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and from ah aam placea. 80 wht
If) lnrr.-t.oT gnt , th oaptsln cot M'
snd Poi IM.
Juot how mnoh of the hnvpector'a leT.
Ml it the rant sin' ll'i rrllv wnt "down
town." hi Headquarter In designated In
ntiMo parlance. Kox cannot tall with
.leniilt.i , nor could he i- any more posi
tive that any of It UN " '11 any of
Mrial In Centre afreet. Ilia testimony
slnng that line la merely haiaay.
Tha brother of a nolle official, him
self a former high police officer. U
-ring er.meehed In Ilia Dlatrlet-Attor-iioy'i
invtutlitUon Into tha oollaetlon
nr a ii.noo nrina rurra 10 irac ueorga a. c n . . ,
mp9 t, n.a from w Torn, fo hararrii, irrational Af ter ArraiKn-
Mld tha District-Attorney that ha was
1 .impelled from hla am all portion of
the graft to disgorge IIM for tnt,
fund, and that tha brother of lha
police official raised, oatanalbly fram
Ma brother, tha other TI, whleh ha
delivered personally Into tha hand of
lawyer, who pasaed It along until It
leached Hipp.
Dlatrli t-Attorney Whitman, who la
working eagerly " thla Una of tha
aaa. de. Ilnea to t vi how mm-h evl
iM he haa In hand, but It was ru
norail to-dav thai before thla bribery
Investigation la ended mora man than
Attorney Kdward J. Xawell may liava
in fara Indlrtmanta.
It in revealed to-day thai par- rrwny
alone haa brought "art. Walh la eurh
close prnilmlty to an Indictment for
brl ien. Ko, who awaara ha collai'ted
graft tnr Walah. la not a . oinmendshls
public benefactor lie wil almplr
"eaught with the goods" and ha la tail
ing what he knowa to aave Mmaelf from
a lane prlenn tr mi Fox, It waa learn ad
to-day. waa perfectly witling to 41a-
' nppear ennvantently on the ava of hla
trial for bribery had I' hp hean auf
Anient financial reenmpenaa for him
Emleaanee ara aald in hava uld a man
wkam hla confession involve that If ha
would make It worth fox' a while tha
aorueed policeman would forfait hla
K..000 raah ball and not go to trial. Tha
'inonay wo not furthcoming and Fog.
reallalng the hnpeleaaneaa of hla own
aaa, pleaded guilty and oaafeeeed.
6,000 CASH IML.
In thli connection rt lia told tha
niotiict-Attornay who put up tha IK.naa
aoti ball on which ha u freed from
tha Tomha after several bead com parte
had declined to aot for him. Thla atory
la aald to bo moat Interacting in vtow of
foi'i confeaalon. Whlla It waa no crime1
to ball Km out. tbo Dttrlet-Attornr I
following with avidity Foots tory of
tha real depositor of tha bail bond. Tbo
trail. It la aald. lead a to a oommlartooad
officer In tba Folk runailiaaal
The narration of Fxw detailed ooo
feaalon waa aoatlnuad bnfnra Mr. Wbtv i
11. a a to-day aaa mas' etafnint will
he put m affidavit form. It la raid to
the moat seat (Sag atory of polio
graft m r Mid y on of tM anon aon
epirator PVx baa already aaad that
five year ago bo waa looted by Capt.
w alah to oofloat from atoaraarty bouea
and aaloona In Harlan aad that hla
monthly plrJrmga amount ta H.M far
i wo veara. Whan btayar dayrior
laauod Ma aaloon rule, tbo aaataa graft
waa taken a war from Mm mad pat Into
tha hand of a man who la aaM ta
h'a told Hartom aalnabmipt ha waa
acting (or aa lmxaaptor. Thto M la aaM.
eui Fo'a eotloaaa ' awwa to B.a a
noaui. It waa alway permitted to t
taia ! par aaa. af hla ooHaoMaua.
mounttM to Ha a maath far two
Vaara and ttto a moath lap flat but
thra year, in aaalttaa to Ma aahvp at
a policeman.
When Fox waa tranafarrot ta tha On
HuTHlred and Klfty-aoond atraat prr-
elnnt he had to ua hla off day to collect
In tha Eaat On
aad T-aaty-:
elxth atreet prclaet U daolaraa he
thouatit ha ouafit to bar mora money
and aaked for a par oaat. -otit," but
waa turned down hard aaa tsM to go
'on get ling tha money at M par cent.
( la hla inroatlmtten Into tha part In
apaatora played in coMettrtg graft In
' Harlem, Dlatrlot-Attonaay Whitman haa
tha awom otatamonta of Ooaraa A. Hipp
ara rnoma J Dortao that. In addition
. to tha tM month tboy aald to ro.
I thoy paid ajo a month to a amtnelotaaa
policeman, who ropraaantad ta thorn that
ha waa tta "eolloetar' for aa Inapoctor
I t pactor dweeney rawiad Polio
rHaa4quartra to-day. Ha waa for a
. toaaj ttme la art eafreaee with
Commiaaloaar Waida aad he dMn't
look any too ehaarful when ha left the
. bunding aad tart ad bank to hla office
Ma the Waat One Hundred aad Twenty
'. fltth atreet station
Oanumaatoaor Waldo haa taken ao da-
a tian oa Fba'e oonfaaaioa. Hi oaly Me
formattou about what Fog haa aaM aa
' to raft aoMeoUona oomaa from th
nawapageara. The IiubU-tot -Attorney haa
not notified him through official aourea.
