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!i It I the etait weto i Pre-sldeM-a
aot. Mi. Wlleon. thalr daughter. IB
v Maraarnt, Kleanor and Jla.
and the MO Princeton etudents wiie
tad h ppwlai ascirt.
Am tha train starlad from Princeton
i:,e PreeldaMit-elect mood on the plat
form d tho l.iat of th fourteen run.
- k it 1 , hand he lnoknd down on
I MmW handkerchiefs on 1
bennefB. Tim atnll" on till line vaniehod
',. train gained headway. Ill Hj
urn moving. Tn M hie feat
MH . nil joining In tho arlneloa of th
SUeSe. anthem:
llrf arm st.a't ate.
VM,r I V, at. i.l IM
Ihrea nlinri Im ial Nassau
MUVtS aitfVAT. i -l
A MM train moved naray Pr1ncetin
... ' In Ml Ht-andlna- unroeenrd, Ml
lit hit waring rtivthneeuallir o the
mi u of tha oris'.
Mia. Wllaon MM th Mtsaeaa Wilson.
gegtlMd on tho iiliitform, waved I heir
i itidkerchlafe nnd , Imruaed their fare
well! with teaie aliatenlng In UMaT
a. Th tnaaa uf tlia Inwnepeople
1 yond tlia track! naed '..earing and
atood intly listening while me aid
.lenta flntah- 4 Um lit tMIWM
Ix'tig tufnrn lha Itour eat for Mr.
WIHlait'l daparlnr.i llinoat.iii at.idente
ra trmtdn from tlia can. pus tbruimh
Itlatr Arch tu th" at.tlon. The
. tnblad, nearly a thousand atronf
thoaa departing and those remslnlng
linhlnd around UM long ilne of ateel
r. The inwiiauian war there la
arnealer numbers.
.1 i at before 'm fha WOMB oottsge
tha Prnstdent -elect and Mra. Wllaon
.-nt to the hmna,,f Mia. Anna lllnkatta.
. i II. t d.-r neigh . !"' I u "J
lUuM not go to tha hoiiaa tu ajy giKwIhy
Then mil entered Us. uUtn! und tlia m uch
In tlia i wna l.eerun.
Hn routa fluldnim from tlia p lie
SS iooI wen-nuvsil n tie" orrers. wav
ing Ainerlrsui f.usts and cheering elirllly.
tha Preallesit-ctjei t and Ma fuinllv r
i. n U.I by wavlnff IkMf hamlkwlilafi,
Ml '! Mitlra trtp waa a ral uvatlun.
At tha atathm no att-iiqt a mada
It iMaf MM rn'd hank and Dm lri al-
l.'iit c I.-, i uid Mra Wllaon lu ld a briar
.andalmklnaT lovt-a bafura thi-y a,' -rad
ihalr car. Aftar antrrlng tha ar Mr.
Wllaon poaad on tha plntform for th
iholitn .u.liora.
Than tha aavrral hundrad atndanta
a ho -re nut olnc to tnaka tha trip
aiiilid In front of tha train mid, lad by
UM riilaj I'haar Irwlrra, mir UM nrl
OUi iinlvaralty rhaara. wtndln up wltli a
Ugar ! I t' hi broutrht from Uia lTial- T
ilrnt-i b i t thr aMaVHaMMI
Mr. at .lii . rh..: 1 wlxlt that I cojI
Am a c n i a MMMF In roaponae."
Mi .mil .Mra. Wllaon w.-ra ratly
:uvil by tho warmth of lha ' in nd-nft '
v lhair homr fulKa. Thay rainalnad at
'.r r:tr dnur in Juiik m auiy one wiu In
ht. .mil than I'xik Inrlr aaata, thalr
ii-ra i rlnua jnil thi-tr ayaa lawr flllad.
A Man I, fur two mlaalnc citpa. led by
r. WlMMV flnall ctillvriiad lha party,
ht a'rlpa ware fuuud on tha platform,
nd lhaii the Praaldrm-alact and Ida
uuilK 'wint vlaltlnc" with thalr Mil
I ni i rurt
Jual bofnrc the lialn reauhei! I'hlla
drlp'iln the I'raiildent-alart mala
nrrriiat of tha waai:iir fur lha Inau
i ui ut lull. ? Tlia MUtTM Ian u of hla
iMf alrup, wtili li he ralla 'an Infalll
r barometer." waa quite limp to-day.
