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German Specialist on Tubercu
losis Now Says Hundt Is
Not Press Agent.
Announces That Applications
for Treatment Must He
Made in Writing.
Dr. F F. Frladmann, the MUM
epaclallst who MM to thla cimntry to
prove the effhacy 'f a WMtlll treat
MM of hla Invention for the UHMMI
nr Mltrrauloiila, Ml null 1n doubt
:he Waldnrf tn-day lu to the exsn-t Mm
when hl teste urMI teln Ashed If he
would MlN Patients on Monday at
the office, h,. Uak taken at Fifth Vf
una and Thirty-third - ieel, he an
k war ad:
"That M ahall not know unt.i Mon
day. 1 have no Information to-lav f tr
tha i "i.. 'a I want to MM one
thing clear. Hereafter any H'W aliout
my oil riles or ny cttace will ramie from
ma. Mr. Hundt la not niv prca. agen
Ha la my eOMeHry nrt translator wlio
(Ida me In making mvsclf undpratal "
Prof. Krledmann. who expressed diffi
dence regarding 111 ability to spesk
Kngllsh when he nrrlved here, eiild tie
could not espress himself with exart
;ieee cscept through an Interpreter, now
annke rapllly and with very little ac
cent "Moreover." lie mil. I. "what I hsir to
aay will ! In regard to the medleaJ
phenomena of the and not alHiut
affatra which are the MMM of no
ody hut myaelf "
CtianertntT hit tone, tha physician
asked the !'iikt to announce tnat
.ifendmg pa-Uenta who ralld on him
on Monday were requested to bring
with them written api.ll.ain.na lor
treaamrttt which mhfht be tiled away,
.la aald that UN only purpose of this
'.lat wa to make aura thu,t no one was
nvarlookad In the mah.
nurtrmeoU aa to the progress of
caaee wfll ba given out from time to
t'.ma 1iy myaeW and my phyelisana," he
"Who Bfa your phylclanaT" ha waa
"Hlx man of tha htghaat atandfrng Wi
tha profeealon In Naw York." ha aald
"I cannot tell you thalr namea. I do
not remember them."
Workmen ara putting up partitions
in -day on tha aeoond floor of No. W
Fifth avenue. forming an operating
room and eeparate reception roomi for
.ha aazea.
It la aald that Robert H. Roblaon. a
steel man of Pltlaburf. and Re Porta,
oo-tn-lew of iharlea E. Flnlay. Praal
.lent of the Aetna National Dank, will
be among tha ttrat to ba treated. Mr.
Malay haa offered to pay 11,100,000 If the
Ufa of hla daughter's hue band oan be
saved, and If ninety-four other cures
raa ba effeoted.
Although the doctor had few patient
inquiring for him yesterday, the eipe
tattoo waa confidently ex-nreaaed by hla
.Vends to-day that a crowd of auffarera
wit) aeek the oure Monday and llnea wrlll
ba farmed on Fifth avenue and Kan
As StartHngly Original and Exciting at
Will Begin in Monday's Evening World, March 3.
Good for a big picture of
all the Presidents of the
United States.
Another 8-page May Man
ton Fashion Supplement,
printed in colors.
Wilson, President -Elect, at
Thirty-fhlrd etreet They aay the to.-t.r
la looking faf at b'nat two thonann.l.
According t . Cliarlaa llnn.ll. the SM
lor'a ai-rretary, Ilea rule la to be. "Klrel
iwnf, flrai aervtHj."
"Have you eelect.d any one aa tit.
DrM pHlli.til '" waa nakfil.
'The Ural patient will be the fire:
nmu or w.itiien wh.. alnpa own mv
door,'' aAi.l lr. FTladanaBaV "Hrry
one will he treated and no monev
aake.l, at IrM.it not for xorna .la.
Khen T will I, live dirnonatiat.'.l niv ilia
overy la a cure for lonaunvptlon.
"My Inborulory la In my veal DoaMI
All 1 need la mv Inaltunienta and a
qi.let room The paUenl a lll r. elve an
Injection if Imcim by way of the velna,
arid In the leg. The remedy i ,,.
rlf alaajti Uaara win be no ui taTami
The pajteMH alrnply remlvia lite Injec
UOw .ml k " . i Ml abaal lua ordliuu-y
pnraulla. The effe.t cornea In from
arven lo ten iluya. The Improvement
by that time la marked, eapevlully ao
lit the end of two weeka.
