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The Hike Is Over Here Are Six of the Noted Hikers MESSAGE CARRIED
WlN r I iD nf f-Ao "WIKF" The-y aai" 23 mfes tn voCays, mates.
f n l IU J f'csf Jays . 'cavma 4 butty ote.s Av 6 p flttttS ptr WUHetlf day
Good Work
BAcKI&'.gy'j Give Mg.
. ... ' T..,- 1 e -r t 1: i
AO IntimaU sctri 1-1
Bladinsiaur Hotel,
rrawrv by permissica
'Oayi7) Well, do you percievc the
Consanguinity ?
I House Orders Inquiry
2 2 5
'Hours of Torture for Peck and
Mi.TniRisis Ask His Aid in
Their Cause Ourinsj His
Presidential Term.
Hail , hail,
Mis Chum Described in
The. Gang's
All HERE !
Divorce Suit.
His Hirst Bride PHtted With
"f'opsie." and Law Gave
Him Freedom.
William rhi) i-.v-k. i bond broker l
No. z Broadway an 1 mi -r tha -niii-joMlrg
Pecki of Perk' Paint, jtum
fortl. Conn., ,M ,, ., P1111 llf .M,
with nit wivee. according to reoord of
taatlmony which aecompanlei a divorce
decree in hit racoi itgned to-day by
Justice Hendrlck Although only in
ty -three yean old Pteh Itai divorced
two wive :;, yeara Thi ia..t mm
v. as Mix Prance Kdna Itoblee, whom
1-" married .liino 2. 1911,
Pooh Mir. 1 1. 1 bride, who the damn-
It of Milton Riblee, n hotel ,in.r.
Hrod In congenial hllii in lha faehlonahla
Motherland t RlveraMe trlve and Ona
Hundrod ami Fifty-eighth itreet imtH u
'ew day bafora lait t'hrlatnvae. Thui.
according t th- rvldence, hi tnltatad
j alii of ehtlm to spy up n hi- wife.
lec-k and Richard 11 tsar .if a araalthy
ikt..M famllj and a Calumal Club fel-
luw-m.-.-i th. latti - t. rttfted, rata
coaled them ilve belitnd piano in
a yaw twain .-i ..r tin- Butherland 1 .-. ihe
nlgf.t of I in-. "4 lest ufter Mm.
aaoh aaa informed thai 1 bualnaaa trip
celled lie: huehar. I huiriedly to i-h,-ag i.
Th' supertnti ndi nt of tha bulldlnf, J.-im
H, Mtcnt-tnati. was aim taken lnt.i -he
Th.- story continued thai ahortly after
I o'-'ovk that nla-lit a limousine drew
to the houer, a fur-clad man
merged, and .1 r.-w mlnutea later Mre,
il'a.-k and the cat lac drova awny. At
siikirtight thay returned. Tha auto
va dtomloeid and Mr- Pack and her
a-m-ori aMarad tha Perk apartmenta,
IMre. Peck iani- Into the parlor tuineil
ou t4u- lights at: 1 Ml a- ihe piano and
Wtayad. Her companion uii. and for
-I - than an hour th' arl " and her
,ftt made merrj .
Although Peoh an. 1 Bear aer tor
tured in their , r; npad quartan, ualthar
-.poke, it was ralatad. Tin- eoneaalad
oair hoard whlaparad worda of affection
exchanged, and Pech'i only rxpreaelon
wa to nu.iae ilia eompanlon i-laoroualy.
Than, aftar an Interminable nine. Mm.
Ji-ck retired to her m, tha I'ghts
arara turned out mi l hei luaot followed.
Peck Hii.i Sei.is. rdlni to the
taatlmony. came from their hktlnc
I I a. 1 .-1 olgarettea and waited half an
hour. Than they tiptoed to Mm. Peoh'i
room. piiM.o-.l tin- .h.oi ..,.,-u jreiitly am)
(nynad on the limits. Mrn. Paeh
-iaanie,l for help, S. arn called St. ue
man, who identified Mr Pack, hut none
eovld raoofnlaa her companion The
t.irae bowed nolotnnly, :.l "(lood
niOmtns' anil left.
