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They Declare It Would Per
petuate Private Stand Sys
tem in New York City.
rtiarter cf trie 1 1 y of Nr Turk, whlc i '
gratia (u the Board of AMrrwn tli
T- Wl SJMot f It EwglH V. rl I
Tha Iadepamlent Taxi Owners' Aa
latton t wmpowd of ovar one liun
ilrJ nera of t.m reylts for
lira on the streeta of MM lty of Now
York, wio, under the present ordt
nancra. are .ompelled to operate from
'ha public liack stands and are for
lildden to Dome upon any private hack
'land, ao that we cannot pick up f.irea
1n front of any hotel or reataursmt
where n private hark stand lias heen
staiiHalir1. Our members at various
HTiea have appeared at the heiirltHjra
'fore the Hoard of Aldermen and
h va art ate I mrore stringent raaula-
tlona for drlvera, atrloter regulation's
(or the Issuance of license to puhlle
hack atiuda and all measures which
tend town.nl Increasing the honeaty
:ind efltcl.ney of Mnfl of laxtcwJis.
WV are oppoaed to private hack
tanda and have urged that thev b
aboltahd. We are In fivor of moat of
the prov slnns Of the nnllnanrr which
I at praMRl tiefore the Hoard of A1
il ermen and u Introduced on Kan. 13,
1913. by Alderman Meagher, and agree
N IWi the recommendations whlrh have
tie.n made on the t.xlcati uuestlon by
Mayor (laynor and Cummlaalonar Kus
d!ok. We do not believe It la right to
c.rant ricluslvr privileges to private In
i lvldiiala or corporation to MIUM any
portion of the PUbltO treet. We be.
I eve we ahould have the right to utilize
all portiona of the public atreeta and
that no hark atind ahould he created
except public ha"k stand which can ba
utlliied by all licensed public hacks or
taababe without . : I c r 1 in mat ion.
Wc are surprised to learn that a bill
baa been introduced In Albany seem
ingly In an alien pt to nullify any
thing which might le done by tha
Hoard of Ahli'rmrn. The bill waa In
troduced on Kelt. H, i:il3, by Assembly
inan Walker ami la known aa Aaaambly
Hill No. 1170. Introduction No. 1091. It
propose to amend Section ;.l of tho
power to 'regulate the rates or fair
to be taken by owner or drlvera of
hackney coacbea, carriages, tnotora, a'l
tomrrtillea or other vehlclea and to com
pel the owners thereof to pay annual II- j
cenae fcea.'' by adding the following
"The Hoard of Aldermen shall have
MM power to la.ue upon the applica
tion of the owner r leasee In posses
sion of real property abutting on any
street or avenue a license for a hack
atund or hack 4nnda on aurh street
or avenue adjacent to said premlsao
for use by such owner or leasee, or
any other person, with the conset.t
of such owner or leaaee, for such
number of vehlclea as aliall not un
necessarily Interfere with the uae of
anbl at reel or avenue by the pier.1 c
It alao contains the following:
"The previous re.-ommendaltona.
consent or approval of tha Hoard of
Aldermen or a commute Or a mem
ber thereof, shall not he necessary
to the issuance of a 1 cenae or par
ol It fur any purpoaa, and no ordi
nance ahall require auch reeommesi
datlon, consent or approval."
We desire to call tills to yaur atten
tion, knowlnc MM you have keen much
Interested In the situation, and to say
that we beV.c (till la a bill win''
ahould be vigorously apposed HlOsi
who have been paying and receiving ail
amount which Mr. Kmdl k states to be
ISR.'.OtM a year for t:ie privilege of hV
Ing a monopoly In .erUIn port of the
streets, would undounti ,1 1 be icj alii I
to keep this monopoly ID exlaten c. Il
Is, however, unfair and unjiiet not only
to us but to all of the poopt of the
city of New York, to grant itnv lUelt
exclusive privilege 10 any pel -on oi
I orporatlon.
