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Tine BTEwnm TroTexB, rarTTrirDAT, march i, ms.
And Now After the Cubists The Scissors Sculptress
She Cuts Out Your Soul With Manicure Shears
Miss Lilg Stran Is the
Artist and She Plies Her
Art at the Woman's In
dustrial Show Just
Fun for Her, She Says,
to Seulpt the Emotions
of a Plum Pudding, the
Spirit of Wine, Laugh'
ter, Happiness or the
Agressiveness of a Mill
tant Suffragette.
MargwrUr Mottert Marshall.
IH1H ', 1 . atoty of a woman
who oan cut out your nil
Willi m pair of iImth the
Tery latest tlittiK In art.
What t St Sld PUtUrtat hT
iii mil with paint-brush and
lhlMl-an4 acrmetlms. w unl n( in
rumor. with, a donkey's tall Mlaa Mix
N. K. (swain, a clever mm! pretty Ness
York irirl. nchlevs with a liny curved
pair of enatiicure rtora Just m w hn
la glTlng dolly demonst ratlmaa of her pe
culiar teterrt at 1h Woman' In.rortrlal
KNI)1 1 1" - in th.- dm .1 Central Palace
Vnl. rntlv . .led. r.l-.'ii - 11V nlnpi-Urt
tnuirlrmlr anlppert out hr dft
fingers. nl hT thsrrsa vary tWrn th
old or a -4- i'ii pudding to that of a
Junrl r on ih.i wy to evict a family for
not paying the rent Her averat rata
of cutting 1 on waul per rlnute.
Tie methsrtl la Ilka hla: A visitor
riven Ml-. 9muu an Ide 1, perhap wn
a single word. Ilka ' love" or "laughter."
InrunUj th young viinan p. a up
a strip of thin wlrse- paper anil nr Sclav
ur and stsgwia cutting, atlia watohe
hr work IntcratUr, but -her white lingers
never hesitate or mova awVwardty. And
In gtxly eoooudo iby the walob. tii little
paper manikin. Ilia plctura at the Idea,
la aomplata down to the laat curly
flourl.-h. Kach tiny ngure they vary
from half an Inch to aim Inches lit
height la new nnd different from thos
that precedes! It. and the caid nigly
diminutive details aca wrought aut with
tha utmost oar and onion.
"But how do you know wnst 'happl
neaa looks Irk"' Mlaa Wwtaa waa asked.
"I juat know," ah ami tad. "Th Maa
behind every word or aentenc apoken
to mi Instantly rlauallaea Itself la mjr
mind, wHh tlie Irarnee and awlrtnaaa
of an Impreaaton mad on a carnara
Plata. I aea t he little dancing, grinning.
crooked figure that la tha picture of tha
Maa. tha agul of tha malarial word.
"It doesaft laat ling, tha picture,
which la Why 1 begin to ant tha Inalaavt
the word la apoken. And If paopv talk
to me or advla cna When I m at work
ltaaaa aaa
a. aaHal. a. .aaaH
Here's Miss New York
Of Spring 1913
By Bleanor Schorer
my clear thafNMM ' gone, the
eltlve i.l.ite lMvinen i.l irr, . en
k av-ak. I can't reproduca other pen
ple'a mcntnl pirturee of Joy and gloom;
only mv own. And of c.Mirae I hellev
that my ptcturea ar the real onea, ev.-n
If they're not Ivka th one other people
would make
"Tim, 1 ooukd draw and paint my pie
tor M I ohoaa: In (act, I tint my tlttl
whit figure after thy are rut. Hut I
prfr to do them wfth th aclaaora h
ciauaa It'a qulckar, and th in -re quickly
an tdaa I caught the aha r per and clear
er th picture of It. It' usually a ahy
lltti thing, and harp adaaorc and quick
motion are nded to rapture it."
Mia Itwan la Just TMglnnlng to prac
tice her art regularly, and to gVr out-
a cbano to wait oh th II rat
arutptraaa." But ah haa
haratlf wtth It for aom um.
I waa ala year old." aba
'V wanted a paper loll fo.
