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Antonio. so 1hat !ir wmiM not have ro rlrva'e I1I5 mort;in f -rirrv over
' t!ic roof lines.
The few residents remilnins; in the rune pmcrlbtd foi destruction
were orden'Jout last n'eht and MCjpd with only tiielr pofllblc valuables, i
At II o'clock to-day engineers btflll laying their mines and over tlie!
hooming of .lve guns wunded the racking explosions ff the rending
What Is auftly tlie first sign of a break In the rank1; of Mm Oovrni
ment troops occurred during !lie lnp(!est of the camionadiiif: of Hie Fed
eral batteries located on the I 'a sen iveforma in front of (he British lega
tion. Several bands of Inderal infantrymen under fire suddenly broke
trom their officers and fled down past the legation building, throwing
:lieir guns away.
This Incident added strenjrtli to reports from nther quarters that tlie
.spirit of the Madero troops has been burned out by the merciless cannon
ading and that they arc desertinR. It was reported that a train had been
made up at the San Lazaro station in readiness to carry Madero out rf the
CM? in flight.
The Union Jack, flying from the staff of the deserted liiitish Lega
tion on the Pasco Heforma, was torn to shreds by the explosion of a
rebel shell from the Arsenal.
The Stars and Stripes 1i!l f I v nver the descried American Consulate
nearby. Diaz refused to fire in that direction toddy when a Federal
ftttery, planted letre the Consulate, tempted him.
Three diflerent infantry cng:igemeLs in the Mreels about tlie Ar
senal occurred this aiternoon. In each Insi.uwe llierc was vicious ma
chine gun volleying, but both sides played safe.
Uiax advanced lib. sharpshooters on tlie rmfs far beyond the lines he
held, and these constantly sniped .it the masses ,,i Filer.il reservists aUmg
he line of tlie Alameda.
But for the grim terror oilstug I tlie att in ImMMI ,f the day would
Ure lu humorous Mtjtfi QM DIM ilesuaii Ih-iI a courier to Aiiibusaailor
Henry I.kiiu W.'leos at tlie Aiimrlruu ICihIiumh with no Is eaklxui ami tha
AabaUMdur UN bis bait office Ui
eoognltlou of Dial im u Iwlllgurent.
ured statement that Olax win now in
The Ambassador couthed Ills myl
Dttl'a statement claiming luutrol of UM
smusssauor. viamting mm he did not
mnj eeo u. ucsiaon, Wilson auld. hu had been told by Llie Foderals ilntt
bay war itlao lu ronipleie oouirol of Uio rlty.
Wilson did not hold out auy prumlsug that Dial would b. recognized
M belllgirtu'.. by tb United Stales
Tto tlffhtlug continues to be a marclleaa artillery duel, no coualdrra
m for noncombatauu being an own by althar aide.
Wag aeems to hold bU advancad pogltlona and the Kedoralg under
M. Huarta have not darad to attempt a raptlUon of yvstarday'a tactlog
f direct InfanUy aaaault down tho narrow atraoU loading to Utex'a
Tho rebels' big guns kept up rapid and deadly tire all morning until
t 10 oolock a alight docroata in tho Ore of tha Federal batterloa loomtod
in the Avanlda de Bag, Franclaco aHomod ta lndlcato that tha battory had
ouad tu position untonabla. ' ,
Many aball. from tha robot batttrla. fell around the cable office, the
American Olub and other prominent bulll(nKR lu the vicinity of the Zocalo
.tnd tho National Palace. Othera roachad Utelr mark, tha National Palace'
at tha end of tho lino of atreeta.
At about o'clock the rebel gunner, turned tholr chief attention away
' ana onto tne Federal battorleg on tho Paeeo Re- 1,ul w" rt" ""' wl"'' '" sacrifice any of the-n by ordering a charge up the narrow
'or. from which the Oovernniont gunnera were pouudlna them un I lejJing to tt itoiiei in lha face of the rebel gone. We could have
mercifully. am I driven Mie rebels out Wit! r artillery tire, but we restrained the operation of
r - . , ,,, I our amis In order to fulfill our obligation 10 the foreign governments to refrain
. batterloa totalling ten Kuni ataltoned on the Phm I from promiscuous bombardment."
