorns snd
Marry BronnSI left Ihe board ami their
' places were taken by W T. litaham, H.
fWund and a. C. Usuna,
Circulation Books Open to All."
The Prese BSihllshtn
TorW World).
Notes of Washerwomen and
Newsboys Enough, Witness
Says Mills Assured Him.
Colombia Planter Testifies He
Didn't Know Signers of
$50,000 Paper.
0n' of weijt surohsaea of
national bank ever described was
J apread on the reOOnSS of the t'nlted
Slates H.stHel fourt to-day dm ln the
trial of David 9. Mills, funnel- presi
dent o the Audubon Xatlonul Hank,
who was indicted on a ehHVSe nf mis
application of iM.ooo of the funds of the
bank. The man who told the etory
i.n Devtd Xletre of Bvooklrn. the
a Wear of a plantation tn the RepuMie
of Colombia.
j NletfO teatifled that after a short ac
' quaiiitanre. Which Included a trip to
It'ilnehe, k. between drlnUi In a fafe
In Xe. 42 .New atraet, OB June J", IM1,
Prestdsnt .vile aski-d him to purebksi
th Audftben Hank.
"1 :o:d Irm." Sontlnusd the wline..
ihat i i:ji! no money, and Mills t.ien
replied that money waj not neesaesrj
neesuse the pure ha aa otiKi tc nn.ie
WISH a bun ll of miles llgnsd by either
nfwis or qreaberwemen."
The wltn. n then went on lo eaululn
ibsl Prseldanl HUle Informed Mm
ml dtelred te sell ihe Audubon
Hank. aa te "bounce ' the. Doai-.l of
Mreetors. As the negotiations eon-
tlnued, Nletre estd. ie nbtnlnej from
Ms bfothtr-ln-lww, Arthm Beer, four
Mole made ou'. in lilauk and bearln;
"'mrH '' JM nut know
tbew to Mm
nJ oflferol
Thaee notes net being satisfactory
the witness anil be obtelned between
llfteen and twenty similar notes from
ihe Mm, eouroe and bv Mllls'a dlirc-
, Hon Mled
tlon gllOd Some of them out f-
made viee-presldeni of the Audubon
Hank and also a member of ihe BoSfd
of Directors,
i In addition to the hank deal, XlSltO
said Milis lierauie InteNeted In the ex-
ploltetlon of the c'oiomhia plentetlon,
and as president feeelved SS a Ifift a
lompsny'a no-i,.
VhlM Stiiriv Hepori Thai Visine
witnesg, riumiiis j, Dorian, Ha
Been Located.
Reports thai .liomei J. Dorian, the
ml aging wltnsas in the -use ageiuai
I'alioknian Bllgene Kux', accused of eo!
IrOtlng graft in Harlem ;.ss been lo
cated, wen- aroused this afternoon by
the appearance at tha Criminal Courts
It, 111. Il,, A h,nn'u nlf a...l
K Mra. Dorlsn .was In the Die.
trlot-Attorney'a office f,,r half an boui
and a half
Tiie e'tdeuce of Dorlsn is iSSPOSt
ant. aM It la OOroboratlVe of .-iat nf
.sip,., who la the chief witness foi tne
proee u I Ion. Fox's trial on n ChSrgS of
extortion helns Monda'.
f-'ormer Secretary of Sugar Trust
Not Yet Told Supreme Court
Upheld His Conviction.
Ohsiles Rudolph Ilelke, former secre
tary of the AmeHoen Sugar Reflnlrs
Company, has not ye; heen told of the
decision of the t'nlted States Supreme
Court upholding blS OOnVlCtlon for com
plicity in lugor-welghlng frauds Jt srsi
aald in his home, S'o. HI llontaomai .
ae been suffering ,'ioi, been trout.li
for aevetal months.
ii,.it.e -i senienoeii to .i. eight
months' imprisonment and psj ins ,t
tu UKl. petition foi his pardon pro ia
bly will be circulated si on OS District
Attorney Wise haa sanl he SOUlS uot
oppose sees a move.
' l aaaaValBV ' aaaaO aI I IfJ IWbIH
BWral t,'aS"(I W Jm V Jl'saf J I J
' alatalaaa8a
" I amaaal aBaam aagal bbwbbIbbI laal laaV BBB I
I aaP ' aaV bh bbV SLaaitB 3aaB Saaw I
I Btra BB "W. S aTBtg . BtBBT StS rBtBSBBtBlBBV BtS '4'
M IPC V yflaaaBlll Li I
'" bB K b BbbIbMbS lB B X
'- BBBBBBK. . - L ;k t ,-Bdl 4 ' aB4rHBff I
'' B Hg i flL 'Jf -TtIbTbi - i rK7BmBBBgrV
"I ll s ' - ''l Ii'
B'BHbbBBBBHbw ssIoBbW . , i.efc.
i-s . ; . e, t evs e
Promises a Clean Sweep of Strong Force at Strikers' Hall, Gen. Longstreet's Widow Of
Maxwell Methods on (Jrdered to Head Off fers to Raise Fund Needed
Modern Lines.
