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Audubon Bank Bought for $50,000 of Its Own Money
Bala or IN aroemhle to-nlelM mr Tharsaar.
.fs,lMhlr te-wlaht mr nn4r.
n nivmuumuiLLJi r aCevji
fjjj Circnlmtion Books Open to AH" I
" Circulation Books Open to All"
Nietn Walked From Auduh on '
Window to Directors Row,
Where Cash Dazed 'Tim.
Board That Succeeded Those
Who Sold Out Rewarded
President's Coup.
One mora rewurd r li.gli I nance on
Waehlngtnn llgafhlg hgfi bMl a
lUidnsrs went over Um bOoM of J-.e
Audubon MBOOSSl Ba-ik : . lolled It
a!: won revealed to-day before, J 'deT'"
Hunt and a Jary lu sjg . adsTel Uga.
MM Court, where Dnt'.fi t;. I 'i
rial Xor having inlaapproprlele I .. '
of the bank's funds when ha
According to I)k Nieto In
vittiMn wh yeaterusvj testified
i MM
MliU. "between drink.'' sa.. '. l.'ni lo
mi ih A .du-oe.i K.' iui..; vtlt'.i tvn.-Ui-leaa
paper, the now Hoard of Ml'Wlon
installed by Mills after UK "pu-uham"
"tad til president an award f I ' v
referred tu y lh witness a "iajhi
ncatlon." Form- Slate rientvto :'.iir,ir T.
tlrevrkett. Mi l- attorn!', Kmh. to
shake i i glory at NltiOi who i a
. a riling salesman lltlng In MrooMyn.
wit tcoeedel only in throwing :n'iro
lliln Ml the Dual VMM In the tra-ta.e.-nl
tht bMhi at ck to Mills larauaTb
"H wa oi. j. in- I, inn. :iiat i vni
io th bank will, thg tsi'.es will,': MHa
had fllreolad mn l.i preper.'1 teetlfied
N'lslo There worn twelie of the
hotee, ten for ." ach and two for
lu.ooo. i had received tnata from mr
rc.Mr-ln-law. rt . i. liner, who had
t.en associated aim Mr. Mill In IM
mploj of 111 Tiuat 'onii.any or Anier
1 a Tha notes wovg s;g .1 and I hail
'I ilvcn iMtruotioM tot niuna
Mam In.
"Mr. Mil: a and 1 .ml an UndTOian410J
iat I wa to give t o directors th lm
presslon I had beiiieght the money up
'rum downtown. Thy were l! In III
dlractor' room whan I dlerouiileri thn
notas In tli hank propnr. I wallad pr-
ai-e twautv nlBWMli and than want
1 ank to tha dlrwtor' room. .
'Mi i InohMlMOfl in la ih AaTOOiorl
a UM ' a"M -i olna V buy ihalr
"llava you oi i ir niona.v with vol?"
.ma of rlajn wanlrd to know. I told
nlm I had in" tit raw th bill on ha
ia.bl. ThNi aoiniMiii aakod ma If I had
not ban afraid that 1 would ba kiHxtkral
down and robhad. I tlioucb. of what
Mill had told Ha
"'Not a lilt afiiikl.' I aald Wny, I'v
aul two guard walttna rm hi outaldo,
"On by OM ma dlrectota paued In
ihlr lovk. and t paid Ifcam off. Than
wa ad an olrotlou. and a4 It nd I
wa tM nw vl-praldiit of M bank.
BOmMa ald Mr. Mill auould uraly
raOOTVO a bonification for h! rvloa.
cjt It waa dotdd to laava lh inattar
or for in and th new board of
W hat wa It. Mr Nlatro." ohoruawd
J iftft Hunt, Mr. Ura ktt and Aulitant
ii.ktrli-t-Attornay Lvy, "that tby
iUo 'ht Mr. Mill ahould racalva?"
. . wltnvaa wa nattlad.
