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Colchester, Conn., to met as a sort of
companion for an old lady. She re
mained In Colrheater for three year
Har huabsnd's nama waa Wslksr. Ha
died mmi time before Orsee waa
killed ''
hammer he talked evenly, without s
"I didn't meiin to kill Mia. Ilrrrcr,"
i.i a .1 . ..... ..... he aald. "1 only warned to aoar.- her
Ora-o Walker. Farrell a nerve aeemed """"" - ""
,to alve way completely and he arreamed mn " me-nan mane iro.mie n.r rn
and tugged at hi hair In demoniacal ' wanted to make trouble most for Mr
I fury f seeming repentance. Dougherty
swltehel the line the examination,
hut KarreU went back to It voluntarily,
tie cave one atatement which w-aa
had made trouble for me
Mike trouble moat for Mra.
ilerrera, for ah Mad been the meaneat
to me.
"I cot the Idea of blowing up tone
thine with a bomb )at Thursday after
. . . . . , .... , i jm i ri'iiriB iiiw ' "ill" out n Kit,, llir
a ton v backed by known fact. Thl ,, . . . ,
" w . w A .... . kin i i cellar and nagged me a lot and told me
u that he made the tvimti that killed
Z, ... ... ... .. I going ! be flred for loafing on
Clra.e Walker, alo the one which .- i . .
ided In ftoaalsky's home, while he ' - j'"'. ,
UV U III ' I' " ' I ' I (Bill IMC III I I . I I 1 K III
waa living at No. 11 Kaat Fourteenth
treat. He ald he left them on top of
a parcel Vn on Third avenue near
Fourteenth etreet.
Police record ahow that the two
bombs were collected In the territory of
Ike branch (met offic at Twelfth
atreet and Fourth avenue, which In
clude the place where FarreU aay he rnt j , pit ,
mail.. I the oomb. A leu tne racj oa ms
residence at the Fourteenth atreet ad
dteaa np to five month ago waa
There waa muoh that the Deputy rom
mlesioner would have asked further
concerning the motive that lay behind
end and waa open at the other end.
"I went out and bought a two-ounce
bottle of nltro-glyrcrlne from an Italian.
(FarreU Rave the name nd the ad
dress of this man to the detective Ami
other detective wer Immediately
deepatch.d to bring him In under ar-
two-Inch vial In the
pipe. Hut drat with a red hot hairpin
I bored a hole through the cork ao the
tuff Inside would alowly leak out Into
the pipe .Vltrn-glyoerln la sticky and
thick like molasses, you know, and
flow slowly.
I put a wooden plus over the opened
the klllUiai of Orace Walker ana ion rna op tn pp1 and gffm a hoi
ib".uah the wood. On the outside, Juat
t th mouth of that hole, I put a ner
ruaalon cap I had bought at Heven
teenth tre.t and Third avenue." (Here
again the man gave a name for the de
tective' uae.) "The cap atuok part way
out of the wooden cap. The nllro-gly-cerlno
waa aoaklng outaldr of the hottlo
through the Interior of Ihe pipe ao It
would be exploded by the exploding of
th cup.
,'fraxy notion that prompted the attempt
upon the Jurlafa life, but wnen n m
mltted the ly!ng of the Walker
woman Kartell'a vitality snapped and
the Deputy "omm.loner did not
i dar to preaa the relentlcaa proceaae of
th third degree too far. He feared the
criminal's reaaon would glvs way J-
. together.
For Karrell had been under th tortur
and the mental any of the third dean-
m . " - V pa That liin. DOllC
engine for ..tracing truth hM been j PUT IN SLUGS TO DO "THE TEAR
. ruining, cruahlng Inexorably, without I NO BUSINESS."
pity, until In the end full confelon and -oh, ye. Inalde the ple I put pieces
. th freeing of his mind of the secret j f nail and hlg hra act. we they were
of murder and death plotting was to th to do the tearing- buaineaa when the
sugpocted murderer a delicious as lh . tlng went off.
narcotic aleep of a fever patient. I'l fixed ths pipe and Ita attachment
No aurh wlft Marching out of a mur- to the bottom of an old box a paate
der myatery ha been done by the Police ; board box I found In the cellar and
Department in It hiatoiy. At midnight j wedged It in with a framework of
on Sunday night following- the Instant wood. Then otilaldo the pipe I rigged
killing of Mra. Ilerrera In the j up a button with a spring behind It-
avenue apartment the case was blind B v,ry mXrnng spring that tuck up
. absolutely blind. Not a shadow ot . aoov, tne lop of n ,, wh,n ln
suspicion lay on any on. cover waa ofT It. By pushing down
LIGHT BULBS WITH SOCKETS; the cover you tightened up the aprlng
a.v p. pa-r CLUE j behind the aleel button In front of th
FIHall VLW . I percuaalrm rap. Boon aa trie cover waa
AR hour after midnight Deputy Com- ; removed th spring would Jam the but-
er Dougherty, following th de-
tectlv Instinct which make him a
butter and trapper of criminal, had do
' vetoped lust a breath of suspicion. H
had found In th trunk of the mlld-man-narad
Janitor, a man, fifty -alx year
Old. two electric light bulb with sock
et such as ar ud by electrical coo
dolt workers to light their work to dark
Th were no thlnga for a Janitor to
kawo in big posiesolon. Ths bomb
whleh had killed Mra. Herrera had con
tained a battery and electrical contri
vance arranged to detonate th eharg.
