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Indictments of Inspector Sweeney Are Voted
WKlTIIKIl Jr'alr lo-ulalll mid anrdai nirinrr.
Hi; i nr. it I Kir tn-nlahi and Satar4ari waravr.
"Circulation Books Open to All."
Circulation Books Open to All."
i.pirlaht. IIII8. h The l'rr,. I'll Mlahlnc
( o. I r he 'rw Yerk H tirlil i .
Inspector Charged WithTwo Felonies
After Capt. Walsh's Wife Corrob
orates Informers' Statement and
Sipp Adds Testimony.
The Bitraordluary Qrtnd Jury to-day voted two IndlciBMHia, each
charging a fHony, agiilti-l Inspector Dennis Sweeney of the Police Depart
mrat, who has linen under suspension since I'apiuln TbOBMU W. Walsh, in
a statement to the DNtrlct-Auorney, accused Sweeney of sharing In graft
colltcted from disorderly hotels In Harlem. The indlclruenia were not
handed to Justice Ooff. for the reason
(irand .Judy adjourned at I 'dock,
uhen Sweeney will he placed uudcr
On of the ladlctmeoii easnwe
fareiiev arlth a feloai In I 1h r he bribed
i progpgui ri etltneoi 10 leave tha Steta
I'hia was Oeorge a. Ilpp, the cnier ail
1 iaaa nssinst Patrolman Buiaoa J'ox.
nod the evidence before iba nmnd fun
. limed th.r. Bwt waa aottva in ool
ieitiiig money which as af forward
turned oi to Wpp b hit lawyer, Ud
aid j. Newell, who. la io under .
dl tmeut uhatwad .iitii .1 felon.
'riie aacond Indlotnlani ..k.-h gwe -ny
irlth letting Vji of tuti eollecta I
'mm fipp by Kvgone fox 0.1 Awl .
lay, Till:, money. 11 i sbarged, paaaud
tai-oush tha hand of "'apt. Walsh.
Tiie oitiieaaaa again gweeoey a'era
w also, erhoee avldanea araa taken at ..
iionia yeeterdeyi Alt. Walah. the cj.
ta.ll H IV. te, S:p:. Tin''.:. I. J llona..
aa rox. j
IVa .rni jui-j at-.. .-.. ""land hla partner, '-hai-lee r. Rtelneri.
Ma, mi, Palmer, 1 htef Burgeon ... tha o, ,twk m
Po ice Depart it. and Dr. diaries . . " '
... , l'Hr tirm Ur. Irr suspension sln?e "Jsrk"
Dilloti. another police surgeon, rne , , j
v.ited Walah t ruaaday at el' Mn ad". aeeaaad them .f
.it evident!) upiei tha invalid, for ha having; made him the victim of a frame-
ia in . ,v ouinnlolnod (. Ihi lia-' 'P. 'a ere acquitted to.-J.iv hy a Jury, .y
trlot'Attorney. Dootore Kalmet and Inatruetlon or Jmtioe Uofr, in the
Ulllon told 1 i and J try that al' pr-me fo.irt The tral of StMnert, a
thouc.i Walah undet auepenaioii He l I mere formality after Jut:c Ooff'a ml
on ,;. k i.aw a-d 1 dMrtmut lag, did not taat I half inlnute.
. . 11. .... . , . rtf I'lV I
uie.ii piov.'e ma '
..IT el of any I
grade oi. .-ivk ae ntuat ..te.i i
lat.-d Intervaii by .. ponce auraeon.
Thay aailad on Waiilt in gdcordanoa
with tbia i ..'.i . thay ..i
capt Walak a tied ..d teitlfled
yeaterday before seventeen members oi
the Grand Jury. He first waived im
ti. unity, and said he wai anxious to
tell all ka knew and ai it off Ills mind,
there !a a strong- possibility tha: Ju?
II CI (left will be anked to ggPOtnt
.ommlssion to take f u t ier testimony
from i 'apt . aisn after pertain Indict.
mania art filed Xhla would mean tbl
presence of vounrel and woulu be a
greater ordoal than yesterday's, tthich
iasted about bail an hour.
It la because of Capt. Walsh' condi
tion that Mr. Whitman intends to
push the pohco trials with all possible
haste. It Is understood If Inspector
Sweeney Is Indicted he will be rushed
to trial In the shortest possible ttms
allowed by law.
