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Society Leader, of Drexel Fmiiy,
Who Wins Her Suit for Divorce.
4HfH4 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1'l
Referee to Ask Court for
Decree to Former Lucy
Drexel, Society Leader.
Broker-Huslnnd Will Appeal
from Finding After Hitter
rpra i Court fOMlM llli.ii trill
aaknl tVrdneailii v to roiiflm t h r find us
of !! (.: William KM n. lin haa
re "mmrmle I. ' waa pmiMvly I. ir ie.l
to-day. ih.it Mm. l.ue, DrtM lalil-Ten
te wiirtl an alasulnte divorce fn 11
Krir n I'luiicn-'i. el Star Admiral
John A. Pahlaren. The ISOffM In lie
askel, t waa hMi will pl'Ml lint Mm.
Hahlgfii have tilt rut .ly nf th.l:
fiiriit chlldraa. KofJlMHii byom1 what
! n"''eaaarv for I if el u nion mi l Win
tanan ' of the rlulorn will. II la un.n-i J
Btoo.1. he a.itlght kjf th" MMd ' lit)
H. I-- ihi unusual BttafltlOfl Mr
h.H ' m,,lt uulMI Hi .i hli'iimi ! X
I -n N VnrU Naarpoil, I'hlla-
clalptila and Waalilnatun WaiitXi th" u -tlon
waa widely .tmiriiented on In
Kiinp. liri-niiac It la th tlrat time a
Drexel. a family of ery devout Roman
Cathnl . Ml applied to a fltvaroa. rourt
for rell'rf.
The Pnxils iiiul ralili-n arc anion
the mot noted In Amarlra In point of
4iatlitaula ird aii.'esti v. The father of .
Lucy Draxrl. aa thr aorlety woman was I
known twenty-4wo yiare ici, whin she
wai mirrled to thr Inventor's aon liv i
aM . saa I sal I
i mm n mm
' i i aU En im
aasTJxxxa aaVaiH aVjiiW "V -txxxxSJJl bsTJxxW aTJsV aV J ItaW r ( 1
RuntMT "Wtl" Sheppard Tele
phones Prom Scene Details
of Train Wreck.
M.li In W. fclienpard. tlie HMll OtSs
iniii. iinninK iiiampnn. l1cphOM4
The RfaHlnl World at 10 o' -lni k to
tals' over I lt Ion dlatanT wires from
I'oviiga. Ontario. f.in.ula. fifty-five
miies w est of Muffnl
aWI of ten nn the train were hurt. I
aanpaa wltnavi a aorattb."
I. oik afttf Mr fheppard sent hla
te i.pl.'iTi.- message a rro aare presa
ilesjp.'if' , from llmnllton. Ontario, nn
flOUnCaw tiait a Winiaeh ti aln had orrn
w i aakaj t Cayaa,
Hoomn Klllea nr Train.
Ra.d aer. a laundreaf . eiaiity-
aeven car old, who lived on H itler
avenue. Far Roakaffay, wna Instantly
klll-a to-day at tin. 'arlton BVanna
'Tiein of the linx Island HkIIiimiI
'in., k Ik alactrhl tram tHm,d for
Jaroal' a. Tha fatal Worn down, hut
th. woman was In a irirry to ros the
four tracks arol .he errpt inula the I
Ml I
Joseph Willis la Dead.
JoaaMi vni of Ran o. .is, . .1 . dlad
at Ms home !a"! nlarht Me n.i a pronil
haAl meniriec of the Botdafy of Friends
lli w-aa widely knOWfl, liavina aervixl
Marty thrre-aeoro yeara as jmlae of
tiorae rae.nK at the Mount Holly Ka.r.
