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Magistrates Will Not Be Left
in Doubt as to the
of ttU moat Important fMMW
rotative to Om Maror's Commission ortl
aaaoe whloh li now Mac eoneldsred by
Interested members of the Board of Al
rmn Is that of regulations for drivers.
Hiay claim that overv regulation
oheuld ba stipulated In tha ordinance
aa that Magistrates mar readilr ba
gwrded aa to penalties, la Ua eslatrag
ordinance thla la not tha oaee. u to
tbia la attributed much of tha lastly of
law regarding chauSaura and their to-
mall ponaltlaa ara Imposed at tha
mWotlon nf tha anting Magistrates,
aai in thla way many offenders ao
away with a amall flna and continue in
tha aab business and have tittle or no
ragmrd aa to violations on amount of
tha aaaa with which they sat oft.
Tha Mayor aomlaalon la Mialr re-i
part to the Mayor pointed out tha lm-1
prtaace of bavins an anlarcad and i
thorough Uoenes and InapocUon Ba
ran, and that tha man at the head of
thla department "ahould ba equal la
rank" with any of the Commissioners
appointed by the Mayor and receive
the eame ealary.
That tha "proper haadMai of thla
department require a man of admin
istrative ability equal to tha heed of
ISO Police or lira Depirtmeaf'-all of
which goes to ebow mat after Inves
tigation by tha commission too maeh
etreea cannot ba put aa tha Important
of a thorough License Bureau of thla
Therefore tha Mayor Oommlaaloa.
banner ohl Idea of aaeh a bureau to he
eatafJllahed. hare accordingly left many
regulation to bo designated by the
Cklaf of the Bureau of Lloenaea. gtvlng
him authority aad power to that aa.
tha opinion of aereral Aldermen
thla provialon should be ohantad and
evsrr refutation definitely atated la aha
ordinance ao that area Ike Chief of th
Bureau of Llcanaaa may ha guided In
fhla direction.
Chief Wallace at tha bureau would
tdhe to aee tha regulation aa sttpu
la ted. believing that It fa a dial cult
matter to oope with condition aa they
now ezlat. and ahould there not he
forthcoming tha thoroughly organised
lnapectlon Bureau that la suggested, the
UUoa at aOaira under tha new ardt-
would ha almuar to th preaeat
theee atata.
stents to the Mayor' Oommlaalon,
ariagliag dsalgne of plate for vstudss
to their attention, rate carda and aev
era other worthy Innovation thet In
hie Judgment ahnuld be clearly deflnel
In the ordinance, an that whoever 1 the
future head of the License llureau mn
thua proIt by the Investigation and
aiperlenre of the past.
Chief Inepector of Taaloabe Drennon
ataa voloes thl eentlreent. eaylot, "It la
a dlflleult thln to get proper aad Just
punlabment for chauffeurs violating re,
ulatlone under tha praaeat ordinance
alnoe they are ao vagut la their inter
pretation, and aooordlnarly It mak tt
difficult for the Magtetratsa to be
guided by them.
"I think It would be a mletake to make
the Bureau of Licensee euggset all thlr
own rulea In thla oonnertion, ilno en
aalled department rulea are generally ua
known to the Magistrate, and mile at
toatton paM to them accordingly. Also
department rulea do not entail penattle.
"Thla la alao the oaaa with the police,
who ara not fully Informed aa to our
department rulea. Rut If these regula
tJono are directly atated, together with
their penalties. In the forthcoming ordi
nance), frier la no question that vio
lators oan be more readily dealt with.
"And wa oan, in tble way, by strku
adharenee to ouch atipulated refuta
tion, root out much of the chaotic con
ditions that at present exist.
"The great trouble with the silting
ordlnanoee la the fact that department
rulea hare not counted very much la
getting aotlon against offenders."
Mr. Dranaon, who ha thoroughly
studied the question and who baa per
aonally followed up many of the rase
to which h refer, has carefully com
piled with Chief Wallace a complete
sat of rulea and regulation covering
aha entire situation and would Uk to
eaa these Incowrated In I he ordknano
direst rather than hava such meaauree
left aa oopartmeal rale.
In Parla, London and other European
oltlee every little detail e to regula
tion and penalties thretore U carefully
designated, and though the Chief of
Pohce hi the supreme power In thl con
nection, rat theaa become lawe and oc
cupy tha aame place from a legal stand
point aa tha aeotlona of our ordinance.
