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Stilt Another UNUSUAL Story
The Wings of the Morning
By Louis Tracv
. . . ...... ,.,.itfifi
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The Evening World Daily Magazine, M
A Romance as iStartlingly
Original and Out of the
Ordinary as "TARZAN
irisM. IMA, lr K. I. OMi 1
The Wreck of the Sirdar.
Kty TOBBK adjusted her goMrtmmed eyeglat 4 with in .i!r of dig
nirlad aggrcealveneao, Mia had lived for many years In IIm Knr Keet,
in Horn Kong ihe wm known a the 'Mandarin." Hat poarers of
mil 11. .4 InajoMtkM rauaated torinanti ;na drawn on I, Th com
mander of lha sirdar, homeward bound from Hhanghnl, knew thai hi
wee a
nit to ba strati had .n th rack vhan he t..ok nis -:, at the snloofi table.
It tin', ogplaln. Unit wo are running into .1 typhoon.
"Jrnni v, om .im you laarn that!
though anfnewhal surprised.
"From Iflaa Beano, I undaral
told her."
il her
"Didn't 1 on I Bome
coni'i ir
it t 1 1 1 nip 1I1I
MUi 1
VSVCd ll I
! rK" Mtte nvfi a ir-
Intloi nt lmlinc rc:i.- t"
etrict accuracy, Incidentally, she had
obtained tha Infoi nation from her maid,
a Maa tilted coquette who estraetad
ahtp'a Meret'i 1 oin youthful quarter"
"Urgll ai I had forgotten," egpkstned
the tactful sailer.
la it true?
Lady Toaai
unuaually abrupt lo
day B.it alie was
Bnnoyeo oy tin1 aa.
laptatfl took a mero
aapjrptlon ttiat Hi.'
girl into nil
i onfldenre ami p.inani uvit
the if- nt the ea-Chh f JuaUi of Hong
Yo. It In." en i'l
Saptaln Roaa, equally
thank a tii f.ita
ruat. and illently
that her ladyahip
the laat tniif
"How hoi rtbla!"
affoi tad nl i 1 m.
Thli return to I
w.i" isv'tm home for
iTnlnlnlty lOOthad th
iallor a rulfled temper.
Mr John, her hueband, frowned Judlrl"
ally. Thnt frown oonatltuted iila leva!
ItOoh In trade, yet it paaMd irrent for
artadra with the Hong Kong bar.
What rvldenct hare youT' he aiked.
Do tell uf." ohlmad in iri". ti'iiKht-
fuh uneoai sloua of Intaruptlng
ronrt. "Did you find out when
Biiu'.nted at the tunf"
The captain amllad. "Vou nr nearrf
the mark than pooalbly yo Imagine.
Miaa Daanat" he aaJd. "Whan we took
nur oliaervat ons yiM 'vd:i there waa a
tyarp weird-iookinif halo around the aun.
Yh'.e ninrn'.nut you may have notleeo
MWaral hlah BOUalUI mid 1 imootb
itianicd anaaalnnallr by atrong rlpptei
Mp, barnroaiar ;a fa'.:imc rapidly
I 1
xpeet tl'at. a the da) WOOM
Micuunlir a heavy IWell. If
1 oka wild tonlghl and eope .
n'..ia'i n hrn . Lank of
. we
loud ap-
rji'QitrMnr from tha nor!
wet. you will
lee the rr
leery dancing about the wow
I u-ii afraid you are not a
I.,i.!v Toaer. vie ju. Hlaa
t dinner,
good aailot
I should Jut lova to Ma
Now oromlaa mo aolamnly
teal atonn.
that -nil will tnke me i.p into the .-nan-liou.e
when thle typhoon ll limply tear.
Iiur thinaa to pl-.-eK.''
'Oh. dear' I do hopa it Will not he
..4- i.d la there 111 ay In which
you can av.i.J U C iptaln.
Will n lan
The pollt:.' ahippe f
once preferred
(o answer Lady Toai
There la no uneaalnxaa. lie Mid.
fif . ourae. lyph la lha Hi In 1 feu
cr.. naaty thing wh la ihey laat, but a
'nip Ilka the dlrdar i not troubled by
(ham, she will drive through the worm
.. ,i .1,. u Ilkalv to me. ; hare Hi lBa
11. an twelve ho u . 1 U-mI. a. I allei
.neu oitit.ohat a" "'On aa 1
t. ip rwiailton With reaard to lla
. en Ire.
