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war married tt eras a true love
Then the VUlt Tr. m o. a eumtitiious
Mtart near the northern Italian bor
der, was iHin':,". The Villa Tre
vono la ona of tha a'iow peaces of E'i
rnpe. It wee destined tt beco-ne even
mora of a Sho v place. Muelclane 4he
treat of tly world of mualo .flocked
there aa aueeta ef me munlflct lord
if the eetat
AVwut eleven rear arc he conamKied
a beautiful thearfre aa an adjunct of hit
la, Tare ha five concert not for
doMr, bah' for the lore of the thin
and beoaua the prince', y wajr of Ufa I
what tie Ilka. The moat fimoin vocal -lata
and Instrumental performer appear
In theae concert. 80 loa an oroheatra
of seventy-four piece, maintained all tha
year round by Mr. Lombard. Americana
in ttiat vicinity are Invited to all the
mualoal festivals.
The American fie file from the Villa
Trevano on the Foirth of July. The
Chevalier tarmbard. a naturalised Amerl
oan, la intanaaly patriotic.
it.ua,, wng Hno,5 i ,b PDAV UA ID TIIDNv TC MAT IDA
Intard, Who Mad. Mill- "" I Ulll W 1 1 0 I Wl I UllTH.
ions in Wall Street.
Mvaa t
. e m
m ol
Lou s r! ntwrd, who be in ae a Jitr.-t
flfedler. oecnnie a dHUn .pushed teacher
f nmelc. mart mlllloM In Wall strne'.,
and than feaejfM the wonderful Vliu
Tiave.no, i l.'umi, Italy. where he
Mvaa Mia a modem laoremo di Medial,
:aa been created a Knletat of the Order
Crown ef Italy. Despatches from
Kara Tj of the honor conferred upon
,-he forniar 'a York wr Kin viator
The naw aaaeed fnattda of the lively
UUle millionaire mualo mutn to won
ler If he ha not discovered somewhere
in loet lump of Aladdin Tha Cheva
liar Lombard would laush rleht heart
,ly at that, for he haa naltl always that
h addled hie way forward in life.
Hie career more reeemhlo a fairy
atary than sober fact. Thla little oian
-the Chevalier Lombard le hardly of ,
the average height was horn at Lyon. I
'Trance. In lilt Me ram. to the United
wtat. hla vlnlln under Ml arm. In
youth When he landed he was a mem
tray f a Trench opera company. Tie J
oompan y wa stranded.
future grand aelsnaur of the I
Truvatui an ) Itnlght of the Order
e th Croan nf Italy then fared forth
alone, atlll with hla Addle under hla arm,
to wheedle fortune with melody, lie
aertvad at rtlce.
The demand tor Hdrtler was nv very
avast In (lieu, hut Louis I Lombard wa
not the man to lack an audience. If he
had to sjo and get ono himself, lie
pkaiad in aaloona, and nickels were.
toaaed Into Ma hat by appreciative g-n-:
leaner In their oupa. The fiddler saved
hen he f.a.i auffldt-nt nldhals buy
appropriate at. Ire be haa always b,
scrupulously careful in sartorial mat
terslie augaeated to leading cltlaen of
i tie that the city should have a con
servatory of tnualc. The propogal wa
mM. but it was taken up. strange to
ear, and Loula Lombard ceased to fid
1 In aaioona. He taught the elolin In !
has aTowing Hchool.
Some year thereafter he became ner
voua. He craved a more Intense life
; han that of the musl 1 tnaatar. Ills in
'erast In tit I. lira conanrxatory brought
aim KO.ouO. lie put thr moHy In hi
pocket and mad.- h: now to Wall street.
But the iuu.-i mastor. with his Utile
fortune, turned out to bo anything but
the) "lamb" he should have been had hla
Ufa been molded after staid and obr
Louie Lombard played on the etocf I
market with the same .vise, the same
sajejee, the eamn skill the' he hail played
ooj kla fiddle The tW.UOo doubled, quad
vrjtil blossomed into a nilllon. bocaino
a swmphony of several m;liloni. And
t ien the tiddler lult alio ring finance.-.;
how to make BMP.
He started on a tour of the ivoilJ.
