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Wrulbrr-filr and enlrler ln-nUlil
Midi rBIiIfiv beach'sactions
Vblll IVh WVI 1111 Ul 1J VII
Willcox and His Associates Will
Ask Court to Set Aside Order of
Justice Hendrick Tying Up
Action Until Thursday.
An injunction restraining the Public Service Commission from enter
ing into operating contracts for the new subways with the New York
Municipal Railways Company which is mother name for the B. R. T.
and the Interborough Rapid Transit Company was served on Chairman
Willcox at 3.15 o'clock this afternoon. The injunction, which was issued
by Justice Hendrick, is returnable before Justice Vernon M. Davis on
next Thursday, February 6th, and restrains the Commission from signing
the contracts before that time.
John J. Hopper, a lUrlt-tn contractor
fnd faithful follower of William Kan
olph Hearst, appeara as a taxpayer
eeeklng the Injunction. The papers
Were prepared under the direction of
Clarence J. Shearn, Mr. HMMt'f mn
of legal affairs.
The Mrat stup f the majority mem
bar of the Public MVtM Commission
after the ettWtce of.tihe Injun Hon w.is
to oa.ll In the lmra.1 Ktaff and llaure mi
plan for having the restraining order
et aside.
It wan (Inured that If the Injunction
can ho dissolved before Feb. 6 the con
tracts, which will be ready In due. form
can he slKned Before another Injunction
or order of restraint can he procured.
The lemtl aspects of the situation
were examined by Commissioners will
cox and Williams, who are lawyers,
and Ueorice S. Coleman, chief counsel,
and Ieroy T. Harkueas and Oliver Sem
ple. associate counsel to the commie
slon. They had t.ie assistance Of the
lawyers for the B. K. T. and the Inter
borough. It wa. the lllipl Itlll of the lawy
1ha an action to set aside the injunttl hi
mould Me undc: tlie law which permits
any puhll' hoanl against with h court
order Is Ussued In ex parte proceeding
to apply to the Judge taeulng uch an
order to sot It aalde; fin therm. ire. tit
oinnilsslon's lawyers claim, if It PHI be
shown that the Injunction was IsaUtd on
Insufficient K'rouirla or that a prim.i f:i
eirpuortiiiK -ase lias not been made 0 It,
an BTpllatlon to have the order net
aside can Iw. made to any JUdgOt
The Impending arrival of Klwir.l K.
MeCall a- Chairman i f the Publl Her
vice Commission tenda to complicate
metiers Should Mr. Md'all Inks ofilce
to-morrow he may not favoi tlie tu t.' i to have t ie long ordinance read, line
of Chairman Willcox and !iix will be for line, If (he Polki adherents Insisted
the deciding vote on any action pro- upon action to-day. This readmit would
poaed. Mr. MoCail has stated mat he not have been finished until midnight,
wants time In whloh to examine the I Alderman Folks moved for eonaldera
contrajcta ahould It fell to him to s.gnjtlon of the ordinance at once,
them. I "1 Object" shouted Howling. "
George D. Yeomnns, counsel to the H. j have not read tlie Ordinance."
R. T.. called at the Public Service Com- LASHES INTEREST8 THAT FIGHT
mission late tuls afternoon an I con
ferred with the legal staff of the Com
mlselon and with Commissioners Will
cox and Williams. At I. It o'clock Mr.
Yeomnns but rle.1 from the building.
"lo you think then- Is K polllblllty
that the Injunction may be Vacated?"
he was asked.
"I don't think there will be any trouble
about having it vacated." he replied.
"It should not have been granted."
"Do you intend to try to have It set
u-'-kle this evening?''
"I am going out now to consuil about
that," replied Mr. Ycomans.
There was a report that Mr. Y comma
had praotiOgJly arranged to have a i
Brooklyn Supreme court Judge sign an i
order setting aide Justice Hendricks
Injunction, it was also reported mat
Justice Hendtn-k had sent for t ie
papers in the case with the Intention
of looking them over and that he might
withdraw his own injunction on tne
ground that sufficient evidence to war
rant it had not been offered.
The Commission met attuSD o'clock
this afternoon pursuant 0 aliniui
ment at l.tl o'clock when the Injunc
tion was gerved and adjourned until n
O'clock to-morr iw morning 'I ill ad
lournmctit renders I m r isslole any
definite antlnn on the euhwsv before
that hour even though t ie Injunction
aOoattaued en Fourth Page )
Wrilnnilar elear.
c.priiu. mm. b
:. (The New
Author of New Ordinance
Flays Opponents Who Hold
It Up a Week.
