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cth It rraehed analnat eardrum nd
dually hurt. Turnlnc Into Pennsyl
vania avenue aswtn In front of th
Whit Houaa, th 7tnt stand of the
Court of Honor took up th cheer And
uaheied tin- Prealdent Into ila naw
houaa with Ita alvo f applao.
Half an hour later Wilt in einerkcd,
a ad acortlnc Mra. Wilson, madi- Ml
wajr to tha reviewing stand ha vine,
net chad a quirk lunch In MM White.
Houaa and tm.li- hla ppede- esimr faro
n. Tin parade waa then set In mu
tton pa, tin- na- conrmander-tn-idilef
0 tha army and navy.
Trie retiring Cabinet and thorn- tnem
bara who eat In erate rwfnrf for tha
unaprxilrrted Wilson Cabinet, :iad a
bully good time hnimoiiMi'i together n
th revlawln: (land Hltchrork and
Merer with MciAdoo and other.
Tha essradr paat tha White I lunar hr
MB at I o'clock and continued lha rest
Of the afternoon.
Bjr th tlr Prealdent WUaon had h.--ooana
settled down to the review of
tl). "Cltlien" Taft waa rn routr In
Aucuata. Ol BrurrylliK In an offlrlal
automobile hla hut ride of tho kind
from ttsr rear entram-e of th Whit
Houaa he met Mra. Taft and Mlaa Helen
kt Mr. Laughlln' residence and then
HI directly to tlio atatlon. There the
party boarded a apeclal car on the At
lantic Ooaat line for Augusta, Where
Heft will spend a month.
Mr. Wllaon and Mr. Marshall had re
i sained with their famllta at tlielr hotel
through th night. A tlx- hour np
ajgajpJiad for opening to-day'e rrrem n
iaa. they were Joined by the lnsutfural
Ctsswnitte of Congress, made up of
Crane, Huron and rttrrmu
. Ilapreeenlatlvee Kux-ker. Garret and
It waa ehortly after ISO whrn th
Caagveaalonal dlgatlon, brave In their
fJk Beds and cutawaya and fro-k coata.
wast up to Mr. Wllaon' room to eei-ort
hUB to th Wlilte llouae. A moment
later they left the hotl for the brief
trtg to the Whlta House. Thouaanda ut
apaotatera cheered the n v Chtaf Ki
cuUve. the Princeton ludtnt, th
Mag cavalry troop and tha I'nlverslty
at Virginia student maaaed along fa
StfOStS prewrvlng order. The Princeton
bay) Stood along H street up to Madlaon
pUsb, and Share th Virginia students
wars maseed into two great line
aero aa to the Wlilte Houaa
All cheered lustily.
Mr. Wilson and two memuer of th
CaVJafrajstonal Committee occupied one
carriage nnd behind them waa Vice
Prsldnt Marshall. The Bears and
Culver troops clattered alongalde both
atajjr-fjeneral Wool had masaeil hla
aaatf of aldss and marahala on the Whit
House lawn, th horse tramp. us the
tenoer grass of the plot that waa Mra.
Taft's pride.
Ths party whirled up the drive to And
President Taft waiting to walcoma th
loosening Preeldent snd VIco-Prealdent
oa lb front portico.
Taw Pfisoeton students, marching In,
(erased la a Mg seoUon dlraotly to front
of the portloo, arriving Just as Wilson
wwl stepping cut of his caniag.
A oaoor leader, with an orange and
Mack button, stspped to the front of
the massed crowd of fellow students.
Hs raised his arms snd thrn thre burat
forth from MO throsts the thrilling
strains of "Old Nassau."
WHson had not seen the preparations
for this, but aa the flret atraln of the
oM Princeton anthrai cam to hi an re
hs turned quickly. H doffed his hat,
c asked nt heela together snd, with Ml
Cosby snd Lieut. Commander Tlmmona
Taft's military and naval aides, lUnksd
oa sjther side, siood at "attention" hla
hat bald across hla hreaat. It seamed
as though tears almost awelled up In
Ma syss Ids fan wss transfigured with
amotion. Whrn the churu had died
sssar he lifted Ms Mlk hat on high,
warsd It to tha boys and thn turned
lata th Whit Houae.
Taft having In mind th Incoming
President' dsslrs for simplicity, esoort
ed him to tbs East Room of the Whit
House, instead of thu Blue Room, which
M the formal recaption place of dlgnl
larlsa Here Mr. Taft and Mr. Wllaon
chatted and Mr. Taft's wsll known
ssstts wag much In avldsncs.
