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40,000 MARCH AS 300,000 OTHERS CHEER
U K I Ht.lt-limn 1,,-iilulu or Wed Im.
w I I III ll-ttn in lo-nlshl or W
duonAi buninmiioHnu inci
r.fKri ir. A t niitHrlv
aty Officials to Ad Qitfewy
and Acceptance 1
Promised .
Maltbie and Cram Fight Re
duction of Preferential in
New Clauses.
The Public Serviro Commission
rrave 1U formal approval to thn suli
i.ay' contracts to-day and Mill them
to the Board of BeUmatS ami AppoT
tionment. Chairman McCalli who
had refused to Indicate his position
Hi the COOtraCU ever since he MIC-
eeadad VYUUnn. it. Wiltons at bead
ejf the Commlaaon, llnad np with
c'omn)iitKionir.- Basils and WUllanu
In favor of Um nitwiiiint
commissioner Malthi od Creni mad
trnuouii itxiii Mr. MaltMS Mill 'i
v.iniy t Imoorporat. man) amend
meats aimed, he iald, to safeguard ti
i gbt. of the people, but tby were voted
Jc o.
The ron:ra-t with the Interborovjli
11,1 the Sew York Municipal Hallway
CtrporaUon it:. u. it. T Intereete)
were approved a vote ol 3 to -. ' 1
on certificate! lor tblrdtracklng ani
ratenetons In Brooklyn and eatenslon.
In Manhattan, the vote wa to I, Coin
rr.:ioner Oram votlna with tb other,
ecaatse. he uid. he wai In tevor o!
catenates, und ihlrd-troklng ol all
'k .11 Jn.
The contract were tranemltted lm
medtatsly l" the Board ol Uetlmate and
Apportionment, The regular meeting of
board i scheduled for Thuredajr,
.at at the leal meeting adjournment
t aa taken subject to pall. Following
the approval of tb! Board of Estimate,
v n. h Will undoubtedly be forthcoming
promptly, ihe oontraota win be returned
1 1 the Commission f"t !ignBtur,
Borohgh PreMd I MeAneny an
nounced tiiii afternoon that the Board
ut Estimate would hardly act upon th
tuntracU until early neat week. n
latu any one who wanted healing on
Mb object would be given a chenoa be
i m the contract! were approved ol
There waa no action todey on
iierUMataa tor thlrd'traoklng to
The nroso.sd oontraot affcciinu
tiruukiyii Company waa urst taken up,
and Commlailoner Meltbtc ottered
amendment, following Die adoption rf
a minor typographical one ottered by
commissioner William. The mom im
portant of Mr. Maltblo'i luggeetloni re
lated t t proposed reduction In tho
ffiuti.trW preforentlal to It, 300, 000, .is
.nor adequately repreaantlng the pres-
(Colltlliued on Ian : I'age.)
Speeding on
Their Way
The tfreat national hiki to Wasli
inglo.. has nothing on the daily pro
ctssion of World ads. They never
let up. Everybody knows .hat .hey
can get results when they advertise
to hire, tell, work, txcbtnft, I ill,
etc., etc In The World columns.
4 171 Serarate World Ads.
, 1 tt Lt Hrint.-d Yesterday
n.lliin Mere than In the llemlil,
i he viwm V'aearral remamlleyi
You can ( "mr "want" 0 more
people throve the medium of The
World thin ,'f advertisid in the
Herald, Times. Sun, Tribuiic and
Press eombliwd,
You Can't Heat a World
Want Ad.
touirtsht. 1113 t,
Co. I Til IH
WB0SB mother came
Guests al St. Regis and
Gotham Excited as Engines
Rush Through Crowds.
Fifth nw.Mo win orowdtd nti' ttils
iftoftioon wln"i ,t flro HtiirtM on (hfl
Mcond Hoor t iup rtNtdtnM of w. $
wnl W't.'t nt No uVt. Tin MlfellN
iind Iioon unii Itvldvr irueki pamt rac
inn t'lrotmh tho tiiiHh of v'iloNv.
in thi tTniveratt) Club and tb Hottli
OothaVfTI ftlld St Rdjgtl - t rv win low
snn Occupied with Miff Hp' ttfttOTV. I'p
ih) down tho Rvenui both ildci erf
the rtro line's tho trafflc jBjn Of au.o
ant UlXicO)bfJ booocnt a tdnelr.