'I aak the American public to be full
In thla mailer. 1 hiive ueen nl.J,.ct,-J
t arHleMa barauee 1 have not divulged
the aeciel of ,ny dlacovery. I mUal con
tinue to keep It aecret. to pro tad my.
Mil and the pul.Uc. ,J , Pfontim
lo tell what I had dla.-oveie.l. ,,.
Ply nnnoiin. e.l nH, a , ,lrH rr
aumptloti I hui clem,,iMli,ite,l It in
i.. niiaiiy. an. I 1 imk a chance lo demon. I
luite II In N.. Vnik, which I uin
mil eo.livf i. lorlly, within two MaM." I
it la by in l.'rh Imanii ,-,
the llioiiantHla of ijimntnptl v.w who 1
oum inn viait nun in the Waldorf .e
.lllae of the reflleul ,,r the gaUl m..n.
lUtemiMil lo allow them to amo-mlile in
i ne corn.iora oi rnai r.iHhioiiable BOge
l-lry will he waltliiK Monclay morning
at hla ofllcoa. Ir. i 'i .-I m ,n i, iledur.
over an thou. an. I Ictiera and tcleRraina
l.avc nrrlve.1 from pnilenia who wlah
ti. take the tMaMMnt The crowd whl"h
la liable to be attni.itil by the offer of
free Irealnient will In. handled by the
-police, who have been aaked lo aaalJt.
I'aft to Make Prt-entation to Car-
pathia's (Captain, Who RetCVttd
Titanic Survivors.
WASIIINHTD.V. March I. t'apt. A II
Rnatron, HHUBBPf of the alenmehlp
larpailila when arte ra tied the aur-
vlvora of the Titanic, u here ready
to-day to raoalVa from I'rnalilcnt Taft
the modal of honor a ward ad by I'-on-grraa.
the lilgheat gift It can bestow
upon a olvlluui.
Atnbaaaador Itryoe, mtmlifri of the
I'realdent'a Cabinet, Htuiitn coinnilttee
whloh Inveallgailed the dlaaater. the
llouae I'.mi.nlltea on Mer. Irani Marine
and Klahrrlea, and I half wlve, were
Invited to wttiicae the ct-remony In the
Kajit lloom.
riatol ta.r Klwalre I'ollre After
lroila I . I in
Peter Tommay, of No. SM Fnat
and Much More
to Make a Brief Remark on
gM 'kVm mJWm T"1 " gaP. -aaaal ggaW PaM ! V-
IagagBptal'gBooo;ou W Jkaaaa-gW afj H baa?" A
' I gggei UfAAMIAIa I i , -
Hevenllelh alr.et, driver of nn aah cart
in the street Olwuilin Departmant. n
ahot throiiKh the left gMuklaf early
to-day during an at'Kunient In a aaloon
at Se.vind avenue and HMl S.-venlleth
atreet Hla aaaallant, lrank Homer, of
1. 140 Second avenue, eluded the police,
a lio ran to tha acne of the hIiooIImk.
Tominriy refueed to mi to the hoapltg
aflei lr. Cronar of Ftpwar lloapital had
anawer.'d an ambulahoa call. Hla In-
News Oddities J
Mra. Harry Mills, awakened by a noise duwnstalr In her home ut ogdeua
hurg, N. J , took a revolver and Invcetigalcd. She fmyid two burglars and heid
them up. Then ahe yelled tar her husband. He aald he waa too tired to take
Ihom to Jail, bul put un hla boola and kicked thatn out of the houae.
A pnnel i..i package eontiilnlni!
N. ,1., ang POStaMtar Keasler and hla
and drying the rest .ff the mall, ao It c
A vlaltor faadlU MaOUll to an elephant In the London Zoo put one In hla j
n... ket m Hla 'aa teller naritalalaa
lilmai If and swallowed ixitli blacult and
Recorder Keffer of Atlantic rity haa heen Irving a novel "booae" cure.