Next .lay Peek tlle.i his milt f..r a
dlVOfOe, naming an unknown man. ami
FteKeuiau aarved the pa para. Searn
and Itacematl told the atory of the
la'phi'M adventure to Juatloa Hendrlek,
Mm. Pack did noi di feini the divorce
aojHon mid at the dvtherland it mm
b.iid lu-iiuy that alia had joiueti her
payanta the day after lior huaband'i
Broker Pack obtained a divorce from
the former Rcaala L', Herbert In the
Supreme Court only fourteen daya be
(ore he married Mlaa lloblee. The ft rat
Mn. Peok Wai eued In May. ID'.l. a man
known aa 'l'.i-li-" 'o inw named as
careapondent. Three years pravtooa
Ivru married Mies Herbert, datkfhtar
uf John C, Herberi of Charlotteavltle,
Va. l-ur month! later th- bride left
tha broker and nent in Waahlnwton, hut
returned t.. htm e year Klar and thay
lived a; ittfl Hotel tneonle for n faa
niotttha. wh-n Mr Peck ..rf.iin u.-m to
VVwahlnst m.
The teatiin my In the rlrr divorce
action dloi'loaed that Mm. Peck m
llvlai wiih "Pojiale" at No. ill Dela
ware avenue, WaaT.ilnston, under the
jmnie of lire, liens-!.- Qibaon. "Popole"
iappeared in be "Mr. tlibaon." The
touri awardod Pack .1 decree on May
Receiver Name. I for Simon's Suns
(Inc.), on Petition "t fiie
An Involuntary petll . In bankruptej
ly four creditor! araa Bled to-day in lha
1'i.ite.i nt.it. s piatrlct I'ouit anlnai
viariea Vhuon'n Bona, iin'., manufao
t'irarb of underwaai1 and loolan at No,
Jj L'nlon iQUara,
Aooordlni lo . u 1 x. Myeri of No V)
Avail street, attorney for lha credltore,
tha llwbllltlae of the llt'in are Hu),uwi,
with poaotble aaaeta -it MO.ooit Mr.
Myt-ra mi id tha concern had been Pit
ting i ik profit! and uaaeti Into Manhat
tan real palate, wh It rcoently to..k a
auililan aluiiap. 1,1 an effort to eave
tnair r.ai aetata li ii-!i in, the attorney
continued, r' in . incorporated
them in lha rtiin in Realty Company 'ant
Holnioa J 1 -oett w.ii:
celrer by .lu.l:- Hand
1 a mm i ,in ie Uaace,
, a jury uf loym". " '' lad from tha
lai'h'.la Wallt! Of M 1 ie to pOJ 'I, .oil
th" proprlatlM ". Ut "itiune ut Nolr."
or the iiar-e. -i- foil in.. An ordar to
tnai effaol waa alaned IohIbj by .ludaa
MvlQuaei o 1 o Court 1 Hauerai lea
eton upon uppil'-atl 11 farmer
judfc Herman Jiaoph, niinrel fur Will-
ii Hammefetiim. anj approved ty uia-
Alturne: S aiuiiaii.
No' Action Before Then, and no
Efforts to Jam the Con-
Iracts Through.
Poeltlve and definite nation on the d ial
rabway contraata on Tueeday was an
nouncad by Chairman Me;-,iii of th
l'uhiic Bervlce Commlaalon to-day.
"There a-lll ba no action tiefore thn."
raid the chairman. "Hut action will D
taken at the reaular Baetint that day
unlaai aomathlng unforaaaon arie
meanwhile, which I- '.'.uproha.hl State
ments at tha meeting yeaterday that
Intimated a:i effort would he made to
jam the contraata through 1 onlay or ut
some other tpoclal meatlni were ahao
lutaly unJuatldaMa. T.ie meeting railed
for to-da: , h was adjourned until
Monday morning, was for : :.- purpoee
of clearing up minor mattfts on tiie
'ut Tueeday i Inauguration day,"
It wai luggoeted 10 the ntalrman.