Tkw stay was brief. At 10.17 o'clock
rfcs fid to th Capitol began. In the
iwt anrrtaga wsr President Taft and
Mr. WUsoa. Mr. Taft occupying the
at With thorn wars Ben
in the second
sat at Samator
Ovrman'a right. Knpreernlatlre Ituck-
r rmle with MMftti In the thlnl gWHMM
earn Iti-proeantatlv oa M- K.nh v and
The party moved brlakly nut of thx
Whlto Hi.-., irrounda ami down IVnn
aylvanla evvnur, hg rnounlnl SSjOOTtl
rlatterlns atOBdJ btoldl and behind. The
atreel wc-rn packeil and to roara of
rherra I'reitdent Taft and Mr. Wllaon
save their ucknuMli-ilmenta.
As th cuvali'Hil.- wpt nut of the
White KOttS grminda the new Prcahli-nt
turned about In li s Ssal mi l wavad n
friendly gri-'tlns to the III PJSSstlHmil
the "pri-sa" boys who followad bin
throtiKh the long din a of tho PJURpalgn
and have atuck to him ut Princeton ami
Trenton alnre Nov. E Kei-lng aervanta
cluatrd st windows uf th White
House, Wllaon then amllcd and nnwJ
bis hands al them
Half-nay down the gravel driveway a
trooper'a hiuae, rinlh-en nndei- the ex
citement and nolae of rhi-erlng from
thougaml of throats, n-aicd SPi ewuiiK
over and struck ths carriage coiitalnlnH
tho Prcslilent and Incoming Executive.
It aaa only a alight blow and the sol
dier riulckty Jprke'l th nervous ani
mal tiack on bin bauncliea, quickly fall
ing Into step again.
Aa Mm cavalcade turned Into Pcnn-yl-vunlu
avenue and jiaaned down throuKli
th court of honor to riftci-nth street,
thence t Pennsylvania avenue again,
the Incondng Chief Muirtetratii caught
lila first glimpse of the decorations on
that historic thoroughfare -decorations
In hJa honor, lie smiled and waved a
Kreetlng to (he charring throng and ap-l-arel
vastly Internated In various pub
lic building ami gggJM the picture
which, like most work of that charac
ter done hy elgu palntera, wsa anything
but flatlerlng.
In marked contrail to His iiotous
scenes of yesterday, when tiia crowds
along Pennsylvania avenue virtually
mobbed tli woniru In th auffraue
pageant, tho cairlage any to-day was
vntlrely clear, and tho Presidential
party rod along with apectalurs no
nearer than the t ui-ua.
The party proceeded down Pentnylva-
nla avenuo slowly until It nard th
Capitol and then the four uluck huraei
drawing the I'reabtpntlal carrlag broks
Into a trot and ths. troopers eacortlng It
purred their horses into a canter. Tims
thu cavalciule galloped up Ggplto Ilia.
Th i-airlaKe ail their eacori
whirled up to the main entrance of the
Capitol to the greetings of the iiuibi-.l
nultltUd In lb aland and th lean
fortunste who were perched upon
every point of vantage or packed Into
all available apace
President Taft and Mr. Wllaon wart
at one escorted to tho President's
room, where Mr. Taft at once look Hp
the work of signing bill. Mr. Marshal
wnt to the Vlce-Prskli-nt'a room, ai
(ompanled by inetnbei of the com
mittee, snd as met by President pro
tern. Ualllnger. Th two parties re
mained in the rooms until Congress
bad done up th last bit of lie work
and waa ready for the beginning uf
the seen of Inauguration of th Vlce
I 'resident In the Men ate Chamber.
When Mr. Marshall ntered hla room
lie found an Immense Uiuiiuet of Anior-
I an Heaullei on his desk, aent by the
Indiana I ii-mocratlc Club.
Mia. Wilson snd her ilaughters mean
V.UII entered the s;nu e reserved lor
them In the .Senate galleries nnd were
the centre of all eyes. Mra Wllaon wot
a tan cloth dreaa, with a brown ribbed
Uk coat and u small hat to mutch. Mi s
Margaret Wilson wore blue silk poplin,
Mlsa Jal Wllaon lavender uroadioth
and Una Kleaiiur Wilson n bright blue
cloth dreaa.
