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ONLY GOT $3,000!
Uulius Left Safe Open 1o
Fool 'Em, but Cracksmen
Couldn't See the Point.
Now Brother Louis and Jule
Think Humor Is a Costly
Thing Sometimes.
"Now, .Inllns, tr's wh.r. wf too ttie
fcurgUrs," said Loiil HolxwamMr to hi
brother. The brothers romprHe thr firm
of llnliwmcr Co.. furniture dealers,
t No. 1421 Third avenue, where they
tinve a lr.. six-story building.
The remnrk of I.ouls wai made a
tnunth ago. He had Just put the follow
Ins Inscription on the bit" seven-foot
"This safa Is open and unlnrked.
Fifty dollars reward If papers are not
"You see." said the senior member of
the firm, "If the burglars rind the safa
I unlocked thry won't dynamite It. and
'e'1l put the money In the bank every
ti'rht, ao tliere will be nothlnjr doln."
Saturday was a busy day and when
business was over for the nlirlit the
firm had eomethtna; mriri' than M.nno on
tiand. They couldn't put It It. the bank,
o It was placed In an Iron box In the
afe and the aft fa, as usunl. left open.
The office are at the hack of the
building on the tlrt llonr. The window
err barred by heavy lton shutters. Ad
Joining the building at the l.ak I a on.-
tory ttahle. Home time between lh(
OUr of closing and this morning bur
ftfars got on the ruuf of the stable. 1ft
down the extension of Holxwasaer s own
flic-cseape, Jimmied OpftB one if the big
li utters and let themnclves Into the of
fl e through a window. (Hitch was un
locked. When the burglars ,iw the sign on th
a., they never though: or claiming any
toward, i-ikc practical men of then prj.
fi-s.on, they opined the door to I. ike a
1 ' of the far.'" Interior, The Iron Imix
ftx oiled iher suspicion nnd thev opened
It wiih a fates k, v. Needless to
the) took ih" ::."" nnd nmre .if whleh
the unsuspecting brothers foil so secure.
Then they v, 'i! Into nil inner office nnd
pried open a 'ii k. but round nothing
more th. ui u number of signed checks
mhloh were to lie Mm out In the mall
Ihhj morn n or to be rolled for by col
lector Tiiey oonalderataty left the
ihecki where they wore
DetOOMvee from the Kait Klghty-elgiith
Street police station are InvOftUgntlnfl the
case, hut they say the r ivumMaiK-c nre
WASHINGTON. March .1. -Will, am U
OlMsflsbprs of VVaslilne;to:i, former iblef
Justice of the International Court at
.Samoa and a former member of Usl
Spanish Treaty claims Commission, eras
to-day sJlOBM as the third arbltrabar ii
the wage .1 spute between the Eastern
railroads and ihelr firemen.
W. W. Atterbury, Vlce-Preeldem tf
the Pennsylvonla, and Albert Phili p.
Vice-President of the Firemen's organi
sation, sre the others
Gassy Stomach
Endangers the Heart
Gai and Other Forms of Indigestion
Arc Quickly Relieved by Stewart's
Dyspepsia Tablets.
VrnJIrMtxI food formt re In the eton.
en. whi h rauie th wn of that nrtnn
to eipand and prase ir-nmt tha haart.
If thla it' -urm ahoutd bm allowed to
bomi havy It mig bt raault vtry
rloualjr, as the heart muat be kopt rr
fertly frea Id order to perform Ita elutlaa.
Pi .
V A at
If th stomach In overworked. Ita mni
rlea become tlml and crariually ((row ;
weaker und we.iker. until they are un-
able to take urt or th food properly.
Th finndu fall to provide the Julcea j
neceeaary tu dlicat thj food, v.aeea form
and 'au all aurta of pain, mlnery and 1
wrett hedneee, aa well as Minim- danger J
to the heart.
It la then that the atomaoh call for
hlp. Ordinary MOdltiBM era Impoaalbl.
They not only fall tu help th stomach,
but Injur the entlr ayatem. Mad leu 1 :
tm-n have at ml If d t he m . . n u and have i
d a- overed that 'he dtgeatlva Juluea con i
alat laritaly of pcpaln. hydrochloric acM
und nitrogenous lermenta. What, thn. '
would be n.uro natural than to snpply
thee propertlea artlfl la iv when the
atnrna h Is unable to produce thm?
