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90000000l0000t0000000000000000t0l000000t0 AWMWMMMMMMWMMMMWMWWVWM mwwmwmmwmmwvmwmmmmvwwvmw
Swears He Paid Lewis Money in Thaws Presence.
Iri eoldrr.
VA KATHKH iiimlt tn-nlahll Ktlirtftf falri Mfr.
Imioht I
Ciuttts Trapped in Omaha
Hotel Have Escape Cut Off
by Collapsing Roof.
Firemen Driven from Structure
U:i. A ,.e.t:.,.. D.xo -....
of the Victims. i
atauaui t.w ;c
lMrd to hve been caused by a gas
3PEL?t:i m.To..Tr
tps,0OO. The Dewey Hotel, a sec-
Ttt?"?! l! !
ff wfUch swept toe three-story
ball diss with apeed that precluded
MMajteat rwscua.
1om of the guttata hid lime to rv-aoh
he stairseye, hut otSera were caughi
kr the collapsing rof f tii.- rtmoturd
hetore they oould be lagBUed from wln
dowa on which they had taken refuge,
rrvni of the victims JU -I or fall
from window and met
ithrr mmant
death or mortal Injury.
This afternoon only alnnit twetil-n,e
OUt of el sly peraona estimated to huvr
hean In the building had tieen accounted
for. but It waa hoped that the death lit
would be smaller than at first aatl"
mated, as It wan known that a Mcore or!
n.ore of those wilo had eacaped, left the
rtlghborliood without revealing their
In addition to the loss on ihe oht"l
proper several blltlMSI items which had
their esflabllahments In the building
The known (lead are:
OHARLKS OUMRfOi lumped from
third story, breaking his neck.
M. liEVERl A. a waiter.
JAMBS PROK.ES, a coppersmith
OHAKL.ES BEVhJKlA, employed In a
local oystoi house.
The Injured are:
VIVIB STIFF1, fourteen, oveiioins by
TINA NlBL-aON. slismbermald; let
MRS. E C W1I.KINKON. badly
Aooordlnf to (iiesls wbo espl. the
first Intknatlon of the fire .-am when
a wonian'a scream awakened them.
The building area then tilled with Mi Oka,
t.'harlee Cuelfuc a bartender, who had
a room on the Karnani atieet lde of
the hotel, lumped from a third story
window and met Inatant death. He
etruok head flret on the sidewalk.
Mrs. C. K. Hawklna, who had a room
ob the eeoond floor, dragged her slner,
Mlaa Alice Bronnlvle, to a window.
There Mies Hronnlvle collapned. Mra.
Hawklna Jumped, and alihough two po
licemen broke her fall, she was bsdly
Continued on Becond I'age.i
Help for the Helpless!
Letters Like Thli Are Received it
The World Office Through
Nearly Every MaiL
Maker of
JB wetl 8,,t Street.
New York. Tab. 1 tl I .
New fork Wor'.d:
rn Biassed to Infnrm you ihnt
had saoelleat resM'ta tareum
Ha .dVerll...n,.nl (or ' llelu Wanted"
! hit appeared In your naper Ian Sun-
ifg iki "to ' alva sradlt whtre cieUll
! du' aaaftft"r roura.
wal'KUA.N roSlt.Ml-. it)
The advertisement refe-ren to
for "Finishers" ' I'eratori."
ljo, i and perm? t f till' :is"
of.' -ed.
For worktrs Monday use
World Ads. Sunday.
ontrlaht. 1IS. tT
Co. Tbe Now
. ... ,- r..,..
v.imii i licit iui i wiuiv
V ...... .... 1 tela C4it1
When Son Wanted 18,000, He
Fished It Right Out, Just
Like That!
Thi crowd in tin- court presided over
by United suites Conwrvleafciner on
uhriat bussed Iti uaual oistroveralal
Vblepertni thia morning and gave ra
apectfufl ear aa Isaac Qutcnen, whose
bushy w hti h beard and iunti .-ih.ry
locks made of him a very Solomon In ap-
pearaiice. mounted to the Wttneie chair
Mr. li-itina-i i called to testify ran-
eofnlng Ml financial InteTSSt In the firm
of M. GUtTOen Son, wholesale candv
manufacture -s. against whom an Invol-
untarv e1ltlon in bankruptcy a tiled
a short tliin- :i ur. . Mmh Hutinan. heud
of ih- ftrm, i" laaac OuMbm's ion,
The SSSmlnatton of Mr Outman sr.
i. a. .-tndiictt-d b .1. V,1 AUko,h1. r1-
otlver of the eon am under appoint,
nunt b) .hidg- Hand of the 1'nlted
H tales tustr b I 'urn t.