Ii i anall y ll at Iff when rojn or In
i lament weuthrr la In altfht, ha told
ha rurrrapondeiit wvien he :--.. 1 1 . l
Mr. WlUon outlined hla plana fni
tn-nliflit. aylng ha wmuld DMaM u brli f
i all m t'reelilent Tart wlUi Mia. Wll-
iiiii. but did not axHKt to aee any
uffl ial folk, llneldaa thr family din
mk, Mr Wllaon aald In would an tu
the I'rlmetuii amokai, rellriiiK Ilium -
neirly after, aa tm h.ul no ot'iar an
Mr Wllaon aald Ida Cabinet waa "pro.
i-ii mall) coniplaled "
' Oor doi-an't know atioul ihoaa iiur.:-
iinlft the lael minute." ir aald. Ila In.
tiinatiil that ha a. aa not aurv ua to all
aareptanooi yet.
Mr Wllaon Waa not aura whan hr
eMUM ariid Iho MMMS of hla I'ulilnal in
ilia IMMM ll' did nut know wliellu-r
I would be to-morrow or Wedlieeday
.ut i-xparttMi to deoMi on reajdUtiM
Vaehlurtun aa auon u hr alainad thy
I.IMI fur SMVMallll the Semite eftir
i luaugureilun
Tin' l'i raldont nh-i't npokti rlltllil-.l.iMll-i
ally u! the farcMfll ut J'rlu. eton.
"TluTr wiih not u fade In Ihul efOWd,"
e Mld "tluit will tun f.t ml 1 lit In me
.'.ii ni' old frumda were there, of Douree
I can In pardiitunl im a I'rlinetiin n an
,or Iwlli.ylnir Ihni 'i lid Naiuiu' la the
mat affai llne odleKa ten 1 kinm And
i waa pdftMUMMy di'llchtful lu lute
I autiK Iti fat i-wolt "
Mra Annie W. II. .we, alater of tha
'mWlint MsMi and OM. Thttwsd Hi
I il'cli. aldf to Mr. Wllaun ua UuvettMtf
. f New Jersey, julni'd thi parly at Wrat
I hlla.l. liihia.
WABHINOTOM, Man-h l.-Twn hun
ted and lllly thouaillid people ppllre
to l ie national MPlUU M Sflf a bete.
. ua ni'iaa of yialtnra, mllltlani. n
rigulain, inarching cluba and auffra-
Si Ilea.
N'utu'ilea came on nary train, b it the
It) .mailed the arrival of Ihe man In
jinn tumor all UM deopreUonii all the I
been and Ml UM ceremony waa ut--.me.
il -tin J'leaidetit-ele. t. lie waa
I hedUled. tn arrive ut 1,41 thla afternoon.
: ,i a.itillnary jiollce preparatiotia a cre
iMM o (uaid blM. The DMM SMUM'I
bilge 1 11.11114 were Jammed with a inum- el
uinai.. I y- 'MIMfl ui riviug and vlaltore
.ni rtlltltflll hu linthrrrd tu wet. h
t .a irlumpkst ibtry inM W Mb In Eton of
Mie new FreeideaC
At t I'apitul where near) BefMtOri
M l(eiiaientui.vi ..main!. led early tj
iirMthMa out IdgutsMvi leiMflee and
rciiipl lii tlulali the hualneaa of hi
MMlee, now near lta elQlSi IhOMIMMl
I IMMfl I'logleJ the alli rlea and IDI -
I 'dura.
ii ihi Wbite Hash PwHewi Teft
hud a buy day atrlvlne In "put Ml
hinaM In order" for Ihe now BSMUltve
M idredl f utllcili rami lu bid him
a 'odby atij t i-tfd The laet tilt of
Danced Barefoot
as Suffragist
parkin up and the laat tmirh of houae-
eJi-aniiiat fur the new OPOUpantl uf the
White Mbuae were ilniie.
At the Khureham II. del the Wllam
relallvea awaited lha coiiilna uf their
It Hum lain There were MMrty a r.ore of
them, and tn-ulvhl the l'i enhlent-elart
wlM he their lUell at a family .llnnrr.
Vlre-I'roal.l iit-alaet IlKrabSlli at Ihe
lame hotel took hla Mil ll look at the Ax
book of rulen uf the Senate, and waa
reaaly In alt In the Vln I'lcslilcntla!
chair to-morrow at IHMM He end Wll
ami will have u brief MferMMe thla
Major .lien. Wind, liinit inurvhul of
the luuuKural jiai.ule. ceiled Ml Mated
lulu a rlnal conference to-duv. m iiitilini
out the laal iWtaila o what will lie the
blggeat lllllUKlll lll luilleun1 III Ihe hl-t.it
u: WaahlliKl'in Mule III. in half of the
mil nh ..re united tu-diiv und to-nlKht
all but a very fe a, II he hen. Their
uuurtere in the city had been arriiniied
and the men wero dUIHbUted In public
halla. the cirrldnra .TT publle hnlldmira,
harrui ka and ImlcU VleepiOf epdc fur
I.. ulKhl waa at u pi cinliitn long Ucfnie
u.iou tu. day.