Heforma in the neighborhood of tho British Legation poured a nonatant ' Huerta'g olalm that the PedoraJ artillery was held .n check In order not to
stream of enellg onto tha rebels in tlie Arsenal Another Federal attMaevI am buildings occ upied by foreigner! did n..t correspond with the fact- a-
noated on San Juan da utnn .t..f ,,' , . 1 , witnessed by the ekaervera of yeeterday'i battle. The dlminkallng use of tha
rnmL. Jhi i ' Franclioo I Fodnrej -an, waa due. it bj beUaved In aoms nuartera, to a ihortaga In am-
JOWaw la. ( munition and not to an) altruism on tlie part of the lovernment oommandera.
aWt obgervera declare that Dlag has1 tho advailtago of position in Th shells from their gun wore as destructive to property and lives outside the
aome ragpeota, but that the Federal commander haa an Immense superiority ' b,U " ",,r, irxow of ,h' r'"r"
in a.imbera and could count on practically unlimited ammunition and I SENTIMENT FOR INTERVENTION.
upvllao. Dial also la reported to be well provided with ammunition Perhapa the most significant element In the .haut e sffa.is of tha Mexican
mm agajngaal gaajgaa man nn,.lr people In their capital to-dac was the masked growth of a sentiment favoring
WVeW OBTAINS REINFORCEMENTS. Intervention by the United tales, The aavase fighting In he itreetg of me
i-aa... , !.. .1-1.1 , c tN. which has profreMed glnca Hundan uli only one day's Interlude on Hon
. "T . . I,M n,ore raiafomaaenta and atlll Jav. has tm.-.i . e m,H!v, element of lha capital's population -lth horror
Wl ""a were aaiu to
tea. Blanqtiet wag officially reported
Department of War to leave a colonel
tns. mt ti... i s. .
smBaB ... , omie ui Heaioo unit to come to tin. capital with a
portion of hla men to Join in the attack on Mm Oen Itlvera Is aald to
he an the way from the State of Oaxaca with :w Federal auldlera.
Hardly had the guu risen to-day when an autumobllt. flying a white
flag of truce brought a meggeuger of Madero to Uen Dlai. behind his guua
in the Areeaal. The mestenKer cat it. d Madaro'l dumand that Dlag should
The rebel leader instructed ilie uieiieuKer to tell Madero hw had no
tboaght of aurrender that he neltlrer uiked Irmency nor would grant It
and that he and hla men would die lighting. If necoaaary.
Than before the automobile could luavs the front of the Atsejml win,
llaga danance, heavy guna DH tr.e top of the embattled citadel hurled half
ib.aen alploalva ahella over Intervening rultui to the roof of the National Palace
Thai was Dial's anawer and the fig' ting whs resumed
During a lull In the battle about lu o'clock a aeornl mssaags om from
Msdsro to Dlag. saying that sines he repllsd to the first msssu of sur-
ren4er, wtiersln he had been offered every consideration If he would yield
by firing on tlM -National Palace, lis oojld sxpsct to be sliot on capture slid all
of pis followers with him
TVi . ffatatal - - .
- - - " , r"u ZT ,n" " w viot.tmg .very rule of
cemasd wte. it dr.w no response .xc.pt newed nring from ui... '
San two
Before the nghtlng had
WW .i,.u.a2' nl " " ", ''''nv""1
"o i".iie were on men knees In the chapel
prenng for peace when the Instrument of death bored t.'irough the wall over
Th flr.i . , sl"eo.
serins or ,
TM r i,,h ,',7 t!"
tiameda' fr ' ,!M1
"atace aide ttaata
T .