Inaamuch aa IJtet riot -Altera ay Whit
man aaked the Police Coaamlaaloner to
uapend th polio trial of Fo on graft
ing olmncaa until tha oourt prooeedlnga
ar flnlhd, th Commlaalonar doeao't
I know what to do about Walah and
Hwcmey, who arc acoueed by Fua. On
. . ruliity 1 that aweeney win not re
main long In c. large of the Harlem In
aped Ion dtetrlot.
Police aurgaona have reported to
Commlaalonar Waldo that ('apt Walah
It a vary alak man and that th chance
ar agatuat hla recovery from the o.n
p.alnt with whloh ha la afflicted. Al
fhougti th l)ltrkn-Attoroy haa ln
' formation that Wolh la not aa Ul aa
he la auppoaed to be, a la tha common
belief at Headquarter that th captain
will nut llva tu stand trial In the event
' or hla indictment.
Old Itag. May Their.
CORN W A LI Ont.. Fob. I.-Clalmant
for th valuable diamond found recant
ly In a bundle of old rap ent from
iew York by girla In th aortlnd room
of paper cnUl bar are beg.nnlog to
be heard from.
i on claimant to-day waa Mr. W. B.
Iawon of Central Park Wt, New
York City, who wrote that laat eutruuer
I b loat a pink bag containing Jewelry
fitun tier auountr cottage at Mea
CUB, L. I.
Another I Lieut. J. T Abbott of th
: Sim York City Fir Department, who
' ktva hla aUtar-ln law loat jowai to tbt
( vala of RM while hcoe-oleanlng t
! V OMLi Willi WOBK WOXOaHtt.
merit, Contradicts All His
Previous Stories.
Denies Killing Mrs. Herrera,
Also Sending Bombs to Ro
salsky and Grace Walker.
John Pant Farretl to-dav repudiated
hla oonfeaa'on that he waa in maker
and nder of the Imnrb whMi killed
Oeacc WaJkei and Mia llernard'i
llerrei.. and narrowly mlaad killing
Judge duo Koaalakv. He waa arraigned
before I'ornner Mealy In the Hrnnx and
ramamled to th Tonxtej to await trial on
the homlotd -harge
Farrall. hair rumpled and gaunt fea
tures diaan In the atanip of fatigue,
want frohi hla Tramonl avanua call to
tha i oi oner e court ahacklad to tha
wrkat of I.Uul. dark of tha lin.ua
Dotrottve Huraau and follow! by a
morbid crowd Th Janitor paid not
tha lemt attention Hla whole atti
tude during the drier in ... dlnga waa
on of llatlaaa Inattention.
The abort affidavit upon which ha
waa hold mmle mention only or the
murdar of Mra. Herrera laat Rumlay
night, nothing waa aaM la It of tho
hilling of Grace Walker or tho attemt.t
upon th Ufa of Judge Roaalaky
After Ooroaor Moaly had romandod
Farrall to tha Tomb Aaolatant Hla
trtct-Attorney Breckanrldge qiwatloned
tho man for naarly an hour. During
the axamlnatlon Farrell repudiated
avrvthtng that had been given out by
tho polio yaatarday aa oonotltutlng
hla confaaalon. aarlng that ha had
navar known Oraoo Walker, had no
anlmua agalaat Judge Hoaaaaky that
would prompt hla aaadlng a bomb to
tho Tarlafa homo and danylng flatly
that ha had made tha bomb that killed
Mra. Herrera.
Th prlaonor, whoa Irrational man
ner became more pronouaood aa he
prow exalted la hut defeat, aald tha
dateottvea had badgered htm every
minute of twenty-four hour, and
anally had aald what he thought thay
wlahed him to aay. (Biwckenrldge waa
convinced af Farrall'a incipient in
rarroll a atory of the Roaalaky bomb
ta dtarredhed. Ho aaM ho mat lad It at
Fatirtaaata. atraat and Third araoua, but
th gtiaatrh af aMatioa H. la Waat Oa
Hundred aad Hecond atroet, waa oa the
package before Ita eaploalon in th
Judge' library on the neght of Maroh It
The Taylor bomb and tha Aral
Foealahy on war idanUeal, aa far aa
'"" th
rragmenu together Tur were mei
of gaaalp aoautnlap nUroglyuarlo.
fulmtnatod by a tiny aUctrto battery
from a pooket flaebllghu But the o
nad bomb aaat ta Judge Roaalaky a
weak afterward and intercepted by th
postal authorltl corresponded exactly
with the deacrlptlon given to Deputy
CommlMloBar Dougherty of th bomb
Farrell made far tha Herrera family.
Typewritten addraaeea on both of laat
year' buniba ar Important factor tn
th puaalhl. Identlfloatloa of thali maker.
A typewriter waa Placed before -
In Polio Haadauartora aad ha waa
ked to writ th addr
Dougherty dictated Uam. Ha failed to
make the peculiar a pact rig between it.
tore aa thay appeared en tha original
"I bought a mantiln from a aecund
hand man for ff." waa Fn-eira drat
atory. Next h ald a boy n th houae
where be made th bomb thrw away
an old machln and ha appropriated that.
A reporter found th boy who evi
dently waa in Farrall'a mind. Ha la
Joseph Jaret, fifteen, who lived formally
ta th apartment huus at No. 31 Kasi
FourtMath street, whar Farrell aald lis
mad th bomb.
'W all thought Farrell was oraay "
Mid young Jarat at hla present horn.
No. 1M Weal Twentieth atrert. "1
uppo he had my maohlu In mind.