Alderman Mark, speaking of thl In
connection with hla own ordinance, said
"After all th hearings, both public and
within the committee, that were held
during our Investigation I am firmly
convinced that one of the greatest needs
la to definitely atata In any ordinance
that becomes law every rule by which
violations ara readily recognised by any
magistrate In the city before whom
theaa oasea coma.
"Much of the evil that has been
wrought m the past Is due to the non-
enforcement of misting laws and the
light aentences with which chauffeurs
hava been allowed to go for various
offenses, gush as caba In bad condition,
overcharges. Inability, Ac In a ward,
maglstratss haven't time to study all
tha rules that ara rosSe by departments.
aad, at any rats, action la much mora
certain whan tha ordinance la before
them containing speolfioslly the offtnae
to bo dealt with.
"Therefore I think It wise to Incor
porate In a final prospective ordinance
suggestions made by Chief Wal.aca and
Chief Drennon, whose experience In this
direction will prove very valuable In the
framing of a final ordinance. And I
hava put Hits the Ifarka-afeaghsr ordl
nanoe practically all tha needed lulea so
suggested "
Acquitted on a Charge of Mur
der, He Gets Long Sentence
for Burglary.
the rraaWetf WORLD, moicday, a?ril SI, ltlS.
I par I eon and use nf Hgnri? were 1m- I it nils st All ssi s)si
I proper ami mlslesillnv, beeauo no r. - sjtHIJJS ffcrC ItJICCKU
Now In Good Health
'(-mint waa lakon nf fh.. In, let lea nl mm
eMa ami other element entering Into
I the mutter. Kxamln".' 'Vard 1'rniity
I ruled thnt t!i comparison might be
James re1dy, arch criminal, has
been laid by th heel at laat. Por
the next forty years he will caaaa being
a menace to society. Porty year waa
the eentenc Impoaad upon htm to-day
by Justice Fawcett In the Kings County
fhipreme Court forty years In the Mate
Caasldy accompanied the notorious
Raymond Poebrey, who made the sen
sational escape from the Tomba last
winter, to th haberdashery store of
Walter Meaerltg In Plarhuah ill Decem
ber laat. The haberdasher waa mur
dered, while the two men robbed the
store. When Casaldy waa arreeted ha
waa wearing a tie which was Identified
as part of the goods stolen from the
Plarhuah store. A pawnbroker Identi
fied him aa the man who had pledged
Ith hhn a nutriber of aafaty rosora
from the etore.
And with thla evidence against him
Caasldy said that It waa Poebrey who
had ahnt Meeerlta.
Tha Jury earned a rebuke from Jus-
ttoo Asplnall when they bi ought In a
verdict of not guilty of murder, and
raealdy laughed. Laat weak hla trial
for burglary committed In the otora
of Louie Pries, a Jeweller of Will
lamahura waa flnlahed, and ha waa
found guilty.
Whan caasldy cams up for aantanca
Justice Pawcett briefly reviewed hla
criminal career, and aald that ha waa
one" of the greateat menaces to eoclety
with which the courts of Brooklyn had
to deal In many years. There waa no
smile on Caealdy"s face when the aen
tetice waa pronounced. He gased at
the Justice fur a moment with a look
of hatred, then dropped hlb oyea. He
hndn't a word to say aa ha waa led
from the court.
Witness Brown Testifies of 400
Per Cent. Raise in Capital
During Nine Years.
BOwTWf, April Tha examination
of DavM B. Brown, the riovernment'e
accountant, waa continued by Louie D.
BrandHa at th hearing to-day of th
Interstate Commerce Commission on th
affairs of the New Tork. New Haven
and Hartford Rallrosd Company.
Tha witness said that for the year end
ing June M, iton, the first year Included
In hi examination of the New Haven's
hooka, (tag gross operating revenuea ag
gregated M7.sWt.o77. Ths figures fr.r the
year ending June . IMS, were I7.1M,:h.
showing an Increase of approximately 41
par cent In nine year.
C. P. Choat Jr., who. Ilka Mr. Bran
dels, la appearing at the hearings aa "a
oJtlaen," suggested thst the figures for
ISM Included the marine lines of tha
company. Mr. Brown aald ha under
stood the figures he gave were of rail
road operation.