Tammany Leader Dowling
Sets Obstruction Tactics at
W ork in Board.
In defiance of nubile opinion nud In
opponltlon to the, Mayor's wish , x.
praeaed in a mehaage to tii" Board of
Aldermen to-day the Tammany mem
bers, iiMed by some Republican Alder
men, falls I to lake action on the Folks,
moving pi. tore ordinance, a oomblna-
tlon vote liild consideration aver for nna
Alderman Itunilng, leader r u-
DemOeratlu Side, made the notion to
lay the ordinal over anl threatened
"Insist on a vote for Immediate con
elderatlon." tsclalmed Pulks.
Ohalrman Kline said: "Under the
rulea fur acting on any report, it must
he over for n week unless a majority
vote for Immediate oonalderatloni pre
vails." Alderman Koike then took advantage
of lUs rlaht to speak to t e motion,
and In doing so lashed the "veste I In
terests in the board." to I I certain mem
bers retponelble for Hie deaths and In
juries sustained at the lluueton street
Hippodrome on Sunday night.
"Since the last meeting ,,f this
hoard,'' said Mr. Polka, "a trag.-.ly has
oc Hired In this city. That tragedy
might have
"1 regret
been prevented.
10 s.iy t, but the fact Is
j that this board for two year h is failed
i la adopt an ordinance. Those who
I failed to a t are rceponelble and they
will continue to be held responsible
Vested Interests In this board arc re
sponsiMe fur those dea l and Injured.
Tne people d man.l a safe ordinance
but the Interests here defy both the
paopla and the Mayor. A vote against
tdils ordinance may be a vote for a
death sentence and ma) be brought
home t thus,.
members who uppoae
tins motion. '
'The time has come lo lay aside per
sonai Internets and give the public the
protection to which II is entitled, it i
V-ouuiueU on gecjnd Paf c ;
I " Circulation Books Open to All."
The IVae I'ablUhlaa
(ark M arid i.
Accused New Yorker Showed
No Hostility to Mrs. Beach,
Doctor Says at Trial.
Other Witnesses Testify to
Hearing Screams in House
Prisoner Sits With Wife.
AIKRV, a. C, Feb. 4 Mr. nd Mrs
Frederick O. Ileach sat together to-day
In the .lken County Court Hotltt and
heard the prosecuting attorney attempt
to prove to a Jury of countrymen that
the New York sorlety man had made
a murderous attack upon his wife with
a penknife in Aiken last winter.
Beach and his wife did not show any
deep concern In the proceedings and at
times gayly rhat.cd with each other
and friends, who sat near them.
Eleven witnesses were called by the
Htate, and a slow start was made In
tin lr examination. Prosecutor Uunter
directed his efforts to attacking the
story told by Beach, and substantiated
by his wife, to the effect Ilia: Mrs.
Ileach had been attacked by negio
when she left the house to give her
dogs an airing
lr. Hastings Wymau and his son, lr
Marian Wymau, who examined Mr'.
Daach'l wound so. in after sue was cut,
expressed the opinion that the stab
was InfllCttd from behind. The theory
of the prosecution Is that Beach at
tacked his wife while she was running
an ay from him.
Mr. and Mrs. Bagoh entered the court
room at 9 O'clock. Then they had to be
assisted through a crowd of spectators
that packed the eorrMOTI and the hear
ing room which Is email,
morbidly curious had been waiting for
admittance since 1 o'clock.
Mrs. Beach ami becomingly gowned . i
brown coat suit and a toque to match,
rihe showed no signs of nervousness and
Beach was apparently perfectly at ease.
Ho helped his wife and Miss Marlon
Ifolllne of New York, one of the Wltlli ax
es for the defense who accompanied lie
Beeche, to Ohatra and then conferred
with his attorney. Mrs. James H. V.
Taylor, Mrs Beach's sister, sat with the
defendant and his party, and nearby
were Mrs Colvln iseiin, Mrs. Joeepfi
Harrlman, Mr. and Mis. Harry Holllm
jr.. Rdward Hmltlt and J. m. Lyoiie, all
prominent noclety paopla
The cant was opened t W o io k and
the Jury quickly eocurnd, sloven ul
.he men accepted were farmers, one a
country merchant and the others cotton
mill operatives. Tho Court daalgnated
the first man chosen to act as foreman.