(OU nee. Ilaa DaaWe "
And Tnpt. Hons forthwith IlluatlHted
aa ti.e baok of a menu card tba aplral
Mmpe ami progreM of n cyclone. He M
thoroughly myatined the girl hy Ilia
lochntoaj referencaa to northern and
knuthcrn hamlaphorea, polar dlraetloni,
revtiv:iin- atr-ourranti. uxternal clrcum
lerencea und dlmlnlahad atmoapharla
praaaurai tiiat aha waa too bewildered
lo reiterate a deaire to visit the bridge.
Then Nia commander hurriedly ex-t-tieed
himneif. and tha paaaengara amv
lo ttiore of blm thnl day.
nut bia ahorl lontlfln lecture aohleved
douhie raault. i' rwcued him from
requeat which he . .mid not poaalbly
nant, and rMMUred Lad) Toier, To
the non-n.'iutl'-al mind ll is the unknown
that ! fenrlul. V aiorm Clgaiad H
'Aperiodic," whoaa velocity can he meas
ured, whoae duration and direction can
he determined beforehand by houra and
..iatancea, tloaaM to lie terrifylna. It
baOOBUa an nccepleil fai 1. akin to 'he
iieum-ejiiiiiie and the electric telegraph,
aiarvelloua yet cotDjnonplaoA
Ho her ladyship dlsmlHaed the topic as
if no present Internet, and foouaod Ml Ml
Overheard in S i
Oj ebjanareaniseasPaw
"Yea. I want an office boy. Do you
"Well, not ai a rule, but I'll make
manded her
Lady Tonet
'aptaln Rosa wa. w,ir,,
a momi
.1 ,iko to aa) thai you had
morning. I
1 haw guessed I
1 1 ntie i tiroiiKh
her aglaaaagt
"Sir Arthur p
ipoaM l" 1 .cue home 'n
June. 1 underat
1 nil v iha Inquired.
Iria waa a remai kii
woman, a large banan
engaged bar attention.
healthy young
1 momontaj 1
She nod hsl
a ffa!ily
Von win stay e.i'ii relatlv.
he arrivaa?" purauad Lady Toaar,
Tne banana la a fru almple eharao.
terlatlca. The siri waa u'de to reply,
with 11 touch uf oar leea hautaur in her
"ftalatlvea! . have none none
whom we poelatly eultl itei that la, I
will atop iii town a da. or two to Inter
view my dreMmnkert ami Man go
tralght to llelmdale, our place In York
shire." "Surely yon have a. eh.iprronV
"A chaperon! My dear Lady Toaeri
did my father ImpPCM you as one who
would permit a fiuwy and stout oi.i per
.-on tu make my life mlaera d?"
Tie aridity of tiie retort lac in the
word stout" lint iris wna not eocue
tomed tit crosM-exanitr-ation. During a
three months' reeldenoo on tba island
she had le li ned how to avoid Lady
Toaer. Mere it waa Impoaolblei and the
older w oil). 111 fastem-d upon her np
t.l.e. Miss iris Itc.ii.e w.is a toothsome
morael f goaalp, Nol yol twent'onei
the only daughter uf. .1 aeulthy baronet
wiin owned .1 iic t of stately shlpa the
.sirdar nimong ih. in- 1 girl wbo had
been mlatraaa of her father'a houae
alnoa bey return from rreaden three
years ggu jruillig. beautiful, rich here
u a combination for whlolt men
thanked a Judicious hem en. w hile wom
en sniffed enviously.
Him ties detained Blr Arthur, A W4T
cloud oveMhadowed the two grea.1
dlvMona "f the y. iiow race. Ha muai
wait to see how matters developed, loll
he would not expose Ilia to lha ft
aldloua treachery of 4 clilno.se spring
an exception die tunc juat to be
so wit 1 taara, thoy aeparteted, Bhi wa
confided to tin. paraonal olvjrtfc of ''an'
i;.. 4 t each point or call th. aom
Mby'a agent- woulil In- solutions for
hei welfare The cable's telegraphic eye
would watch har progr." u that of
some prim civ maiden sailing In mval
caravel. This fair, slender. nllaformed
Alrl di iightfuily Knglleh In fire and
Raura aith baf fraahi ataar oomplaalon,
limpiii Mil aryaa ami ahlnlnfl brown
iniir. ik a parannMa of um tmpor
tanea, lady Toaar knew thaaa Iblim ami
1 ghad 1 omptaaantly.