The arrival of the Presidential parte
was li ned to bring It to the Capitol n
full hour before the opuiilng uf tile
actual Inauguration ceremony at no in
This was to give suMUIent time to M
Tuft to sign hills being passed In in
laat hour of the expiring 81xty-aecoml
Congreaa. The Cabinet of the outgoing
President accompanied him, to liispn.
the newly pasaed blll.i pertaining to
their departmente nnd to sdvUe th
Prealdent aa to hla signature or veto.
Mcanwhll lb Beast and House of
rteprescntatlvee were pressing mutters
to a final i onclusVn, In the hurry to
have all leglelaaMv fnigiflgtl MSfta Mil
before noon. In th House thr were
tit uaual closing exercises, with rag
lotions of thanks to the rlpeaksr. It
waa tha aim of the leadeia to rloae tha
proceedings sufficiently before noon to
permit the membership of Ibe Houae to
Cob lu a body to the Henat wlug of
Capitol, thr lo lake th Mat act
WABHUfOTON, March 4 -The
exact Horde In the BIM nhbh
Pieshlcnt Wllaafl kissed when he
timk the oath of office are, "Psalm
lilt, verses 4.1 to 4H Inclusive:
"And take not the Word of
Truth utterly out of my mouth:
for I have hoped In Thy Judg
ment. "Ho ahall I kp Thy law con
1 1 n 1 1 it 1 1 y forever and ever.
"Ami I will wtlk at liberty, for
I seek Thy precepts.
"1 will apeak of Thy teatl
mntilca also before Kings and will
not bo aahamed.
"And I will delight myeelf In
Thy commandments, which I have
"My hand alo will I lift up
unto Thy tMitiiniandtnenta which I
In ve loved, and 1 will meditate
In Thy etatniitee."
1 in- book, with these word m irked
In a gilt circle, will be presented to
the President hy Clerk McKcnncy of
th fluprema Court within a few
apart for thm In ths Henate chamber
for the Inauguration ceremonle of tho
Senate galleries were thronged early
with a brilliant aaaeniblage In which
Mlini Ml Isigely predominated, their
gowns and hata giving a gala appear
ance 1o the upper portion of the
chamber. The diplomatic galleries were
Htrlctly rarvcd for the families of the
representative of foreign government,
and the Prealdent and Vice-President's
galleries for th families of Die Incoming
and outgoing Kxecutlvea.
The whole Inaugural programme waa
delayed more than half Ml hour to-day
hy pressure of end-of-t he-aeuson tuisl-nc-
In the Menats. Th old expedient
of turning the clock back was utilized
In iKith branch of Congress In order
that the constitutional provision thnt
the ihmi aeaslon must end at noon
March t, might be observed. In the
Semite It was exactly 12 SO when the
Vlce-Preeldeiil elect arrived In the chain-
ber to be sworn In.
Prealdent Taft and Preal.lsnt-elect
WIMon appeared at the H.-nute door four
minutes after Mr. Marshall. They took
sc.its In the front row.
When all the gueals were assemble!
Vice-President Marshall stepped up to
lb Sotll and st ISJ4 took the oath.
Th formal programme of adjourning
of the Semite sine dl and the organisa
tion of th new Henui over. Vlce-Preal-dent
Marshall began to deliver hi In
tUgUral uddres.
While Vlre-Plesldent Marshal Was
swearing in new Senator ami return
ing one the temulnder of Hie company
began the march lo the stand on the
east front of the cspltol. where the
Inauguration of Mr. Wllaon was to take
lilac. Prldnt Taft and Mr. Wilson
wre greet il with loud cheer aa fiey
came nut the main door.
Immediately In front of the Presi
dential platform MaJor-4.1cu. W.Kid and
his Osnonl Staff held a spai-e clear.
Acroas tli open spue lo4:ned a bat
tery of n'-urly a Hundred camoras and
motion pjotttf maclWn-H, IralutMl on tile
stngl ..pot where President Taft e i to
pus hi mantle of OffOt to President
elect WIU011. Hack of Die -t Point
aa4otl etood the Kex TiMop, Pi-eldent
Wilson's guuid of honor, and 1 M them
the UUv k Horse tfOOf or Culver.
s. mild wind blew over the h'iih 1.
an I tli Wet Point endet and Mllorl
inn about In little group lo relieve the
WMUnfi wiiile the Presidential purl."
lowly gginbld, The east front of
ti.e Capitol tweoptng down from th
lion to tne (round and out a far aa
the Congressional Library ami neigh
boring apartment bulldluge irntd
n brilliant a.en of color. The weather
still was cloudy, but there wait no Im
mediate Hlgn of ram.