In addition to His. we are adv'.s
by our eminssl. Moses Allen Warren ol
No. IU Wall afreet. New York I'lty. '
baa examined the law relative to Ihll
situation, that It la ver. doubtful
whether Mill bill would he c.i:il ,t ut .on i :
It passed We feel It would he a M
gtace upon the city of New York if
SUOO a condition of affairs aa now ex
ists should be Continued to the pasoaga
of thla bill. We Inteml to use our bet
efTorta to defeat It and sincerely hope
that we may have your co operation In
working lowaid this end. neepeerf nil I
youra, MDWIN R, nounwi.v
Chairmen Kx. Com. I. T. O A
the I; dried eJtatee, including thai "f.
Tie Ameticin Thr,-al PatWpawy, llMlt
a consoii i,,i inn of tonrte.-n America ft
i iimiMihie.
For In! nf and Children.
The Kind You Hart Always Bought
Boars th
tllark on Thread Traal.
TKKNTON. Mairrb J.-gThe Wt Will a I
Thread Trust waa attacked by tha
Federal ilovernment In civil anti
trust ault filed hera to-day seeking tha
dlaanlutlon of the ullege attemptel
monopoly by the Coat" lutereata of
Ureal Hrltaln of the thread mule of
Harmless, gentle "Syrup of Figs" is bost to cleanse your
stomach, liver and 30 feet of bowels of sour bile,
decaying food, gases and clogged-up waste.
You old people. Syrup of Firs ia
particularly for you. You who don't
exercise aa much aa you Deed to; who
like the eaay chair. You whose step
are alow and whose muscles are leas
elastic. You must realise that your
liver and ten yards of bowels have also
become less active.
Don't regard Syrup of Figs as physic.
It stimulates the liver and bowels just
as exercise would do if you took enough
of it. It is not harsh like salts or cathar
tics. The help which Syrup of Figs
gives to a torpid liver and weak, sluggish
bowels is harmless, natural and gentle.
When eyes grow dim, you help them.
Do the ame with your liver and bowels
when age makes them less active. There
is nothing more important. Costive,
clogged-up bowels mean that decaj .,
fermenting food is clogged there and
pores or ducts in these thirty feet ol
bowels suck this decaying waste sn(
poisons into the blood. You will never
Crt feeling right until this is corrected -ut
do it gently. Don't have a bsjWtl
washday; don't uae a bowel irritant. I'or
your sake, please use only gentle, effec
tive Syrup of Figs. Then you are not
drugging yourself, for Syrup of Kigs Is
composed of only luscious figs, senna ami
aromatic-, which cannot injure.
A teaspnonful trenight will gently,
but thoroughly, move on ami out of
your system by morning all the sour
nile, poisonous, fermenting food ami
clogged-up waste matter without gripe,
nausea or weakness.
But get the genuine. Ask your drug
gist for the full name, "Syrup of I in
and Klixir of Senna." Refuse, with
contempt, any other Fig Syrup unless
it bears the name prepared by the
California Fig Syrup Company. Read
the label.
R. H. Macy sV Co. 'a At tractions raTVealr Lavw Pries.
Herald Square.
arwad war. to Mai St.
TP iMh h lansH
Iht imported Bahu Ctracul
Coat lUurtiaiU-Ot 1296 00, Il
t if pti moiil, trlmmii Mil Niek
fn and llnti milk rayal pmpll
Magnificent Fur Wraps, Coats and Sets, pur
chased at extraordinary concessions from lead
ing Furriers, are in this end-of-the-season disposal
offered at savings of one-half.
Modish in every graceful line, but not in any
sense extreme, these Furs are far in advance of
the present mode, and will be smart and stylish
for several seasons to come. ,-a nr. Hre-jw.,.
Luxurious Fur Wraps and Coats
Ga-incnts of the highest grade, drapei and silhouette
effects, three-quk'icr and tull-tcnh . odels; lined with
illuminated velours, embossed velvets, plain and brocaded
silks and matins.