A botdnalUoWi" h rpatd. "A
Oi i mIIii'i - auliatantlal aiPpi'avlaHwn
of n Ico raiidrrad "
; I did he get It?"
i ha M VOlOd tt.OU" ."
M , who had haaii looking Hi unity a:
ilia 'llua(, Hirokiid hi Van lyk
MOf1 IB ratrOapaoUOfl and inlld ror
tht Prat timr.
Arthur 0, MoaMi not hfokoi mmn
aai'Vlioa fr UMd In nunnaotkin with
t la ittaL IMtlllad that ha had known
Ml!- for m0 yaW and that he had
arn not'. lug .lli'llulltt,il.' 'JOUt thn
Lrtnaa :lon H WU Mkad t v .Mr. Levy
If M ad I'-on told '' Mill that air
PtMN ! aum 'Utad with him In tbu
Ug. Iniuort -nt man of nnm-.
.vo." h antwarod.
"Didn't h tint he waa in w(th
Morgia or Kobln?" perited tba Oov
rnHMUl proaecutor.
Vtlllla" M. hl:.. Iiu ' aoo!atd
ia th d(n lumpd hi feat i
"I mov tnal thl ha stricken from
tba rai-onlF. Wo on hare lia a rlhl
,n daflla UlOthtr bl mentioning his
AMrlhL lill. S. .
Co. rrtw Xr
Snys, rn Witness Stand Ma
chine Is Not for Sale and
..t'ase Is Regulated.
K. M. Turner Describes His
Machine in Trial ot Suit
Against Fortune Teller.
Kailv M Tdrnai. i r lavaator m
owiiri pf ;ha dt.-1 tdjMHt oatatil. who
HMa w No. Waal Thlrtlarh trt,
waa a n'.naaa ,,.'.. a .Judge VulquatO
In OafarrSl Haa ,, lo-day m tba trial
o Mia. famiy nio fortuna tKtr,
wlt.i la i liangad with hat i atumpiad
to get noivy bf hlarkmall from Dr.
Si mm I T.indilfh 'rtir prlnatpal rrl
0 alio g again: .Mr. DM that of a
datai'tlva who awor that by tha aid of
a dlt'lAVraph ha ovsrhaaw d i.nvar
gatton iM'waan a mawmiti fVoni Mra.
Ulo aim Dr. TandUch In tha phyatfllan'a
AM 'Ilia taattnamy of tha tnvsirtor
TM off. i- ' by tha Mtalr o prova that
t.ia lnstniniant waa ufllulantly affaxillva
in ajalMi tha dataet.va to haar what
waa aald
Mr T.irnar aald that only onea baton
: ad M onaenUal to appaad aa a wltneaa
In a trial. II had Ilia utmoat confl
iMN In ill Instrument, which h pai
IMtOd lu 1(0? aftar devatlng tb laaat
iaia of Ida Ufa to II. Ila aoh: no tna
lllliaoi Htd, IgrHm hi onnactnoe
forhnda him lo allow the !natrumnt to
gi Into tha handa of paraon not known
to iiUn as law abiding and trustworthy.
'Thar I uo limit to th poaalMllty
of th use at ths dluiarauti for ort in
itial purposes." aald Mr. Turnar. Hlaoa
matlar uld rap a hanraat wtth It.
trade and bulna aeiuata oould ba
atolau, V,. .lilting plaac of valuable) ro
vealad, th plana of the polloa and paooa
offtoer ovarhaard."
Tue inaohlna MbMtod In I'ourt aaa
Idsn lifted as a dl.ita,rap,i mad for do
Uollva PunpoOM Mi'. Turnar said (hat
M had made and lsad nvml hun
dreds of the Inan utiiant.
"My iMtrtiatiaM In n, oftl,-," i
aid, "are to mak It ga dlfflnutt for
a man to laace una of thag tngtrumantg
aa :t la to uaah a flu.oou chavk la a
bunk whsra ha la not known."