That la the olite t of Htuart'a Dysnspala
1'abicta. Theatj powerful lit t la agent re
lieve the a trm arh of Ita burden, thereby
giving It an opportunity tu regain Ita
normal etrrngih. They tone up. arengthn
und revitalize the ecrretory glanda, mu
roua nieruhr.i nca, h tiaorblng glanda and
JltUMttlar walla. They rent ore to th
i.n n h Ita I oat pjwrra rx dlgeatlon o
that It tan iimln do Ita work without h
alatunr. Thi-y ontuin. In a concentratad
form, every tl meiit nee eaary to dlga: i
al: aorta of food, whether arid or alka
li n.
If you expet lcnre en oppreaalve foo'lng
Juat lualdv tne lower end of your breaat- '
bone and extending upward toward your !
heart, do not htaltate an Inatatit. Qt I
Btuart'a Uyapepata Tabieta from tha near- I
eat drugglat ut ouro und take one. In a ,
few in I mu a the pain will leave you and I
you will feel better. Take a tablet after
i-ach niral for aeveral day and your (
tomach will once more perform Me dutlaa.
AM druggl'ta aril them at Soo n box.
Bonwit Teller &Co.
Entire Remainder of
Women's Fur Coats
and Small Furs
One Half Off
The Original Prices
Fifth Avenue at 38th Street
Big Joke Book Free
Funny Pictures
Droll Stories
In Advance
WithNext Sunday World
MfjryVjaagfcggS Tlai
l v cot l -
and otfier amouo motile o aru im
friktted to- tu'iy treoentaion of aaZeiic Qprinp
(ma (imSef QL4&ote&
reflecting ariJ " ftne) imora malcriah.
Lustrous Silk Chiffon Voile
Extraordinary at 55c Yard
To realize how remarkable this offering is, you must know
that the usual WHOLESALE price is just TWICE the price for
which we are selling them $1.10 yard. We bought a large sur
plus of the fabric, in the gray" or undyed, and had it dyed in
over thirty fashionable colorings of our own selecting, including
ivory, mats, tan, cerise, American beauty, wood brown, Empire
green, navy blue and black.
It is 42 inches wide, ALL SILK, light and sheer as chiffon,
but much stronger and with a charming self-striped or checked
Women will appreciate at first glance what lovely afternoon
and evening dresses may be made from it at small cost of ma
terial56c yard. Second Floor
Invite deposits in their Interest
Deposits made ON OK BEFOKK
MARCH 10th are credited with
INTEREST at 4 Per Cent.
Per Annum
From March 1st, payable July
1st. IMi,
Convenient location in the renter
of the retail shopping district.
Office hours, '. to 5.
Main Floor, Rear Balcony
The Beat Silk Petticoat Maker in the Country
Bought an Enormous Yardage of Silks at a large Discount
The Gimbel Stores, in Turn, Bought the
Peau de Cygne and Taffeta Petticoats
To Sell at $2.95
And even t lie saving on earn petticoat is
Ko IS fin tiofti it lent a traiiyuiilidii i.i 4lj . I
i " .'ski V. . .u Ve i Muaniiy irom tne very beginning
iigi v. B. if umjr w.n.iiMiiivfu price-ififtrK
1000 of the Petticoats tomorrow in one style, whose sectional
. miiew ami navy niues, ugni ana uark shaaes ol green, pi
gomen ana wooa nrowns, wniie ana dibck.
flounce is edged with narrow pleatingsof the silk,
nk.rose, lavender, purple gray, itmokc.fae au tail,
Bacond Floor
Full Speed Ahead!
Of MEN'S and
Somebody called this event the "Clothing
Classic" of New York retailing, and he's not far
For it presents radical price-reductions on
every sort of outergarment for men, from luxurious
Fur-lined Overcoats, to a Mackinaw Coat or sepa
rate trousers.
There are Suits for business and play. Formal
Clothing for afternoon and evening wear. Storm
Coats, Rain Coats and the favorite Chesterfields.
And savings from 25 to 50 per cent, on all of them.