Indleetlons weie to-day tha; ThomsaSdJ Undei direct orders ,.r Cemmisslenei
ft, C'hui hill. Willi at Ihe laaf election of A'eMo Cept. Thor an I forty PfHfemtn.
the Hoard of Bduoatlon, received j ntoat of mem in plain etothes, w aited
twenty-lwo of forij-sli vOteg for p-esi- j , Hrvant Hail. Hie meeting pis e ,
dent, Will gel a safe majority this year, j nf the Striking wallers. ,, Korly-rlut
and on Monday all be named at thej,rHel ,,,) 8lJtl aiHn gftrnoon. J
new heed 9f .the boerd
Mi. Churchill's friandg aaM te-day
that ne has been asiuied of thlrty-elghl
or forty totea. and if this proves Hue,
ibei iay, tksrs win he a vait ekgngs lb
ine oondncl ef New rorVs Mi,Seg,SS
rear educational system, signalising
t e new order, it Is expected, will he Ihe
passing of lr, Maxwell, City Supen,,-
tendenl for for eighteen years, who pras
th ally d.iinlnates not only pupils, learn
ers, ptlmipals and sups: intendehls, hut
the Board Of liducatlou Itself.
Dr. Maxwell has stood for s on form
course, needs ),y grade, regardless of
the loeatten of the school or Ihe type
Of pupil, Mr. Churchill says he wl'.l so
alter the cOUTiSS that In schools wiilch
draw their pupils from vicinities settled
by foreigners more street he put upon
the teaching of Kngllsh than In othiss.
He also will emphasise the manusl
training work snd cause mathematical
problems that never may be met -Willi In
bualness to e eliminated from the cur
ricula m.
The control of schojls will ne restored
t, u.e uo.ird itself the principals will
hsoome schoolmasters "gain instead or
as Mr. Churchill calls them ."work
worn ie ics" ami Individuality In tea. h-
srs olll i"' snoouraged aecordlng to ihe
CnurehlM programme, llnder Br, tax-
well's s; v'wii e'.er;. ens Of las ,0SO
'iiln Jtes u' S 01 ii
ike sokool week
,ias been mu:iued out ..-.d
' Jty foi
lowed, 'd Ciesr h ii pisro
muoli mors on th'- t soie
to depend
M of tne
lea-lli'l . I
"To msks iheg) -of.ee sAeesii toe I
si iioo s should be smaller," Uf, Cburchili ;
ssld to dsv We have mis s-hvr, nil I
ninety elesees snd l,fdS pupils, in suep ;
s sehool s prlSergal, even if relieved o' !
i.ie preeent Ssrlpel dteidgi woii'd J
bale fo be VsrsipOll 'untie, til ml..
ths rounds ot the elsseruems a on,
c, . , ., , -a ........ -.' -H'-e,-ee
ew Outbreak.
jtn xpi.i !. directions tu break up ssy
attempi ai mi BeseSBOISge or pa acb
of the streets' after the meeting,
There e IJU oslteri of tn more
l!o eil pe ;i .,n !u ie .sill d irina 'lie !
prulonjed afternoon iiieaWnr. and when
I noma of tne older umi mora inneefvu-
livs members of lbs unlos were inien
Slipping quietly out or toe hall near Ihe I
end o.' the lung heiaj.rfne .. police,
braced themselves tor trouble. The tip i
csnie down fiom Hie hall thai I oubie.
Including window smaMhlt.g and niffla.i- 1
Ism sUOh ss was Sfltnsssed ufler yes-
terdays meeting, was mere than ltkeiy. i
Toe feel that seSS SflSr CSSS Of beer
carried Into the hall during the after
noon, did not bade a 1oce fea-'t to the
wiee pollseman "n guard.
A shower of more than thirty hslt
brioks pevpered the f'otu of BrVgnt
Hall during the meeting, breaking
every window In the front of the hall
and puncturing the heavy plate, glass
fronts of tli Jane and Klrtiand furni
ture store on the floor below the hall.