Sptdmtn SptchU
Imported Baby Caracul Coat
Imported Baby Caracul Coat
Broadtail Coat
Hudson Seal Coat
Baby Caracul Coat
Q rat Cat Coat
Blended Souirrsl Coat
Natural Pony Coat
Black Pony Coat
Mob Corny Coat
Natural Pony Coat
On Titular vey
Macy' 3 prtu
umuti la
Fashionable Fur Scarfs and Muffs
Perfectly matched pelts in newest effects.
Broadtail Vietorine
Broadtail Muff
Natural Mink Stole
Natural Mink Muff
Hudson Seal & Skunk Set
(W mui-arfl
(Achilla Squirrel Set
Dyed Blue Fox Set
Natural Lyni Muff
Natural Lyni Scarf
iki titular iey
Maty I pHta
would ia
White Fn Muff
White Fa Scarf
SUfored Jap Fos Muff
SUforodJaoFoi Scarf
Ciret Cat Muff
Gvot Cat Scarf
Blended Muskrat Set
Skunk-OpMsum Set
lautk in
tat ritulat way
Macy i prita
umdi te
and hundreds of other sets, at half price.
Avoid the Pitfall!
sssssasaaasasaaaaii n isaass
You know that Latatikopa
hooe supporter outwear
any coreet, while the old
onea you uaed to wear
laated no time.
There'a juat that aamt
difference between our
Mas ' W i-te
Cloth and Webbing
and the elaatica other
malcera now uae for coreet
gore, etc. i. e., our
wear WELL, while all the
othera wear OUT!
Making gorea, etc., of
ordinary elaatica, in imita
tion of the genuine Nemo
Laatikopa fabric, ia a pit
fall for the unwary.
i Don't fall into it!
We Give Surety Stamps Free with All Purchases and Redeem Them in Merchandise
T In New York's A Shopping Center
Sixth Avenue, 20th to 22nd Street
$1,000,000 Worth of Bargains
Embracing New Merchandise in all our 72 Departments, Furnishings .
for the Home, everything for Women, Men and Children to wear or
use and all thai you look tor in a Coniplrto l'urv Food store. Such is our
Profit Sha ri nSa - e
It continues throughout the areeknew lots of merchsndise and new
bargaih attraction each day. Below we mention just 1 few of Tuesday's
special sales:
Spring Silks and Dress Goods
It. in- opportunities nrc offered to Women during tins salr to purrhaae at a .saving a vrason'a matrrial.a for Miita ami ),iwni
for atfBel nnd evening wear. The neaaon'n most desirnMc fnlirira in all atamlanl color, and latest ahadings of silk, and dfM
munis Imve tieen -pei uilly undrrprieed for O NKII.lS PROFIT SHARINfl SAI.K. Hr sides thrsr afMH-ial, for to-morrww there
are muny more rnrc offerings in the yard gooils departinrnts.
Four of Our Many Special Offering in
Four of Our Many Special Offerings in
Silk Tussah
HryuUir ,,,. t'Jr tjxl.
tki. Iu1 mil ami wahulile
MOtl Qfalfntllf fr strvti ami eve
tiing Vfif Ynnl widi and all MH
tifn, iiifhidinf? fifMMH and Mark and
I lir Stetson I pnpiiliir 111 w hail i nt.
crv drrnnv and wrvu cablt.
Princess Satin
jugular I uhir $f Oil t,1.
Twtnfl y-ais inrln widiv A toft
rtUsNfmniM fini.sh UmM it a very
droaay (nbfftc. All eolorai Indudinji
tin ut tn h dwlftd nt'w tfprini ihidca.
O'Xetll MaJn Mtor
Waterproof Foulards lafip
lUyulur l nir ..', yd. "Ol
l'ss I li 1, it lialf llir rr(iilar valni'
ii nskifl for this imirtrl silk. It
Was dyed anil finiahnl in Lyons,
PrencVi Complete linr in mli raiiKr
f si sirs mill lolnriugi I'orly
lathes wiclr.
