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The Evening World Daily Magazine, Monday, March 3, 1913
me SSIoriO. I
Tubllphcd Dlly Except Hundav bv the Press Publishing Company. MM 53 to
8.1 Turk How. New York.
nAi.ru rr mt.hr. president. n pnt now.
.1 AM, I S SHAW. Treaurnr. : I'srk now
.losr.l'll ITt.tT'.hK, Jr., H. rrotsry.
in f , .
Park Row.
Subirri.nt' late 10 TIM Evening For England and the Continent inl
r.orld for IM fulled Stitei I All Countries In lb International ,
nd Cinadi. I Postal Union.
v... II.M On Year I9.TJ
in Month
.39 One Month.
VOU MR 53 NO. 18,81
-. I THK nolii iiuildlfl n mnv ! fmrlv an th" limn- it i- etiir
Otde muddier it get, have now got it no foul no ono can
mm bottom. Roma r i In despair Irian M drained "ft ami
a now order eatwWiahed. "nr of thr despairing n wishes a militarj
mttm. He injrai "We itntr triol nvil administration of the police
lor eari end H has uttorlv broken ''own." Ho adds: "The City of
Now ork, itii its vast wealth, ppaa Mio enforcement of tho Ihw, tho
oouiriiiinil of 18,000 men. in the Imnds nf a Ci?il appointor" of the
Mayor, who, emerging from in business or profeeeioDi in nddenly
called to eierciae nnf display the qualities of tho comnmnder
of nn iirinx ."
Rightly Considered, the last of thr-sr- statement nroounts for
the first. Police ndinmM ration breaks down not beeaose it in civil,
but becanae it laeka the right qnalifientiona in tho directing power.
Tho Btteaiam Imw a pTDTerbi "Kv-ry man nerd a Ctr in hi hand."
But I,, need do! be u miUtarj Canr, nor need the man i- subject to
mil it .try rule.
The fruitful source of graft and corruption is tho unwise treat
ment of certain rices n crimes when bhary are no more tlian nnlaancea.
Supporters of these paj the police to the immunity tnej
allowed by public sentiment. A foolish law can oarer be is.d.
fofced. Even military rule cannot do it.
The Day Of Rest gg uSB&lA. M By Maurice Ketten
AMONG the methods lufgeated by the oongraaaional committee
for dealing with the ao-oolled "Money Trust' ii a refusal
or the use of the mail to stock exchange "unless they ineor-
. ....... I I li ... I I . . I riMi-nlt. I inn
pjra'" under Male laws ami iuuuii w . e.
Incorporation i good and Federal repilation in good, and there
are doiibtles- many gocnl way of imposing tlietn upon stock exeliangcs
by legislation. Hut it most auredly should not be done by depriv
ing tlie-ni of the use of I lie mail.
DensoraUp f mail in this country ho already been carried too
fur. Vet year bv year, here a little and there a little, it i being
extended upon MM pretense or another. Sometimes the extension is
by law. fOmetimeS it i by order of the Postmastcr-tieneral ; Miietinie8
by preaumption of local poptmahter.
All of it i wrong. The privacy of tlie mail should be guarded
us Mcrcdlv as the freedom of the press, tho halxms corpus act, or
trial by jury. When a citizen's leltera can be opened, or the use of
the mails denied him by executive caprice, we have a ensomhip that
is none the less despotic because petty and puritanical.
SS Vicc-Pnttident Marshall: "I am in favor of spending
every dollar of American money to protect every American
life, but I am not in favor of nibbling one drop of American
blood to protect an American dollar."
This is a platform with which it would be easy lo find fault. It
wit' not stand continuous strain like the older saying, "Millions for
defence, hut not a cent for tribute." There are time when we must
fight for our money. But for all its weakness in general it is a
sterling good platform to stand on and to build on in these days when
Iriol, linuine. cosmopolitan finance at that. i trying to force us to send
our youth to Mexico or to Central America to draw chestnuts out of
the lire for clever financiers.