"I hava trtoheil wlr from lart to
lienln and from Rotna to N'apla ovar
which oonvaraatlon ptdkad up at a dig
tonot of twenty or thirty fact from tha
ra, elver hava been heard For tha King
of Rngfland. listening; at th raoalvar. I
poke In a vnlca as low aa waa poggftls
without whlapsrlng, standing ulnstyfsat
fiwn th tranamlttar and h aald ha
heard every word.
"In the room regarding whisk taatl
iiKiuy Is glvsn hsre, fifteen feat aquara,
this Inatrumgnt would rscord every
sound, svgn a whlapar."
Ths Invsntor said lie Md used the
inai-h'ne hlmsslf lu tha Ohio suffrage
in vesications nnd In othsr ants lie
described the working of the machine
In a general wity. but refused to (O
into details, saying that to go too far
with his account of It might lead un
surtePUlOUg paraona to Imltat tha ma
iling, defying the patent laws, for use
b; orl iiliiul. Hu said that a double
diaphragm made It poaelble for tha In
gtrumBI to ugjgeh sound from any
iMrtor, and that its process might
pioperl he compared, lugardlng sound.
It, the effect of a magnifying glass In
IneroaalBjj the alge of a mnlutc ohje t.
Mr. TUfMr said that la had alQ In
VMtOd M attaohMll wh.uh h means
of :i rhaogtat could be ayutata4 to Mtuh
any pai th iilar volr'e out of u , n i: us.
mak ng It poaslbi- to ovarneir OQS or
mor( tpirt -i In w.t'prc i oMvar
aavUou a crowded rovaa. fci ( .
York WrMI.
Many, Sentenced to 14 Days,
Declare "War to the Knife"
Against Government.
"Bashibazoukesses," as London
Now Terms Them, Go Pre
pared to Starve.
IXWVDON. Jan. ""OaiTaJ" Mra.
Tvum moral and thirty othsr ngjMtant
stiff raawttaa will hava to epand tM
neat fourteen day la jail aa tha ra
ni tt of thalr daXaraslnavtlon to force
David Lkayd! Oaosasj. Ohanoalksr the
Huckoqusi , to raaatva thaan aa a Mcas
taalon In tM Houa of Oi aim una laot
erergng. All tM prisoner daolarad In
flsiat aftar thof war siaasamg to 4ay
that they wajH laagaidlataly aaart a
"hunger strike."
The aaaaaad woman wars iwwught up
at Bow Btrwat Patlr Orurt safsrs H
ert Msvshaan. tM police aggHgtrats, ta
tha oourv of tha sariami aaaS tM
a.ne aantenoe waa Impassg aa fit f
tM haartng that the polios had roughly
handled lift whan aba waa
Aha daelafVd tM palrolaaaa Mat
her in tM mud).
It la wag ta
hwvri a lata
Tea will hava ta M tM
dirty work aaat ya wtu hava plagraT
The woman all refused tM igjulaai
whleh waa offered them af paying a
fin instead of going to pflaeav
rourtaan days' Imprlaonaaant waa tM
aeatence proaounoad oa moat of tha
auffracattea b rough i up to-day at th
vmrloua poUoa oourta In London. The
aocuaed women Included window -maahar
and 1st tar-bo a damaaTara a
well aa the raldara of tM Houa Of
t'ommona under tM Had eighty of Mra.
Borne of the woman who had ehatured
valuable plate glees aba windows wars
committed far trial at tM OM Badley
TM favorite
Krisnda of the arreatad woman, con
fidant that they would ohooaa prison
rathsr than pay flnaa, brought them
giipa and aultoaaea filled WHh clothing
and toilet acceseorlss, boaea of books
and papera, wraps and gtaamar rugs
Tba oorridors of Bow thrt Court
looked like a railway platform on as
suralon day.
When Mass Sylvia Panklrurat did not
appear In Bow Street with "General"
Drwmmond It waa learned that aha had
been releaeed oa bar own recognisance,
promising good behavior patidlns Mr
atlas OhrlatoMl Fwakkaraa, glMstrag
to M lav ioadoa, la Mfcaf aoafht hlgrh
aaa law hy BaotUsd Tart
Japaa'a Sew Fwralsja Mlaleter.