Capt. Walsh did not seek to spare
himself. Besides Inspector Sweeney he
mentioned former Inspectors llussey
and Thompson, but for the present the
allegations against llussey and Thomp-
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Conrad Schickerlinp Is Arrested on
Gurge of Using Mails to
Swindle Pupils.
Conrad HrhlekerlliiM-, President of tiie
Hchlokerling Manufacturing Company,
which runs tiie International Jewelers'
Art School, at No Wi Maiden Lane, was
arrested this afternoon on an indictment
oharalngr the una of tiie malls to swindle
There ere thirty eompallnta. It la said
gnhjnkarllng wa arraigned before Judge
Mayer In the United Htates District
Court, and was held In t. ball.
Memorial Hertlee Here for "rail
M-morla! services in honor of tbl
msmbera of the .Sect Antarctic Kxp-dl-llon
who lost their lives will be held
in Sunday evening at tne Ameriej
rTiamaflg' ,riends goelety. No. W V-m
street, s e.-iai Invitations to h" pres
ent have aee:i extended t v the men o"
tha umted Suit S'avy sn1 xv n :,
they had not lieen drawu when the
They will lie returned on Monday,
Evidence Against White and
Steineri IrmirTident, is
(Jourt's Ruling.
Dsieetlre-gcrgeeat .tsmss c. White
n-hen White, whem trial heaan ve.-
lei'day. i,ro iht Into court. Jiittre
t-io'f hau before him th- motion of At
torney Qaorga (i0rd00 Battle, for the de
fense, that he lagtriMt the Jury to go i
quit tiie detective, on the gro ind that
the State had not add iced lUglClent
"In ikll caee," said Justice tioff, "I
have had a tranacrtpt of the testimony
taken a. id hate read A over carefully.
Manifestly, the murder of Zeliit aua.
seoueni to Bis arras ilnnrlvea tna aroa.
erution of m most imp.rtaJi. Witness
or uie evaeion or irum is not ror n.t
. aM,i. Th. ...i., i, ... k.-. ,
' , . ' j
to consider is whether or rut the State
has produce! euffloient testimony fa I
warrant convtrtion. The Court raise I
that the prosecution had flailed to
make out a case and directs the Jury
to render a verdlot at aogultal."
White was Immedlatel) acquitted and
discharged and the name of Stnlnert
was called. A ATOup of friends sur
rounded White and became ao clam
orous In their congratulations that Jus
tice i toff demanded quiet
Assistant District-Attorney Moss told
the Jury he had no other evlden e
against Stelnert than that they had I
heard In tho case of White. j
"The ruling of the Court Is the same," i
said Justice Guff, and 8telnert, within1
a few seconds, alio was discharged.
Mr. Muse had been obvloualy as.
tounded at the testimony offered by
some of hie witnesses. A few had told
of aeelng Zell,- when he waa arrested
at the International Cafe, No. 76 Sec
ond avenue. m alay ri last, tin Ms
coat above hla heud and demand to be!
searched for
fore witness.
concealed weapon be-
statements Ibgt.Xellg liad said
H'lilte: "It's lucky you got me when
yob did, or I wuuid have plagued you '
RDRJalN, Ki.. II. 'The new Herman
Coneul-OonergJ t New Torh ts t.i
Dr. l-alcke. who lias been nt Rgfealena
sin. s iwa iiis appointment In auece
glon i" Conaul-Qeneral Rudolf Wankien
wai SAeiiel 10-day.
FOR BAIN8, ll PAfti I.
PROSECUTION HAS NOT MADE englaaa at aet hour iundaj n:g . at njontha, and Aaalatant Dlatriet-Attor Jar. Bryan'u auggeetlon for Iba OAblnei
CASE, COURT RULES. j JX.'tJ, "IZ. Ho" 'r"i'"i ''"- h,m ' th. suggaatlon. are ell out of har-
"If the ends of Justice have been de- Cktrleg 1. Koill. Conimlseloner o! : before tiie AldermgAiO Committee mony With h0 rleWa of tioernor Wll
feated by the eupprnssion of ei'ldenee -ommerce and Labor, who aeveral I 'lt was JealOUiy." ald PUfOgll to j ,on.
Unanimous Vote Is for Nu
Arbitration, Except Under
Erdtntn Act.
lied by
Hurried Conference G
President Brown of
York Central.
