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gag i
Commissioners of Accounts
Report Results of Investiga
tion Into Alleged Swindle.
These dishonest business men who
Bluplny signs conspicuously reading
variously: "Qreat Bankrupt Hale,"
"Tins Hulldtng Mint Come Down Come
In and drub Rarraln." "Bid In Trip
Freeh Goods at Tour Own Figure All
Oo at Auction," Ac, had better watch
out or the Commissioners of Accounts
Will Kt them.
Itne commie loner have been In
vestUatlnr. and within a day or two
there U going to be a round up. Com
rnlaeloner Jeremiah T. Mahoney said to
day that this method of attracting buy
are was a "pure swindle." Ho Is going
te put a itop to It In the Intercuts ot
TJe ubllc. The Invrstliratore, with the
eslstanre of honest business men whs
have frequently complained to tlio
police without redress, have found that
even fnke seals and alleged IcgM notices
were employed to deceive customers.
In some enses where '-.'nods were
marked at ridiculously low prices the
goods could not he bought for those
prices. Inferior article were foisted
on customers. Misrepresentation was
found In BUJf cases by the Inves
tigators. W&grfl these "fake" stores sprang
up like mushrooms over night, Com
missioner M.fhoney gaM tn-diy, tie le
gitimate business of the neighborhood
Offered The Commissioner Is alo
after .1 man who mn.le a spe lalrv In
providing fake se lis and lcal notices
living them Some semblance Of gen-
Blnsnsea for .1 stated sum.of Ita,
Reuben Ba'lier a sulipoenaed be
fore t ie Commissioner of Aecounti
and asked .il.out ho- business on Third
avenue He :.s now 111. ler ball await
ing trial.
POBtattflflloagfg Milioney and rtl"e
told the Mayor to-day that fake anc
tlonn WOT InortMltlf and suggested
that the Polios Department get evi
dence (Inst sue 1 places and raid
Mm r
Ua) or will 1.u.. .nsiti u t
1. Commissioner.
Gothnmites Have Chance to
Effect Three-Cornered Tie
for Third Place.
Intercollegiate League Standing.
Wen. l' P.C,
fl 1 fc..T
TSWetOII 4 4
aeufh 4 ,4.'s
:na :l 4 IB
In charge of roach Man y Fisher, thai
Columbia ..asketii; ill aulntet leaves tble
r.fter.ioon for Philadelphia, where tney
Will wind up the 111 13 Intercollegiate
League season by playing the I'niver
Blty of rennsyh aula five. The locals
have been resting I In OS Thursday In
preparation for (he OOflteat, and every
ItOJRbor of the squad is in splendid
Should the loci's trim the Quakers
and Dartmouth lose to Cornell the filial
league standing will result in I ti 1
aigular tie for third place between
Columbia, Pennsylvania and Dart
mouth On Mil b - last yepf the
Jtiue and White trimmed IVnnsy at
Phlladelpliia ait.i a tab of X to M. and
e!so won tlie local game, score la to 1"
Ve grand finale of alumni day,
lVb, 1-, Coach PMohor'a lanklei won a
e.oee game from the lllut and Bed here
to the melody of u to s. The MorntnV"
etir Height! record against I'.nn since
i hji is thirteen vlctorlea out of ainetean
tames played.
Rudolph i Jan.. Ihe Su s planlat, will
p.- the aoiolal at th,- Philharmonic so
ciety's concert at tfei'ncglc Hall tOmor
low afternoon. He will be heard In
Uast's second concerto In A major
BOOthoVen'l "Paetoral" symphony and
Isuo lohulg'a "American F itlval" over
ture, riti.ii for tlie Worki'a Kxposi
ton at SI UlUll in IWi will be tlie eh. , f
Of the orchestral works 'I'll, latter, at
Mr. gtronaky'a invitation, will he eon
ducted by its oompoaer, the popular
'eelliat or the organiaatlon, Maud
Powell, tin- diatlngulahed American vlo
liitlat, will ! the soloist .it the eonoerta
al n.xt Thursday evening and Friday
afternoon, In T.schalkowsky's concerto
In D major. Salnt-Saena'a tlilrd sym
phony m 0 minor will be played
As Startlingly Original and Exciting as
"tarzan OF THE VO"
WtH Begin in Monday's Evening World. Match 3.
Plenty ot Horses Ready for
But It Will Cost the Associations
At Gravesend, Sheeps
head, Belmont Park
and Bennings 700
Horses Are Taking
Daily Exercise in Prep
ation for Summer
Big Courses, Especially
Belmont Park, Are
Badly in Need of Re
pairs, After Three Years'
Lapse in Sport and In
attention. Resurrecting horse rating In Wow
Tork and elevating M along the MneS
laid down by the Jockey dub, fol
lowing the AppeHate Court's favorable
decision on the legality of oral bet
ting, form no Idle task for the raaing
associations which are to co-operate In
the revival of the thorough broil sport.
In tho first place, thousand of dollars ,
will have to bo spent In getting the course
In readiness. During the three yesrs'
lapse In the sport the tracks have beam
more or less neglected It will take '1" GRAVESEND SHELTERS SEVERAL
and labor to make them preventable, at gQ STRINGS.
least. Repalis thus entailed win bt tho Down at f.r.i , c end hundreds of horses'
one big Item of expense to the associa- sre helng primed for the season s cam
Bong, palgn John Whalen, August Belmont's
Tho question of getting the horses j former trainer, has a string at this
tog ttior to m.uk up sufJlolenxly inter- ' track Including Husktn. a Kentucky
sting programmes I... strange to say, i
the simplest of nil. Despite the faot that
ll Is n. arly three veaxs since a cgula-1
atlon ra v meeting, aside from
hunt .lull affaire,
.at ..in. I Mow York.
tuae boon run In or
there are any num.