TOKJO, Japan. Jaa. B.-JJaroa
Takaakl htato, hitherto Jagaxnees in
beswador to Or eat Britain, waa to-day
offlolally uemlaatad Japaasss Ftoralgn
MJnlstsr In tha oahtaat under tM Prsna
tanhlp of Prlaoa Tare Kauum.
Do World Ads. Rent
Furnished Rooms?
The ana war to this juration it of
vital intcraat to tfaouaandt of Now
New tor Ottr. Jaa. lit. tail.
Mew Test WueM:
It gt'ss sm gesst alssssBs et tag
tou that dliougb an rurabaad
Hooa. ' ad. in last laaaay' wertd I
iwated all four ef aw isaajs bi last)
o'clook the aa, dy. Aad than
ear waai ouar tauucaaia.
Hincs nufanuer i asve i
anottwr Ssa Ion a
e i'l aaa aaewei.
Me let Waa
Be Sure and Advertise YOUR
Furnished Rooms in
Next Sunday's World
ia sMfw,"
mm. Jatoyd sassrs
ahead af ram.
avsiaesa a,
Uttt kna.
rnUHL UIL Otto
Morris H. Beall Crashes Past
-Window at No. 29 Broadway
Where Operator Sits.
Was at One Time Managing
Clerk in Justice Hughes's
Law Office.
UHasr Oundlry, tha operator In
charge of ths telephone pay station on
tha grand floor or the Oolunsbta HuUd
Ins at No. IS Broadway, at noon to-
gsty. heard a terrtflo craali tn tha oourt-
yerd juat oigastda tha window alongside
Mr aajatt. fMannlrrg In tM direction of
the aaatajd aha saw the MJr ot a man
lying artmpled ap and motlonlaea on
of tM holler room,
up MOD spring Muss Oundley
calmly Informed Police Headquarters
thai a man had fsJIsn or jumped from
a winds a an one et the upper floors of
IM building and waa daaU b the court
yward. Than aha notified the superin
tendent and building amnloyees rarrtwd
tag tha aerrtdor tM remalna of Morris
H. Baall. a lawyer, with aa ohVe In tha
V Paul Building, who hsd fallsn mom
a anting poSUon an tli ledse of tha
af tM washroom on the Uf-
Poltoeman Dawsun waa aumnioned
from the street and ha ant to Ifudsnti
Street Hoapttal for an ambulanrs. Dr.
Cradn. wM isscondsd to tM call, sal"
Mr. Baall. who had been Identified by
and cards found In hla pockets
Instantly killed.
By this time Reginald H. Bryan, Beat
em manager of Black Diamond, a eoul
trade publication with an office on the
fifteenth floor, had reached the main
corridor with tM atory of how Mr. Baall
cams to his death. Tha window of Mr.
Bryan a private office la about ssvan
feet away and across from the window
of tM waahroom on the etghtesnth floor
"I was dictating to my stenograph -,"
aald Mr. Bryan, "when I ssw t'ns win
dow of the waahroom open and thlr
gentleman" Indicating the body "aat
on the sMl with his back turned to Ota,
lie appeared to be In some distress. I
stood up, and as 1 did so M began to
sway slowly outward. Before I could
start for the door he toppled over th
sin and disappeared from view Think
ing he might have been pushed out
the window I nan to the waahroom, but
R waa empty, lie made no effort to
aave himself as he was falling from the
It waa lsarnsd from the cards In the
dsad man's clothing that res was la law
partnership with Martin J. Water In
th St Paul Building. Mr. Water wa
summoned by telephone. He wa
hooked whan told the clrcurastancss
Of tM death of Mr. Brail
"It waa certainly an anctdant." la
dared Mr. Waters. "Mr. Baall had no
business troubles. His practice a
growl net . hs was happily married and
haS IRtle baby to whom ha waa paa-
'tlavtely Mr. Heat! haa been suffering
from vertigo He must hava had an at
tack while on th fifteenth floor of
thee MIMIng and sought the waahroom
for eh- "
Mr. Baall 'a home waa at So. 1(11
Broadway. Hla wife haa Man eertouely
Ul. and Mr. Watsra hurried to break
tM news to her before sbs could hsar
It from other sources.