It tM I'll o .. o'k before th pruces
elon to tb stand bad g a-- Cgl a tin
Wplaaintlo Corpi 10 siu.iy did It Move,
Tin waa bfOSUM muu rontSlD ' I b
hind 10 11 new fnaton gwsrn In Ma
Wilson and Pnsld-nt Taft bowed tu
the crowd as llivy took tnlr avals in
In centre of the plalforni.
Mr. Wllgon at at the il 'i; of P.-esi-dent
Taft, w hile Vlce-Pn :dent Mar
hkU look lit aeat at tho ivf of h, .
d nt Taft, at MM le Bl Ull put to. .n,
und talked with Seiiutm lls.o i
A burat of applause and iiu'.rs greet
d Champ Clark a be puid on lo u.
Inaugnml Hand nt th head of the line
of House member.
Major-den. Wood directed th ' losing
in of th IfOOpt before Hie guests b id
all been Nfttodi and tho cruwd grad
ually edged Inward toward th Inausu
ra' plHtfo-'ll. SpggJtOf Cl.'irk le mod
Inward Mr, Wilson and the two shook
hands, bringing more applause fro.n the
Applaus cam from the crowds near
the entrance of tho Capitol door a
ornier Speaker Cannon emerged, swelled
Into a Inrger volume oa William J.
BrTMl cam forward with the other
guest comprising the membership of
Prt-sJdent Wilson's Cabinet. OoV,
PI Id or i sucOoooor to ProMdont-olool
Vi'ou ns QOVOroOf of New Jersey,
came out to the Btand with Senolor
Mr. Ilryan, Mr. McAdoo, Mr. Iled
fleld, ncpreBi-nt live BurlOOOn, Mr. Don
lels, Kranklln K. Lane. Uoprescnlallve
William II. Wilson, Prof. Houston and
the others of th new Cabinet, were
escorted to ae.it us the crowd voices!
its approval hy cheers. .Mis. Wilson snd
her daughters took sells clono to the
square platform at the left. At Mrs.
Wilson's reiiuest. Mrs. Marshall took a
at beside her. The two Woman walked
forward to the rail to look at the
crowd. Tlio Wilson girl Jolrnd thorn.
DERFUL. "Oh. isn't It wonderful?'' csld Mrs.
Wilson a she looked out over the liu- ,
mens gathering that extended so far
that faces were nut recognlxable.
At 1.29 the lut restraint upon the
crowd w is removed and , across the
eniply space of asphalt came a cheer
ing mass of men and women waving
hata, Hugs and coal upward In the di
rection of the Presiden-elect. In a
moment a dens sea of p oplo touched
the very edges of the lnuug-.irul stand,
the military preserving their places
with dlhlculty.
Somebody In the crowd shouted:
"ThrO cheers for Miss Nellie Wilson,"
and a good-natured laugh w. nt up,
President Taft. who had sat with a
good-naturod mii on ni fac us th
crowd surged about, burst Into a hearty
laugh when sums one yelled "Where Is
Toddy T"
It was LM o'clock when Chief Justl eg
White stopped foraatd. the party arose,
and President-elect Wilson raised his
bund to take tin- oath ol offtoO, Clieera
which greeted the rising, fill to a hush
is tltO Ciilof Justice repeated the oath
to the Prealdent.
Mrs. W ilson. Healed on a lower level,
liimhed uiHiii a ,-halr at the edge of the
platform and peered up at her hushuml
us he repeated the oath after the Chief
Justice at 1.3,1 o'clock. In a moment her
daughter, Margaret, pulh-d another chair
forward und Joined her. A moment later,
aa President Wilson began his Inaugural
address. Mrs Marshall Joined them ami
poorod over ihe rail.
IAUtngntOonimgnder' Rodger, nnval
.title III tile While HoU0i PlgCOd 'llltirs
for the other women, ind they Itood on
Unto fu- a near view of ihe proceed
President Wilson's voice ut llrst failed
to carry into the crowd. BUI as he raised
It lie pgenrod clone attention, which h
held throughout th reading of his ad
ilra. Although he hud montOriSOd much
of the uddres. he adhered closely to the
leading of the manuscript
A burst Of oliowrs frgalod th Pi. I
tlent's dciai atlon. "Our work l a w ork
of restoration." and it tWftlod Into
bet s and ihut were thrown Into the
u?r when he said "A luilff WhtOtl
rot us nit front our proper part in the
commerce of the world violates the lut
principle of taxation and miilies Hi"
GoVMlMnonl a fit He Instrument In ihe
li inds tif private Interests."
