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Bill to Put 387 Telegraph
Operators in Class of Uni
formed Force Opposed.
fry member of th antformeO tore
ef the fir Departmont liaa algnea' a
pretest again! a paee4 by tha
aajtalatura laat Tbaratey wajefc would.
Vt approred toy Mayor Qaywer and
Ml ay uia Ou earner, ale an workers
km the telegraph bureau tha rmnk at
flreaaea and entitl tham to partlotpatlon
M tka eenalon fund, which waa founded
tar tha aola hanaflt of uniformed fire
man. Chief Kaalah and Ooenmleakmer
Jeeasso bar indorsed tha afforta of a
oeaamlttr of flremen, wiba will prraent
to tka Mayor arguments against tha
If tka MU admitting tha ampler of
tka tatewrape bureau into tka rank of
tka Fir DoaaMntnt unlformad forca
through, all other einilan rmvtar-
atonocmphara. bookkatparo.
Htha, painters and tka Uka will
or to oraak la. BlUa far that pur.
paaa bar Seen Introduced by Senator
JTi lay and othar etty legislator.
T Mil, which la alraad to ie tha
telegraph bureau employee rash la tka
uaffeiiinfl foro. waa fathered by eVaa
tar Ckrlaty Sutnraa. who kaa aeverai
aaawVtuoBta in tha bureau.
i of Now Tor kara at rwrlaua
Bukaortbad ntl.000 to tha ponalon
Of tka Fir Drpartmont. with tha
rataadtac that It waa to ha uaad
iy far tka raHaf of tojarad or ratirad
aromas ar far tha benefit of the families
of - I kinod In tka lackara of
tkatr doty. Tha ponalea fund kaa al
mmju boon admlnlatarad la tha tnteraat
of tka uioudim of tka unlformod foro
tka ansa who fhjrht tho flraa. Hence,
latere la bltur uamiialllsu to tha plan of
tka alrUlan ompioraaa to kraak lata tka
ualfapkud ranka aat only kaoauaa of
tka p analog feature, but beeauee tka
eletllaae would rank aa flromaa and olog
tho aHtfhfa Mat of ofBrera.
Far Instance, aha Legislature aaaaad a
law laat wtatar glUng two ret rl nary
urgedo la tka lira Dopartmont tka
raak at Dapaty Ohlaf, wtth a Daanty
' -fclara aahuy at. KM a yaar. Thaw
tmmmm wwe Jaw ta to look aftar
tha beree of aha department, ar an tka
ilgfbl Hit for promotion
Downtown thar I a Battalloa Chi of
named Worth who baa been flrbtlni
flroa balow Thirtieth etreet for mora
than twent fire yeare Ha la eligible
for promotion to Deputy Ohlaf, but the
horaa doctor re put on the 111 atieal
ef him and he cannot fee promoted until
death or retirement takea tham out of
tha way
In the eeae of tka wtramaa ar tata
graeh buraau employee the Mil pro
vide that may ahall have all tha hen
flta and rank of tha uniformed fori,
but particularly eternal them from the
dutlea of a unlformad flromaa. Twey
are to rontmua to work eight hour a
day. Sunday and hoHdaya off. at taklnff
telephone meage or registering alarm
or keeping wlraa In repair, and enjoy
the aara rank aad pen Hon art rile; i aa
the Aramaa. who la oa duty twenty-on
hour out of twenty-four, with every
fifth day oft. but no holtdaye or Sun
day. Tha committee anpotnted by the uni
formed firemen ta look aftar their laier
t baa prepared a atatament, from
which the following ei treat are taken:
Tha bill file the eatery of a tele
graph operator at SI. 40 year, whloh
la tha earn aa that of a Bret cred
fireman. TMa nun that telegraph
operator are actually advocating the
peaage of a bU. ..-hied will make tkelr
aalarlea 1100 a yaar laaa than at
prevent The fact la that tha opera
tor eapect through the pa ge of
thie meaaure to coma Into the force
aa chief officer and to receive the
aalarlea of aaptavina and lieutenant!
