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PolleS lni.,:lor Milieu, th- -new I jir
of tli aid tVndf ; loin SeM lip the,
performsnea for proftseansM r "The j
mit Minn i ,. warm tow iiiht !
k rlelaUon r he H.ni hi . law, . UM I
ssrtsin HHi! ,tp t i&ti v m 1
On grind Hmt in- Ml ..il hufi
'V. Mrjfr Mme'iiml. Nat CrOOdWln'Sj
!"Mln woman, : is sStallNg m Stvorce I
i MlllniM f from he- HuSbsnS, t
v- Doughty, iht s.m Megs, Osl., real
PStSta man. Who . aulnsj ilioflwlii for
izwwo k th value .r her affection
When "Tug Hrafly" tjrt M Urur
f rr-ii ir inm Trentlni ism to La
Hfi. Milan, and n) ill la mualesl remedy,
Marie D'essler "All st.r Owmboi"
union i i " : 1 l r next week
md "Tin Man alts Tare WitMf' him .,
IS HnMnn.
Kmma lam , irthur St aa ford ami
Harry OMMr Will lip with Minn lie King
in "Whan cm ad la nrites,"
Cap) Kottmi of 'he Par ptt hi i ariil Mj
the SIMM of Henry II Kan, al IIM
Itoba to-night
The iit.ri a infant Asylum snnual
n"iii arid nt it iha Llneri nasi sun
lay frank,
lnl nil th.. curtain w.i noma .ip at
I St i.i. BofSenttSi r"ranoa, Saturday
I . i" sh'-nlT rnr.it the MklDII for mil.
-I 'he nctnrn efu.ii iii nM) aim the
udlonca lento the house up.
Sydney RoaanfnM prrtMrd nl Ik first
nnual dinner of iha national PMMrn
i on nf TlMalra CtuM ta.t nlM t the
lintel Marseille,
Th iu ' IV IV -"1 opp .te mi Maxlne
Rilioti, Hip 'mux lor gresrnsp only,
and 'iii. 3M .if thatn at a time, opens
neat Monday night
Knsubetti Mnrburi ha takes ins Her.
krtei for Ihraa a oak to sho) bar MM
ral color pictures,
i ' : Tarry la 11 M lamina IUi sron.
Tin Traaaurara' t'lub hem nt at Wal
. k'a ii i ilium i iled show M,M
iiict uiyocc t
Time It!. No Indigestion.
Gas or Sourness Five
Minutes After
Taking "Pape's
If hut J mi jnsl ntp is souring mi your
tontet h or lies Ilka a Itianp nf lead. refns
nig in digest, or im brlcn s and nrw
tati' ni. nnHMoatad foodt or MTa fi'l-
inu nf dlttlncna, haartbtinii fttlnnaii nnti'
I ana, bad I acta in ajmalh and itonarli
I bnadacha ilii" Indigmllon.
j A (nil oaac n( Papa' i Diapapaln i
nnl.v lilty hbM and IH ikorongnl' enra
I your Wit nf Ofd)t ilomarh. ninl HMTI
aillflrienl llliiMlt I he houi-r in iip NW
mm tlan in tiir laniHy may ittttcf fro in
1 Ktnmm li Irtralda or IwliajtaUon.
Aik your phiirmarlst to show ou the
' formula plainly printed on lima f if t -
I irni paana, tken you will andarttand hy
dyapaptlc tronbM of nil kindi toWai go,
; ami why Ihrv niially rdlcva nour. otil-of-ordiT
Htoiiiiirhi or Indigent ion in five
hintea. Diaprpam in liarmlenii am'
I t.iti-n Ilka Onndy, though ei h done run
tain" no War nullli irnt to iligeit ami r.
' pare for lailndlnUon into the MoOtJ all
the Food you ant j bonidm it pmUm you
go to the labia with n kcnltky anpntlta;
hill what will phnw you Mod i tkal
I you will led that your nloniaili anil U
I IMtlBM Ml CtoM ami (Nnh, ami you will
not nenl to renort to laxative or liver
p. IN tor MUonnMM or ' outipation.