From time u time a the Pridtnl
sKike the im peope I from behind the
clouds and shed a feeble light on the
moment later the crowd V0ld its
iLppt oval in cii'-era al his dOOlm atton
that "Justice, and only Juettce, shall al
ways In- our niottj."
A storm of otMOfg greeted tile tmliug
of b spoooh :t l,Mi
Wlliam .1 M i .in wii the first man to
alllike hand with tin- PrMtdent. II" then
shook hands with Mr. Tult The part)
Ho a luep.tifl to head the procession
iinck to the While House alii lint time
Prldnt WUeon at on the right hand
side of the c.tirugc. Th proGoulon to
the white House itartod III 1.(1 P M
i-h Uovornor r Wool tirainin.
t'II.VItl.KSTtS'. W V.t . March 1
Hnrt Di Man' ei'i "ns inaugitrntod
QovorMf "f W 'lrgJag to-iiiv suc-
c.-edlllg Willi. H i K tlla'-f o .. I I hi
1 itugoial MWlcsV IUc UgW ti ' i-inor
urprtaod his most kailiMii frlomti o
dttUrliki htftt't (oi won, an u:frav.
I of Hon member. III I II II I lUI A Ul U 'onternth United states Infantry ami
I M.1I..I I ,1 ' I ,1 I , tl.,1 f, , to. . Ul I I III IIIUIIIlll
i , 7 r . . : u.uuu mniiuii
pmwiamKF i
Greatest Parade Seen in Wash
ington Since Lincoln Re
viewed Union Troops.
of Inauguration, 40,nio strong, swinging
wlOh measured tread to the blare of a
brigade of bands, man-hod In review
to-day from the Capitol to the White
House, a magnificent tribute of wel
come to the administration of Woodrow
Wilson. It was the greatest seen In
Wag h I hg tog since Lincoln viewed the
victorious Union srmy.
lllstoilc Pennsylvania avenue, the
path of other armies of praoe and war,
was lifca a valley between hill In a
glory of color with th simplicity of
nauiro'a grern and white dominating
the color aoheme along the line of
march, while the dazxle of uniforms, the
Hash of gun, sabers, gold luce and
brass butions, and the , .infuse I roar of
bunds, bugle, luirrbcrlnf artillery and
trumping thousands, aided vividness and
stirring activity to the brilliant acene.
High on either aide of the avenue, its
buildings' and reviewing standi were
packed with humanity, rising from the
solid ma n ulong the curbs, to the
dense throngs In balconies, windows
and store tops. And through this val
ley of humanity and color a martial
host undulated and rolled along with
the steady sweep of a great river.
The street pagoant was th climax
to the Inauguration eeromunloa at the
AsPHoli adding the outward spectacular
features to the formal exercises which
had Just taken place at the Senate
chamber and the east front of the Capi
tol, tnc early In the mornlnsr the
ranks of tli marcher had been lying
ill restive division waiting for th
word to advance.
While President Wllaon was solemnly
repeating his oath of office the troops
at parade rest were coming to Atten
tion nnd long lines were straightening
Into column.
With the last word Ol sweai n In
th new Pl'rldnt the command rung
out und WOf tM l.oed along ' - linos;
there was a rattle of r. . a i latter
if hoofs, and the great parade was
In motion behind the cun-uie.es ol Presi
dent Wilson and Vlce-P: esldent Mar
shall. And then with the steady
Tiamp, tramp, Ironip" of I i thing
lent the stream of color OttBxf down
from Capitol Hill und breasted Its way
toward tlio White House, to which the
Pn-sldeiuial party had driven briskly
a., td td Igk plate for the review.
The chief officer and divisions of the
pantile were ub follow:
QrSSd M.ti s.ial - MitJor-Clen. Ionard
First nivlalon Regular Army. Nav
and Marine OolfS MtMf flSS W. W
Wotheraponn. com maud ing.
Second Division. .State Militia Btig.
Hen. Albert 1. Mills, commanding.