Dougherty Jumped at tba conclusion
feat th mam h waa questioning waa
at Isaot an interesting study from a
point of view of probabllltl. If noth
tag lae.
So the ordeal for FarreU commenced.
Deputy Commlslonr Dougherty wss
asaloted by Actinic Capt. Price of the
Bronx detective bureau, and by Detec
tlves Frank Cosaosa and Richard Mc
Kmna. two of th boat "fetters" In
th Department Turn and turn about
or all In council together, they began
to aasall th gray-headed man before
' tham. They concentrated all th klll
'and cull born of long experience In
'battering th stone wall of hi asorst
fvenesa. After many hours FarreU mads hi
rat admlairlon. He aald that ten year
ago h had served eighteen months In
Trsatan (N. J.) penitentiary for a lar
ceny committed In Jersey City. Thst
put him In the criminal class, but had
ao bearing on th murder of a woman
hi a Bronx apartment houae. Hut
hear by hour Farrell by unconsclou
sslf-rvlatlon helped weave the net
about him.
Dougherty' quick eye had noted at
the very first thst while Farrell him
self waa under casual questioning his
eyaa were as pool In th fort un
troubled, limped reflecting nothing. But
when other were being queatlonad In
his hearing th man's syes narrowed, a
sly light spsrked from them end the
whole face of the fellow tenaed and
crtahled Into line of craft and of gull.
Occasionally Dougherty iened the glint
of incipient lnanlty In the feature.
Knowing that the Inevitable trend of
minds dkwaaad each aa he suspected
Fan-ell's to be was toward a detached
plaaeur tn causing pain to others In
viewing excitement f whtoh the degau
erate himself waa the secret author
Dougti.rty drilled and drilled at the
subject of the third degree until
o'clock thl morning. Then when he had
gone homo to snatch a few hours of
sleep Oaaai n and McKcnua took up
th case.
Suddenly at 1 o'clock this morning
th man weakened and cried out hya
tciically that he m.i are the deputy
Commtuloncr. H waa hurried down
from the Tremont elation In th Bronx
to Headquarter and Dougherty wa
haitlly aummoned. The Deputy Com
mission er arrived at V o'clock.
Then each auccredlng minute for th
asxt three hour was filled with the
surge and thrust of tragedy of nielo
drama of a strange and terrible orL
Flrat Karrell admitted that he bad
made fe bomb that killed Mr. Herrera
and nt her huabend and Mia Sought
man to th hocpllal. Dougherty cent a
ton at.-aliii th cap and off he
would go.
"Pretty dangerou bulnea for me to
be monkeying with, waen't It T Might
hava got me If an thing had gone
Farrell laid that he worked all day
Frldsy and Saturday on hla deadly
machine In his room In the cellar, when
ever he had a epare monirnt from hla
work of tending the furnac he would
utea, hla cunnln brain leaping to block
thla new opening
"Well, I ecnt 1t," he aald, "but 1 didn't
make it. A fellow named Uoole made It
yea, he made It."
Dougherty knew that the man was
lying; the workmanship In the Kosslaky
bomb waa Identical with that of th
Herrera bomb.
"Why did you send the bomb to
Roaaleky T"
"Well, to tell the truth, a friend of
mine got In trouble and Roaalrky g ive
him twenty year. I thought that wa
pretty rough and I ent the bomb to
the Judge to plee my friend. I had
no personal grudge .galnat th Judge."
Dougherty hd been pondering that
eluatve likeness to some fsce he hsd
toen for many minutes now. Suddenly
he burnt out:
"You ere the father of draco Walker!"
The man quailed, and nervous flngera
pearched hla mouth. For a minute he
did not apeak, and then h weakly
nodded hla head.
"Ye, I wa."
"And you lent the bomb that killed
Farrell leaped from hi (eat and
acreamed. then he fell to hi knee and
I.eKau to babble and moan unintelligible
thlnga. Dougherty persisted, driving
the acctiaatlon home again and again.
"If the same Ix.iU) one aame as th
other two; you csn't gt away from It."
Finally Farrell ehouted In a gTet
"Vea, I aent th toonvh that killed
Orc. I did It But I didn't make the
Dougherty wanted to know why he
tm, I done that thing, but the man waa
ao near th verge of mental break
down that ths wle police offlclil
diverted th questioning to other line.