"Itav.. you any mone) invented In any
enterprlae at the present time?" adfcod
Mr, Alegood
"No, no," Mr, il.itrnan aiiawefed
"Tell mh, please." iii-e.1 Mr ajHr.H'd.
in what banks or tfuat Dompanlaa iojr
fortune i dopoaltad'
"Hanks or trust -ompamea?" rt'ieatJ
Mr i.utman. In .otiu-whai alioi-k I
tones "Pardon me for a mom, -tit r I
4. mess. Mr Alegood. I am a very wise
man. As wise, mayhe. aa Ktnr Solo
mon. And 1 urn r,ad to confess w-'iat
sAhat he was no-, that I h.u I learned
-much ol m Wisdom from somen --froi,i
ni aTtvee. In Kaot. although, of
Course, I navaf bad aa many as toe
KivHt kins
"To he preotee, I bSVe had .lust three
Wlvea Hnd I learoed much from them
My first wife ki-pt hi nie. year in and
year out. to draw mv money OUI of the
hanks, and put it In a safer pla.-e
laushad al er and asked bar. 'Where I
w.,i,i you have ma put n thenr
Ok. . a.o.i.1 atmeJ. ,eii m.. m....i.
draw li ut. and I II ihOW you.'
"I didn't ph muoh aiterition to her
pies, and she died. I took notice
though when niy second wife began nag
ging at no- to do the same thing. At
shout that time, twenty years ago, ai-v-eral
big l.anka tolled. Uuekily I didn't
inae anything, but i daoldod my wives
must he right after all. So I dr.-w out
all my money and I've never had a cent
in a hank sin.-.-."
"Rut Where do you ke.-p it then "
i.-kisl ihe ast,,n!sh.-d re. elver
in her atoekii.n, " anounnad Mr.
Outrtuun arotnptly, pointlns to wiiere
Mrs ' Otttman al lulling h.-r knee.
"Sb.- Ig ni third wife and -io- wav jUst
aa strong to have mi keep my money
in there as hi r two preilereaaori wei-e.
I.. i- twenty long year) now I've bean
brlnflni my mona) hum, mi puttwii l
behind the eltatlc,"
"Don't you hud u a m b arrasjslrsj gome.
times whail you ml t" draw out a
large gumf" ouiMlnuad the nuaationar.
Not a bll of It," said Mr. tlutinstn
"About six months ago my aon. UejMeg,
I cants to me and needed fa.uliO at once.
Bmnsrraaalnsr Sol bll of it 1 simp:,
reached down in Mrs Quttnsn'a stook.
Ins, a k,-,i aluseM ,in-t..-i ha praferVed
' latge oi small bills and gave him wh it
, iu- asked for."
The receiver tniu L'Qmmtaalonpr Oil
lirlrl he had thought Of asking the
L'oUfl for an ol d' r dlrectlnS Mr. tlat
I man to lurn over iii money to the rs
j -elvers r.ind at on i but tiiat dallote
. now forks) h:m to du o.
" Circulation Books Open to All."
Tkc tre. PabUahles
York World!.
Two Hotel Men Swear They
Paid Duffy $75 Monthly as
Late as January.
j Former Inspector Pleads Not
(unity, and Full Inspection
of Minutes Is Desired.
The Extraordinary Grand .Iur today
found four additional Indictments
against Sargt l'.-t.i .1. Duffy, who la
W OttMd by the District-Attorney si
having been the OalssetOr for Inspector
Dennis Sweeney In the Sixth Dlattlct.
When these Indictments had been
handed In Justice Ooff dismissed the!
Hi and Juryt until May and thanked
the members tor the publl service they
have performed.
The evidence upon which the addl
Clonal Indktmenta against Duffy were
lound waa furnished by James Dough
erty and Hugh Mclntyre, owners of the
Hotel Monumeut, One Hundred and
Twentyethtrd etreet and Eighth avenue.