.... i . i 11 o.ur niii'
vssterdsy. had plainly taken the offensive
joii more oavitgnt s steady stream
", JcJ.kT rl"'' 'ul "'" Wtprtelni many of the hotter sistnents, poured i
aaat Ll.,.nr '1,OP V"1 "ttt'', ;" "' '" ' " 1 "' ' Ofden
gSaaaYk! .il ?5?mU ""l "vvu- U,B ouailon uf the
eawirsei ey ineae non-combatain ta
Br-. mmmZ7. , ,, , , . ,
Greet crowds of them ailed 'he streets, staggering lindei the wsirit f 1
isasiw i 'ur.iuinic n 11,1 oilier perauiial
.... mawmsrs 01 tm 1 reiattvsa while
. M,e tranaporlation or thi r baby hrothi
bAfftd -eomen tOtUrsd fsstj iloni luslng
l""r seanicgsTioaeg rngni Man) ui thsss people had nowhere id go and me,,
abtaluuly asatltute, and these found ibi gnl isnctuarles
Jn mem of 11, e -..iir.lie, ,... .,; . Veei wsri sta-t.l hy the . lergj far the
resfoeation of pears le ths ;' Thousands of refugsas knell In the aid
Sdlflees Slid Jn lied In the prgySTS, it Ihe Igmi t hlS 11 i.sl iis noi little la Ihs
hesvy wsi. for proleetlon ngainst ihs ficmg prolsotllee.
r 7 o'clock tin nrmg had settle,! Into a stesdy fagtltads All srnund the
Arsenal, the rebel nsadauartara, the flasti of the dta harsrsa af flabi ., and
'luickflrsrs was Incessant, Federal officer, declared that tlie.i men were being determined to remain to watch the fight
prepared to make a forward movement on the rehel linos log, although Mr. tVlisou reports at
INaa made jreiauuna to codmsi even lucta of tns adance ui the Oovera- avafaj iuit(a UaVwaau vugagsmsols us
kiiIii rrum thu irlimm i
Xhi tiiesu,;,i run mined tin- at If aft
"aoiplatt iiutrol" of i ho tttf,
hi severuly formal tout-, haying that
city wus undoubtedly true, but tlie
have a mined military eye. roulti I
ne coming to bta assistance l0-dav
to huM. aiked permission fenn, ik.
in command of the small Federal
hours In progress rebel shram - kio.ii I
' beyond tho National raises
. prTt lootlae; sad more serious
" M '""kl followed by a :
" f1"1 "" "" r""f "r tha
" "l positions ajoaf Hie
between tha irssnsl aad the National
or in,. i, t ... ,1 n, m.
of tefise... f ,, 1..
eff ll
.Vfk ut-oo , i .-1 'm .'in ..I u.u.
eh ldrM wars p ..1 mu sarvi.e for
and slatei .,,,1 i ih. -.,. ,.r ..... 1
I hell frightened relaUvsg muoh dslsi
Buildings Wrecked by Artillery in Mexico;
Barricades Put Up by Troops in City's Streets
' JjaBBiaaaBHafcvfl
vi HI
mjym, rrsr -wJ il Saaa. BiaaaaaaaaaaaJ
fcyft 8LaaatBByEliMaaw- paBL
111 liUlilllLnulLllli l WWSBmSSL -ZL : fi
wnatHap w i If
Major Tievino Capture Vic
toria and Marches Upon
Tampico, on the (iull Coast.
UKOWN8ViLL.K. Tx., Fb. H.-V,wi
that lndloatri tha NVOll of all north
aatara iMczleo from the Madoro rule
and ahowa lha apread Oi tb tlaa con
aplraoy tu aalxa auprame puwer In tha
republic haa cutna frt.ni vit orl.i. tin,
oatltal at the atate uf Tajnuullpaa.
aouth of hare.
want troopa, aa ha Indicated ha would do In h'.s reply to the President s ulti
matum. In aaplanatlon of the failure of tho Federal for es to BMkf good their threat
to storm the position held by tlen I Ha and his men and drive them from the
Citadel, Oen. tfUartla commander of U.a Hove: nnient troopa aald lie had re
frained from ordering a cha:ge In order not to s.icrlflco Ills men. The (Seneral
was Intervlnwed during a tour hu mad of the city soon after midnight.
"We havu abnot nu n," he said, "and I hey are all we need to defeat Diaz.
end led them to ' !r.e upon the best solution Of this ltnpase j
Months ag b.t gsnflmsnl In favor of uutalda Interference In the tangled
"f ", "' " f,TI ;"
,,, ,,, itntlmaul u noi given vu
b-ow among
by Influential Msglcam with Ai i tns and other forelgnera
Prominent Mexican- have lold the oorrespondeatg thai ihs United Hates (
slona. or the United States acting In i Intuition With one or more forelgr
power ghoull natively Intervene by armed loroe to quell the prseeni aaarchy
md establish a linn government.