When a man hi ought before htm after a "night out" he rnnrnela him to look at
hlmaclf In a mirror Then If he promlaea to look Into a mirror often and avoid
other nluaaea, he paro.es him. Ilenry Bitckley, the flrat "patient" to fall,
pleaded that he hud loat hi pocket mirror yeaterday, but got thirty daya.
The burning of St. Joaeph a Church In Highland avenue, floaton. la attrib
uted l.i aiiulrrele. wh. h gnawed away the ele trie wire Inaulatloii. The loss la
Plaxlng the violin and feadhtj the cat flrat when aervlng meat at dinner are
not gufltclaht grounda for n separation In thla State. The Appellate Dlvlalon haa
nlsmlased the ault of Mra. I.llllan I'atterann Dale against her husband, KranrU
roh'ate Hale, In which theae chargca were IncludisL
The driver of the water wagon fell
him. hut Maglatrate detainer freed him
lie la Patrick Burke, driver for a dealer
The aenlnr claaa of Vale haa Ui cold water men. while of the IM who drink
.04 favor heer. There ate IM who don't amoke, while among the othera clgarettci
una a lead of 0 over the pipe.
W. A. Murphv of Lebanon. N. V., has juat found hla hrcther llai liy. who
left home thirty-one yeara ago. working aa a isirter In a hotel In Cuba, N. Y.
They and a brother, n profeaSOT In l'ordhnm I'nlverslty, have Just Mien heir to
J'.'.onn.OUO by the death of two aunts In Dublin, but Darby refused to quit work.
The three are coualna of Charles .1 Murphy of Tamninny.
Hortalista In the I'rench Chamber of Dcputlca refuse to vote for nn extra
fino.ini.iat) aaked by the ( government for war purposes. They deuinnd Instead
that llW.ftO.ft) he added to tile a- hools appropriation.
Havtnn pollea have been asKcd to aiiest gang who have awlndled American
leltors with Juke racing returns. Among the r. ported victims ace Prof.
talnaky et Danvari H.tittt John a Mottalla of New York, a Harvard atudant.
and Max Hchlrmer of While Plains.
Thirty Love Kpiiirams, by Mrs. Blanch WastatF.
What to Do to Babies to Make Them Healthy,
by a Noted Professor.
"How 1 Would Camp Our Caniptire Ciirls." bv
Dr. iiuther HaLsey Gulick.
Clever Sketches of "Life" as Seen in the Sub
way, by Herb Both.
Pictures of Places Where. New Yorkers Have
Recently Been "Held Up."
The 81 Cases of Appendicitis in Three Weeks in
One School.
Another Instalment of "C Q," the Great Story
of Love and Tragedy, by Arthur Train.
the Theatre,
lured iMuMafl waa banduged aad he
went to hla home.
Iodic! a MherlOf HI Tlmea.
ROCK ISl.ANIf, III., Maron I. The
flock lalnnd County (Uand Jury to
day returned thirty-one In.llctmenta
au.ilnM Sheriff O. I. Hruner, charging
him Willi nbtnlnlng money under falae
pratanaaa ami with allowing prtcMtn
to eacape.
mnple ayrup burat In a bag at Mllmirn,
aaslstant spent .ill day yesterday waahlng
ould ha dlsii Ibuted.
30 noiiod. (tlggL The elenbaot helot 1
off In South Hrookhn. The police got
..n hla promise to "get aboard" again,
In aprlng water.
in the
" Silence!"
Second of Pair Who Beat Bank
Messenger In Hallway Is
Traced by Telegram.
Deputy Police rommlaa!oner Ponghertv
Announced to-day that ho haa located
Thoninji Shlrro, one of two holdup men
who attempted to rob Peter Plunkett,
an aged hank measoiiKer, nt Nn. 113
Mag Thirty sixth Itraat. on Jan. 11, and
ahot DatOOtlVa Jaitiag A. Martin In the
groin In making hla aaoapa. SJilrro la
In the Albany penitentiary, aervlng a
alx months sentence tor larceny.
