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Til IVllfllCO W01LD, MO
ASKS $50,000
John Lawrence Bogart Didn't
Top" to Miss Goddu, but
(Barred Her From Marrying.
Ji :
sue Always bua i nan y ou,
hit "Johnnie" Finally Left
" , Her Minus Support.
i Bvelf Ooddu, efore ehjaewm
Jnattee Flan, to-dey demand
jury award her ttn.m 4mw
Lassrwaa Pol It. SB elderly
IIHOMlri Mr. Hot! rt la en
ad director at Ik Naw Torh
of No. m Broadway .
mm not nit tbat Mr.
promlaad ta marry aar- What
aootaad ta tbat the aed naa
Ml affaire induced bar to
doymeut wherwby aka tat
h wwafe. weea the wranvkoe that
oar kaadaaaoly far
aha eeya, he f ovaad
sjsMaaM that aba wo
ta b
ftana Jaa
atna Oewdu
at wweath
tfSS eac
iin aad
bad or or toon htm. After that ho only
gar no money tW-, and the pey
manta woro aaly lis each. Ha gar. mo
thts monoy aaly booauoo I appealed to
Mm, telling him I wao destitute and
that unlaaa ho helped mo out 1 wouldn't
have a roof ever my hoad.
" Oh. no. Mr. Attorney, ho did not toll
mo ho wao married until lfio, and whoa.
I hoard thai ha had a wlfo, oh, h.iiave
m I wao worrlod and broken up."
"Ton know a man named frank Rem
aay, didn't your' aakod Mr. Bogart's
T yeei ha wao a oloo old man, too,"
Ml oo Ooddu gurgled. "Whan I waa up
gainst It ho loaaad mo aomo monoy on
iy fwmttura."
"ta that tho aaly tJmo bo gave ywa
"To Indeed."
Mr. Bogarfa lawyor than road thla
Doar B.i I halo to bother yon
again, bat I owo two months' rant
on my apartment. I told Frank
you'd aaaka no a loan to hotp no
oat, ao bo baa boon keeping Mo
monoy for himself. Kor Varna una,
aaw, ha baa boon drawing abaad on
hto aalary and going about la rag
ta hoop no from Oho atroot aad a
roof otot my hoad. Ton ought to
holp mo. A fl.no man stomping at tho
Anoonla took a traat liking to ma.
I suppose you think U'a funny any
ono ahould Ilka no. but It'a ao. Ha
waa thoro with kla wlfo, aad ha
wantod no to go abroad with him
ao hlo wlfa'a companion, he called It.
I wao ready ta go. but your nolo
rama telling ma you Wara all alone,
ao I called off thoaa arrangement.
He wao to hove liven me 11.1 a week
over all my . rpm.ee I haven't a
dollar, and I'm aahamrd to tell my
frlendo I've bean left at the church'
"I attll Insist that all Prank did wao
to loon me money on my furniture,"
aald Mlao Ooddu. primly.
"What return did you make to Mr.
Bogart tor all thane money prsemter"
"I alwaya tnld him 'Thank you' In
my nicest manner.'
aald Mlao Ooddu
Married alaty Toara.
THOMPflOMVIM.K. Conn., April M.
Th Kov. end Mro. Hora e King cele
brated Ibatf sixtieth wadding annlver
aary yeoterday. Mr. King la eighty (
yeara old and Mro. Kind elgbt; -one.
The wedding reaultod from a chance
meeting whoa Mro. King, then Mlao
Bllaa Ronton, attended Mount Holyoka
All Goods Advertised for Monday
Will Be on Sale Tuesday
Owing to Monday's downpour, Simpson Crawford announce hat in justice to their customers, the splendid
values at low prices udvrrtiscd in Siiiuliiy's paprrs will he continued on sale to-morrow at the same underpriccs.