Thi iity will knvc ni.uiy Dinprpaln
cfnnkg ni mbm people will i :ii ika nii hut
i von will In- cranky about tklc nplemlul
itomnrk preparation, ton, if yon ever
I try a little fur Indignation or gimtrlti at
' any other ntoinaeh iniaery.
lift mime now. thin minute, ami fur-
ever riil yourself of itomacb Ironblc nl
No flies
No dual
f V
No dirt
, iVt
We make it pure
our carton
keeps it pure so
watch the carton
and the name
Maw York City
No germs! L
Safest for the A
Children's Cereal
In 2, 3 M and ffiSSS
S lb. Seared
St'GAIt L-Jl
NorthWest Corner Sixth Ave 1 5th Str,
Do -u Know
- iiai uur 8 rinc poodc. now nrrivtni In anomrouc chipmanti dally were
boi!i,li In Decern be BEFOKE th man ifacturart announced their advance?
thmt thu fact SlaSH inc. mi a TEN PER CENT. SAVING on the rriiiilar
price ol the new i,oJs. in ndditkm to the fact that our trenwndoui pur
rhnitng power atway moki.3 our pr.cet lower thHn altOWbatC to begin
With? that we liave
One Low Price Cash or Credit
Mtd thtt 'ur TERMS meet ev.'ry eineiucncy Or UAUWial requirement, so
that no OW seel:iint credit need ever leave here disappointed?
All Goods Marked in Plain Figures
3-Piect Parlor Suit. Library Stir, suitable tor Parlor or Living Koom:
txlra heavy names, with caivea panels ana claw reel,
f.nisheJ In mahogany, highly polished; filled with loose
cushions of panne mohair pluih: cords and tassels to match;
indesttucttble springs in seal; at Illustrated; value $50; at
Seamless WiUon Rugs
Value $4.50 3i.5
3tix63, i p
Value $7.50 ?.Jll
Value $10 $7.50
Value $37.30 $27.5!
VOI R HOUR rv Moroit cai
Axminster Rugs
Value $1H.
Value $25. at
Value $30. at
Value $45. at
The Second and Greatest Day of the
Highest Clans Cabaret
in City.
RMfMnif.fi ii !.
t: it M I'll. .ri.p uiihlttt
WVl I Hud Olhpr lnriiltfr
HroMiliiMt I ftcirltr.
JMirlln'. Onhrfllra atnij
I ir ihi.i-i.il MuMrilliiM TmMHM
IN NfcvV VOUK'ii SltOPPiNG ctN iiiR-
To Be Sold at Half Price and Less
1 1 i ..... i
' - ' ' r 1 LC t i
Sale starts ti-morrw
morning; at Opening of
doors, and we promise it
will be one of the gmite.st
eeonomv events of the kind
5y y" have ever attetideil.
Two famoua saakcra of St Gall ami Plauas have tavorad us with a luimt aaosaal prior ooooSMkm sn Ms Iwgs tMM
for our "Inauguration" Snle.
Fine materials wonderful variety and beauty ol designs.
No matter fur what pmposs you Katun snbroioVries, yotir nn-ds nn Ire led m this nnle nt the gn-HtrU miviiir
yuii luivo fvt-r cnjoyi'il.
5,750 Yards 18 inch Flouncings, imported
to retail at 39c to 50c; our sale price, yard,
Hen nl if ui fine nnilMOok and Swiv. flottncingl ill rich eyelet hahy Iriah
nd r renrk drMgns. Over U pattern for jronr ckooalng Will form very
dalnt) nl.iie drcHca lor nianw and rkildna, nlao ojnatrobla for row bi nation,
iitnlerwi ar ami while wait. Inelnded in tlio. lot are line i oriel .over eni
braiWrlea of l ac 1 glad material.. Every yard to be anhl helow import eiwt
at ipe yd.
4,500 Yards 18 and 27 inch Flouncings.
Values up to 75c yard; our sale price, yard, 34c
Tbrn are milker's sample pieces, and yon will find lundnnwr pnttara
mong iknni. Kren h hnml work ami Irian poinl effect a Riek yeil ami
bab) 1 r i -, denigna. Mbm dainty material that will make up to ureal ad-
Four Great Lots 45-inch Flouncings
Tknne rich rmbroMered tace design. Ikal are now .0 fashionable for
imikiiiK up high-rlaa rxrlusivn wfcite gowns and for draperies ,. while nna
I llWe, All Hie laical Filet, Shadow. Halo Irish, flnnj and Irish I'oiul , f
feeta now in demand. Every yard decidedly nigh grade. Divided In four
prii lots.
Lot 1 contains values to $1.39, at 68c yard
Lot 2 contains values to $1.98, at $1.18 yard
Lot 3 contains values to $2.25, at $1.48 yard
Lot 4 contains values to $2.98, at $1.88 yard
(M su,is.in 1 i. fi.nl Co..