While the indLutuient was being read
Mrs. Beaoh kopt hor eyes intently up i i
Proieoutor Ounter. Her face did not
change expression when he ranched the
word "did assault with murderous in
tend." Ilea h rested his chin on hi
hand aid gaged straight before him.
He was not formally arraigned, tang
being spared the humiliation of stand
ing in the prisoner's Jook.
Prosecutor Ounter opened his .-. i.
by having tin- stenographer read the
i stimmiy of Miss l.ull.ih Wymatl, w il
ls III. The leatlntony Waa taken yes
terday. Miss Wyrna'i nrai examined In Ihs
presence of Prnaecutor fDunter and Col
Henderson, counsel fur the defense. She
t stilled that on the night 'if Ft.'. X
she was in her bad in tin- front room it'
her home, which Is directly across the
street from the assault gcelie, When she
heard two screams. Sue went to the
open nrtndOW ami tried to local the
source ttf the crlev
Peeing, no one, she returned lo boj
and .t few minutes later she heard two
more screams. Thll time she sa'.v a rna.i
come down the street from ih. direction
of the peg eh home. When ihe eho ited
tu him to stop that nolle or she gould
i all the police, ahe raid Ihi 'nan broki
into a run.
"You nad better run, and run fast'
'Kid I'lge
T.ser. ieir
AO I t lilt I 1 ' tl.
ai-i. i.i.wjs
tut ' world navgL
in iu.m Ausjit r . .'. - ,i i. . i.i.j &
as rail aee, a. . rasas
i eesisun twB.-dJ.
Steamer Ashore on Long Island Beach,
Where Waves Drove Her in Snow Storm
(gpeoially Photographed for The Uveal ag World by a Btag Photographer.
M '-- !"!-.-. ? .-v t-; ' --
d. ' f.- a . . . ' T
1 1 ' ' . X
UL li '
m 9 I pua e
I sam
.1 U H lt,
V 9lJiaaafci
'V lvSLHavK ' "aLvrl-Ut
-. jl.f . - -N -at vi -"ft IZZTSafl I ,
Ktame from Gas stnvr? Sel Fire ti
Hei Dress and it I Beaten
)in In' Late.
.Mis. Anna afcOraln, twentyaevtati
Neats nlil, living on the lecond n.ior of
So, ill lias' Blghtyeeventh atreeti waa
burned to death this afternoon when
flames from a ai stove, over which 3h
was conking, c i iglit, her dress.
Mrs. XI oQ rain was feeble and she
could not heat out the llames 1 1 r
sere i ins uromoned her daughter, Mrs.
Murphy, with wlurm she lives, anil the
yWing woman tried In vain to extin
guish them. Finally sin threw earpetfl
atiii rugs overgter mother and managed
to anwlht r tin. flamee
Tin- ecreanii of Mis. UcOraln aroui d
--I tcnanli in 'he place ami an am-'
nulanee fittui
w is sen! for
Hie II ptl.ttl
I I 't i, till
Kul when II n
in aViiddert the anehulanue surgeoai
found Mis. M'liiain was dead end key
daughter serlouely burnt, i about the
arms iml hands The Rot Kather M -i
on. i baplaln nl lb Klre i lepa i
menti who happened ' paeelna Ihe
huttae, wae caliad in and adntlnlate ed
the last rltee of ihe ehurrfa la Mrs. Mc
T.ikcv Xii'iirons stand in Refusing
in Approve Engineer t'r Joint
H.irNir i Jommissloii.
W AIH1 NOTON, K' b t -Preeldeal
Taft lool a VlgarOUl sum I agaltlll
Irgatiionlng eteameiiip piers in 'he Hud
' aon lilver at New iorH In a ipeclal
r maaaeee to ConJireai to-lav letuuiK Ur
propnaal 'but he nppeini a United Btatei
eiiglgaei to the lolni harnoi Hot- coin
mteelon of New voi-k mi i Men loraey
i t f. i-ii-i.-t e-4yett-
Banana Freighter, Nicholas
Cuneo, Strands on Deach Near
Point Lookout in Snowfall.
The revenue cutter Mohawk end the
Mei i in chapman winkm tug ReUel
reached the stranded banana freighter.