"All, anytl," aha I aaUmad. "Pnrpnta
had dlffaranl alawa whan i m i erin.
Hut 1 aaaom' Mr Arthut Ihlnht you
ahould bacoma uaad to belnl your own
mhrtra'a "1 vnw of ymir appruai'liliiaT
"Mi approachlnif- marrlatfa!N orird
iria. now ffanutnaly amaaad.
"Yn N 1; not tr.ii 1 .at you are
ailtiK to marry. I.onl Vi'iilnor""
x paaalnit ataward .o'.irii tiia point
Mank ajojaatlon,
it ii. 1 .1 eurlooa affacl upon him. Ma
lt!i titT.'fly fatter ayaa at Mih
Daanai unJ ao far forgot hnnieif aa to
permit a 1 1 h ii of water lea to n it
againai sir John Toaar'a bald haul
Iria could not lelp notl' K hla ati anda
hahavio. . fiuah of btimof ehaoad
away har tlrat anary rcai-ntment at
lndj Toaar'a Intaffosatory
"T at mat ba my happy fata."
a hSWe
1 gaily, "bui r.otv Vantnor haa
not naked
me says in lions Kong"
began her ladvsnip.
'Confound you,
what are you doing.'
ilia feehie nervei
tin Information th..
pronounced than i
.1 stupid raw.al!
' ahouled . r John,
at last convoyed
t something more
sudden draught
affected hla ecalp; the Ice was melting.
The Inoldeni amuaed thoae paaaengeM
who sat near enoug I to observe it.
Hut th" chief steward, hovering watch
ful near the eaptaln'a table, darted
forward, I'ale with anger he hissed'
"Reporl youraelf for duty in the
aeoond saloon to-lllght." and he hustled
his subordinate away from thi linlge'a
Miss Deane. rndrl fully radiant, rose.
"Pleaae don't punleh tile man. Mr.
J ," aha -a.. 1 sweetly. "It was a
sheer accident. II" waa ia!en hy ur.
prlai In hla place 1 would have
emptied the holO dlall."
suddenly the paeaengei 1 Mill seated
experienced .1 prolonged linking sensa
tion, as If tiie vessel had been con
verted lid,, ,1 gigantic lilt They were
preaaed hard into their chnlra, arhloh
creaked and tiled to swing round on
tbelr !iv.i. As the ahlp yielded itlfTly
lo the tea 11 whiff of spray .lathed
Ihrough an open port.
From tne promenade deck the listless
grOUpa uut. bed the r I a. Kali, e of
the gale. There was mournful specu
lutlon upon the Smiar's ohaUOM of
raawhlng Singapore before tha next
I V e.'illig.
A timid lady v. mured In ml
"PeHhapi this may not he a typhoon.
.1 may only he a little dt of a storm "
Her sex saved bet from a Jeer. Kg.
perieneo gloomily shook his hand,
"The barometer resists your plea," he
4444444 . 444 , , . . A4. . -U4U4AVV, A4 .
1 h o u e 1 1 e
"Will you take the job at thres dollarc per weeki"
"Yea, if you kin enow me a ijooO rgcommtn4allon from yai laat
, 0n,c( poy."
.ii I "I fear there w.l; he a a 1 nainy
1 Ilipty saddle, iii the saloon at dinner."
The lady smiled weakly. It waa a
f. e i!e fotll at (he heat.
"You think w. aire In for a sort of ma
1 Hi -I' epli .1.1s. ."' she asked
"Weill thank Ileal in. I had a aood
1. m. h." sniggered a rosy-faced eWbeltorn.
and .1 rippl. of iau-lht. : greeted his eg.
I . Mood lomewhai a.purt from the
Bpeakera, Tha wind had freshened and
lor hat waa lied closely over her ears.
She leaned attains! Hie taffrsll, enjov
Ing I eOOl hreese after houra of sul
Iry heat. The sKy was cloudlesa ye',
bill there was a uueer tinae of loir-
mahed copper in the all-pervading sun-
hlne, Tba ea was Coldly hlue. The
life h id (tone out of It. It a no lonaer
Inviting and translucent. Thnt morn
1 ik. were such a thlna practicable, she
would have gladly dived Into Its crystal
lepih- aid duported herself like a
frolicsome mermaid. Now something
ak n to repulsion came with the fan 1
ful remomhraiice.