"hey testlflrsl that they paid Duffv fli,
n eaoh of these dates tX-t. , Nov. 4
snJ Dec. I, Mfc and Jan. 2, 1913.
Their evidence shows that police graft
was collected In llwirlem even after the
Slpp dls.-losu-es Impllcntlng S-,cney
and 'ant. Walsh had made Inevitable
an Investigation and a series of precti
UOBSi Oflnirs have taStlflSd that tliey
paid police graft after tito llrst of this
Julius itoth. proprtetOf of a poker
mom In Weal One Hundred and Eigh
teenth street, waa also u lrand Jury
witness. He ti-Mlfled that he lia.1 paid
monthly protection 'money to Duffy am!
Patrolman Eugene Fox. Roth Maid that
Ashley Shea, the gainUIsi- anil stool
pigeon who has since turned Stat., s
evidence, ,aine to him ten days ago. or
dered hint to elSM up aiKl instructed him
to keep his mouth abut.
Oajpi Dennis sVeeney. against whom
eleven lndlrtments were returned yes
terday, charging Mm with uollectlug
graft from disorderly resorts while he
was a ting as Inspector In charge of
the Sixth District, was arraigned bps
foro Justice fluff to-day for pleading.
Through hla counael, Alfred J. Tallny,
Sweeney entered a plea of not gull'y.
His former ball of 1 10.000 was con
tinued, and IC.00O additional was x-a-tel
to cover the udditlonal indict
ment a. Sweenev furnished a lo w bond I ISStlO BBtOtSCla than I'.-nnaylvanla ave
for $15,0011 executed by a suiety com-1 nue from tSa Capltul to tilt Treasury
pany. Buttdlns, after lha pluoky, dlahevellad
REFUSES COMPLETE REVIEW OF ! hand of -oiffntge pUyrlmi swung wer-
Juatlce "off banded down a decision
on the mutton untered by Sweeney for
.nioi me orano jury
"""""" t,n "mc,h hl in"-t,,t,
s Mk isswasa to ... d.feotiv.-,
u"- The lOdlOtmas charge.
Sweeney with being in .-oiniiuiiid of the.
Sixth Inspection District and commu
ting an Illegal act based on such com
mand "on or about April 8, DU, at
whl ii time Sweeney was auitmned in
lUatlOf Ooff ruled that Sweeney's
COBnael could examine only BttOB parts
of Ihe minutes as refer tu the date In
dispute. He refused the request -if
Sweeney's counsel for a complete review
oi the minutes for the purpose of al
lowing th,i defense to endeavor to sus
tain the charge that the first ludlrtnt.-nt
was baaed on perjured testimony!
l'strolman John J. Hartiga.., under
Indictment f' perjury bee- ise he re
fusal lu admit he got morey from
Sweeney to be given aa a- bribe to
Heorge A Slpp. applied, through coun.
sel for p. i uiieal.. n to Inspect the Orand
Jury minutes. Justb-e Ooff took the
application under advisement.
Among Ihe witnesses heard hv tin
Qrsnd Jury to-dav was John J .,im
tard, 1'resldent of the Harlem l.ocai
of the IslqUOf Ihialers' Aasoclatiou 1 1
waa questioned about charges ttiat h ue
been made tending to .vfute Major Uay
nor'a freipn nt declaration that grail lu
excise has been wiped out
Muataid has a saloon at No I St. hat
si. street He became a factor In the
investigation yesterday, when .1 J Mc
lirstb, who has two saloons in Harlem,
was called before the llrand Jur
Vi'ouiiaued on Second Page
I ' ! .- . . ... . . I
djjV B-VjBP aa eWs.
slllliiiiilllllllllllllll v StfL w.
-.' a -i t i a a a a
End1n Mirch Prom New
York, the Pilgrims Are C giv
en Great Ovation as They
Parade Down Pennsylvania
W ASltlNdTON Feb ie4l Rosalt,-
Jonen and her suffrage "army " marohed
trttnnphanflv into the t-apitul shortly be
fore noon to-day. through the GSBttOl
gronndn and down I'ennsy ivanla aVSttUe,
with an eaCOf I of looal ontiiuaiaHta and
Itlr.ena, wiio'li fairly ehoked tli- atreets
and delayed li aftlc.