The capital stock, funded Indebted
ness, bill payable, and premlumi re
ceived on capital stock of tha New
Haven company was about t4, 00 000
In 1901, and 1470,000. J01 In 1012, ac
cording to the witness, an Increase In
nine years of I.17M00.U0V. or about
400 per cent.
Mr. Choate protested that rich com-
Ml Krkharrit Arranges It for 1
Beaeht of Settlement Hoase.
Miss Ophelia Calvo-Rckhardt, ass stud
by many of the younger people In so- I
clety, will give an entertainment and
dance thla evening at the Pleas Hotel
for the benefit of ths Casa Maria Spanish I
Settlement House, In West Fourteenth
treat, A musical comedy by James P.
Pcnnla. with original costume danoee,
will he the principal feature.
There will also be aonga by tha
Mexican tenor. Mr. liribl, and the or
chaetra will he under the direction of
Arthur Wycherly. The dance were
composed and arranged by Miss Eck
hardt. and many of tha ooetumei were
designed by her.
i From the hrola (Ark.) fjaaee.t
Charlie Stevens was In Pine Bluff Fri
day and Saturday and while there pur
chaaed a beautiful thoroughbred Jersey
cow. He telephoned Csl Varnell to meet
him at the station here and help him off.
I'nl went, and with the aid of the mar
shal they u. -ceded In landing blm.
Ths makers sf rockmsn's Altsratlvs, a
remedy for Throat and Lung Troublss, da
not dalm that II will rsttur evsrr ens
to perfect health, but so msny hava vol
untarily ttailtled It savsd thalr lives that
all who hst thla dread dlsssss should Is
vetiigat and try It. It should stop th
night sweats, reduce fever, promote appe
tite and In very many ceass prolong Ufa.
Head what It accomplished In this csss:
Catherine Ave. end Asct. Place,
Queea'e Court, L.. f.
"Oentlemsn: In ths year 1001 1 wss
taken with a heavy cold aad a nasty
cough and went to ssesrsl decters. Includ
ing a speciallat. Their msdlclnss failed.
My brother then recommended Eokman's
Alterative to me very nlghly. It Is now
nssrly two ysara since 1 first took It. 1
am now well and 1 dare eey thet I would
have bn burled long ago If It had net
been for Kckmsn'e Alterative. I wish to
thank you for tha nodiend to me. Where
ever I go I highly recommend ths Alter
ative, as I owe my llfs to It."
I Affidavit i JO). J. TROERCHF.R.
(Above sbbrsrlated; mors on request. )
Rf-kman's Atterstlve has bean otovea nv
manv years' test to bs rmvet ffleaclous In
raaea of severe Throat and I.ung Affec
tions. Bronchitis, nronrhlal Asthma, fllub
'"" Colds and In upbuilding the system.
Io not contsln narcotics, poisons or
hal.lt-forming drugs. For sals by Hiker
liegeman Drug ajioree and other leading
dmsalate. Writs th Ki-kman laboratory.
Philadelphia. Pa., for booklet telling of re
coveries snd agdltlcnal evldsncs.
To Woman
Broken Down?
Whether It's frees business aai
aarneanwiq aruusevT ' nrejinqinn
ehlM-besrlfig. yon need e Beeterstlve
T 1 .. -- ' ft
end Heguletsr.
Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription
eh. baring
eocopounded to set In harmony with
woman s peculiarly delicate ana i
Mve organisstha.
I i I.KA.V1M1 Dili liXI'AlfUNO.
Sellial to Nee.
i -..cats Altered. Moderate Priest.
.A HKINC cnli-fT AND BP H,41K,Rp '
flttM hr emena.
f.ADT or of a 1 ITT CORhtT SHOP
I "00 Flftr. Av., JBrWV J
Voylll vf fll-nrr arH- A )? ggfB
i ! Women Avoid Poisons!
Tyres's Aatletptle
Powder It a house
hold necessity. Non
polaonous. Rest
germicide or wash for
women. Recommended by
phystelsns. 28c, ll.no.
All druggtrta. Booklst
Yosur Druggist WW Sopply YatJ j, M. TVttBK. hemtat, Wathfagtea, n. c,
laabj mmt
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aftflaj efmm tfttj ft, t .
.T.5" '.:

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