Tha average salary paid by tha rail
road to man whoa work la alatllar
ta that of the telegraph operator la
IN per month, and theee men have a
far greater responsibility placed upon
thorn than tha member of the tele
graph buraau at Are haadojuartere.
Tha true esplenatlon of thl alt na
tion la that tha member of the tele
graph bureau are ualng tk Fire De-
-ryr rrr m
Tomato Soup is
the best-known
and most
popular soup
Liked best by the most people
and the most particular people; by
practical housewives who are expert
oup-makcrt themselves; by skilful
chefs who appreciate the delicate
blending of various ingredients; by
critical "diners-out" who recognize
quickly its remarkable appetizing
flavor and "bouquet"; by every one,
in fact, who knows and enjoys a per
fect soup.
Judge it for yourself today.
10c a can
Look for the rd-ud-wbite label
partment a a efapplng atone to a
better penalon. Aa firemen they could
retire in twenty yrara on half pey,
but civilian they mut erv the
city for thirty yer befor thy
could char In the penaton fund c.
tautlshed for civilian. The hill atatc
tht their trm of eenrloe ahall dat
from the time of their filet entrance
Into the bureau, and there I a large
number of thru,, t the preeent ttm
who, a firemen, could retire at once
on half pay. Their reaaona, there
fore, for advocating tha paaaag of
thl bill ere patent: It la merely a
grab at tha Firemen' Pension Fund
a rind which waa etabllbd aole
ly for fireman. That thl la a manl
fel injuetlca la evident from tha
eomparlaon of the work of the mem
bare of fh, two department aa given
Ttje condttloo oatefciiahed by tkte bin
aro without parallel in city. State or
na'ton. and would tend to demoralise the
dtaclplina and morale of tka Fta De
partment Thar ia nothing Umllar fa
th pottaa force or In the army and nary
o the t'nlted fltataa The offeot of Join
ing together a body of errOlana aad a
body of dlacdpllaad man la eermctma
and deatructlve. It would diaoourage
nimew men who ar etdng pro
motion through th faithful dlscharg of
duty, and would cauee a mad aaramhto
to gat tha oof t joft wtth th earn pay
and greater privilege
og tiaalrl... Pte.g., .prwMrT.
orelo at Cathedral.
Muale la greater volume than had re
verberated through It Patrkek'a Oathe
diml In many a day filled tha edtSoe to
day at the funeral service for Charle
t. Van Baar, who died at hi noma,
Nu IOC Weat Flfty-vnth atreet. on
Thureday. More than MO muiletana ren
dered a laat tribute to tha man who. a
leader of tha Old Guard Hand and other
noted organtaatlona, had a high place
among the clty'a mualclana.
A band of 150 before the doera of tha
cathedral played Beethoren'a "Funeral
March" aa the oaakat waa being carried
In. !!lddr In tha Latdy Chapel Waa an
or on eat ra of 1M, lad by Joaeph Paater
nack. During the eolemn requiem ma,
conducted by Mgr. Ivell. r there Mc
Quada and Martin eelUng. tha hidden
orcheatra rendered Handel' "laurgo''
and Chopin "March Fuotbre." Inter
ment In Calvary Cemetery followed.
Now la
RM of
Time to Cot
m Ugly Spot.
There's no longer the slightest aaed
of feeling ashamed of roar freckles, a
th prescription oth .a double strength
is guaranteed ta remove theee homely
Simply get aa euace of ethJae
double strsagth from Rtker-Hegeman
Drag Store aad apply a little of it night
aad morning aad you should aooa are
that even the wont freckle hare begun
to disappear, while the lighter one have
vanished entirely. It la seldom that
mora than an ounce is needed to com
pletely dear tha skin and gain a beauti
ful, clear complexion.
Be aura to aak for the double strength
othine, a this is sold under guarantee of
money bark if it fail to remove freckle
Broadway at 84th Street
Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 99th,
we shall preeent an innovation in
Women's "Tango"
Dancing Dresses
value $45.... at $26.50
Made of white shadow lace, and draped and
trimmed with charmeuae in light blue, pink,
maiae, white, peach and Nile green. All sizes.
Regular and Small Sizes Fourth floor
$3 Lingerie Blouses
tomorrow at $2
Dittinetivenet$ in bUmssmar u chiefly
a matter of selecting the right shop.