Rririah oxnerience teaches some lessons in this respect that are
worth our slu.lv. Many a home in the three kingdoms was robbed A
. ,i u i ..r I.t Ammb lo lilottvt the L'old L'ainblers of IvX .turdlnit v.ilruidlnui-laii In II"''
01 ," u, Mm ' " : . r l;.:. of fell., lem. who had r.cut.y ttraataaai
the Bund. WO can wen auoni iu y
diplomacy. There i no ( ause at present for cement ing cosmopolitan
bosiness structures with American blood.
hi. hum ) 4 ahdIajce Yoor Bath That I
S y xWiaWAWF
emu M-
WU ft W l
tin jj: 1 1 " i
r el W: M
i il-J iLltrvl ? 'Qx
I -ill i K rt-'1 U tfiXk W
?ri v- ' '
: j
tormThc Water. III
UuATADcVv.i OFF UHPM Vnu V umvT. J smA Cr VouLtHAveAFiNE f
Cud Xji) V JWtM FtppWb-i umm
i i.hiyil ru.
Marriage Customs in
t Many Countries
1 . ( Turkinh )
Among the
By cMadtscn C. 'Peters.
jprr1lit. ll'M
dtvil. A widow
t.iiMK-siio is aaa
t tip Turk maj-o
And tlie wife
I tn t divorce II
nn l i.i 'In. firm v tat ' '
rib. Stm Y.k Kxnuif Wi.rlili.
Its. J AIUI cumr Into the ironi
mam. ni.. h.r ,iUHland, toi
. Hlu.w him in
"Kut, my dOBFi" laid Mi' Jarr. "1
can toll Mr. Mnitth you are too 111 to
anyone, in rai t, i told Mm lust now
that tlirrr wan a cohaultatlon being
held over you by tho doctore."
'Slum him In. Let him lee how
overworking and underpaying the
b-lffliteat mind In thp wholemtle wooll,n
tltdn ha mused tho grrateet expert
on Auetrlan felt to totter in the upper
aiory!" Ho aying Mr. Jurr tapp. d hla
.head algnlne.intly.
"We have to huuiur hlrn, you know.
Poor Mr. Jarr's Brain Fever Is
Temporarily Checked by $20
xplulnrd Mrs. Juit, aa hc led in nil
1112 In. ITU e 1 TK r.iruinv "urn.,.
A It It I AU I . la hl1lly hOIIOrOd among the Turk!.. MOhammM earn: When
.... .......I .,r aiUh inarrl.a Im Perfeeta hair or nn r.-ugmn.
The helor la nOfetS "1 " 11 the brOtlMr ot lh
iki main. Vn old maul Is
a uvtaa in nai uatyl Imnogreoaloti. Mom
earl Among thein lucre la only one exeuae f.u manlime late In Ilie-a aeionu
orama to law, man ma) havi fOllr wivea. bUl each .Ife muat b main
tain.d in no. rata (raartcrt, and the mutter of aapoasa oronw mc n
I M nttment favoring one wife.
Th. TarkMl wman ia a free agent under MM law. Hit Wire una anaoiuf
antral ,,f her i.r.n.ertv. A man ma dlvorco Hla lh l littering In he. presence
nml In th.it nf tw.. witneaaea a ceitaln form ! words thru time
hmm mmadii Thla la a euatan Which ba the lon e oi
imp pnlnr
When Dm family council COBCIOdl that thl time hM aimed f. , the son to
marry, the mother. If ahe haa not already done ao. chOOOtl n Wife, foi Mm. She
at Into cofnrminlaatlon with the old women inalrlmonlal brokera who are
r.imlllar -n It !i the fnmtllca having marrlag. alii, daughters. A omiwiiled I
UMM g.i-hete.na and near relative!-, the mother viall' WCh lamlllea.