Tiicn we'll run ,1 rival attraetlon."
h replied.
Chairman M.-ii! aald Tuedayi ac
tion would he on tha eontracti of both
1 1 1 int. Thorough arl it 11 t. He aald
there would ba no furt lar action with
regard to the Aitrd-tracklng certificate!
t . he laaued through lha Intarborough
tnrlead of th.- Manhattan Rallwa) Com
pnny until tho public hearing on Mar.-.,
unleea the commlaalon ahould vote
Tueada) I I iliaapprove the oontracta in
their antlratp,
T.i olialrman .id he waa taking no
taleraet whatever In the quaatlon of
p.-r .rial vara dty between '.ie irge Qoul I
and Praoktam dhonta of the Intarbor
oniih. He .said ha had merely nought to
learn If the propoaed changed certificate!
could ie- legally laaued, and having aa Ha
iled lilmaeir on that m-ore, future dla-
tuaalon n u; 1 letaraen the Intar
borough and the Manhattan, with the
Commlaalon aa an onlooker,
in the meanwhile tha Intarborough
htu definitely decided to continue lia da.
Ounce 01 the Manhattan Railway Com
pany or tin- liould Intaraata In lt di
rectorate, It uh: aald to-lay the di
re -tors if t.ie 1'itel u irouah -v..l 1 ;ioM,-
tieiv deallna 11 treat with the com
mittee named by the Manhattan for tn
purpoeo ol malting an effort t adj let
the difference between tha two com
panlee. 1 ontandlng nm. when the Inter
Iwrough leaeed the Manhattan llnea foi
MM i-.rs li aaaumed lha right lo mak
e. tut. ver Improvement r alteratlona it
deemed neceeaary. the company will
reji i ail ovorturoa and l! lattaned it
la lee. iiiy able to make tin- third track
eMcnel.wn, a cartllloAte r which II
bae aakad tha Public s.-rvu-e Conimla
...in 10 grant. Mea awhile u ire are
ruuiora or Impending warfare iii the
rank of th.- Manhattan tookholdere,
lotm It, 11.. ckafeller Jr. landing tha op-
poaitlon to titmld.
Oh airman MaCall aald lha ooaimlaaton
would .1 ' nothing mora than lend a form
at acknowledgement to Mr. Oould In
aiiHwe to his letter di Serins with Mr
Whont! as : . what paaaed between them
regarding an alleged offer on Mr,
Oould pari In tall his Manhattan h dd
luga to the Intarborough at an advance
,,r lomathing like forty-five polnta n
the market, Neither will the oommli
Ion take up tha iltuatlon with John i.
tn k. fi ller ir., who hiva bean brought
Into ihe oontroveray as the largeat
nni;ie holder ol Manhattan aoeuritlee,
and who i alleged lo be angry with
Air. tlouid bacauae of his having .'unaed
a delay In tin- negotlntlona.
Mr, Oould aalled for Panama to-day,
and T. U OheiduOUnM Jr.. who ll!
rapreaanl him n hli abaanoe, u looking
o ihe Interboruugh fof lha nut move,
rhia, at leaeti wH remain tha altuatton
until the contracU and the naw .-rii-.11.
have been paaaed ui b) Uie I'uh.
He dervlci Commlalon uni are ready
or the ilgnaturea of the city and tha
1 mi,, my. Then he Is agpootad to Lake
the nwtti -.- to the rourte
Chairman McCall ent.-iwi an emphatic
denial to-day to imports from Albany
thai he . ' a . 1 gone there yeaierday to di-.-u.
lubwuyi with Oov, gulaer, Ha said
he was in .vibgny on pergonal huHioeat,
and the uovernoi', learning of it, invited
blm. over la call.