He wll he hurled on Wedneaday aftei-
Tnelvr-Vear-llia tools Xehaefrr
tarlrd for "I'lalaa" t nlnroli
baala 0ChaWaf( twelve years old. of
No. ;0 Kaul One Hundred and Klfty
lirth etreet. la belnif dlllaently souaht
by Bwtaatlvaa from the Morrlsania eta-I'-oi
In the hope that he will lie 'headed
off In hit desire to exterminate the In
dian race. LoU If atarted on his wild
Waalarn I areer IMI Wednesday and his
paratttt have not heard from him alnee.
lie la desi'rlrte.l aa four feet. two
Inches, tilue-ayed and llxht of Hialr. He
had only Aft tab eenta In hla poeketa
warn he went away. The detectives
li ned that he had tried to In lu. e a
boy chum to atari fur the Plalna with
Jilra. i
. hh-I-H-1-;-'H-:-I-H-K-:-H--I-: S-i-W-K-K-i-H-i-H-H-M-H-H'
the late Arrhhlshop I'otiiaan. waa the
head of the firm of Drrxel. Mutga'i
Co. From her mother. Mra. lairy
Wharton Drexel. who died In I'lilla
dilphla two yean ai. Mra iMhlsr.n
Inherited a fourth share ,,r a no.ouo.ouo
Mra. Hahlareu'a suit waa heard behind
Closed doors. The greatest eecrerv
vailed rhe proieedlnai Kourtreii aes
alona were held aline last November,
when the action was unexpectedly sent
facts of the ect-dav divorce action.
It la said to be Mr. HahlKrena In
tention to lurry the raf traa'a daataion
to the hlaheat court In toe btatl If
juatic injur aaatalni the Indlnca, At
the trial he denied hla wife's a cuaa
tlontj witi vehemence and ''oiitradlcted
each of her witnesses. Ilia explana
tion of hia praawoa at No. tit Baal
Fifty-ninth atrret, winch Is an apart
ment houae, on the evening In iUna
llun. hla lawyer claims, la a full wfu-
to Mr. Klein. The minutes of the trial. tatlon of the allegations
In the County Clara s otti.e laat
fill two volumes larger taan two
New York telephone bookf The suit
Waa bitterly foutrtil by Pablgren.
The lOiiety matron attended onlv the
Brat aeaalun. at whl.li aha testll'ied to
the date of her marriage and to her
parting from lithlgrrii on March 1:,
tMi, a week after the day up in whlrh
ahe charged her husband was unfaith
ful. MM went to Kuropc to e-rape
the notoriety of the suit and Ihe con
duct of the trial devolved nn her law
yare. Dahlgrep alt tided gaak aeislon
and he and hla lawyer. James II. 1.1...
bitterly disputed ever word of the tes
timony adduced agalnat the husband.
The name of fhe co-respondent haa
been l opcealed The oflenie nmipla in 1
of by Vve. Hablgren was alleged to hive
occurred at No. U Kaat Fifty-ninth
atrret, whore the broker was charged
with iMtna dlacovered In the company Ol
a pretty 'ouug weat sKie s iiooltcacher
The girl. It la aald, Is connected with a
fashionable private school, and through
toustiivae naexx-latlnna with society f ilk
haa bean aeen frequently In aome of the
Wealthiest an, most exclus ye homes
She waa aubiaienaed and attended the
trial, but was not ral.e I upon to testlTy.
Her preaencc waa i ompft led to enaibi
Tra. Uahlgien'a wltneaaea to Identify baf
aa the person aeen In L'ahlgrrn'a com
pany. The extraordinary quantity of testl-
niony waa taken. 11
day. I... ansa tha evidence against
Dailgrsu waa not au ''(inclusive aa la
usual in divorce actions. Mi. Kleins
reian i. whl' h baa been forwarded to
the lawyers on each aide, and which
mien. i- u divorce. Is founded on
what lawvera tertfl the "border line of
the law." In that "opportunity" and
Inclination" are relied mi to ratal,
liau Ihe proof inele.id of the obvious
The tiling of the milt was a lertilb
tu the ultra exclusive social world,
thoiiah there had been ruinois of
senaiuu in Ihe handsome Dahlgreu home
at No. HI 1 MadUon avenue, no frleigla of
tlin couple ltnagiued Mrs lircxel would
apply to the divorce courts. It was said
that Mr. 1'alilgrru did not wish to
make unhappy I ha Inst yciira of baf
mother's life and refrained from act, on
until baf mother's death.
Thr trial of the action was achcdyli d
before Justice Waicgau last November,
the atatement ueing Blade that Mrs.
Ihihlgren proposed to punish her hus
band and tbe co-rrspondent by having
the teallmony heard in open our!.
I- rleuils intervened and the fflo UiaF re-
h nicd, It waa said, for the sake nf her
iilldren, two of whom urc debutantoa
(hia season.