Many paid inortnoui prloei fur a rol
in a hotel corridor or permlailan to aleep
mi lejMee in bMetnenti Hut Uteee,mlvg
plril reigned everywhere The polloi
had uipi iMiiuiy iiuit. iroubU control
ling the erowdi Uvarybodi took gtnMI
SldOdfrtfutM n I netll redly, Moat of
tha urreelK were M amuk UtleVadi of
whom a ainall aim. g hue
PeteeUvea from Ml Ihe big ciiiaa
men who khoe tin raemed' amllerlaa be
heart uaalatad loml i.laln elOthM man
m nahhitiK evert iMplrlotii rhwrgjuier,
A huidc ui fakei wllh eers j.
ceHahie auii of noleemeblni Sevioei .n
augural budge, eoiivenlre. benner ml
kill. hKI.IH K i callc.l a go .1. Ii hai l est III
the cruwilg.
Evea th. Supreme iJourl of the United!
Hlatua canghl In Wllaon fever and
tii'oki a prn e ifti t tn-iluy
The JuMleil ile. i. Ie. to Hear ebull
atijia at the In.iuisural I in Alwava be
fo'e klnce Qatorge WbehlMBOM look the
U.I II. nf office - tin hHVe Muo4 With hate
heatdg during the leeeHhi ai .eie.
'VN'hat'a Utl UM "I our ewtohhtg mir
death., of .'old 'unt beveuei i has been
the cuatoui In 1 1 t of ii e, ' la ulli'Med to
Mtvi been ihi uvumeni ihst buMed the
It I 4a heeii ii -nattei ol 'ecord tn.it
One ir more juallcea have died Indi
rectly aa a rOOUlt ol Htaudina uneOVt red
whi.e ihi I'reeldent took the oath. The
aknll i-upa were ordei ! to b
nil. and htii .1 "Hi I'liiah, a.
I i In
Worm. The Jual i
.ner.'oata under the
a Hi wear heevj
judicial robea.
Appearance Greatly Improved by
:!ie Cutting u ,t nt
t r.c
PP.INCBTON Mareb I Whlli Preel.
dent-elect Wllaon waa waiting to . lay
foi hla Irani to stall for IVgghtnglQII
the crowd at the elation tintlcj tint
the Urge mule .eret of re ,,n the centra
nf ins forehead had uom rewi ed.
his appearan e wag greatly improvt
Id by the euttlng away of tha ills
tlvui anient.
hwltt 1 uiunant's savlea al eeh Heel la
aaw Vara flit I r the aral tndiui Ultarat),
UarvU 1, siaiaassl II. JO tsMa law iv-u.j. -a.j.t.
A m 0 h t
1 fakx rm
f TT 4 if . i
:fc v .11 t
mW 3MPa aaafl BBBaV HaH K
I MW Sit b
on Treasury Steps
Parade Passed
Railroad Detective Said
'ut ccident Victim's
Lite in Peril.
Aucuaatloni MBOtrnlntl Hie n. tli ltlea
or deleotlvee in the impeu) of the New
iforb LVnttal an-l IIii Niiii UUer ll.tllroad
Were tnade by Stephen i rlaUUerln, Mtor-
in s for BlUM Adata, llgteen yean old, at
the on iiiiik lu the Htipn me i ill ri o-ilay
in Ihe laiy'a auil lor miJ.ii from the rall-
rtHad compeny, Tin- lawyer"! remark!