It was one of the moat remarkable
streel demonstration! ever seen here.
A PreeldentkaJ inauguration could
bag4l) bava praaanlad a more enthus-
lly around the V.n Munument for the
final msroh of thalr two hundred and
fifty-mile walk for Ihe cause of equal
Incoming Presidents have not received
more clamorous apPUVUae than did the
company of brown . lad women, huddled
in a little group, forced to fight their
wa. through veritable walls of ahouung
humanity for moie than a mile of their
historic "hike '
POlOa WlTe powerless to IlltHiJ tll
crowds WBlOh OVertiOWed from the aide
walks and . linked the long thorouglifaj e
fi,.m the Capitol to Ike uffiagt basaV
Mls AllOa Psttli oe.nl of the Washing
ton aufTi agists, met lien. Joue. on ttie
arrival of the army, and together they
arranged tin- line of map-.h down it
street on to First street, and from there
to Pennaylvanla avenue, a ragtntasl of
equaatrlenni met the marc here on
Maryland avenue MlSI M.iigaret Hop
kins and Miss Uuoy Nell, an while
cMirgers and with whit, riding habit.-.,
bsl them.
Of Ike original army that started
from New York, ten RlllShSd They
ware (Jen Roislla Jones, roi i.ia (jraft,
Martha Klaiadiken, Mrs. John Boldt,
Miss BllSSbaUl Aldrlch. Mrs Qaorss 'I
Wend'. Mlaa btlnarVS CfOWall, Miss
Howen. Misa BIlMbeth I' i it u. and Miss
Qpnatsncs, Uapp
THK "Must" Clothlns '-orner. Broad,
way, cor Han-lav St., opp new Wool
worth lluildlns. will sell to-dav and Sal.
urday Hie balance of their lu and I . j
Men's Winter -m ; Overcoats, all
Slang, 31-14, tltie. .lack tbil.et, ancyd,t, J "the arrange uta bIWtll
grays, browns dark mixed woretsala
f ptPini. tmswropaulst'osy night tin w. I , ------
-AJvi. l,.uiilinuaU uu bocoiei J'agv .
ULaswai LW !
raw sWaS BW
e a -- nva a oo - , f a a
Agent of White's Slaver Says
Me Believes It Was f iiven
for Writing.
Al.ltA.S V. rr,,b. !, -Horav. V Huff
man of Ked Hook., to-day lOld 'Jov.
Sulser a I'ommlttee nf Inaulrv his ver-
a'.on of the lateat attempt to llbrnte
Harry K Thaw from the Mat.eawan
State Hospital Hoffman wh. said be
hud been In the etnlo of Thaw aa a
"meieenger," testifiei thai on Nov. in,
tPtl, Thaw gave him an envelope con
taining Consolidated ' las st.e-k and P-.'" n
in cash to he delivered to J'din Nichol
son ii hut. a lawyer, at his ufllce, No.
i Wall street.
Huffman corroboiatf-d Anhut a teaii
munv regarding the contingent ra-
Udnsr" of ii',,iMi. Tin- wttneea gpM that
at the rafplaSI Of Tn ha re-elved two
receipts from Anhut, both of which.
wei,. photographed in Poughkeepsie
n .Ian. 'tl last Anhut returned Hal
s;,. f Uig Das atectl to Hoffman.!