Finally Farrell looked up at him
with the old settled look of cunning on
hla face.
"You've been In the nolle budness
a long time, hsven't youf"
"Ye, what about It?"
"Well, you must remember Henry
I .est tang, who killed Kid Walker In
Dougherty nld that h did remem
ber that murder and that LeStrang had
been ehptured.
"Well, listen to me. Dougherty. Kid
Wnlkr wn the msn who ruined my
little girl my Orace. Bhe waa only a
child then and he ruined her. Doe
that tell you anything?"
Thla waa the alory that he later
Terrell' record, a he gave It him
self and a drlved from thoe who
knew til ru. la clouded with aaaoclatlon
with crime and degeneracy. He aald
he came from Ireland and Mettle. I flrat
In Pnughkeepale. He waa a nurae In
the Rpanlah-Amerlcan war. according
tn hi own account, and one worked
na a nure In the Maaaachuaett Oene
ral lloapltal, Boston, and an aaylum
for the Inaana at Danville, Pa.
By hi own confession, he was Im
plicated In msny burglaries In Flat
bush and Brooklyn, and had a wide
Girl Plunges Into Central
Park Waters for Brother, and
i Others Follow.
John Paul Farrell Who Confesses !
He Killed Two Women WithBombsi
Photographed Bwpot gy for The Kvonlng World by a Staff Photographer
go bok to hi work again. Ha wrapped , acnualntnnce among burglars,
the whole In white psper and tied Hi At No. 31 F-at Fourteenth atreet.
inn nuurnna i ni iru n.,r nn inn i cm
dence when he mads the (trace Walker
with string.
"1 know," he explained, "that If I
could only set It In lh hallway out
Idi the Herrera door one of them
would And It and u woman' curloalty
would fore Mr. Herrera to open It.
On Sunday night at 9.1S Herrera and
a man named McCrnry came down Into
the cellar of the hnc and after they
had looked over tno furnace they
want Into the adjoining cellar In No.
1471. Farrell went with them and
after putting coal un the Are slipped
out and hurtled upatalr to put the
bomb on the le Ige otitald the Herrera'
door. He knew that Herrera would mid
t as aoon up lie went upstairs.
"And surs enough, Herrsra and his
friend hsdn't gone ten minutes when
I hrsrd u hell of a nolae upatslra In
the Herrera apartment.
' 'Well, she's off,' I ssld to myaidf
and went upatalra to see what iluinuii.'
had been done."
All ths lints that Farrell hud been
working und talklntt Dougherty had
been watching hi face carefully. He
thought ho aw an elulve reeetn-
blance to somebody whos face lie had
encountered In hi nolle experience;
but he could not be ure.
You aent the bomb thst exploded In
Kosalsky's liouse ll Mamh." Dougher
ty suddenly charged. "Iton't deny It."
FarreU blinked hard for a few tnln-
at. l Roalky Infernal machlnos, Far
rell wa Immediately re. ailed to-day
when an Kvenlns World reporter Inter
viewed Karl Bchleaer. Rrhleaer I trie
Janitor of a seven-story apartment
hnuas st that addre, and aald that
up to aeven months sgn he hired Kar
rell as an alevator man and general
The man waa alwaya tinkering
niound the carpenter bench In th
motor room of the basement, Bchleaer
aald, and he pointed out a work bench
fully equipped with tnola. A section
of pipe of the same shape and else aa
I'utt which had been In the bomb ex
ploded last Sun lav ntrht happened to
be lylrvg on the hen -h The Janitor
added that on ncctta M Farrell would
lock himself In his room and that the
nolae of filing and pounding would be
Rchleser said he had discharged
Farrell thrss tlmea, the last time per
Farrell appeared na aaalatant Janlto
of the apartment houae nt No. 1411 Ful
ton avenue, the Bronx, Juat n block from
the scene of Hundsy night a explosion
live month aso. He worked there two
month and waa dlacharged by David
(loldberg. proprietor, hecauac of hla
familiarity with young boy and Klrla
Then he got the poaltlon of naalatant
Janitor at the houae over which Herrera
w auperlntendent. It waa aald In the
neighborhood to-day that he would
minctline tend tenant' liable and tha
h.. alwava ahowed eapeclal frlendllneaa
to children. He told tenanta he had a
alsler named Bella in Brooklyn.
Bomb Murder of Grace Taylor
Left iVo Clue to Solve Mystery
The killing of Mra. draco Taylor by a'
bomb In her flat at No. HKl Wert Bev-enty-seventh
strset. Feb. MU was one
of the most sensational crime tn the
police history of New Yortt. t!p to
to-day. When Farrell made his confes
sion st Polios Headquarter, not the
..lightest tree of th man who nt
the bomb to Mr. Taylor had been
picked UP by the police.
