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State Engages Former District
ii Attorney as Special
Action Brought in Federal
Court Against Products Co.
and Subsidiaries.
dUUWUW pmpnt was mid' fnun tlMUIf
to-day that Attornsy-Oonfral Carmndy
hadl NtatMi Mr. fHWM to represent
th Stale In th litshsas corpus pro
eerdlngs brougiit by lawyrrs for Harr
Thaw. Mr. .Tsroms will appear b.fore
Justice (liPRprli'h Thursday to nM the
rfort that will ln BMkflft to guln Uip re
tMJip of the prlnonpr from Mattnawan.
That Impnrtant rhannaa are Mil
made in tlip litest plan to gpt tlarry
Than out of Alattpawan by means of a
JTrlt of BftftMft roipua was UlntpJ to
day when Dr. OfcaffM Kennedy, the
lawyer-physician, representing Stanford
White' sluyer. decided to post ism e hla
vleit tu Ml Mint,
Tlip writ of tlfthsai OOlBBJl M return
able Thursday before Justice Uieicerk'h
In this city, and titer la but little time
for the necessary preparations that '
would begin the proceeding with any
hope of . u c ess . Dr. Kennedy declined. 1
to any why he had postponed his VMM
to Mutt" iw tti.
Clifford BMP, counsel for John Niclinl- J
O.i Airtiut. Thaw a counsel, who nn
given a IS, Ml retainer und WllO "
ac uHed l.y Dr. Hnsst'll, tiie former head
of M.itte,twan. With offering him any
Van of It us 11 bTilM, MM to-day that
Anhut waa in the ily and wan ready to
nnawer any r)Utetloni put to him In the
Investigation that arc n.iw in progress
aa th- result o! the bribery enartre.
"Mr Anhut not bun rabpoetiaed
U ai.pi ar before ilther Whitman or j
Attornev-i ;. .o ral I "arniody," MM Mr.
Haer. "Ah to Thaw having other law
v.r i, there la nothing UftUSttel hi lliiit.
Ift0pte often gave a nu'iiln-r of lawyer
rei" -eaentlng them without counsel
knowing that other legal repreaen ta litres ,
jv in the cnae.
No matter what effort may be made
In the Supreme Court to prove Thiw a
aa' man ari.l get hla liberty from the
asylum, the Sta:. will be amply rrprc
eetite.l In oppoMUon,
Rinar Chrpatle, oounael for ih
Or!.'ar, I'omm tiee of the Bar Avo
cation. bfM a oonfereuce with Mr.
. Whitman to-. lay and then left for Al
wnv to Interview certain witnesses
call, d in the Investigation ahi.-h
brought out the charge of attempted
bribery dminst Anhut. Mr Whitman
and Air. Chryttle have Loth been fur
nished with CO pi el of the mlnutea of th.
It Is prolMe that When the ilraml
Jurv takea up th bribery cisc on
Thursday Thaw will be Balled before It.
The DIstrlct-AttorneV. however, wll'
make It clear to th.' lit. m. 1 Ju v that
he ha bean adjudged ati Irieane man.
34 lf4 Shoes
For style, fit and wear
W. L. Douglas shoes
arc unequalled at the
price. They are the
tandard Of quality
every where,
tores Is Srsitsr Nsw York .
SB SSMll Street
HI Rr.tfejwar. eor. till Si.
aa iir...i.fT. eor. mil si.
WSS llraerl r s J cur. Ml h St.
I nroa.iwa, I iiufi -'I
The I'nited i'tate iJoverninent.
through the Department of Justice and
I'. 8. District-Attorney Wise, to-day
filed M against the American Coal
Products Company and Its subsidiaries,
under the 8herman Antl-Truet law, ask
ing Its dissolution by the Kedpral Courts.
The suit was filed In the I'nltpd States
District Court with the complaint that
the various companies make up a trust
that Opera tag in restraint of trade. The
defendants named are the American Coal
Products Company of New Jersey, the
Barrett Manufacturing Company of
West Virginia, the National Coal Tar
mpnny f Delaware, the 11. f, Wat
son Oonpamy of I'cnnsx Ivanla. the I'nit
ed Konflntr Hti.1 Ms nufncturlng Com
pany of Delaware, the K astern Uranllo
Hoofing Company of Now Jersey, the
W. II. Rankin Company of Now Jersey,
the Commonwealth Roofing Company
of Delaware, the C!nmlrla Steel Com
pany of Pennsylvania, the Duluth Tar
Company and other companies manu
facturing similar products In various
parts of the country. The complaint
also Daml as defendants the follow
ing Individuals: Isaac D. Fletcher, W.