woo soio iiii-iu mi 111 si.) na.iaai unu 1
Thaw's direction
Hoffman testified that th. aertlfl-
ostaa of oas itock were indoraad in
blank ly Mrs, Carnegie, I slsler if
Hoffnian told of bavtni,- 1 arried niea-
sages to Alfred Hem y Lewis of New 1 1 1 ,1 n. hells about, and on t ne wali was
York for Thaw and -if having sen,.! , n, si welfht and Bgerotaej
Lewis si Mat tea wan He aald be hanrd I Accaaa to Mrs tlwalhmay'a npari
l.ewla ali i Thaw lalKing "abOUt Writ I li'ellt was oldallosl on lha gaaumptlnil
Ing some stuff some tlilriss I'naw
tnouifbl the oaonla nuehl la know "
ught to know '
lloffmau said he hau delivered data
from ThSW t" bewta in New Vork
"Was Mr. Lewis in tin- emplOl of
Mr, Thaw '" asked John T Norton, tha
oommlttoo'g counael I r.i.-lng dWn lha urrldol Over the
I don't know," leiiiiMtoffni.in knlckerbockera waa allkj klnnuia,
The witnes admitted havliia imtd I wh h wltk thi Blshl n mis (iwath
muna) tn Uawla for Than the amount I n.ej aflei tha Intruder, faiiei la en
of whleh he declined to atata. allhnufh tlrely conceal tha attraotlvenesa of
hi explained thut ha "wouldn't on- Mra Hwatbniey'a gymnasium aull Aa
alder n very large" "l auppogad I
wa pa) ing him for tha Writing he waa
e.dn. to do, added Hoffman, who said
he had also paid Lewis some exnenae
money. "
The ltnea said he lain 1 know l ie
Circulation Rink Open to
1913. 22
a-axa styii-M -s-i . aa.e e ,
CoRespondenl in Bishop Di
vorce Suit Was Indulging in
Mrs. Ai.lgall HnnoOOH lllsbop in Ihe
Supn'ine CoUril to-daiy. otafeUnod ah
onler fr.m Jusiio.- Davis whh h pr-
I v ktrg leila HuIum (Iwathmev
fro-n sMlling fie i-.uropc to-morrow.
Mrs. Wghop'a f order grreuted Mrs.
OWSthmoy, who la named ae c i
iaegl Igll nl in the dfVOfOa suit nroagnt
agalnsi lames 'unnlngha in Mlxhmp a
SSnSer, to appear and tewtlfv.
i Mr. CfWalhmey, through her Iswyei.
iieorse fjordos Itaftie, asairei lsula S.
Poanor, Mrs. rTUrhnrr's attorney, thai
Mrs irwatlrney waeild remain for tnu
trial and on 'tna .igieement ihe agtSSSI
once or Mia StoMathrAO In the SU
to. sin- t'.oirt was saivel
Mrs Cfwsthma) was served at the
iotbani Hotel M In o'clock A. M
,HJ. Vlith ,h ,,r,iet requiring her to ai-
' ... ur tarn auininallnn In Pari II ot
tke Supreme Dourl al I o'olocli V M
-',e process sel v.-i found Mrs. U'valh-
rna) indiiising it mornlns "aiis-
thanloi Tha fair eorespoudenti who is
the wife of J Tompla Qwsthmoyi for
mai Prealdenl of t ,, e fork Stock
I Kx hang.-, waa ggrbedin knlcsarboob
era and light kWeater There were
t hat the procegg server w as from the
'. ..in, ... of hei attorneva O'tloeman Rat.
tl. ,v .Mars lair itu yuung man pin. d
the Court s oommand In Mra flwath
1. e s
tha l
snda ami tie i, la ite ranched
ator lie .,nn to- aw a woman
elevnlui dooi upam 1 I hi priM-esa
server leap"! Into She car, le.u ing Mrs. 1
, 'iwaiiime. siorn.i'.s lurionn in in
c. rrtdor
Till rinpw
Ilia , ln
AM t V
Haul.r 11 ... . I I U I AJ
e...i . lalauJ . I 10 '.''.
Had Mais it I" 4 'J
Is a ,v .. , .
VI I' ll
I 41 1.4
ISM jpjjg
Writes to Wagner Committee Urg
ing That Supervision of Social Evil
Be Taken Out of the Hands
of Regular Force.
; Question One of
Laws, Says President of the
Bpard of Aldermen.
-Mrs. w ilium K. VanderWM trnlay wrote to Stlialui h!gmtiik'
man of the k'ifislative committee which h seeking remedies for police con
ditions in New York, strongly advocating the plan of taking fron plain
clothes detectives the power to handle the social evil.