Orac Taylor waa e woman of many
nan., sue naa oven wvwn
l-'lon nc Kmerson and (Ira. e W alker
More all moved into wa asvesw
ovenlh treet flat. Htf hustuand. who
went by th names of Howard Walker
and J. Howard Taylor, died Deo. U.
mil. In a sanitarium at Plattabur. N.
Y., of turbroulola, from wnloh h had
nfT,.re1l four YSSr.
Mr. Taylor shared the Seventy-seventh
street flat with a woman named Edna
La Marr. Thy had many men caller.
One, who wa conldsrod the cloest
friend of Mr. Taylor, wa Charles M.
Dloklnson, a stenographer employed In
the olflcea of the I'nlted Motor Com
pany at No. West elixty-flrst street.
dstectlv on s hurried mission to marby CALLER ESCAPED WHEN MA
In the lata afternoon of Feb. I,
Edna La Mar re left the Bat to do soms
shopping In Amsterdam sveuu. Dick
loauD srrlvsd as ens was leaving. Mo.tn
after the departure of Bdna I .a Marr
a nearly wrapped parcel waa delivered
at tha houao addressed to Mr. Taylor.
Th parcel had paased through ths
mall. It wa left by a letter carrier.
who rang Mr. Taylor's bell. She had
been talking with Dlcklnaon In the
front room and went to the hsllway
la anawer the ring. Dickinson told the;
police In describing what had hap
plumbing and carpenter ahop and h
brought back material similar to mat
which had antsred Into th construction
of th Bundsy night's Unplsmaat of
Thess materials pteos of Iron prpe
: with a cap on one end and aom bits
of board and a cardboard box were
get on a teWe before the prisoner. Ills
yes lighted with a strange, insane
glare and h moved over to th table.
"I'M mak a ttomb like that on up in
(hi Bronx," he aald and he fleet tr.uk
het uf paper and a pencil and drew
S rough dtsgram, careful, though in de
tsdla. Th diagram fitted exactly the
outl ne of th bomb that killed Mr.
i i era ao Dougherty and his men hsd
reconstructed It by Inductive reasoning.
I. FarreU soeesod absorbed with his
off nn cxploe-uve eurroimtled by slug
and pieces uf Iron In the box
Tim explosion was ter.lflc, rocking the
entire apartment house. Mrs. Taylor
was frightfully mangled and died In
stsntly. Dickinson had an almost ml
rsculoit cs,-pc Mltle which would
have killed him had they struck him
were found Imbedded In the upholatery
of a chair In which he hud been sit
As Dlcklnaon was th only person In
the flat at th time of Ihe exploilon
Ihe detective assigned to the case 1m
mediately started to try and fasten th
crime upon him. He was locked up
lublected to a third degree and I Lord
uf detectives waa aent out to look up
hi history und bis relations with ths
Taylor woman.
It wus found tii.it Dickinson had foeon
on terms of Intimacy with her for
long time, tout that for a psrlod pre
vious to the receipt of the bomb they
hsd frequent quarrels. It waa also a
tai.ilM.cd that the Taylor woman was
Jealous of a Mrs. Rogers from Champ
lain, N. Y.. Dloklnson' home town
t-dired of the paper In which the bomb
hsd been wrapped were found In the
flat. These showed that ths address had
bean written with a typewriting ma
chin. It was assumed that Dlokiltukn,
who had some knowledge of electricity
and mechanics and had eccss to th
workshop of th United States Motor
Company, had manufactured Ihe ma
chine, addressed It and taken pains to be
st the flat at the rime of Ita receipt in
order to divert suspicion from himself.
It did not take Dickinson a great
while to rstaltuali thst his connection
with the manufacture and sending of
I Che uulllli waa nt.'Ml uurmciy. lie was
discharged from custody, but the police
What's the Use?" Replies
Unidentified Hero, When Po
liceman Asks His Name.
Mounted Patrolman Kane walked his
horse gently through Centre! Park, past
Conservatory Lake, on the Fifth avanu
I. near the aeventle. It wss cold,
Just before soon, and Ihe policeman
flapped hi rma about him.
Th park wa deserted, savs for a
an the policeman glimpsed on th
board wslk around th lake and a young
Irl who wa playing pony to her little
brother, who wa tucked In Oh a led.
The girl was about sixteen and exceed
ingly pretty.
The policeman passed out of sight
and the girl, the boy and the sled went
on to the boardwalk. The girl was Mis
Margaret MoCuUum of No. MB Bast
Sixty-ninth street Little brother Hugh.
In her charge, was three years old and
hi health had not been of th best
for the last week. But this morning th
r waa crlap and Hugh's mother waa
ura an outing would do ths little fel
low much good.
The motherly admonition to be care
ful of Hugh was unnecessary to Mar
garet. No little mother could have
been more solicitous for the welfare of
er charge.
Little Hugh urged hi "horsey" nn
nd waved hla arma In glee Hla n
ruy overturned the sled, h allppud
from his fastening and rolled down
the bank Into the cold waters of tha
lake. Margaret saw him go. Without
scream, without an Instant's hesi
tation, the girl lumped Into the lake.