"We didn't evan Mention aubwgyw," ha
nrnteat d
A filar Song Mil.
Way DtlWn In CtltNti" NOfg l!uypn 1
gnd ,iaek Korwortb'i ftunoui houk
lilt ptibllabod by T. H. Hurrnu mid 1
j Franclii Paif ft Huntt-r, will be Klvcn
1 (ret with uutt buuday o World.
jBt 'KSti& !
They Are Going to Make the
Town Beautiful as Men Are
TtHi Rusy Playing Pinochle.
Twenty women of Rlmhurtt hay.
banded together it. the rgueo of civic
betterment and formed the Women' -Civic
League, The mere mules of Ihi
Q-.ieena lUburb, no It Is art down In the
third "arhereai" of ti.e laague'a pre.
a-nhie, are mo buay earning mono) hi
day and molding MB icee by nnht thai
ihe civic Ideal of Rrmhurai can n vat b.
realtgad througli their eftorta
fegtorday lha Brat anok.- for . 1 -. .
boauti waa mad! over tha teacup .
the home Of Mr.. Mar) Man- a
(tUdlow avenue, All ol tha twenty char.
ter memben tacept two brought iheir
bablea or their knitting. M.c Cxrollr
Mayhea waa choaen Vloe-Preeldvnt,
Mbnt Mayi.ew being on,, ol ihe village
IChOOS teach"-!. Mm. H. A. 11 Dd wa
made the Pirei Treaaurer. Here an
aome of the Hlmhurat Women'c Clvi
Laagua'e polioleai
So rnoie peanut ehelta, dlacarded
igar ituba, waata paper and ba
nana peeling! in trolley eara,
All ruolormeii and 1 nluilor- .hill
wear linen .-.illai-H md keep their
Irogaer! praaaed.
Poll ei.ieii Miaii improve khalr da.
nurtmont md eh'Vl not wen- 1
tixithpirk a! a rompoaanl pan if
their arrvl ie uniform,
gldewalka ha:i in- kept la repair.
u,bo awept.
All ClttaeOa are UTgad hi plant
tome iwaet amelllng Rowan in a
VMtaplcuuui plana In tlmlr yard! or
on their Bra. weapon. Tha miia
nwiie.-its M'.uid noi nraaie an un
favorable iaipracaloa if thi y wore
oocnatunnlly a boujtonnlerc of forget-me-nota
or -e.-t wllllam.
Paetoae 10 Qaenrve iientii aalvr
r of Paaada ..i Mathadlam.
rHICAOO, Maroh I. Bvery Math liai
pastor in the linlted ktatee will atop 111!
church clock for ten nMnuteg to-morrow
in honof Of the name of John
found. .- of Meth'xHam, th annlvroaary
of waoaa death falla on March - if an
appeal which wiui pant broulcaei over
ovtr the nation yeitarday 11 1 1
Kev. Joaeph B.. Htnplay of Kvanaji
111., la m oliai (1 ut Ui DMVgaMM,
i ike uccess G
Flat Failure, Says Anti
WASHINGTON, March I, We have ittrred up latent though) in repaid to
uronton h auffrage by our pllgrlniage to Waahlngton. Wheth r people n levi In
air caae or not. 1 ii are talking and thinking about "vote! for women."
Nothing 'ess aprctaoular could have aroused the Inter eel ol the newapapen
f the l otintry, who have s.-ni their ropreaentatlvea along the line. The oonao
qu n '.- hac been that not only thouaandi upon thouaanda have aeen ami heard
us, hut million! have read ol us, ami it bae ail opened dleemalan! In thouaandi
Of laolnted hamlota and homea When ver wa have I n we have received
ari 11 attention, and almoal every one within 1 radius of tan mllea In th,-
. tut ry h is come to !ec the piiirlnui "nr paaelng along tha country roads
hai brought a naw Intereal Into main gray lives.