Nobody had vr aeen or hoard of aiMth
a tiring, bat that didn't mark any d lifer
ent -d juat wanted It. Finally, my
aid era ,
' Waan
moiiier aald, "why don't you mak aneT
And I ptckod up a pair of aclaaora and
a piece of paper and cut me out a nlca
Uttle fox.
'Then my brothers and 1tera wonted
notne paper plaything, go I mad them
chicken and kit ten a and horaaa and at
aorta. And than I out out falrtoa and
goblin. My mother waa and la an un
uauauy beeutrful woman, and I used
to mak up all aorta of fairy play and
etorine la which aha waa aJway the
heroine. Of coure there had to Ihe
thing from nhirh ahe could be re- i.-.
.iii I ruiiiiuig llttl helpful aiiKela ,uid
'Rattlesnake Pete" From "The West" Visits Broadway
attlhw.vkj-: rime" ia wttii
Jlow Kutitleanaka got hie name
nubotlv knows II., doesn't know, lie
aaya H was .hart wlahel on him oy some
of th buy. Tipu magtit than tia'a a
tall, scrawny, snragwW sort of a follow,
wltk a rliln whlakrr, on ays gone,
wearing a aoonskln nap and "parrta" In
hie boot.
Thy don't dreea any better on
Broadway than lie doe. Ile a a ewell
and hla real nam la Ouy Reaoriat. II
halls from Hpokane. arroas the conti
ngent, wher thry have electric, lights
and trolley ara, t ieali ea. movies snd
kya-.rM.i-i Juat Ilka New York
He com lo New York twice a rear
sn aajelnena for tila flinv That hna
Mothlug to do Mth Hie rattlesnake
Thars another storv
Being u man of biutln.aa puraulta
aad with preiMtiatluna fur a rainy (Uy
la Mi - tie boiiifht run A i, in, ii, near
I.ewtnloii. ldahu. Ylun lie went to .
amine hla ranch ! , foutHl tlmt a tdrgg
aectlon of It Mum Inflated with ruttU
gaakea. lie numlered how he was
ttolng tn act rt l of them. Then, le'lnit Idea at ruck hint,
miui of bualnt-k puranll-, MMtbgr lag Mum Ha
lie unui.i oommvrclaJ'
uld hava a rattlasnaki
farm for fair.
Thlx iviij tnany year nffo. The farm
flourlelie.l. lie iiwun th only rutllc
anake fann in tiie worhl. He haH a
ruumi-up two or tlirae time a year juat
like they do on cowboy ranohce.
There'e kllllnx taken place on the
farm. Ho aitlla the rattlera' akina for
belta nnil MM-ketb(H)kji -anything they
want to make out of them. The oil U
need to fry the ratllere. the venom la
ueed In niodleakt and the ruttlra are
uaetl for any old thing.
Think "liattleanake I'eto" la a foolT
Qusgg not. Pats,
"Rattleanakc Pat" Isn'i afrd of
rnakcH no kind of anakea
Pawn at t'nncy lei mil lant Hinnmer the
fair e;lrUg anake .-haiuier Wag dti.ua a
unat bualkaav. "Pel" graa thvre with
hla fliakdg, t if eottfag he had to mo and
hi'U tlo- Hllake .'ti irmaf
and young ladle ahuddtrsd. Tin
Chjartnsr wait aonie wit, too. She uafd t.
rind up her performance by holdtni ierj
put Inaka Ottt In both her hanilj and
taring: "Would any of you gentleman
hold it for a minuter"
"Shirs I" aald Pete, and he took the rp
til.- In hla haiula to tii.. astonishment ,,f
the Kill ami l it- petrlfat liitn of the uu II
fairies to hal-p rcsc ie her. I cut them
all out from bits of paper and colored
them with my paanta. And ns I thought
my mother dioervwd new adventure. I
mad ow aats of Irnpa and angol every
time I played the gam.
"I suppose the practice I obtained
then la whM rnablea me lo work so
tiukikly now. ne .-an t eraae an) thing
when one draw witii aclssora, but I
nover feci the Impula to cbMga, You
see, I atn ut oopying the vlrtd little
sketch In my brain."
And then V1s.i Swan rhowcl oine of
her HhiMr-M eculpture of etiioiions an.l
idoo. The soul of a plum puddUal It
u Jolly Ml tie llKure, oMofly :ni!lng coun-
i.--uin . with nary mustachloa, Hla
lMUitlie are outalret- hed In u Hcful In-
vltatlon to "i onie at me," und lie has a
tolkn,t of holly.