Ths water la not mors than four fast
deep and Margaret landed on her heela
1th a violent shock. She wsnt under
on hands snd knees, looking for Hugh.
A msn on the boardwalk, shivering
In hi icant attire, saw ths girl Jump,
saw what had happened in a minute.
With a mighty ahout, he ran back to
the edge of the lake and Jumped to th
bravs girl' assistance. He fished be
low and grabbed little Hugh. The girl
was still under, fishing around frantic
ally for her brother.
Through the trees and on the cold
wind, the ahout of the man was borne
to the ears of Mounted Patrolman Kane.
le apurrcd hi horae to a mad gallop
and in a few momenta, was at tbs sdgs
of the lake. The man was struggling up
the bank with little Hugh; th girl's
nose, herself In g dase, was Juat above
the water. Into the lake went the po
liceman and In a trice h had Margaret
ut on to the boardwalk.
The policeman telephoned to the
Flower lloapltal and Dr. Palmer re-
ponde.l quickly with restoratives. Mar-
aret, hugging her brother, wa placed
the doctor's automobile and the sled
wa not forgotten. The policeman took
their name, aa policemen must do In
uch caaes, for the record at head
quarter, and the children were hurried
to their home. 1'atroiman Katie, still in
hla wet clothe, turned, book In hand to
the rescuer of little Hugh.
"What I your name?' he asked.
"Oh, What matter?" returned the
man with the dreamy eyea. "Can you
give RM a match?"
And puffing at hi pipe a he shivered
nd trembled he hurried on to the
Seventy-second atreet entrance and
oon was lost to sight among the shel
tering trees.
asssssssss T
ggggg liii Pv
Allows moving picture ahowg
to have a capacity of 600, of
which 126 may be In a gallery or
balcony, without coming under
the provisions of the city theatre
In consldcrtlon of increasing
the capacity allowance from 300,
a It Is at present, moving pic
ture theatre proprietors must not
have stages, dressing rooms, aeon
cry, curtalna or any of the usual
fire hazards connected with thea
tres. The screen upon which pic
tures are projected is all that la
allowed In that direction, and
this effectively bars vaudeville
from the houses.
There are rigid provisions for
proper alale space, exits and fire
escapes. All new moving picture houses
must be on the ground or side
walk floor.
Relnspectlon to prove that each
house is absolutely safe Is re
quired at each renewal of a li
cense. Provides for a special force of
Inspectors attached to the License
Bureau to enforce regulations of
the law.
Oives the Mayor the right to
revoke tha licenses of moving
picture hoiihoH for any moral of
fense committed on the premises.
TWO Kxecntlona Relrred. for g,IHT
One by Aagiat Herkarher.
Two more executions sgalnat Gen.
Daniel E. Sickle were received by
Sheriff Harburger to-day, calling for
an aggregate of .,55T."6, to be aatla
fled out of the property of the axed
veteran before the 123,710 claim of the
State in the Monument Fund can be
I collected In that way.
The execution are In favor of AHf
ut Heckacher, who has a claim for
111,016. S2, and the National I' ink of
Orange County. The execution ob
tained for the bank is for Mll.ll and
I directed sgalnst P D. tmmoni and
Urn. Sickles. There la nothing on the
papers on file In the Sheriff ofllco to
show the cauae of the claim.
Minister Calhoun 'timing, Home.
PKK1NO, China. Keb. I. William
Jamea Calhoun, I'nlted 'talcs Mln ster
to China, will. It la expected, leave for
the I'nlted State by way of the Soe
Canal on Keb. 9. He la departing nom
inally on furlough, but It 1 believed
her that he will not return to hla
poat. Fdwnrd T. William, Secretary ol
Legation, be on. Charge d'Affalres
during hi absence.
I lie demanded another public hearing
) and then voted no.
When Aldernia'n Kolka't. name was
reached, he admitted he had been a
member of the Nullon.ll Board of O n-
"Hut," he shouted, "T'lUgf IHtTgl rc
; OglVed a cent for anything 1 have done
to improve the diameter of the films
1 don't know a single member of tin
"Alderman White. I bdlevt, should
George Everett Discovers
Health in a Bottle ot
Tona Vita.
Gives Tona Vita the Entire
Credit for His Very Speedy
The proof o the ptdJing is in the
ruling. I lie best wav to prove the
(Continued from First Page.)
was her parting ahot at the retreating
Miss Wyman oould not say whether
the man wa white or blank. She aald
the emit tie wore was "not reel light or
real black."
After Mia Wyman returned tn l. d
again she slid ahe he ml u third scries
of scream from the direction of the
Beach home.
Dr. Haaklns Wyman, the glrl'a
father, wa the first wltnesa. He teat!