They would never have got tha message In any other way, and II Is th..
country folk who are to glVl Ihe Vote to women In nil Ihe State- We have
ved woman'! endurance, per eevc ranee, onuraga and canefcratlon to 1
prlnlcple 1 Ugue, eufferlni and bordahjp have not dampened lha si-lrn of
nihil-lasiu in any of the pil -n i All feel d-trriultii 1 ! 1 iv no atone on-
turned lo win for women t
igrlmag a united band of det
lerlrnoei gathered on our lourney
WAHHINOTON, March I. The hike of Ihe auffr aalata from New York t-
Waahlngton did alaioluti ly no good it made notorloua a lew gitis for whon
everyh dy is sorry becauae they ahowed a graal deal of nerve in a mlatakei
cauaa, The eauaa ih not only a mistaken .me but ihe method urd to prvieni
it is bad.
Prom v hat I In ar from the mot e eenalhle lufTraglall of New Vork Ihei
did aat approve of Ihe itt!e I COJialdar 11)0 tr.inip over the eountr) a mlst ik'-n
policy of few Ihouahtleaa enthualaite, The people or Waahlngton want out
in ee the luffragtat blkeri through curioalty, Thay pitv the glrli who t-.k
part In It. Mftg. ARTIIUR M DOIK1K,
Prealdenl of the Aacoclatlnn Oppoaed to Woman suffrage
Manv Noted Uttslness Men Mtend
the Funeral Services ill His
Late Residence.
glmph funeral eervleea a-ere held thlgl
morning f,r James tndrew Molfett, I
. icctt sor to tin- late II II Itog.-ra l j
Vl preatdent ol tin- dtandard oil Oom
pany of New Jeraey, wlra died Tuaaday ,
li ght at Palm Beach, Pla. The -iricai
ware at nil late reaidnoe, Ma. Ill
Waal aventyd'aoond itraet.
Mr. Moff.-tt had euff.-r. d for e r..j
months with kidney trouble, which ultls
mutely eauaed hli death Th.. funeral
.. rvire was r. ad by lha It. v. leflgtlllR
Parke, rector uf St n.irihol omew'
Ohureh. Ha .e aiallti I by Rev, Syd
ney if. L'eeher. and i uuartei from i
church rendered "Ued. Kindly Light."
ami "Ni an . Ml lod, U Thee."
The iuig loom of ih.. late oil tnag
nau a a. wall niieii witii bualaaw aa
alee, The north and of the room
wag banked solidly with beautiful Boral
tflbuuui Mealed in uw room wan guvh
en. Jon es ;
,1 emancipation We have ended out
, 0 women, profiting by the many e
wen known peraonc " John i Ro k.
u Her r . A. ii.-.ir ird, Mr. end Mrs
li a. Pelt, T While, Judae Warren
w f J. " trehhold, Hr. and Mn
' M Mli hnele, Mr- K Wllm ml, Mi
and Mr-. Hani ) Ja !un, II. ni y II
Plagler, li. t. Wheeler, Thomae a
1 1, kr. II. ii,.!, I t ' li, ., i...- .. .1... ......
- "i . nun-
Oci in nn Company, William n Rrwin
Mis II S II u4ta ..,,.1 . ... I
..... - . I , ,,,,,
Ihe Houthern Hoolety,
Mr MofT. tt left ,. oMIdrett, J lilies I
Miiir.ot ie i: v. ti. ....... . .... i
" .HI Hli I l,'l.-
MoffeM, Interment as ai Woodlawn
WAJMHNOTON, March l.-Inaugural
( aouvantr eoiiactiag propana -Hag
We. -1... i to dine m me Hanata
railaurani at Ihi ('aplioi win have no
opportunitt .. . s... gilveraare
Itaainiilng lo-day the s.ii.-r wua looked
away and cheap lubatltutea pUeej in
Theaa Mapi were taken la ti" llghl of
past laauguralloiui, e-hen dlnen carrlel
off ipoona, knivee, f.oks and other ta'.ia
furnlahlngi to tin ilua of v rai hut
Ol.d vs
As Organ Grinders and Ped
dlers They Altuise London In
RfloneyRaising Campaign.