The fire wun tltlnffUlohd with little
demOiTt 't whh esal'1 to have Ntnrtel in
Mpm. Wobb room ami to have bOM
tin' tlf iVlttl little dlAOtttty, Tht ortKtn
of (hi blMfl ki unknown.
NEW YORK GETS $3,000,000
Congress Agrees to Item in Omni
bus Bill One-Battleship
Wen Win.
vVAHHINQTOM, ar(h 4 Thr tile
bUiiply b !!. wore agie I to by tho ten
.it. .in i Houte eoalerreee '.riy todayi
They wen. the Omnlbu. Public hu.m- !
.nun U !i. With a IMDaMQ Item for a iiot- i
OfBce site m NOW Yoik i lty. which n'1
been eliminated bp the limn,.; the
Naval Al nroprlaUOa bill, providlna for
one battl inp. to willed the gonate
agreed, and Uie Hunory Civil Apprdpr.
atlon bin.
There waa than outataadlng only the
Uaglttetlve, Indian and Ueneral De
rteieocy btlle,
The Indian bin it tied up becauee
ganator. I"all and Catron "t New Met-
100 propoae i" ...... h tu a peacetut
death, ' carria. an item iranafarrlne
one ou tpaohe prlaoner. of aa
(rum I''"' i Ktlla Okla.1 to a reaervauon
In NOW Megl.O, Wberi lliey are to ne
tlea -il and given a freeh etert In life
Tiiey are ih! remnant al the murder
one bj ..i led by deronlmo twenty-!(-veti
ye.ir j i
I'tMiit OANAL i HI hl:.
l i ..i .it tti'l ftillekt lnrnulf.m rla
Al.i, UNCI at Mil. Moltl.il TPAVatt
HI KlU Arcailt I'ullo.r ('B''d BiulUma lit
es ruk lUii. H. X, rsuae Uetkaaa Omu.-Mm.
C '
" Circulation Books Open to All."
The Vrr. I'sbllshlna
nk Wurlill.
Mrs. Welch Came From Phil-
ippines to See Her Hoy, Heir
for Kennedy Millions.
Bui Young Henry Martyn
Baker Willingly Accompa
nied Mother to Hotel.
.V1r Thomaa farv vVeaCh. w.re of the
AaeletaiM Bseoutlve He ore tar y of the
"nillpplfte Qovoramant, tooh ik...-.. on
Of her thlrte'n-year-old ion, Henry
Martyn Ilaker, tti-.lay at Vltlh avanua
and rtfty-thlrd ptreet. In epite of tho
order, of the boyi father, tier nrt hue
band. Henry Halnhrldne Ibilter of No.
IM Went Klfly-rtfth atre-t. lire. Weluii
ante all the w.iy from the PhlMlTpUM.
to e. the youiiatHli.r WbC h! een in
her Ufa very llttlo for six yean :
Inalated to-Jay that her :i,t !n lak'n,?
poeaaaaleei of the hoy on the. ureet waa
in no Mnae a kiiiijavopiiva. and iiat ia
only m.-ant to take him with her to the
Waldorf.AotoNa for luneh. have a K'eiil
talk with htm about thin which he wag
Old ennujrli to know and return him to
lite father thin evening.
The little boy 1 a ureatnephew of the
l ite John iS. K. nnedv, the bank, r, who
ii. it leaving leAleAMO. The 'athtr in
herlted over $ii;i.'jo under Mr, "Cen-
ne.ly's will, and Mr". Welch any, tl n-
thli aum revert, to the boy on hi
f, libera death and that the will ulo
leave, him eeveral million, of dollar.