It was th only on in th building, I'm
aur-ad ao old and badly brokan
that It could not poaalbly b used Far
rell nsvoi had a chant' to uao L but h
knew I had It. He made friends with
th bore, but ncvr mid anything out
of th way to ma"
But la th Bronx charges of da
gtntrary ar made against FarftU by
two boya who war held yaatarday m
th Children's Court ae poastbl ma
terial wllnnasea In the Herrera case.
entries for to-morrow's races are ai
riHkT inn; i-i.m i.u.i tau aar i.la
wlllna. fiiflitatDUu i a uulr Mus (Jill.
lis 'Tn i
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" .-ia - "wirr. I'M . .liner
Maa rilell.l. Nulaarlaa Kai. IU.I Halali. )..
Mm la.. IM
Mailt-. Nbter. HIT I Miller
aloii. 110 iHaHatliin Alonorai. UeiLiu. 110 ,
. 5" ''
ma un. Mum.. Rii iii.i . i,t. fttrtoaai
tminoa sou.., lot; y spears, hx. luka
lot; mt l.'p. tu; atrik. Oat, ion. bem.
Ufj N'anahui -4.
PHIIIli ItACK Pun. tlioO. fa.ir )eiria. la
up. Willi .ll furl. .111 'Kdhh luw. tai,
Bn IU1L W Aluulou IIM Bat Maal.mni.
lo; Kmt. iut: pr.aiuw, lus. M'ratta Unwu
IIM; kiheiirta.. ill ; 1. ..i Well. 114.
Ft HUTU HACE. -Pumr MtM; Ihjai IMI lllftl
snd up; enudltloui; li lurlnnri Fairir Latbt
ft; VI..'. H 1 ...i.m n; r.aoi.l U He.'
103; . i..i,rl AetniiM.lt. n". Attkulat, 10a
Cik-rrl..l, ll.l Hlierw.Mi.l. nil
Virtu IIAi'B.- Pile MOli; taies.yeer-.ld.
Vt. ."''Jl-aad ism .haa Nrtoa.
Jtll). Hi V.ll4,., in, Tien IVI.ir lot
Plii Tisi 104 1 Iii.i.Ii.i. lift- Thatia o7
,,. aVHe. loT; liuam,.,. paj; illri, ,:
HlViTH ' HACK -Purw MOU lline-yeir-olil..
and mi seiihia. ma uiii. h ii. o.i R
I'.aniiiai.r'. T.s.il.. let '1U,. lis Floral I...
101; Wsader. IOT: lair.l K'.ni. lot; PoWmrl
PH ri. . . I, ,
Aiir.i.tlr .i.usai. -f fur tK.aau. i,iUk.
Track slow.
is nxpecica w
'' wa 1
' V toJBrf,-ll
(Copyright. International New flarvic
(Continued from First rage )
letter on. thay claimed, the oonlract
could come back to tha Commission
and he finally signed by such af the
Commissioner fuvored them. Judge
McCall having declnieil thnt he MMtaf
time to look lntu tho nholo suhuay
question before ha acted.
It Is underatood thut certain rrw-mheis
of the t'ominlselon have received the
identical advice that In covered In the
statement of Judge Mgflgll upon the
Immediate approvin of the nintaacta.
Whan will you guallfy as the new
chairman?" was asked of Judge MdCall
"II will .lepend entirely upon the
completion of my work here, which you
can observe for yuuraelf Is extensive."
ho reiHel "Hut I sin piuhlng It tu
completion as rapidly us rHwafble, with
the Intention when that work Is
completed, wllhout teg.ml to uny other
feature of the ettuaHon, to Immeillately
flic oath .in I lake office. I rocelved my
commladou from llovernor Htilxer late
last night, and I capect, from present
Indlcatlnne, to be able tu iiallfy soma
tint to-murruw."
in tne apparent hope thut "omebolv I
in authority" would t. II them to as ODnnKI VK IfFV fi
ahead uud vote their approval of the OnUUmjI 1Y Man UKUh
coatraati, inHwUhtdandlrai ih injua- I M'CALL TO TAKE JOB
tlon. and leav It to the new chairman J j - nKrB aVfl VTP npsr
to sign them, the rnmmliuilon Jockei nl A WsTlenl AMf AlUr UbAL.
all dsy, taking short adjournment. The
first one waa fi.un 11 o'clock In th fore
noon Id ll,g o'clock In the afternoon.
'Phr whs app'irentu Iniaa hltdi In the
lirograinitie at the second mcetln!. for
nothing wua il.inc. mi iinuthw ndjiiuin
inent waa taken until 30 o clo. k.
After ach meeting g reporter for The
livening W.irld retwatetl hla reuueat to
n ekcutlve nlllccr of the Comrnlaslon
for copies of the proposed auhway con
tract which deal with a public question.
Not only were copies nf Hie contrncta
refused, hut all Inapuctlun of them whs
denied BJM the uniund that tho con-
trncts were In the possession of the h aul I
department of the Cummlaslon.
These gni lha contract, which IhMht
mam berg of Hie Pommliilon ataaaii
Wilcox. K.iall ami Williams Wart
reudy to gpprOVa yesteriluy. .Mthnu;li
tha contracts urn In the possession of
the Commission and tunc lieeu In it. ,
hands for many hours, they are held
secret un.l prlvutr, ulthoukli dealing
w.lh it iiiih - oiieat nu In m hii-:i fi nun nun I
' ....... 1
H I...,.
... ."-. . ,, ,
........ i, ,i in .
waa asked of Trnvls II Whitney, Ifara.
