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Suing Millionaire for Divorce,
Her Creditors Must Wait
for Her Alimony.
T.tlfylng lfor nfrs Mnrgrn
(' In a ult broiiafit i t Mr
Atilo i It. Hlshot. tn OaUtel 12.24 72 on
a Judgment, IIM society omn, who
teaks to Ml MM her millionaire hus
band. J '-"t" c am ll de
clared to-dav Dint for III month prior
la Fob. 1. I'll. h :.! "hardly flv
cent and M aroei rlea." The riK
arlet of Uf. h' snore, artre fiirnlahed
to her nil hrr children by iMf lna-yer
Home of hrr )e rla. she naid, are pl.-lgel
In an "ordinary nawnahop." and othera
with Max tvhnelger of No. 70 Maiden
l.sne, aa arc u rt I for a losn of K,ikii. A
man namcl Hanson hnlda the pawn
t oaete
I'ntll Feb. II. lsl.. Mr ttlshnp aworr
ah ii.nl sirounte with th. Ouaranty
Truat t'ompany, the Fifth Avenue Truat
t'mnriany nnil Mm Itobtm Firry Hunk.
(Shllgntlon loi.k nit hrr saving ami lO"
day alir ItM prnl.al.lv tn . Oner, ahr
naitl. hrr hunbaml gave In r stork valued
at tl.OOl, hut ahr nrer null. I Irarn th
name ft tlir ari-iirltk'a It aoundr.l mint
thlim IS U. Uuan ijualo ." Sh. laughlng
N told th.- rtferot how hr itot Un.no
worth nf securities nwtiy frmn It r hut
btntl's firm. Ilidnionil A t'o.. thr day
the part. I frmn Mr lllahnp. The hankrr
had forgotten, ahr said, about thr st
cuiltlra. "I remembered Hint thy wrrr tlirrr
and I got thrrr botofg lir did and drrw
out thr fund mid pl.iri d thr money with
a Fifth Hvrnur banking .oiicern," aha
aid. Thr nut) represented a niortg.igc
on a farm owned lit t'roton Lake, given
to hrr by her h unhand The money waa
needed to run hrr home.
All r-r creditor, "ha teitlfled. are
waiting to rolU- t from her when eh
(eta her alimony. Hh ha brm award
ad 120,000 a yrar by Huprrmn Court
.lattice IlrndrU'k. Hlnr ahe and her
limb ml drifted apart, after which ha
told her that h would "wipe hrr out"
of everything ahe 'had, aha wor. aha
hat frit the plnrh of povtrly ao acutely,
aba declared, that a: waa neceaiary to
borrow IS from a Mr John, whom r)e
owe altogether 'M "r huahand. h
aid, had paid thr esprnee of running
the Bishop nouae until the flrat uf th
The suit waa to recover for automobile
uppilre furnlahrd to Mr. Hlahop alnca
alia gad per huiband parted.
rVlne on thr Htock Rtchant iipcnrd
witr in mm m nan 10 a iMiini nener in
tho njra a.'tlve tock. Foreign buying
waa lararc In thr ('.inner anil V.Hm iva
probably to .. near approach to the
Settlement of thr Ilalkan trouble. Out-of-town
buying wax aJi yrry good.
Vigor. in. buying appeared In many of
4ha laeuee In thr aflerniiini, wlil.'h
twitted prices tu advance tw.i to three
I'mon I'aclll,. Heading and Ainalaw
. mated t'opprr wrrr thr leaden. Tht
aloatng wwa itatl ami atrung.
Tke loalna laaolnllone.
The fatliialua sere the 1,1., eat ,,. ,,
Uat price U aloka t..r l...li tad t nrl
tbaaaai. ivanrd aiUi aaiunlai'a rl.iaiiui
i.t s
Ill i
as B
I. '14',
I Mi
I os v
I ltl
I AM',
101 s
74 $
.VI 't
true a
tvbarTStt .'
laat Cham
si B
18 u
1 :.'!'.
f if
: li
Aawfaa at.
Am !
lal t4
Sik. rrf
1 H.
later Met if. . . .
