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XHl 1VENIN0 WORLD, MONDAY, APRIL Jl. I fl l rf. fl
PaBcemen Should Not Be
Forced to Lose Sleep by
1 Appearing In Court
Instructions to Recruits Should
Be Continued Through All
Years of Service.
mt Wlrh fmr' WWW Im
upon aorursoy In nlerrvlnei IMMVMI
aa taettfrina- ta there 4M
gradually be Puitt up 1 canon "f tmnealr
In the $wne,rtment. T4 ascertain all lb
fart obtalnatile end ta testify to them
with arrupitlnua armirary aheuld In time
beoomo an arixtBapllahment aa highly
priced aa maklnc dartna rrinii r
rapturing; a rteeparale criminal,"
In a a'lnnlemantarp rspwrl Uia earn.
avttWe urgea a Mora adanuaia aad aaf
bandjlra and aiapoalttan of found,
atolan and ranrara4 property. Tha fa.
part eara that tha protaetloB of thla
property la Jneuflloltni aad I naff entire
under proa ant eondltlons and addai
"Many opportunity ara available for
eubetltutlon and tampering with tha
priFperty, thla belfiej eapoclaUy trua of
Jewelry and ethar Taluablae; ail mem
bara of MM atait hara amieaa to tha
general store rooma and to eeiao sua
lalnlng valuables."
na eonaumed wy poBcaman In tha
" "Trwar-nr af avldun a."
procedure aa affecting polloe ot-
and "PraaaaUtton of evidence,"
aa etemenls of a r aport aubmlttad to
t Vf tha Outran AirtermanM Coro-
whloh aWWWWJWWI roiice
IJome aflMant mwtkod of eerertaln-
ta- tha Uma apart br poll, -man .n
apart ehould ba ntada to applr." eaye
tka report. "Ample opportunity axutx
far Indolent o1oara to waata a ood
4aaJ of tima In court without faar af
Ttea ro-nparatton of 44ea and dle
irmattarnoya PhouM ba had In order
ta keep taba oa Mma thue apant hy -teem,
tha report rajoamaaanda.
Tha report adda: "At present efllcera
paaar no credit egalest touro af duty
far time apant hi tha courts. Thla acta
pa deterrent, aa aotteaanaa wtu not
particularly aealoua la maJrinj aa ar
real whan ha kaowa that ha will ba
upoa to apend many daye In
thereby consuming time that
M ba apant in Bleep. It often hap.
that a man spends hla daye In
aad nights on patrol for several
to aueoaaaloa. Thla la obvtouely
waaHnl to tha beat administration of
tha artaainal law."
, Tha report tafeea eioeption to tha order
pf wmiaaelnnar Waldo In requiring
Wptohara of tha aotootlra bureau
warranto laaued la afeclatratea'
that tha practice la an
expenditure of the time of
or aa weM.
atotoKlTn phonal we required to do da-
work. Civilian aum tso na servers
aaara deetrajbla.
"A aartaua defect
It police administration with
to polloe offteera appearing to
eavKa la tha lack of aufflclaot recording
Pf Spats by ofBcoro."
Saw rapart doploroa failure to heap
turn aaaha for tha mar da.
da mat tare aa eonvsraatlona,
adinlaalona and complete
oaa. ara retained la tha aaaan-
ery of tha officer snaking tha arras.
K arapst roaardat wara kept "oCloara
ha unable to suffer tha complete
af memory which la haa fra-
baoa charted officer, trader ro
to partata olaaaaa of
Alfred Ottenheimer of Hotel An
sonla Gives Himself Up in
Police Court
Alfred Ottenheimer. forty-five yeare
oM. a coffee manufacturer at No. SM
Fourth avenue, and living with bia
wife at the Hotel Anaonla. surrendered
Mtnaalf In tha Weat Hide pollee court
to-day. a warrant having- barn laaued
charging him with bigamy. Ha waa
hold for examination on May I. In
. ball.
The pmplainant la Ionian J. oitan
helm, twanty-nlne years old. who claime
ha aba married tha defendant oa
June 7, Itot. and that ha lived with
her In her homo, No. 44 DaKalb avenue,
White 1'lalns. for overt! yeare. Hha
produced a certified copy of her marrl
acc ocrtlflt-ate and wltneeeae to the
coiwiony when aha naked for the
warrant eevaral darn ago. Bhe pro
duoed alao a aertMad oodv of the
marrlaaTe rrtfflrate of Ottenheimer and
dmo iron, ernntn. twenty-one yaara
old, dated Nor. II. 1PU.
Tha woman were not In court, aa It
waa not known that tha accused ooffaa
manufacturer had given Wmsclf up.
ottenheimer bad nothing to any for
A LI argument, all proof, all rtplana-
ataV tioo u Beadle whan you hava
umltlM haa r nil kraal"
Why it it tup ariar k taary pre ig ta tana
wk aaaa the truth, That 'a why we're
aniiou, you ahould caD and try it.
aajpaaaW JHTft 4W ggTBAVPfTO
On bale Tuesday, April 2th
.iz .an ? 'xao' .