Silk Poplins
Hraular VmlH ?." yd
Forty-lhrrr lache wiilr. with
narrow sal in border, Rlark ami
I lie etkOkptt slniilra of tliis Sjirinu's
iopnliir colors and shades.
Bseaod nMr.
O'Neill' Profit Sharing Sale
Women's Knit UNDER
WEAR, Special To-morrow at
Wliilr nl. ln il. mi'dinni and tiravy ri(tit iimlrraear, suitable for Spring
ri iully n imJi rprn nl for this aalr. The regular value is
and BuMeaOf arar. spr
and U rents.
Children's Sweaters. Cfr
I 'aftM USr In H. aW W
(nod uorsli d Rarnirnts, an assort
ment of colors and styles undrrprieed
for this Mile.
Women's Vests, ?Cr
Low neck, no sleeves and trimmed
in several stylrs. This is a regular $5
cent guide .
HERE'S the corset mar
vel of 1913 nearly
300,000 sold the first month!
NothinR lil" it fan pos
sibly be made' without
Nemo Lattikop Cloth!
No. 322 low bust $000
No. 324- medium O
The now Lasticurve
Back is an elastic exten
sion several inches below
the back steels- gores of
Lastikops Cloth,
When you lit down, the B
gores expand you're com
fortable. When you stand,
your corset cling! 1 !e an
eelskin you're stylish.
Ask Your Dealer
- to show you ti.''s? Bplen
did new OOlietl Wid all tho
Other Favorite Nemos
For All Figures
$3.00, $4.00 and $5.00
Special from 8.30 to 10.30 A. M. Only
Knit VLSTS for Children, 5c
These are made of Sea Island cotton.
positively MI does at 10.80 A M.
TbJl ipeclal half price sate
O'Nrlll Mala Hlrr llri II......
Storm Serge CC-
Rttular yalu 5t Yard. J JL
Fifty inches wide. The rolors
inrlnde erram anil Mark, aa well
as all the shadings that are ao much
in ill -Miami liy the well-dressed
women this season.
Diagonal Serge
Kttular t'aluf $1J33 jr J,
Korty-two inches wide. Choice
range of Spring -hading. This
serge ia easily worth almost twice
the price. Made for O'Neill's profit
sbariug salr.
Storm Serge
Retslar Vatun Yard.
Fifty inehra wide, all wool and
double warp, in any shade or color
desired, including navy blue and
Idark. A moat dressy and service
able fabric.
Chiffon Taffeta CQ
Rttular I , tint Si. 00 Yard. DOC
F'ifty inches wide and all wool.
Colors include black ami the Spring
new and moat attractive ahtid
O'Xetll Mala Rlaee naeaaa n.r.
O'Neill' Profit Sharing Sale
American Lady CORSLTS$3&$5
New Model for Spring and Summer Wear.
Designed for all figures. The name denotes style, and stand, for the
best there is in corset making. Kvrrj model is specially cut and carefully
made (or the site and type of form intruded. Made of figured batiste and
fancy materials.
Style No. 201. tor Ilia slight
figure. Two models at S5.00 and
Style No. Mi. for the medium
figure. Two models at $3.00 und
De Bevoise and B. & J. Brassieres at 50c to $3.00
(I'Nslll Main Mora Third M....r.
$3.00 Silk Umbrellas at $1.95
Women's Umbrellas
Kttra quality taffeta silk in
bin k. garnet, navy and green.
Handle iii carved niis.ion, ebon
ene. etc.
O'Neill Mala at.
Men's Umbrellas
Twilled silk, made with eigfit
ribbed paragon frames in n large
BSaorttnetf of carved natural wood
nr. i rtMr.