II. CMhis. Thomaa t Ralahara, John
C. Ilonkle. rinmin 1 II. IMiiKhiim. W N.
Uotlravy, k. j. stcr, r. 11 loatar and
Ilutfo Ifeunlng.
i The cipital of the subsidiaries range
In ttie neiuhhorloMHl of a mill, on each.
It la charged 'hit th impnnle on-
trol the pure hale of coal and oil tar
from gas and coke I ouipanies.
I h, will of William Cimplon. the
I watchman who prat killed in the Mo-
enntil.. Safe I . ,. vaults In the
. Bqultabla BulMIIHI when it was burned
a year ago. waa tll.nl ,n the So: -
Offll e n Hi ook! fl :- M)
Campion was the i .m who?- hands
were frozen to the. eteel Pari . It
front of the '.und ng 1' ook ten dais 1
work to get his body out ami Ml w tt
mind he a'i'.e unsettled hv Die NJ 01
ehe iias s nce reooverod, In will
three lines Campion .e.f; all he iai.l. i
ahou; 13,000. to his uhlow
Keaelee Ostt I t in eiiln lit.,
pleea In Ten Veara.
Israel Kessler. a confcsse.i in. tn
diary, was sentenced to prison to-Jay
by Judge Dike In t ie County Court.
Brooklyn, for not less than six years
nor more than thlrteii and I half.
Kesaler made his confession at a time
when the Dhstriot-Attorney Oellpved he
would heiome a Hiatc'a witness and
bring aiHiut the arrest of others Hi
was allowed to plead guilty to anon
In Uie third degree.
Tne clothing siou'c Isaac Stern at
No iH Jerome street, indi a tenement
house, was burned Jnn. H Klre Mar
shal Brophy found s'.i h alock as was
on the ."mintera a.mked wltli bMHPO,
CtrUtln indicatlona suggested the work
of Kessler. who was at rested the next
day ru No. Sll Kaat one Hundred and
Third street. Manhattan. He owned op
to se.tlng 105 rlres In two years. He
came to this country fr.ini Ituasla sn'en
years ag i.
All Presto
Flour geta a
kitchen test.
woman in the
H-O Mills an
expert cook
who tests in her
own oven everv
batch of Presto Flour that goes
through. It s because ner wora
is law, and her "O.K." final, that
Presto Flour always comes to
you right.
Tell your grocer to bring you
a package and try one of the
recipes it contains. That will
prove Presto Flour.
If yott had noticed her a few days ago
with face broken out with pimples nml
reil spots, ami could sec her to-day wilh
face clear anil fair, von would know
bow I'uslam arts, quickly, surely and
easily driving away unsightly skin
All skin ilicac. IftC tiding NMk
acne, letter, salt rheum, itch, etc., arc
quickly eradicated liy I'oslam Itching
is stopped at once. Common trouble,
such as pimples, red noses, rashes, elc
respond so readily that overnight treat
ment is often sufficient.
POSLAM SOAP, used daily for toilet
ml hath, will keep the skin in healthy
condition, and improve its color and
texture. It offers the hpaling medica
tion of 1'iwlam in a form particularly
beneficial for tender skin.
All druggists sell I'oslam (price AO
cents) and I'oslam Soap (price cents).
For free samples, write to the Kmer
gency Laboratories, .lit Wcit if.llh Street,
New York City.
roes Finished Untitle
-Rooms at 149.98
4 at 174.98
5 at $124.98
Credit Terms
$3.00 Down on $50 Worth
35.00 S75 "
J7.C0 " $100
Oaen satardar Kvealng t aUI 10.
I The H O Company. Buffdlp.N Y.
Makeri of H O. lort e.nd Prrslo
Sunday World Wants
Work Monday Wonders.
I All Tr.iK.i '') I
flaw- M Kt. r..r. 190th ril
flTIt Thlnl sVVOtetM
M Kiflhiti Avrinir,
at Kin to n at.. Mar 494
OCA Writ Iflttll Riiatt.
wfc Ml l" i-i Sft.
111' - Hlk 1
YN. N.Y.
4; l-'n inn firrH,
7(Ml'l)u Uroadwty,
1WT KntiultTia.
4' AV.. VU I
rMlrllt V.'i M nrVel Nlte-.-t Ol . i lAlk.
4OTtf taty- 94 NtWaMk Avim.
Move 9
Hiri'i j moving picture
Whcri! th:n(!s re moving Uvt.
Twu tit ken In an Auction room
ihere hargiins, long, don't
rhty I'fK1" plcturiti isirprti,
Rllgli clocks and hric-:t-brav:
At 'ticli low priCtl that thev
F ir buyffl nrvrr lack
go vlllt, one, an Auction Sale
orlil a.K. v. Ill ibow the wav.