Uhla-h t after
!-lt A Naah
Me . Kan Tei
SL racifi. .
Katt. m Wrat . . .
N. T Caotral ...
Nr. Pa.ffi ..
Itx 1 XVei
unci. Tic.
Sajtb. Hi
raa Cupper
Third Aa
ta; Par
t'. Par. hi
H . .Heel
r. k meal It....
t'tak UHitr
wet Life to This
Consunptioo Remedy
It : baynnil human .,,., , prfrm
m iarlea Ilia makera nl JC kman Allar
attya. a. remeAy lor ' onaumotlon. ,1,1 not
claim thai It win real,. avrrv ,i,a i ,,r.
rati health, hut au inanv hate voluntarily
tattiriad It i..j ,i,.ir uvea that all who
have tide drrad Ulaaaae ahnuht Iniralliale
aad try It. It ahuuld Hop the nlnht , ... .1.
reduce fever. 1 .... appaiitn and in er
maay 1 i. Ufa. Hrad hai it
aucumpilahait in tkla eat:
Catherine Ate anil Aamt I'Uoe
..- Wuaan'a Court I. '
"Oantlemen: In in . ., UUM . ,
taken w th a 1.,... . . . .1 ....1 . ?. ' .. "!
aad went in tew-rai dni inra. inriudlna a I
aperlallat. Their iiia.llrinea railed. I then I
nl to the Ctakllla. Iml Ihr . uuah ami
kept up. I alayad tlirre rear and then I
weal on a farm near Jereey o.ty. a ,rv
Jell man
'Qty brother than recommended t;k
raan'e AJtareilii- to ma very hlahly At
flrat 1 would not ronaeiil to ua It iiai,e
ta the i. 1 that J ha.l taken ao man" I
medlrlnea without helnir helped in any '
way, but finally I . ..naenled. Ii ia nun
nearly two yeara aim a I Ural tnok It. I !
am new euied and I dare auv that 1 would .
htv been hurled lonar uro It It l,.,d n.,t 1
been for Ei niliin Alterative I ah 10 1
nana vou lor 111a ki.iinii.i 1.1 me. w har
mr 1 ao 1 hlithiv
' 1
ra oiiiilletid Hi Altars-
li: c as I cna uiv ll'a
Itworn Affldailli JOrt. J. Till iKRCIl Kn
Kckuittn' Alteratlv It sffecUV in IJron
chltla. Asthma. Hay Vevar Tin mi i and
f un Trouble, and In up'.ullitlns th aa
tm. Uoaa tint contain p.. la. .ii. opiai or
Ml loriii.tia urusa. ro. aala bi al
niarr ntl' iimil I" us rune.
lid uthar
laadlnl drucxiala. A' for bonkhl telling
at ri ev,rlaa. and write to I. Win. an l.ai.
erjny 4'bildiphi. I'., tvr tddltltatl
oUlB 1111
uaBBettw. .
a- ! !
Am. T. T. K
Aaaxntita Mlnliif
A.. T. . K...
Owa). m 1 nn.. . . .
cTTi. a m. f ...
Ud ft Irua.
Oeaael, Uu
Cam t-red. Co. . . .
Cri ....
Sleep Eight Hours a Day, Rise With a Laugh
'Four Prime Requisites
for a Century of Youth
Are Cleanliness, E xer
otic, Diet and Sloop,
and Purity of Mind It
at Important as a Daily
Bath," She Declare:
'Lack of the Right Kind of
Sleep Caueee Mental
Friction and Premature
Aging Wake Up Laughing-
A Cheerful Mind
Is Eeeen tial to a Healthy
Body Get Married.
Marguerite Mooert Marnhall.