N.. matter what ma he the private opinion of t oat. h-makcra, rtltuelt'
raqulroi tiiem lo laelalm "What a hoauty four dauahtti lal" The onlof caiia-
noO t-lla of the g ad uialltiea of the pruOPOCtlV brMOaroom and the amount
of aettlemeiit lo be made. Seveial hOUOta arc ao Malted, and then t ic BtOthtl
.roe.- home to report Vt lier iiuabitnd and SOW.
The choice determined On, the go-hptweena arrange the pecliniinai ic . Tha
outh may no) aee the maiden unveiled, eila In the KaSl are uttrlhut.il not BS
iniirh to tin- .1. alouay of the hnsbandx aa to the modesty of the women. Tui k
regard talking freely of women a nil evldcic.i of Ill-lux din t.
The maiden, however, la gen.taily given a chance to aee her future hunb.md.
The mother cunningly arrange that by taking the daughter out for .. walk or
'v drive t, Home appointed piaee where he mat a... Mm.
Thi betrothal girta an iiauaUy tollei requisites. After thla the brldsfroam'a
mother viaita the bride, taking with iiei bonbons ami several yards of red auk,
Which la laid on the door In front of the divan, Standing oil Ili a allk, the
hot rot hod ki" the hand of her mo tlier-in -law, hi iea iier bon-bons, with
her hleaalng. Hall a l.on-hon. bitten lo lo by (ho Kiel, the mother carries ba k
to (lie hrldeuroc'iu aa a flrat love-token.
a tew days later the bridegroom sends a contribution t- tha bride's father
toward tin- expenses of the wedding foaUvltlca. Klohl days after the engage
ment la made the knot la tied, a civil contract, made valid by two witneaaea.
Tlie ceremony takes jilaee in hha bride's home. When the Settlement haa been
igre.d upon ihe bridegroom proclaims throe tlmea hla desire towed the daughter;
wh reuppn the prleat. accompanied by the father, go.-a i . the girl's aoaftmanta
Ainu the ami her frienda are waiting, and, after stating the financial agreement,
aha la asked her willingness to marry thla man. if ahe ansv.-cra affirmatively
the father and the prleat return to the men's apartment, and when the contra' t
la sign. .!, sealed and delivered th.' contra ting partial are legally mn and wife
itut before the young couple ma) see ea h other thia legal sanction musl
have the roctai auction. Home months may pass before thla can lake j.iaea.
The Wedding dieaa for die featlvttlef haa to be made first, and order a flBSOrlga,
which the bridegroom IfHa to lurnlah. The ieat of her trousseau, her hOUeohold
linen, beds and utenalia for housekeeping must he provided he the bftdO'S pai-
ents. To provide the money sometimes requires montha. it la a point both of
honor and pride to make as Mg a show aa poaalble, Whloh immemorial diatom
makes abllgatory, upon ri' h and o uhke.
Wedding fesllvitiea laat a week, tin Monday the blide'8 trousaeau and plen
UdllngS ore . arried 1. 1 her new home Tuesday the bridg la taken to the POMIC
batha. On this ..craalon tlie bridegroom paya for tiie hatha for the jarty. Ho
important ia t ie hath among Turks that it forma an Item In every marriage
oontraot. The husband .nz.igea t niinw till ii.- hath money as we allow pin
money, If It he withheld ane has only to go before lac Cadi and turn her allpp
upside down, ami If tlie complain) Is not redrcaaed it ia a ground for divorce.
i in IVedneada) romea the visit of the bridegrojm'i mother and the dyeing
of the bride's Rnger ami toe nniis. tin Thuradaj the bride and her rsiatlvoa
proceed in a iaai. with great ceremony, to tiie home of the bridegroom. After
all are leated. i offee aerv.d and . Igareite. passed around the bride entera, gtltl
wcaiiug tiie h rrowed aarmenta she put on at.r the i.nth on Tuesday, and, aup-
ported on cither side b) a matron Who haa been only once married, makca .i
tour of the room. Beginning with he- rnother-ln-la, Shi klaaca the hands or
all. Then vha la aeated alonasMs of her moUlirlnlBW, Tlie latter trantfera a
sugar stick from her mouth lo that of her daughter-in-law. a survival of the old
marriage rite of food aha hit".