34th Street West, New York
1 r Extraordinary Sale of j
285 Women's Tailored Suits
OrtAtly Reduced
Women'. and Miuee Tailored Suit taken l
from our refular stock. This feason'i most
desirable tailored and semi-dress models.
French tergea, Bedford and needle cords and
halrwllno itrfpes.
Black and colors. FormerlyS2S, $29.75 and f35j
No Exchanges
No Alterations
For delicate, appetisr
ing flavor in soups or
salads, add a dash of
It's great for meats,
game or fish, too, 70c.
At Graean aad Deiiaataaaaa Storoa.
Oaatlnulng oa tha awajaot af polloa
any. tha report reads:
Notedly polloa toetlmoay aa a
p) placed under the burden of a
prejudice. Vary likely la aomo
Sato dlatruat ta deaervod. In al-
1 all caiaa. however, tha officers im
am aa endaaoorlag to give fair
taaUmony The traditional
P(PJ aialuuaaisa waa Pf oourae occasion -aaky
apparent a
nt In tha tastimoaw pf po-
oaa ba aeoured by persistant of -
toward graatar afaotaaey tjhd ac
ip. O raster afaoleaey waa ba aa-
by oaraftti laatraotlon tn tha
for recruits, supplemented by
work along tha Unas of oh-
atallif. rocordlag, and aarraUng facta
Thai last ruction should ba continued by
aaaamanding ofttcera througk the entire
or thirty yaara of tha police-
Baltimore & Ohio
through trains have resumed their
regular schedules to and from
St. Louis
Trap cntira Baltimore and Ohio ayatam, Including
tha Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, BalUmore and
Ohio Southwoatam Railroad, Cincinnati, Hamil
ton 4k Dayton Railway, opan for traffic, and
paaaangor trains hava raaumad thalr regular
In Dry Cold Air
Charges during the Summer months are
very much lower than at other times.
C. G. Gunther's Sons
391 Fifth Avenue, New York. .
at array HllL
BClva Surety Stamps Free With Purchaaea and Redeem Them In Marchandlaes
) NeilOTams Co.
Sixth Avenue, 20th to 22d Street. New York City
j rrrirrrTVYrYiiuuuLLi
O'Ncitfs Household Club
Offers a Dignified, Confidential Arrangement for Payments ut Intervals on
Purchases of Furniture and All Homefurnishings. The Club Privileges Will
Be Found Particularly Convenient to Those Who Are
Furnishing New Homes
Partially or Entirely Furnishing Rooms, Apartments, Houses and Out-of-Town
Summer Homes; also for Business Men Furnishing New Offices,
These Advantages of Club Membership Are Worth Your Notice:
Club Members can take
auhraatage of Special galea
aad Reduced Price.
Clab Members enjoy the
ate of their purchaaea while
completing Payments.
Club Member are en
titled to "Surety Stamp
Club Members buy mer
ohandiae made by the BEST
maker in the world.
Furniture. Floor Cover
ing, Drapery. Curtains and
This Club Plsn in the fair
eat, aquareat convcniiutt pay
ment plan we know of.
Mm the Club Now When IU Privilege Will Benefit You Moot!
When the fine days come the straw hat
days, the jolly seaside and mountain days
then will the man who buys In THE NEW
STORE FOR MEN tomorrow one of these
158 Spring Suits
at $16.50
realize what wise man he was on April 29th,
and be glad he didn't let this opportunity get
past him.
The Suits Are $20 and $25 Grades
The reliable, all-wool, well-fashioned kind;
blues, pencil stripes, and some medium dark effects;
cut in the happy medium. Among them are some
for stout men, in the patterns stout men like.
120 Derby Hats, $2
$3 grade., finished too late to be delivered to the house
that ordered them.
Black, flexible, excellent style, on conservative lines.
Tomorrow morning at 6.30
(let here early If you can.
Broadway, Corns Eighth. fc
A. T. Plrwarl ft fa.
Broadway, Fourth
Avenue, Klghth
ta Trntta Street
End of April Bring a
Sweeping Clearance of Waists, Under
muslins, French Blouses and
Lingerie and French Dresses
and Accessories for Babies
The last winds of April are to sweep the third floor clean so that all muy be
in readiness for the brightest and freshest of May White Sales.
Not only the finer American-made Undermuslins, but beautiful hand-made
French lingerie will be priced far below usual.
Very little description can be given, as there are in most cases but one garment
of each kind.
But all the following are well worth your careful attention:
Paris Blouses
Crrpr dr rhinr, $7.50 to SS7..10. formrrly Sit to 75.
hiffoii and lac. , 90 50 to 35. formerly 115 to 174.
Liofrric, : to J0. formrrly S7.5U to Sttt.
Paris Lingerie
Itand-madr, hand-rrnhroidrn-d Bnd iBBtt with lace,
(inwn. If .75 to .-.. formrrly 13.75 to $85.
C'hrmiara. $f.75 to $ 50, formerly $4.50 to $M.
Combinations. $4.50 to SM .50. formrrly $9.75 to $30.
Cornet Cover. 7."c to $ 50. formerly $1 to $15.
rViaPaPJ slips. $75 to $5. formerly $3.50 to $45.