"And thr year treal on, at th yrar
muef do;
Bui our 0reot Kitao inoe nfwiay wr'
t'rtth und hloomtwa aiw Monde imd filer,
WIIA nare epea and urilK aurralo hnir ;
dnrt nil thr oik, at torp ram or ItttM,
Offrrrd her prutee lo hnr Aeart't ion
fenf." And though one doubt if Kipling had
aver heard of Ulllan Kuaaell when h
wrote thl dedlratkm to hla tala of
"Vrnu Annndomlnl," ehr might ao well
have been lit. heroin-. Who else but a
lren In verpetun would rver dare to
fare hrr publli- of a quarter renlury and
blandly rtplaln how to be young though
a 1 rnlenarlan ' That'a what Mlaa llua
el I doing lo-nlght. A great Frenrh
beauty Iwaated ot a prnpoaal at the Mr
of ninety, but the fair Ulllan will not
bo ..,ntr,it Wt,, ,. ,., , eatra
derade of aupremary.
And If I know anything about th
power of lahel hrr rule will laat a good
bit longer, rvrn If It doean't round out
a century. The dratrlptlon of her double
In the "Plain Tale" lit liar aa It flu
evwry nthur woman with a man-made
reputation ftar (wveHnaaa. "Hrt waa aa
Immutabl thr Hllla," w are toM.
"But not quite to graan Baaktaa faaT
pttuaj youth, aha had dlaeoverad, men
tald, the accrat of perpetual health, anl
her famo apread about th land. From
a mere woman aha grew tu be an lntl
tutlon, In to much that no young man
11 hi 1.1 ba laid to be properly formed who
had not at aomt time or other wor
ahlpped at the atirlne of th Venut
"Thar waa bo oaa uha har,
thotat tkera ware aaamy taaita-
Whirh tingle tentenre, Drrmdway muat
admit, tumt up Mlaa Huaatll prttty well.
"And you are really going to tell ua
how you do It?" t aaked Incredulouaiy.
"Yea. I'm going to talk about mytelf
for two hour," aha ronfeattd. "It
ound dreadful, dcran't It'"'
I bman a polite murmur, but Ml
Ruell didn't wait for It. Hhn conduct
an Interview In the maaterly fathlon
that brtokm lung practice.
"but. you aer, In twenty yeara I've
bad the doctor only once," ahe eit
plalnrd. "And I've rnjoyed my lite, too;
takru rril idraaure In about everything
that came almiK. Now when I waa on
thr lai(t' I knew ever o many girl
who were either III or unhappy or both.
And aim thru I've had letter, thuu
and of thrtn. from women who felt
Hint their live wrre bring npolled. And
It art-med tn mr thnt I might help three
pruple Jutt limply by telling tham about
"Hut hav you really a reelp for liv
ing 100 year" I aka-d.
"It ahomM ail Ut to ba 100 If
wa would oaiy avoid frteUoa," aha
Baaattd Bp. 'Jaat aa with aa
ohlBM, our lo of vitality, ot
feroa, la daa to tht iiaiilm arap-
ylmff of body ad aalad
arUoamaU. Aad to a lath of
olttp, tht rlfht hlad of atoop, lo dat
tht moot tf oat aoatal aad phya
Ital f rtottoa and thatoforo of our
premature aging.
"Every person ahould sleep rilmly.
dreaiuleialy. for a full eight hourt out
of tht twenty-four. If he doe thl It
means that during one-third of hli life
consclousneas is upendd, In ihort, he
Is not living in th aeni of expending vi
tality. And then we are gtvan a per
fectly si nipir little mathematical problem
If, all-told, the year of such a man'a
llf number 101, then when h eolebrate
hi hundredth birthday he it not really
a day older than ilxty-ilx and two
Ihlrda years. That is thr actual term
at hli active life, and nu one considers
that decrrpltudr."
Mlia llussrll leaned Itack In her chair
smiling und patting thr carpet with hrr
loot Hhe has a very pretty little foot
Indeed, It dorn't need either tradition
or trade mark to vouch for It.
"But 1 know people," I objectej, "wh i
malt flf s"ep eight hour or so and
are yet obvloualy growing old."
"Uhi" exclaimed Miss Itussell, with
nm dramatic lift to her already uic.ie.l
lychiowa, "I hav a picture accompany
.ua my Ircturu which ahowa what i
in. matter with tho. people In hl
lecture 1 am aeen waking up In the
inoi nlng with oh, sucli a croas face! I '
icuk at myself in tin mirror and liud
gaj at the ugllneaa I ire reflected tlmre.
