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Lawyer Testifying Before Sulzer
Board Denies Bribery, Then Ac
cuses Matteawan Head of Ask
ing "Where Do I Come In?"
ALBANY, Feb. 26. John Nicholson Anhut, a New York lawyer,
admitted to Gov. Super's committee of inquiry to-day that he had been
paid 25,000 by an agent of Harry K. Thaw, as a "contingent retainer"
to bring about Thaw's release from Matteawan State Hospital for the
Criminal Insane. Half this sum was to be returned by Jan. I, 1913, if
he failed to do so and the remainder was to be repaid six months later, if
by that time, Thaw was still in Matteawan.
Anhut denied the eccusauon esses
Dr. John W. Russell. Superintendent "I
ottered the superintendent 120.000 to
aid In securing Thaw's freedom. He
had told Dr. Russell of having re
ceived the retainer, he aald, but had
offered none of It to him.
WlMM I MW la" Anw testt
Ba4 si, BiMtll aaked aim while they
were diaoaaatar the Thaw caee. The
TTf m alao declared Dr. Buaaell eald
lb "wouldn't do earthing (or Thaw
ualeee I rot money for It."
The III. 000. AnhUt ".ild. w iflveti
him by II. A. Hoffman, acting for
Thaw, Five thousand olUtri w in
currency and 120,000 In securities. On
Jan. 1 Anhut returned 111. "no to Hoff
man, be tPstlrli.xS. returning- 110,700, le i
expenses to be returned by .1 u I y 1, 113.
Anhut denied ever hnvlng used iov.
Bullet's nunc in iunnci.-t.Jii with 'ha
Thaw rase. The story of : lie alleged
bribe developed durlni M inveellfatlon
by the committee of .i hargc tint km ec
retHry. Wlltam l' Clark, hail used thl
Governor's name without authority In
an endeavor 0 bring iboul Thaw's re
!.... Thin flnrk has denied.
(Mil C Roeder, Mow Vorh mwspaper
man, testified concerning Mi Investlgn"
t!on of the story that Clark had UOOd the
Oovet uor's HIM In the Thaw core. At
the conclusion of his testimony, the oom.
mlttee adjourned to Matteawan. where
they will examine Thaw late to-day.
Chairman Corlllls announced that ihe
committee had been unable to subpoena
Lawyer Anhut lii his tottil v nald
he knew RllflOOll "very WOtl." H bo-
came grqualnted with him last summer
at While Flulns. where Thaw WU en-
. deavotlng through legal pro Ilnr.s to
secure hie discharge from Matteawan.
Anhut told of lUtVlni spent I unldcrnlilr
time wllh Dr. Russell, both 'I the
hotel, where both were Stopping, and
at the Thaw hearing.
He said they were together nearly
every evening an.l talked baseball, pol"
Itlrs ami other topi' a "I become quite
Intimate with Dr. HuMsell," Anhut con
tinued, "and we were always talking
about Thaw. Thaw's family. Thaw's
counsel and Thaw money."
Anhut testified that II. A. Hoffman.
aaM to be Thaw's agent, called on him
at his New York office late In October
or early in November uutt. Hoffman told
hi, he said, that Thaw wanted to see
htm "right away." He prom!ned to see
him tn a few daye and suDseautniiy
called on Thaw at Matteawan, after the
Knees after had learned that Dr. Kus-
aell had endeavored to communicate
with him before Hoffman called on lilm.
"X called up Sr. Buaaell on the tele
phone," continued Anhut, "and be told
me he had reoomnieT.ded me to Thaw.
I thanked him. The following Katar
aay X went to Mptteawa.i and hid a
talk with Thaw. I 'Jon t care to say
what was said, i: -causa ot the confi
dential relations Let cc n cuunjsl and
Boffman called at my nines again
as STor, ao," the witness continued.