I'll, eiew wire buny too. Hqusds of
Laai ars raced ggotlti Iniluslrlooaly ohrv
dlanl to the short, shrill whistling of
emadan' and quartermasters. float
laahtngl were tested and tlahtene I.
ranvtM awnlngi itretched acroi the
de i forward, ventilator rawta twleted
to new annles and the hair hen clamped
down over the w. ajen grating that
...vered th holds, officer, spotless In
white linen, flitted quietly to ami fro.
When the watch Wag Changed In
noted that the "oblof" appeared In an
old blue suit and carried oilskins over
his arm ai lie cllmhed to tin- hrl.lge.
N'atuie looked dlsturhed and fitful and
the ship retlpondod to her mood. There
was a seme of preparation In the air, of
coming ordeal, of restless foreboding.
Onalrn olankad irith a noise the giri
never noticed before! the tramp of hor
rylntr men on the hurricane deck over
head sounded heavy ami hollow. Theie
was a squeaking of chairs that wa
abominable when people gathered up
hooks and wraps and t'taggereil un
gracefully toward tha companion way.
Altogether Mls lie. me was not wholly
pleased with the preliminaries of a ty
phoon, whatever the rellltliW might he.
Whv did that silly old woman allude
10 her contemplated marr age to Lord
Ventnor, retailing the goaalp of Hong
Kong with uch malicious emphaalaf
Knr an Instant Iri tried to shake the
. , ling in comic anger She hated Lord
Ventnor. She did not want 10 marry
hint or anyitody else, lust yet. of
. ourse her father had hinted approval of
lordship's obvious Intentions. Oniin
tiss of Ventnor! Yes. it was a nice
title. Still, she wanted another couple
of years of careles freedom; In an"
event, why should Lady Tozer pry and
And finally, why did the steward oh.
poor old sir John' Wtaal would have
happened if the Ice ha. I slid down his
neck? Thoroughly comforted by this
gleeful hypothesis. Ml Iniine selxed a
favorejble opportunity to dart across to
tiie atarttoard rale and ice If Captain
ItOga'a "heavy bank, of iloiul In the
northweet" bad put in in appearance.
lla! There it w-ne. hla-'k. ominous, gi
gantic, rolling up over the hnrlxnn lilie
some monatroua football, Around it the
pky deepened into purple, fringiii w th
a wide helt of .irlck red. She had never
seen such a beginning Of a gale. From
What she hail read in books she Imag
ined that only In great deserts were
The Day'i
Out of the Fold.
M4RTV f.it.nT triiig ft 11, i-n. . r of Ooi.rfi',
thg tliii l MtWtely lnhalf.1 pnllllM 1
ilie ir n-'if tif-ftilietl Tf firm In the
bltli ti.it Rothini r"i wwM fouael oniui
tbi DNaWtttra toM, Mt Hmilh MM t.f
little Metrv'H itfllM1 n'l iHi.lt, M hvrfll'1 in W
i'V. mi i ilinfl in tha family. I.nif (MM tninr
tiie 1I11M, -f an litng fur her "I' M. wdiriiTr'l 'n'''
llift li' t'o.illl. 1 if-r ejir fOlMd MtU Mllll Li l
in Uf iiiKUt ai hrr 'Idrtotiina,.
Mdrr dianit t her in opM fotal ajimahrncnr,
anil thf wung Ud I'lrv- fr'rm htf kufs. ti
rlitnttsfft' "Why, Mim MUihl U fWi mi (row
tiraunn. I (boUJJgfl ftm ttrv a RffHlUai il ' -.Neiti
'in! Mtnithl),
Going Some.
A It, o:, ttbtttsf, Ihi wgN ttAMlng rOf ujilf
rd i' 11 lm tigii hi,'. letfaN til "Iiunmrf,
m .t utM tUy ''ii;MM;ti bj Ul m:i
fat 1 ii Ii.i it at iHf 111 1 fiihl iinvrmrnt to liw
twit hfttktii
"N.'et. I'jt," MM h iha: -r, hi hainkil
tiim hit wnt' . "iimii'I Hi..' if tin rurrn't
;.nit 1:1 wlinli I siAll .! Iim."
I'gi, utitti, m me VMi ptOIld nf U o'ini
IlldJICr') pfOWtM 1,1 thf rlllM ' rtfit, aV4irt
him th. I' w MM ii. n mtrsi-tkr,
No, I Lain -tit-1 t.ui guiu lllllltttl elun-f
ht pTAtcfa t ipndjgj t ilin i r ina nimKlit m
mhkft b asteVttd t'l run
llmi.il put hi i-st i-'iorr. ntrt ih m
llUvtf fiT.Jihr.1 ilni tt fihua,'l.