''' the (ouriislon. who Is a.Mnv
unler orders of the majority trio of
CommlHloneis Hg)U li.M.Ni, .N. , IVu, 0.- John 1
-in th nalarhborhod af two tmndtad I taoamaf atlar ho purohaaad ij uu pom
printed DOplaa of ihe six proposed fo-in. jl','',m the Kaywo.i.1 Park property, ad
Of contr.irts-threB with tha lataehMe. nlfal Mt Mtdta on Kidge avenue. Thla
ough Haii.il Transit Oonmpny un.l ihraa
wllh Ihe MuatolPdil Railroad Corpora
I on -were delivered veslerduy at i.ic
ufll. e of the t.'omaileislon," replied M,
Whllney. "Two of the contrucl fjai
with the oparaUan .f tha dual ayatam
of subwaNs und four deul vMth elevated
thiid Iraoklni and tgtanalunj,"
' Csn you funiu'i u re;., iltatdllvt ol
"hllMI WOrW tt.lll tOPltl of the
.Not kt pi-ei. Mas Me- answer, evl-
.i nti. iii ralu tans, from Mr. Whit.
. n
Baj. ' I'endlng a cufal ckatiUnal ou of
acquit nusoanai
these printed copies, to snake hut there
were no printing error, th counsel for
1h Commission, who haa them, haa not
turned hhnu over to th Commiaalon
approved aa to form. Until he doe
that, and tha Commiaalon recelee them
at a public meeting, (hay are not avail
able for dlatrlbutloa."
"When will they be available for the
"Aa anon as tbnt things take place,"
waa ttie anawr.
"What charge will b made for cop
la to cltlteiM who may dlr to tab
thm away for careful examination?"
"Person who have an Interest of
any sort In th contracts," said th
em.-retary. "will be able to gel coplea
gratia upon application. Tha custom
ary charge la II each for th contract. '
following the request of Th Evening
World for oplna of the contracts,
Li-lloy T. Harkness, naslKtant counsel
to the Public lartlOl t.Xjinmdsslon, made
the foil. mini; dktsted statement:
Printed copies of th forms of the
contracts have been delivered to me,
but they cannot be transmitted to
th Commission until after a caraful
final reading to make sure ther are
no substantial errors In printing.
' uer.it Counsel Oeorge ft. Coleman
alau aald that h oould not give out
copies uf the public contract. Mr. Cole
man was askexl about the Injunction
ugalnst the commission restraining It
from executing the subway contracts
"It Uos not enjoin th Commlsion
from approving the contract," h said.
Th Commiaalon could approve the con
tracts, and send them over to tha
Hoard of Kstlmatr. There they could
come buck here later for Dual execu
tion." The People rhiAyway Committee of
Iiiooklyn. uf wlilch Ueglater li. T.
Q'TsWbJJJIllln Is the guiding spirit, has 1c
tcrmlned to camp on the trail of K. K.
Mcl'nll, the new Public Service f'onutih
aloner. hefote he takes office. At a
in. . ! 1 1 1 u of the Executive Commltte of
the People's Hnuway L'ommlttee, hrul
to-day, a comnuUae uf ten was appoint
ed to call mi Mr. Mm 'all and urge him
to uutilify at once In order to prevent
the consummation of the operating con
traeta Uatween the city and the two I
traction companloa
Tha conimlltee Is made up of Mr,
MHKlstnate John .I llylan,
t'ornellus M Mheehan. Philip J. Keilly,
l.i vi QaUadbar, Herman N Hansen,
Walter H. Atlerhury, Charles J. HtengU.
and Hernard Nolan. An uppulntment
with M Mi'all Juts heen sought for
the purpose of nllowlng the committee tu
tell him It Is his duly to the people to
take his place In the PnbHc Men-Iced
M - unimlssloi. at MM ttd thus spoil the
lu n f i in. n W'll. .,v ,., . .
.i.i .! ,i , Z I
i U.I.IU. in .I..,,. .... .1.. ill.. .l. i'l III
..... . 1..-.1..- . . ... ......
lurs hi. ieswiwHas m .nr. viiii. oxa
term oi omcr y uie iuaii : n ation or hla
an. i taaof,
Ho. Uefeller Hs) s Land.
ikiwlal to Tliu aeala World.
will make a valuable au.ulltlun tu Mr
Ito filler holdings al Lukewoial. Mi
John B, iMinJih, a Now. Yoi-k bruker. to
day pun base. I from Atlas Anna Non !
th. old Joseph I'attetson pla e of forty
two gef eg on the nontl wide nf the
-i.mwi'.urj' Rlvaf. in Mlddletoan Town
hlp, for llkl.llOO.
"C Q"
4 new Serial Htorv of I- .. and Teed.
hv Aitltir Cain. ..n. of the hat! VailWB
l.re.eal-dar wrll.r. ef thrllllu sdieuture.
M.i.i.111 iii Ike Maaailn and Jlur.
devOea ef lb bead Heila.
N ESD AT, TBKTTaT a, 1918.
nu nrinil'P iuirr
un DLHun o rvmrc
Mayor of Aiken Gives Tes
timony Against New York
Chihman at Trial.
Mrs. Beach First Witness for
the Defense Is Plan of the
Prisoner's Lawyers.