LONlK)N, March I -Numbera of iuf
f rage I tee playing barrel organa other!
drawing picture! on Ihi pavement! aad
still other! eclllna Boware on lha eteeet
nomer! ..r elnalne woman lulfragatta
songs provided llvei. ! I reel aatertala
men! for the realdenta ol l.ono.m to-. I iv
'l hey gathered n couilorable mnount of
money li, lid. I to the reaOUroal of their
octette! This la lha beglalng of "aalf-
lent il greek" tv the Niiffiag.-ll.a.
'i h.- Worn in s Mortal ami Political
llnhin has de. 'lie, I lo cop) Ihe annual
nelf-denial w.-.-a adopted aoma yean ago
hy the Salvation Aim, and by this
mean! hope, to colic I many tltOUOan Is
f dollar! iii support of the eauaa
Two ot h! aulfragatte " g in grlnderg
were mobbod in Mhafteahur) avenue and
had to accept the reeoulng ervl ul
Ho- police T.i' ii organ aaa redd ed la
kl tiling
The oontroveray between tn. Ma. i
of Itlchmoiid au i Home Hocratar) Mo
Keuna concerning lha ralaaae from
Hulloway 'ad "t miss l.llllan Lenton.
luffragette, is likely lo lead to a thor
i. Kb "Hi iai lavaatlgatl'm of the pro.
ceaa known aa forcible feeling, mill
tint laadera and their aympathlaara
wa i to-day
Whan m.-s Lenton railed to appear
in police court for tnai on a charge of
portlcipatPui m ihe burning of the
Kew Clai l.-iiN pavilion the Mayor a
h ied a bench warrant for bar, and waa
Informed thai eha had been released
by the Home Secretary kw auaa fOro.
tide feeding had Impaired h.-r health
Tn.. Richmond "in- iai rltlrtaad ihe
Home gecretary uauatlcallyi and Mc
Knnni cama back wit , a itatamenl
that he fife! Miss I.e-itoll to save hei
ni.- lie said tnat be had egparl mod
la. teattmon) tnat Hie wonian was In
, lunger of Heath
Hh was a hunger !ll k.-r. Ill said.
ai,, i itgyvad heraeif mil the prtaon dot
tors forcibly fed hei Ihrnugh Ihe now.
Septn- pne iinonia I p'.-iirisy level-
aped and either nton ervatlon or ai
dltlonal forcible feeding would have
i i Mies Lenton, t ie Home Beuretari
aald in wag iiiionueu.
MissKohler Changes Mind and
Promises Pull Revelation
to Aid Justice.
Martha BaatiOc! h..iiier. tiir i,-ii. ;
lean rear -old daugnter ..f Jamea P. I
k. .ni.-r .r Brooklyn, w.h take tna WH
mss eiaml tn PlaPbuak l'ourt on Ti..-s-day
and laatlf a a willing wltneAs to
all Inatdaata Inwatvad la the eei i n
lange again-' Walter K i,.ie. th.-
v., nng ei, laty man n"W at lll.erty und.
I'.'.omi 'nail.
The girl, who made i lenaatlonal ri'adi:
to Atlantic "ity i .si Naturday aad win.
,iMi..i ii.i- riiii.r's aanaaand that ahe
ahould reveal nil lha knows ahoiit th
defile if wealthy youwg Brooklyn mn
,h.. are said to hov.- mad- detMUdlll
tine art, announced lha ludden revei ii
i.r her attleuda toward Doyle ami hli
aaaootatea to-.iay. without laklagj har
father Into her oonfldOllOO,
When Mr. Kohler was told by re
liortrrs in lila ofllee at No t t'ourt
Itreet, of tils daughter's sudden dl
termination t anaaal her iip. be was
completely myattfled Whal Ilea ae
bind th,- girt s dotermlaatlan to testi
fy agalnal tha man whom, aim ".."i
n few daya ao ain- eonaidorad la ika
light of a kaaaand and paaelo natal)
loved. Miss Kohler .11.1 not reveal.