Oar 8th Floor Restaurant Offers an Excellent Moderate Priced Menu and Best Cabaret in Town I
the Poet,
Ttravth we eat little I
aad drink ao wine;
Yet let ' ba merry
Wei have tea."
SUbr (So
package, novor in balk, doom tant pec keel at
Carlo, and yaa bay it in tba original pofkaao
When yoa bay White Rom Ceyfca Tea ywa am
, oara of hook, M-aWed loaaad el ik) In
Ubowal Trial W-lOc.
Moat Modern
Dry-Cold-Air Pur Storage Vault on Premises
Fun Repaired At Remodelled at Specially Low Price
dr for bar ta Ma will.
waa ta
dafcnnd to a blaok uUrtoomm.
3kkhad with aawape of boa ok alfalfa.
BBS atood wp aad peered awndtha
bd MM of'gl'fta of money (ram Mr.
akin gaaornna ihibtiIibi at
fitMM gradually daoraaamg M oaao
usa tbat
did yaa t
Mam Ooddu'a
in IMS." aba rwaOed. i
la train going ta Mow Tark. aad ho
to take a many to ma right off.
Bo aakod whom I Mved. Ra
aach a dear aid man (hat I told
I wag la burlneae far mywolf.
wara at Mas. Ml aad Ml Fifth
wanna My inataim waa phyaloal gai
ts, piaao aad tainting Imoeaa. aad I
lad MM a weak far my o locking.
JflVaan I told Jabaay I waa a work
rat Woman ba took on terribly. Shortly
after oar drat meotiag ha warned that
t Wao to have a Mrtbday aad ho gate
and largo aum af money to bay a
ptgrio aa a preaent. la Dooambar, MM,
ha tatd mo how toad ha waa af mo and
ad 1 1 me to giro up my baalneoa. Ha
argued for a long time and X agreed to
comply with tho term ho aot
Ofa vii aa aenaroua aa could ha.
AS I had to do waa to took out for my
aama. At drat he gave ma III a
aad avery aaooad month tit nddltloaal.
AN went wall tot about four year.
Than ono night w had a little
argument. I moan Mm ha want away
ahMry. Attar that ba aaly gave am Ml
Week, and after ala montha or M ha
cat nty allowance do era to IM.
finally la Auguat, Mil, wa hi
or pat and ha loft angrier than I
Bonwit Teller & Co.
Will Hold To-morrow, Tuesday,
i A Most Remarkable Sale
120 Women's Tailored Suits
At the Greatly Reduced Price of
Formerly up to $45.00
Thoaa Tailored Suits have
boon auombled from regular
stock and reprofont odd
farmonti of which thoro "
aro only a tow of a kind.
No Approvals
No Exchanges
No Alterations
White Serge Suits.
Bedford Cord Suits,
Silk Suits.
Eponge Suits.
Faille de Laine Suits,
Black and White Check Suite.
Striped Suits,
Cutaway Suite,
Blouse Suits.
In all color.
Fifth Avenue at 38th Street
It's made in the Largest Worcestershire
Sauce Factory in the World
wnm ananaa aaw aar w am nna nana ao annr w wmmar mmwaannr Bnnnnnnnnm awamnamm mm ana aaw nnananananai annnnnnnnnB
mA m km m m mm m. W
mmmj mnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna mnnnnnnnnnBB mnnnnnnnnnnB mnanaar
aafl anaaW. m maaaaaaaaaB aaaaaaaaaaaH LnaV Lna
k I Kmw
W m m ilM.lllllllllllllllV A
WCC BBBV I amTdaUmmaaa.
.edaWaT 1 HL.
. j jaw dmM aaw
anaaaaW hW fap- Hmnay ammmy mUmUmmmUmmWmr
av t
Store Yoar Furs Here
INSURE yourself against Fire,
Burglary or Pur Destroying Vermin
by placing yoar Pun in our rare.
Repairing by expert Furrier
at special Summer low price.