' Ttlf tinif I'et'.V ) dh "llldhl, tpjfajl .'.Veejlv.
IMMaleoltsfllf pMel1 Diet UH ftlni uU
Iii.jti.iif at it fbf ina fnt timt iinw ttart.
B teWNll bl I f tUafito. nnna;i-t W;t'l pfU
v i 1 1 e
clouds of dut geneiated There could
not be dust In the ih-iise pall now rush
ing with giant strides across the trem
bling sea. Then what was 111 Why
was It so dark and menacing? And
where waa desert of stone atel sand 10
DOgMJ)era wltn this aw fill expanse of
water' Whit a small dot waa Ihi
great ship oti the vletble surface'
The lively ran hare of the dinner tium
pet foiled to fill Tie saloon Hy this time
Ih Mlrdar was fighting reOOlUtely
against a stiff gale. Hut the stress of
BOtggJ OOfflbal was better than the eerie
sensatlisTi of Imtiendlng dinger .lurlnx
the earlier hou-s. The strong, hearly
pulaathms of th engine, tin regular
thraaiang of the acrew, the steadfast
onward plunging of the so.td ship
thniugh raging seas mid flying ecud,
were cheery, con fid en 1 and inapt ring.
Mies liisni jUOtgled her lioast that
she w iui an x. client sailor.
In very truth, '.he Wal thinking of the
iee-egirylng stowar.l and hi uueer start
of surprise at the annon i.'ement of her
rumored engagement. The man Inter
ested her. He looked like a broken
down gentleman. Her quick eyes trav
elled around tba saloon to discover hi
whereabout. She could not see him.
With n wild swoop all the plates,
glasses and eiiilery on the : aloon tablet
crashed lo the starboard. Were It not
for the restraint of the Mdtea every
thing must have been -wept lo th
floor. There were one or two minor
A steward, taken unawares, sens
thrown headlong on top of hi laden
tray. Others Were compelled to clutch
the hacks of . balls and cling lo pillarl,
one man Involuntarily Patted Ihe hair
of it lady(pho devoted an hour before
each meal to her coiffure. The Sirdar,
with a freaaled bound, tried to turn a
"A chant;- of course," ObeorVOd the
doctor. "They generally try io avoid .t
when people are In Ihe saloon, but a
f.phoon admit of no labored polite
ness. As II centra Is now r1glt ahead,
we ar going oti the starboard tack 10
get behind It "
"I mint hurry up and go 011 deca,
aid Miss Henne.
it la amply impoeelble." he said "The
porapanlon door are bolted. The prom
emule deck l swept by heavy seas every
minute. A boat ha been carried awav
and several stanchions snapped off like
carrote. For the llrst lime In your 11'.
t . - 11.. ,t e, i.. 1 are Ii itte: ed down "
The girl's face must have paled some.
what. , . ...
"There is no danger, you know, but
these p. Utlona a.e n ary. Toll
WOald nol hke to ,ee MVOrgl lOM Of
w,er ruahllMI down the saloon stairs.
now. wolll-l oa.
Decidedly not " The
aft r a pau-e.
faatened up in
t e easan: 1 1 "
a great Iron box. 00 nil
one of a huge Opffln "
Not n bit The Hlrdor ' the safest
ship afloat Vour father ha always pur
sued n splendid policy in that respect.
The London and H un: Kong Company
m iy not p .ssse Tasi v. ssel. hut they
s. .lAorthy and well foutid 111 every
r speet "
"Are there many people 111 on board?"
"'o; lust the usual number of lla-
turbed livers. We had a nasty ac Idel t
shortly before dinner'
"ilood gia-dous! What iiappeniHl?"
"Some Lascars were caught h a Ma
ferward. one man had his leg brok. n '
An Kngiish quartermaatar and four
Good Stories
fi ririrfa.i. !iu fcit'ir1"'.
H'''." ir.'' h IBItWillt, ' .'in lull iaraitn
11 riH-onla, lor v"i Imhi" lnnv i' ll M tnui."--Ttt-Blti.
All Heanted.
ASV.KTl.X iri-er. ictor iiii an -.'ir lira
mM. . 1 it r OM MtaflllBi rr-fu'lv.