Price alone never made a blouse distinctive any more
than color ever made a picture great. It is the blouse
shop itself which determines the character of its mer
chandise. And it is this which is responsible for our
ability to show distinctive blouses at so low a price as
two dollars. The styles in this offering are numerous,
and the designs much more attractive than one usually
finds at this figure.
There are combinations of net and batiste embroidery,
voile blouses with diamond embroidery; semi-tailored
blouses with yoke back; blouses of hemstitched cotton
crepe; sheer lawn blouses with colored embroidery and
flat Val. lace insertion; sheer batiste blouses with yoke
of medallion filet lace and embroidered front, and many
others. A feature of these dainty blouses is that all have
double collars some of them a combination of self
material and rose, blue or amber colored satin. All
have i sleeves. Great value. Main floor
VsWeeaaw We c,ose Evening. at 0 o'Clock afeff
Machine Outtii
Coneiffwg of ft -faction
and 100
Absolutely FREE 5
toil every purchase
of If 00 or more.
Enamel Bed Outfit
wtth Spring and
Soft Top Mat
We Close Evenings at 0 o'Clock
Open Saturdays Until to P.
Koa can wee any
.Standard Record of
rithtr Kid or or Co
lumbia on Mt ma-ckint.
You Don't Pay
One Single
Penny for
ICSS1 1 i
Porrelold fttdr icer. lAko cut.
Value Its
'1- a Week Opens an Account
I ('enieie'rly
kuomh aTa Km
'omplerete l 73
Wrlle fi
or evr nrui
tnor moliou rrvnlin
u r nuttie. waller!
We Pay Freight
nd Railroad Fare
I 0 V K LI B m H A h
I OMsjoir Tkimms
Vh also to f.onv Is
land. .Yen. Jersey and
I roenedlcuf.
3ArB.Ceit.84"fiT. I
To-morrow. Tuesday, an Exceptional Offering in their
Lace Department
eompriiin, this teaaon'i modeJ pattern in
Fancy Not Flounclngs, qp-c m t
from 1 8 to 45 inches wide, at OO ta OoDv
RetuUrlysold.tll 35to 7.50Yard
Shadow, Aloncon and Not Lacos, Ottc 1 OR
ffom 3 to 10 inches wide. at afiO f oo70
Formerly 38c to $2.75 Yard
Also a complete line ef
Linen Clunyand Filet Bandings,
V anise, Boheme and Milan Lacas, Qf-C CA
in all widths. At prices ranging from 4sO to V.OW
Greatly Below Actual Value
To-morrow, a Sale of SeaUrotatbie
Women's and Children's Hosiery
At Specially Reduced Price
Womon'sLlslo and Cotton Hose.
Lisle in black, white and Un; also Cotton, in black
witfcdouble top, soles and heels. Value 35c Pair.
Women's Lisle Thread Hose,
Summer weight, in black, white and tan,
with serviceable tops, soles and heels, Value 65c Pair,
Women's Silk Hose, in black, white and tan.
with double lisle tops, soles and heels. Value $1 .00 Pair.
Women's Black Silk Hose,
with silk or cotton feet.
Value $1.35 Pair, at
Children's Lisle and Cotton Hose,
t: :li i ' -
line riDoca, in oiaca, wmie nn
and tan.
Value 35c Pair. at
direct attention to their exceptional facilities for the
Furs. Fur-lined Garment and Oriental Rug
with Insurance against Theft or Damage by Moth or Fire.
at very low rates. Special Concessions in Prices for
Altering or Repairing Furs during the Spring and Summer.
Draperies and Hanging Stored. Lace Curtain
Cleaned at Moderate Coat and stored free off charge
Estimates subnitted and articles called for upon request
Telephone: Gramercy 4000
West 23d and 22d Streets
ID J3w Xmsde sf '
hoc avkli9too- JsTfucmr
Great Clearance Sale
Exchanged Pianos
This sale is made necessary on account of our tremendous
business in Player-Pianos. Almost every Player-Piano we sell
means an upright piano taken in exchange, as part payment,
and as our enormous stock of new pianos and player-pianos
takes up so much space, we are obliged to periodically sacrifice
these exchanged pianos owing to the lack of room.