The email coins showered on the lu.de are rambled (or bv tho heggan and
hangers-on, always on hand during the progress of a ST adding festivity. The
bridegroom Is pounded severely by hla frienda and an abundant uiply of old
shoes Is thrown at him with no gentle hand. He It glad to make his covape to
the room where the hrlde now re. elves him in her Wedding gown and kissel hia
hand, Walk) her veil Is spread on the door, on Which he kneels to pray.
For the two an reeding days the BlWly Wedded pair. In their beat .Jollies,
receive the congratulations of relatives and friends who II, a k to the house.
Important newcomer.
"And how arc we feeling to-day""
asked Ml. Jarr's employer unctuously,
It he advanced with outstretched
Whereat Mr. Jarr rose from the
pinochle table, and, folding his arma
across the front of hia dingy old drcai
Ina g"wn. and thru. ting forward the
right foot, moaringiy replied,
Mu Beetles an sty Mag's uionr,
frant (ami to found atloM sfone.
nt las (load o Doagloa ' Mi swa;
HAT ii siit ire is pressed upon Ainericun morels and manners
in the action of the manager of the Senate restaurant at
the Cupitol in Washington in prejairinR ehenp knives and
forks and table service jicnerally in preparation for the coining of
visitors to the InangttfaJ ceremonies.
Americans like souvenirs. They have no objection to taking
spoons or napkins. They have been known to cut pieces out of cur
tains or gold cords and to break hits from statuary. They will carry
oil oups and vases. They have taken charred cmhere from tho ghastly
heaps where lynch law has burned a victim.
So the patriotic crowds that Mining tlie neautiiui i upuoi win
Ijftvc just ardor enough to yenrn to curry something away when tliey
it. Thcv CMiinoi take the dome. So the new tin spoons will be
:n 1 i. i.,f. .... ,;. l..,,,.lo nt
BH'iConie, ami wo inav lie sure nicy win "ll u" hm itoiiw
e far-seeing and well-providing nianager.
but not very savagely -with or.iiu
fever, was playing auction pdnochle with
Mr, Rafferty and Mr. Rangle, Mr. fiav-
Insky had dropped out of the game. I
though -till sticking around.
Mrs Jarr hurried over to the table
and begM to gather up the chlpi ami
...rds "rtiot. ulavlng cards! l'lay the
pii.no. or something!" she cited huskily.
"It's Mr. Smith!"
"The boast" asked Mr. J'arr.
OI' Oil" cried Mr. niavlnsky. "I tell
yon what, kick out a winder! 1 got my
pocket rule nut me and I'll be measur
ing for a pane of glass for It, and Haf
f.rty and Uaiigle they can be neighbors
who has to com In to hold him when
hlr hrilna Is feverish-Mr. Charr's
brains I mean!"
NU!" replied Mr. Jarr iternly. "I
am an Invalid, I must toe humored. I
can't be crossed on with the game.
I would hsv.i won laat hand anywav.
so lores two dollars worth of chip!
again f"r each of our MsOW "mi in
Tlie remarks u,bout the high cost of
pinochle che. ki were directed to Mr
Ilangle and Mr llaffirty. The command
When folk Meet Under
An Unfavorable Star
2y Sophie Irene Loeb
sss. -I
Copnjlght, IS IS, t.j Tti Pn
i TKVKXSON says. "Many
people miss each otlier In th
world or meet under some unfuv
oraMa star. Th. r
PeMkbkkl Os, iTl. Xw Tort BtlSlSI W.irlJI.
lovable I ids cheerless hearthstone he wlhes he
ILettersFrom the People
aT1"-' sW ss)oasssst SOU -
lo work. etc. It Is a curse to wltes and
mothers, ,itejni'ttion lo asr young men
and a trat to those who or easily
templed to ateal. It is also a black
amudg across thl fair fame of the
Km j.l re .State. Is it too lata for th
Seoent element of the community to pro
ven! am h a dl.sKi.ce' How about this,
readers? HONKSTV.
m tinl'i P.7.