Nlcbolag Cuneo, this afternoon and at
"ice began attempt! to gat lines to
her, Rut by tha time tow two powejfui
craft appeared to seaward of her, the
tpi. was running out and the I'uneu
lay al moot hiKh ami lry on the a and)
shoals between the i-ki end of toe
Long, Heat boardwalli ami Point
Lookout, where s'te drove up. over the
outer bur, in the blinding anowg or
the night.
The '"uneo ugMlei area of thirty
men and is not oQuipia i with wtroloai.
T ia '.e.icti combers, whu h ol gatherc I
III large uumla-rs, espectlng the uaedy
littleonlng of the cargo f the Cuneo,
proph eied sin- woui i add hor bonei to
Ihe j ii. i n. trie I li in whl h she
grounded. As 'he tub ran out it waa
possible ior the life, aavera froni Point
Lookout to wade mil through to.- surf
and tranamlt inogaphune meeeagea to
ne skipper, "'apt. Kn nl. son, front his
nwnori in New Vork, the ''uneo Imjajri
Ing ''ompsuy.
Karl) tbia morning the Ufgggvart
learnci of the itraiMied ships pr-h i-
menl through the beta she tired and
hui i 'a) to ihe . eac i,
As (lie 1 1st '. t nn tr..ner the life,
savers eaW that noma flgurag on the
bridge of Tie Cuneo were throwing
ovei smell black objects Through the
binoculars they made these oat to he
i, H. ei, whi h. Ihe) gueaeed, contained
Uicsaagia 'lue wiuJ weo blowing
44 Circulation Hooks Open to
. e
rlxht on shore ami must of the bottles
drOVO up on the beach. They cons
talnad meenagen in Norwaglagi and
In one tf them the captain explained
he had K'.t tiff his course In Ihe snow
slurm ami iiiIhhc.1 the entrance of the
harbor, He was pound from Klnajeton,
Jamaica, for this port with a cargo of
hanaHaa He asked that help be sent
as loon as possible, hut did not say
whether 'he Cuneo waa ba.iiy strained
or In danger of breaking up.
At the amceg of the Cuneo importing
Company it was sild the Cuneo was a
KorWOglag steamer of Hon tuns raster.
Hhe nas built In Norway in in '.' and Is
a familiar craft among the baiuna fleet.
Broadway o.Wv. of 1,000 Gathers
tu Sec 'Em Nab Man Who Had
just Melded 60 Queens,
Th om it ly M iUifftilfit fl tyUftrtttf of
tin- I'.iihf'Tn l!ii"n, Coiincll ' fiipv
inir I 'tt sim.iihI Hour of N't M Hku'I
it mmm.i il with nit ittt'ej of DO4
h 'nan a VUtL4i it i i IU tii .nl ! .
tiitil hOM thin affrniMiii, hIhIc nn t'n
lldtlWftltt OUliWf .i OfOWd f inon ttiai.
a iiiotiMnd i"-'ftHiri gavthcfd gtround un
opr-ra hnr of ji.it ml w.toiiM t wait tt
K.I M. t' ' M l, raid
I Xii. 1 lit IsdrtkALtx tlM Junt m-i lt'l MeflS-
I) tj'M iut 'ami w .iH lalotm Q IVn
lllcklvjl IhkVl Abi- (jWIuD an. I Karl llfttl
Icy ha-l Ml to him kIk u tM pollt'e u -1
-I Him fprlmi KtifW no bound! VhQ
tin' WlnnlnSI t iken from h!tn to
ft.- iisad uh rv Iflcncf . Tht-rt waa H
rio i tht- rOOHI, HMI t li r fatal p'.ti
oi lil w- 1 In on ration, Tliul
v. ii all I ha poIO found.
VRWPOflT KV.WMi Vh , I'Vi f Wild
ttvtn; H0rihWftr4, frojf,pi cfOftklOg
In pon4, f r lit laTOgM in MaMMin n t
n 1 1 nldi tMaal l i'"' i fithr-r
pr'Ppio '!, in gkMilnorn Vlfi n lo affdloi
that win I At really In over dfupltt tho
prMtftt sold ' owi ihj Atlantic
Weat hee-Tale aad
John Paul Farrell
Confession Clears the Mystery of
Famous Flat-House Murder of a
Year Ago, and Also the Bomb Sent
to Judge in West Side House. I
Reconstructs Infernal Machine in
Police Headquarters Under the
" Third Degree," Then Worn to
the Verge of Hysteria Breaks
Under Dougherty's Inquisition.