Per of liorsi-s quartored right In this
v : - titty which will be ready for rnoing
ptirpoOOfl by June 1 or tteforc If neces
At tlravesend and Sheopshea 1 Bay
alone there ate Vil or more horses get-
.iiih ...n. . i-e snwisis weiiiner
ondit oiis perm.t of It. Ovit at H
mont Park there are
SUiroO. among t.hem
severas otit.T
many steeple-
. iiavers, and down c.t H nnlrurs, for yeare
the popular wilntor uuarters of many
big oMthfeO. there are enough honses
to supply a dally card for almost an '
me. ting. In addition John B. Mad
den is cxp tsl at (Iraveeond within '
Madden I b nging them Bitot for Hale
Burpoooo. but he will race them until
he finds buyers,
of oourM the '-Iohs of horses new
quartwe.1 h."eaiKiits Is not up to that
of live years ago We might say that,
nteftOOrod by Old standards, there
aren't any r. ally grout MOOfs In uh
country right nuv, tilt the crop ot
two-ycir-ol is is prom. sing, atid a yoaf
or two may nm the djoveonpment oi
rnoro Colin, iiaiiots, sir Mar bine and
FltzhcrlM-rts answ"ing the oil familiar
bugle call, me best we had Were shipped
abroad when the sdverOJ l..slaUon
na.ie re ni unprofltmble here, but it is
not at all unlikely that sonic of these
may shipped book when the sport
gets on '.;. tret in UMM part"
Hut to g.-: back to tliose on hand
now which will be made roady for the
opening here. Thwr
are 70Q avallohto,
and lb s without drawing from any of
Ithe Southern oouraeo, the Virginia tramu
mid Juarol In MolOO.
For Instance at (Iravesen.l, aquedUOt,
Belmont ''ark and Banning! are the
stables of Belmont, Whltneyt Madden
and Wilson, names o( commanding
prominence in the old davs Mot along
or., ...,, nelilo-. .Is in training at trucks.
but scattered it hiii a day's ride of tli
city are hundredl of prWatg stable
sheltering horses of otimr ogpgotailt
own org.
At Bsnnlnga, tha oountry a famatra ; than the other tracka, but It will take
winter training ground, BO animals are! nig force of men some time to renovate
getting In condition for a New Torklthe plant ufler a three v.-ars' depreclu
campaign, xugtrnt Belmont heads thai tlog.
list there wila M horse,. Most of these: The liiggest Item ill he lie repair of
thoroughbrada aro youngaten b. the tha various tra ika. Themaiii ior centre
, ,, i course Is in fuoly good shape, due to
wonderful Rook sand, and isn.ls Pueatel. ,,. .sarcisliui oi sii ui .. hundred
another Rook Hand win be developed.
In I ills lot there Is also Mission, Winner
of laai year'a Bowie Handicap.
tdj lining tne Ifelniont stable there
in, HI horses owned by Amoa Tuniey.
'1 his number was swelled last week by
ti.e arrival from iCoatuoki of vi two-
yi ar-olds.
At tiie end of the course there is
atabla of w t no rough breda trained by
William tiarth and owned by several
men. An dhor iig string at llotiulngs Is
Dr. Tyreo'a atabiO of horses trains t
bv William Oliver, About 2n otner
small. c atablOg at Bonningg brings tha
total of ooraea that may. race In .New
,.rk up to ::.
A wa Winer around Relmont Park
tiiese day! nould almost be ooitvlnced
thH MH 'n was a' really un.ier wa, for
thoro are neariyi MM tbopoughbroda in
active ti. lining there -horses that Wi'l
pimp around local trankj as ssxn as
ti..-, are neodod.
It T IVilaoa baa the biggest stiuhVj
at Belmont Park. Many of these horses
are being prepared for .ecplecaasln.'
Millions to Put Tracks in Shape
700 Horses Ready for Bugle
Quartered Now at Local Tracks
At four trsdkw 'Bennlngs, Oraveseod, Rlircpahead Bs end Belmont Park
TOD thoroughbreds are In active training for the opening 01 tn .Metropolitan
season about June 1.
At Beiuiings are the stables of August Hrlmont. Amos Turner. William
OertTl, Dr. Tyree and other owners that hilngs the IMHlS of horses now
quartered at that famous winter track up to 112il
At Belmont Park over 10 thnr-.fligliliTe.le are quartered. Ineludlng the
stables of It. T. Wilson, n string trained try ex-Jockey Willie Mldglev, . .in
sisting of twentv-four two-year-olds: William llognn's OOllflCtigO 0( tin
lumpers, a ptiMIc stable trained by Slim Kelt'Ji. consisting of HftOOa Ol the
country's best steeple. hiLS'-rs, and about twenty-five smaller etanies.
At Oravesend John Wh.ilen has a string In training, including Hoskm. a
Kentucky Derby eligible, as well as several othet noted thoroughbred-"
James Pltzralmtnons has a piald ic stable of twenrv-fmir horses and V.
1. mad. hi has Majesty, llrlar Path, it mx and Huneh of Key, getting In
readiness for a New Yrk campaign At this course are also the stables of
A. J. Ootdsboro and Maurice Wei. ri
At Srveepshead Bav there aro 100 horses In email stTlnga being put In
condition for the local season.
Aside from the large number of thoroughbreds at the aforementioned
tracks, Harry Payne Whltiicv has a private stable st Red Rank, N. i of
over twenty-five horses, and other private stables near by would nwrell this
number to 160
But there. Is Sanation, Flying Tank.ee,
Amalfl. Penohseot and Owonnuz.