Tiir mambaia of the adjuettnoai Com.
mtttee of th" Brotherhood "f Loeomo
tl firemen un,l Bneineman In ih.-
ajroadea,) Central dotal Kiln aftarnom
voted unanimously in favor ot .1 raaotu
tion In arhlch the organlaatlon win
pledged to accept no arhitratlon eaoept
t;,at provided for mdri tha ternn of
tiie Brdman a t.
The meeting j riied by Preald' i
Carter after tha mambari or the Ad-
1 Utment Committee had nulled ail
morning for arord from tha Pederal
media tore. Up to tha lima the con
ai'.ttee went Into executive Maaton "
.voru bad been received fr.un Judge
.v..a,.. . u. ."" ...p. .
the me.tiiiK it a oBlotalty annaunoad
, ,
thul t hi. flremti aeejOJi leal Inn li , 1
lakn it final etand. fr"t 8,,e
Mtmbeia of the committee ea!d th.rt I '" 1 Umaill to Aeilatant Imtrlct
nan.v of tlie men were Peeonilng rta ' Attorney Strong, made at II O'cbMO thie
!, and a ithougb the reaolutlon adopt- morning in the Tender k61n ttation. to
ed net no time limit, It Intimated
that the ore man win give the rallrotfdi
until eome !:ne to-nlht to OOOganl 10
the nreinen'a plan of arhitratinn; nml f
onaent ! not gtVOtl by that time, ntep
will Im taken to put Into effect the. -ti Ik.
ote Ihut wan recently taken on the
flftv-fnur r id In the Ea.terr. teretlaev.
Up to the time the firemen adopted tha
eoiiition tha raiirna.i managera stood
out firmly aa'nt lubmlttlng t:,e quae
tions a' laue to a board appointed undar
'hat s :.
Aa soon a the new. I ie
rallroai managera that tha firemen
were ready to Issue tha et'nke ..ill
Pr'.lrient Hrowu of the New Vovk
Central sent a hurry .'all t.i prealdsnl
Daniel Wlllard of tan Baltimore and
ohio, Praolganl Underwood of tiie Kris
and Viae Trepidant nn.i (lanaral afan-
aaer Healer of the Central ltailniad of
New .l-ey to meet Mini In Ilia effli
aii dovlaa aome new maana of avert
ing the threatened tleup The railroad
ogtolala eent for borrlad out of the
MsTilmtten rtotel, where tiie nianaK.'ii
committee made ltj. kaadquaHera. at -I
were ologetod with Praaldenl Brown,
Tiie 'ui to Blrika 's r'ntel end wl I
be ne.ii qui ta-nigkl lo the locals of i
a.sj loHin..tlve flreni. :-, ... eordlna ...
information o:.:ii!nel tins afternoon. If
, aii .ad nanagers preeerVe their
I lit I. ii l.i i'n,. Srxmi li i.I'M ... null I h i. im
er:itlnes ul a Ke; '..oar S indav ni
asjw ww. mhh m
me Jmie ot iiuunia a ninmie-i ounu on
whlrh the dispute could be settled, ar-
rived to-day from Philadelphia. He
ajgag aeveral hours With Judge Knapp
jg Acting Commissioner Hangar In ths
Hotel Manhattan. It was aald the
msdintore were at a loss to know lio.v
to proceed
IHTF.R80R0 PAYS $9,000
Mother of Gleason, Who Was Pound
Buried in C..ir, Omiprirniises
claim tor Damages.
Mrs Deborah I. Qleaaon Of Ma "li
liaat une Hundred ami Thirty-third
str.et will receive ,' ami costs from
tin. inter bo rough Rapid Transit Com-
psny in eettiamenl of her ataim for tiie
deatii of her son, John M. (Moaaon. a
jmileeumn, who. ti.u OMIthe? alieae..
died from injuries
a collision On tne
burns lei elved
tventle Kl
v.iied Railway at Thirty-second Ureal
January laat.
.u i , mbh ...i.rtn irt, urin-ei :iH
i ..r.r.1' ,.!,.., ,,f Vlr. III.... , ...
miniatraior a nr huh s-ate, :u
leave to eompromlaa bar . g m.
In her applleeCo ;.-
bgr ion waggaMad in :.e tiri gr w en
'.he tra' i aoilWad With one In from .
I, Her son waa pierred through tu
, nga ;r n-a-l iv a a' eel rod n .)
ir-ueivti sns iiei rviwi eu .an a.n..
the car caught file. Me wan found
deal in the Wl'l kage
Ot'TOOfNfl HTK.iMHinrg
MllikD T" HIV
Is, leeeaa. vi - , jtr ,
jggi. Vratrt-
i ui ; . ,. c.