Mr. Beall waa forty-two years mn
and a native of Omaha. Meb. Hs at
tended Tela University and was a man;.
Mr of ths graduating class of 1lfi.
Whlls in collage he played ehortatnp
on the baeetall team. After hla grad
uation he eettled in New Vork and be
fore going Into tM active practice of
law waa managing clerk for tha Arm
of Carter. Hughes A Dwlght. of which
Supreme Court Joetlee Hughea waa a
At one time Mr. Beall wa aaaoctated
with the late "Paradlas Jimmy" Oliver.
Ha waa wall known In political and club
ol roles and waa an ardent baaeball fan.
On hla deak thla afternoon waa found a
memorandum reading "Will oa back at
t o'clook." Ills partner aald h left the
office about 10 o'clook to keep tmu ap
potntmsnls. WOBUUO WANTS WOBM WVhUalBa j
Opera Conductor and Singer
Wedded After Stage Romance
al. ananst efc& .jfjrt-
snanananannPl'' agVfl sVsJgat I
nHgfl Hrl I AaMl naaVrU
Spanking in Schools
Is Needed, Says Expert
Hired to Find Evils
McMurry of Columbia Asserts
Denounces the Law Against
Corporal Punishment.
Pro'. Krank M. McMurry of th
Teachers' I'ollege, Columbia University
believes that spanking In the puhllo
ch iols la a necessary adjunct of educa
tion ami that t lie law forbidding ant
porat punishment In any form Is unwise
Furthermore, he asserts that It Is not
enforced and cannot be. He thinks tha
oroper course would ba to convert some
of the city schools, at convenient die
tanres apart, Into what In effect would
be 'banking schools, presumably In
rhsrge of Imeky tenitinrs Unruly pupils
from all over the city aio need th rod
could 'hen be tranafcrred to these
schools snd their csnea properly attand
ud in.
Prof. McMurry as engaged by the
city to Inveatlgnte certain hranchea of
the public school eyslerm. This Is what
he say in Ids report on the subject of
corporal punlniirnent :
"Tha qneetlcm 0f tM eleelplla
of tha sshool ohlldrsa, partlomlarly
of those amat oaaas much troable,
asaorrea oarefnl ooaalaeratloa. la
oar jndtTamaat, tM regulation total
ly forslal ag oorporal pnalahaaont,
la aawtae. It la aat now folly
safarssg, and probably oanaot M.
Bat, so long aa It eajsts, ataajr an
aarnly ahlld will attempt to take
ad resteers of It, aad than oaaas
tsomble that would aot otherwise
be. U It eeald M nadrstood tbat
eorpeaal panlahment was allowed
star oarsfnl reetrloMoa la oar
tain eoMols, widely distributed
over tM ottr, aad that trenhlsgomo
ohlldren In other schools oould ba
traaaferred to tkeee, that arraage
meat alone would greatly rollers
tha diatreaa of many teachers. At
any rata, more aid ahould be riven
to teachers la this matter."
I'rof. Ml Hurry submitted hie report
to-ds: lo President Mitchst, Chalrihaii
of the Hchool Inuulry The prof agger dr
claits that "the moat depressing fact
has been our inability to discover an)
general striving toward the lilghor aim
of Inalructlon. or even algnn of auoh gen
eral striving." Ilia line of Inveitlgallon
dealt a lth "taeeheit and ( laaHes dually
at work In the different elementary sub
jects and in th slndarsaMt.li." a ad
i-ancea pn IMoytnt of leeching; thai can
not he demonstrated in the class loom.
Tht aitltu ii f I Ifl teachers, I'rof.
Mile. Marcel, Prima Donna,
Marries Felix Weingartner,
Composer, at City Hall.