BX-JOCkt Willie Mldglev has 21 two-
i yrear-olda bought bv Piping Rook Sun.
a-ilbers lr sweopstake moing. WllUam
Hogan and SUns Itelteh have public
Minnie-, at Belmont Park containing all
Jumpers, an.) some of these hurdlers
aro the best In the country.
1 rl,v enginie, .viaeaj-oiu. llrxney line
ana rinmimirion, trie latter the property
of Oiive HI. loon. A two-kiir-"ld that
. "... "e n.Nai.i .11 in to. iiaicu s
owlhtHMh Is Maxim's Choice.
A. T floldsboro hn a public stable
In this trlng there nr.. Tom Monohan's
i Textile
: afomm
I the. l.u
I ana M
and Tilfler MM) H. K. Oxnnrd's with their exquisite foliage, have boon
-it h. Maurice Welea, brother of nearly ruined from the luck of irrlga
Tom Welch, has Miss Momenta 11 ""
haw Olrl. Tlie track posts at eight-foot spaces
I-'ltzlmmons has another hlgi around the mile and three-eighths have
table of T. horses, AmOfiaT thOOO I tumbled down and will have lo be re.
e o' Addison Johnson's, f.srmer paired. Then expenses that the racing
are s-e
warden of Sing Sing, and W. W I.ang
ilon's His Majesty. Itriar Path, Hos-
,o in. I II it, h , t gMM 1- M,- I...
fiers. Is
o Scaliawag, a likely looking
three' year-old owned by Harry Worrts.
and one or two youngsier ihe properly
of Johnny Moran.
John McOlimlt you'll know him lots
bettor as "I.U' ky Jack"- has a string In
training at Orav.s.ml. Ineludlng Sim
Jaokaon (a real good one, by the way),
Whisper Boll and Frank's Daughter, a
three-yen r-old maiden by Frank QUI, a
wonderful h.indliv.ti runner u Im .1.- - -..- i
ad at Hi tni .ii a few years back The
dam of PVank'l daughter is Inspiration
Sum Hooker, tralnkU 'be Spring Hill
stable of the Watt estate, has I'ncas
I'hlef and Castanla. And to eon. plot.,
the list, there is the Qulncy stable, with
Kverrat, a Hoi.- winner In 1!I9. beoldee
Warbler ami Striker and some two.
year-olda trained by Bddle Phelan.
If tlie h.irs".s In training at the differ
ent tracks were not enough, there are
twentv-nve thoroughbreds' in' Harry I
Payne Whitney - private stable ti iteit i
Bank, N. J., the largest private stable
in the country.
it can be readily aeon that mere will
be no dearth of horses for the New York
season, notwithstanding the h.g ex. sins
of horses to Rurope that has neon going
on since the sp..rt died In OJ0
The fixing up of tip. iro ks Is a source
o more lio iv. 1 1 e to the associations thin
the gathering together of the racers
tin maelvea, if it is the plan to race at
Belmont Park. Aajueduct. lOmpIre City
and Saratoga, the nulng aaenelatlona
will be forced to expend 11,00 1 before
the doors of tne trucks inav be tnrown
open lo the public
. Add.sl to tills hugl-
Idental egpeneei tier
amount conns
will bring the grand total
! ...ng :.tK,oil.
io a sum ex.
it will cost tn.- otookholdera nf Bel
mont Pork 1850. 000 before this fain ill
I... in.' Island track. With Its Iron mil
Utool grand-stand and Ita apaoloua fctwna,
can he pat In a condition for the r"- en
lion of racing crowd- Belmont Park.
because of its modem gppulntmenta
withstood ta.' ravages of time better
In training there, 'nit the other track)
nr.. badly in need of attention, Tha
atooplechaae cense will have to be en
tirely reeonstnicl-d All I he "list a let.
must be replaced, for they were removed
when aviation nets wen held there
over a year ago.
Tlie Immense grand-1-! md. OOOatrUOts
ei of iron and steel, won t roojuire much
attention, but J.rssl lawn setteoa must ba
replaci d at a mst of 110,000.
Remember the ehute, the atralghtawai
down whi' ii the two-year-oldt raced,
where the MotOlie Tn'i ggan used to he
run? That must all be retouch,.,! foi
Billy Poth Wins Sportsm an Show
Match v ith Watch Charm Pistols
II gj most uniuue flhooting matoh
ever atttged In the United ktat'O
wea ootttflotod at t ie Bportaman'a
Show last night lis the r.-sult of a
tel -dollar bet between lllil Ptrth -Hid
Bill Croflby. MM craok professional trap
shot The fll eel III! w ere rOVOlveri -s
than one Inoh n length and shooting
a cartridge oiie-iuai ter uf an 11 Mi h.ti
ntirrying dj)N 1U Urdslmt for a
The object f Un.se rmoUers In life I'
to he a watch charm, but the ur to
Ingonlouaiy made that they rev-. ...
. broak mid slnxit Inst tne same
Marge one line of fhflfle rOVOlVO ftUld
I be laid on a silver quartor, with plenty
of room to ets.re.
"That'a the 'la.rne.leM HUle thing I
ever saw "' tlllglhTH Billy I'oth. ' T
want ot try It."
"I'll bet you a ter-apot 'lij' I bflfll
you shoiting it." "i. tjfoflb
bvl was taken and 1 '" 4Uflfl
Time Is no respecter of places, snd the
finishing point became dilapidated with
other parts of the property.
The various buildings on the course
where trainers and handlers made their
headquarters are in want of the carpen
ters' attention. The tunnelled approach
thnnigh which thousands of late race
goers Pish.d In the goid old days for
seats of vantage In the grand-stand nr..
all In a w. aliened condition and must
bo repaired before the gstes may be
While carpenters are as bus. as bees
repairing, there Is plenty of work for
hund.rodg. of gardeners. Toe boOUttful
sloping lawns, the pride of August Hel
tnont, ate hadly overrun with weeds and
require muoft ittentlon. The nan. Mind
ing lawns, comprising the Mancls estat...