Third PlvWon, Veteran and Patriot!!
organlggtlono-fln. Jam k Itusfi 01
u.tugo, commanding
Fourt'i Division, L'h'.c Organlxatlons
itoberi n'. Hnfpofi commanding,
As the procession took up th march
Uu- noted Ksacx Troop of New Jersey
gWUng in behind the carnage In which
Preaident Wilson and former President
Tali rod. Then came Vice-President
Mai thai, caii lage uud behind that the
Ills.:. Horse i roup of Culvei- Military
n.leiny, piaii.'.ng and bowing to til
I lively milllC, A rOtl 01 well iiiiii npeti.!
jn .ii fore t'lis whole party . - l etarttn.
I and i wept along in hind it.
M i tor-Hen. W ood, lii'.ef of Staff ol
the army and grand nsnhsl of m pro,
,,.,.,in, bMdlng Hie mllllttiy bodli
followed. Thin 1'"' army vontlnjjgut,
i, ailed by tb Wgl Point cadet Ion,,
trglSltt llntl of gray luting the uvenn
itcli lino Hopping one man, heed
I lllgu plUIMI atlutler. rtfl
. 1. art-els lltnlng An o atlou gTMlCtj
I ilie-n.
I Xismpaig llSM bSfelgjd MMM the PlrH
4, 1913
Battalion o' Army Bnglnearti th sv-
OntOMrta UnHd Stales Infantry and
Hand from PoM Mcpherson, tin., and
it regiment of ooaat artillery from Port
Monro. Th crack SoVontOMIth, In full
ninrchlng order, a solid column of tull
dresB MrVlC blue, swinging easily to
the lively music of tlielr bund, made a
gptoftdld appearance.
Commanding no less IntoroM than th
West Point endotg came the midship
men from Annapolis. In tin r regula
tion inoft navy-blue jackets nnd till
legging the young sailors wero recelveu
wit h wave of i heerOi
Bill now th assembled tnouggndg scut
up a new roar. A roglntont of b1V0
Juckets turn Into th avenue. Tlwy
tramp along briskly, with the roll In ;
quick-step of men who are rot gtMngOM
to thi sea. A atpiadrcu of the Fifteenth
Cavalry, u battalion Of the Third KlelU
Artillery and u dOtmOhOMBl of th Sig
nal Corps brought up the reir of the
division of regular.
Then marched the Scent. d DtViglOn,
made up of militia. Iielu ware's tronris
lag, heild by t.i ilovernor rind hlJ
BtHff. New Jersey President Wilson's
own State Sent Its entire mill. la estab
lishment, Including it battalion of
Naval RogOrtfOi, In line came tb State
tioopa if PcnttPvlvttiila, Massachusetts,
Maryland, Georgia Connecticut, "Vir
ginia. North C.irollnn, Rhode Island,
Maine, Michigan. Ohio nnd other Jtate.
Militia representation from the Btatl
wits not so great this year gl nt pre
vious Inaugurals, but there wa a
greater it-presentation of tegular tTOOD,
Indlriia Vice-President Matslial's State
was totally unrepresented. .Many- Of
the States, however, which did not send
troops because of the long distance to
be t avelled wore represented by their
Governors and staffs In the Kourtli
Grand Division.
Cadets from the Carlisle Indian School,
In their uniforms of cadet blue, were
a subject of n-mnrk In contrast With
the remnant of their ancestors, who
marched wrapped In multi-colored
blankets and in full feathers nd Wr
paint. Cadet battalions from the Vir
ginia Military Institute and CulVOf Mil
itary Academy brought up the rear of
that section.
Tlio third division, made lip of vet
eran and patriotic organisation! ..
suggestive of the fast diminishing Mil--f
the veteran of the North .ind South.
Both section were represented, t'u
nearby Southern States ui.d the District
of Columbia furnishing the larger nu li
ber of men in blue, with here and there
the men In gray mingling with tbllf
former adversaries.
Tli fourth grind division, compos.!
Of plvlc ludle. was probably the mot
d'verse of nil.
Two bund red BOW DOy I nnd Indians
from Maricopa County, Arlxona. per
formed u perfect Wild West ihOW along
the line of march, throwing larlits,
Don't lie led
tnlo biivln t brrtii depart
llans tonal i-iiiiiIy esitnot Dt- It HO ai ie ihnii a ' en. on pure uiiti uners in ut-u
jSJL H urlee less Ittun the niunufos tiirers can sell II for should waru ooe against
th rlsa Denis- isru ,,e sm s -
Special tor Tuesday
IKN(iK I'A Nt. Illtl N r. Ml simr.--
mil. the kl.s shun, the
tanarnur llattie-superu
the Mf. p( NI) ox
Tuesday's OKeriags
seennm CBBAMBBV i akamki h--
ai T'llie rich uualltle. f dairy Mrediiet
.," elillMMlled In these esraniels- w
Tib MlBU l Ibat MU the. ,let
l.7Vrdieitt "'' 'n ""',r ciimiio.lt lun
I,?. rled In difler.nl Ibit. r..