The- till where hartjaiii xe arc
It .'Id
Evirj iv&t day.
Wist Stumpers FoUaU
il ni.'J "Auilioil Sdlf"
,4ds. and Profit
Materially iy Then..
lexington to 3d Ave, 59Thto BoSTstreet
An Inauguration in Our
Bloomingdales' have purchased the entire stock of
high grade suiting ends from the
"American Specialty Tailoring Co"
who supply all the better merchant tailors throughout the country with their woolens,
and, beginning to-day, Monday, March 3d, and ending Monday, March 17th,
We Will Make a Suit or Top
Coat to Your $
Measure tor
Wc Will Give You a Try On Before
Garment Is Completed.
Wc Guarantee Delivery of Your
Garments Within Ten Days.
Choose from 15 Newest Models and
Best Materials Produced for Spring.
Remember, Easter Is March 23d.
You'll Have Your Suit in Time.
The price of $14.80 holds good for all sizes up
to 46. All sizes above that will cost 10' , more.
Monday March 3
Tuesday March 4
Wednesday March 5
Thursday March 6
Friday . March 7
Saturday March 8
Monday March 10
Tuesday March 1 1
Wednesday .. March 12
Ftiday . . ..
March li
March 14
March 15
March 17
2d Floor
PLOOVINGDALEV, 11. to M Ave., Iltk to tat St..
'Belter Hood for the
"Meet M? v( the fountain
Sam Monty or the Sam Good for Ltm Monty Than Bltairhert." '
Sixth AVwtWM
l . B .GREEN HUT, Pro.
Spring Millinery Opening
Today, Tomorrow and Wednesday are Exhibit Days
Everybody s Cordially Invited to Attend This Exhibit of Imported and
Domestic Millinery Creation
The Big Store's most pretentious Spring Millinery Show began this morning. DONT MISS IT.
The foremost modistes of two continents have contributed their best designs.
Come and sec the original imported models the reproductions of orieina Is, our modifications
ana our own creations.
We make this event doubly worth your while by announcing a sale of
Trimmed Hats at '7.50, 10, '12.50, 15 & 25
The values cannot be matched elsewhere under one-third to one-half more than our prices.
(MAIN Ruii4.ni. rirsl FImt.)
&K Stamps
Free, Tomorrow
A many salt aa
are reasonably re
quired lor books
unfilled will be
given. Distribu
tion In Premium
Parlor. Third
Hoor, GREEN-
HUT Building, to
morrow. Only
meniary stamps good in any
one book.
100 comnli-
Smart, New Street Hats
At $3.95, $4.85 & $5.95
For those who desire their first hat to be "tailor-made" we have
prepared an assortment of stunning new ideaa; copies of the higher
priced French models -products of some of the best makers made
correctly, finished perfectly in all the latest spring shades. Clever
small hats, as well as the conservative larger shapes.
Fine Hemp Dress SO Qp? ; "Sunrise" Braid or Fanry $0 Qf?
Shapes-at O.acJi Milan Dress Shape--at awi.t9
I llatn Trimmed Free
(.MAIN Ruil4ln, first Floor.)
For Tomorrow
(Tuesday) Only
15c to 19c Colored ft I all Hone n
for men; all site; paif vC
(MAIN Bulldlni. Mils Floor.)
19c Kip Swet orange-- -l ty
doiea 1.&C
(MAIN Bulldlni. Thlrs FImt I
25c Jland-Kmbroldert'J Initial
Handkerchief-' for women
lightly imperfect; inl
at laSjC
(MAIN Buil4ls, Main Floor.)
3c Cornvl Covera of good qual
ity cambric; prettily trimmed
uh medallionii and Val. i f
lace, at 17
(MAIN Build ni. I -t Flee
$l.!f lo $2.50 tnion TofuU
Umbrellaa for men anO
women; plain
fancv bandits: at
(MAIN Ruildini, .Mils Kiuor )
f.Hr.l MU i U I ILIUM G
(Ac itaa Kuga site 25xSQ; A
at 7 OiC
ll.WH SMIIT nullJIni. First Floor.)
Ne Ms. I. Tc'rphnni or C. O. D. Orrfors
lil. id on ths Ai'.n- Furs sptci.a
Quantities I. unit. d )
Tomorrow O OAA J i Dl
a Sale of jOUV JUlllgCllC D1UUSCS
$1 & $1.25 Val licit. Ala Reproduc
tions of $2 liloiisea. All New
and Dainty Spring and Summer
FasJiions, at
Cleverly Designed
with High and Low
Neck, Long and Short
I avanaaw awaau
Never before have you seen such a collection of magnifi
cent styles at so low a price. Unquestionably the greafesr
sule of blouses ever held by The Big Store eorly in March.