Thl, omlm will fee Aefef
beginning to morrow,
We particularly call your
attention to the fact that,
any day this week,
$100.00 Will Buy
an excellent, fully guaranteed,
upright piano of staadard make
and these same 1100.00 pianos
nay be purchased oa the very
generous terms of
Only $3 s Month
Any piano you select you may use for a whole year aad If at the end
of that time you are not MORE than satisfied we will allow every dollar
paid to apply on any new piano or player-piano ia our ware rooms. That's
falr un t it?
For Tomorrow, Tuesdsy
Among the 40 bargains will be:
1 Hard man I'pright $100
1 Weber Upright 100
1 Shoninger Upright 100
1 Fi.rher Upright 100
and SO other.
For Wednesday
1 Kranich fc Bach Upright $100
1 Mason k Hamlin Upright. 100
1 Opera Upright 100
1 ( bickering Upright 100
And 80 others.
For Thursday For Friday
1 Steinway Upright $100 1 Ballet k Davie Upright . $100
1 Winner Upright 100 1 Krakauer Upright 100
I Hsselton Upright 100 1 Kroeger Upright 100
I Gabler Upright 100 1 Haines Bros. Upright 100
And SO others. And S6 others.
For Saturday
I Uhickering Upright $100
1 Estey Upright 100
1 Kurtsman Upright 100
1 Emerson Upright 100
And SO others.
For Saturday
1 Regal Player-Piano $280
Mahogany case (03 note).
100 rolls of music included
The chance of a lifetime.
While you are in the warernoow aak to see the new $330 Colonial
upright pianos fur $186; also the famous new
NEEDHAM PIANOS for $235.00.
lath Ave., lSth to 20th St.l
Lord fif Taylor
Founded 1 826
Special Order T)ept.
(Third Fi-r)
Will espy for m limited time
Imported Models
from Calht, Cbermit, Poire t, Bernard and others
at the fslltming exceptional price t
$65,00 , $7500 & $85.00
This will include
Tailor Suits
f Special Materials serges, checked and
striped novelties.
Fancy Tailor Suits
Combination effects; skirts of Crepe or Char
meute, with coats of serge or cloth.
Afternoon, Dancing ttf Evening Gowns
of Canton crepe, crepe brocade, sponge or chiffon:
Exceptional Values in
Misses9 Suits & Coats
Misses' Tailored Suits
A reproduction of a foreign model, of fine
serges, shepherd checks and eponges, in
all the season's new shades; effectively
trimmed; new draped skirt
M uses ' Moire Coats
One of the season's smartest models,
handsomely trimmed and lined
Splendid Values in
Children's Apparel
Children's Coats
Several attractive models of serges,
shepherd checks, novelty stripes and
Children's Rain Capes
Excellent quality rubberized materials
in blue, brown and red
Children's Wash Tresses
Chambrays, percales, madras, repps and
linons. in the season's smartest models,
trimmed with embroideries, buttons and
Tennis, Golf, Middy & Balkan Blouses
for Misses, Juniors 6kf Children
in all the season's attractive models,
05c, $1.25, $1.50 cy $i.qs
Values 11.50 to $8.00 S
Children's Guimpes
Dainty white lawns, trimmed with feces or-o;
50c, 95c flr $1.25
Values 85c to $2.50
Cold Storage of
In the cold air of our modern storage plant
(on the premises) furs and wearing apparel
are absolutely safe from moths ana fire.
Repairs attended to during the Summer
months at less than the regular cost.
Our Wagon will call at your convenience
upon request.
Broadway & 0th St.; 5th Ave.; 10th St.
4$44f44t WEST Si IT ST.
It Vakai Ltttu Difference What You Via, a World Want Will
rounowsio tees
jtjy COLUM1W
f 1 teel7"i
a BbbB Urfdi
M TtaffsatsW Aak
. aTa Kxtea
fM aat Ikl
Want Work Wfjn$j$r$.
tuilni wE-busam
eWsmmt rTTE mm 1
J4" W aiaje

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