When he becotliea old etiollKh to t are
lor It,
Mr Ilaker. who waa Mlaa Virginia
Lei. of BO!tOn, Kot a dlVOfOe in Tu n
ton three years aito. She and her hu.
band had been Derated for three
wars before that and Utile Henry had
i.een put in care of hie father s ilster
111 uaklni; for the dlvnree, Mr. Welch
charged Baker with cruelty and failure
l.i upport her. Tins eult waa not d,.-
Mm. linker nt once married sir
W i-h. whitn a!ie eat. abroad, and
went with hhn tc the Phnipptnee Re
contly tdie BtaVrted for New York t-
make h.-r .son a visit. In Bremen ehe
was m, t by a letter from Mi. Baker',
attorney notlfylna Iter that in he opin
ion of Mi. Hake- It wna nt ndvlyuble
to have Ifeno meet hr. ax II had .
bad inllu.-n.x' on him to I.mih of the
trotrble botween M. parswta. Mrs
Welch appatvntly acduleeced in the
father's rullnit; but ehe cam. to NeO
Vork as faat ae ehe OOttld and arrived
laet ws-k.
From the three or four latter, a year
Which her eon was allowed writ,
to her ehe knew that he waa attending
Ilia. Bovee'. s.-ikxi for lAttte itiye. No.
I Weal Flfty-iduUi Itreat, Mre. Wei !i
dr.aieed plainly y.-etenlay and eurveytsl
Ktfty-nlnth atroet and Fifth avenue
from before 1- B'oloojl until 1 o'clock,
when Khe eiaw Henry Nme out will, a
maid and walk up Kiftii avenue to
I'lfty-tlftil Mtlant
With thn Information .he went to t,ne
Fifth avenue corner to-day at t o'clock.
The maid eanie from the eehOOl door
alone and eroaaeil thn avenu, . Mra.
Welch followed the girl. It was not
Until h waa nearly at Fifty-third
s-.reet tiiHl th. mother aaw thai her eon
WM nominal along Ihe other ai.le of the
...o w.ih two other boys of ftbeul h:
own ace
Hurrymg .he caught up wll them, aa
con as ehe -poke to ntf boy lie ran at
her and fairly leaped i"t iter arms.
Mre. Welch took him by Ihe hand and
poeood tie1 afreet to toe spot wmre th.
i ..mi A.ih staring In amaaement
"Henry is aoliiK lo have lun. h with
me and spend the rest of the aftermnn
with me," .aid Mre Welch.
"What does this mean" said Ihe maid.
' Il means," mid Mrs. Weloh, ewe"ll,
"thai t am Henry s motlo r and i am
going to spend the afternoon with him,
1 waa going to have Hem,, .'all hi.
rather and tell him he ana witn m
But you wai ave u the trouble if you
will, Please tell Mr Baker that Henry
a, i.i i wiii lunott at th. vYaldorf.Ae4urls
sad that lie will be home befatrs darn.
lie need have no eenonfn atajut linn."
I am aolns with nn mother," an
nounced the youiixater Sturdily, And b
(Continued oa Second Pegs.)
I . i I . Mil. . T 1X1 C . 4 I 1 1
S - . -
W ishes to Prevent Loss (A
Sufferers' Money if Serum
I )oes Not Succeed.
When Physician H;is Proved
His Gaints Every Assistance
W ill Ho Given Him.
Boms of the teiia.niv behind ihe County
Me.iieai Society's determination to .-land
at least temporarily, between Dr. Freld
rieh Franx Friedman and his "demon
strattone" of his serum, which he de
clare! will annihilate tuberculosis, were
revealed tills afternoon lo The Rvenlng
World by Dr. Brooki K, Welle tin .
clety'a President.
Mindful of oiher alleged cures that,
before they have i.'-n proved useless,
have netted large aum. to the "dlsoov-
ercrM," the doctors of New York have
taiund IhentSslVSS to resist the youiu
llerlln selentlat'. efforts to treut eon-
suuiiUaea.. aaaA. ii.s euro n, a ,14 lUm
Healfh De4iartment or some duly eon-
stiiuied authority ha. p.serd upmn it.
"There le no ,ueeton of profes
sional Jealousy or anythlnfl of thnt
sort at Issue." Mid lr. Wells nt hie
oltive, No. Ill Madlaon avenue. "Any
such Insinuation la rldlculoua. Not a
medical practitioner in the city but
w.-ubl lie glad Jo see and applaud any
step forward in the march of medical
"Hut we do not conoid
mann has convinced any ,
hups himself, of the elth .1
treatment for tuberculoi
r Mr. Fried -ne,
eave pet
s' of hie new
la He bus
oine to us without credentials and
with the apparent Intention of beKlii
iiinir a practice at once, Many reisirts
of the marv. lloue scrum have preceded
him--very iiiany-
"ir Priedmann is offm id a ahanoa to
Justify thess reisirie by official demon
strattone We are not arlHlng tiiat he
or any of ihoes aaeotrlates With him
should, ua has been proposed, eele.-I
those upon whom the teat Is to he made
The ganger of such n courts is obvloue
For Instance, While h. mlalu present
lift v perfectly healthy map and Women
for examination at Fie end of a course
of treatment, ihere might always remain
the .uap 'Ion they perhaps were Just ns
well before the treatment was begun.