WL a Van., t lim olate and Htiaw
BXSl, mnd wrapsWd liidltldii- J fk
WtiSrtst ttrwfir c
f our candles all! t tsNirereu
., IVs-ood aene .bel.vee.t r.O ....I IM
I lleTof " "rkl bv Parcel Vol bf
i on. the umoiiiil iMiiinslte to enter
me tat " ulililu all""
1...1 Row. t'urtlniMlt snd I2..IH -Ireet store, mifii every evening until II
rrl. now. i uTjjj our tlttrrt , Hat,,,,!,,, rMaa until II h'i luck.
CM. West Broadway
Cor ChoichStnMt
Pgrk Kou ,'...u iji .
At City Hall I'.rk
rientJoot wiison had brJtfaol
alon in his room at S.f.O o'clock.
Mrs. Wllaon ami the three Wilson
girl were dressing, and the incom
ing BXOOUtlVI decided he wouldn't
wait for them.
Wilton's breakfast consisted of
lalf n grapefruit, oat r.eal, two raw
-sB'1, nnd a gi.t-j of cool water riot
I OOd, for tho President never drinks
let 1 water.
'.Moreover, he never drinks coffee
for brc ikf tst.
Itetwceti th OatWleal an I the eggj
Vilson fclpned a few tcaspoonfuls of
,.mgo Juice.
giving exhibition of trick riding and
broncho busting.
MANY'S 1.500.
Tam;any If ill, LM slrong. In ailed
bi' te.o band, taub "brave" topped
with a pure white silk beaver, and
carrying a red, white and blue um
brella, accompanied by thirty-live "reil
Ind inn" In full tribal rOgalla, was
marclilng at the Inauguration of th,
tlrat Democritlc Prealdent In twenty
l'"orrri orl In this rlvlt division camo :
the WoOdrOW Wilson liu of Trenton.
And then came fully X'Mi toUogg students 1
from all parts of the country. Princeton,
In honor of It former president, had i
l."po men In Hue, who marched In cap
and gown, each wearing a Princeton I
Dftdg on his left arm. Th Duekworthy j
Club of Clnnlnnatl, with V' mjUrohOM in
Whit overcoats and dark red umbrella, ;
was a noteworthy patch of color In the
w hole scheme.
Other notable organizations In the line
were the Jefferson Club of Philadelphia j
the Iroiiiols Club of San Francis--o, the
Moan Gnen Club of Louisville, the
Uerka County Club of Pennsylvania, I
with It" famous band enlisted during
the war; the Indiana Club of Indian
apolis and countless other clubs, many
In showy uniforms und with striking
Some of the Governors who rode In
Absolutely FREE
Write ui to-lay, giving full name
and address of your Druggitt or
Grocer, and wo will deliver to you,
through him. FREEOF CHARGE,
1 full-size box of
A t!tn, tniin'l tiwtli nter UM, The
tnnlji ftlwtfl itWtl bltWtM ittf tfeth.
QaUfl fcIUF Tiitith I'Ulw pftffll (l -ijy.
TIik H.it:i AntUeplIr Tonth-I'lrk Co.,
I lili st. mid 7th A v.. New York C Hy.
I Trade- lrk
tin-lit store caudv hy faliuluti price reduc-
-- -
Special tor Wednesday
IN AMI OK AN 4. 1-1 Silt I ills
ers tr hard I Indtute ej r.
te ul lt.tr. I II
Wednesday's Offering
rttni.rlY Nllttlt II IS Purr stissr
I, -.Hill and iletl te a crtstanr ,.
diticll and fen I inln Kt-nertui sired
liteet-s. In mi NWorl oieiil ,if flavors
such as Clot, t inters reeu, l.eiiiull,
Prit-riulnl and u bust ul olhrrs (tin
on iiieranie to iitt-utiun. Ill oust itrtMif
( irj
nun hit iih'o i him, iry nils
lllli tallle since we nfter
11 ut 11X11 POI NO TIN
o-!. Itli,
. Ill
&f ll'IB ,
S.IC, Lev
lb. huB . . .
I'uwlul nnte
lit orders.