The Drasall bata eight children:
Lii'V, twenty. Madeleine, nineteen,
Caihariaa, alcbtaani rnca. gtataan
olgii, fktlftaap.; llrlc, eleven. Joatph.
nine, and Kvu, right years old.
Mrs. DatUSTaS Is known aa a devoted
mother, really uring little for aoclety
und prafefflBa to he ai baRM with her
hlldren and her music. She and her
alstcr, Kllgabeth. were known aa the
ilarinonliiua Drcxi la" liecauae of their
ability to play any sort of instrument
The sister. Kiixabet.!, married Mr
HahlKien'a liiotuer, John Vinton Iiahl
gren, who died In Colorado Mprlnga
twelve years ago. Since then the alst.T
haa become tin wife of Harry S. t.ehi.
Mr. Inlilgren is a member of the New
Yoik Yacht Chin, the Hiding Club, the
j I. oval Labian of .Manhattan and oilier
,Miw I Ul K nun". lie is u iiarvaio
ajtltnnua and a member of the Metro
politan Club of Washington. He hough:
the Mcut on tint New York Stock Kx
change made vacant on the retirement
of Dr. John Qranl l.yman
.lamea II. Kty and former Judge
Oleott, Bttarnaya for Mr. Unhlgreii,
fafttaad to h m-s the cuao to-day.
tlie new a of a
llsnslroua train w reck whh h occurred
there at till o'clock this morning.
Sheppard csenped without Injury, but
he aaya that probably IM tiaaaengera
and memhera of the ttaln crew had
been badly hurt and eeveral would
probably die.
Two Pullman porters suffered frac
tured skulla. Half a duxen women had
anna or lega broken. Fully fifty
pasaeimera were no aeverely hurl they
were unable to help themaelvea.
' The train was No II of the Wabash
road," aald Mr. Sheppard In hla long
distance report, "bound ftom Detroit to
Iluffalo 1 waa on my way home from
Kansas City, where I took part In
games Saturday nlsrht A locomotive, a
higK'ig ir. a day coach ami three
aleepers made up the train. I w IB
aaleep when the accident happened and
was awakened by being thrown Into tha
"The entire train, except the locomo
tive ami the haggre car. had Jumped
the track because of apreading rails
and had plunged down a f-foot em
bankment. Two aleipera rolled l.W fet
from the track, overturning over and
ovar. The forward part of the day
roach was irouged Into thu froxen
ground six or eight feet.
"A bllxxard was raging and the tern
peruturw was at fern. Wn found our
selves, on u prairie with no bonne In
sight. Train hands went to Cayuga
for help. It wus an hour before Ihe tlrat
doctor arrived. In the mean time muny
of tho Injured hud been laid on the
snow The women with broken limbs
suffered terribly.
"Not for three hours after Ihe ncrl-dt-ut
were the worst injured tuken to
Cayuga In slelg'ia. There la no telling
when we nre going to get out of hen
The little village Is awnuiped by n
i mil and uninjured puaarnBcra, with
very few of the latter. I think nine
0t fresh air, sunshine and
above alt the cell-building,
energy-producing properties
Its prompt use often thwarts
tuberculosis. lt.m
A Mixture of Sane and Sul
phur Prevents Dandruff
and KaHiiir! Hair.
When von darken your iBiir witli
Sage l ea anil Sulphur no one ran tell,
was explained to- I Isrcause it's ilolie mi naturally, mi evenly.
It is also splriiilnl to remove ilanilrulf,
cure itching scalp anil stop (ailing hair.
I'r paring this mixture though, at
home is a nine) ami troublesome tusk.
For iiIhiiiI .10 cents a bottle you can luiy
at any drug store Ihe adv-lo-usc
tonic i allci! Wjfatb'l Sage ami Sul
phur Hair Raaaadj." Some druggists
put this inut urc up themselves hut
make it too sticky, so insist you want
"Wyclh's" then there will be no diiap
point nn nt.
Noii just dampen n .sponge or soft
bruh with "Wyetli's Sage and Sul
phur" and draw il through your hair,
taking one small strand a a time. Do
this at night and hy morning all gray
hair disappear ami after another appli
cation or two becomes beautifully ilark
cne.l anil more glossy and luxuriant than
ever Von will also discover dandruff
is gone ami hair is stopped fulling.