Tu Hi. Mkltei "I IM Emuf Wurld
Can any reader who has been a house-
house agent for tome household aitt-
tell me If a tetter living can he
ade that way than can he earned by
working steadily for IIS a week, ten
hours a day, l days In the week?
Alio un.v suKgratluiat as lo such an oc
cupation? V VV.
I ao.eul. KopLo's Brlsrt.
To tli Kin .f Tl. Kv.nllif Wurld
So ruling li to b restored In New
York CtetOt I am lorry, tor It li a
bid ilgn. In no other 8tatc of America
haa tuch a iweepihg reform, once
achiived, ever been repealed. The other
Htitn tint were decent enough to ,.;
Ith raceti a.-k aausbllng have naver been
lariheal or trlokeil or buWed Into Tc.at0rlr.4j
It. No one objects to racing, hut decent
j.eoj.i.. object to lluinaed gainibllng.
. iu i.um u. -i -' ...-..... 1 ,h ,.,.rnria a verv
jeom a ooon 10 anMsao, euvna-arm 1 1. iolvl.
loaaire. man who are 400 tricky 1 ButfcerXoid.
ft tin- Wibir it 'In. i:.Mn WstM
Aa lo tho grazing cow and liarn
problem Ii is neresairy to know site
arid shape of barn. If the barn la luO
fe.-t or more In length and breadth and
ia a.uare tlie area would ha three
quarter of a circle with a radius of a
lull feet or a diameter of 100 feet and
is aavertulned aa follow. lOOgtOOg
1 ?8u4 3-s-s-St.ra;; square feet. If turn
, Is les. than 1 Oil feat DB either tldi
i then length and breadth must hi
I known. If tin uirn 1 not square at
Mum's the Word.
Bessssl BessssssstVai aS Besl
Bessslrt lal JaV Besl BSssW 1
Bkssssl Assssssl BksssssW
if Jl
li t!io nice an 1
critical moment of
declaration to be
got over. From
timidity or lack of
opportunity a good
half of possible
lov cases never
get so far, and .it
least another quar
ter do there cea-c
and determine. A
very adroit person,
to b sure, man
ages to prevare the
way and out with
lili declaration In the knlck of lime.
"And then there it a tine, solid sort of
man who goes on from snub to snub,
and If h had to declare forty tlmrl
will continue linperturhably declaring
amid tlie latonlshwd consideration of
men and angels until he has a favora
ble an.wer. 1 dare ay If one were a
woman one would like to marry a man
who was mpahle of doing this, but not
quite one who had done so.
"It it Just a little bit ahji trd
omehow Juit a little bit gross, and
marriages in whloh one of the partus MAi 111 to II ml the QTKHR.
lias been thus battered Into consent Many man has no! met Mill Rlghl
scarcely form .agreeailo subjects f r . and v!c versa, because t.ie meeting
meditation. And yet, when all hat been 1 HNJ KI 1 In a meeting, Tune WlthOUl
laid, the man w ho should hold hack ' uuiuher a superticlal something Is recog-
n prefersnos to the attal
him who runs away from battle 1.1
avoid an occasion for our virtues ll a
had taken the plunge In the '
days. If he were to look hack ovoi
things lie would find that, aa Stevenson
claims, perhaps he has mtaaed Ids mate
or met her under "an unfavorable star"
and now learn In lire', twilight th?
reality of "nothing ventured, nothing,
won." Thlt li n growing PfopoatttOB. (
Why? Decause we live In such a Iirit
iUBTJ existence.