AIKKN. H. C. Feb. IS -The procu-
IMP. thla afternoon closed ... , ...
closed it .se
against Frederick O Hesch. New Y
milllonalr nn trial for slleged assault
on hi wlf lierejaat Kebrui Prose
cutor Outlier mde the Announcement
hnrlly before the luncheon recess wis
lie f.n ae counsel refused to say who
would he their first witness this a'ter
fioon. It was helleved that .Mia. Heath
herself will ha Aral called, then Mlas
Marlon llolllne. and that Hesch w.ml.1
not take the atsnd until the defena. na
ready In close Attorneys said It was'
possible that the defense would he com- )
plal.il beforr n.t lournmeiit to-day. It,
was helleved, however, that the esse j
would not be formally submitted to h I
jury until tn-merrnw as Judge Mpaln has
arranged 'or th Jurors to visit the
Turner cottage wher the assault or -
More light was thrown on the met:,-
ods employe, I to Investigate the assault
upon Mr. Beach during emlnt led
of the prosecution's witnes at lha
trlsl lo-dy. .Mayor Herbert R. Uyiee
of Aiken tnld nf niimernus oonferences
with the .Beaches within a few days
aftsr th assault. .He aald Mr Beacn
waa atlll In bed suffering from the ef
fect of th wound In her throat, but
that ahe anawered questions freely and
made some auggeatlona
The wttneas admitted that Beach gave
him every aaaletanr and proposed the
employment of a nearo detective to aa
eist the white detectives on the case,
ending him a check for tha purpose
The Mayor said tha money never waa
On th night of th assault Hesch told
Hural Policeman Holly, according to
the testimony nf the latter to-day. that
Mrs. Beach had loat a pair of treasured
earring valued at 94.000 or pS.OOO. Mub
eeqmntly the earring war found In
th aid yard of the Beach home and
turned over to the Mayor, wlto again -Ined
them and declared that In hla opin
ion they were paste.
iBrach'e diamond-etudded penknife
waa an object of much Interest and
cloe scrutiny by the Jury when It vti
offered In evidence. Mayor i Ivies said
Beach gave It to him on requeat about
Hire weeks after the assault, and later
he turned It over to Dr. D. Haatlngs
Wyman Jr.. for microscopic examina
Br. Wyman testified that hs had ex
amined th knife under a glaa and had
discovered what he believed to .e blood
stains. Thl view wat auatained, he
said, by the opinion of Or. Boydon
.Minis, an analyat of Columbia, to whom
he submitted th knife.
Th prosecution offered In evidence
a report from Dr. Mims declaring that
In hie opinion a number of stain ap
pearing on tha knife were blood cells
It was admitted, however, that the
test were mtcrosooplc and not chem
ical. On cross examination Dr Wyman ad
mitted that he had taken the knife to
an Augusta expert. Hr Partridge, be
fore submitting It to Dr. Mima He
aald that Dp, Partridge examl-ned the
knife, but declined to expreas an opin
"Didn't Dr. Partridge tell you that
he couldn't find an trace uf blood'.'"
demanded Col. Henderaun.
"If I remembered tlutt he did I'd
say so. replied Dr. Wj man.
"Didn't Dr. Partridge cut nls flugar
and put it on a blade of the knife In
order to make comparative testa?"
"I didn't know It If he did."
Dr. Wyman said thut he told Dr.
Part i nig w hen he took til knlf to
njm that the "happiness of a graut
many people depended on whether there
win any blood on It or not."
Mherlff Howard was recalled by Pros
utor Hunter to continue his testimony
as to traaka In the flower bed of the
Heacli yard whlc'i he said Beach jointed
out to him sever.il days ftr th
nana nit.
"Mr. Beach slid the negro who struck
his wife ran across that Mower had." the
w itness explained. "However, I had seen !
thoi tracks ihe day before, and haj
heard K. Unite: . rural policeman, aay
In Mr Be h's presence that they were
his (Holler's) tracks."
Another witness lu this cou srsation,
the Kheniff said, was Kdward Mtnlth of
New Vork, a friend of the Beach family.
A. K. l.ureuse, editor of a local paper,
teatlhcd h. examined the Peach prem
ises the night of the assault und found
evidences of a snuggle in the aide
yard He said he was with Ihe chief
uf police when the latter found Ihe
earring, and comb belonging to Mr..
Ileaoh. und nir olood-slaJued fence
picket. He aald one of -.he earilngi
wua maarhed He expressed the opinion
they were paste and north about 12.
nn ' ms- examination the Willie.
said lie l ..light a blow front thg fenc
picket on ihe aid of a woman e )g
would hsve been ufflclnt to knock Ihe
tarring, from her eat.
"BUI It wouldn't knock out the egi
i ng nn the uther aide o h.
d lit" a.ke.l PrajatCUIor i.:: I .
.' Not likely, repiied t le w'.li . aa
Kuril PoilceiilBtl M K. llu!l, ll i
wltnela Hiked If lis rail i.
' " " ." ' "P. , " ''J ' , " ' '
(.,., n,..a .-w. -M pa Hg.'i p
aaauilt Bmyal the value of
rii.aa afiarward raand.
Ve. Meach MM ln elfe hail loat
pair or airina HI an 1. 1 he .liil not
know Ihelr r, t value hut lh were
north alioiit II imi at " replied
Wl FAt'te Minn. Ken :, A. n rlall.
j profaaManal ion asaldnoa walker and
iniinei-. atoppin with filemla here. o-
dav aald he was on the gionn.ls of..-. . .
, I'rederl. k O. Hea. h a home at Aiken. COeil rlatt S HrSt SpOUSC Ap
'. Hie i, 'hi of Feb lat 111 when1
Mra. Hea h was tha victim of a mur-'
derous attack, for whl :i her husband
is st pteaent on trial.