Felix tVelngarlner. composer, oon
duetar of or. heatraa. author and pianist,
and I.u.l lie Marrel. Amerloaa prima
donna, were married to-day by Alder
man Janiee Smith, in the office of City
Clerk Scully m the City Hall. The to-
mantle affair of the two ha mad goa
jalp for European and Amarloan tiiual'-al
aoclaty for two yeara The conductor
aald he had been dlvonod from his Sec
ond wife, the Baroness Ureyfu, Nov. 11
last, on the ground of desertion His
Brst wife dlvotced him In ItOg.
The couple went to the Ity Hall with
Miss Nina Busaall, and Uiula Waaself,
a brother of the bride. Alderman Mrnlth
waa called In for tbs csrsmony aa soon
as tk.s llcsnss was filled out. Ths party
than returned to the Hotel McAlpln.
where the conductor and Mile. Marcel
took apartment on their arrival Mra
from abroad, yeattrday.
rails Weingartner first met Mile.
Mar.el when Btrau, ths composer,
aaked the conductor to engage ths
singer for the first performance of
"Klektra" n Vienna two years ,vgo.
Ihe young woman has been studying
and singing In Paris. Mttsleh, He.-lln
and London for ten years. Hhe la tbu
daughter of the lute Kamuel Whim e t. g
Harlem drugglat.
Wslngartm r, whoaa music and whose
InterpretStlon of uiiailc has alwaia
Men marked by a contagious passion
ate intensity, iixm afterward announced
that Mile. Marcel ran the most Won
flerfnl singer III the world. Ills nifa,
who waa tha narouass Kealora von
nreyfus, an I who had monopolised his
devotions to an extent which ainuaed
all Kurope for eight yeiare. bat ame mat
leas over his attentions to tha .singer.
In an Infer i lea In Itll. after the acsn
dal broke and forced the realgnatlone
of both Weingartner and heraelf frotn
t e Vienna ooer. Mile Msrcl told
hou she I .oi rosistMi nil the personal
lure.n and tamptsUont of a g.rl atudy
,iu and singing In it foreign land until
the "Klektra" engugmiem
Th, n " she said. "I fell In lovg with
Weiiigartne. and Welngarmc n th me
rssl CM trouble ealaaT-
Borough President Declares, After
Three Hours in Secret Conference,
That a Great Concession Has
Been Won for the Public.
He Says the Question Was Not Dis
cussed at the Morning Session
of the Conferrees.
Borou.ii rresidsnt CjMTft McArteny of Mgrtai itvuk Nkt
annoutKeincnt to a reporter from The Evening VVorld, following three
lour Mcrst confeteuce iday of four rneinbers of the Public Service
yuminisnun and two inernbers of the conference committee of the
Uoaid oi t'stlnuie, that tlie five cent fare to Coney Island bad been put
back in the B. R. T. contract. It had somehow slipped out of the con
tract upon which a final hearing was held Jaa 30. M'
"We devoted our whole attention this morning to trie B. R. T. con
tract," said Mr. McAneny when the session adjourned for luiKtaton at 5
o'clock P. M. "We will be busy alt afternoon with the same crjntraci.
and we may not reach the proposed lnterborough contract before tomorrow."
Man Run Down and Boy and
Father Narrowly Escape
Big Truck.
Ko i automobile acrtdenta happtuied
this afternoon. One little schoolgirl was
killed, another injured, a man aaa run
over and another men with Ma IK tic bo,
had a close call.
Oars Kse-rfeM, a schoohr.rt. ten yeara
old. living at No. 3n Fleet Ninety-ninth
street, waa run over and klllced hy an
auto rruok owned by Moaahan'a Kxprees
C'ninpsny and driven by Jotcph Marano.
Tha little girl with two sohoolmjtes on
her way to school, aaa crossing SicoikI
avenue at Ons Hundred street. Tie
ohlldren saw the truck coming and the
companions of Dora ran hack while ehs
attempted to cross In front of It.