We do not take time to make ao
qualntanceJ or learn to UOfDIlMTAKD
and AJ'I'UKi'iATK each other. Qen- I
erally we meet like "ahlja. that pas In
g night and sp. ak to each other In pas.i
Ing." Too telnphoiie has taken the place of
the meeienger 011 hi Stood. And verily
a telephone 'a an Instrument by which
one m.y break an engagement w!th
eaae iperchance for a momentarily
prettier face or a more stylish gown).
The opportunity I 1ST and the
"might huve been" have passed un
known, unr.vngnlzed, unloved, t'uplu'l
arrows are diadoood In tiielr flight.
VVhlla mane a bachelor look at mar
riage much as a battle. In the aKgreglti
there AJUB liajjy marriage. For, In '
th vernncHilar of the popular aong.
"For every girl who's lonely there'. a
boy Who's lonely too " The thing I for business
in. eei er .iil frit infsi y.'s oru.ip
rkS nunc of avi h na MannH cfuip .'
"He raves'" said Mr. Rangle. as he
I ad previously remarked when ho heard
Mr. Jarr calling for water.
"Ah, It's a sad case, doctor!" gold tiie
boas, as Mr. Jarr jilumjiei back In bit
chair and regarded hhu glasslly.
"Permit me to introduce my col-
'eaauea," said Mr Rangli affably. 'Tr.
Kaffcrty. the noted Irish practitioner,
slavinaky, the eminent Herman
ilist. and I am old In Itangh .
.Ih nlst. whoao authoritative work. 'Nuts
a. Brain Food." you may have douhtlcas
heard of."
Mr Jarr's boss bowinl aa though tills
famous work was alwaja on his reading
"What do you make of this case?"
asked tiie Caller, after regarding Mr
Jarr sorrowfully.
"Technically, I would say he has an
acute attack of tizzlng in the bead,"
replied Mr. H. ingle gravely. "It la com
monly known as 'Police Captains' Dii
eate.' "
"And thl Is brought on"
"By exposure." said Mi-. Rangle
solemnly. "All we can do I to humor
his every wish," he added. "And suxii,
1 believe ll your diagnosis, prognosis
and recommendation. Of, Slavinaky?
And you. too, Dr. RafTerty?"
Both those venerable physlclani bowed
assent .
"tiimme Ihe twenty dollar you owe
me!" cried Mr. Jarr. glaring glally at
his hoas.
"Four weeks at five dollars more a
week makes twenty dollars! tllmme
the twenty dollar'" cried tlie patient.
Ills glassy gaze wai directed at his
host, who faltered and looked around
It the clinic of eminent alienists.
"We mutt humor htm," tald old Dr
linn: le.
".Sure, nothing but a cold application
of money win do him any good," ad
vised the noted Dublin epcclallst, Dr.
' Thl f.iler what has Police Captalni'
Complaints seel green. You got to hand
It to him." remarked ttiat able medico,
old Dr. Slavinaky.
Mr. Jarr's hots sighed and opened hi
"nut." he said, with a touch of truo
caution, "thl humoring him
A Handful of Interesting Facts
The battleship Wwuning. Which Willi
the Arkanaaa is the greatest I 'read
nought in the United States navy, hoktl
the world's battlcshlwipccd record.
More fatalities incurred In 1 101 from
PoUlth of July accidents tlian in any
year on record In that year tfiij per
sona were killed and l,SSI were
wounded, in to, following year III
persons were killed. In lil- tie fatal
ities numbered only it, During the
last ten years I, TOO Uvea were lost
through Independence Day ac ildenta.
The Harlem Rlvi
nectlng the Hudso
Island Mound by ..y of Spuv ten Duya
Vll Creek cost ah nil f,TOO,000, ll
wax opened for (raftle .line 17. ltd."..
it oosta from To cents to $1.45 u
wold to aend a cable mcaage from
New York to Braall.