Grail Witness Savs
Was Upbraided in Home as
an Informer.
WIT Escapes Bullets by Flee
Ing to Cellar. Where She
Cowers in Terror.
I mm) Purcalli reformed iramtii-r
and s'ool pigeon, whose -eslljiiony UetlV
weil. tirfo:e th. AMertnnnlO Connnltte I j.
Inveatlaatlna police piaft reflected r,n n
number of ao.lee eftl"fr", futr.o of wh.im
arc dead, I hoi and killed hie twelve-
year-old dauahter and flreil a wild allot
a: bia arlfa about i o'clock tills xornlna
In h!h ilat on tlu- nlxth fl'ior of tho Al
lalre Apartmenta, No. :ih Waal Taraaity
tiret Mreet. Afier th ajwollml Powatl
wallieii to the Weil Seventeenth etr-et
tatlon ..n i aava himaeif up.
btra. I'n mil e-apt'd by rnahlnf from
trie loom us a ion as h.-r h'lwmnd flr
1 ut li.'iv Slie ran all the nay to the cullar
; , Ulu Ua.IM and ,d. After tbe wife
bad eacaped Pureed grad thrab Mil M
. ,, . .
hla da UKhter, nlio n In liei. All 'eok
a 1 1 lie araa tranferrel, I'unell a
he m drhen to murder ! Inaane
jealoimy brottghl on hy hie wife's ga
' tUiiu. lie -aid he had not been molested
j by the police, following Ids tOOtlmOliy be
fore the AMermaala OommHtee. but that
'his wife. In addiiloii to other means of
I meylD l,lm' loak 10 f'allln ,,,m a
I "aejuaalar," when he heard of hi- avl-
denec, and this had a larao pirt In
bringing on iii- bomlddal insanity.
Mis. Pur ill. .n a slatement to the
ilstrlet-Atterney this afternoon, denied
sj.Ma aiteatatlnna. Shede,lared
she nan a i; I wife and mother and ,
aided In the aupporl of the family
Working in a Itore at No- tit Hfth ave- !
nue iter husband, "he said. Derate!-
ently accused her Without to nutation or
ex. uaa and she OOd 't only for the
sake of her daughti r. Tka wife aert.i 1
eho believed lier buabond'a mind has
aeon unsettled for aome time.
Poreelli after he had made hla etjts-
ment to the Aaalatant Dlatriet-Attor.
ney, was taken to tiie I 'uronei'a OgtOS
and arraigned on a chaise n! homicide.
He w.i- aeio lor i -e (Jrar.d Jury with-
oi. t jail and remanded the 'femba.
. IMr. el. e inine prmeu
be a terrlfle I
shock to tiie li.etrlel-At l..rney' office
for members of Mr. Whitman a staff
I . ,. r mm luu.ll
;ir. airaaa.
The murderer h"-d retained hie nine
posure aim appeared to look on nil
crime wit .. degree of galmnoag and
phllosopio .
"It over,'' he continued, "end I oan't
undo it. I l.avo killed my little girl,
annea. end i am grilling to take my
medicine, b it I want It known that mylOomJbg golnif into VViison'e cabinet. Mr.
wife oualit to share tiie nlnme.
Slie drove me to It. Sim drove me
raay Me aniy did ane neglect me ana
In .t m. n no w tfo should tr -nt a hii
K.ml lnii h.. noie.in.Nl tin- ii. I lid of rnv
Child agalnet me and took the little girl I Mr MaOombg m ist prepare hla fences
away from home ggalngl mv wishes t ight now and tie Is in the nght all tho
among rompanlona she shouldn't have time. Henutor O'florman wanta to sue
gaeoclatad with. need himself and he hue to keep hla
"My wife and I have been on the outs fences in repair, Hv It In going to be a
for a long time. Hhe has been working gtroiej tight between thoOe two stai-
iu a store ai Twenty-third atreel and1 warts in ttie Wilson eamp lo gel their
Plfth avenue. I hud reason to !., leal- i men Into the Cabinet
gue of her and ehe taunted me end drove I The nrh between them t t.,e eon
me hair craay. Itrol of ttie Foderal patronage in Kew
I loved my . 'tie daughter, but my I York, the Srat big fight being the nam
wife constantly Influenced Ihe child I Ing of the Collector of the Port, With
agalnal nte, Al Cbrlalmaa time, wbgglg tnan in the Prealdeat'a Oablael ttita
If wanted the IlltlO OOI at Hone, mV wife I Haht Ih kmliU- to be helne.l I In BSaa so r .