"Beyond that, note has been mad of
leveral ctrejoeaetanoee erhtch lead us
doubt the entire sln erltv of some of
Hi. -s,. be supposedly are associated
with him tu trying- to introduce th.
serum into tills country. From a medi
cal point of view. In th lilfht of many
leiat flaaCOe, It la extremely unlikely
the serum can do all Dr. Fi;. Iriunn
holies. Tat doubtless those behind It
OOttld profit to the extent of a million
dollars, possibly more. In Ihe II rat few
weeks of its Introduction.
"When Dr. Prlsdraann came to m...
last Sunday, and asked, through an In.
teipreter, what formalities would ta
netssaaary before ne could begin to pre
tlaa medicine here. I lUggrattd he make
teat on a few auffeeere, ni Inilsten
tlist he innk,. the tests on 'many hun-
dr, se, med odd,"
i- Wells explHi I lir Friedman,,
would make himself liable to arrest foi
Illegal practice uf u in. . ihould he
even trv to can y out bis proposed pla
f ireatina a number of consuneptlvsa
who kteh n one, to pay for the s, um.
nr. BniMl J. Ledsrls, th. Health
I 'ixnimlssioner, said li s dciartmenl bad
withdrawn Its obje Hun pi lr Fried-
aann'i dea alratlon of tha ' cure."
The raattsr li in the hand, of th.
County Medical koe4t) now." he s.iai
"our sole inter eat i ofttclatlyi was to ee
Ihst the treatment was no! SUOh a on.
aa might have harnifil effect., Ir
Priedmann euhmllted a tube of his mi
lure and Dt William Kallork Park., our
bacteriologist, has pn mount led It Willi
out danger."
Dr. Preldmahn tlo outlined his mth.
rad. of tfeatmrnl in let. Uederl. and I.
aaaot'latea. but bs first pli Iged lhm to
see reel.
i.ed by me announcement m a morn
ins paper lb..- i r rrlrdm.nn would
Hive them his tubercular va. oliie re.
at the MontefaOrg Home to-day, jiarl
of the sum,; pitiful throng whleh crowd.
tContluusd oa ThlrtscaUi Page.)
toil . ..r-y
"Evil has come
been shamefully prodigal.
" This is not a dag of triumph ; it in a
dag of dedication."
"The Government has been used set-
tishlg bg those who forgot the people.
I eaVeatfllf
M BHeKfaffaaalkdl BePfclw
(Photocraphad by Undtrwood & Underwood.)
Gas (jfine, Hild Volplanes Un
der Queensboro Bridge
to prist ii Yard.
Frederick O llild. flylns n aeroplane
of bla own make, started from llemp-
atead Plain, to-.iay f ,i Waahlagton.
hoping to flj down Pnuyl sails ave
nue over the head of th marcher, la
the Inauitural parade, Hi- Kot M far
a the penitentiary on Blackwell'a i-i-ond
He whlgaed o). .11 1. the all al
Heenpatead Plain, at ''' o'ekwk,
struck OUt for die Pound and
came nat Whlteeton and PfiFetii
point arid ovet Hell Date al a rept'l rate
mi at such a height that th- t'lieklnd
of hi pro pollers could be eavlly te no
t y people along the shor.
Th,, mlety haa. i -r i n
poaslbla tu se,- the machius
afterward thai ie was Utl
th foe ami blundere.1 In i
be wwit claae lo Keel Itivi
thought of lan 'in. iui a
lie ,1 lu
ll d soil
I lost III
les. time
Fark ami
a I ra Id of
Ihe trees.