.Siiislstlng of thousands of various trees
fin couldn't dream of electric an
nouncers. Jockey hoards, judge and
timers' stands and other signs must all
he COnatrUOtOd before the bugle Mows,
The Saratoga course, considerably
mailer than the elaborate Belmont
I'ark. could possibly he put into shape
tor racing at less cost Practically the
same repairs needed at Belmont Park
would have to be made at the Spa.
The village of S
im wo ii i iierive
the greatest benefit fro
n racing In this
Mate This little won ler spot, with its
magnificent hotelf. private guldens,
prlnaTI an I lake ihoro ie.-.. rts enter. I
Into a state of lethargy when racing
filed in I'.MO. Ji was u case of shut up
hop. for the village couldn't Very sell
exist without rai Im and its aooom-
nanvioL.' fhroiiu' It'll I I tli,. wno, f i
aume again, ant fhla little place Willi'"1 ' lemlse liunnlng will b i
iblosaom forth Into life like a flower In the title role and among others In
nourished by a spring aun. 'the caal win be John Park, Obarloa
The loss to S it, 1:0,1, i by the with-1 Brown. OeorBle Muck, Kdward WadO.
orawni ol lacing can t lie st.inat.-.l '
an t be est. mated
Ileal -state vales fell like In a flnnn
rial pan e a oottaga thai could bardli
I..- rented for 11,000 for tin- month of
ngnst in th.- oil racing daya could be I
oneerruiiy had last aummer for 1104 i
month, sine., th,. death of Ihorouglrbred
running one out of every eight Huta-
toga ahopkoopori bad to luspend iust
Itoaa Hut this win be ahanged ith tha
coming of tip. ponlea once more
Dilapidated condition! also exist at
Aqueduol and Bmplre City, Through
negleoi oauaod by t tn- loss of racing.
these tracks have OUStalnod Unuaual
bos.- In depreciation. A big sum
aould be required to tiring Aqueduct
Into shape, but Umpire f'lly probably
might i.e put Into racing shape for
about t1"..'"-.
The farmers will welcome in., return
of taring. Knim all aecoUnta the farm
lag element Is strongly In favor of
lacing, nnu for a r on that n meane
increasea ousinesa ror tne country f..lk
In IS07, when liorae raolllg was .it It.
rati. ill In this Stat, the spin paid Into
i i.. state treaaury by a .". per cent. Mg
the Inly sum of iRl lgl Hi. which re-
ertc I hack to tne farmers for Ihe pro
motion of th.ir Stale fglra and foi
agrlcllll oral p irpoaeBi
Not only did the rarmora d. rive
handsome Income from the raoe iin'k
rectlpta. im: those living in the neigh
lor. mod of the various Courses did a
land office busln. MM ll ng oats and
bay for the horses and Ions of garden
truck for the stuiih attendants
When racing was ai its height al
Belmooi Parbi Long laiand rannera
made nig profits selling their garden
produ ita to Ike Ira k people, n was
eatlmai d Hon Rial al the List i.ig
meeting ai BelmOOt I'ark tin re w. ie
Ovei .irli! hun Ire, I trainers and hand
lets wh i bought vegetables from the
I . or v farmers, Kni ll was tin- same
f o fst met s neat other race aourooa
u.i.s select.,! BJ i f.ree T'n ... tiny re
voh.rs will rt : ehix.t further than 'en
feet, so 1 target a as mad- out of a aub
wav ticket with tha as the hull s.
aya Tha range was six inches.
Tiie goveRy of the 11 g Mbwetfld a
crowd of o d gunt I rs, and all kinds of
huts and neoktleg were lie' on the re
silt. The report t the inleroaoopla
lirearm wan ahoui as loud i. the tnit-
' "f ' walob.
, HHIJ Pi ftn won ml and there
a Mg 1 ... !
. 1 l it . loan t. t
he ' "'ks ' ,le
lid trap rh it,
e to try !t nut
. to ha 1 rkjo
ciar..d Tom '. Iter, the
"as the h. t ever I'd II
mv ajurora nr 10.1 Ian
fin Monduy Notaon Verity, ihe fa mom
old KUide ol IgafOrdi U I . la gulnv, to
hoot a mntch with Mr Hlndfl. 'lie
Mn.ne trap..-:, irbfl la aaid I . havg one
of the iBrBeoi lolleettoua of ti, , hlag in
Man Russell to Make Her
Debut II Lecturer With
Moving Pictures.
a comedy by CaTl Rosier,
dealing with the early history
I of the RothOOlllM family of bankers,
will be produced at the Thlrty-nlnt'i
Street r 'lent to on Monday night.
A i the opening of the pls Solomon,
one of tho four sons who have left
, 'mine to go to various Knropean centres
M hankers, has called his brothers to a I
meet1r at the old home. He brings to
Frankfort with him his beautiful daugh-
I ter, Charlotte. Solomon has contrived
' to have his brothers and himself cre
ated barons, and be presents them with
. their patents He then explains a plan
for trie still further elevation of the
family by marrying his daughter 10
Duke flufrtavus of Taunus, who Is In Im- .
mediate rred of a loan of 1,300.000 flor
ins and who has applied to him for as-
Among others In the oast will be Math-.
fide Cotlrelly, Kdward ICmcry, John
Salnpolle. 1'rank laMOit Frank Oold
imlth. Pedro de 3ordoba. Alma ll.-lwln,
Sii.une Perry snd lots Krain-.s I'liuli
e e
I II. It. Warner will be the star of
"The 0NMl nreuker," romantic
melodrnina by Paul Dickey and
Charles W. tloddard. at the Lyceum
Theatre on Monday night. Tho story
has to do with Warren Jairvls of Ken
lucky, who ends a feud by shooting
als enemy when they meet in a Now
York hotel. In his eeciupn he forces
ills way Into a room In the hotel oc
cupied by it Spanish princess, and I"
protected by her In consideration of his
pforales to accompany bor to Spain
and solvo the mystery of her haunted
rastto. In whtoh vast tfWVttfSl are
secreted. Jarvls takes in the task,
assumes the title of "Uhost llreaker"
and Hulls for Spain, where, after a Bo
nes of odvsnturoa he " nakai good.