I tool; bar uptown, away from me. Tbeyiablv, While 0Oorman and McCnmba!
. - .......
BKOni ' -
i"" later.
Mrs U, H. Delgroln, In the Ilucalngham
Palace gpartmenti at Me. West one fat ..a In the aervlce, Witk Mr M
Hundred and I'm t;. -s. .erith street. Ijcombl siiut out f i mi, I ablOOt. It,
pent Cbrlatwai glona. looks aa if ha would have a voice in'
"i was Jealoui or a hm my wife naming th an for t...- position,
net Where slo. worked, . it lbs .iH; rjn t other hai.u H-ro.io fl'Uorman I
a i
li, ' -.'es's. It
until aft-:' '. Il i Had befot'l :-
at Committee that my wife really had
anything 10 drive me clear o it o." my
mind and s-ir-ed on it and need It.
I "As soon a l g.t boms Ibgt night via
v. , . s- as-i
Gambler Who Killed His Child
Facing Charge Before Coroner
VVV ' aeafafggggggggH
M wft
fcLa.9 gaggggggH gggggknW
ggggggV. iB ggggggV.
LwV Ll LbV a
-egaj i
gggg. ggggga. .1 ' .
i .v b mJeAYvv"w.'m -
jt... i . .. t. ...-........... i . . .1. . i txfw
I (dpeclglly Photographed for The Kvetilng World hy a Htarf Photographer.)
McCombs May Not Get Place
Is Seeking to Succeed
Root as Senator.
Phere sre nnnera o' a breach fe-
two. it Preeldent-eleot WUaon and vv a -
am Jennlnua Bryan, Which is ald to
be wider than when Col, K. At. House,
wsrm personal fi end o' both, left for
the aunny clime of Plorida ;o talk with
t ie iseoraaaan. nis lain was of no
a. all '..! Mm.m ....
Dai House hna be' n with 'he I're.
dent-eleot for Hie paet turn .lave end
has OOOOmpllghed no'iilmt In the wav
of promotlnif peace. Tiie slstes of the
two lenders do not Jibe.
situ itlou In New York enters
vcrv strongly Into the mutter, it y those
who yrofe-s to know there len't a ghagM
of .National Oommittaa Cfcatrmaa Mo-
j MoComfcg will remsln a: the head of the i
National Democratic c.,inilttee and!
,,. ,m , llnu ,. v.,rH ,,,,.. ,h.
successor of United Htates Senator Knot
are verv friendly personally, neither
w,, ,;.i app ni.t ti ti,. i s n-.i.ta t '
i.ns claims al- . to g h a Ii and both
men seem aOttallt glfOng .n tbg .'ajnp
I of lite President tfenatoi O'dor-
man's ebOlM would be air ier William'
. 0 M I tdoo or Juotloe Vl( toy l iwllng
Just I UotgUng, li Ii iwn, was Qov.
vv .....'. ....i.fc i... A. ..f . .
LgH jggggggggggggm KKM
Dust Settled on I lis I lortor, and
fl Vigilanl Policeman on
Post Was Horrified.
I " "huulil happen to li.. In lined
1 to violate a city ordinance, be vary.
very careful tliat Mayor (Jaynor Isn't
around when yo i follow said inclina-
tion. ror further partleulgra se ai..
DumbroWi who la la baalnaaa at Me
i6ii Platbuah avenue, Brooklyn.
However, ai 0U may not he able
to gee Aba Dumbrow pnreoiia.ii, the
particulari are herewith praaantod fm
your Information and gttldOBJI e Tiiev
are K.r ii -1 from rhn uroceed nge Of
the iiutier Btreet Polled Ceurli
llomptiy at S.H O'OIOOK MM inornlnir
Ab" Dumbrow Committed a violent gg.
ult " Wd sld..wik In front of big
pis 'o of bttftaell with a liroom. And
such dust Aim made you WOUMn'l
anything like It outside f
1 rt of SkAPd, mai . But that wa-
r""" f,,r very body alee pegging
oione Piaiougn avenue ciul not for
-""Vor 'Jaynor.