"What '! (mi IV" MM ih Idllof
"I hti i.l1 t rfii'imt 1 !i.n ftMl tntrt a
line In your taiar m ihe nffest thai I hae juat
rWuM4 Mltry II.CMMJ tr m tt op
"I'll make a note uf It, UoValj dt W$
there atjyUii",: tie 4injt''
' Only uiki utiier t.ittu ; u U, i ide-
I'iar err" iN'imtf Vr lri,
A Ten-Center.
AVIAN' sitli lliim f..r lafoOMllM wall
bla atkat ikbet, ekM eel hm"
seblliial, 'iiierr,! lbs t',r id itosralooa
lii.tfl rflstteaaj .ul i'ar..i a isaireraatlM eitli
tit prrawlptlea lrk.
"Wkm Hi-Hi taderi drli oast im mi
leaWt awleilai arias m4 pontlM n aurti, "eo
11 aik .1111 uiirturr lu saoli I" li BHfl
K-t.'lat '
"Neiar " fe he I ill it .aisit ;.
"Cl'tii d-.n't Ml 11
'Wall, srs a.se a "ill. .mar i. Wl fit l.irn
tis utrt tliat . apiaalll la aesl la limns
And w- e..l 1111 11.. .a s d a.
"Tbsk's ran laiwsaini Wtti, 1 e. it i
potagi bTkal 'i' 1 bn iomI"
Jrn Bjels." 4,11 lelaad Plain Dealer,
44.4444 , -4. , f
' Oik. your njahand make mucn at an aviator? '
"Oh. indeed, yet. He always makes enough to pay Ml hospital k
1. as. ,ir had been licked from an ri
foreoaatle ! the vr. edy tongue ..f a
huge wave Tha tu e.siing surge lung
Ihe live IWeg bgOb against !'. awarter,
one of the bla. k aejloffg was v't. h. -I
aboard, wltn rras tured leg and other
Injurlea, The ot irrt were amaabeil
ui.slnst the Iron bull and dlsappe.trtsl
For one ifomutona tnomanl the an
gin-- slowed The - .ip commenced to
yaw oiT into tie path of tin cyclone,
t'apt, Itoss sei hit teeth, Mid the tele
graph heii langled "Tu ip i ahead."
1 e gale sang .1 mad requiem to Its
vittnis The tt'n surface was torn
from th sea. T ie ibjtp drove relent
hssly Ihrough sheet, of apray that
paoaad the odJIceri high up on ihe bridge
to gasp for bregdh. T .. v held on by
in. mi font, though protected b aUmna
oanvaa shit-is bound to the rails. The
main deck a unite Impaaoatde, The
pronieikule de. k. even the lofty spar
deck, was i irged with tin butken
aregaj of oaves thai tried with dr-
fnonlac eiii-cgv 10 smash In tiie Star
board Itow, tor the Sirdar was rutting
Into the h . n t of ttie 1 v, lone
lrle would fiot It undressed The
4X P-YA,L. PACE. CiWlNNINli-j LIKl: A Of
maid snivelled a request u be nil. .Aid
1 1 remain with her miatfeee, sue won1!
lit. on a couch nuiit rnornlna.
Alter the oourM waa ohangod ami ihe
Sy,iar bora away toward Ihe euUth"
west, lha cnmtnaPdei conaulted tha bar.
oinoter each hsalf.hom The tail"tal
titer, in had sunk v r (wo Inchon in
twelve houra. The abnormally loa
praseurti quickly ereali 1 dense clouds
which enhanced the melnncbokr dark
m is of the mile.
'apt. Itoss ,it so
wnehed them down
ana more hungrj
bai Ina spent eleven
Then he turned 1
ll. was joined hy ihi
A wild how I 1 1 in
focwai .1. The 1
glared a I a
lie s Hid W 1. .
with old I
.11. I
than be IU Igllied,
houra without food
1 roncuM a hart
chief olfleer,
from Ihe lookout
ot .ill leek
llamaated 1 'blm s.
Junk, wallowing helpleMli in Ibe trough
of the sea. dead undeir the bow.
Tile itltlee, 111 Cflarg Ill' rid e
preaaed the telegraph lever to "atop"
..ul "full -p.ed eetei wksla with bi
dlaengnged hand be pulled hard at ibe
siren cord, and a raueoua Warning sent
stewards flying Ihrough lha ship to
i lose eolltflon buUtl ead dom V la
ehiet darted lo the port ralli for Mie
ho lar's Inatani reenonae to the helm
1 n.d to clear her iinae from the Junk
a If b magic.
ii all happened au iiiiukl ikai while
iii.. hoaraa glgnal waa atlll vlbrallng
through ihe hip ttie jlltiU swept pa n
her nuarter, Tne rhlel ulfleer, Joined
how b the comniaiider, looked down
into ih - wretched craft. The) could ire
her crew lash -I In a nun. h around 'he
rarastaii on hei elei ii. i poop she waa
laden '" 1 miiei
UlKged. 1 1 lUI lint
A ureal Wave atl ki
tin. iteamer an 1 ' 1
llh el." 1
..Ilk if si
e ll.