Phono Chelsea f 100 or drop ua a
Sale of Toilet Goods
Our Annual May Sale : : Lowest Prices of the Season
TTHIS is the gn-at Annual Toilet Goud.t Sale of Simpson Crawford, eagerly awaited every year hy
thousands of women who avail thpmsrlvea of this onoortnnity to replenish the dressins table
at -the lowest prices of the year. Every article offered is guaranteed pure and, as you will perceive,
is numbered among the strictly high class Toilet preparations used by women of refined taste.
feroslda rrowaTTrTr
quality: full atroacth; O
pound bottlO! reaular SatC
lr else fj
Superior Toilet
On the drifting table of every
refined woman who appreci
ate i toilet good qf unvarying
Indorse) by Lillian Ruooell,
Lulu Glamr, Haael Dawn, Mar-
Rierito Sylva, Billie Burke, Anna
eld, Sybil Henderson, and other
wejl known favorite.
Hepner's Superior Pare Powder,
SOc and $1.00
Hepner's Superior M a o a S e
Cream SOc and $1 .00
Hepner's Superior Cold Cream,
to. V. 2Sc
H-lb SOc
Hepner'o Superior Dessolvene,
75c and 1. 50
aahaaw aaa
place of dry
lor, taken the
powder, Jffe
aebaato Faea Fowder Alloc
ahadaa; too quality, at
laohaato Violet to Cold Oroam
I5e value, A lb. at SBoidCU.
too value. 1 lb at ,5,c
laohaato XOqald vae awarder
an eacellont application
for evenlnr; Pink and Cflr
aohaato UqnM nVaa 25c
chaae of Knchanto prepara
tion to the amount of II a
I So Wills of Bnehanto
Liquid Roue aivan FKBE.
too. wieao O;
17c I
rellevea burning
lie sit at
Saaalia Meaa Mail
mevoa ail atalna without
Injury to nalla mtri
. BQe Maelafe Cold Croons f ja
Maa eeeUe Vao lowdor. . . 75o
aaa eeellev Sjatloa 7S
aVose Almoad Praam a delight
ful liquid cream for aoftenlnt
and beautifying; value OO-
iSc; at aoW
SSo SVaaaa Jnalor Maaiamr Be ,
contains buffer, pumice nail
cake, orange wood atlck 1 C
and S emery boards..... aeanj
Waaa aaa aMro nys je
Bath rowder. o(
SOo Palao OUva Oraant
ttaat Wltoh Masai
aneoo Tooth ff
Oaava too alae il
dasartno ( lAnibost's)
Larjjp ajseat . . . .
Toilet Wmarattons
inn wrn Known line or Aieiayer
nf PnrlH.
SUamet Toilet Water, 7 So, ti.so
Klsmst aaobet, at BOo
Xlomet Oleanslnf Oraam, at. SOe
Klsmst Tslonm, at ISO
oreao.ieoo ovaam, at boo
a Free Offer oa SUamet
mpwtHWI nun riii.n iiur-
chnse of f 1 wnrth or Kismet Toi
let Preparation a box of 15c
Klmnet Talcum free.
WeatphaVe AnxlUa-
tor Malr Tonic
11 aloe
Xo Mall Orders.
Colgate's DaotyUs Talcum
Mudnnt'a Violet Bee. Toi
let Water, at SOe and...
SSo Oxaya Matnral Stonffe.
. lTo
Oolawto'a Uqnld Osntl. 25c
SSo Or. Boll'o Teeth' Fowder 100
Cola-oto'o Toota yaoto
SSo Iiyoa' Tooth Vow-
ular 10c, box, 3
Bold hy box only
No Mall Orders.
ioiTi Certlfled Complexion
Boaa l'nr cake, lie; regular
16c. cake; box 4 Air
cskeo J"??