Carlo TreSOS, one or the I. W Pi'. ngt
tat ir who havn been directing the
losing tight of the International Hotel
Workers' T'nlon agslns: the restaureni
snd hotei iieeiera, attilbutol the sud
den ssss'iH ..n the inn i. hsedqusrters
to disgr antla.1 welters who Hnl Iheiu.
selves nut of a
iVe brl ka wete h -i from the
sauiiilx' Jnl plstform of the NlSth n etiui
eiei-sieii a Porty-second steeel T'is
MSsllsnt timed Ihsl Bight or missiles
so thai Immsdlstely of te lbs windows
a-giu to cash ir. a d i isy Souid .,1111 p
r.i.n s southbound i s. i, sud dlsapgos
li.S... assrillsiu an 1 I .' infe.Bis; ae vis
ALL UMI ii Til. WnllLW iKtvri,
VJes.ke.rsVi. S.lsr'AS..
"Circulation Books Open to
w i
to Meet Shortage.
It wk stated in day that Ueu DsMel
k dlcklee, ihe bers of ttottysksirgi
threatened te bton iis tuains out in
ones he siiuiiki be served with a war
rant of srresi on criminal wbsrges Is
epnneotlen with his ah.,i tag of i,.:,,
0? Ihe i ihdl .,' ths Htste Mon.iinent
Commission. The, authority, for the
statement wes giin as gtenton dickies.
In.' lieuei a 1' s aim.
ftaii'cin giegles further stuted that
when ths Qeneral'a horns Is aoiu i. sat
Isf; a mortgage held by me flowery
Havings Hank, the c lime, ,,1 Aife, from
whom hi, has h en estrsngsd for lldrty
leais will buy II In mid promptly strict
Miss Hleenoi vYIlmerdtng, ins asndral'e
housekeeper, Ths foreclosure sale is
scheduled to be In-ld sithia a few
The .mod warrior was deeply affected
by . telegraph messags hu received
from Mrs. I.ougstreet, winow of one of
the commanders opposed to him at
QcttrSSUrg, promising tu raise among
the Q Snare!' cne-Uine enemies, the
Confederate veterans, a aum ample to
cover the ehortage.
lien, c.ra.ollle . Do.lnr Saya He
Will Help 4'naarade-ln-Arsas.
OMAHA, .S'eb., Jan. .-Clen. Granville
M. Dodge, hero of the Civil war, to-day
Sectored that he would he clad to aid
Ueu. Dan. el 1C Hl.-kles In bis financial
affairs. Oen. 1 indue, who residea In
Council muffs, ia.. declared thai he had
not been a' so, ;.ut in case he wes re-
qUSSISd 10 a-t, he would do all In hie
power to aeip hit eonirsde in erms.
Vuv. 1, ..(Tees to .,,cM.e
si.mi , ., a Sleklrs H. lief KuhU.
IDUAN1 lea, H 10V, I Ixer t.i-da
uffs cd oi mttljiite Bis lo ruad is
ie ra'sed tha -,t:e unae uuaied
:i. . len, Daniel K M.nkiea. a i ciia'.i-
man uf ths '- Vorlj Monuuients cvs-n -
III St .'P
Isnatei B uws 1'is llepubl an loader,
ntrod i ad n Ihe sieiisie iu- isy a reso-
lut psopoelng ba appolntmeni of a
lefitotettvf -.I i niitee ie ss'sHsIa the
fs t oon e n. ng t ie snforlunsta poe'
Uqn of Qea llcklss, and to rendei re
Lt! 4 dteuisd ue.steery."
umiTnir ninniro nun
- e
Members of the Service Board Have
a Hot Clash, and Chairman Finally
Promises Full Hearing on
Contract Changes.
RAKE-OFF $4,250,000
Commissioner Maltbie Riddles the
Banking Firm Defense and Shows
That the City Cannot Win.
No sooner had Chairman VYtOcox of the Public Service Board
reached his otiice to-day than Commissioner .Maltbie joined him. Mr.
MaHbie has been kept in the dark as to the result of the latest confer
ences with the traction interests and their bankers. That MaHbie baited
the Chairman was indicated from ihe excited maiiner of Mr. YVillcox
when he emerged.
"You can liy," said Mr. VYillcox, "that we will lake up thl sue
f,esled ameikimenb to the subway contracts one by one in the committer
of the whole and vote upon them. Any (Jonimissioner who has an
amendment nut heretofore considered can bring it up and have it dis
cussed and voted upon."
"Did you give Chairman WUlcoa en
Governing Corruiiittee issues a
Reply tn MWSage De
mandiiis Legislation.
i'ne Roard of Oevsmors of tne New
gOTk rltock Bxebangl niei Inls a'ler
noon to sonoider Hie comments on the
iStuck Six hunge eontain,l In Hoiinioi
fviilset's measase to the 1talut ne In
whi h he sailed rm sweeping iegletetiee,
They remained In aessles for shout iw-,.
boms, after which the following letter
wes bended oat without uontmsnti
NHW MIIK, Isn. .'. 191-.