Th apirlt of wine le more sardonic.
It inav be described ns Mephllophle
pcoktng tlvroiiKH a cli.ret glam. lie
how all his teeth, hla hom protrude
ie,'cr the iflH-in'e rim, and "where the
tern"joln the. bowl there sprout out
two splnv, dratron-llke wing and a pal
Of arms oridlng In lutchlng tlrwers.
Hut most of Mia Swan's work la
cheerful, like her Union of laughter r.s
a Jolly, cavorting Htle chap all in
ornrurn and green, tttal ready to clap hla
hand el sing. And then there la mla
chlef. a pink and green and as aid elf.
all of a twinkle rrom hla triangular grin
to the tips of his pointed shoe
A trial on .if the mliltant suffragette
was cut out by the shear sculptreae
aptcltUly Mr Tlie Kten.ng World. "She
wcara hooble trtiurtera," hor creator ex
pluintsl, "and ianK. roaamy shore hc-
i aikse ahe Is a hiker. And ehe ,'arrlcs
a tlamUiK torch. And on hor lioad are
percheal two lighting OOOka At least,
that'e the way 1 see her."
The tool of M!h Sr.tan'i .irt are ex
ceedingly elmpla'. Tliey consitl of one
or two pairs of mxll M uwors. plenty of
plain white iaHtr and a a-.uojl box of
paint. She la very particular about
her scissors, "trying" them as critically
as the average woman tries hats before
purchasing. Her tiny fHfare are used
on place-card, gift-caida, children'
stationery, favors, or Bimipky as orna
mental designs.
Another feature of the work, ahloh
ahe haa Just begun to develop, la the art
or carloaturlntc a person whom she has
never aeen. To do this she asks only
time in --tarns (1) w in I th per-
non's name? ft) What Is hla hubby
i3 What Is III' moit distinctive article)
of drew'.' Mating heard t4i answers
her Uttle ciira go Milp, anlpp.ng out
a aricaturr. face or lull lennh. accord
ing to request. These "unalght, unseen"
put lias I gtlglUal arc xcecdlru:iy amu
Ing, and often achieve the quaintest
i aaianhlanra to tin ir victims.
"No, the worli Isn't a Ml liaid." the
talented yo.inn woman will assure you
It'a Jsnt fun'"
ZfZSC -Tj.m.' am" i '
G, r a. MJm r
fust What Happened When Reed Miller Was Held Up
BHD MIIiUER, the tenor, waa re
turning Imme from church re
hearsal at St. John's on Wt lnes-
da night on PiftfMfclrd, botwaan rifth
and Sixth atcuuea The ilash ng singer
went bllihelv along, IWltlglni a light
w ilklng-sth k ami huminliit; an air ffORI
"Iji Bohatna."
In tlie middle of tin- blm k the tenor
Men sintered! wua held up, mil lis tl.dn t know it. A
man gppad out ol the daikm-sa and a
Voice gkld '
"Mlatcr, will you Kite nic a dime?"
The tenor was startle, I. but ho aaid
sure he would ami began t dig Into his
pod;. when swish' a blackjack tame
burtllng tnrousTb the ,,ii and MIIIWi ba
want Kkimiiiiim from 'lis baud to the
al, lew. ilk Fortunately, hla head til un-
The man won too o.J- ajai K a.-pi
Ing. Miller threw up his cane
Where New York Can Copy Mexico
WE may .
we w.l
left tin
all Mexico uncivilized. If
1 , but persons who have
that troubled country lately
-for the belter ntulntenance of their heal lb
aay that in at leant till" i egaru the Mex
ican has shown a good ecu, aoonomlc
and Hanltary, w hich malic the lata John
Haines, who haa bad more holds MnVti
after Mm than ant other man In Ihe
world, look like a eacond rate Inventor,
When one ilta down nt ihe table of a
Mexican Ckfa during houra Mien liquor
Is forbidden to be aoll except with
mi nis athl order a drink without food
oin. warded off the blow. Then he got mad. a nash he thruat the end of the cane in,
and Hetil i something of u fencer. Quick aa to the aolar plexua of the holdup man.