4 Great Lota 27 inch Flouncings
nasi in altie lo the M ineh lot. About 00 rich deeign lo eboose
from Handsome Prenrh and eyelet pattern.. Dainty Baby Irish aad
shadow effect, filet, eliinv aad Iri.h pinnl effect..
Lot 1 Values up to 59c, at 24c yard
Lot 2 Values up to 89c, at 44c yard
Lot 3 Values up to $1.25, at 64c yard
Limited Quantity of Sample Pieces 27 Inch
llirh de.ign.. many in tboae handsome lace effort .nil r'rcncli hand
work pattern, that are alwav. retailed Ht high price..
Regularly $1.50 and $1.75 values at 94c yard.
Regularly $1.95 and $2.25 values at $1.44 yard.
7,500 Yards Fine Sample Strip Embroideries
Mostly Hand Machine Made
V ide skirting, children', dre.. widths, edging., in.ertnun lland.ome
bund . ouibiualion uiiderwe.tr width.
Lot 1 Values to 25c, at 14c yard
Lot 2 Values to 50c, at 24c yard
Lot 3 Values to 89c, at 34c yard
3 big lots. Embroidery al lovers and waist ings.
livery new anfl de.ir.ble effect i. included.
Lot 1 Values to 89c, at 44c yard
Lot 2 Values to $1.25, at 64c yard
Lot 3 Values to $1.75, at 94c yard
talB I le"i . On Hale To-Morrow.
Hag pro, on lis uMualifled popularity by the indisputable superiority of its VALUES. "The fhinn --tioii haa
outdone itself m underprising! exebdraed an enthusiastic houMwifa when aba had been abown the utile upon ublea of
Hi.- Mirld s finest china nml )ilii.is,vnrr. YOU will find th ggmc vhIih-s lo-morrow ilospitr our trcmeiidoua aales
on the openipg days, for we liotinjo, ti. lart;. ,i atooh we have ever provi.lo.1 for any sale. Inraoentally that'aona of the rea
sons von esn buj here at sueh ridieulously Ion prices.
100-Piece English Porcelain
Dinner Set at $15.00
A H8.A0
nine; i n
neat gn-on
border pat
tern; lineal
K n g I i r h
set complete for i ' proplo; bread .nnl
butter plates. Our price represents u
aving f $13.50 over what you would
pay elsewhere for the same set.
Gas or Electric
Reading Lamp
Stands in
ches h j g I,
and has slunk
HI 1 1( he.
Miiian- Mill
ma n lie and
chimney ; a
lamp t hat wa.
never rct-iilrd
in gaaal SS.0U
and eiel I rie
rn no. Bloc,
the baa two
pull chain tOckeU.
$29.75 103-Piece Theo.'Haviland
China Set at $15.49
Fine. thin, translucent Frcm-h china.
The name, Tlteo. Haviland. on every piece
Several most wanted designs: lafgS pieces
stippled in coin iold; one of these sets we
have in open stock now. Bselusivo
china shops in New York ask ftiO.UO for
this same let. We have 100 of these sets,
which consist of:
$40 TOO -piece Austrian alft ftr
China Dinner Set at I?.7J
Thin net
hnn neat
green baud
and a light
gold; solid
coin gold handles fine thin translucent
china; set complete for 12 people; bread
and butter platen; composition.
IB dinner plates
II tea plate.,
I 2 SOUP pl'll es
l dessert plates
I i Individual butter plaii
li tea cup and MUcen
1 gravy boal
I pickle dih
50 - piece Haviland China Dinner
sSet at S8.95.
II fruit saucer.
1 small platter
I large platter
I c a vara d vegetable
I uncovered vegetable
di.li. 115.49.
56-Piece Austrian China Tea
Sets, at $3.95
Dainty pink rosebud spray design;
value $fl.fM.
100 Piece Dinner Sets, regularly
W.94, t $4.95
100-Piece Dinner Sets, regularly
lo..-) at $6.95
1 00-Piece Dinner Sets, regularly
$19.95. at $8.95
100-PieOC Dinner Sets, regularly
$15.00, at $9.95
100-Piece Dinner Sets, regularly
$18.05, al $11.95
1 00-Piece Dinner HetS, regularly
H... al $12.95
100-Piece Dinner Sets, regularly
$$5.00, at $15.00
re MiiniMiiin CnawfaeS "inn liner.