Airaln he sea followed by the generuu
fat be aimply couldn't hids from. On
that tour of t ,o world a made the ac
quaintance or Mrs. Charles Atwater, a
beautiful and wealthy widow, heiress
to tha great fortune of her father, the
lata Thomas Allen of St. Loula, who
, uutit tk Iron Mountain Railroad. They
Mixed With Sulphur It
Darkens Beautifully and
Takes Off Dandruff.
Almott everyone know that Basra
Tea and Sulphur, properly roMposmeML
brinai back the natural color and Itutra
to the bair when faded, rtraabad or
gray; alto cores dandruff, itching aoalp
and ttops falling bair. Year ago tha
only way to get this mixture era to
malt it at home, which is mossy and
troublesome .
Nowadays skilled rhemista do this
lietter than ourselves. By asking at
any drug store fort lie ready-to use prod
uct called "Wyeth's Sage and Sul
phur Hair Beraedy" you will get
Urge hnttle for about SO rents. Some
druggist make their own. but it's
usually tuo sticky, so insist upon getting
"Wyeth's," which can be depended
upon to restore natural color tnd Vauty
to the, hair and if the best remedy for
dandruff, dry, feverish, itchry scalp and
to atop tailing hair.
Folk like " Wyrth'a Saga and Sul
phur" because no one ran positively tell
that yon darkened your bair, as it does
h so naturally and evenly, say. a wall
known downtown druggist. nu damp
j a sponge or soft brush and draw it
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time. This require but a
few moments, by morning the gray hair
disappears and after another applica
tion or two is restored in its natural color
and look even more beautiful and
glossy than ever
R. H. Many A Co. 'a Attraction Ara Their Lew Prices.
Utaasoads purchased fret ran be
eiekaaaed at fall value or returned for
teak, laae tea eer cent., wit kla eae rear.
Rings $
1'nlll H eVIwk Saturday e.ealag we
hail hair ihi -nie ever ne hundred Ina
assad Hlu (uannlecd we aht of DJao
monil Itiree-ai'Si'irra I rural at aSiW
eh. r.verr Itlanioiid la iuraaleed to he
aajaalutrU lilue-ehiir uud exreutlouallr
aaiillaat, .til ef them hate the appear
ura of IMumond Kin, coating at least
ilOO.IM) at sua retail Jenelra alura la
Jaw orh Ht. aa the .preeal of these
ntMioada eouala the awrsae nrldlh of a
aaa-aad-a-huT-varal Diamond. fhfr
be aeen l oe wi'f"
eaa matah them fur lea than attn.tNt at
aar IMamond Iniiiorler'a. or are net aat
tafled yuu have (he areateat harsaln ever
offered h MBV Itlamond Importer In the
I alted hlatea. a will refund ,our SifO ea
reoueal. No mall order filled or dealers
la dlamuada auunlled.
eo oar window dlulav of over half a
Wedding Rings
Mild M-Karat Oold. to lilt
sand IN-Hnrat oia. 10
Mulld H-K.irnt "old. K ta U
Kngrat ed Free While Tou Walt.
mm W mm Herald Square f Msn Broadway . 34th to Mth St
hroaau av at lith Street is the location of our New Men's
Shop a snop more than double as large and better in
every way than it was before the move.
From front to back, on the Main Floor. 35th Street side,
Macy's n a Store for Min, and you step right into it without
delay or hindrance, as you enter the Broadway door and
can get away just as easily when you have purchased.
Take advantage of this great more for row
enhanced convorttx ind the saving of your tim.
Mens $2.00 to $3.50 Shirts, $1.39
Pleated and plain negligee models, with either soft double
cuffs or laundered cuffs attached. Materials are
Fine Woven Madras Jacquard Stripes
Lace Heaves .Russian Cor at
Salin Stripe Fongees
AH cut in coal model, and in all sizes from 14 to 18.
$1.00 Pure Silk Cravats, 48c
Onfy 7b0 of these in open-end "four-in-hand" style.
For business wear these Cravats are especially suited,
lor they are in a wide assortment of quiet and tasteful
colors, many with the newest and most desirable figured
and striped effects.