To iiis Bsoelleoi . Die doveraor, ai
heny, N. Y.
"etii i beg in communicate to you
the following statement of fie ttovorn
lug Committee. AI a meeting of the
Ojossi nlng Committee of the New ferl
stork Baebange. held to-daj, ths fol
lowing statement was uiiopti
"Tiie mesage Of tlov. Hulaer hat been
considered bv Ihe roriimlttee.
"Tne Governing Committee has al
ways endsavoied to surround lee deal
ings in sssurtsJas on toe Bnehongs ertek
the restrictions and limitations that ex
perience, has suggested, which have been
deemed from time In time to be practi
cable and enforceable.
" 'They have continuously sought, and
are now seeking, for any and all meas
ures that will enforce J ist and enultabla
principles of trade and protect the
" "Thee feel very atronglr that th"
QO Vomer's c.israclerlsatlon of the gov
ernment of the Kxchsnge Is unlustined
by the fa. is, and, with all due ,, , .
SSrOOOtly protest sgalnst ll.
" 'They laSPa' tfUll) rsgtiesl tiiat the
tjovernot receive a .ommittee or the
Ksdiaiua at in asrl) dels t Preeeal
.(,. lei. ut toe Bs iiaiig- snd o con
rey 10 him the BSSUrSUco of their de-
sits to co-ops rats is is oontldsretlon
- sglelaBou thai wtii st. ii further pro-
UJti Hie higher: standard of Lade and
. on e : deuiins' 1
' W.ii you not olndi) deeignals the
time smsn COU Wl'l rece.is our coin
mates ' Respectfully,
jam Kg h. MvuoN, preeldeaL"
1U, Mir hews fisesl ikk entoi-.'lc. Ik.
Itmau a go SS 'een
or rata to. at gat nr
; olumatum when you visited his office
Mr. Maltbie was aaked.
' We had a few words, bet 1 do not
care to dlSOUSS the matter," he replied.
"Up to now I have not ben Informed
or what has been going on. I shall In
sist upon opportunity for full dlscuas
lon and consideration of the amend
Mr. WUIeog was not sure when the
"committee of the who;B would naun
discussion of the subway contracts. He
admitted that eien If the mem be is got
under way thla arte: noon the oontldsr.
Hon would last over Into to-morrow,
In will -h . aae there will be no Ana.
Sola BJ the Commission upon the con
tra. is before Thureday.
N'o action on the subway deal was
taken ai lo-dai'a stated meeting of the
c imniltsion. The hoaid adjourned eub-
et to tiis eel of Chairman winiam it.
Vt.i , who is Mayor Oaynor'a chief
aide ii rushing through the contracts.
The power of getting t i-ther ihe I'f
Is Servlee ComnHeetesaers in hurt
now i eats with 1'harrmati vimc Just
ss ibe power to get together tie mem
bers of ths Hoard of Kstlmats In a
burri SStg with lbs Mayor.
Tiie usual proi'ediirn ot the Commlsalor;
s thai aii matter nm out of the
"committee ef the whole' mfrloh ie
phrase dssrrWng secrei meetthga of we
vomiiussion-le put on tlve calendar a:
I a'OIOOh P. M. of thu day prevtoue lo
Ihe stated pn.ill : meeting. Thue lea.
Ohglsmsg win have to put the matter
of the eiibway contracts on thu
. ivlendar the afternoon of the day befote
they are voted upon.
Commissioner Oram says that these
meetings Of the srOOla are against pnb
llC pettsy, and he does not attend them.
Mr Maltbie. who la an appointee of
Oovemer Iluxhee. gore to these "a
SCUttvs" sessions snd usually Ibattiea
alone In ths Interest of ths people. IS
Cram stays away aa he eaya he will,
tha vote will tie i to I, In favor of the
transit , ontpan.es.
The meeting to-day followed the tssulag
or a letter by the Arm of J. P. Morgan Si
en defending the proposed coatraota
for operation of the subwaya. This
WS'l the first public statement of the
banking- huuae. and was prepared at a
iimfereiice nf .1. 1. Morgan Jr. Henry
1. Davison and Thmnaa W. lataion
The conference was held In Mr. Davi
son's home and lasted most of tha
bight. The letter Issued by thera ehowe
ihiil wnlle tne .Morgan nrm agreoa t
lake up t ie 1 1 70.UOO.000 Intarborough
bonde at Sals, thev have arranged to
tell them to a syndicate of lilO nnon
clers tt ti. This would give the Morgan
Sr n a commission of 11.80.00.
"In view of the statements sseie us
the Morgan htm tetter vU) you asgjta

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