Conditions In the capital grow wores hourly. All of the central portion of the
city from the National l'slace down Ihs lengl i of the are.il Avenida Benito
Juares to Uie i'lsta rarlos V. Is now lu utter ruin. In some plaOSS the streets
ars blocked b masses of fallen masonry. In other pls'-es barricades close them,
Yesterday's MOroUeSg bombard msnl nearly deetroyeil the National Palace, once!
th urIJe of the citv ami the scene of all Us ereat civic and military fetes. The ,
new National Theatre, constructed at tha expenditure of nearly $7,000,000. and
one or the great monuments to the power of Porgrte !laz. Is torn and twUted
by ahella.
Tha I tui bide PortSr, Berry and Janata Hotels, the Ainerlcsn ami (German
Clubs, lha Mutual Life Hulldlng. the palace of the Minister of Foreign Affair,
the Y. M. Q A. Hulldlng and I he majority of the clubs and business houses on
the i antral business streets about the Avenida dn Han Francisco are either
punctured with gaping shell holes or completely ruined
All public .,n,l private business has ceaaed. All markets are eteied.
There is no meat to be bought; vegetables, milk, eggs und charcoal hsve not
.. b.e.... I.. UI. II.. ..Iw .1... (,,. fl'illn. fti.iVnn .10 Sssgse.
' '""
To-day the Oeaeral Poatofllog oloasd its doom and most of the olerka ani '
eafffteri were given guns and drafted Into Mudero a army. There Is no DOlloa :
,. tv.. ,m,, force tartunatalv. still maintains soma allow of moral,-. '
Tn flremen have so fin prevented a
There is ao attempt oa the part
Bses. ceased by the cutting of the electric tight wlrse by ylng snails,
robbery and darker deeds are psrpetratsd wtthout hindrance.
The almost complete cessation of the Ited Cross snd White Croas epars
tlona, due to thg Brtna upoa tbe aaaa of both mlnlaUrlng forcea by renele and 1
Federals alike, has left the wounded to die In the streets, and there Is none 'o
. .,...1 .r, ,.r a..i
In the last three desa of desperate righting la already inena. Ing the health of
The .lesth rsaterday f another woman. Mia. Greenfield, the mother of
Rarry Oreenaeld, who Is sn engineer In the employ Of tbe Mexico Tower fom-
Pa,-. ralaea the list of women killed to three. Pns Idllad when a shell
exploded on Victoria street Mie whs a Canadian,
WAPHINOTON, Can II Overnlghl
dagpatetaei from Ambaaaaaei Wllun
aay Anieticsiis sic not in tissic 10 flee
the danger nine to Mexico even whir
they hsve opportunity foreigners seem
S OOTfllag I telegraph!'- :epurt, r
laed 'iy murlr from LiflaTM to M ia
terry, MaJ. HefuKlo Trevlno. nrphow of
ileti. Orrunlmo Tievino, captured Vic
toria, the capital of the State, yentcr
day, mid It marohlne with a well
e4uipved army upi'u Tjinleo, the north
ern seaport on the tlulf OOMb Tlie
assuult on Tampico will probaldy MOOT
to-nlaht or early to-morrow.
Trevlno la aald to be hurrying to the
attack In order that he may arrive and
engage the Federals before the United
States 'battleship daapatclied from QtM4?
thinking Meslcans or the better slassi I
T-da the subjsci Is frankl) dlscuased
general conllugrutlon arising from the
of either of the contending armies
crimes. Under cover of the dark-
.., ., 11,.. , , ,.r , 1,,,... .1 . .,
. .
1 I
usf "ein nioiois ti.iougnoui tne . Hy toimmi abo.il in. ti venrs , Id. nh.i h id
in inn all null- 'OmbAtfttatl IlltQ Mil M il;u
Uurhuud uf in' Anifi i an 1111 L'lxas v .