I lier a a. iv'
hailed her
ba k
inn 1 1 I ',. Pren Puklldi
. Mrs Tart I rsslsa v , . ,! i
The Adventures of a Man
and a Girl Cast Away
Alone Together on a
Desert Isiand.
with irreataUbta force. The siniar a
Just unplelln- her turning inoeni ni,
and she heeled oi, v hiding to .he
mlatbtl power of t . gkle, For an op
aioulabla instani bet englMa otopped,
The mass of water that IWgyed Ih
junk like a Cork lifted the are it -hip
Mgh by the Mom, Tha propeller began
to eeVOtVa In air ' u the t'.li-l aAoW
ha.i corraiated bia sunai i.i "full apead
ahead" gffjgjg nnl Ihe PUmbMUl Chin
es yeapel glynck th" Birdgd" a ten Mile
btotv In the counter, smashing fT the
screw close lo the lh est 1. 1. i s and
ivienehitiK the i . iii . i . r from its bearinga.
There wa an awful race hy ibe n
ttines ttefure the aoglnaew could -but
.rr steam. The Jons vanished into tha
wilderness of nolM mid tumbling eus
beyond, and the fine strainer of a lew
se. on. is aao. replete allh tnagniaoeal
energy, atruggled like a wounded levia
than Pi the giaap of a vengt 1 foe
She swung round, is if In Wrath, lo
pursue tie- pilliv assailant Which "Hid
dealt her this mortal stroke, No longef
breaallng lha storm with atuhborg iaer
alatency. a-ia now dntted uimbssiv be
fore wind and wave. asSa was mar ,)'
11 larger plaything, loaned about by ti
tntitlc ganvboli The unk waa hurst
a under b the Rolllaloll, 1 1 r planks
and cargo littered 1 wavee. were .-vn
los e I ill d t lahMI oil lo Ihe de ks of Ihe
Mlrdar, f wbal avail was atrong tin
bar or bolted Iron againai th spleen
uf ih. me limn.'. 1 and formfoM monetae
who loodlj proolalmed his trlumphl1
Tie- gmal teamabtp drifted mi Ihisouafh
i.aos. The typhoon had broken lha
Ian e
I. in leave 01111, Bhllftltly dins te l.
w 010; .1 haul la avert further disaster
tfter the ilr.t momenl of stuis.r uai-
lanl Britlah aallora riaked life ami limb
lo brink the vessel under Control.
it their cnlm ouurags tin- ahamid
lha paralyged laacara into acii.it. a
-all wa- rigged on 1 e luoiiiaiil. and
a se,. anvhur baatll) eonatructed aa aoon
as 11 wa. dlacoverad thai th halm was
11-, 1. s it., kit. flared up into tne kv
at regular Intervale, in the fatal hope
that -1 i.i tt.. attract the attention
of another veaael she ooutd follow the
tlleabled Klrdnr and Mnder help whin
ih weather moderated
When tin oaptgiu aacertalnad t .a' no
waler was being ehlppodi the damage
being wholly ealernal, Ihe nollialon doora
wen- opened and the paneengcra ad-
"I can't imagine what's the matter with me, doctor, I'm continually
thinking about myaalfl"
"Tut, tut! You must ttop worrying over trifles!"
m ""' la 1 .. -aloon. a brilllnill palace,
superidy IndllTerenl to tne wrcb and
ruin without
I ipt Roaa hlmMM omm down and
ndli.r ., f.. . lairortlng words tt
lha aulel men and pallid women gain-
led (here. II. Mid litem exsetly Wnai
had happened,
Sl ' n Toaer. MK-poeeeaaod and
Critical, asked a ajuaitlop,
Tne juak is deotroyad, I auumi?" be
"It Is. "
Would It not ',nis h.en better to
hnv.. alrOi k her end on ."'
' l " I' In Hi r. out ta.it 1. not the
"a w,. ai 1 uke If we en ountered
a veaael relatl ely as big aa the Mlrdar
aa 10 t ,, ,.,f .: lunate J ink. 1
B It," pi 1 :.t. I 1 ,,. Uwyer. "what
w. Uld ba ... SOP ti e result?"