"Upon this occasion he completed the
retain in t negotiations and paid ne gas,
000 in money and aecnritlte. I gave
him receipts whloh were in sabstance
a follows: 'Twelve thousand flvt. r-nn-4mJ
aollsrs waa to hm returned bv Jsn.
i "aalees the matter (Thaw's release)
tras ooaeummated,' and the remainder
Vaa to be returned by Jnly 1, 1013. nn-
laeMi xaaw was nifiwi y vol aweea
"Huffman left and 1 had what I pie-
fCflBttftued on JTyuftu 1 age.;
Wagner, Who shot Steinberg,
Accuses Contractors of
Ordering Deed.
Coroner Ketnlirrg, with the aid of As
sistant District-Attorney llreckc nrldge
and Cap'. McKenny of the Detective
FlUfeaU, to,li up this afternoon nn o(TI
clal :nve-.lgntlon of the aesertlon of
Marry V inter that
agrtit of a ring of t
when he .-hoi and
Abrahajn Steinberg,
lie acted an an
tlOthlnfl OQOtrgOtOfg
mortally wounded
"ecret.iry of the
I'nWn. on Jan. 7.
Vincent's llorpttal
ButtOltholo Mikcri'
Steinberg died In St
am Hun 1 iy
Wagner eahs thnr Max Orensteln of
No. 377 Schenck avenue. Brooklyn, Max
W'elnelierg of No. 620 Bchenck avenue,
Brooklyn; Louis Welnstetn of No. 1477
' K.ist New Vork avenue, Bmokln, and
! Abraham Flalkoff of No. Ill Eldrldge
j street, clothing i-ontrnrtors, are the
. nen BOMiaed by Wagner of being the
' ringleaders in the plot to do away with
I Steinberg. They are under arreat. as is
j I'Mnlknff s daughter, Annabelle, who Is
t accused of visiting Wagner In prison
and Ufejrtng iilm to keep gllatK.
According to Wagner, Steinberg, ae
secretary of the union, made an ar
rangement with the manufacturers by
which the contractors who had done a
u-ooil share of the work on a piece
baall were cut nit. The contractors,
Wagner ays, were not only resentful
because the manufacturers had adopt
ed Stelnlierg's suggestion that they do
the buttunsolc work in t.'ietr own
factories, but were fearful that the
Htelnberg plan would spread and the
business of the small c-ontrartora,
working on piecework for the manu
facturers, would he entirely ruined.
The most effectual way to put a atop
to Steinberg's activities, Wagner aaya,
was to kill him. He was selected for
the Job.
WllOn the accused contractors were
arraigned before t'oroner Keluberg to
day they were represen ted by Samuel S.
Koenlgi former Socreiary uf State, and
Bernard Sanll.r. Mr. Koenlg and Mr.
sai ill. r denounced the arrtt of their
chillis an all outrage, and sild they
would !' a'de to rstablleh. that Wag
gar'g charges are gggtfltgg and have
in . i rormuga4 by htm solely for the
purpose of saving himself, from punlih.
menl for ins crime. However, c'apt.
Mt'Klni.ey and Mr lire iltonrtdgi said
they hod nil-. line, i enough corroboration
to justify them In asking that the pris
oners e held. The C inner held the
four men -i'id the girl without oail to
aw ,i lie innueat n Moreh 7
trrohnl I- Inilleled.
The Ktderal Orand Jury handed down
an indl 'tmoni this morning charging
Joaeph Itogg.ii.v. an Kngllsli a mi,. it,
with aiding and gbettlng a woman, n,,t
his wlte, to ail :iie iroin the steamship
on wMek ahu had been detained by ihe
Iffiwlgialkva a,uthurlUua.
I " Circulation Books Open to All."
"S: l&&V3Jttm!mm NEW
LEFT ONLY $92,000
Secretary of Slain President ,
Had $3,000,000 When Cap
tured in His Flight.
Unable to Negotiate Foreign
Loans Until Recognised
by the Powers.
MBXtCO CITY, Feb. 2fi.-The National
Treaaiuy of Mexico contains to-day Just
192,000. The Imminence of bankruptcy
confronts the Huerta rrovlslonal (lov
ernment. After the flight yesterday nf J7rnes'o
Madero, uncle of the ansslnated ex
Presldent, Francisco Madero, and Min
ister of Finance under his sway, a
check upon the reserve In the Treasury
was ordered by Provisional President
Huerta with the discovery of the slender
balance under 1100,000.