Things are humming today, for many a man
has been letting his clothing needs accumulate, to
satisfy them in this Sale. But assortment is large,
and quantities are plentiful-well worth coming
Men's Fine London Overcoats
At $25, Were $45 to $66
All that remain in our stork. You know the makers
well whose names are on the labels. In smurt Knglish
styles and splendid materials. Also all our American
Overcoats that were $46 and more.
The Silk-lined Coats for Spring
Wear, at $15, Regularly $25
We secured a saving of 10 on these Overcoats for
you by having them made ahend of time. This offer
ing is one of the annual features of this event the
only special purchase, in fact, made for it. I'lain
black or Oxford gray, lined with fine Merveillrux silk,
and the lapels faced with cloth or silk.
Any Man Can Work Out a
Sum Like Thin in the
Clothing Clean-Up
It. I'm i. N Hsvlna
Winter Overcoat .... $.r, $05 ft-JO
Spring Overcoat - - - - .: , $15 910
Winter Suit $:IK I ".:,( $18.60
Cutaway Coat Bnd Suit - - $:io $20 $10
Striied Trousers ... - $fi $4.M) $1.80
Hainroat $K $J.T5 $6.26
Norfolk Suit $22 $12.60 $$.60
$1hT $l')i;.26
Total Saved to Spend on Something Else $74.76
'I'lil. Is a laving of abotll Ml MM rrnt. on a iilt com
prehend v out fit of rloililiid. or course, many a man
will want to tiny 1.... other, will wmit to profit nvrm
more largely hy tin Mslc. hut iM sr (her. In
ettner easts Ami i it aoted, we nave siren the t.ovt BIT
.avlna In each of the shove In. t alien. -yoQ esn make
rcn larger ones If you promptly no'i4li.
Men s Suits and Overcoats at $11.76, $14.60, $16.76
and $16.60, formerly $20 to $40.
Men's Norfolk Suits at $11.76 and $16.60, war $23
and $38. n
InfUah Walking Suits, at $17.60 and $16.60, ware
$30 to $40.
Prlnea Albert C oats and Vests at $19, wsre $32.
Cutaway Coats and Vasts at $20, wore $30 to 636.
Evening Dreaa and Dinner Coat Suits at $21, were
$30 to $46.
Raincoats at $6.76, $7.60, $8.76 and $12, were $10
to $20.
Men's Separate Trouasrs at $3.60 and $4 60, wsre
$4 60 to $8.
Fur and Fur lined Overcoats t $16 to $276, were
$30 to $460.
Men's Mackinaw Overcoats at $6.76 and $6.75,
usually $10 and $12.
Youths' Overcoats at $7.76, were $16.
Youths' Suite at $8 and $11.75, ware $16 and $18.
Boys' Overcoats at$3.76to $9.60, wore $6.60 to$20.
Boys' All-Wool Suite at $3. 76 to 96 60, ware 97.60
to 916.
Boys' Waah Suits at91.36 and$1.86,wora93.60to94.
Boys' Separate Trousers at 86c and $1.16, ware 9128
and 92. Fourth Floor
"Household Efficiency" Is Aided by
This March Sale of HOUSEWARES
To get the best results in the shortest
time, with the least labor and expense, is
the ambition of every good housekeeper.
The eager student of Domestic Effi
ciency will find much to help her in this
CJimbel Housewares Sale.
In the first plaet, tliere is no WASTED
MONEY through purchasing utonsils that are
worthless, however rheap. The QUALITY of
every article in this Sale is rigidly maintained.
'I hen, the various household implements
hundreds of them- have been chosen with expert
care, for their abilitv to I'RODL'CK KK8ULT8.
They form a compete exhibit of whatever is
MODERN and PRACTICAL for housekeeping
Every part of the house is looked out for, from
dishwashing machines and ".-ringers, for the
scullery and laundry, to glittering brass and
nickel coffee machines and chafing dishes and
fine mahogany serving trays for the dining-room,
or fittings that won't rust, for the bathroom.
Here are some random groups :
Special Offering ALASKA-MADE Refrigerators
A group of about 250 of these fine Refrigerators, all enamel-lined and zinc-lined, mostly
bearing the Gimbel Special trademarl, and all made by the Alaska Refrigerator Company.
Finely insulated, economical of ice, easily kept clean and in top-lift, apartment house and side
leer styles, in a variety of sizes.