.1 I
11 -lb. IlilV .
7-11, . Iiuv
N-lb. lint .
er t iirreiu-t iinikt serntii.
i lurk.
Cor. Fultoo St
Bet. Beekman At Spruce Sts
2CS W. 125th STREET
Jut East of MB Ave.
tho Inaugural pro-easion were with tb
military organ, gauoni or their stale
and others rod with thlr brIIIMgjtl)
uniformed staff In the last division.
When the head of the column came t .
the point where Pennsylvania avenm
swings ground th Treasury and con
HnUOg On out past tlm White House, It
halted briefly until President Wllron am
hi party took their pluees In the r
viewing ItOUdi
, Stops at BrulRepini, Makes Deliv
ery and Then Announces
Plight to New York.
BRIDOEPORTi Conn.. Mann 1-
I Marry M Jones, the postal aviator, who
1 began several weeks ago on aeroplane
j -null in trying trip from Host on t New
York, rrlvtd here from New Haven
mis foienoon, making the elghteen-inll
trip from the latter city in about fialf
an hour. H landed at lllack Rock.
Immediately afterward he aald hla plan
was after reporting at the local p0t
oftl.e. hi rOgUBM the journey to New
York nbo.it noon if conditions were
favorable, lie expects to make land
ing cither nogf Hie Polo Oround In
Ntw- York or at Mliieola, L. I.
High Cost of
How to Reduce It.
Your shoes nnd other c
ing apparel cost you more now
than they did five yenri ago.
If you nre interested in
knowing how to reduce their
cost, send me your nnme nnd
Madison C. Peters,
6th Av. A 31st St.,
N. Y. City.
(Poudre Blanche)
The New Frencb Remedy
Restores and Preserves
Woman's Health and Beauty
Ask for Literature.
poudwb mx,AMmm oinnou oo..
lt7 Broadway, m. T. Olty.
For sale at
A! fan Co., inn sr. sad SOU at,
Uoiu ilul. JUi st. sad Hon at.
vm. c. li mi, lsvi Tbard at.
Ward s Unuj a lurat. a Ocloavbiai at.
f. To 17;T Aauterdaai at.
L. M. Lvsaiu, eoiaer 143d st. and Laasi
Jr. y JcjjwlMjr. t Unwifioh a"
A. L. Tuft. 1tUi st. sod St. NlrboUi ar
Utiui w.iter A Bro.. in IsSoond arT
V W Kinsman it Co.. 31): It st. aail (til at
V n. K:il;p Sena rer llnlam 4 Klaisls
J ul i ta- Kalith Inc.. Ita Ortnil at
W O. flt-WT. nStli at. anil Brna,l7
Helm's rime Htor. IWIib 81. and broad?
B KoWiffy 1474 Flflli at.
C'AUKV. In tills clly. March 8, 113
PATRICK i'AHEY. beloved husband or
Mrv Ann Hokhii nnd father of Patrick-'
I. ami nanlal Ciser.
Kunsral trom eh" undertaking parlert
of Tboma ii ft"rln. No. 210H fith v.
era' llld St.. Thursdjv, March 0
al !tt) A. M, and rrom All Saints'
Chinch st A. t, Intsrmetit at.
Raymond's Oenstery,
Hiutt-n laluna naners pisaae copy.
Ill I Kl Hi. At hr resiasnee. 318 ok-
crest v.. Hltecpsltssd Bay, UBIHUlrr
HI I'Kl.KV. ased 7a raars.
Null ot funeral herearur,
I'ONNOI.I.V. On March 2. 1018, TFIDDT
the Uearlr beloved hunbsna ut Mary
Connelly (nee Hushes), native ur La
clasaar, Ualllnirtlllt-k, County 8l0, ire
la nd.
l-'unara from hla Ir tfgtdBOfl, I t. I
HoOPer at., Brooklyn. , Winloasiloy
Marsh 8, joia, i (,f ,henc to th
Church of thu Tranaf .'arstlon, Msrcy
v. and Hoop.r at., 7hre a solemn
mass uf rrqulem will be orferad for Ihe
rfpos "t bis soul, lielallves and frlanda
of Hie ruuiliy and lnembare or tha Holy
Name 8ocliy of It, Rose'e Church, Man
hattan: also msmbrrs of the Board or
Trustees u( New York County a. O. a.
snd numbers or Division No. 10, a'.
O. K-, are Invited to attend. Kindly onali
flu art.

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