(Continued fr.tm First Pagg.)
swHaauan in vmc on tin j.ro ..iai- ; , . . . - - .
tlon. lle adfflltl he is personally inter. I U"r , v,'ue tliiii W i to take the
eated in thla measure. He knows, as a word of some one who hsa benefited
I partner in KM PM vaudeville inleres;s, by it
a theatre with Wt capacity will nurt his
buainea. That why he' asalnat it."
Mayor Oaynor, in a tneosag to the
Hoard of Aldermen to-dny urticd the
adoption csf the Folks ordinance. Tin
Mayor wrote that he lltids the ord.n
ance covers the around fully. He con
tinued: "Thl proposed ordinance put the
said theatre under ample conlrql and
George Everett, of 1711 West 48th
Street, New lurk, hsving obtained
relief by using the new tonic. Tona Vita,
issued l lie following atatement for the
benefit of those who auffer from ner
vous debility:
"For a long lime I waa in the most
miserable health," Mr. Everett stated.
1 was so nervous that I would start
. .. .. L. I i u
, . . ... n. vi. . ii,,,,,ii ..Kin,.. a i-.oi.u ai...
inspection in respect of their construe i " , rj r
tlon and eafcty. aa well a of their ! ' ' SSO I Would wake
moraiity. including the morality of the up in the morning feeling more tired
Plcturea exhlolteJ. Of coure no one than I dil when I went to bed. The
can entirely safeguard such place
agalMt panic, but I think the result of
.1 panic in a moving picture theatre COn
atructed and governed in accordance
with this proposed ordinance would be
time for these vested Interests to ceaa,
their opposition. There must be no aelf
Intereat here at the aacrlflce of human
II was then ton llngdeclard that lie
would have every line of the oi-dinane. s
rend to prevent Immediate considera
tion. Alderman Rscrlirook demanded the
question, hut Alderman "Johnny" White
waa on h'. feet demanding to ne heard.
" In a voice which could be heart out In
fled that he w.t In hi library reading I ...... ,,,,,, p.,k hp ...aeked Aldermen
i when he heard two erles of tw reama .. ,'k . .,lM
aero, me sireev. ne urn noi near me ..Kllk ., ,. mher of til
oiner scroairui rererroa to Dy Big
Dr. Wyman ald that after he had
heard the ecreams he and his son. Dr.
Marlon Wyman, rushed over to the
Heaeh home and were admitted by
Keach tb a room In whlchMra. Heat-h
was lying on the sofa with blood
stresmtnfr from her throat.
Fteuch told him tnat hla wife had
Nfhmtat, I'viker and KeUaisdter
Fill Three Yaranrlr.
When the Hoard of Aldermen failed
again to-day to agree on the re-election
of Alderman John W. Hagenmlller Al
derman Frank I,. Dowllng moved that
I'hlllp J. Hrhmldt of No. ;4 Kaat One
Hundred and Fifty-eighth atreet be
substituted for Hagenmlller. It was
slao moved that the name of Hyman
rouker of No. 104 Kaat One Hundred
and Twenty-eighth atreet, and Oscar
F.ckatadter of No. 171 Wet On Hun
dred and Thirty-sixth street be placed
In nomination to ucceed respectively
Percy I Davis, convicted of extortion,
and Hryant It. Wlilard, deceased. The
three were elected.
Alderman Schmidt la a Democrat, so
the Tammany men gained a conces
sion IQckatadter and Pouker are Re
publicans, as were their predecessors.
Hoard of Ce nsors ilp, which is paid by
the lllm trust. I be) eve." auid White.
"That's the reason why he, the ao
ealled leader of the majority In this
ohejnbor, ir-tH consideration for hi
measure and ordinance I have offared
on 'the llrbjOOl are smothered In com
mittee." Alderman White said hi had two or
dinance on the aubject. jm .be-fore
committee. Ona of these eontatog a
BonaoMhte provision, the other Is purely
been stabbed by a negro, w ho attacked ; sf ii, turiil In character, Hoth place
her when ahe took her dog out for an j ahowg which a capacity of more than
airing. ! W) under tba theatre law, as ut picHerit.
On cross-examination- Dr. 'Wyniaii T,,. elks law would place the capacity
aid the attitude of Heach and hi wife. without hrinKing the house under
friendly terms with Mra. Taylor were
looked up, but nil were able to prove
their Innocence, clue after clue waa run
down and found to be non-productlva.
Deputy commissioner Dougherty, with
the sleuth hound instincts of a trus de
tective, refused to give up, and only hs
and Commissioner Waldo know the ela
borate machinery he devised for keep
ing track of every person agalnat whom
there waa even the remotest suspicion
of guilt or complicity In th Taylor
bomb plot.
One thing the detectives wars nsvsr
abls to get and that wa any of th
antecedents of Mrs. Taylor. Ths only
relative who appeared at the time of
ths tragedy wa Mr. William Evans, of
No. 4t Dust Ninetieth atreet. the Wife
toward each othsr could not be re
garded as hostile.