"Ton twust aet oaiy aittp tight
hours, hat you must wake from
aleep with a laugh. That aot
merely auahtl pea ftol youthful
aad happy, hat If poa laugh at
youraelf ao riy la tht dap poa
are aura to gtt ahead of way body
"If you have ilept propr!y .u gflU
r.uturally wak up in a cltcerful moou
And your aleip will be uf the it-frcah- I
Iftgj soil P0U I.. iv Hi light type of
M.nd. In all my teaching I put th
very highest ompiiuai on Mind."
Th ord was cet'ta.uly capitalized,
somehow I had m.ar uaaorinted tht
ieniii Lillian and Mind (apelle .
with i capital M.i Bu w live and
UajU. u7-d rCIMBtfltliy at tba tittil
and Live for 100
t 'n BwBBaS W
gaw waajej BaPVTewi gtrW-iiWK egtwewwaW
f ' gBwk. P r
who would put on the albyl's cloak
he continued:
"1 brllevf that n beautiful and youth
fu: tnlnd I abaolutely eentlal to a
beautiful and healthy tody. A rt-ul'.y
liitelllgrnt pron will want to ba In
good phylcal condition, and will tie
nilble enough to takn euro of hi
body. There are lo many person who
i'o altnnat no thinking. They accept
what I told litem and move through
life like aiitnmntotis Their mental
lugKlaiiuea and ItUDldity is hound lo
r.oW phyalcal rHiiltH
"Thr art four prime rtoliltei
for u oentnry of yoath tad btalth.
They art cUaallaaa, tttrcltt, diet
aad alttp. Ad olwutUaott of mind
It vry bit aa Important a dally
"You ahotild inspect your mind nt lo.iat
once in twenty-four hour and t.till out
una throw awuy nil tin
iicciitnulali .1
dirt, the dut of fm-ln .in I envy and
uncharltuhU-iicss. You should give your,
elf a mental DOM plunic nnd r'.ihdnwn
to keep your thoiiKhts i lrnn and swrrt
ltd iintarnishrd by worry. Then you
will slrcp as you stiould-llk a child."
"And whit tort of tXtrtitt do yoc
rrrommend for long lift und until?"
"Uunding thr body over, front nnd
Id, I excellent. gO Is thr fo'li-po Hid
medlcliir Kill, which tv. WontM oan
toss back and forth. And 1 am very
fund of the punching hag. Km agar
i lse should be modified to suli IndlfldUtl
conditions. I only urge that ut least an
hour a day be devoted to lomt plal 'al
work hurd enough to start thr perspira
tion. Let men and women wulk to tticlr
buslnet ofners, If they are too busy to
dJ anything else
"Boaaawork la dat tatrolat.
crdbbtng, t think, li too hard for
a womta, ba awatplag, bedmaklng,
patting room la Jtdw gtTt tht
main gat training whan doat
"Hi or aht who would live long
should stick to simple food, taken tt
regular times, and avoid aluohol abso
lutely. Three meals daily tire a great
sutneieiiey, and two arc Int'.er than
three. But It wlrer to rat what you
likt, within rraaonuble limits, than 10
be t food faddist und therefore make j
a lot of unnecessary worry for yourself, t
"And get married. If you van tn.irrv I
llir right person. " OOnOlUdtd thr gdy
who - Ma - hart - enough - tgntlidnot'to
know. "It's the natural stulc. onl) l
must be a state of Independence anil not
of tuhjeclkm. Happy tnari l. d peuph: live
lUflg Bit And a for chliuie. I bollovt
thry must mke uvin . ciilen.ii Una
trade With Mouth Interim.