"There are certain etrona nlrcum
atancea i have just dlacovered", ahe
wild today m her home. No HJi Baal
geventeenth atraot, Platbugb." which
liave changed my attitude completely,
I am now angtoua to testify aaalnsi
Doyle, and I will answn nil quealloai
put to tne.
"Purihermore, t itn us. re than r.-a.ly
t,. aid Aaalatanl Oletrlet-Attorney Qold.
ei.in in hi Orand Jury invaatlgalloa or:
n lol of Moylea friends and their re
laUoM with young girls A great ileal
thai do.s m.t appeal la th- affidavit i
madl against lloyle Is Just II dieulful.
and I will lell all these fails to Mi
Uoldateln, mi ning timse Implicated and
giving datei, ao everything aaa ka
l erltle.i.
iii th.- light .k rbai i now kmw. i
am ver) aoirv thai I ever iried to hide
ti,- fact! or io assist Doyle, ah I want
I, do now is to li the Whole mutter
hue and let toe law lake Us .oune
with him and Ills evil aaso-iatoe."
Mu:tiia Kohl, i s sudden determination
m.t to proti t Hi- man a.s-ua.d and the
Otheri against whom th- Aislatant
Diatrlct-Atlorney Ih Irving to get evl
denea caueed aomethlag like Rank in I
certain Brooklyn afes and air night
cabaret r-soits. where Uia newa nu.-kii
pread, geveral pmprtelorg are likei
I named as eu'erers to the allded j
n litis' si hemes.
Two uf iioyle'a ctaipanlona who are
Known to Mica Kohl."- ure said lo h iv
left town.
' , hoiogisi mim Maaaare mi mi
w or reii- Tribe.
cWX i-lTY Ii, March I The I'ul-
varalty or lowv win aend lha RrM
iiaychologial to be a membee ... a Polai
rapedltion uorth tuis aprtng with Vll
jahiiar gtefanagon l.uthor li Widen
,.r Iowa win acoompau) lha capedltlaal
ntth a - npiet- laboratory outtu of I
pa) ho igi sii apparatui to meaaura
ih. aMolanc) ol tin- Kaklmo mind He
will make a ipaolal itud) of to.- blonde
i . . mis dtaroverwl bj gtefanaaon,
Tii- tenting laatntmenta to be on i led I
; Mr. Widen wIM be the Aral -ver
tried on a primitive race, lie helievoe I
'hi' daii of giant value inai he pro-'
ire.1 by a ,-oinpi -h- i- stilly of the
mind of th wii.i KihigtOi practically
th- not raoe w drtt kaa not t. t tha
miluence r th'- kite mat
AI.MAV V. yilH To I'M
lull ii.a t .1.'. si-, .et. U.aia n.a ,0T
nn. niikh
11,4 Water Ua H iu -
A u I' it if r it
aadj il.-ik ,..119 .Vl - v.
i,..,,o. a. I van I ... i.M 4 ".I ! : av.
II lita . 4 i U II U II .v,
Aa Startliniflv Original and Exciting ag
Will Begin in Monday's Evening World, Mareh 5.
anaa laaia taee -n-taaa-taaaaa
fPBOl all parts i.r ihe i-ountrv rtr-k,.d
lata Waahlagtoa to-day tn ratrtMpate
Monday in the woman's auffrage pngsant
to emphasle on Ihe people generatl' .
and tii- keroehlng fengraai in partiruinr.
the "Ration aide daaaagd fur an amend
ment to ihe Ooiiatttutlon or the ( ntteii
Rtatea en franc ilalng w.mier."