The officials of the Huerta regime de
clare that the 102.000 balance In the
Treaaury does not represent tho all Im
mediate available resources of the Gov
ernment and that there are various de
poarta In local and foreign banks which
can be drawn upon. Nevertheless the
new Government la staggered by the
empty cispboard left by the Maderos.
Charge that Gustavo Manero. first
Minister of Finance under his brother's
I. residence, had Indulged in wholesale
looting of the treasury for the benefit
ot the great family of Madero, num
bering more than a hundred, now seem
to be substantiated. Juan Sanchea
Asouir, Private Secretary to Kraiirleoo
Madero, is said to have had 6,000,000
IH-Mos In his possession when he was
caught In full flight from the capital to
Vera Crus after the Huerta-Olaz coup
The preeent refusal nf any power to
recognise the de facto (lovemment of
llK-rta greatly complicates the financial
condition ot the aaaalbsl republic. It
will be well-nigh impossible for the
llui ita administration to raise a foreign
loan unless the United Stales and other
nations recogulae It.
The s.tuatlon In the Federal capital
has not undergone any change. It. porta
are being received from several districts
indicating that many of the rebel lead
em and their followers are Inclined lo
co-operate with the now Administration.
Tlie Huerta Government may have to
render to the United States Government
an account and an explanation of Hie
killing of Francisco I Madero, should
an Insurance company successfully
carry out Its plan.
The deposed President who waa shot
down near the penitentiary at mldulght
Saturday carried heavy life Insurance,
and the surviving Maderos have demand
ed payment on the policies, of which Se
ller Madero Is beneficiary. It was
learned o-day that at least one Insar
snco company will ask the American
State lutpartment to demand a.i ex
planation from Mexico for the death of
Madero, and that possibly an eflort
would be made by the company to col
lent an indemnity from the Mexican
The Government was forved lo sdmit
to-day liiat the rebel activity during
the last few days has been of a serious
nature when large bodies of troops wero
sent out o repair and guaid all rail
roads. Mexico City Is now cut olt from
rail ootiuuuulcatiou In all dtrectuns ex
cept toward Vera Crus owing to Uiu de
struction of the Unas by rebels.
neports from Ihe Northern Status are
more reassuring. The Government re
it. rat that Venustlano Curraiua, the
Maderis'.a Governor of tho Htate of
CoahUlla, has declared lil loyalty to
ihe law- administration ami thai Ihe
leaders of tu antaeTonloUu movement
in that rftalc me having dlluculiy In
souring re tuns.
The Slate of AgUaSCall nlOJ ll In re
volt, which has been Incited by the
Governor, AffcaftQ Kuentei, Tga neai-
by stale of Hidalgo i in on unsettled
condition. The Govai lor ha dissolved
Ihe legislature, saying mat he wt 1 oail
n elections, and gueurdlng to the de
cision glvm hy the people, will decide
whether ho snail recognise Ihe new .vd
mliUsiratlon. Huerta has sent a datgeh
insm of troopg thsrg
Tl.u Commissioner! sent U the Qov
UAtl4Utd au OUlh fagjo-i
Ready to prove White Plajrue
Serum hy Actual Results,
He Tells Fveniiif; World.
Will Treat All Alike, Rich Con-
SUmptlves Who Pay and
Poor Who Can't.