Bwlft'o BVoaamond SToap Regu
lar il'-- ;ake. aake. IQ
aaa.! box I cafcea.T,, Qs
Imports OaatlM 8 I
l.rge bar, 4H lb.; dft
reguhirlv enld at aHf
9c; SPeclfX at, bar
Oolffato'a Falm Bap Per CA
cake. So.; box 11 cakes.. WW
Colgats's tHae Tar Soap, 25c
cke. 10c; box 1 cakes Smmi
Cols-ate'. Tnxkiah Bath Boap.
cake. So I box 11 5
wjX. M quiCKiy reaiorea to us naiurat
coior: oeneuciai, oaoriew
M 1 IV easllv aoolied. dries ouickly.
25 aivnteed to contain no poison, i
SO tl.OO 1 na is lae inna aooui
Wtttttne l .10 we give a ..ackago of MacUanatd'e Shampoo Kree.
7s fMr. Oam Oampkor
In tbe original f? ft
padiae as im- JJSfC
Df1rti.1l from l.n.n a a
et qu
yard aquar
atngle faced
auare: OO.
naclfil mt f
Baaelalor Atomlaer, for medicinal
ue; cnntlnuoue apray; Od
BOo vala "
lAealla VloiotM Almond Meal,
a superior prvuia-, oe
tlon om.
SSo XoaaUa Tollot emaota 10
Baobaato Mioa Fowder highly
perfumed; colors, flesh IQ.
nnd white
Bradley Suae Maid Taloam. SO
Kewbro' MeraieUa ....... . T4e
Mall's Malr Benewer l Jfe
kmiuinrn'Mate Bmia . .. o
V ad one Liquid Bona Buampoo-
for cleanelns acalp... . .. . je
BOo IdeaUa Sage Malr Toale Mo
7Bc aHe.......1-.-.....BSo
Baa Da Quinine Malr Toale
excellent for weak 9Q-
scalp; 40b lso.... eam
Mlro Oeaa Cream Bavoa 1 AQ
Shampoo. SSo, BOo..... V
Ooleata'a Dental Vowdcr... lBo
8 Bo Baohaato Baatlaaptlaa Tooth
yowdar "
Idstsrln I-amberfs; 00c Jc
TSe Boodont Combination.
SI BOrtae Moo.h Waab
,1 ... Tnnlh WoWder .
Bpaalab Almond OaetUa Boap,
larae bare, value SSo I Cff
opeclal at
Bin. Jay
Wr S17Q
. c
a and 1
sle. ISo;
F.roxlde Bath Boap, value
16c: a cake, not doe. aa.
and Celluloid Goods
Blmark Ivory ToUet Bat 3
pieces comb, bruah and
mirror; a very attractive
and durable aet; e .7
value l 60. at
Tola act will be engraved
with S-letter monogram free
"f charKc.
aiimaxk Ivory Clooka l'lnk.
blue ami white; value on '
f 1 25. at 0C
CoUulold Tooth Braah Bolder
for travelling: value 10c
Jupiter Beamleaa Fouataln
Byriagw No. 1; vary heavy,
red rubber: t feet rapid How
tubins: hard rubber
Pipes; value $2.00; a
sneclal at C
Toilet Goods
Their famous Peroxide Masaage
Cream, 15c and SOc.
Exquisiu Talcum Powder. ISe.
(Sakura, Swim Lilac, Violet).
Toilet Waters, whoac odors are o
sweet and clean cut, 35c. SSe,
5c and SOc.
(Lily of Valley, Arborea, Ti.nu.
Violet, Swis Lilac, Gova Lily).
Sakura, Manor Iloie, Violet Chic.
La Kacinee Face Powder, rSe.
Their Latest Creation
Liquid Complexion Powder (white
or fli'sh tint), SOc.
(The most modara and up-to-date
product nf it kind).
In addition to the above, we
have a complete assortment of
the renowned product of this
famous firm.
Olovee, tor liouaeh
use. every pair ruar
anteed; regular 50e..
hold I
31c j
lal .