Washington, ilkreh I. At in ol
of thrlr sdmluistratlnn, glgtt Dtpaf t"
meiil oHIclala pollil to thr Increase dur
ing the last four years of trade with
South America from in. , .on.iasj in Ufa) g
to,.i,i',oou in I9i: I
Here's the
ABXQfgT rtmtdr la ont you otn trait and whloh do it
VOIfc wtll. Hot superficial Juat to allow tout uctivlty
hnt eatteltatly thorough to ttrlkt at th cauat and
gtt all la a gtntlt war. Br o .utltti ut tapsrluimta ablt
aeltatlsta haTt compounded a nsw and right rsnteuy waleh
oaa ha dtgtadod upon to rtgnlal your howtlv.
Tea waat It. Ton aed it. Juat try it.
HunycuUuianos Pills
as oBmrs a
Toat ncktt
Years, Sous Lillian Russell
News Oddities
Ltthdtf W. Qrttrt, coopir, of liant Knox, Mr., is an up-to-date descendant
of the finnou DaliUI tSrern. lie Invented nn arroplnnc, took tt to tht loP of h
Ml and got lift. en trienda to "gift 'dm a elart" hy towing it down witn a cod
line, wnlQfl run out Ukf the ItliDI of a kite as the plant rose. The tnaclilno
went up ttVtnty.flVt fert like a rocket. It OMM down tht samo way, and
latandtf lunded In u ten-foot anowbaiil., but broke hla collarb,ine.
Thr It. v. William 1. DubOll of Wi st
"tuoMt forci fill and Insplrliiv; praaonrr
I "'""c of weight alM tin UHtiri s, painter,
kecptr and undertaker. II, fills In hi
Thr St. Barnard which rtPCUtt the hrrolne In a lnrlodr.-.Pia playlnK at Ber-v.-lck,
Pa,, as ttikcn 111 and tin property man substituted a shivering llttln black
and tan In the act. It wa no funny that Otorga Crane couldn't control his
iautihter and win arrrstnl und fined for disturbing tho performance.
Ml. a lUtan It tod Of MlddltlOWn, Conn., claims thr world's record aa a Sun
day s.-liool girl, For twenty-five yea 11 sho ha travelled nbout four nitir eucli
.Sunday tn attend church and hasn't missed n day or bern late in that tlm.
A thief who Hole a watch tnenty -
Uirntd it by parcel p t to the ami
rcirnce, InOUgll n"t of the hair trigger
watch in prttty well worn out anyway
An Uev, fnr"r Lewis Wolfe, "thr marrylnnr pnr.on" nf Wilmington, Del.,
wni tylnu the. knot for a couple from Nnzareth, Pa,, police halted the core
mony and look tile W0UldbtWtdg lo hradntiartrr. There thry proved tnry
wir., not the tloporg from Camden. N. J.. who were "wanted," and after nn
hour wrre RlloWtd lo return to the purionage. where the wedding ceremony
Obdrltg BTttdtbaktr of Washington.
nm nine nn win swinr; circle, taking In Philadelphia
PBilBMO, Chicagn nnd hack home, four
III pounds of luggagg.
K. J. Hriiand. of Uiendale.
ulV lll..iilVia V .... a a
guessed it. The ring waa found In trio
.-. . Kaaeiiinrs iriicninv
rn hotohkm, or c.iiona. OoL,
n mi. iii - . i n inn corn, it it to tiwn.
nine rati Minn itott tn tali, After
mill 11 fr k. in tl
e- .... ...- .... ...... in.!, eilinneil Pellllol
Clinrle.i Snydor, llrotiT 7.i
He took th- chicken to th. sn.ko house to .how to Oil . nV it,. K'a
rattler tt-grod It lo death. Anvl.o. .1. .. . . ' .. . . " "r "- Md a
oo roportcra.
I When Iht lil it
j '! ""; flVI uru ago
I I" UtM ' nte of him.
I ''Ity tw.i aVIPk ago.
Thomas Mlddlttun,
the hoUSekl I ,ier. 11
w ill nt urn t transfer all hi
dual ttm Wi J. lira nil I.
HAUKiail, N, 0.i March (.William
Jtnnlngt Bryan, who spoke htrt last
light t' MS) Ptoplt ln "I'e lee.' iihs ill-
I rod deed hi iv. cr.iin s "the grtatetl
aPOgtla of the Prince of pea... on eurth
tn-day. lite world'., foremost oltlgag und
Right Remedy
-to-datt Drag Store, In handy
frog a, sajutivatr. aew Terk.