Tha police had nn advanced tip on
the attempt to holdup I'lunkett, and
iieputy Doushartjr pinntad half a Aoaan
men In tho neighborhood of the at
Thlrty-alxlh Itraat uddiess, where
I'lunkett wna to dc liver 1.1, ft O from the
DMHI i:x. hange Hank. The detectlvea
nllowi-u the h.ildup men to aaanult I'lun-
kett in a hull nay, lllppaa In and let
one of them shoot hla way to safety.
The other man MM caught. He gave
the name of r'ronw Moran. Through
underground sourcea the police learned
that Morun'a partner in the holup waa
iA watcih waa put on Shlrro'a home in
MM Klfty-alxth ativet. A few daya
ago hts m.Mher ait a teh-gram to the
Allwny County penitentiary addrcaeed
to Joarph Shapiro. DataoUV McDon
ofgh Followad the telegram and found
III the Albany County iM-nUentlary, not
only TMW Shlno, bul lis brother
Joaahp, undeir usmimid nauiea. They
were ariated on Keb. U at lludaon, N,
Y. for eteaJlng an overciaU
Shi rro will be broug-h: here aa noon aa
hla term In Albany expires.
Pullllr sir r lee Com 111 laalu n llritrn
Iteglnnlng April 1, i-irth avenua
busses will niainl.iln a schedule of every
I lilteen minutes on the Seventh avenue
mute between line Hundred and Tenth
and 'hie Hundred and Forty-fifth
st m da.
An ordi
the Fifth
the Publli
alisl olie
1 to this effect was sent to
Avenue Coach Company hy
Service Commission to-. lay.
ire the company haa oper-
bus a My over this purt of
the route, that it might hoi. I Its f i an
chise. The commission issued the or
der following a hearing before Com
missioncr John K. BuatiflL
An Illustrated Article on "How to Subdue a
Gunman, " by Mike Donovan, Deputy
Sheriff' of New York County.
Pictures and Story That Prove That New York
Girls Are More Beautiful Than Their English
Cousins, by Penrhyn Stanlaws.
Picture and Story of the 160 -foot Gigantosaurus,
Believed to Be the Largest Animal That
Ever Trod the Earth.
The Remarkable New Dance, the "Tango,"
Illustrated and Described.
Four Striking Models Showing the Latest Tend
encies in Lingerie and Wash Dresses.
Big Sunday World To-Mor r ow
Suppressed Facts of Acddsfi!
to Mr. Goodman Three
limns aiivl a Half.
Samuel tlOOdfflaJI of New H.llen, one
of tha most popular and gnna ratty
known Jewellers In Counc. Mcul, Was
aool dan tally kiiioi yaatatMy m tie
elevator s .aft of No. IM llroadn iv
To-.t.iv the whole Jewelry business
nic I Mr rtoodman'a many friends in
and QUI of thla city were confused
and tin. tilled hy minora of a painful
myatery regarding hla death, relh ct
ing in some vague way upon him or
hla aaaorlulea.
A rigid Inveetlga lion by Kvening
World reporters discovered Jut-i I
cauae for theae inpl'iisant tcporla
they were du to t.ie ecretlvneMH of
the poll, e, which haa dgf Olupad to a
marked degree Mines the ronvi tion of
MoMf ol tiie murd -r of llerinnn
Itoa. nthnl.
Mr. fjoodntan aaa a man of mod-I
hablta. He did not drink. H a business
lnt.rlty waa never questioned, his word
was aa good aa his bond, and lua faml'.v
relaroua were of the moat ple.-isani.
Returning from a eimple lun heon to
the office of Ida friend, Frederick (lold-
ganlth, of the Brtn of Ingomar Ooldamlth
a Co.. In the firm's Jewelry aab arootna
In the building, he took the key lo the
wa-shroom from Mr. i ioldsmltli Hhd went
out Into the hull.
The door of the ninth floOf wua'.iroo-n
la directly oppoa'e the elevator door.
Though all th.- elevator MM In the
bull. ling were In excellent order to-day.
mc nueiB of Ingotnar QOeMBltb Co.
aay they have had reason to complain
re-enlly that the doors at the n!nfh Moor
did nut cloae automatically and were
frequently left open for a spact of a few
In ell en.
In some way Unit never ran be de
termined, Mr. Goodman went Into the
elevator shaft iMMtd of Into the wash
room. The operator of the car In tiiat
shaft waa at the twelfth tloor. He felt
a heavy Jar on the governing cable, as
though it hnd I n pulled from below.