Dr. Marlon Wyman testified that he
heard three distinct series of acreama
from the vicinity of the Heach home,
then a knock on a door followed by the
sound of a voice commanding, 1 la-t me
In, this I Beach."
Examined cloaely on thla point, the
wltnesa aald that he asked Heach next
day about the knock on the door and
that Beach had explained to him that
after carrying hla wife into the houae
he had ecured hla revolver and had
gone outside agsln In search of the
ssssllant. '
Col. Henderaon of defenae counsel In
dicated that he would aak later to have
Ihe Jury Inape. t the piemlae of the
Beach home.
Mr. Beach took a keen Interest In the
examination of the witnesses and fre
quently Jotted down note, with a gold
pencil. Once he Joined heartily In the
laugh that followed a subtle compllnp-nt
offered her by the older Dr. Wyman.
Col. Henderson had asked him how Mr.
Beach looked when he aw her Juat after
he hsd been attacked.
"Not a well a she is looking this
morning," replied Dr. Wyman, bowing
gallantly to Mrs. Beach.
the theatre law at HW.
Aldsrman Polka demanded to speak
to a iiuestlon of personal privilege, but
Vlce-I'reslilent Kline, who iih In the
chair, ruled Alderman Dowllng's de
mand for the previous quentlnn was in
order, lie ordered a roll call.
Alderman Dowllng spoke nt length
In explaining his vote. lie said the
ordinance wouldn't prevent such acci
dents us that of Sunday night In his
smallest thing would irritate me. 1
could not place any vigor or ambition
into anything I attempted. 1 waa
constantly bothered with dull pains in
Mi l,..u,l and at . ,,. of IT1V IISHS
much lea serlotia in it reault than I S"i . i -i t.i ., j!a
that which occurred In one of those 1 'i I ?
place la.t Sunday evening. . Heading about Una new tome. Tona
in ,. ... ..... .h... .i.i. i ., i ita. it struck me that maybe the whole
should he promptly passed. Of a'.l things trouble wa nervous debility. I bought
I do not think that the Influence of i a bottle of Tona Vita and found that
not only had it a pleasant and ai
hilarating taste, but that it afforded mo
immediate relief from Bufferings. I
am steadily improving in health every
"I know this is entirely due to Too
Vita, because previously I bad used all
kinds of medicine without any effect
"There is no need to add aay re
marks to Mr. Everett's atatrmeat,
which i singularly concise and to the
point," said one ot the pbysiciaaa en
gaged in introducing Tona Vita. "HI
wa a typical case of nervou debility.
For year he bad been trying to drown
the symptoms while he lot tha cease
alone. Tona Vita by attacking the
cause baa made a new man mil of lata
popular new iors ciusea.
other claaac of theatre and show
should he permitted to obstruct or delay
the passage of thl ordinance."
A communication was received from
tho Men' Association of the Hiick
Preabyterian Church, requeatlng the
board to adopt u safeguarding moving
picture ordinance. In vlev of 4'Ondltlons
revealed following tho panic of the
Houston Hippodrome.
On the ground that the diatrlbulinn of
moving pi. ture Dims la not a utility
which might further the public good.
Justice Edward K. MuCall to-day In the
Supreme Court denied an application
made by the Greater New York Film
Rental Company to compel the Motion
Picture Patenta Company et al. to ad
mit It to membership In Its organlatzlon
for the distribution ofjjjjtna.
The New Yortt FllrrT Company alleKed
a conspiracy In restraint of trade In the
refusal of the defendant oompanlca to
admit it to memberahlp.
AIjU.VNY. Feb. 4. -The Court of Ap
peals to-day sustained the lower court;.,
tllsnilvdng the .-omplaliit In an action
begun by Ialdor Lerner agalnat Lout
Tetraxzlnl, the opera lnger, to recover
ITI.000 for an alleged breach of contract.
The Instrument ia'. executed 1n Meal 00
and called for g alx month' engage
ment In the United Utate and Canada
at I.VM a night. The engagement waa to
begin In February. 1904, on Tetraxzlnl
arrival from Havana. She objected to
Judgment. Such matters as- that are the conditions Impoaed upon her and
up to the Fire Department, lie suld. refused to keep the contract
All peace, negotiation." In the kimona
strike ended this afternoon when Abra
ham Roesrtberg, president o ftbe Inter
national laadlea' Garment Workem'
t'nton, rsfuaed to lgn hc settlement
agreement already agreed upon tn con-
of a lteet car conductor, and the Taylor , fort-nee with th Wrapper. Kimono and
woman's slater. Mra. Kvana declared House. Dresia Manufacturers' Aasoclatlon.
that ahe and Mra. TA lor were the aole
survivors of their family and thst their
name before they were married had
been Willis. The detectives were never
SblS 10 prOV otherwise.