, aimed the OPPOllMI ""tl.-el 10 IMilleat
th at In ta ettemptlral lo TOMte the Jury
ihIi.v. iii, rellroad, fhroudti lie dttec
llveii bed gone a., far j lo ettempt ihe
h'i ui' Addla
Vottni a idle Mel both Mi lexa aver
tu yegn nun ai rlihhlll LinluiH b)
in ni ihrowni in- rlMm from a moving
(rein b empoyeeeof the rellroavd while
be WM lleglinit a i Ida. The ruilioad -ten
ia Ihe a Ideal Wg! .an-e.1 by the
ho) glteinpUitd i" board the tralp while
It waa in motion
Allurnel iiui.iwin declared that
practically from the day of the .011
dent tin railroad baa employed a ai
tectlve aaenry In an effort t" break
tfoWM tin- hoi e caee He Mid Hint
cen HOW ihe lad'l father, ttlni lull
ga guardian. Ii atranded m 1 ion
through ihe wile of one. lohn Walter,
,11 I HIM' 01 lie 11. again ..
w.iitet woymed bli sy IpIo Ihe
.l Ua lioUKehnld a I litter the ami
.a 1,1. aald Mi Baldwin, by P
bit ureal in iitgeone, ul Whl
addli li
, incur n pretendlntt eympath)
uiih the Imy'a ainictlon Waiter became
a , impanlon ul Ihe boy, inking blm on
putlnga nine, aaltl the lawyer, he
und to gel the bo) to no gwlmnilng,
at Iturkaway,
It waa ill thla pollll thai t ie rgdtroad'l
altorneya aaked Judtlca Am. mi in de
dare a mle trial and dtieuarYe the uri
on the ground thai Habjwlll mm DOl
aonlng the 1 in'a inlud with a bethrf tin
I rMlroad irled to drown yotms 4ddbi
of! throttl Ua aunt
I Ml" rfglOWIII BalM inai iioiina it . i".i
I m Voahere the bo wai given Uquor
I tie anal ii. ail returned home deatbli
I U and do. tula a.ud
bnoehoot d rope
d bet n gi ,
When iiu' rioted stutra Ctrvull Court
an-, a'... llherl .1 .ear ggu and it! lunc-
Hons 1 ikt n ovei b me llultad Stale!
liigti .t t'uurt, ihe 1 itte' tribunal round
III ilendars clogged allh liMB sesd
rgees i" wbJeh no mow hud bee., mgdi
by tin attorneys in more than a decade,
To .in away th ihls mai uf detune)
litigation Judge Moll has had u special
calendar ul then caeee prepared
This morning 1 ailed hail ol that
ralendgf and Stsmlaaed IN of ihe caeee
without ousts or prejudice to Mtber
parte" Judge lloll all COntlnUI 10
. ail ihli ealendai throughout tins week
until ail of tin 1, DM 'asc ikic bees
. leai ul a ay. .
V ' T
$1 00,000 SUI
Pennsylvania ind Jersey Cen
I tral Ro.uis Send Out Scores
of Special Trains.
1 ,500 Tamnunyite on
i" :i
dab and Twice Thai Nmn
Ivr on Regular Trains.
The b slant blare In Me York tn-ilay
waa the iemitylvari!a Station, from
wh'ah nn jlar trama, r.iiiinnl 'n ae -tljria.
and apec;al tralm were ahnt
throiiKl. the lube and out Into tha Jer-a.-y
mi-adiivya. Waahlna tnn-no .nu. like
balla down a Imwllnc a. lay li.r!nK a I
nwift game. Although the Wf k
1 T
itahw.ty proved a ggTeTi handicap l'i
Ihe hamlllng of traffl t, preparatiotia ind
been made for Juat a u h an emergency
and the railroad men arrive to It.
The plana foi handling ti :ia of thou
aiiiula of Waniilngton BSS ingefl ,n ad
dition to the regular traflli had been
BOVefed down tn Iba amalleat Horn of
detail, and even a wreck on (he main
i Una wua not allowed lo Interfere with
gohedulo, Kven In the fine of the
poeelblllty of tying up Ions II nee of
tralnu between Newark and RdhWgy,
lha thirty tPeglgtl and the long auccea
elon of regular tralna were aeut out aa
Hieash he line were clear.
Tha 'antral Railroad of New .teraey
In connection with the SaUttMWM nnd
Ohio handled almoat aa many tiaaaen-
ra for Washington na the Penn
lvanla. Peglnnlng at 10 o'clock thla
'iiornlng the Jeraey Central aent (rain
from tha Oimnuuilpitw termlnul na
'."it aa the niorgg in the algnnl ayatem i
i ould be . ten re. I
In addition to the tralna originating
In New York, the Pennsylvania had tu
handle ell UM extra trnltlc from New
BnglSSdi RpMlSl trains from the New
Vurb. New Haven nnd Hartford were
taken ii round the city on barges from
Mutt Haven to Jersey City. It wua
one of these tiial waa wrecked nt
Tammany Hull sent more than MM
men lu aeven apeclule, four over the
I'ennaylvanta and three over tha Balti
more ak Ohio. In addltlun about I, Ml
offlre!iolileri and othera affiliated with
Tiimmany went Aut on regular trains.