Banking li ptralyMd, tnd v he Am
bftleMetor '' ut-fii u 11 bit tQ Uriivx' upon'
fir Utf Uepartineiu for tl run 4 1 tt i-
I l.i il - . . 1 k'ataJlt eataaxtaa I fit I Ml as in si Urn leads
"- "' """'"si thi
tmerlegnj an.l ,. t,.. them out ,,r itiehm
IIaIi III. "SSUUll UI lll
nut . iTAXArtviTDgotTo QinSilSE.
fci Uit stgaaiuae 4 g. W.
Oslg ta Oat par. Carts Oris
uapi I
la Tns
V -tJ"M'' ll '
tana:iio eari- .it the week j-ries there.
oen. Oofontno Tr rlao oni una ov-
ernor of the tdJaM en! !t!it of N'iiavo
Loon and a f.-uit f-lend of Praaldent
1'orllrlo lalz was illi laced from power
l ItadOTO when the latter be -nine
rr idem. Hli loyalty to Ifadero haa
boon QUaatlonad and tonlay'.v n.'ws aup
Portl tin- new from Mex'.oi i it at tho
MBM of the Dial outbreak that Its had a
secret uiide rstandlnt; with Trevlno.
lien. Trevlno a wife Is an American
and lie lias ulwas been friendly to
WAaHIN'OTON, Feo. M. The crutaer
Denvsr( whleh left Acaputcoi on the
west coast of Mexico, Wednesday, has
been caught by wireless and ordered
to return at top speed to that port. This
order was executed by the Navy De
partment upon command of Secretary
of iate Knox because of tha grave
danger of un gntl-Amerlcan outbreak In
that port and surrounding lerrllory.
Many a-! of v'.ili-nce liuve oen am
" "o 7. .
Th nlnated In s it reel attack upon
urgei iinmer.i uw swun ummm
'' "mrr" ' '"
oepanure tor .nu..,
Wednesday. These demonel stleni o.
tlllty, endangering Hi- i vei y'. hull-
-lied a of Americana, i".o ikorougbly
Harmed otllilaH here,
i" addition to u igular American
colony In capUlCO are Vuiei'.an
ranohers and miners torced io lies .nto
the ally by isb. : depredations In the
i oiintrysldi . A 1 these refugees are
dependent upon pratOOteM from the
navy, us tne renew rorceq suspension
of work on railroads Which would have
connected toe Pacific I o tat with the
Mexican capital.
To., demonstration at Aoepulce waa
the first Instance of hostility to Amei!
aiis in tne present crisis.
x liug,.t nWvm Dmaelf a private
ueteettv. the wi.n. s. .tend before
luetics l'aue in the luprema Cour, to-
day told a Jury now ne nau suns, 10
Mrs (Iraee l. Havener and .1 man com-
nanlon over u great chunk of the Island
if .Manhattan, on the night of BoptOaV
her IS last Mis. Havenor is defendant
In divorce suit brought by her hue
band, Harvey D, Havenor. manager of
K, Marlins' Sou-, on I'lft h avenue,
l his mother's srms In court, was
five-year-old Harvey D Havenor, Jr..
whose custody '.lie father lost In a
Michael H Hogihs was the llitle man
iiiio told of lis skill In shadowing. He
said he "plcke.l up' Mis. HaveniM leav
ing her home ,,n West ,lnet -third
street and 'ude pi the satne car down
llo Twenty-third street. Sh,. went to
I Twenty-fourth street and nigth avenue,
where she entered s eafe Two hours
later she emerged with a tail oung
thrse moles
it t. Is nook a nd I yy o on
his face
lloaeh h.i l they tote In a
West 1'oc.i tt r i it Mic-i and eniur.d llie
lot-!. li,- rung up tns h 's
uglld .md lii iiulf an ho h ha ' a dugsn
notei. They insd to tain enlranee,
wars excluded
i glons
msi with the n'ulsx emerged
Rog hs followed him de douali
Hint learn,.. I Irs name was Scliier h
swore. He believed Mrs, Hay. line left
the hotel t un entrance Into s theatre i
President Says He Will Send Message to Con
gress in 30 Minutes If Americans Are
Ruthlessly Slain.
WASHINGTON, Fob. U. Prcgldout Tart leotgrtd to close advisers
to-day that only ojic thing could force him to ask Congress to Intervene
In Mexico.