Nine of the exquisite styles are shown in the illustrations
printcl in this advertisement, but, remember, please, that no
crude newspaper drawing can possibly do justice to the
I MAIN Rulldin
exceptional beauty of these blouses.
No matter where you go in Greater New York you'll find
no waists to equal these at anything like the price. Only 2,800
blouses in this sale, which begins with ALL SIZES IN EACH
STYLE. With our output, however, you can readily under
stand that the lot won't last long.
, F.pst Fluor.)
53.50, H and 5 "Sample" Low Shoes
For $
Women, at
Men, at
With Spring in the f, you'll want at lea.! a oouple of pairs of these ahuea; particularly
when you can buy them at .he prices named.
rV m rl Kar tkiai 1 1 . nil nl aft fthaa miii.ihh'.ih. aa al est J law I..JIU - m a aswla a i -ft. .B.
BiBiiiBBiiajgai ihib, 11 p 1 www m h1"""1""17 iftttiiisu 111 uui ncgiuiiiic yuu (.an giui duj vran uruingftry unties,
The Women's Shoes
comprise a collection of Oxioidt. pumps and faii.lt shocn, made by Lunn &
McCarthy Co., in cvety mi. ait style leather, heel and toe shape. The sites
run priticirully J', 4 and 4?Jt in B, C and U Wkilha, but o conipltte the
range o, siivs, we have aUJcd two lines (of equal value so that there arc
all lixaft in the lot; every pair has Coodear-welled or hand- m
turned Mile , .1 1 1 (JU
The Men's Shoes
are standard $J.50, $4 and $5 grades, maJe by the famous Excelsior Shoe
Company, of Portsmouth, Ohio. O. course, ihec heinK samples, the
sizes are principally u, IKj 7, M and H, in II and C widths, but to this col
lectiou e have added ',000 pairs of an emally reputuble maite (not a pair
worth lees thun f i) so that you have a choice of all sides, widths, ft a tQ
styles and leailiers, at J..10
hev. .Spring Slyua m rout Mould httoM lo. men and women ; 9 Q J till A C I Vout Mould Shoea Tor Hoy a and Gtrla Prices range
Every leather and fabric now in voue i repreeiued. ft ices O, 0.9U, ft and Ol from 91.60 lo S3, according to size
(MAIN Uuildini, Si.ond Floor.)
A Broadway Clothier Retired From IJusine88 This Sale h the Result
Values to '15, IJ Ar
To-morrow, at ( e,Zt)
These are neither win-
tcrweieht nor extreme
ly lightweight suits. bur
in weight just right
for present wear for
months to come.
Values to '20 $Q Qr
To-morrow, at ZJmZt)
These Suits Are Smartly Cut In Lp-to-Dale Styles and In a Range of New and Popular Materials-
At 97 fir Men's and Youths' suits in grays, browns
and neat mixtures; all regular sides;
choice ol many styles, values lo $15.
Al 9Q (if - Men's and Youths' suits In gray cassimerct. worsteds, novelty cliuviots, hand
.JJ lOBM mixed tweeds, blue all-wool serge and fancy blue suits. Every correct
style for youths and vouiik men as well as styles for business men ; values to f20.
(MAIN Bulldisi, SkodiI Floor.)
(Details in Today's Journal.)
7Sc lo $1.75 MaaU Koll - US- and
HH-notc size;,; s roll for
J2, euch . 25C
Clftaraacft of While
((Mids. -
J5 to $7.50 Corsets, ut 1.75
Women's Hie to SI Com-
binution Suits, at JtfC
4Jc lied HUlowa.
at . 28c
Nale of Hewing .Machines.
Only 350 of These
$2.50 Solid Brass
Umbrella Stands
1 it
Thev are 22 inches high, with weighted base made
of solid brdss , not merely brass-plated. Lion's-hcad
side handles, made of solid cast brass; fine brushed
So Mall or Phone Order.
(GRtF-NHUT Bu.ldls, Msls floor, t
(Details In Today's Journal )
S9.50 Two-lnchPoat Urase s,-
liedntrads, at U
91U "Slmplei" Sliding
C ouches, al $0.75
$2.50ioSI2Iiraae .
t'o.tamers, at. . $1.75 ti $o
$10 I'phulatered lion A
Springe, at So.jO
$2 to $7.50
Springa.at. $1.75 to $13.45
94.50 ti $9
Iron Dlrana. tt $4 to $8
Siteeial Sale of MaltrvdSMa.
tDoubi Gram Iradma Stump Htfor it afCtoskbtnsta Sype Thmraaltar. EOSJBO. g"'"?"

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