Fuff Kxtra
assorted slseo;
I lug. rubber lined; 4 pockei.
1 loop; color pink I
and blue; value 11.2S; 7Q0 I
op. cLI o I
STaU Bruohoa 1'Ycm t
bone handle: excellent brittle,
slightly soiled; value IQ
15c; to close out.. ......
Knitted Waab Cloth I regular
prhe 5c: special at. 25c
SSe BUvorwaro Brnabee for
cleaillna allvarwara
Balphar Candlea Large olio;
for largo room; value lie. Sl
at Balphur Oaadlee Medium alae;
for smsll room or closet ;01 'a,
value Sc., at - Wf
Tollot Faper Huperi. r our
No. 177; largo roll: excel
lent quality tlaauo; regular
ly 10c; opeclal at, 4 e
for ""k
Toilet Faper Sanitary roll,
good quality tlosus. regu
larly sold at Sc.; 9E
epeclal at. T for "
Acts Like Magic
SaOOaaBSSsai MBSM HalrDmaerer
A Perfumed Depilatory
It lithe only preparotloa that Immedlst.ly and
without ths iligbt.ot Injury to the most dsllcslo
kla wulromovo
Superfluous Hair
Acts Instantly wherever applied.
Von wOJ Snd It aot oflcaalve. a roquloit
others dam aot claim for their preperatloao.
Stop Experimenting!
Try a Bottle of El-Rado
W-aVaSa la regularly sold at 7Q0
ll.M. but apeclal for thla aale at
Parfumerie Dartan
Dartans Perfumes and Face Powders
require no comment. Their long years qf
popularity are sufficient evidence of their
We carry a full line of the following
odors, which are all represented in face
powders, talcum, toilet water, sachets, etc.
Dai-tan's Finitia
(Pronounced "Fineeshta")
Dartan 's Muauet Des Bob
Dartan's Violette Choisie
Dartan's No Mee
Dartan's Le Soir
Dartan's Rose de Juin
Math Balls, fraeh
wait war nakeai
araeDox: Tlyfu!
value 15c. . . ' &
Codas Camphor Com
pound; value g
iHivanSsaa com- q
powadl value 1 5c
Z.avadr OaSakl Q
value ISc am
Tar Faper 1 full alaa
aneat. inone;
roll. 11 sheets, Of
Swat S sheets. w
Cedar FApari full alae
aheeta, 40X4 inonaa;
roll, 12 shosta, Kg.
aa. nlnsle.haat sen.
ou sai. mm.mm r.i.t nnd moth oroof: 4
eisas. fresh atock; for all articles at
clothing and apparel; cheaper than 49c
Ktoraa: TSe. c. BSo and. , .... .... jyw
Walt Xdaed Odo rises Baa (10x50); gfj
spcviai avs
Another Great Cut-Pr ice Sal e of Notions
We feel obliged to hold this second Notion Sale, as the success of bur former one two weeks ago was so pronounced
that the large demands then and ever since, call for this one. This Underprice Sale of Notions comes at the right time,
just when the Woman of the House, who is in the very height of her Spring Sewing Campaign, may save money by pur-
e .a a ana a A. 1 1 I . I WWf . 1 1 a . . I . . fa a!a.J
cnasing notions ana small household neeas at unmuauy lowerea prices, we reserve me rigm 10 umii quantities.
Tapes and Braids
BaallSh Twilled Tape 4-
10 1 inon
yard place. Ji to
wide. Bale Prlc.