'all has willlen to Hesch offsrlns to
Ida to Aiken to testify. Cl says he
saw a ner run rrom the awnwa
raunaa ih niKi.t nr the atfeh, can
aavs he ss on a lont distance alk
fiom Msvsnnah. Ua . to Boston, and
passed through Aiken on the night u."
the ana k on Mrs Beach He slopped
! to ret on the grounds of a private
rm hi,h , i. tura .. mm
Beach plce. Me fell aaleep and was
awakened oy a nearo running over him
He grbb.i,for the m.n but he .
caped. Theie waa an uproar on fh
rouno ". thinking a burglar,
I num w""""- 'naugnt n neat to ms'.e
mmsei, arsree. inn a hurried out ,.
k the liiNti
'I hrd nothing moe of the ce."
' anw s newspaper a:
nwwai .. nearly two wees later.
read the story of th Beach asaault and
had witnessed part of at Aiken." .
; a
"Take Good Care of My
Nephew" He Said to Land
lady He Had Not Paid.
After the deputy sheriffs had r
rested one of her lodger at her re
quest Mrs ioulae Cesar, who rune a
rooming hnuae at No. til West Mlxty
elghth street, last night aer.ed supper
to the prisoner, l.andon Reeder. hla
nephew and tha two deputle who were
waiting to take Reeder to Ludlow
atreat Jail.
Mra. Cap!' alleged In her affidavit to
Juatlce l.aKetr.i of the City Court that
Reeder had boarded with her since last
September and by falsely representing
himself to be poseessed of consider
able personal property, had run up a
board bill nf 1671. St.
When the Deputy Sheriff ssrved
their order oil Roeder In hi room he
Immediately ant for Mrs. Ceaar.
"I don't think you have done right
tn thla matter," he said to her, "but let
that paaa. Will you have my aupper
aent up Immediately, please'.' and you
g-entlmn will Join m?"
in deputies Insisted they had Just
eaten, but mm th maid arrived with
the sirpper for Boeder ami his nephew
there was an extra pot of tea and oiite
cake for them. Roeder .hatted pleas
antly and when through sent again for
Mra. Ceaar.
"1 want yotl tu take good . are of Rob
ert while I am away," he saki, referring
to his nephew. "IXin't forget fruit fur
his oreakfaiit lo-inurrow. and perh.es
you had better send aoine fruit to the
room to-night no It will br there If lie
want It."
"Certainly. I will louk after Hobert."
said Mra. Cesar, feel.ngiy
"Well, goodhy. I will be buck lo
morrow' niglit.-" Boeder called to (ier us
he left the houc with a deputy on c h
"Ooodioy." reaponded Mrs. Cesar.
Ta. bKoamf ..re tu iiwfi, lewaf .u.i last
prloai of etoefc. for t j-J.,1 aad :! set .liaaje
mouand wltli vaatrrdsv'. . I l-j pnM Xet
hiii. laet, cirsf
Aai.l. UappN .
Am Bmi BUgar.
Am. :- K.
am. c.n
Am. t'au af
Am. iVitton mi
Am. i in . nf
Am. Hm. a Hf
Am. T. A T. Co
AlMeoode VI ...nn
Atc.. r i
Bait. i i'im
B. II. T
Out. Leather . . .
c.u. Pi.lflr . .
oaw hio
-.. u. a t. p.
i'.-i f..: A Iruu
linn... Hat
Corn I'rfd. Co. . .
KVi. 1t pf
(It. Nor. pf
later, lie:
Inter. Mel. pf...
Uhlfli Vill.) . .
mi. Na
Norfolk A wad..
V. V. CsnU.I . .
1 l:C
JXh ,
1. Hi'
l.v 1,
M '.
r.t .
MP, -
IM -
T-JH -ltl
.TTH -
mil -
lai k,
I I11S
is. .
iais -
lew -fji
1 in
llll I
I At 'a
.T' .
ni'.S '
N..rtJim I'ailfic.
i am
nr.. una
Rap, hxkI
It...- I'd
Moutii. I'aeioi .
Hiaitli. H. ...
Tenii I '.ipiiar
"Tlilr.1 Aienu. .
Palm p.rtfa-
t H. Ilbbr . .
r. Weel.
I'. B, hle.l .f
I'tah Cowtr
li dlrliliad
L A .i - . n . .
lata -
"S s
BS i,
I0M. - .
HH - IV,
I las kept on selling because it
has kept on benefiting, and it
1 las kept on benef i t i ng becau se
its high standard of merit has
been carefully maintained.
Urt it to-da; in the usual liquid form
or in the UbkL Cmlltd Saraatnba.
pears to Aid the Second
in Her Suit.
Gertrude Wood, Awarded 5
Week Alimony, Says She'd
" J
'i.,r..a" r. I aaa fa.- aC.
Mare on Less I han $50.
" v-uri ju-uce Liavis ree, ved
uecoion to-u on th application of
, . . i . w. , i . . . ...... .
iat. Miiinit a.iiaaoin fiait or n,
y., for alimony nJ cuun! fee p.i-
, th, trUu llf
her ault acalnat K'imi
11 Flatt for th annu n.mt of her mar.
rlaa a ba bo, a, il,. .1 a, i . . aft-
i mrrtMA a i
, ammjnji na iirioi uwwil UlTVI !INI.
t By tha aaoond marriage Piatt haa to
( chadren, who llva with their mother In j
urn- noma in i roy, wniie tne mstanii and
father. rho 1 a nupervlalnft architect.