John Paul Haircll, worn to the verge of hysteria by the unreltnttng
processes of the police "third degree" pursued for twenty-four hours,
confessed to Deputy Commissioner George S. Dougherty to-day to bfJAf
the infernal machine murderer.
He aald that be had made the bomb wMeh killed Grace Wei
ker, sometimes knows ga Helen Taylor, In ker apartaseate at Mas
log West seient j-se?enth street, just year age jeetcrdaj.
He made and sent Ihe engine of murder that exploded la the
apartments of Judge Otta Boeslaky, No. ell Waal One Hundred
and Tenth street, 0a March IC of last year.
He contrived Ihe mechanical bomb which exploded laat Slav
day night In nn apartment at o. 1175 Faltci grange, the Bronx,
laatantly killing Mr. Madeline Herrera, blinding her hatband,
Bernard.., and seriously wounding Mine Sarah Hoagbtmaa.
Farrell's actions and wonts during the making of his confession were
at times those of a madman. He told conflicting details, some of them
of Ihe most circumstantial character; contradicted himself the next mir
ute or refused altogether to elucidate some of his statements. But out
of the whole mass of the man's mental wanderings Dougherty picked a
sufficient number of facts, capable of verification from other sources, to
convince him that h'arrell was guilty of the murder of the Walker woman
and of Mrs. Herrera, as well as the
Farrell, after many hours, told what he said was the true story of
why he tried to kill Judge Hnsalsky. It was to avenge a boon com-
panion'l sentence of thirty-nine years in Sing Sing, imposed by Rosalsky
because oi a burglary amounting to $16.
Ihe OOnftMion of I'arrell, wholly verified by the records of the
Courts, haJ it ih.il lie and Joseph Harvey, alias De Hose, alias the "Bull,"
and a Harry Hartman entered the apartment of Peter Johnson at No. 342
liast One Hundred and Second street
stole three gold rings and a cheap
caught but Farrell escaped.
"On Dec. 8 Hartman pleaded
charge and was sentenced to an indeterminate term of between nine and
ten years. On Dec. 28 Harvey took the same plea, but because of two
prior convictions on the same charge Judge Rosalsky sentenced him to
thirty-nine years, practically the rest of his life.
"I thought of that boy in for life for a $16 robbery," said Farrell,
and I made up my mind RosaNky was a devil. I studied for years how
to make a perfect bomb and then I tried to kill him."
Farrell at first said that Grace Walker was his daughter and he gave
i lie name of Kid Walker, murdered by Henry l.e Strang in 1887, as Ihe
man who caused her downfall. Then lie changed his story and said that
lie iiad sent the infernal machine to Mrs. Walker because he was wildly
in love with her .iiid was jealous of the attentions of other men.
PouKherty, In a partial InremlKiitlon of FarreH'a record, discovered
thai bu hail spent at Last ten years In varloua prlaona, though no record
Ol htm exlMts In the flies of the Identification Bureau.
i Thrflttfh many huurs of his final examination In Dougherty's office tha
'gaunt, whim haired prisoner strove ileaperately to prevent the full record
r what waa written on his mind getting to the police official. When caught
I In the lid about the Walker woman being hla daughter Farr.-.l merely
Krinued and gave another atory that
The tlrst claim of K.irrnll tliat hi i
his the Utlier of Ura n Tu'lir w.vs H"
piidiated by tt'e Taylor woman'e sutrr,
lira William Bvani el nlo, t r.t
Klghty.tnlrd street. Mis Bvaai nitl:
"Ore father .mi mine vftr,
um will:, ii" aai born la irriuni
anl ca.li-. f New Vork a.xty eara
age lli iM m lv" when we were
living In Kifiy-nlnth street, near Ave
nue A.
"aly mother died some years before
roller .I(M Wegaesgar elsjate.
in an Amazing
attempt on Kosalsky's life.
on the night of Nov. 15, 1908, and
watch. Harvey and Hartman wart
guilty to a second degree burglar
of Jealouay prompting the deed.
my father, so ahe could not have mar
i it-1 a man named Farrell. So fur as
1 know I have no relative of the nanui
Df Karrell. I never heart! of this man
I'urrell, although i saw my sister quite
often when she lived in West Seventy-seventh
"If there hail heeu a 'Kid' Walker In
my sister's Ufa when she waa about
thirteen years oil 1 would have known
It. When Urace waa between twelve
and thirteen yearn old aha weal ag to

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