Wneii hll k:is, ,'ine ran OOl ho BCedl 1
dOWg and found hlms. If Kbdinit toward
the stone quarrl. t th north end ol
hi.,, kw. li s i i ti i s . .." tied hi.
planes it,. I swooped UM uni.l be wi.
oy.r ploiasrhed ground, Tb.. runner
wneeia of n - nil I n -auk deep ml I
ti. thawing ma i il ' wa illreetly ur.
dei tb tjue. in - h II o Hide., n tile lei .
yard of tb pen ontary I
Pi tffti on t o bridge g uj stopped
abort srhen Ihe bis mat him, crime
floatll 4 down OUt of i I. shy at a 111(1
.i. 11 o'clock. M oormen and team
at, -is pullad lip Id Utk. a lOOk ami to
save trolley passengers a chance. Hun
dieds of persons left the oa,- t . pser
dosp at Uae gasoliiis bird sprcadlag its
CldlO l - I! A
I " Circulation Bookt Open to
with good; we
helpless win,!- ni the Iswn of the prison.
Keeper, ran to Ihe machine from all
parts of the Krounde and prisoners
i eowdod to the barred w indows to envy
the mini who could so Where to pl.-aeed
iiibi aplalned to Keeper John Dowd,
v a wis the It re I to lea. li him, that
bis supply of gaaoIlM had been ex
hausted. He obtained more gu-oitne
from the penitentiary stair, but there
was no lubricating o there HI for his
ise, and aa his motor, running hot,
loot ised up all Ida oil, I,,, sent to
Manhattaa to et a full upplp. The
breaking down uf But ft rry aauaad
some delay.
Hlbl OhdngOd hi. mind shout send
Ing for oil Hti l Hturtel for Hemnstend
I'lalna Ms was back st a o'clock with
his oil and a young woman, whom he
ntroduced a hi. ooueta, mis Oaotelle
He said that he would take her with
bun on the nl of the way to Wash
lii at on.
Warden Hayes put a veto on thl. Idan
Il ' tio J ouns Woman waa Kolns
to start from BlackweH'. Islninl while
he was Wardi n, ne said, and he advised
M -a I'osleilo t. ran hi 'iie to ber 'ns-n
mi Miss Coetello sc.rned lo take Ids
advle kindly,
Whoa he found bow dea) ily laiajsejgad
m ihe mud in.- wheal, of bis machla.
w. ie Hild said II would lak. him . i the
afternoon to net it oo firm ground,
wl. r.. . could make a tart, He did
mil think: in. could grel beyond Uov
srnor. island tesnhj)bt,
li d was muck disappointed by the
Interruption of bla trip ami the loss
of iiis opportunity to reaah Waabing-
t ei in lime to add Ul tb. ItMeeWgl af
In, parade
v stur H .d is known to UlS aviation
col my at Hempstead Plain, al "the buy
avlatol " He la a graduate ol Brooklyn
II. lib Mohnol and la said a, be th only
elf taught gvlalor In the country to
H la Ify fur a pilot' Uoens He has
bull) a machine of nt own design, Th
young man kepi hi Intention of going
i.. Waahlngtoa to himaair When be
Mr ..I l'"ay I was Hi , ,, t at Hemp,
lead Fla. ti- that ho meant to fly only
t , Central Park.
v v, 1 1 i. u a I Fined io.o'n..
BVPfALO, n v . March t a tine ,.f
f.",ii,on a as Intpoaed on the vw York
Central Rsllroad in United Slate. Court
o-da . for violation, of the Intcretat
COBIMSI Act In falllns to observe the
publisbed istee of BsfSUrrag. at 12sst
BuSslu Tut fliis was paid.
Si r
All." i,
New President and Vice-President
Take Oaths of Office and Lead
the Monster Parade from
the Capitol.
Great Parade Begins at 3 o'clock and
Continues for the Rest of the
WASHIMiTON. March 4.
1 01 tiie Uniied Slates at IJJ ti'clivk this afternoon amid imposing osrs-
itliitliaa. Hi 1 IlitlllllriWilli: Ca"it1aSt ait MMlBtltM fATT . a t I fa IT tin.IintT t vKafk KtSL
lllt'llla 4IIU lllll t.l I -taT '! M. ,t J ' ' J k i I 1 1 I (in nut,. I I H . gj ss gg . (iiv tr
lOfk east fnmt uf the Cipttol he took the ondilutinal ttath of office,
slid ill his hrief inaugural tditOU, made a fervid appeal tu all patriotic
men lor ooutltcl and aid.