Uvea In thla vlty and get. a talary of
VI a week. .
luetic Davie waa puilled and aald:
'I don't aee how I can grant alimony
to a woman whoa claim I that ahe is
not and navar haa ibeen the wife of tl.te
defendant. dblM, I thliih there ought to
otn provision made for the children.
How do you tknow that tPtatt waa never
divorced from hie flrt wtfar" aak.-i lha
Jo. tic of Lawyer at, J. CConnotl. who
reprnted th seoond '.Mr. Piatt.
"Bcaua." replied I.ewyar O'Conn. II.
the flrat wife la In c.mrt and will ex
plain th whole .matter."
The HtWyar turned la a very pr. tt
...una woman eeste I among the If IB
itors and motioned her to the rmjjnatl
table. Aa she reached lha t.ible. she
opened a reticule and taking a paper
'rem It, aald:
Vur Honor, here Is a copy of the
certificate of my marriage to Mr.
Piatt, before he went through the
ceremony with the lady In Troy. 1
was married to this defendant bv the
late Rev. Dr. Sample. In this city.
Two years after we were married I
left him. after he ha t been arrested
charged with grand larceny."
"Was he ever convicted on that
charge?" aaked the Justice.
"I don't know. Your Honor." irpll.d
Mra. Piatt No. f, "But 1 do know that
laat year he ana erresled on a chart;,
of bigamy and Ihe court awarded ;ne
I a week alimony, meirely lo ea.alni.h
my statu In the mutter, although that
wouldn't jiave gone very far toward my
The original Mr Plst: w recog
nised. ahe aa levin the coui -room,
as nn actress who has been a-'o-rlated
fo? several venrs llh Hroadw-ic
t eatrlcal suc 'ease under the na'tie of
Uertrutle Wood, and has of late Deed
known hi lllllle Burge'l DOMbla."
The first Mm Plait said aha .a.l nai
er reallxed one cetil from tha hotlotl -if
t ie court In granll ig her alimony.
"Why." she adoldlmad, "I suppose I
Would .n.i w Od lean than M a week
Fortunataly 1 knew how lo 1 raal lha
money I made on the Btage and witn ll
I Iioukiii a home al No. If Maxwell
avenue. Jamaica, I.. 1. I leel vary
orry for Minnie Kllxabet Plait and
her tWO children and will do all I can
to al J I hem."
Mrs. Piatt No. I then left In her ni
tonioblle for her -lama.ca home.
riHMT K.C-Malden Iwo.year-blili.;
iuarier-tul. liuby liaiiis. Ill ilvi -
bar), even. to i and 1 to won: Dally
Water., in (Moore), 11 to ". 8 to s and
s to d. aaodndi Otranto, IH (J. (Vllaon),
ih to s. t to I and 3 to k, third, Time.
0. -.'i M. Diuk'a Pet. MoHllna Faoa, Av,
Miss W atei and Itummuge alau tan
and flnlahed as named.
UftCOND RACK. - Three -, em -ohls ami
upward; saHlndl Hie f urlohfta - MiIhs
(Irump. llf (Trexleri. IS to I. II t.. I and
t to I, first; Hoae Queen. 1IU iDerondei.
I to 5. 4 to I and - to tacondj Kathei
ola. li (Wolfei, I to 1, t to fi and i to
;., third. Time. 1.031-5. Ma Music. Vi
vian H.i Southern Mlloie. Vile;., Kthel
1, e Hrume al.o ran and flnNlied ua
Special lor Wednesday. 5lh
ilQLadBIW ..l?Wmt M MPH-rtdalni.
Kn Hururlse" ml. lure .l.eelallv ure-
Srri and flevnred. furinllis a cealre
a .hell ef belled New Orleea. Mu
laaaea. Nlmllar ouallt. elae- -
wher. ItSc. 0( n 1 fJC
Wednesday's Offering
ueatv Hpanlah Peaauta ..-altered gen.
eruu.li lata hoi Mdara ad butler
and lha rauletl until erlap and era. k-
where 1 5e.
. similar uii.n..
mi n mix
a. of the above aneciala will kr dellirird hy 1'ar.el l-u.t nllbin .lo nllea of
New Vork li adding Itie following smouola to cover iio.lagc ad (audi aad eon-
KBTlll M 4-lh. bo. IT T-lli. Inn 3D
ES! Be! ....... .M Mb. hat
linlr, nut-hi.- "ii--., lie limit on nnuliealinn. If Ue.lred. nackiiae. an he ini
addiii..-.'. r.-i.n vutr n ' iurr -t xj iaUt
TTrlTltow. (iililsnill mid Wla .trret .lure, onell e,el; rienliia until II nf
" lit i.. I , i i.mi.jalil. j jM.I .. i ll I I l-'i '
- . . . -1I.....II. II. 1.1. nn ,. until .1
Cof. West Broadw.iy
Cor. Church Street
Park Row aV Naaaau Si
At City Hall Park
Th maajgad wajnhl la aaafc
laVJ a llf An.., Tm a aft a- at a..
.wrs.wa wa kit WWl.taFfW) fc. rt
Tfic rFi.ill li.iiior rtralf-rt" of th Hi
,Vr it- jrfilllnT a UllilBV opOTl
I'M I I 11'MMaTh llin f tax.... . .
aaa ---.. . wm.niiiir wilF TFT
" h!aj M... pxtti bi...m-.. ...--. .a - ...
niT Ml lefil to V. V Kphrf PriJlll ..