Charlie IV Morjhy and Thomua I
Sum i, See ret ui of Tammany Hull,
went to Wushliigton on a regular unln
In advance of I Im hosts of the o. gnnl
MMMS The lit at !prvlal train. carrlng
the Klfth, Seventh, Ninth and Thir
teenth Aaaembly llbjr.rlct organlgatlona.
undur command of frank (loodwin, left
nt I S! o'.rhtck Konr mlnutea lutl r I ,. I
second section, conveying the Fifteenth,
Seventeenth, Klghteeuth and Nlnelecnm
IMstrlct orguiiliatluns, captained by The
MoMuuua, Blurted for Wushliigton
The other two aectlona. carrying the
upper east aide nnd llrnnx dlstrl. '.a and
the new silk hat of William Shannun.
leadsr of the Twentieth Idstrlct, '.eft ut
lour-minute Intanrala, Tha BMUmore
and Ohio specials left between 1 and i
o'elOOki the third train carrying lluyne'n
BIStynlnth Itcglment Band, which Is to
lead the Tammany delegutlun In tret
parude tn-niorruw and a OOttpil of hun
dred TMMtUUiyltM not Identified with
Ihe distil t nrganlsntlniia.
The king! iountv Uemocra y, with a
buffet cur In the Rlldd1 of the trail 0
avoid eatPt 1 nig trips trim e ther end
left at In Sn o'clook. The V linkers crowd.
sat! ttronSi hft Afteen minutes before
Inc BfOOaUynltei MMied. Uueene sen:
a delegallon of uu DMMMrStal und Hu ll-
ntond lent a imMler deleBnUon yes.
Mm ii of the i.iwu TamtnanyltM de
tailed in repreaenl the orgs nine Hon in
the pBrnde tu-morrow either wore or
Cgflled a plug hat Moat of them wore
their huts und carried the frock roati
n i light glnvue thay ure In wear In the
parade In suit eases I lllirles I". Mill - I
phy waa um ol the few who hud a bog j
sM'i'iallV bii.lt tnr a sl.k lint. It wai
carded by Phil DonobUe, Treuaiirer nf
Tammany Hall, Mrtss for the boae'i
balhoi belns one of the dutlei iMer.
talnlns 111 lhal arduoui uftlce,
livery aotlve Tammany worker who
tiussL'ssed the prti of a ticket wus nil
one nr unuther ot the Tammany spe
cials or on a regular train. To recite
the lllltnes Of those WltO Went dOWn In
si ,. Wilson inaugurated would ,. t ,
print a roster 1,1 the u. tual llrgtiSlh of
Tammany Hall as an orsanlaailon,
nu,. of them wsi Qeorge w. Plunkltl,
for many years high In Tumiuuny coun
t Ila. but now uti the retired Ull and
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rec of ennvania Locomotive
In Which Inauguration Special Had Close Call
aal aH9al' H E bBa rB aMataS mmM '
K-:-WH-Kw-i-K-w-:H-:-4-r-K-w:-:- :-H-:-WH-KH-H-H-:-;w-:":-:-::-H:w-XHa
living quietly nt hit home on i'o west
aldi Jul! twenty vcui affo lo-la
I ln ii k 1 1 1 WM lu sole chnrg! ol Ihi "pe
dal trains that .arrled Tamilian; Hall
to the Inauguration of tinner Cleveland,
Pel ice OommlMhmwf Rhlnelander
Waldo and r.rs: Deputy Cotnmbwlon r
li ,'iglaM M K.iy l.-f t . '
for Wuelilhgton. Hurln Co mm lllonif
Waldu'a absence BevMId Pep it. v Commll
aloner Oeorgc B Dougherty, will bg lha
s. Img Oommtsslonei . Th. : th. Ilrst
occajr.on Uiut hu baa a ted 1 . tha'.
Pretty lt.ili.ni (iirl Accuses Halt
bbter of Attempting to Force
Her to Keep li.ir.c.iin.