There an 8,000 Building and Loan
Aaao.iat lima in III.- t'nlt.sj Slates wit.i
a total momberablp of I.SSISSS. ami
total gaaela amounting to t,0S0SS7,
The roil or maintaining tiie United
Ship fane I - States Wf s.iUng Bervlci amounts to
Rivet and Long about B,SW,tW.
The May Manton Fashions
"Is he still In jail?"
'The atillest man alive.
very .Liferent que..7 "Th " "JT . b.i helor-llk. propen.i
uiiLAAl B ULV I yoro told him to kaop his moutliJnlt her ,Ven kail way
N. J. Jj Shut." . u-. 11 Ssa on uatU 0
Iroln marriage ia 10 .ue same ease won niseu ajni gicn pi e. ereni e 10 iiio qwtl j
jltl.s of sn'RHNC.TM tliat underlie which
have not been tried and tested and un- I
(let stood
A trivial happening may mar tlie POS- .
aBHlbrrini of a wider nciualntan '
ami a still happier It ICS r I. T And
many a lonely bgnhalnr risthlna through
tie would Imtead, like lac gnalni
look and llgtan") find a pow
worse degree of failure than to push
forward plUOklly and make a fall "
aproaog. a baohelor aai the other
day, "I have not married beCeUVt I
havin'l met Mis Rigid" Hut tu
truth I that many times though he
may have met Ml Right, yet Willi liii
bachilor-llke propensiic!". he hut SOl
may only afford temporary relief."
"No," fald the head of Mr Jarr's
mtdlcal Staff. Utat noted specialist In
mental and money troubles. Dr William
J, Kaugie. "I can say without fear of
successful COntradlOtlon that as long
M Ihe present treatment Is kept up
larked Improvement, followed by com
plete recovery, will ensue."
iuuiAnArinnoic 1 - -- -- -- -- -- --
EVkTRT variation ill
tlie draped skirt
Is fashionable. Thin
one ahows a dPSPOd
front with straight Hm 1
at the back and Is In the
very height of style, that
couih. nation being on.'
of Die newest and
smart set. The plaits
at the hack are pressed
to tlat that they pre
serve tlie .lender ru:
llue, yet they allow
freedom in walking.
The little trimming
Itrnp allow effective
use of 1 ontrastlng m 1
lerlal. Here It Is nuii-'
of broadcloth whii ih"
skirt la of diagonal
erge. It i narrow an.)
straight at its .stce
however, and soft fln
lshe.1 linen would be
liandtotue made In that
way with a strip of
embroidery for the
trimming, or one of the
new voiles wmiM bo
pretty with lace, am;
all lulling materiala
are appropriate. Th
flnUth oan be made at
either the htgh or (he
UAturwl waist line.
For the medium 1t.
tlie eklrt will require
y&nle of material
If, IV. yardi 36 or 3V
yard! 4 Inches widj,
with yard 44 ltushot
wide for the tiinwnln;;
at rap. The width or
tne iklrt at the lower
edge Is 2 yardi or It
yards when the plait
are laid.
Pattern So. TTSO
I cut in Kleis from 22 to
3n Indie wuiet measure.
little Bnob- I don't see any waiters.
11 1., a. .n't ...a.. a-.... '.
ill Ills i.rtll BO.tr miani lliueeu 1 1 1 . . .. . ,1 .
ire not. can you?
8iiDrlor Walter (sarcastically) We
I would help him along leta ealY Uock I wallers find no dlltU.ulty. ilr! London
oas a ay smiug at .and happier tiaa, , . 11
BURF.AU. Ckinald Building, 100 West Thlrty-eeond itreet (oppo
site Qlmbil Unu 1, corner Sixth avenue and Thirty-second itnet,
New Turk, or tent by mall on receipt of ten cents In coin er
Itampi for etch paPern ordered.
IMPORTANT Writ! your address plainly and always ipiclfy
It wanted. Add two ceata for letter pottage If la a hurry.

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