V. ster.ln 'a demonst rntlon over the
irrlial of "QonataF Naaalle .lonea aejrl
her pilgrim luin I ..f suffrag. " hlkera"
.'rom New .ok did m.t fire the erons
..f women w ukers gtaMallag tdana for
the parade, whi n n'li form at ". a'efaah
Monday nr-ei a' the i'en.-e Menu
tnent. under lha Waal rront f the Pap
Impreaaad ay the -rue'i in the
elroeti roetorday wm.-n the police
were powerleaa to rontrol when the
ttaW York hikers'' renehe.1 I'ennoyl
vanla avenue. MIsm All-e I'm ill. rhalt
man of the fotnt HUtTraae pr.M-eeelon
-ommlt ie-. r-n.w-d efTurts to-day to
proogra a military eas-ort for Mon
diiy'a pageant. She bad a ronferenre
with Beam tar y Htlmaon, urglna the
need for a military forve to aid th"
poller lo clearing the itreet. The
iac rotary mmi.i ha woui.i see if the re-
.ueat could he compiled with. It had
heen refined prei loualy lie.-auee all
iMlllald, troops Will lie pr-p .ring fgt
the Inauauratlon latra.le on Tie fol
lowing dal.
Th- message whl.-h "Oen." Jnn-s
hand -arile.1 from Ni York lo deliver
to rieatdeal kllerl Wllmn was mad-
aajblk In day
II is all app.-al algn-d tiy Ir. Anna
HWaaid Shaw, I'realdent of the Na
tional ataarlaan Wonaaa son Aaeo-
clatlOD, urging Mr WUaOtt to recom
Mend 0aual suffrage in Ills inaugursl
id.lies. anil t ggc hi. Inlluens'a
ihroughoul hia admlnlitraUon in favor
of a .-.institutional amendment. Plana
.'or dellxerlng th- meaaaae have not
--.-( been arranged
"lien." Itoaalle Jaaga hardly knew
her faithful "army" n-.lay when the
hikeia" aaeeiabted for a Utile alaht.
seeing tour Miery'bodv even 'Jen.
jonea haraelfag-had dlacardad the pil
grim's ,-lonka and hats for the faM
glorp of famlnlni frllla ami furi.einwe.
Manlcurlata, halrdreaaera an.i maids
had lewiiaformed the wearv and foot
lore Utile him. I that yesterday limped
Into Washington nfter their sixteen
dus mure, i from New Vork.
The "aimy" planned this afternoon
t., .all ut the While Houaa for a
glimpse of Proaldeal Tart inn-iaiiy
they ure off Ihe Job until the euffrafe
pgl Ida on Monday. Than they will
biu tha pilgrim' gov.na onre m are
and again follow the donkey .-art ae
the Central figures In the votea far'
women pageant TtiU. afternoon
"Ueneral" Roaalla Jonei eniert.nnad
har army aial the "war eorreapondenta"'
at a ten. Mia A. II. II. Halrd waa the
only oag of the mari-hera not prueent.
She look a train bank to New Vork
last night, hut will return to march
on MoMda)
I lalra llrada fur UN.hhiiloa.
HAVANA. Cuba. March t ClBftgflg
Cgatro sailed for Key Weal to-. lay an.
hoard the ateamer llov t'obh on 111! may
to Waahlngton to attend tile Inaunura-
llaa al th- Praatdgwt a auup x
frtoada was present to aee him off. Pub
II,' Intereal In the former I'realdent of
Vaaeauela aeemed to have dtaappaagajl
ai mist entirely.
The atatement la eorrect. that thia
la tha greateit eelllng cigarette ka
thia country!
Thia deliahtful Turkiih -bland i
loi r.-, i hem c tobacco! la not a near
cigarette tgj a quality "dtetlnct
ivcly individual" quite different,
you know. You'll Ilka them!
aaamjawg jwwgpgga -vWP kw

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