Pretty Mariano QrgvlnOt elgrhteen years
old, promieed to marry Michael CgttlllS
If he would pay her pass ike here from
Italy. Hut she made the prov.so '.hat if
he didn't like Mlehaol. having never
gegn him, she would tpd uinrry him and
WWttld pay 'ilt'i hack his l'i' The ncgn.
tlatlons aire arrled im tlu"oogh her
1-tIf sister. Mts. JoeePhlae Am in. bvlng
at No. -'"1 I'restori av nue, iii Broni
Tho girl reai bed here fob Jl nnd Went
next day wit i Mi h.iel to tin ChUNh nf
St. pttlllp or Nt-: i. Katber Coodlgo Mid
them they miWI llret afvl a niarrliKe
license, wlilcii they did. Then Marian. i
experienced a obangl of heart and de
clined tu wed. Kor the Beat few days
the girl s half ab ler, w th Whom she
iiv... i, tried tu fort' her into marriage,
she naja. ami ief uncle, Raphaelo M.in
tauna not out a lummona loi Mra
The ftttnlly nnd CMtlllo Ware In the
Morriaanli Police Court to-. lay Mais-
tratl llei'hert tnl. I Mariano that In this
country a Kl'i eould marry Anybody she
'.ma iti.it neither her eleter nor
MIchaM "imt bothi
if she wen annoyed
t her. lie
my more
told he;
to all J
Klalilren-1 ene-IHd I linrlra
Idgelli DnrlM Moldwp
nharlaa Hllol, Um eighteen-!
maeoanser or So. Ml Lawreneg itreet,
Brooklyn, who lured Waller Mlehnor, Ihe
elderly manaser ol the Kullon Market
branch of th PoeUi Telearatih nom-
pany. in'" '',N'' ' 1 "" '" "
over the head end tried to rob him of
plea. led guilty nerore juoge Mn
ln tiie Court of Qeneral Saailoni
lone i" ''i- four! ol General Sa
ints utter n ii' waa remand
I to
ii,.. Tombs for sentence on Mar
h In.
Probation olfloer
In. .king
Hllpl'l ' "' '
aalved and daring.
riuie wni IV II
i.iii Mr mi hne
t .eight Inn
fi' and attiacted th" alien
Him of
rowdi through hit h the tux;
,'iin . as I. u-ii
III. UUlW.lt UP lOgltl
,)u, pity Hall
Nicholas Weftet, eighteen ears old, .f
Nu. m r'l eHnghuyn m avenue, Newark)
v.as committed to Jail In default of IIV
mm bail in Judge Hahn loday mi .
chaigi of seit'tig lire to UoprMe'l Jnn.i
warebouee mi yreltaghuyeen avenue on
Jan. '.II last. Thl damage bl the Mage .n
.o. Lgat hlshl Ihi n a an alarm
nf lire rru il the eami bog and W'ellet
,,as arroeted on u charge of having sent
it. i ha alarm,
Tn,. police say ti e boy then admitted
having lei the tire mi Inn UX lie said
that Uoprele owed him wages and
would tu" pay him.
enough to convince you.
to-day. 10c. 23c and 30c.
litiih Houses in a Maze Over.
rwoBattleship Plan
Inauguration Eve.
VSIIINCTDN. March 3 -With III!
than twenty-four hours to live, the
Siat) -second Consrete tu-duy bund
Itself entangled maze uf conferetii e
reports on many of the big supply bills
which ordinarily must be dlipon i of
btfma lo-iiioiruw 'tion
The progpeol ' I Ihut both House and
Si nate will h,
In continual session until
'hu moment the Innutniral
begin. The baltleaMp Hghl
iremonli t
Willi the
Moum holding out forgtni iblp ami the
Senate InnlMtnS mi two. appears tu be
the ka) lug In the jam. Both lldOl urv
other meaaiirei in conference tu day '
were not einliarrassed by audi serious ;
diinculllea, and while Hie conferee! were
negotiating the Senate and llouai were
practically marking time,
The SenMe raftMed to accept the oona
ferenee agrcomenl on the public build
ings hill ami sent the meaaure baok
im further ooneldiratlon,
Tin- agricultural ipproprlatlon bin, aa
agreed to in the conferen 'e committee
Roots, Barks, Herbs
, Are skilfully combined with other valuable iiigrtiiieiilH in Hood's Isfsspsrllls, :
. mnking it, in our opinion, the strongs! and Mftat. tha most succi ssful, and the I
i'1 ' most widely u-a-fui RwdlellM for tlif Blood, Stomach, Liver and Knneyi. It ,
cuntnms not only Sarsaparilla, but also those Brent Alteratives, Millingm und
HlucKlttgi tboaM grtst Anti-Bilioua and Liver rcnu liics, Mandntka and Dande
lion! those t!r':it Kidney rum dies, Uvu lirsi, JllAlpCf Btrries nnd Ptpilgwjws;
those irreat Stomach Tonics, Qtntisii Hoot and Wild Cberry Btukl und oiharl
valuable rural i ve ltenil.