Aim.. st at the same moment Michuel
Honge, a porter, heard the sound of a
fall at the bottom of the shaft. Ho
opened the ground floor door and bsik
Ing Into the well saw the body of Mv.
tlooilman arumplad against the aide of
the ahaft.
With l.uke Maxwell, auperintendent of
the building, the porter entered the
shaft. They found Mr. toiodman dead.
Hla akull was fiactured. Dr. Petera,
called from Hudson .street Hospital,
aald that Mr. Goodman had liern killed
A policeman waa at once called from
the atreet anil telephoned of Mr. Oood-
man'a death to the old Slip etatlon.
from which a wagon waa sent for the
Right there appeared the atupld In
stinct of the police, born partly of aplte
agalnat the newapaper because of re
cent exposurea and In nut of a fool
Idea that hy auppresalng all police
news It will he eaalei to keep under
cover auch news aa la discreditable to
tin department In these daya of search
ing investigation. Such Information
Is, In ordinary courae, telephoned at
nine to iieauquarters and placed on
Ma for public distribution.
The int.. i unit ion regarding Mr. Oood-
man'a death was not placed on file un
til three houra mid a half Inter, after
most of the persons who could have
established the purely accidental man
ner of the occurrence and the excel
lent personal and business hablta of
Mr. i iu... I man had gone home.
The very fact of the suppression nf
the Information started surmises which
Lieut. Urecktn, on duly In the old Slip
station, by an altitude of evasion m
direct queslluua and an apparent re
luctance to make any statement at aJL
seriously in. reused.
Mr. Goodman haves a wife and two
daughters. One of thein is the Wife
of Louis Mitlgcr, manager of the
HciUblntn restaurant in New Haven,
burnous as a resort fur Vale undergraduates.
SIS for Milk. $1,333 Rout and
Other Wry Old Debts on
I ill.. - I Lai
i iin 'tt Ml g 1 ,191a
Noiton Raaoli TlMotaon, eaahiar and
dlrei-tor of A. D. OoRVOTN g- Co,, Ht
No. 41 Wall HraOt, an I son of W. K.
Tllhilson, m'lioiialre publisher, his
owed a on of is r.o repairing an tfa
hretla haftdli nine vears. Ilia stale
mint Has Died by him with the Cnlted
States DMr0l Court lo-dny In . oii
hin.tion with n voluntary pellHon In
baaakraptcy. Furtli. nn..;.., Mr Tlltlt
son vowisl th.. .hi he owns Is IUI aort'i
of clothes and a watch and chain,
which ire i xetnp' from levy.
Mr. TlMotaon seven years ngo sued
for a divorce 1 1 .mi Til otson, who
hafaM her inarrl ige was dramatic
critic In Chi. ago. While tHsttmony waa
i.e.ng ink. n hafora a rafaraoi ilia. TU
Maon MMrad IMI "KM" MiaTwy. the
pi .. tighter, had befriend. si her when
.he was threaten. si by her MaOMM'a
wrath In she llotol I 'timberluttd.
At that time Mr. Tillntaon Mvad in n
handsome apirlnietit at No. 401 West
Md avenue, and the two little daugh
ters of the couple were In the MMM
My'a exclusive aoMol in Rlvanatda
Drive. Hy the docree the . hIM -n were
left 111 the solKslI and both paullls weir
given permission to visit them at cer
tain hours.
Itemlnlacetiae of those fnrts are con-
hainad m Mr. MMoMm'a list of dabta.
ti.- awoara Ihm for two monahr rani
of the apat inieiit. due In ISnt. he nm
$I.35L'. 47. The Misses Fly are still his
radltora for 11.101,11 for the children's
tuition In lt'OJ.
other Interesting revelatlona In the
scheslule of debts are: That he has
ors1 ll for milk for ten years. He
still owes M for eorseta bnuirht for
Mrs. Tillntaon Ir. IHP3. ile bought 'ills
wife (l.ll worth of rnndy In one
month of If M he had I I'm! worth of
photograph taken of her; brought
home flowers worn . fr.4 ,91 in one week
of 1U03, und In another week 36.i'.
worth of fruit.