Top-lift Style
Helfht lea Capacity Ra$. Now
89 in. .16 pounds $9 97.76
411 in. 66 pounds $14 911
48 in. 76 pounds $1K $14
47 in. 95 pounds $20 $16
Apartment House Style
Hoi(ht Ice Capacity Re(. Now
60 in. 75 pounds $lt.5( $14.60
54 in. 90 pounds $ts.50 $16.60
6 111. 100 pounds gfl 917.60
Side leer Style
42 in. HO pounds US 917.60
44 in. 100 pound-. $16 919.26
Reliable Cutlery for
Dining Table & Kitchen
five-piece Aiuimuum-uanuled
Kitchen Sets, of very boat
steel, made espeel ally tor Oim
bol Brothers by Landers, Krary
& Clark; $1.60, renularly $2.
Carving Sets, stag handles, Oar
man silver ferrult's, two pieces, $2,
regularly 18,
Thn-e-piwe Carving Sets, slug
handles, 98.60, regularly $4. Sterling
silver ferrules, 93.60, n-g. I j.
(iame Carvers, two pieces, "tag
handlex. $1.76, reg. $').
Two piece Carving Sets, stag
hundles, 9160, reg. lf.60.
Knives and Forks, celluloid
handles, $2.76 a set . reg. $3.75.
Butter Curlers. 20c, reg. :10c.
Aluminum Berlin Saucepans, :i-qt.
size, long handle, 90c, reg. $1.20.
The Oimbel 60-piece Sets of Aluminum
Kitchen Utensils
One 5-qt. Tea Kettle
Two 2-qt. Coffee I'ots
One2-qt.Te Pet
One 2-qt. Double Boiler
One 6-o.t. Sauceiisn
One.'l-qt. Sauce pin 1
One 7-in. Krvine I'un
One 10-in. Frying 1'an
One Double Boaster
One Criddle
Two ( aki- Pans
Two i'ie Mates
One Muffin i'an
Six Tea Spoons
Six Table Spoons
Five Kitchen Knives
Six of each Knives
and Forks
One Soup Ludle
One Gravy l.adle
At $25.76, Regularly $34.50
( ine Tea Strainer
One Coffea Strainer
One Soup Strainer
One Skimmer
One Funnel
Two Sail Shakers
One Flour Dredge
Four Lipped Saucepans
One Hasting Spoon
Aluminum Berlin Kettles, 3-qt.
sixe, 90c, reg. $1.10. 2-qt. sise, 86c,
reg. 90c.
Aluminum Double Boilers, 2-qt.
size, $1.60, reg. $1.K6.
Aluminum Coffee and Ta I'ots,
$1.16, reg. $1.66.
Aluminum IMOM,' long handlea,
with hook on side, 20c, reg. MOc.
Aluminum Frying Fans, 10 and 12
in., $1.60, reg. $2.25 and $2.50.
Aluminum Berlin Saucepans, long
handle, with cover, ti-qt., $1.46, reg.
6175. fifth Floor
Hygienic Fittings for the Modern Bathroom
One of the strongest groups, as to variety and economy, in the Sale. Strongly made fit tings,
heavily nickel-plated on brass, glass shelves and rods, rubber mats, sprays, etc., all specially
i ciiuioiii-covc red tfatn heals, o.
Bat hroom Tables, $2.76, reg.$3.25.
"Howe" Bathroom Scales, $18.60,
reg. $16.
Bathroom Stools, $1.66.
Standing Soap Dishes, 60c, reg. ;"
Tumbler and Tooth Brunh Holders,
to attach to wall, 60c, reg. $1.10.
Bathroom Stools, $1, reg. $1.25.
Kuhbei Bath Mats. $1, reg. 11.86,
Bath Spray and Shower, $8.26,
reg. 110.60,
Massage Sprays, $2, reg. $2.60,
Uluss Shelves, 24-in., $2.60, reg. 18,
Steum-proof Mirrors. 4.76 & 6.00.
Sponge Backs, $2, reg. $2.50.
Tumbler Holders, 60c, reg. 86c.
Tumbler, Soup and Tooth-brush
Holders, for the wall, $2.60, reg. $3.
Glusc Shelves. 5x18 in., $1.60, reg.
$2; 5x2 i in.. $1.60, reg. $2.10; 6x30
in., $1.86, reg. $2.25.
ruth rioor

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