Mr. Warner's support will Itiolude
ICather I ne Bramot. Frank Cam pea u.
John Imly fcturptiy, Frank WeHterton.
Margaret Itolnn.l and Sara Urs .U.
John Philip Sousa's latOOt comlo
opera, "The American Miibl." wltu
book by I. .on ltd l.lebllng, will be of
fered at the llroadwuy Theatre on
Monday night IVkon kanabella van-
deveer's father fails In business the
young woman Undo employment In a
class works Jack llartlett, a young
I i, 1 1 1 1 1 ... i 1 1 -. - .Mites .. I.Hi in the .line
- - - -
place to prove lie can oorn nis living,
but w hen no mi r' luces onampaajna
lunchuon and ntlierwlse rev.dutlonlr.es
the business there Is a clash between
capital and labor. Then war lo de
clined aith Ipaln and practically tlie
whole factory volunteers for BeTVlOOi
urns oarrytni the action of the play
John (I Spuiks, Dorothv Maynatd and
I Marguerite Parrell, Al the opening
pel I ol inn nee .Ml Mius.t win voieiu. i ..."
"Th. Painted Woman." romantic
drama In Fn der. Arnold Kuminer, will
i, piwoonted it On- Playhouse on Wed
nesday evening. The fUtttor hus chosen
for ins background the pi. luroouua p.
rtod-in the history of the American
coast when bUCcanoora rov.sl the Spau-
latsetfaln. ani Port Royal, in the lalund
..' limaloa was tin DOrt whence
their agpedlllona against the treasure
saltaons of gnaln put bi sea Ramona. a
captive, f id io do the will of h. r mas
. m ( .
ter, is "i ovsfH .... - "
BB oy Hi" ruman inwors. mn "
,r IhO yoiiiiK mate of the New Bedford
111. . 1 11, milium iin viills iig.nnst their dt -
nunclatioaa aadi In ihe end. aavoa ihe
girl from silvery 11 t'te Cgae fields of
the interior, Fiorenea Rood appeara In
the ro
r namons, .m.i mien
tompany are jooyna uowiaou, is
Hlverta, Roberl vVarwl h. Charles Wal
iron, Qooffre) gteln and Malooim Will-
Lilian IIuhs, ft linns lo tlie Kul'on
Theatre on Monday evening la lell "How
to l.iw WO Yearn" and atlll die oung
Mi.s RtiaaeU'a talk will be illustrated
with kiaemaoolor plot urea ah owing her
in her dressing room, in hot gymaaal HB.
in bar iiouie, mid in bar playbouai
The Irish Ployeri at nallaok'a will
oa Monday nail Tuadaj nlghta and Wed
nesday afternoon prraent "I'oata." a
new comely l.v l-n '.Kgor.v. logeihet
with ".Maui;..- Ilarte" and "gproodlng
the n, as. ' on Wednesday, Thuraday
and Friday nighta i ie bill win bo 'M'n.si
Marriage" and "Tha Workhouse Ward,"
and on Haturdav 11 -".'it "The 1'layl.uv of
tha Wea tern World" and "Tiie Rifling
of the Moon'' will farm the programme
' leorg
J. IO-
m. Cohan in "Broadway
emalna t Iba Orand Opera
"lalttle Won
he taken tu tin
w.at 1:11,1 theatre.
Th. Man I'.oin Homo" is to n.
rivfld by the ab 'k oinpany al
Rarlem I Ipei a House
"Tha Tin Oirto" oorn to the Cglum
it., ii igfli ringi i' iig Bhow"
lo the Murray Hill theatre.
At lltllliK av Moamon'l Will be "The
Oirla From Happyland
The Tin. r Lillafl" will be aen si
Miner! Bighth AVflOUl theatre The
attract in ai M. ner's I'eopitia Ihflatre
aVlll I.e The Moulin ROUgB."
T Olympl villi have "The KglOkflf.
t,.n set H i.'ir-t'i iera. '
,v ii. nmt rateln'a a n r'ay Tem
r. tot. "Thfl Bguealfll ." a new dramatifl
playlflt by William C, De MUle: ti e
motion plot urea of Captain kjou a ra
ti lltlaa to tho Hoi':, Boio, Henaio and
)'.. fly, gnd the 11 roe city Four.
I KtdtaVa VU n HlWTa Th?a.ia will have
iH olrsS' ' Hoia9
llusb l.lng Toy, lllunlnntet, In "A Mght
In the Orient," the Kln.lophoisr, J.
Kranels Donley and Corlnne Sales In
songs and dances. BroWa. Harris and
Brown. Norton ai.i Mkohotaon in a fa.-
ojcal sketch, and ..liters.
The New Song lllrds," bv fJoOraT
Hobart and Victor rler be rt. will head
tun bill at the Colonial, Other features
iii in. wiiu im ii Thorn peon, tha
Kinatophano. Billy QauM and Heiio
Aahiya, Stuart Bariiee, an,i ifroainL
Sidney Un w in 'The .still Voice" will
be the star at the AMMMnbra Theatre.