.Stockb-id?e. Mn , Is drsctibrd as the
In thr State." lie l.i also iinstmai'ter.
carpenter, farmer, blacksmith, tore-
spare time by lecturing.
sevrn yearn nun In Wllke-Barrce has re-
of the muti l.n fOvbt I. now ili'ad. "Con-
sort, got Into action ut last,
tnd the
Fa., in. ttnrt.d on annlhrr
New VorP.. Albltiy.
thousand miles,
pushing a cart with
L. I.. lost a diamond rlnc wh-le feedlp.-
. . " ' 1 I
i pv ih1 ..
gh.li ken a gixzard.
dinner. Yo i vo
with r'k of doe
treed" a msun'iln
weighs tlii nonnda and am.... ...
lA4inln.i I, r...
. ,,,, wf..-u y-gn
it und twlnu-j its tall.
itt m 1 1 1 1 nl e-i . . i .
...e uvpe tiuudcd out
to the
n rich real
.stall, antra for , ,
Cornell:, rv.i ti'ui.
l'-d..y hfg Mollis learn thry ,,",n'' ,rnml' " 1
ii. is aiwht. . 'n.""v ""- mwrrnd In Atlantic
Pi 8. Mlddleton
property lo his brldt.
hlfhtll eVMinpl,. of real titesmu
jllf the dminant
m)WwF 2 F0R 25 CENT
yyy ' COLLARS.
Why Not Now?
mar, a rttdvox. httKmu. '
III I I I S aattBBSBSaTgtaare-Tgggfga
Fine Remitted and Sugar Fraud j
Convict (iets 30 Days in
Mineola Jail.
President Tft. In addition to oom
nitlng the trnlrnce nf Charle H
llelke. former sret rtary of the Am, fl
aw "una: Iteflnl.'ig Co;np.iny, hat MaWfl
.'tntln-- uctlon In the cmv of Kmeat Get
hracht. former sitprrlntrndent of 'he
llnvrmcyer anl K'der Hugar rtflnerle
at Wltllama'.nirg.
The latter fact only became kn wn
tn-dny. when OtrbfBCllt. who w.i ,.en
tencrd ftept 14. 1910, lo two year' Im
prlanninent nt Atlanta. Oa., and :o nay
it fine of IfajM for PhrtlelputtOfl In th.
Ulldlf WtlfjhllbJ fraud, stirrrn Irrril hltn
irlf to Cnlted Stntea MarahiC llrnk. I
LTftdtr the commutation order (eft.
bttoht'i fine wna retntttr.l and the Jati
term w na rtlliBttl to taint day' In -
cnri r-athin In the Mlnoola (La I.) lal
In the rac of Hrlkr the lall !:n
prlaonmciil. Which waa fixed at e'etht
tnont!i In Hlarkwrir Island P.'nlt n
tlnry. b cut off nnd the tine of V'.ouo
wna all.. wed tn atniid
I pon hi anrrrnder Urrbnicht wa Itn
i ine tlately taken to .Mtnenla to art ve hi
I term llr la reputed to hr wealtliy.
fter their OOllYiOttOn llrlkr and nr
bftChl Hppedleil to thr I'nltr.l ItAIH
Founded 1845
In addition to our large
and elegant stock of
Waters Pianos and
Waters - Autola player
pianos we present the new
Style 85 Chester Piano
Full size, handsome case,
fine tone, all improve
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on payments of only
$5 Per Month
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Style 5 Player-Piano
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Three Stores t
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Harlem Branch (Open Evening!)
254 W. 1 25th St nr. 8th Ave.
i circuit Court of Apnetlt. whi h. on Fab.
r. Ml, affirmed their trmvlctlon. Then
tr cuar wa 1 arrlnl to thr FrderV u
: preime Court, which refued a welt of
j error, and on Jan. ."7. lit ft. denied
' llelke a pirn f IMtlM Ilolmr. In hi
J decision, aiil that the plr. if au-
I talned. would practically mran that te-
linoiiy bf a defendant, even If of a
non-lnorlm.natlng Import, would act at
hleld againit all prosecution.