If the Madero or Diaz forces should turn upon Americans merely be
cause they am American or foreigners. Mr. Taft lot it be known, be
would rush a special message to Congress in thirty minutes. He dors not
regard the killing of, a few Americans In the course of the battlo as a
cause for war, but looks upon such casualties as unavoidable and believes
that the proper authorities should he bold liable for damages.
The President's confidant sny thu' '.
he were to hear that American were
hetr.g wati'only Wiled and found '"on-
. ... a mm aai 1... ivnill.l
gress laeina a waen vim iw g
ne' hltate to send en expe l ion irv t
force from the battleshlns at Vera Cruel
and Tamnko. K.ve thousand snllora
and marines could bo landed front them
In a few hours ami started for Mexico
citjrt Internationa; law rteognlaeo t
rignt of a government to send ud 1 I
rapedltlonary force to guard In oaw
itl7ns when thev need protet IIOU. T ie
tn'.lors and marinis would ie sen! to
Mexico City "as the leant on K IS I,"
th.s was the method employed outing
the none- uprising In China and nine
re- ntlv In Nicaragua.
If such I step were f . ed UPOP Pi sl
deat Tsft niuie I'ongrcss was not in
-'slon ' he President plans 10 foil,.., II
m mediately with a mtatags setting
forth conditions, showing w at he had
done and asking authority t" at I
L'nlled stutes troops across the bonier
The President urn disturbed lO-duy
whet, he heard reports that i un.munl
tlon between Mexico I'it and I iie
Unlled States might be cut ',if. 'le
polntcl out to friends thai such a con
dition would resemble that In C Inn
when the foreigners, pennon up In P,
king. COttM not communicate with ' le
outalde world.
President Taft mat the Cabinet at thej
usual send-weekly s'S'lon and the Mc.-j
csn situation was generally dlscuaeud.
It was understood that the Cabinet Is in'
complete accord With the President a 1
The President referred so.-n.- uf is '
callers to a letter he wrote two jea's'
atfo to MaJoT-On. Leonad Wood, ex
plaining hla reasons for the order I
mobilizing troops then on the Tex i
bardgr, In that letter the PreeMatit!
My gsteraglaed purpose Is to
be la a postttoa so that whsa
danger to Amerloam ltees and prop
erty la Mexloo tbreatens and the
aalstlag roeernmeat Is rsBdsred
halplaaa by the insurrection I can
promptly execute congreaaloi.nl or
ders to protect them, with effect." 8 prema Court Justice James YV.
A suggestion for the peacef ul Solution Qerard said to-day he mid received no
Of the Mexloan trouble Without Interven- official notice that he was llkelv to lie
Una, which has not yet taken soape. but aelafattd ss mediator In Mexico b,
which seems to meet, with the read" a;- ... ,, . , ,
.... . twee ii the iisz an i Madero factions,
aroval of many Demoorata in Congresg
1, that Justice James W. Qerard Of th , uddw, h M ,"',d:' "poml "
New York Supretne Court be sent to "u''''
Mexico to look the ground over and. If "it is a miss. on of nieSi y which no
each would he acceptable to both sides,
offer himself as a peeetble mediator b?-1
neen Msdro nnd TVj.
.luslve Qerard It known to have a iv.de
knowledge of things Mis' mi. He Is not
allied in 'n sympathies With any fa 'tlon
In Mssloan polities and is widely known
t.i prominent Mexnatis a
premlnenl member uf the .ie j go.
ietc or New ror
Director John Harrett o? the B ires i
of American liepiiollcs .Hs drawn t le
irs of several oflljcra of the Adminis
tration hy his proposal mat a Joint
board of nieuiuuon comprising sr.
American snd representatives or the
South American republics should offei
mediation to the waning factions t
Barrett's suggesllon at this time la ion.
sideied as the height of Impropriety I
Inasmuch ss he stands l;i an oAolal re- !
latlon with Ihs United States liovern- ,
ment as well as those of the twenty
Central and South American republl ,.