I nlaoea tor
Be, Faokaer Tap Supe
rior non-twist tape;
different widths In pack
age. Bala Prlc. 1 C
Mnnrisil fclaaesie Tap
1-yard pieces with bod
kin attached; pink, blue.
white; guaranteed last
colore. Bale i'rlce,
1 ploceo for
Colored BsabxeMered dg
laa. suluoi. for trim
mTiig chlldren'a drosses;
1-yard pieces. Sale fl
Pries, piece Wei
IB MereerlaeS Bklrt
Braid a 6-yjru ploo;
black only. Sale K
Price, piece aaa
bTlokal Bafoty Bias-raises
I, 1. 3 Hale Price. C
i do, for ac
Baa-Uab Brotataff Flas
400 plna on aht Hal
Prlc. S package
loo aim' 'cmbasi' ' ib'o' 'solid
pin; Jet. mat or
ta 81 I'rlce, in-
or. swej
Moiaera Nickel nn-
ISa tfala Fin
two different otyiee;
large aaaortmem lQc
u n , r 1 1'
of pin..
e Prlca
IBs Worm BTals
Perfection or Red
cross brand; 14 to 1
don In box; shell
and amber. Sale 1J4
Prlc. box 10B
lBo ST.sdls Book OJodly
supply aaaortad ns
dlee. Rale Price
Aabeetoe Xroa
sal sew 1 for.
Mow Sapportsrs, heavy
suspender elaatlo; sw
on. Special, C
SB Moea Support.ro -
Saieen pad abdominal
hoe aupportera: four
trap with rubber but
ton. Sal Prlc, is.
pair OC
SB BUppsr a
Sal Prle. pair. .
Bssaals Basttaff
prettily mad,
elastic at back.
Be attt OoUae' 'BaMeaa.
Sale Price, t oarda K,
Dress Forms
Covered with extra
quality Jersey cloth;
skirts made of flat steel
on heavy gilt stand;
adj usted to any height ;
sizes 88 to 44. a m q
Sale Price . .sp IJ7
No Mall or C. O. D Ordr. None Credited,
f n . n .
sue oust rormi
Jeraey covered; sis SS to
No Mail or C. O. D. Order aad None
Credited. .
ISc Silk Tie Lace. SO inch. , black .
and tan. Sale Price. pr for eM
- - .. ...
iw onoo rwoo nvum vu a f.
Pasts. 1 In One. Bale Price, 8 lor 10c
Liosit ta Customs.
Lrrass Shields
IBc Adjawtal
meat Sreaa
aad Imparvli
lmoervloua: alses
I. I. 4. Bala 17.
price, pair - " -
lee. Valaaoek Brass
BhlaUa Washable
and lmpervlou. allea
1. 1. 4. S Ue te
Prtc. 1 pair for
Be. 0 r a v a a Breea
Bhlald Fin 1 dose!
nn card. Bala fkr
t'rice, 3 fiw. ror j
SB aaaltaxy Aareaa One
quality rubberised e
cloth. SalePrloe.. C
ISO Baaltaxy Bella
elastic. Sale Price. 1UC
Baaltaxy TowoU bird's
eye cloth with absorbent
."for"".. .'?. Pf!C' 10C
Malt Mesa large all-over
Ilk hair net; flv In en
velope; all colore re
sale Prlc 1UC
So Spiral Oallas Bapport
era waahabl; nine In
an envelop. ! 1 n
Prloa. 1 for UC
Waaaaale Belt
whit and color;
piooo. mi mo.
Sewing Cottons and
O. M. T. Basalaa Cotton,
black, whit and So.
tan. Sale Price, do. OC
Se Bamaon Xdaoa Thread
100-yd. apool. Hal Bv.
Price. 1 aminle for. . . a'
10 desea Brooke Soft
Finish ataehla cot
ton B 1 a c k and
whit. Sale 14.
Price, do
o Sowing Bilk ISO-yard
spools; black and colors.
Sal Price, 1 spools B
for c
SSs Bnool Bawlaa aua
Full 1 os. apool, Tor hand
a. wing; black aaly.
Sale Price, op.
epool alOC..
Bo Farts
For mn;
rettse Re
tylas. Sale
la, Masr Bar
leveral different
lala m
Prtca OC
is Middy Baa all tlk:
eovsred tip: navy, white
K......? lc

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