"Von Would ...v.- have known that
th Incident pad happened, sir John."
In other a irda, the poor despairing
I'hlnamen, ollngtng t-. tie r Httla craft
win, some 1 tit r eaeape, would b.-
guletti nsunderad t" MM our eonvan
louoo 1
II was Iris's clear vole that MUkg
oul tin- downright egpoiritaag of lag
'acta s .1 hnoti hla head;
. 1-i-d the dts. 11. s on no farther.
" hours paaaed in tedious misery nf
' ' ' 'an 1: - It, 1:1 ei , ,tn wae
eagei la . rnpee of the unknown
Ian ors without from the iok. Thie
oul of th- gajegtlon, so people aat
around the tablae to listen eaa-srly to
Kape I nil his wise saws on drill
ing sli.p in. I their piospeita.
S . lutloua persons visllisl their
'..hill- t 1 1 1 1 1 1 llileS '.II .IIS Of
further dleaaler. a few haidy rplrtta
returned lo i-.'
M anwhlle, in tha chart houae, the
captain and chief oflloof were gravely
pon.i. ing over an opea chert and iie
euealn 1 fresh riv tint loomed onil
nouary ..-fore them The ship was a long
wa . oil ..r tier usual eo n e sfhag the
ao .b ut happened, She was drifting
now, they estimated, eleven knota an
hour, with wind, sen and current Mil
forelnn her in the name direction, drift-
Ing I'll., one of the most dangeroua
Pln.es in the known world, the south
t'hlna Sea. with lis numberless reafs,
iboala and Isolated rOcke, and the great
Island of Borneo stretching rUlit acrooa
the path "f ihe cyclone.
Still there was nothing to he dOtw
save to make ,1 few unobtrusive prep
0 rations and trust lo Idle ehS'le. To
att' upt to an. h" and rule out the gale
In Ihelr preaent position wa u K of the
quest Ion.
Two, three, four .. . lock came, and
Went Another half-hour would witness
tin- dawn and a further clearing f Ihe
an hi 'ihe barometer wag rapidly
rlaliiK I'he centre of Ihe cyclone had
... d far ahead There wai only let!
r , aflermal 1 ..f heavy sen and furious
nut steadier wind.
1 'apt. Roaa entered the iharthouae
for Uie IWtffrtlOtk tune.
lie bad aged iiu.ll .ears In atapcur-
anct Tie amil ng, oonQdent, di-honnjr
offlcei waa chanaed into a strU'kea,
mournful man lie b.1,1 altered with baa
- 1 . The sir.iar and her musier could
hardly be ra gnlaed, so cruel were the
1. low- they had received.
"li - , 11 :.. se.. ., ygyd ialteag."
he onflded 1 . da second in eoinmand.
"I have nevei been i ankloua ravfore
in mi life Thank a rd Iba night la
1 awing 10 a her ha pa, when day
breaks" .
II .41 .I- on . nod a prayer and
a b..pe. liven aa he apoka rhe ahlp
seemed to fi h raelf bodily -vitli an
unua il effori . 1 a , esMl inovlcjg he
fore the v. oul '
Th,- neai . letant there wa- a korrihefl
grinding crmak forward, Maek tteosou
w' .o del 1. i ebon to he Ii ld!ng faat
t an 'ih .1 was thrown violently
do.' 11 The .'.ri was tilted 10 a daai-
1: la angle .11.1 remained there, ahilat
ii... beav) ..it, Ing of in eea, now rag
ing afreoh at ic s unlookedfor reels-
t drowned tae dais paring yeOe
rai4,4,i by the laaaearg on duty.
Tin- Sirdar had umpleted her laat
i.o... Mhe Waa row a battered wrwck
011 a bar . !' S; . hung th'ie foa
one heart a. iking recond. Taein aii
utliei wave, rldjina i. lu.np tantly through
its f. .1 a - aaug 11 ihe tireat medjgsw in
it tremenaluua a reap, carried her on
wnd for half her length and simueied
lent doau mi the rucba Her nark was
broker She parted In two halves.
Hoi tlona turned cornplateig over
in th,- uttei wnntonnaaa of destruction,
aid everything casts Millie's, boats,
hull, with every living soul on laoand -a
a' "' Vita! il ed iii a nuielstrom
01 rushing ... ami farflung spray.
(To 11. 1' milliard I
n S
By J. K. B
r y a

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