Hoods Sarsaparilla
Is of wonderful bent lit in cases of Rheumatism, Sciatica, Catarrh, Stomach
! Troublaa Kirinev and Liver Aflectlans. Scrofula, Ec tenia, Skin Diseases,
' Til 1 Wm-i. H-Ha. IT I .11 U.il.n. flaeaaira I f V 1 1 1 1 XI T.rkCK of Aflllft-
oioau roMonii buhi, t'ltan, an ai uliiiuusi uvjoi . aVU.a. j,
tite, That Tired roelini , and other
m i
ianiit sa hiitrr fur .mi nf e Vurk'n My ileimrliiif t ntnre fftllMl "'Ir -
HViASrt7 JZmJrn V Zmi SKm ft - fi u:rr
w lit
latrt.ll.lll Wlliri'H 'MII -ill gisrrie 1. 1 is .m. IWWI f" -
T.t.i ii... iii Matilil rUk nf ift'lliugr liisinirs lun-ti U tu runie dlrei t
l tin in. i it u f Mr I ii r r .
Special lor Monday the 3d
um ni vii mi. tut
dainty eenfeettoa and
i-r,ru Bt
4 10c
Monday's Ottering
aNOMalO Bt-TTM t Ki!r-. beaMha
sit ins realev Ilea th eeevie riaai
talue. 1'iifled rlea Inriiiliia u mettled
It t,i n blsllli ilelu l'iu SKIP in in
etiiiiliarable tuittersi uteb. II
and rraealti bail iml hanl
,m lha teeth. II i- a real
itlK tuhie I. n. u.ii Ion; i' .
U erlsi
nt ul Ml randies Kill In delltered
in aeeead saae I belwiia Ml ami 150
Mites id Sea l."L 1 bl I'urrel Tual bi
aiiiiiiiu ii'.- ataeuata enpnelte in enter
iiaetage mi raadi ami eeatalaeei "'., ,
inne rate, ult utililie'lliilll.
1'irl. Kiia. nrllandl Bgd ISBIS slreel -Inr BM aten ei.leliu until 11 ii'ilini,
All ttlir stnrea iiiall smunlat eianllls illilll II u'lluek.
Cos. West Broadway
Cat. Chuica Street
Park l;" d Nassau St.
At City IUII Park
at Railway
wis htiai'.i accepted m the Senate it
contained the CoisyrieiionaJ free aeni
artproprlatMn which the fenate had ut
ell'., ftll) Whlcb tue Mouse Instated in
Another effort to reach a con
prontMe ot the bsitlMihlp programme
ireultwfl if i.ii.uie .m i the House end
SenaM conlerreee brohe up Mth a eom
plete dlaegreemenl Senators ferhlna,
Penroac and Tillman, und Repreeentg.
tivc pooi inMated upon adhering tn the
tw battleship plan of the Sen ile, while
Repreeefltatlvei Pudfell an.', dregs
wool I not yield iroiw the one ship
lecrelon of t.ie Houee.
I'mind Ii- laaae
James I'.. ley. i
In r.-na a i .
i laborer, of No.
WSI ft 'Und IIP ons loUl i
aw iv of No, III W, t
reel. 11 it'i of his arms I
wet . nt i avenue,
tu-,1 iy In the ar
Thl: ty-sevi ttth s
wen- broken ami be wai evlflentl) iul
rgrlns front internal Injuria u ii be i
lleved that he limped from the third
story window iii an unoccupied apart j
tnml in th.- bulldlntt, r'lhv wus taken
tn Bellevue Mogplti!. When he re-'
gained oonaoloUeneWi he gaVI no explan
ation nf his a t
teed the Nerves
Enrich the Blood
The iild-faabliinril means uf keeiilli! Ir.nia
' and roiiut. t'-T reore Mag am d.
a inter aupiiiy for boms vour ilealer.
Wl, .'.-ii- Iv ill SSlli s". ' '-' 111 Aia j 'i
Ills arising from Impure Wood,
1 1 radesMara
Special lor Tuesday the 4th
hi Millie I imii.ua. t- III. ' etll't
ha hail rhtfii litre. I III
I'OI HO . . . IVV
Tuesday's Ottering
A I. I m im H I i ID - Iminii mi iv. i imi
tth.r.in iinihliiic bill the rinfetl ftislr
pruilui Iw .in iihrtl fni' lit liiurftllfuiM
1 lie re l H iili-ne-iii- u hi lin.nl uf lltlt
ursa. -Hi Ii u X mi- I Illlt lllUtl. "IU-
I i in. fit .. iiihI I'm ii tiiii' n reiMi
a(i(-tg in
-nu 1 1. ii tit ft ink.
nIui lu I'- liuil ir
nu mi HO
-lb. but . .
it-it., has. . . ,
:'.-Ui. i ii . . . .
lib. but
Paital sell
i limit erdeei,
.1 l
.'.-in. but
ll-lb. but
T-lh. baa .
aulh. bua
. Mi
ur rarreeei muti at uni-
Cor. l ulton St.