"YOU ingrite:- nc cned, ana '
r.waiti.1 him on the head. "You cheap
blackguard t" Hwish an the ide of tha
face. "Hold lite up, will youT" Crack
oti the IcokO, "You"
But the man tvlUi the lilai kjack had
turned tall and with a yell was pound
ing the flag toward Fifth avenue. Mil
ler ran nftvr ami awltched and pounded
him w ith his atn it aa long aa ha ooulaT
keep up with him.
fifteen minutes later, while Miller wag
telling the story at hla hotel between
ttmultnta, g friend extended a hand and
aald he was a luave tenor.
"By golly." aald Heed, surveying hla
siiatt-r. . I tile, "I don't know alio waa
the worat acared, that blackjack maa
or me."
containing a leathery bit of bolouga or
petrified i-heeae. Instead. 1'ne waiter, on
taking the order, hurries from tho room
and brings In a plate filled with dry.
highly polished ovale ahella.
The ndvantnges of this lnterpi etnt'on
of the "ley de Haines" arc obvious. The
bar:n ide "lunch" is ntt offensive to
sight or smell. It la durable, for all
time. It la satisfactory evidence thut
the persons clttlng at the table hate
had food In mind and In the event of an
excise raid makes It possible for the pro
prietor to say that the patrons ordVred
he does not get a drlexl up sandwich i oysters and have oaten them.
All This Begins at Midnight The D nner of New York's Newspaper Artists dSSBSm
rtprk" who ore artist, and getilntt through a ton or o of btafalsak gad
away with It llnaii isl.y. are itu.ug to oilier thing, The org Ion will be hi
take a few houra off eaily to-morniw annual bfatak dinner of th heW-
from the dismal grind gf inaking the paper artlat of QothaJIk, and tha loan
root at Now York laugh and wade of tbo ItlttVltlgg will b( lltalya.
tArXftrT TNlV,
T"cK. vavf
New Yoik eats about any old time,
but there are few banquets that atait
ai I midnight Saturday. 'Phis one baa
l... hotveter. baoaugOi you ea, it's uu-
-illlj liuur taf tile week Wlw II all the
in wapaiu- arliats i an h ally call the!
lOUll the. i own lan'l that an. India
Ink, ole top? (Chorus of "Rlghtot")
ii.1 doh'l Kei thu n.it l, hi that tbit
iretpy itartlnu hour do an' I nacaaaitais
how to ato'.d an excr.-'s of unofficial and
prematura gppattgora, The r Mil ol their
Uibori Is that tiius.i of the guests not
orbing io-nigiu will spend the evening
in charge Of a ( tii BltUo Ol t 'a.ntea.
3 dollars!
s.tm. , a extra in rangsnu nts Tan
t'.ist ofllelgl oocktall win dlsappsarl
promptly on the atroka of i- to-nlghti
I and Ihe ommittee has been burning I
the well-known midnight Oil tlguiing out I
I Hi mmVWm Bwkl ST I X J I ,
. Vlsaal aM kW.-.a I I
r vLv. . vmvfcJt X? fr sw
aaasgag mr loaaiaar,
tr something, within the cloister-like
praMaOti of th Hippodrome. The din
ner will bring together 111) artist, all
attually at work on twelve tlreater
New Yorll newspaper. And a more
liflanl. Denmark, Sweden, SouUi Africa
und I'nlon Hill, N. J.
Having handed every one elae a dally
a. ugh all year, the artlsta are going to
hiit a few smll&j themselves. Thcro
eogmopolltan gather. ng or tha ! n
would ha bard to find, cvkii in moat
i-ngiiiopolltau New York. These are the
foreign countries represented; Jupan,
France, Italy. Australia, Germany,
Austria, Bohemia, Iloumanla, Turkey,
Ungland. ScoUand, Oraanjand, HolUnd,
Ticktm vova
PtCTft 7
will he three count 'eni three caba
ret. Alan Wlnsor MoCgy! moving
dygwingt, Ha.ney'a African Jungle pic
tares and two on-heatraa. A wonderful
menu, In which are contributlune from
r.arly every pen and Ink artist la
-New York, gUJ ba a aouvenlr of la

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