English Blue Willow Ware
at 5c and 10c
10c Assortment
Ten cups & saucers
7-inch plates
(i inch plates
.(-inch plates
Soup plates
5c Assortment
llread &liutter plates
Fruit .saucers
Howls, eU
Etc,, etc., etc.
100-Piece Austrian China Seta
at $12.95
A eiflH.) value; in neat green cpray de.ign; all
p'ecea treated iii coin gold, fine, tbiu, tratuliieent
eblnat sal for 1 pi.iple.
$35.00 Rich Cut Glaas Lamp at $14.75
Stands In inehei high with .ilver oekel.al.o
pull obaiai chair bottom cutting; cut glase pri,ins
(If oversold will take order, for lOdiya' delivery.)
Inauguration Sale
Smartest Spring Millinery
ffeef StoeM Untrttnmitl Hat Dtpmrtmtnl Mean Ymrk City.
As usual, the smartest tint rimmed hats in New York are
shown first at Simpson 'raw ford'.. It is freely acknowledged
that our sti ck in hy far tar largest in town, but this is net
nenrly so interesting or important as the eatretiie cleverness of
the individual shapes composing this immense stock and the
pleasing prices at which they are offered.
Tagal Hemp Hata in nil the new shapes aad colors, $l.$8.
Tagal Hemp Hats with black velvet facing, $1.$9 and
Milan Braid Hata in all wanted colors. Sl.M aad $2.r.
Imitation Hair Braid Hate in black. Si. 35.
Cluster of French Roses, i full bloom roses sad foliage,
Spray of French Roaes, $ large roses and foliage. !
Our Free Trimming Service
is at the disposal of our customers your own ideas will
be worked out, or suggestions and advice hy oompetent
milliners are yours for the asking. Providing the shapes
nnd materials arc houpht here tbe trimming will be done
without charge.
Or .iniMt C'rewfeew C.. Mala near. Ow Sale Two.
A Notable Sale of Cotton
Wash Dress Fabrics
More Than 500,000 Yard in Thu
Included are all the wanted fnlirics of the 1013 season.
All new, every yard of them. Beautiful voiles, shimmering
Tussab silks, washable silks, dainty dimities lawns and ba
tistes. Crepra, bnen finish suitings, poplins, etc., every ma
terial that fashion demands for spring and summer wear and
every piece specially priced for thin sale. Buy now when
assortments are most complete and savings average of
regular prices.
10,000 yards 39c Irish Ramie Linen at 25c yd.
One of the extraordinary values of this sale. S6 inches
wide; pure Irish linen, coarse weave so popular at present.
18 shades to select from. A one-day sale at thu unusually
low price.
25,000 yards 25c Bordered Voiles at 16c yard.
You will not have the opportunity sgsin this season to
buy such beautiful Voiles at 16c yard. They are 40 inches
wide, and come in a great variety of bordered effects, but
owing to slight misprints during this sale they are 16c
instead of 25c yard.
10,000 yards 50c Washable Silks at 32c yard
Full yard wide, soft and silky, in pretty blue, pink aad
black nnd white stripes. Especially adapted for ladies'
tailored waists nnd men's shirts.
20,000 Yards 19c Silk and Cotton Chiffons
10c Yard
Soft, beautiful chiffon silks, strongly woven from pure
silk and highly mercerised cotton. Plain and fancy weave
in almost any desired color, suitable for street and evening
39c Tussah Silks at 25c Yard
Tussiih silks in a particularly attractive style, shown in
twenty different colors. Extra fine lustrous finish.
29c 40-Inch Woven Corded Voiles, 19c
One of the very latest effects. You must see them to appre
ciate their beauty, in nil desirable shades.
121 jc 32 Inch Dreas Ginghams at 8c Yard.
Scotch ginghams in checks and stripes. A grade that
always retails at l$V4fl a yard.
15c Woven Stripe Crepes at 9c Yard.
Woven stripe tlispes HQ inches wide, in pink, blue and
helio and black nnd white.
50c Silk and Cotton Pongee at 29c Yard.
Best Pongee ever offered nt this low price, full yard
w ide. A grade you would be quiek to pay regular price for.
Had every appcaram e of nil-silk materials, in pink, bght
blue, Alia: blue, natural, ivory and black.
tr Mmawin CrawforS Dsn Mala flour. Oa Hal. T.-Murr.w.
Manufacturers' Surplus Sterling Silver. Quadruple Silver-Plated Hollow & Flatware, at to Less
Sterling Silver Ware,
Values to $1.25, at 65c
Celebrated Rogers Flatware at
Deeply Reduced Prices
Heavily silver plated. I rem h gray fin
ish; beautiful gr ipe design.