Dr. Frledrieh Frnni Frledmann, the
Berlin physician w-ho has startled the
world by the announcement of hta be
lief that he hits dlsoovened a serum
which will cure tuberculosis, was buiy
at the Waldorf to-day preparing for a
demonstration of his remedy here. The
tall, blond, cheerful Germsn speda.lst
talked frankly of his purposes and his
plans to an Keening World reporter. He
laughed tolerantly when asked If he
felt any resentment sgalnst ths scien
tists and physlclona who doubted his
"I am here to shrew what the serum
will do." he raid. That Is my only
auewer tu thwae whu have natural
doubts before they have made observa
tions. It does hurt me thst they eav I
have come here to exploit my discov
ery to get money from American mill
ionaires. When I have established my
dispensary, srlilch I shall do at the earli
est moment It Is possible, I shall treat
all who come in order. There shall be
no dlstln-tlon between the rlqh or the
poor, so long as the dlseue afflicts
"I ffhull ask patients to pay roe ac
cording to their means and willingness
The rich shall nay more than the poor,
and what I get from tbm will pay the
expenses of those whose means are so
small that they can pay little or noth
ing. Hefore I go home I shall artango
to leave men behind me who are fa
miliar with the serum and the pro -ess
of administering It and oaring for those
under treatment.
"It Is my plan to establish a dis
pensary where those who have bean
attacked by the dleeaae may coma to
me for treatment during the day and
go about their business aa usual, la ao
fsr as the dleease has left them
strength to do so."
Dr. Krledmann apesks English gfa
curtttely, but In making statements for
p. initiation, ns said be preferred to
talk In German and let his friend and
interpreter. Charles B. K. Vldsi-llunt
a Chicago and Merlin newspaper corre
spondent, put his words Into English to
avoid sn posslbl Ity of mlsundersland-
Dr. Frledmann pointed to little red
bog. about two Inches wtd and three
Inches long, which he said contained
the bacilli cultures of his antidote for
Ihe white plague. He setd that aa soon
as lb- Foster, representing Surgeon
General Hupert Mine, of the PuMtO
Health and Marine Hospital Bervlce,
called upon him he would give Dr. 1 Ms
ter s tube of tne bacilli for test by
the United States government.
"1 shall not ask lo be present when
the teet Is made." he said. "In faot, I
should prefer to be absent. I deelre
the Government officials to test the
serum In Its own way without any
suggestions or restilctione from me. I
expect Df, Foster this afternoon.
"Meanwhile I am louklng for a place
'in whi n to receive those who come :o
line for treatment, it Is nei eseai y that
I I find a place w ier Illuminating gas
can .a- bad. 1 am not familiar with the
I healing properties of sleolrta(ty as the
methods of using It. Ths growth of oul
I tore require gagt, del ately adjusts I,
I ,nd i am unwilling lo attempt to rsgju.
I late a sOUfoa if ue.u wnen 1 ggj not t ,.
miiial With II in net nan., a: sense "
I ir. Frledmann ssplalgad that in
growing UtIilUrel hi used a aealed iron
casket, Intu un. tl three pipes carrying
UIU il Rg IVOrO ase.l to heat the
ba 'illus. Wbtoll is grown In a flu d
taken from a turtle, uae . nut avail-
line hi present la Ur, I' tle lmann a
'.u.te .a the PaJdorf. He sam tiiat he
I hoped to ie all. Aid ii make his nead-
t .sriers at thu Marine Hospital
"If this may not bi arranged," he
Bgldi "I I I" ah lUOS which Is con-
tCy-l.-utv an gevosA i'eata.
Mayor and the Former Mayor
Witnesses at Police Inquiries
i i . ... . , ...ai taa i.na.i-i . . . .
gaaaaaa W k.
Pal mm m: ,mn
I' ljai.BBM gjj P I
Tainted With the System, the Former Mayor
Tells the Curran Committee, but He
Praises Rank and File.
Former Mayor George B. MrClellan was boforo Ihn Curran Alder
manic Committee to-day to give bio oplulon of the presf'nt. police adminis
tration and also to give; his Ideaa on the subject of pollen iim lency. Uen.
Theodore A. Bingham and William A. Baker were ('ommsalonerg of I'ollce
during the former Mayor's administration. McClotmn ramarknd as he
took the stand that It was the first lime ho had been In Ihe City Hall ilnce
he left office.
"I hewe only a slight jvonuslntance
with the amiable young mnn who Is
now Commissioner," he said
' The Mayor of Ihe city ghOttM be re
sponsible for the Poll"., Department. A
tUed term of ten years ror the Cum
misslunsr Is not advisable Ths Com
missioner should be a civilian.