(ray. failed hair, though no disgrace,
is u sign of old age ami us wo all desire
u youthful and attractive appearance,
get busy at mice with Wyelh'a Sage
anil Sulphur and you'll look years
vouuger. Inquiry shows all pharma
cist in town lu re sell lots of it.
Thouaanda Ara Turning from
Thia Dangerous Drug.
A Safa Vegetable Substitute ia
Olive Tablata for tho Liver.
Those Rheumatic Twinges
Much of the rheumatic
pain that comes in damp.
changinK weather is the
work of uric acid crystals.
Needles couldn't cut,
tear or hurt auy worse
when the affect ed muscl
joint is used.
If such attacks are
marked with headache,
backache, dizziness and
disturbances of the urine,
it's time to help the weak
ened kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills
quickly help sick kidneyx.
Recommended by New York
City people.
T s -aP- X.
Dr. F. M. Edwards, a prominent physician
of Ohio, haa discovered a new laxative and
liver toner in a combination of vegetable
materials mixed with olive oil, which i in
(fleet almost exactly like the old and un
trustworthy calomel, except that there are
none of the bad after cfiecta of calomel.
Dr. Edward ha long been a foe of calomel,
though he recognized it value along with it
His distrust of the uncertain drug even
tually started him years ago toward ex
periments with the view of discovering a
substitute, and he is today in poaseuion of
the long sought - for combination, which is
in the shape of a little sugar-coated, olive-oil
colored tablet.
The results of 17 year' experience and
firactice are embodied in these marvellous
it tie tablets.
They are called Dr. I at wards I Olive I ab
let s. They oil the bowels, and their effect
on the liver has bern the means of relief to
many of Dr. Edwards' regular patients, as
well as to thousands of others who have
suffered and were afraid of calomel.
They are gentle in their action, yet always
effective. Thev brina about that rxuhrranre
of spirit, that natural buoyancy which should
be enjoyed by everyone, by toning up the
liver and clearing thr system of harmful
impurities. 10.- and 25c per box.
The Olive Tablet Company, Columbus. 0.
"ttvj' Picture Tills j Story
Testimony of a Resident of
Eiyhlh Avenue.
Mrs. Mary liobiiison,
,633 Eighth Ave, New York
City, X. Y., lays: "For
Mime time I felt all run down
ami every time 1 exerted
spells of backache resulted.
Sometimes f,. M fatigued
1 could hardly keep myself,
awake. Often when I caught
eoltl. it seemed to settle on
my kidneys. A neighbor
recommended Doan's Kid
ney Pills to me and 1 began
Uling them. 1 have now
finished four boxes and feel
like a different person."
i mini a "', rwuralaia. rtoumatBiia, etc.. -
and tlasM wondarful iin rsiu--
Wrari ara
ukstmts nor WMl
gsttittWr Jeawtusemt.
Ash Vjr DruigUt few
Grecian -Treco
sJrS V TI si T ..- a
attractive demeanor if the
freedom and suppleness of
your movements are re
stricted by a rinid, "harness-like
" corset .
Mien Jolie Cirodun-Treco Corset,
ot I tine knitted fabric, will not
stif le or prevent the desired effect of look
ing your best at .ill times.
And In accomplishing its purpose the
(jrecian-Treco gives your figure the free
dom ana tiexiPiiity of tne natural "corset
less" ligure.
At all dealers
in varying atylaa. $5, $7.50, $10 to (25
For giving a snuxith contour above the Corset
the Bien .lolie Brassiere is unsurpissed 50c., ft,
II 50 to StJ
Newark. N. J.
6th Avenue at 3.st Street
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Trimmed Dress Hats, $5
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III UiStXI 01 1C Its IM rVtlfl
"When Your Back Is Lame Remember the Name"
rnce SO cantv foatar-Mttxa-r, Co, Boffato, ft Y. rropflctor
VsExU aVl
aaasxaxaaxlar .
All laat ar faaad arlt.lra ad
vrrtlsaB la Tha World will ba
Itsteil at Tba World's luform.
Iloa Humsu, rulltier Mulldlaa
A r. site. Park Ki.m World'a
1'uloi.a Offleo, aorllisfral cor
ner ilNth HI. a ad Broadwari
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Oar 1913 Cslalog
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