Bet Beekman Spruce Sts
288 W. 1251k STREET
Just East of 8th Ave.
Build Ip the Body!
Ms. HL. Mas. Mba
Brooklyn Man Nearly Threw
Away Chance of Good
Health by Being Skeptic.
ION Vila, Since It Made llim
Peel, Hat and Sleep
"Worry i anvil hrgelv by the luilure
In blSefil from inunv iliffen nt remedies,
is otic of the peiScipgJ Irouliles of
MTVOUN ileliililv, ' slated one of th.
hynctani eticiiL'eiJ in introducing Ton,.
"One of Hie aWatfced (eatures of Ila
Ionic I am introiliu nig is tile quid,
relief allicli give I be patient the
tieccsnarv COMMhTSM mi licit goon
results will follow.
"Matty of tlie voluntary IrillMoalali
I am ineiMiiLt itala In"' iiopih the
istient felt ufler laliSS MSSJf renicilie
WilhOUl teliel. Take the CwM 'f eWSP
Pirtantyef of No. 7 Vss CSHtsstll
axeiiiu, llrnokmi. . l who said.
"1 wan i
ow iug to l
(i'iiiiiI id cii
run ilowti for a Ion.: lime.
Itiih. overwork ami hurry I
tios and llicilicinc gave III'- no
relief. I came BcfOM aa aOVeiiHMtMSl
of Tona ita one dn) and read it
Ihrough in a half'tteartiii) -i.ptnal
manner, a second rradins il carl tied me
In It) TotM Vita anil I um thankful
ever nince. I feel More fiiciip'tic, eat
better, ileep better( ami can rhaterfiilly
recommend lima Vlln as r, liable
remeilv lo all who am ilnllarly anevled
"NffVOUl debllit b hard tu relieve."
runt mm il tin pliv iciati. "nincc. one ol
the eynptotni 11 a Morbid IroailsnllwSi
a liu li makes t In- pal n ut skeptical and
ilouldinc. and t oiif iileuee is a neivssary
Mlribttll for quick relief.
"Any of lb following lynptonti may
denote t lie presence uf IM ailment:
palm Is tin' liiuk. Ii - of weight, poor
completion! or that nitVdown feeling
"All t lit- lea. linn drug -.tores in New
York Citj arc handling lliii new tonn-."
- -AM,
If your glasses were
fitted a year ago it's
time for re-examination.
The chances are
that you need stronger
lenses now.
F.v-ea I x . mined Without Charge
by RegiatereH Eye Physiciarte.
1'crfecl rillitiK GlaMea, i.50 to l.
Oculists' Opticiana
Half a Century in Business.
217 Broadway) Antor Heaue
IV Sixth Ave, 15th St'. )50 Suth Avr..22dSt.
I U I NaHUI, Ann St. 17 Writ 42d -Mew York
498 Kullon St.. Cor. Horn! St.. Brooklyn.
Women Wear
La Heine corsets nnd
enjoy the permanent
ease that is attained
only in it pnicct cor et. . v ,
Extreme durability f vkvai
makae them economical
.1 . u ,.i U .
apart liitin
u t
Corsets from $S
Braasicrea from SI
Sfi&'A? La Heine
500 Fifth Ave.,
North ut l.llirurr.
i or. -I lag at.
sieeund I lour.
- I ulluaa
imiu noinn
teach wilb L'vtry
Percbesc at $59
Saturday Eventmse
itdth St. "L" Station at corner
ri Bi fVV irf Mvl
I'. I ui Sundsr, l ii h i ti i ;t
I UN Mil
..lll.l.V. Ilelllt'eil hUMi.11,,1 of
m ,i . r .niii.i
e II jl.et I . Ii. 1 1 Iv. ...
1 ,at'issa
lie' ilcl
Bslltalrllllek, Oeunty gilga.
ftiaarsl bareaCtei frm
i I :iil Hn,, r at llru
i loit "ra.
i hla
maw zr.? rrcv

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