Ths chauffeur applied the emergency
brekea but tM front wbaela passed
over the child before the machine could
be atopped.
Marlon Frankal, ten yeara old, had
not left her borne. No. lit at. Ann a
avenue. In the Bronx, more than a few
minute when he aaa atru-k hy an
aulo oa'ned and driven by Henr UfBO
of No. luM Simpson strset I.lppc C I
' up th gir landrush ed her to the Lin
coln Hospital. Her body waa covered
with bruinee anil there wire uhraslonv
I on both knee. ethe not erlOttgll
hurt, however
l.ojla l.obllle with his two an.', one
i i f year old boy. Vtte, w.i.s crossing
( White I'lalna road at I'oat gtygtti In the
' BfOSSi this afternoon, when two auto
J trucks, one in tow of the other, both
na ned by tne Btudeoakcr t'u , of No.
I gj Wen Klfty-slath street, came down
I t.'ie rond. Lobllle saw tne niaehlnea, but
' not the rope. He attempted to paaa
If, frntit of the aeOOOd and was im'H'ked
down, but neither gg nor the child waa
Jacob II. Ru. gg. an electrician, fifty -five
years old. Ilvit'g at No ;I14 rl.nt
Th.ity-elkhth stree'. wss run over by
all aUtomeSlle, this ! n .it Lennox
avenue ant Ons-hlMdrrd an I sixteenth
street. He ass takn to til Ha:m
"Wall, what final dlaMaftlas have "you
made of tM Oeaey are ssnt farof waa
aaSad. Mr. MeAaany than dictated th i
'But are not tli era two i
i by the oompsny with IM
money t waa aaked.
The letting of she eontraeta ta Son
by tha city. tM whole Job to within th
control of tha city." ha r.niled atin
.ally ths city will see to it that these
particular lines are th frret to oa can
I strucleg.''
"How nhout the Fourth eveime Un
' and Its connection with Coney lateral "
I "Ttiear two llnea-tne Weet kind an I
I Culver become a part of tM Khun. ,
, avrnuc line," said Sir. McAneny. TMt
I will radiate from the proaeat planne-i
' lower tsmlnua of tM Vuurth avajjtue
line. TM city, of oouree. will pat the
rci .instruction of these lints among; the
first to be completed and eait l - -
Uon. Aa for tha upper part of tM Fourth
avenue Ilea. It la now nearly completed
"The B. B. T., Mfore the final eonte
ence with tM offlcaalg agreed ta the
Ave cent fare only when all of the Oenet
. lines wars rsconstruotsd and tM tsratln
I als down there built. Thla put the A
I cent fars off Indrfinataly. W have won
i a big concession for ws hava succeed. i
In getting the company to put the fit
I cent fare Into effect eighteen mon ha
after the beginning of work upon Old
! construction of these Houtu Dronkti n
: lines."
The eection of the It. H. T. centred
which Kill. -I the Coney flve-nrnt fare
l read lu part that tha city "ahall not
prcent the leaaae, prior to the comple
tion of the Culver Line. Section 3, 1.
t, 7 and 8 of the Broadway-fourth at e
! una line, the Brighton Beach line and
I the Union Terminal of the leeaee at
j foney Island from continuing to charge
,,. . . . . . i iv i rm. i mr m con
tinuous rid over t e rallioad."
Mr. McAneny aays that tha worda
"tha Brighton rteac.lt Line and ths
In Ion Terminal of tb Isssee nt Coney
Island" have bean stricken from tba
contract. Only a careful T"nrttnatlrr
of this latsst final draft of IM
tract, and tta submission to a
tent autaarlly wUt Mi
ana" "''''Mp
tha Wawi Bad gjss OserastToavd
"' -I'raVawjag1 andeSi
laaand tre ssnt rare eeananseasnM
he riggflislis af tM Oalver saat
West JJMS ahtea aiawaw TM awU
mates Mass fee tM ss-al.M.n at
rSw- a
- '" .- a

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