"Ths rank and Die ol the force of New
Vork are the finest in the world; their
officers are the worst In the world." ihe
former slayer declared later on "Ths
ofgosrs ore sedated kg the epstem. They
have a false corps spirit. It begins
when they pot oa the bias coat aad
sate wham they Ale or retire. It
teaokes them that the system la their
Bret law all the time."
Mr. MoTlellan cited the -ee of a
pstrokusn wlio committed murder In
ga,IS(H seven years Hem ant whose
uniform was el te!."d by l.rotner ge
III smog 111 all effort to show I'.xt tll J
killing was done In self-defense, lie de
. lard "rank perjury" grovwibss all
thtxm.h that .see. I HARD TO UNO WIGHT KIND OF
"lo long as 'ths svateur eglfls," said CO M M IS c I ON E R.
Mccneilan. so long will the force he Mr Uqokner then Mked Mr MoOM
tiger edited Is the .y,.s of lbs world ., h opinion ol lbs Maut s juv-
The lilslrl't-Attornev knows thai. Ws ! posed nior.tls imlsslon.
all know It. j H uh thl 1 Ig 11 I'ollcs ('oiiitiHsslonar
HONE8T MEN ON THE P0RC2:-- would be . " he
ARE AFRAID. leald, "but tin right tottimlsi . - :,
"The honest mem on the for are
afraid to call their souls their own
wniie the system' prevails The oyo
.e n will ruin the fines; young mgn
Uial ever Joined the lores. If oUi
gitee Use valval trt"""'ra ol a lets
aalorTD, finalI
Circulation Hooks Open to
. . . . . . . t..-i : .-.. .Kt0-4
peetor on a man, he'll etlll be the ssme
old cop-Uie . iv,. of 'thr system.' "
The farmeg Mayor compared the dlf
feient julice BglupOaa forces an t said,
in his opinion, the emclencr of ths
London POtlee had bOM much overrated.
Ihe polico of Krancu. ftpain and Italy,
in. believed, were superior lo those of
Umdpa, The question of milltrlalng
i lie poUsjo force was brought up. The
f irmer Mayor admltte.1 Unit this might
ai'Pear un Jemocrntlr, Kut still, he said,
the 1,'nlte.l 5tstee army and navy were
alao undemocratic.
lie faworad a sohool. modelled on West
Point, foe the police officers. Then they
would lake charge of thstr men "un
tainted b the rottenness of the sys
tem." i "I thiol h present salaries o tho
Police Pep-utment are smple," the ex
.Wavor de '.t. i , tn d.re't r nitrid! -lion
of the othi r wllricee.-s before the wm
jnlltee, who have s'l favored in.-reises
in pay, a i..mdnn polioomog gen :j
'hillings t seek sM a pe n on of I
shilling a dgy, h polntel out. also an
illowan e for "hoots and boats. '
gimosi impost ie to nnu no, then,
Igro you lo bnd many-haoded board f
IgUOb a board WOUld bOVI lit work done
i by t per cent .if u mem lets, while
Ui pel cent. sOUld loaf on the Job.
tCvalluusd uu gsconj raae.J
1 L '
"The Present Police Force Is a Splendid
Force; I Believe That the Graft in It Is
Confined to Less Than Fifty Members
" Becker Was a Grafter. We Expected Dis
closures, but I Looked for the Exposure
of an Inspector Instead of Only a
"The Rank and File of the Police Are the
Best in the World; Their Officers Are
the Worst; They Are Tainted by the
&y nit: in.
"So Long as the System Exists, so Long
Will the Force Be Discredited; It Will
Ruin the Finest Young Men That Ever
Joined the Ranks."
A tne first witness before the Wagner Legtaiaftve CotiMtifrtae trxky
Mayor Gaynor entered into a lonf defense of the police forte as at
present constituted, and said he did not believe there were fifty arsften
on It now. Nearly all Hie recent raft revelations, he asserted, dealt with
the days before he became Mayor. Under the old refime, he said, men
at the head of the force quit it as milHoiiaires, with yachts and country
houses. There would be no millionaire police.iien, he boasted, produced
during his administration.