. t.Ulltm set.. S.MIMooa riaea
mr. TiidW
Hlth Water. f Watr
A.M. I'M AM P.M.
4 It r..l'7 10 .11 10 S7
taftde Hook .
frnremfir'a fatan I
n m m it ta 11.4
Ha.l (rite
1.23 I.H
James McGreery & Co.
34th Street
' i HTnP.nnn '
Silk Sale
Is now being held.
Over One Hundred Thousand Yards of Silks
of Standard Qualities.
On Sale Tuesday, March 4th.
10,000 Yards of All Silk Crinkled
a new assortment of colors.
Special Sale of Pearl and Coral Necklaces
and Solid Gold Jewelry, at greatly reduced
Graduated Pearl Dead Xeeklaees
values l.fl and 3.75 95c und 1.95
Opera length Graduated Pearl Beads with
gold clasps. value 6.50 4o25
Coral Necklaces of white and tinted gradu
ated beads. 325 and 5.75
values 5. 50 and 8.75
Solid Gold Bur Pins aud Brooches, set with
colored stones and pearls. 395
value t. 00 to 8.00
La Yallieres, Loekets, Cuff Links. Kings, Bur
Pins, Brooches and Scarf Pins. 6.95 und 975
values 10.00 and 15.00
Imported and Domestic Ribbons in all
the newest weaves and popular widths, at
attractive prices.
Extra quality Self Color Fancy Ribbon in
Pink, Blue, Muize, Nile Green, Lilac and White.
inch sash and 4?4 inch hair bow ribbon to
match. values 35c and 50c. 23c and 35c yd.
Sg inch and J'2 inch Fancy Ribbon in a
variety of weaves and designs; light and dark
colors. values 40c and 60c, 23c and 35c yd.
Many new models for every type of figure,
designed to meet the requirements for the prevail
ing mode of dress. The choicest materials are
used in the construction of these corsets.
Prices range from 3.00 to 2500
Unusually Low Prices.
Mandruka form Sponges
Rubber Bath Sprays
Rubber Water Bags, guaranteed. White or Red;
1 quart size ...... 50c and 75c
values 75c aad 1.00
Rubber Gloves in assorted sizes value 50c, 39c
White Castile Soap, large bars 35c bar
Palm Olive Soap value 1.20. 95c doz. cakes
Physicians' and Surgeons' Soap
value 95c. 75c doz. cakes
Cold Cream, in large flat cans 25c can
Talcum Powder, bath size 20c
Imported and Domestic Bath Salts, assorted
odors. 25c to 95c bottle
Java Faee Powder, assorted colors.,.21c box
Violet Ammonia 12c and 20c bottle
values 15c and 25c
34th Street
II Mike Uttil UiflfJ-efM Willi Vo.
Check Receding Gums
A ItemarkeMa Meallaa Agent and
A Perfert Iraatlfrlr In Owa Tube.
Ton little ear U taken of th tt'.l. A
raajotlty tl a.lulU r mote or teas aflnrted with
oft tuna.
We abould tiaa our teetit etawiaed aad w!
aeery au ath. Wa alnnld thrnnnfhlj uewiti
nnr mmitha an I teeth after easb anal, before
break! tat and before retiring.
Tin' fa. ta a'lejwetrd to Irr. n J. FetTaaa, et
Nt York, tho tdaa of eapertaieaung for anjaletl
hnw ruratiie aaeut. lie aniaeded. HU piMaet.
called tB. roRHAh" llaVNTAL Mj'J
eiM1u-ln lemarkablt reeulta. It la rareaeaaeadad
by itary fientlat familiar nltli It Baatta.
A rour druab.t for a Scent tnh. Trr It.
and If net mttatled out money will be eneenaliy
23rd Street
Crepe in
65c yd.
value 1.25,
value l.oo.
23rd Street
fitim-A dyojM

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