There gill also in, the KiMtaphoa M-
Malion and Chapolle. Wright and Die
trich, Minnie Antato In "The Vpplo ot
Paiia." ami Aahloy and i
At the Break Theatre will be Her-
ruuii Hhone In 'The Last Hope," tha
KlnatOpkOne, VVill.nd Mltntns, McKay
and OaatWeU. HaydH. Dunbar and
Haydn, Artie Mehllnger and others
10. tor Fifth AVMMM Th.Mtrn will
1 h.iva tin' Kintophon, RotMrl T HftiMfl
lii " T Ii .. I ... .1 ( " k'riiiiU k'niui'lt
I 0 wwwotwi w waf saw 1
Mtude Ijimlierl and Kmest Hull, Amy
Itntlw uihI litir Boy
, ffOtnwTf a rut oitir-rn.
Mars, mil Mont-
peUman'a Be art
Will lie the feature til t ie Twenty-third, . Itetee, Mr Prsacoo OoedMetfag,
atreet theatre Al tha Fifty -eighth street ris" w.li bo simg at the Hro.iyn
theatre H A. Rorfe'g 'The Courtierg" I Aoadomy or Muaia neit Tus.iuv nurht,
aill b ihe lopllner. "Tha sim Bout"luk olive FromataA Caruao .mi s-ottt
1 w ,, 1 ,, mjlu attraction .it the Oi
1 Hundred and Twenty-Afth
sti eei the.
Ooorgfl tier nard stmw has lost his
mother ti .111 wlu'iii he got hlfl w.i Slis
was aighty.thrflOi Hho was a krllliaal
planbit, bmI in Ibelr old homo in Kit
roy S'luate. Laadon, when the gram
at st was a mniM ig n-.v ianr mm,
s IB used to play to him by th.. hour
e title she kepi him jsilish ng Bpigrami
It hns now boon Battled that it will lie
tin. Fulton at which Hrleug'a niny for
doctors, "Damagfld Houdg." win he prl
vately given Tha Mayor has prom I fld
that tin, in -nsc ' ail not u. rovokod
Hen Hie.il is to play the Doctor n the
revival of'Mvgrymaa1 at tbo t'hlldron'g
March In.
Ti.e Kie Freak forte re" win i- pro-
d i.ed to-ulgiit at Wlilta Phtlng and lie
put on at - .0 Thirty ninth Street Mon-
in the role of Tantal in "Joaeph and
tits Brethren, ' Jessie Abott, alfltflg of
liess.n ABott. tn ii.es her gabul barflj,
In Jules L'geflflr,' A. t DfllggaatflFg
t.. ,t revival, fyrona Power win p:ay
May Irwin lias I inoolifld net road
I.. Hikings fur .ii- sluing ami will remain
ll i ha 1 loorga m ' 'ohau.
b'red aUon -e a DOmSOtltOr m t ie ama-
te ir in 11 k-un n euntefltfl at the M
made a aoora uf 17 ou
man's snow, n
.at yafllflrdfl)
Ms 1.. .. Bran nan, "Marion ah-
vvort... thfl Kngllkh novelist, save sue .s
gatounded thai n "Ity can aupport o
man-.' thflaUrog gg NOW Vork does
"Una Aveatura do I'apltalnc l..-hrun."
..y Krone Oflgoadi who was Miss IMIIet
of Virginia and until tael vein wife of
llilctt Bnorrord, brought livers fr'tu
Itovalists at Its prudUOtlon in Tails
lust night.
eeymour Htdkfl, the fnejog ggtof
m 1'iag.r, and lus wife. Bllalina Terriaa,
arrlvi i on tin- Maurotanla for u Ibroo
WOOkl Vlflil looking out (or novelties,
lie eavs 11 fl, llagtl ' Is tin r.lge III
Urlus Sings
Tristan With
Grace and Power
Atones for His Breakdown
Two Weeks Ago by a
Fine Impersonation of
the Hero of Wagner's
Great Love Tragedy.
TIUTRB was a lovely performance
re? "Tristan un.l Isolde' at the
Metropolitan opera House last
night, which not oivlv (tiled tha sWheerlp
flon but attracted a large number of
stsndeea. .In,, pics t rltis, ss Tristan, did
not break down as he did at his first ap
psarance a fortnight ig Instead kg
ssna with p.wer and bnoutv snd he
Impersonal".! Ihe OOfBiOh knight with
rare grsee and dlaflnetunn. Nothlna liks
bW rbarsetenxatlon has been seen sin
the ,t.v ng .lean ds Itesr.ke.
The performance as insptred. tlllre
frerrurtad wea a beautiful Isolde, elng
Itig with rare grace and acting irtth an
Intensity that romp-lied the keeneet gai
tentlon and admiration. Margarets
Matsenauer was a ii- Hrangaene. sing
ing the warning from the tower with
beautiful tone. Otto Oorrta nrnda an
effective Kurwenal, a part in wtitrh he
Is rarely seen, and "arl Mraun srae a
King Marks that mold not fait tn be
Impressive It la not the best of his
ImipsreonatloTi, for he makes the man
mueh too tearful for the stern old
Cornish king; but his voire and his fig
ure mn conviction.
Iambort Murphy as the Hhxpherd and
the v.. toe of the Hsaen was excellent,
and Julius Haver urea the steersman
Mr. Toacan nl conducted with all the
gnuie ami power to which he has sc
customed ua
Cornelia Rlder-Poeaart gave a piano
recitej at Aeolian Hall yaeterdav efter
noon that pi speed a large oudtence. Mho
disclosed no new powers In her pro
gramme, which Included HRhumann'e
aorwita In a minor, opus 2, and Hehu
hert's fantasy In C minor, opus If. She
mlsse.1 much of rhe poetry and senti
ment of the latter work
Kllen Areridrup. soprano and Ifolgsr
nirkero.1, baritone, gave a Joint recital
at the WaJdorf-Aatnrts laat night, under
the auspices of the Amerlcsn Arandl
navlan Hoi.lety, which f eased a large
attdlaaOa Their programme held songs
by llsaae. Orleg, Hlndlng, Loews, llabon
llorresem, Hectigerd and Hrtrrto Itaian.