Drugs . ost him i".3 X in l!n3; one
month's gas I..II in l'M was IM.1; mil
linery bought at one time, I7..5U; clotti
ng and amies for .Mm. Tlllotson and
still unpaid for amount to IT.Vi.44. Hao
erdaAhers are still dunning him fo'
liSa'.Te for shirts and neckties.
Imtcher has a claim of $373.3 or
nieut bought durlnc two months f 1906;
i . tgar dealer would like $9.7r that Mr.
rillotson has been owing hi hi for ten
years; a furniture house wants $1,3oS.:I4,
and a cleaner wants $110.30.
Altogether Mr. Tillntson de-lures a. a
liabilities are !.',: Jl with no assets.
He Uvea lu a handsomely appointed
houae at No. 14:1 Waal Fifty-sixth atreet.
Kdltor of the Trlbnne train to
Take a Rett.
Hait Lyman, who had heen the editor of
the Tribune since the retirement of tha
late Wbltelaw Held eight years ago,
ended his supervlsl.m of the paper to
day. The announcement was made by
the TrlbUtM editorially and was accom
panied by an , xprosnlon of g.Kxl will
from hla associates campled with an
intitiuitlon that Mr. Lyman reregncd
lieciiuse of his desire to seek a "well
anrnad rant." Mr. Lyman was the third
editor ivf the Tr.hune. Mr. Held suc
ceeded the founder, Horace Greeley,
clears away pimples
THB healing, antiseptic balaamaof
Resinol Soap and Keainol Ointment
soothe andcleanae every irritated pore,
quickly removing pimplua and black
heads and leaving the complexion
clear and velvety. Sold by all druggists
A brand new copy of the
Sunday World's famous
16-page Joke Book.
' 'Around New York in a Horse Car"
in the Metropolitan Section, and
see "Hawkshaw the Detective,"
the new big Comic in Funnyside.
Two Big Rodents Do "Bunny
Hug" iii' Exchange, While
Operators Stand on Chairs.
There i a large siie.l Job Ml ling
the lied lip.-r In the Meliore Tele,
phone Kx. hange, in One Tlundred and
Klftlath slreet lieu Couitlarslt ve
nue. the Bronx, and If he will only
' "' Pi Pa away the army of ro-
.bins tint ins ulvoucked beneath tha
witch hnarda inn aarva-triad girls will
i all him blessed.
So long as the rats t.ucd in tha
e.i ir it u.is ,ii r imi itllt yaatarMy
there Ware a half hundrad girls In una
of tip. rest rooms at nuon. when sud
danly, like charscters of the cabaret
two Walt-bUlll rata went tumbling Into
t ie middle of tin. floor and pns ecdeil
lo Hiestle through the intrlcaelea of
tne nuntiy hug.
Wasn't it the luckiest thing m th
world there wh a chair In the rial
room for eieiy one.' oh. Indeed! Frank
Murder, manager of the exchange came
runtllM lo the rescue. Then and thera
Mr. Holder gave Fred Snyder, the Janl.
t.r. Bfty Can la whonewlth to purciiasa
a ixit; and Fnank, the measnn7or
- - ..... i..... i. ,
on.. ..i.n-ris avenue no, i re
turned n ii I, sllll another nameless cat
which Is.c.inie straightway "Minnie." Itur
In.l islrlous as the telephone girls, stti.a
have boatl) they nre too few to maka
any vast flnntuatlon In the vital statu.
Ilea of ratUnd. ao the telephone com
pony is m-KotiatJng with a human rat
xtei tninator.
So for. IM iMg have dejetrnve.) r..
seta of furs l-long1iiai to opeiratora and
Inniimeralil.. cnaaOg eamlwirheai of tha
same onnershlp. For all of ibis
to tJie liurtter on the broad, the outn-
isiny fiaa annminoed It will pay.
11 bodes aeholnra on Oxford Teams
mroKD, Bmfland. Mac i
American Ithodea In.lars ara Included!
In the team selected to rrpreemt Ox
ford I nueralty In the anniml athteii,.
maotlnfj with Csmbrldge I'nlvertilty on
MMrch If.. Thev are: Will A. 7.1....1..-
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