Jott how rapidly the greatest nmnl-i
tlons of war food supplies eoMld be
moved, should the United States snd J
armed troops Into Mexico, heanie
know ii to-day, with information is to
Hi.- vast preparations of the Q iar'.er-'
muster's Department of the army. I
Sufficient stores to feed uu army nfl
",c,(.i for s month ars in readiness for
removal aboard trains and transports!
nt an hours notice. Wltliln the last,
week the great railroad trunk lines of I
the eounlry have been notified t0 nav
i rtady fur immediate use, and
lVOtD troops could be started on t.iei.'
: ega to Mexico with abundant aupiulei
within a few hours after the call for
mobilization wa Issued.
In the quartermaster's department,
frogs whence the greatest a mount of
stores would go. there is waiting auffl-
clent food and "housing" supplies to :
care for 15,000 soldiers. Kverylhlng Is I
ready far shipment to Newport News
Id be placed aboard the transports the. I
moment the intervention Is Issued.
Boils Disappeared
"I was afflicted wuh many boili on
my bad. and itevU, causing nw i
much trouble l was hardly al'le to
! WOfK
l I. new oi lluoii'-- Saruparillti
j, a Dnwu puntier, anu ootiiaea to
i iba n Qraduallu
it Dunfitq n y
l',uuu """ , ' , 7 , ;
dlMppfareu. It uid ma more booh
, , , . i . , i , i , ... , . , i
tiian anything el-s; I flaw t'eT taMn,
I qIihIIv sarawnmand this emxi msdia
ine. MOfirat WiUKlli (jarland. Icaa.
Get Hood's Sarsapanlla today. In
UtlUltl Of UbUti -uocu Saraatabs.
Has Had No Otiricial Notice of
Reported Plan to Send Him
io Mexico.
man, however hig
nrnortant h i work.
his station and
. ,
nn decline. said
the Justice. "Ilitsrvsntion means a war!
and If wat .md its terrors ma. tie
averted t.y peaceful means I am ne
prompt measures in ttiut directing
should foilow at once."
l ist i,e Gerard w is delegateJ some
time si ) Hregldeul Taft on simi-
lai mission of peace and good will
President the sleglco 8oiiety
ami an oAlcer of the Pan-American
Boclety, both organlaatlons interested
j promotln
the business and social
10c Special for Friday. Fab. 14th
Nature's fruit and l.ofr
ciiooolatea suoerhiv senssined.
aT I
PEPPERMINTS - A mouth-loaglos
cream centre ll l, a groulnelr original
i. ui ner nihil flat or anil eovered with
our pure , lux,, lair, teslerdar's sales
proved Ibe pupularlt? of this confec
tion, and the late callers lo
duv "isr find llie siipplr e- f ajv
hailtled. Hill Kt-K.II.AK IMf
3Sc VAI.lt . I'OIMI BOX Fse
nrtwises used are sent us dlraet froni
, M 1 1 f , , r n lu, bill we use uillv tboee nhlrh
,ms. i ''H''1 '"speellou afler Ibe,
rrueh lis. lids losliree Ibe most lilt-,-,,
helna dlnncil In pure fondant
r.Tn end ,1,-ul.le SpX c.led with
!,lir I'reiiiloin 'Ida bocolnte. Ami we
prenere lliein In the earns
.It e oilier dealer. d STBS OAata
Vn ir tiiir itiiui- win ie fifiivrrto
m- 1,.. - ...I ll..Li I.. ,i J.IImm
ill Ml Hole one nt i.iit, w..
ins aaiyunS opn.lie n, eater tmiage
.... . ,o,l. and container. Hates outside
ii... Hi. n, n ii aindleelion. Postal mile
,,r , iirreari aissl ass pa"" ewwrsi 1
i-jrk Kow. urllandl and liiSlh tlreet sluree upea eters etenlaa ta .-.ill II e'sls.a
All uur .lure, open HnliirdaT eienlug until II u'cbick. u,eS.