'The Mayor suggested the appoint of ten new deputy commissioner?.
They would not take the place of the Inspectors, he said, but do much of
their present work.
He said he believed in wiping
Stewards Discuss Decision on
Onl Bets as Permission
to Resume.
Ths stewards of ths Jockey difh met
secutlve session late this sftemonn
to consider the rei-ent decision of tha
Appellste Division tit the Suprsms
fourt, Heiond Division, which Is nmi
stmed to mske oral hotting on raee
trscks legal and absolve the owners of
the tracks from liability. The meotlng
was hsld for the purpose of dernrmlntng
whether or not the decision ie broad
enough to allow nf the con si der.it! on of
plans for reopenltiK ths racetrsc.ks.
There were present A igusl Belmont,
'hslrman of the Jvidtev Club: T. K.
Oturgle. secretary snd treasurer; Schuy
ler U Parenns, Andrew Miller, If K.
L11 ipp and Phil Dwyer, the owner of
MtO Oravsn.l rooetrgek snd a powerful
fsctor In the local rai'lng situation.
MOM it those tHAlng part In the meet
Ini.' Was able bt f"rcast the probable
r..s lit
The Ulstrlri-.Vtlnrnev of MOOMU
1' nint' . who Instituted the original
: it .01 of Paul Rhone, .-i i Irmaber,
on which the tppelloto Division decision
I based, ban the power to lake itn e i
.. Hi, i'e in if Vppenls. The le.nl
sre of the ant. race track organe lle' is
mav be depended upon to UOgs Mm in
IgJjS sii 'h .in SpasSjL
in the mean lime, Ihe I tee Itoi It foi-
1. were are hopnta that ihe traoks will
reopen w ill the advent of warm wc.ith-
, glut t at the itsaardo win find sonts
gray of .ulloAlutf speculation on Ihe
, . - wHhlo t 1 m fining of the LtWi
out gannbtlng, not licensing it.
em waa skeptical regarding a restricted
Ie oonflrm the social evil
It would be better regulated, slang
with gambling and the saclse quoetian.
by a separate foroe. he thought. While
be would net recommend It. he believed
the legalised llguor selling In certain
hours on Sunday might be a good thing
Mayor Oaynor. escorted by a uni
formed polkemsn. reached th commit
tees room promptly at 11 o'clock and
made himself comfortable as Chairman
Wagner get rid ot the preliminaries.
A battery or flashlights was fired as
ths commlttss posed and then the
Mayor waa Invited to the witness) chair
"Ths committee calls him," said Sen
ator Wagner, "because of hie well
known bsttlea against corruption Of
public officials, even before he waa a
The Senator asked ths Mayor for his
Idea of present condtllone. Msyor Oay
nor read from notes and ti la voles was
"The present poll-s force." hs said,
"consists of 10,000 men. It is a splsu
dld force end there s no better in the
world. They are on duty all over this
great city. You oan And them working
night and day Ilka clockwork with the
ut most regularity. The force la In One
condition. We have certain corrupt
new simpers, but they wlil not suooeed
In making the force appear corrupt
There ks graft on the force, but there
has been lees graft of lata than for
twenty rtve years. The graft Is lo
cated, too. In only ons or two districts.
Ths whole force ts not corrupt, snd I
believe that tbo graft is confined to lees
than Ofty members altogether.
"The disclosures of corruption in my
administration have come from Koaen
thsl and Slpp and thoe connected wltn
tliee two foul characters.
"With my first Commissioner, Mr
Cropgey, we want after ths gombloro,
Itfisenthal, one of the oldest and worst
gamblers In ths city, was put out of his
p..a v Hi. opened In succession twslve
places and each of lb Set plans was
seUed. Then he said that Lieut. Mucker
waa In wllh htm on the twelfth place.
"seeker waa a grafter. We es
pected disclosures and I looked for
the espoeore of aa Inspector in
stead of a lieutenant.
"Then came the ; disclosures, the
story or a man who had kept one of
the vilest boueea ever kept In the city.
But the j-oiice forced

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