The cruwd in I n nit n the Capitol was estimated a-t 7S,ooo and there
were 22S,ixkj in the grand stands and in bulkliiif's alm; the streets.
The InaUfUftl parade was the greatest ever seen. Hnlly 40,000 msfi
marched down PenraytVinll avenue, the greatest body that has walked on
that ttvoroufhfirs since UlKOln reviewed the victorious troops in 1865.
Vice-President Marshall had heen
only shortly before Mr. WillOfl was swum in, and at the conclusion of
President VVllson'l inaugural address the party hurried Kick to the White
Utilise ahead o the Iraugtiral procession, where President Taft said good
by to President Wilson and prepared to leave at once tor Augusta, Ca.
President Wilson shortly alterv,ard took his place to review the pre
cision. Just as the President's carriage wai liming the I'apltol stand
one of the horse hearing an ISSSS trooper, beromlag frightened
at the noise and confusion, lit-gnu rearing and kicking. The rider
trine In train control of the animal hut It pushed over and struck
the side of Ihe carriage oul) a few Inches from the new President.
Wilson hnlf stood In hi place and, reaihlug out, pushed the horse
The dny wuh cool hut cloudy Just ns Mr. Wilson took the oath of
office Hie ot.trhiiiiKliiK clouds broke awuy The suu came out brilliantly
SSd shone for a few minute on I lie new CfeJtt Executive.
It whh LOR o'clock when Ppagldanl Wilson entered a four-horee carriage
for the triumphant return along Pennsylvania avenue to the White House
lie took Hit- rtKht hand scut, which former President Taft had occupied
on the tt Ip to the Crtpttnl. Opposlts Mr Wilson eat Senator Bacon and
onsasttS Mr. Tuft waa Senator Crane of the ConKreeslonal committee. Be
hind the Prc.-ldenttnl pany cavalry. Infantry and bands formed in the
martial climax of tho change of Admlnlatrutlon Mr. Wilson and her
daughter. Decupled carrliiKP in 'he parade to the White House.
The protoaalnn down Pcnnsylvanlu avenue waa one rouUntious roear- a
lleafanlnS Storm Of sound. No particular din w.i- heard, but the whole
btentled I" a yreat volume of BOleS The cheef. !enan with those of the
7o,0im nssciiili'i'd at the Capitol and followed the earrluge carrying the
PreeldaSl up lo the ery doors of the WliFe House
Wilson .tnrlsd It foum.) by dofflng bl. hat every taw mluutea. Then
he held II a'oft anil bowed Finally bin arm rivw so weary that he laid
the silk hat in hi. Up and Mit bar. beaded, ncknowI.-dKlng the cheers and
SPplsw.a Willi Inclinations of his head. The hulk of iho ,a Prcoldonl,
scaled ai tils lift, pravestsd Wll-on from acknow IsdgirsS many of the
plaudits on Hint side uf the street. Moreover, It kept folka on the aouth
Ida of Pennaylvsnts svenu. craning their necks to catch u glimpse of the
new president
All alotir; i lie line of StSTCb every sort of uolse-makliig apparatua wevi
utlllssd by the erowda. Women on bnlconleH or crowded in window
stretched out ihelr arms and threw klsaue to the new Kxecutlve, who smiled
In return. I' w ua apparent before the procession had uoue halfway to tb"
White House that Wilson was tired In between bows he cluneal anitlingly
with t v. President Tuft
Tin- Bsecutlvi seemed Interested In the way fast uiitoinobiles carrying
Kiiiei diplomats icurrlod nionif down the street hurrying ahead of hi
carriages. At Klsthth and Pi nn-ylvunla avenue uu ambulancp dashed xadaJf
111 Hie opposite dire. -I loll, an I WiU
' .. t a . , .. i .v.. . i 1 .
' ,1'O'inij I'.mimk l a It i ini'ie nil is-i'ii a erious a riut'UI.
At Mnth street and Penueylvanla avonue Wilson espiinl a hug.- picture
of himself on the side ot a building It naau t a Muttering llkeneaa, but he
grlnm-d and tiaik oft his hut to It. The crowd laughed and cheernd.
Turning up Fifteenth street was like
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