Cor. West Broadsay
Car- Cbnroh Street
Tark Row A Nassau Si
At City Hall Park
relations of the io cduiitrtee. '. f
MO is mads several trlbs Mj Itex-
lea, smi on tne ocraeton of the-.. rs
lis met liie lea. let s of the .Milder. i 'and
HUM factious lie knows President
Madero sud tien Dial tntllnstely. 'snd
lias t,en t li host of those of the
.vlexlrni.s who -ire now- In the front of
the present trouble, The Justice I sn
authority on International law anu a
as an IgllnMlS hi eWledatS of the condi
tions now confronting the rshsblllta
tlon of the country.
i i a' he Gerard Is slltlns In the Ap
pellate Term of the .Supreme Court
this week. Many or hla friends la
New York City, mindful of his good
offices on his pievioua mission to Mex
ico, have communicated the auggaatlon
that J lest! OS Oerard bo employed to go
Into Menlleo ami try to straighten out
the revolution to the ritate Department
at Washington, and this Is believed to
have given rise to the report that be
would be aaalgned to thla duty before
the cloae of the week
wot mi aiM Bream a mitt,
t e.a. laeCMsapj in- n gsssld.1
"J should think people WeuM give tbe
stork a rest now.
"They might use the parcel post."
"Crowded Subways
Injure Health"
Says Bronx Lady
The Hurry and Ru.sh After a
Long Day'l Work Will
Wreck One's Nerves.
Tells How Toiu Vita Restored
Her in Nerves and
"Nervous debility is causing mare
trouble than auy other ailment ever
known." staled John Reaslry Webb,
who is assisting in the introduction pf
the new tonic "I ntil modern chemist
discovered relief in Toua Vita it seenirf)
as though the whole nation would have
to move into anituriuuis. As it is. every
day men and women testify to the bene
fits derived frout this new tonic.
"I verify these statements verv ears
fully end then select some certain oneV
from which I think the public will derive
the greatest benefit. The same tesi
monial Is never made public twice.
"To-day the statement of Miss Clara
Stern of 689 Wales Ave.. Hroni. New
1 York, haa been selected: Miss Stern
states as follows:
" 'After taking one bottle of Tone Vitn
I csn truthfully ay that 1 have derived
the greatest benefits from it. I neeri.to.
have that tired feeling, accentuated fcr
travelling in the crowded aubway terice
1 a day, probably having tu stand moot
of the way. I am glad to say I am fe0cr
much better now. and will rrcummegM
Tons Vita all I can. I hope it will
i benefit others as it has me' tm
"Other symptoms of the trouble Mv
M cm was suffering from. coauoueu,tr
"PTT" l I I t. k Xm hi
I spirits, sick headaches, heartburn, bad
k...l. I....L.... ... I.
"Tone Vila ran be obtained fmen any
of the up-to-date lrug stores in Greater
New York.'
$2,500 REWARD
K,..- IsfsrnaUise itiauig n, me u.-c.. snd c.i.
i tloo ror lbs tlisft ot tap . , , e ''oat sulcb
u ltu tr im a tsii at CsSMS U .. lay sieaasj
I'silnj T'e.lri' New furl ttiw.
" ( Trade Hark.l
10c Special far Saturday, Feb. 15th
'i'rv thosr. fin itinvtnctd
lint! 10C
wi folly pyini .
wberaj. VOIWD BOX
We use Jordan Alennada because thee
are Ibe best of this tenets. Thea
It added a Dure tusar shell la miltri
nasors. 11 le another af our
below-cost offerings for Io.
.let ealr. OIK KEI.I I.AK
uiie VAI.ru. . I'm mi BOX
No confectlont will ever be msds Is
lake tbe place uf llonbnnt and t becu-
latiss. Bui there le a hlai alUlacilen
lates. mil mere I. a Hla tallsfaellaa
In the dealer who produces mure dtw
Icloutneea and mure i mete In
these allalaln. the super utuslTiT I.
... ..... . ...... Mrwuucm
llcluutneaa and mure trheletoi
th .n.lnln. , K .,. ..
K &, Thle dlsUncilua u eacluel'vel'
Jag's. usWebaiiM 1 W of tli,M .i
them at Left's and ease Si
In doing tu.
rot Mi BOX
id. nm w- O Ih. bom
SO II. ft... . g S I Mt mm .
- ....
rj lb. bet
d Hi. bus. .
I II ll. I,e
51 ! !! Nl
"ox.:::; :ai
Cor. FoltonSt i
Bet. Breasts n ft Spruce SU
Just East of 8th Ave. J

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