Kvery morning Mayur I laynof walks
by Abe Dumbrow'i pieoi f buelneea
the Mavor being on his Aay from n -
horn to tiie City lla'.i LTauallg tb
Mayor Is Immersed In thought and g.
gestln;. his breakrast.
To-day he wa Immergad in d .st and
it :e feaieii dial aomo of :t invaded :iie
aforementioned, in a way. dlgeotlvo
funotlona of Hla Honor vnyhow, the
dust was rals'd b) Aim DumbfOW and
ids broom and TrafSa Poll emen Minb
laa drill happened lo look around an i
nee ail timee elementg In oonj incttnn.
aa it w re- namely. Mayor flaynor, the
i dust, Ane pumunia ami me broom.
was ri kmc ronreman ntonoiaa drill
stirred t . a I. hi'.' Anewei Ho Wag In
aboul two sw -ii". .,' n broom im had
grraeted iba Dumb on fq alatlag a
niiy ordlnanea wbleh problblta t ..
weeping of eldewalki .fte- v. y
in tne ii it et dtreet I'olloe Court
D im iru M "fed II.
luivicn su uoats& bint.,. i4.yy
PHK "BBB" cioi r,., i
n V ' i,',, V," 'Uiif! ii''.'' i '" ii0!'
balaJiee of t IHI and s I I Men s
Winter Bnlls a .. t iuli I . . t-
41. no. ma
ii 4 J 11 i 1" it mf w
gaMi MUggvr 4M We. i
Madero Dynamites Four Blocks of
Buildings to Give His sArtillcry a
Better Sweep in Bombarding Rebel
Forces in the Arsenal.
Two Batteries Totalling Ten Guns
Keep Up Constant Fire on Rebels
in Arsenal From Neighborhood of
British Legation.
Gen. Diaz took the offensive In to-day's battle in Mexico,
directing his main fire on the National Palaot.
President Madero is reported to have been wounded in bai
lie this afternoon.
Ambassador Wilson refused to-day to remove the American
Embassy as requested by the Mexican government.
Madero's forces have blown up four blocks of business,
buildings and residences to give his artillery a better swee
when firing on the rebels.
Several bands of Federal soldiers stationed near the Brit
ish Legation have been seen to throw down their arms and de
sert. '
Diaz sent a note to Ambassador Wilson demanding "recog
nition" as a belligerent, but obtained no promises.
A convent several blocks beyond the palace was struck,
and many nuns and children were killed while praying for peace.
Sentiment in favor of intervention by the United States is
reported to be growing in Mexco.
President Taft said he would not intervene unless Ameri
cans were attacked because they were foreigners.
There is talk of sending Justice Gerard of the Supreme Court,
to Mexico as a mediator.
Many acts of violence against Americans at Acapulco are
reported, and the cruiser Denver has been ordered back to that
MEXICO CU V, hch. 14. President Madero was wojnded ht ttie
thigh this afternoon by a ti dement of a bursting rebel shell, according to
a report on the street. It could not be confirmed at the National Palicr.
Diaz has succeeded in bringing provisions through his lines, and It
is believed his men are equipped to withstand siege until Sunday night
lliigles sounded la? ihi afternoon for both sides to cease firing, and
it v.is said that a temparorv truce hid been agreed upon to allow tha
I streets to be cleared of dead and
United States Ambassador Wilson to-day has been twice requested
by Pedi Lascuraln, the Mexican Foreign Minister, to move the American
Embassy to another location, but the Unbaatador rc-iu-ed to consHertne
i he object of Ihe Government
p ,.. ,: cannon in i p.i-iti..n which would draw the rebel fire from ttie
i enal direct!) in lii"' with the Embassy and a great number of residences
i xupled '.v American citizens. Despite the refusal of the Ambassador,
'; understood that Pederal batteries are being placed there.
v,adero, i i an effort t' snatch victory from ufat appears to be .
irning ..i Ihe tide against him on this flfHi day of street lighting, ha
i tin the vie truction bj dynamite ol four solid squares of houses and
: ,i iness oftices obstructing the fire of the Pederal cannon upon the
i ii ; Uronghold at ihe rsenal.
i Ictoriann Huerta, having brought up mortars to direvt against!
th: citadel, ! the necessity of obtaining a "hort trajgetory t"r his
ijcctilt nd i'r that reason ordered the dynamttini in na, iii4r'.ii gi
iu.j.iife. yiij Mmm tiwmmuo m um m iic
Is '- permit the l:eJera! fpoopg to

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