Big Reductions on Fine LIN1LNS
You Save from One-third to One-half during this Sale
St'ri")!. Us koustcllanini . preparations for Summer, frui to the attention of the houseuije ihe necessity oj refluwinii
many things in the house. Tablecloths, Napkins, Sheets, Towls an J other linens haie to be replaced, so vchv not do it nou what
O'Neill's Profit Sharing Sale offers opportunity " purihase a tnpply that will brighten up the home and last a lone while
Tabic Cloths.
lira. I u'ie $Z.7.'i
O'Neill's cull offer thrv III linc-
thirdoff their regular price, because
tlicy are discontinued patterns from
u h ading In-li iniiiiiifui t urer. There
arc no napkin to match. Size
iii yards.
Turkish Towels.
lira I u'ur 'fM
Snow Brhita, heav. double loop
Turkish bath towels, with hem
Used end. They are of the soft
and abaortient quality and are
specially undaT pfioad for Ibis sale
IVr doen, H'ta.
o'.NHII Main Nlr
Pillow Shams,
lUg Kolas' $i oo
These hand drawn and embroid
ered pillow shams have dre.ser
inrf- to match. Kasily Kurth
just twiie aa much aa asked dunug
this .ale.
Kerund I'liNtr
Muslin Sheets.
Hrg Vedue tOt
Three cases of full Meacbjrd.
heavy roiiud thread, durable musliu
sheets will be sold at this price
during this sale. This is mualiu
of u splendid wearing quality and
the sise is MliUlt inches.
Lower Prices on High Grade FURNITURE
This salt' offers all a chance to fill
many needed household uants at
prices that will save them much money
Sold on O'Neill's Household Club Plan.
Buy Now at Sale Prices and Pay at Intervals.
$21.00 Turkish
Platform Rocker,
$32.00 Golden
Oak Buffet,
Thl- matnlfleent T I' R K I I II
I'l.A'l FOR l ROCKKII is built oa
ii bsrdwi-oil frame. Has beautiful
hndcarved inv feet; finished in a
beautiful shedi ! rich 'lark nabof.
r. . h. Il .liti 'eii edge spring eiit,
tOi in Inches, The tup nl hack i it
ii- hi - high from floor; tufted bach
liu srmv plain upholstarad .ear ami
Mi.,-- l a- i III it c'lgi ul,, rurrt. it
i snii., i' l fiiicii vi it tj i. ,in and t".
e. iv, re. I III u bU'li (.Trt'ti Nu. I i-lii4'
tucr. Aii ik t ru i it 'ii ii nr lult.e ai
prl Quoted,
Ii. .Iii i. 14 rn hr, width i. 48
Inch! ha a Preneh plate mirror in
Inn, !" ineh It i. thoroughly
finilieil ami constructed of the be;
euariered ptbitc oaki great tare
hem).' taken in nil joint eun-li ic Hon
Hn iler drawer and two dfwfs
for In. en, besides two reoejt) etosetei
hai Preach leg. mid beautiful hiutd-
carvrd claw feel The desif a I aeo
and i being iboWB for the fir-' lima
Corner Chair,
$14.00 Golden
Oak Dresser,
I hi pretty parlor chair i. made
ol genuine curly birch. finihed a
beautiful ihade ol rioh dark ma
hogany It ha hand-carved feet,
terpentine '",-" front ami broad
panels in back. The loose utubion
neat i covered in .ilk vrlour and tied
on to the cball with -ilk rord and
tael very n 1 1 nu t i vo piece
HuntlreJi of olhar Pnfit
Sharing Spr tali in Furniture.
Thi artistic dre.er il made ol
genuine oak wood, finished n beau
tiful golden hade, the base is 40
inches long and iO inches deep it
hi a s Inch oval bevelled Freud
plate mlrrori contain tun large ami
two swell drearer i litted with ,., i
handle and good lucks and kev-
prettUy carvedi paneUed end-; tkor
ougbl) coaslructd and finis bed,
irNetll lloiiMruriiislilua Mere
It. I .in i li...,--.
n kopi BROS., Mfn . N.w vv-
Sixth Avenue, 20th to 22nd Stieet, New Yuik City
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