Of 1 hay Tit i.i.t, . , . T i Oal.i .
Mot. iWlor, r y tfrMMhW, tto-n
W ih sfif.m .Htlon, -n.nl.- n lmpHiy
a1tiohal 1!f ).( Par at Wlal. !.-:
Until If. .11 ....I i . . . .ta
AIro Iritirif dot! LMdanaa , "W aa4
" " r . " n,iMln
m tn f cniii t
rUfttltlilx nmn VI ll l. alma
AloMnT th tam til a. Una. ...I adg. Is ll as.
I tftn.-'tn ' mm t ii Ifitt.. n.i fli.m I at ,ie...l.
'llf f t t frtl-.ra ....I W..... 1 a
w -- ' iridium: i i i n
riftll- (.tl .-..-I a... .
both im ip.MM an, Iwtff Hoiifj 1
PI )) IIM'tllfnirlllV ttl" aitttlti WftF ,t.
hie p-rttm.ft.1 Olhtilf to Kollrh-r. who
fot.i ihi rnofH DODular trf i itint
of thp UicmI ntYfliilftntlon. Ri WtM tfffi
pifHcntrd with n hand-onif tWvrr nr-r-Vlc.
Ahout I.IKKI ttrni'l th illnnr
lHiiiH thm many inm1nr-nt in lmMl
MM nnrl pollti.nl ttrrl. nf thr
db npnn amsamsawaa.
Most City Dwellers Sutter
from This New Complaint,
Nervous Debility.
N. Cullen Is One of the Many
Who Have Been Aided
by New Tonic.
N. fullen. of ITI Part Avenue. New
lcrk. marie ihe follnwinR statement,
after Inking Ihe new tunic, Tone Vit.
for a few werkv
"Ten month, ago mv health began
to go bang on me. and from a sound,
healthy man I hecsme debilitated anil
nervous. J wa. sick most of the time,
nnl airk eunuch lo take lo mv her),
but jusl worn out and tired. It wa.
an effort to me lo do things I had
formerly looked at aa trifles. Mv
nerves were on edge all the time. In
the mornings' when I woke up I would
be more lired than I was when I went
In bed.
"For some time I kepi reading about
I bis new Ionic. Tona Vita, but I wa.
afraid to try It, bcrau.r I had tried
o many preparation, and none of them
had done mr any good. One day I
purcliuied bottle, and muat say that
I found It In be an excellent tonic. I
-non gained relief from my nervon.
and tired feeling, and am growing more
like mi' old -elf every day. I give the
entire credit lo Tone Vita."
"Mr. Cullen had a Hear rate of ner
von. debility." slated 'lona Vita ex
pert. "Thi. diaaaaa i, I. re.lv nn...
Ii-iit Bmongat the American city dwell
er., owing lo thf modem conditions of
life. Mr. Cullen'. symptom, denote. 1
tlit he wa. ju.t in the initial .toges ol
nervous debility. If he had not al
tanrjod It, later nn hi. nrrvoiitnea.
would have shown ilsclf in constant
ItritcMagi He might have been trouble. I
with extreme ilirxinr..: nin. mieht
have shot through hi. bead and back,
thru he would have gradually Inst all
.iuiiiiiii.il. nu have DagoBa h.tle.. and
'The chief danger n ncrvnti. de
bility lie. in Ihe hot lltal it can shoe.
itself in Ml manv wart. Tuna Vila i. u
tonic thai has lieen espcinlly man n
Patrt U fed to bnltle nrrvotl debility.
its lormulii It the conoanaug of opinion
ol snme of the for moal chemists ul
the world.
"Tho demand for Ton Vita in the
New ork drug .lore, is grnwiug every
I NTHHMVKH t HllMII.M. i in Tu.id.
reb. 4, iiii-'i. at raldnoa of brlda'i
lareal III Hatt ISd St., MsW York. h
Rev Henri Itetlel D. l.. ni.va
R HO ADD, sldetl dauahlsr af Mr. and
Mr.. B, DKl.ii Chris. Im lo AI.VIS
l.NTKItllVKIt ol' New fork.
mi Kiitv. -on Monday, rh. a. patru k
MI'KltAV. ai.n at 'h. istr Ann Mux..
frmrit of tiie Tin ami Itlh narda
New Vnrk.
e'uneial fram te.Mence of hi. alatei
Ura, a. Oraaa, at Fifth ava., Brook;. n.
TlinrN.lav inornlna al 111 n'clock. ihenc.
to Ht. A .;.'.!: I-. - ohurch. Interment
iii.iv i'rt.s Cametery.
(Trade Mora.)
Special lor Thursday, Mb
Imeglne Ihe mlnilln ef pur cheeo
late and dellcloiia fondant cream loo-
n.rt on witn a new. ju.t-amvwi en
l.erl Hlaul. Hliul . our e)e aad yeu
ten elmesl taate their goods.
saiiiliar uuatii. ei.e-
wllere Ufic.
roi vi) box
Thursday's Offerlig
i.i it IN I. OKANI.KW The Koval Ta-
r'erla frnm Ihe liolden Oate. rh-h In
I. natural lul.e-. e.i.ered ulth
rreinliint Mnk I hoeolele. Cbfn
liiii.nshllle to -i. ure ,'l-e- .-4X4
rot mi mix
I If il.'.lr.-il. Mill. I,'... .... 1... 1 .
, Cur Fulton St.
Rat Bank nun k spruce st.t
266 W. 125th STREET.
Just East ol Bth.Ave. jr
UMtaa llads th aaaiala
a. - .

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