Mr Parsons wsa lbs accompanist at
the piano
Walter nwmroscti'o 'Vyrano" te to be
repeated at tho Metropolitan Opera
Houee neat I'rl.lay night with the origi
nal oast that includes Aimoto, Frances
Aids, Rlroardo Martin. Relas. arlewold
and tllnshaw. Mr. Ilrrta oonduotlng.
1'r the rest of the subscription week
i lie bills will he as fotlirwo On Monday
Die Wallruerr." with Johanna Oadokl
as Hlegllndr, Margarete Mataenausr aO
llrunnhllde and Ionise Homer, t rios.
Brauo and Huysda.-I, Mi. Herta con
iluctlng "Koenlgsklnder" wilt he sung
on Wednesday evening, with Ueraldine
rinVi Karl .torn. Itelas, Indur and
Qorlta, Mr llert aoaoruotlaB, On
ThUroday night 'Aids" will lw pre
sented Willi Kmmy Destlnn, louls Ho
mer, Caruso, MOB (lllly and Dldur, Mr.
ToOCanlai OOndOetlng, Al the ttaturday
matinee Tannhauser, " with llminy
DOOtMra. Olive Kremrtid, t Trliia, Hueie
and OrleWOld, will lie sung, with Mr
Herta conducting.
Ihe popular Matilda nlglit p.-i ' n n
ail e will bo the double bill or f'.tval
loria" and "RnBlkMgl " lohanna Had-
kl, I si reals Hurl, Maenez, Karl Join,
Dlnh (IIHy and A nun., eg I lie In Ihe
'list s, Mr PolaOOO conducting the Me-
agnl opera an. I Mr ItUTOaJ ondiietlng
ihe LofNtoaVaakl work.
There will I..- a spe lal p.-rftrrtnanee
of TMt- I'aU'i tif rtOaTmtMlM nit Thum-
iny Aftafnoon for Din h4ifiit itf lha
1. . I . .a tf.Us..... e-l ...... a 1 1
1 - 1 1 1 ti 1 1 1 1 11 1 ii 1 1 I lit- I'MJII Will
tn.-liele I'rted.i J tf-;i 1 M-t, I. u. Tenia liorl.
Mwrlu Uncliene. Jeiinne MaUbOUrg, Kurt
i.,rn. iiniy. De geaurrjia itomier and
in the rust
Y-ave, the master vhalnlst, will he
the . hler BatgaoBaa at the concert to
morrow nlghl Bernjiee de PaaaiuBll aud
Karl loin will sing.
The Board of Education announeai lec
lur reel tall for noal week as follows:
Tueaday at Ptrbilu School No i, "Patri
otic Songl and War Songs," and at
I' h la Sruool No IIS, "Hrteg " Wei
nes1,v at I'ublle Hdiool No sf, "Hasnasl
nod Orotfli." and at Y. M H A. Hall,
The Storv of BOOT Oynt ," Thuraday.
nt Puulla Hcho.il No. M. Hongs of
It'a your inactive liver and
bowel g You need Cag
careta Dime a box.
You're 1. 1I1. mi-, you bave s llirolw
liiiilt waagtioa i your head, a bail
taste in your mouth, your ryes I. urn,
your akin is (follow, with durk rmo
iiinler your ryes, your lips arc pur. lie. I
o wofulrr von feel uulv, mean and
Ul'tompgrgd. Vour yiein is full of
. l.il. not properly tiussnt off. m.l what
you neeil is a cleaiunal up insole, llou't
euatiaufl heing a bflioua nultgaff to
yourself ami those who love you.
and don't resort to liarali plivaics that
Irritatfl and injure. RgBMBibaf Ihst
moat disorders of the stomach, liver
ami intestines tag he quickly ureil
iiy ill 11 1 ll( la. i t la gOUilOi 1 horolialli
Cgacgrfltl they work while v mi sleep.
Ill-cent Inn from your dfUggtal
will keep your liver anil bOWflia CMM!
stoniach sweet and your head clear
for months. hildreu love to lake
( BBf BffliBi lierause the) taste flood
and never gripe or tiikcn.
rViskeepeare." WrMay. at PnWVi Botieal
No. IT. "Two Fathera of Modern Be
H'humann and Frana."
Iopold Oodnwaky will give a plaaja
recital devoted ta Chopin at 'XrnesJie
Hall next Hatunlaqr afternoon. His i.ro
gramme will tnetude the rwerrty-four
prelislee. opus IS: the eonaita In B flea
m'nor, ooua X. tne fantaele In F minor,
opus is, and three rnasurkss and two
Ma Peuer, tha German ?tsn'st. la
to give a recital In Aeolian Hall negt
Saturday afternoon. ffii programme
will include nebubert'a sonata ta A ma
jor, opus 139, and compositions by Herds).
Beethoven, Brshms, Schumann aad
Dorothy Toy. a Caesedlon oopraaja,
will give her flnrt American rsratal at
the Kltlnsre Theatre to-morrow rdajht
It was p-wtponed from loot Hunday pe
ggojaaj of her tPneas tthe wntl rje aeslebrd
by Loa S-hsus, the favortte New Tork
ee.p.i. Mi,, Toys is said to bs h .
to sing a rtrbust lenor, so one of hr
numbem will kg Kodolfo'a aria froai
the first aot of Puoclnl's "Bobeae."
l ohimihla University aVnTXJBQ rWdkOj VflB)
recital by Walter llervry Ha1, wtth
wiiiy lsi.mpltat and Memard Aftasyhwlor,
'cellists, as solnlata. at Ht. Paufo Ct
at 4.10 P. ht. oo Tuesday
Jarruse Keener, ttis
V.ottntst who played before the
reenrly and earned iimiBtiToraMe eeea
men.lerlon from the Oerman liajl
orlllca, to romtng home. He gives a ee
eltal In Hrlc on March 7. He win W
heard here either n OamegW or. AeoSao
Hall on or about April 11.