Mrs. Vanderbilt wrote that she was deeply interested in the treat
ment of (tie uiitortunate women ot Dm street:, of New York, and she be
lieved thai hy ridding iIk-ih ot the plain-clothe men something might be
She sa'd she believed that Miss Lillian
Mrs. Trost, Bride of a Wet?k
When Crime Was Commit'
ted, Is Refilled New Trial.
milaAiDTCDriH A. FVb. . flrlrs. Prija
llHrtman TrOgt. the "heartless widow, 1
I COnTUlted of murwer In the first dasraa
I last December on 'he charge of pof-oa-
i lug her hUSbsndi WSg to-dav sentenced
to die on tlie ga.lows h Judges in th
(Juart. r SeaaloHg Court.
nOQUOSS, r ,r a n,-a trial waa --efiiae.l
and co nisei for ihe woinsii Immediately
served notice that an apie-ul would ba
taken to the stale Supreme CottH. The
execution w-.ll take pla in a 1I4M in
be set by th" Hovertmr.
Mra Trosl w is adjudged guilty by g
Jury after I brief trial. In which I a
prose- ill. on alleged that Mrs. Trust ill
ad ml 11 lute re, I poison t her husband In
order to Obtkll llli propt-rt,, will- fi she
had persuaded him to will over to li-r.
CJourl h nie ..1 Koia h
Kffirses In ( iranl an
Vppe ii.
It. a vote of tfOUf to one tin
( IrtC
Vl !
I afternoon dallied lb, appll al
clarence .1 Ihearn. oounael foi loss I sort
Hopper, no aermlaslon to laka to lha "An administrative order abo!lh.-d
Court o ,fe.ils the Injunction order h. UneUS a.ul character InvesMguii.iB
lenli 1 b the .Hats nivlalon a- '" u".itter,. with bad rasnRg vn
, , idmlnlatl HtVe order required dolecl , ,s
straining ." i'.n. . Hei vic . . uu s . , . , .
telephone bggors -n.i. certain war
gton rrom antartna In u a contrsvl with ranM a. ttils would give a chanr, :,
the InlarborOUSll Rapid Transit Comsltjp (1n t ! rrliulrusi
pany mil lha Uruokryn Rapid Transit j ,, ,, appoaad to sny law that would
Uompany foi II pa ration ,r lha Jual I taka from the Mayor the power hi ai
aubwai ayatei a building, palm or remove police commission, r
I'realdlng Ju Ingraham writes !rba Mayoi is held reapoggaggg by the
lha prevailing opinion, ahloh m pufaHo ma i my aossot shift ihs- re
curred In h JuHlbes Clarke goott ind
leg Uaughlln
I, In w hl.-li ha
Mcl.au.hliu While .lusti
writes a dissenting opinion in whl.-lt hi
declares the application w appeal auguld
lv gtSJitcX
Men Rather Than
Wald'a proposed pluri of keeping the
police away from the women would
menu go,Ml reaulta for the women and
the city.
"I have not given much atudy to the
aubje.it of seomen rxle;." arle wrote.
but MUs Wald'a Idea that women of
ItoStS oould leet handle the problem
appeals to me."
Mrs. Vanderbilt said In her letter that
she would have bean glad to have al
ien. led the hearing- as a witness, but
rhat .-he waa sailing for Burope.
MImj Wald haa wnrkesl for twenty
yearn In the east side to better social
on lltlona. Hhe waa a wttneea yaater
lay and urged the humane treatment
of unfortunate wnen.
rreeldent John Purray ktttohei of
the Hoard of Aldermen waa the flret
man invite. I to the uhalr to-dav. Mr.
Miichel said that he was not a poBea
expert but had served aa Corssnlsalonar
of Accounts and aa Acting Mayor
The police eoaditlons ro-day," he
said, "Is not a matter of lswialaH,.
nui one or admlulat ration, of method
and of men rather man of the laws
"The beat measure ghavt aaalg h
enacted for the people weseM be
the recall for Use Mayor aajhsai
high offlolals.
' When 1 a Acting Mayor I found
that tha most revolting dsns wore ll
cenaad bv the police, sami of theae
w. .e recalled, hut only to be ralsauad
later, as I learned. There should be a
viiangii here
The process of corruption In tha
police begins with the man on the besi
He la corrupted by exanxpls of tho.e
I ova him 1 bolleve that the C'ommla.
sloner abo Og hav. ail the deputies he
desire subject to the action Of lha
no ir,i or Bisllmata
no attention pa.d to com
to acting mayor 1 found mat asm
' dslSk of arttSSSg to tha Mayor ahouUl
I hove been h-lpfui, j turned tn.im ov ...
t tha poMoa and nothing was do .
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