Drawers, 5c to $9.50. formrrly H5c to $18.50.
Month of the finer sort, inert with real lacra and made
of iH-aiitifiil mntrrials.
Combination. $f to $5, formrrly $t.40 to $7 50.
rettiroata, U .75 to $15, formrrly $3.50 to $4.75.
Nichtfowns. $ 75 to $18, formerly $3 to $33.
1'rinceu alipa, $3.50 to $18.75. formerly $4.50 to
One-Piece Morning Dresses, $1 to
$2.75, formerly $150 to $3.85
Frrah. pretty frock of percale, gingham, ehambray.
in fast colors. ...
All have new low collar. Some are hand embroid
ered and aomr have new striped veateei or sheer lingerie
Black Waists, $3.75 formerly $5 to
Black taffeta, brocade, crepe, moire and meaaalina
in any nmber of pretty frilly a well as more tailored
models, siaea 30, 38 and a few 40.
Voile and Lingerie Waists
$2 and $2.50, formerly $2.50 to $5
Trimmed with lace, hand embroidery, frill,, net bib
frills; ever so many dainty style.
Long and ihort sleeves -high and low necks.
In the Gaby's French Shop
Fine hand made and hand embroidered.
breSJSSi $175 to $(5, formerly $ 50 to $50.
Skirts. 75c to $1.50, formerly $1 .15 to $.C5.
Carriage seta, and pillow, $5.73 to $14.50, formerly
SB to $18.
Pillow covers, $t to $0.50, formerly $3 to $15.
Bibe, $15 to $(.50, formrrly $t to $3.75.
Drawer. 65c to $1.30. formerly $13 to $$15.
Ciuimpea, $1 to $3.75. formerly $1.50 to $5.
Nighties. $1 to IS, formerly $150 to $4.30.
Girls' French Blouses
Hand made and embroidered. Lingerie aad white
crepe da chine. $6.50 to $15. formerly $10 to $$5.
Third floor. Old Building.
An Important Disposal
of Floor Coverings
Householders and hotel managers, please take note.
Four offerings make jt one of the most comprehensive disposals of its kind.
The prices are attractive.
The range of sizes and colors is broad enough to cover all wants.
Wilton Rugs
Discontinued patterns of one of our leading rug-makers. Most of the patterns in the lot
are matched up from a small door mat to an 11 ft. 3 in. z 15 ft. rug.
From size in. z 30 in., at 12.35. regularly $2.65, to size 11 ft. 3 in. z 15 ft., at $4ft..;r.
regularly S5"J.
A Carload of Crex Rugs
At a saving of twenty-five per cent, or more.
Odd sizes about forty; in many cases only a few inches less than the regulation sizes; can
be matched up in any of the standard colors greens, reds, blues and browns; the majority in
green. A few ol tne sizes:
$5.05 4 ft. 6 in. z 7 ft...
4.15 3 in. z 48 in M
2.0d i7. in x 'M in
9 ft
8 ft.
0 ft.
z 11 ft. 0 in.
z 9 ft. 6 in.,
z 8 ft. 0 in. .
. $0.75
. 5.35
. 8.05
. $2.10
Carpets by the Yard at Special Prices
r Fourth Gallery, New Building.
Rare Day in Housewares
Prices are Down on the Necessities of Life
I,ow prices prevail today (Monday) and Tuesday while quantities last.
Vollrath seamless steel enamel ware stamped out of solid steel seamless quadruple
OOated pure enamel every piece absolutely perfect, capacities given are the actual measurements.
Sauce pots with enamel covers 9 qt., regularly 90c, now 60c each; 11 qt, regularly $1.18,
now 70c each; 15 qt., regularly $1.25, now 80c each.
Tea kettles with enamelled covers No. 8, regularly $1.35, now 80c rach;No. 9,. regularly
$1.65. now 95c each.
Dish pans 21-qt., regularly 95c, now 60c each; I7-qt.. regularly 75c..now SOc each.
35 Hifch Grade Refrigerators One-Half Price
The name, a well-known one. appeara on every SS0 aise is porcelain enamel steel lining with wlra
refrierator. Three lisa. . "" two "SS$ are op.hte glees lined with
.... , . enameled shelves.
Width e,rf llnghl rs MM . .. .
aBU in. 185 Itn. fSU vwbpb sow aas ma bs mi'WM ataaaas
Zin ' 2 :' iaa haa. $60 oli1 l"'J, hardware, patent lever catch design.
$5 in! 58 in. 00 lba. $7 Subway Moor. New Bldg.
Piano Sale Postscript
110 Used Pianos will be offered in the Wanamaker
Piano Salons tomorrow. Plan to come early. Store
opens at 8.30. Details in tomorrow morning's
Store Your Furs in Brooklyn
'5 -r '75
lOT '150
SstsStiK 01 Vaara
?Balch Price
Fur Storage 1
Costs 2
Telephone 5900 Main
376 Fulton Street. Brooklyn, N.5
' 16 Minutes bv Subwav from
Grand Conical to Borouqk Hall Station
fcrT-T5WWWaT raVf1 yr.P . -WW 1 'aW'sa'

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