William C. Carl will give a
recital In the "lurch at tha
on nmrei u afternoon. Tne pragreaaaaje
will Include the "Mar.-he efuBKtalek" kg
Oullmant. played at the wedgaaeji eaaa
Diiiny ot King Oeorge V.
BUIner'e CruewtJtVon" wB t aoaag
under the drreorlon eg William C. Ckel
tn the Old Flrot ri ii ileiloii Clmngi
to-rrmrrow evening, wlah Chariaa W
Harrison and J. WlTllsm Fiison. ajgha
Urte. John '''isi.iis will grve o free eg
gs n rerltat at ''alvarr Hhurob nggt
Thursday evening, with
Prof Ssmuet A Baldwrn wfJJ
free organ reel tela at the City Col
lege to-morrow and Wed needs y adter-
t tonne at 4 o'clock.
B D M. Apologise for replying so
late. Tour card woo mislaid "Petit
Hondeau" would flt.
i Purely issrtsbls, mil ua isllsMs. liQUSr
' Ow. li'r and DiSMUfe (Naaas. Tbs asfert eSl
. beet oosii. In. in th. wartd Tor the
d aU m ef tbs ainsh, Usar. gessaj.
n"., nn.Mr Mieooua in Ises
Atoselt.. Ilu1-V-. L.auStpslkra. Is Mew
He Inflaiiusli'ii. at the BWds, PUet M
.Unneswi f tli inuoau rtuw. FCKF1
Iit)nnTU' sill I seeoanMjOM sr
HAIISAT s rna.s nj ss o.nns
s,.e HsaOsrhe. Foul ateauteh, OtbnnMli
i af.Hdsd, as rtis toed that ! eslss osrl
lis s.snUbHMj proptniw for ta rapport
usturel wisai or me 00,1 y
an oau At ogajBBi " '
BROOKLYN. nil tfBWB -mi tSm 91M
isnrn lift ifintaut -isua csoTtsa jaaema
bao. ih. ho, I..- aad rituia rosr esoesw. A
hoaa fi.1. ali.r br s rruiitsble flea: tale ag
in aiiaraa Man ti IB. Isi llllsall. MS
Ha 11 L t.is5th st.) fraai gafjj Bee.
imti sinubb. isr . 4aa gjam gugbaag.
mat W. Uth at.. kroolrs.
uoit.i. siJUitri, eial at.
of 'I, slat at. jjsl UsiusiKoatT-
i . Ur. II ww wasaai haea
' pries rerlsaraaa.
ausgie ryoaaa, a ,
awiHs. asspalat
EtTaF t M feS wantod; me
ohBTiioal and electrloal d
gignera, nlao dntailepgj; alvn
rxpenrni'o, aye and sralni-v
expected. Acidreae R. E. C ,
L'-VH World.
N BA Kits iiiMi.ii .in mii.an
sllll-rs. r:iTHBB 1INPEH THE DNOL4S
Ki'THM ua "nm w:nit viiiiiT woan
vvn ...M. WKKK IMV W11HK APPLY tat
Ian TA.tppg lu.ar'g
hnrsigLTW. n T.
WiMt.l. r.,u 11. ri 1UU1
saaJTlad sun. batsaso asaa of la
sasa el t i.i'.l Hta'aa or Ban sha
Ihelr iDlsullab lo tMsxasa . .ua.a. of ,
aar a, 1 usiana sauaia. snu sa
ems uw aoauia
llr in sacniitiag
e Tork CIV.
tfli Naeark
a : J at
aarrnlMn,' ataU.io
It It I HUM IK Hits santaU. seal naile
bound ssirk . ateadr eurk all rear. Adtre
tng t i.,io- 1 ,, i.ivt liaaenMulPt . On
wnntcti at once; ataady
work gunrnnteed The Brain
erd A Amiatrong Co., Nor.
wioh, Conn.
l.l It 1 - wanted Bar houarvura
s-.utel Bar houarss.ia, aaea as per raaaa ,
aJiss tasns if Joalrad. sul I'e-iuos rsrfl
N ftmiil
!- J J laVaTgTAtf r 't
'100-' 2-AWltH.
BaDIT vh nAMHifiiiiittI
. 1 lisllr UlAMliMwl A JBWkll.KV SACK!
I hum. ltWO 3d est, iSmb ManuaW OMaflsg,
-'. alocnl.- Tlsuum Hi
11: taarfecl cosau-
tbm Ml W '-. a
tl sieklv, naakSkl r naa BgjBBBJ), jasmin ;
.a ai. j .f ttr.0,ri, 12U w. laoet. lyas Bias
I.VI ISI KKWHtU for irturu uf Blsolieiai alMSMl.
ur .'-in 100 auu an. Time rai miux eawwa
,,11 t-.-i .u.rim list Miwess 11. an 1
m ie avanuis, .sir. etas st. aa.l esosd-
a no l i'S-oa
t a w
1 OVf, TlvurU nianiliia.
Fat. 2T, as fnaa ai
Resael If reuiruad to 'Nea.llsaM.rS
aaasll fur neOiassa.
.tleera ISaiajsSaB
AssoiWASas, laTJ
Yuuua ngan a llirwtrmn
atah l

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