Th clause In the agreement to
which he objected was rag that was
satisfactory to the heads of the Uni
ons maksrs local and Samuel Mlsteln.
et-neraJ rooresontatlve of the Inter
national Union. It provided a tentative
s.CSKM. I'UMKU IN 10 TO SO DAT!. , wsge Increase of 10 per cent, to the
Ta. I'm Meuiiut Oo .a i Puis au-Mt. a. : , ,,,., ,,i,
end that no worker would fOCSlVfl less
pen 00 in tne room inai Mr, xaymr h.m t,,r .nniitli In fact the tatuU. Jio . uianuiartaret ut UuUn ax r '"" " " " :
'. hurrvln. I..ck .i.tllli.tt th .trine . ! ' Uav'tt u, 4 3 mBH Juko,, ! than 60 csnfa a week more nor more
cam hurotng back, pul ing ihe .trlng .rk f .,.,, ,,., the Uraca uV.VE s s-tgg cl-Tls etti.b its, ,,: ,, roVr after returning ... worlt
from ripping off the T.ylo. m),Ury tl4d connnuwl up to WA'llX SitTSl thai It the time the strike was collet
psper. Bhe thought some one had sent 1 ,n ,,.n when Kartell mad hla con- j fagd jaotm it It tala. AgM V NA A until uniform wag aUudards could
her a bog of candy. Ths remix al of fesslnn.
the atrlag released a aprlng Wha gat Half a do
un- i!SJ..J?M'i' I 'f1" OVt a'a Nigh until uniform wi
CPtiria jerlfcUi.. cka. a gJgj he Crraaged by tt
a SgtrnTal fi ssatS jT- JmTmm' .reitod uaaar the
th wag vale board,
Special It r Tuesday, the 4th
'!:... L. -i. hlv ri.v.....l fnnd.
&9 ; rrrom. hidden la the centre of
rnirn are vmhot
new-erou Black
Walnuts, and I be whole SIM napeo.
Similar quality eUe
wber 5e. ..,
. IJ1 aar .s.
Tuesday's Offerlag
When ou t-i.nslder that we use ttslv
ihf. beet New Urleaas vtelas.es aad
that "e ready la niad In the larcest
ind mttst mitdeni esudv kltelirn. leu
Vttl sunreilste wh.v thl la ao good.
HS favorite of eur staadpareBla.
Similar oualltr else- ft.
where gOc. ox
ITrad Mark. I
Special for Wednesday, Ah
leans Molaaaea. boiled last right aad
centred with a creams "Kb Harpria"
ml ture. th aellrieuara of which will
linger la rear mouth lass after the
ceafertieaa bavs bees J ah
mTmHmlrm 10c
Wednesday's Ollering
erarkly rasiag of Moume aad tabu
butter, mattered with large SuaBlsh
seeauts. similar oualltr
lsewhere Hoe,
i., of the above specials will be delivered Dy rareei i-t within no miles el
N Vnrk by sddlas th followiag antouuU to ester postage oo Candy aad eea-
: M
.lb. boa
x-iit. ,M,m
4-lh. hut.
B.lb. (toi .
tlb. bin . .
lb. bet . .
''""lia'tea outside r.u-iolle limit on apld leat'lnn.' If desired, package ran be buured
for "t.. sddltloosl. I'eatsl Nele or Currency mast aceentpany order.
t'urtlsndt and lUrilh street store open every evenlns until
111 our .lores ni.en sslnronv rvenin iiimi t I treioi-t.
fsrk I
Cor. West Broadway
Cor. Church Street
larkKow Nassau St.
At City Hall rarg
fj30tttf SSS W. llStk 81
Si1 Jaat Beat of Sth
la oaaat lag to a taslagso the ooatalae
I e'rlerk.
so ekoklWkt
Cor. Fulton St
Spruce Sta
1'be report from all the drug o
in New York are that Tona Vita it
great demand.
Cold ea th eh.
treoMfT gore
rlllaf N.un
inatlr nala
ceotlaaaag er
leatT For an i
suite rub on
m. n
lh T . v bjbv
tb Improved ull of
uiuainra oinuaeai.
t ootot
26c. or SO.
. OB
ail that
a mustard
plaster can
do except
HVNMS. On Mondsv. rab. 3. ltg rsi..
IdAd I.OKHAINE HOUJS. widow of
Andraw w. Itynes of Ban Francisco Cal
Funeral front her lata residence. S'J.'t
Wat 4Utl at.. Wedneadav. Feb. 3. st
tinware fg BeJewiok'
tinware 7a rtedrwi.-k tt.
All last er feoad srtlrlca ad.
verltaed hi Th World will he
listed st Ths World's Informa
tion Boreas, rslltaer Building
Arcade. Park Rowi World's
I nUwe Offlre. northwest car.
fcSa.S nl "edwar,
20,i .IU,e"i Of flee. 240
We., tasth at., sag World'.
r "r Waahlsg-
'---"-T IQj.

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