Tea Spoons, net of I. regular flllc, at 59c
)eert spoons, iel of 6, regular 9sc,al epc
Table Mpooni, et of 6, regularly frl.i.V
St 79c
Dinner fork, set wtt, regularly 11.14,
al 79c
Ucs-icrl Forks, atl of B, regularly Hc,
at 69c
tinnier Knives, Ml f 0. regularly $146.
at Sl.10
RllttS Spreader., scl of I, regularly
IS, at Sic
Hv a Pork, set of I, regularly 11.24,
al US
irunge Spoons, iel of I, regularly $1.14,
nl S5c
After Dinner Cuffis Hnooiu, iel nf
regularly Tift si lis
Soup Ladle, regularly W .4a, si pc nock
lira t.i I idles, regular!;, 7"ie, a 59c each.
i old Men1 Pork, reg. T4e, a' 39c rich,
Herri Spoon, regular I) T4c, si Jflc i aeh.
: , shell- mid Bllttci Knives, rgU
. ly 4o, ui 196 ' SCk.
Sa SSs -cr-- -a---s"
Sterling Silver Sugar Sifter.; boo boa
spoossi butter spreader orange ipooasi
sugar shells; pickle forks; ice cream
spoons Artist ie Preach gra and hright
floral patters. HomI. finished with
gold, in plain or pierced designs
$5.95 for Regular $8.50
Sugar and Cream Set
Sugar and cream set, sterling silver,
Colonial style, gold-lined, in velvrt lined
$2.95 for Values to $4.00
Marling silver, Individual 6incbnnd
uii h pistes; bandsuns, pierced de.ign;
bright finish, also almond or bos bon
rli be of sterling til ver, floral and pi n sd
di signs; Preuoh gray and brighl V alue,
to i?l IMi. at 12.99.
Quadruple Silver Plated, Four-Piece
Tea Sets. Values to $12.00, -A
at $6.50
('(insisting of teapot, sugar bowl, ereum pitcher
and Spoon bolder, Some have two pots ano sugar
and cream pitcher Hright finish, engine turned de
signs; shield for engraving. Covered vegetable
dishes; thread horder; bright finish; three compart
ments. 5'ligbt CSndelsbras, pierced base, bright
Main rioor. On Hale I o-M .rri.w. V Mall Order..
Values to $2.50, at 95c
Quadruple silver-plated Sugar howls,
cream pitcher, candlr.tn lu.boubun
keta, fpoon holder., flower pot., horse
radish pottle, hutter or lemon tub,
three-boltle ru.tor. and rcllcitori;
iiien . d. thread, floral and other de.igu.,
ought and French gray flsbbsSi
$1.95 for $3 to $4 Values
Quadruple silver plated covered but
ter diahes, coffee puis, sugar howl,, ice
'lib, fruit or nut howl.. It-inch sand
wich plates, candlesticks, pie plate, and
I lean pot. itiuernaey fireprouf lining)
Design are engraved, pierced and floral;
fiuialied in hright and French gray.
$2.95 for Values to $6.00
Quadruple silver-plated sauce boat
with land, condiment sets (4 and (1
pieces), large bean pot., oval and round
eaaasrobsi Guernsey fireproof lining',
relish id, he. nitll glau Inn n,'. n liter
pitcher., large fruit bowl., 1'hce.e and
rraesef dishc.,and .s-ligtit csndslsnfai vs.
lists of hiiudsiime engraved, pierced nnd
serial qstignti in French gray and hrighl
1 -doz. $4.25 Sterling Sil
ver Tea Spoons at $3.25
Handsome scroll design; bright finiah.
$1.50 for $2.50 Values
Sterling lilver bonbon dishes, tea or
coffee .trainrra, French gray border,
bright bowl; ebony handle.; alt
or pepper .bakers, sterling .ilver, I
in, hen high. I 'ob no al de.igu, ei;g cup.,
lerling (ilver. 3 inches high. Colonial
95c for $1.50 Valuea
Sterling .ilver, individual almond or
lionbun djshrs. tea ball and individual
tumbler coa.ler., the latter with cut
gluss biuwi sterling .ilver; pierced and
floral deigns, bright and French grav.
50c for Values to $1.00
Sterling silver napkin ring.; individua
alt or pepper .hiikera; individual salt
di.hea, tumbler coa.tera.
WN1 f? f7.
WMM j Sunday World Wants Work Monday Morning Wonders

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