Men a 75c Under wear
(Suit), 44c
Athletic style, of fine
madras, with silk mercer
ized stripe. Sleeveless
shirts and drawers.
Men's $1.00 Under-
wear (Suit), 59c
Of mercerized cotton pon
gee, with satin stripe. Ath
letic shirts and kneedrawers.
White and tan. These are
ideal garments for warm
weather. They are roomy
and comfortable.
$1.00 and $1.50
Silk Hose, 69c
Medium weight, pure
thread ingrain, with extra
double splicing in soles,
heels and toes. High
spliced heel. Black, tan,
navy and gray.
Men's 25c Lisle
Hose, 19c
Medium weight, silk lisle,
with full-fashioned foot and
double heels, soles and toes,
All reinforced. Black, tan.
navy and gray.
Mens $5.00 and $6.00 High Shoes
and Oxfords, Special $3.96
Singularly well cut and well finished Shoes, on the new
"English" lines, with round or receding toe, low broad
heel and close-trimmed welts.
Of tan Russia calf, in a rich dark shade, and in gun-
metal calt.
Mala II. Baieoar. SBtk at.. Bear.
$3.00 to $5.00 Walking Sticks,
Special at $1.98 and $2.97
splendid assortment in all the newest and oiost popular
styles of hook and right-angle handle.
trrv Cane sterling silver trimmed, and choice in woods
of Malacca, pimento, partridge, applewood, Panama, bam
boo, Cornel, Castania. dogwood, hazel, tc. n.. n,.
$1.75 and $2.00 Razors at $1.24
Straight Raors in choice of "Coronet," "Sentinel" and
"Koeller" makes.
Of best German Steel, with either five-eighths round or
square points. Hollow ground and finely finished. Choice
of three styles in handles. w. c'tr.
Mens Suits and Topcoats
at $19.75
Wftfc Wear, eeadwa.
That would cost $25.00 elsewhere.
Suits in the new patch pocket or soft rolling lapel models
with "set-in" pockets, others in more conservative styles,
made of smooth or soft finished woolens in the latest pat
terns and color tones some silk lined.
Chesterfield Overcoats, in Spring and Summer weights,
lined with "Merveilleaux" silk. Choice of medium or dark
grays and black. Loose fitting English model Topcoats,
quarter silk lined or unlined, in gray or green mixtures.
R. H, Maw A Co. 'a Attraction Are Their Low Price
mm W snssm Harold Sauare ahaa
0 road way, 34th to 33th St
The fashionable woman's wardrobe would be incompletel
without oneofthegracefuldemi-tailoredWraps in the rich black
silks now in vogue.Selected from scores of modish outtrgtr
a. a a ht a. I. ... a a . A. I
memsareiwomoaeisoi distinctively smart siyic.
fn dbo Now Dooartmanf TS.rd Floor
Black Moire
The garment, illustrated, is fathiOMd
of a very lustrous moire of heavy quality
and is lined with light or dark satin.
Moire covered ball Duttons trim this
stylish seven-eighth length Coat, which
is cut on the newest straight lines.
Rereraible CoaU mm m m
of Satin and Pongee, 18.74
Kimono model, perfectly reversible, in
an excellent quality of black satin and
natural colored pongee silk. A novel
collar cut sailor fashion at tlie back, has
long shawl revers and the garment fas
tens tu the side with large fancy buttons.
A very practical and stylish coat.
All-Wool Sweaters,
New Spring Models, $4.74
A very mannish Coat Sweater in a plan
ribbed weave, soft, light, and just the
weigni lor spring ana summer wear. The
half belt across the back is button trimmed and lain .1
stitch, asare also the turn back cuffs. IVH" Uat 'illH .1 il hi r V
or hinh standing collar style. White, gray, maroon, navy,
ur nrrt 1 1
W 1
Our Great
Begins Monday, iff au 5th
$40,000 Worth of Per
fect White Diamond!
Reduced 1-5 from Regular
Prices for This Wtek
And tl;eret-c to .i M un
prices riwWtWfl for equal Quality,
CVtry stone oOered in tin jle is
pun- hit !.! Ion, .ilwdutely
"ivrkvt under tha Leap."
!-olitir-. Two Mone Rings
(hrce-storn Winu-.. Men's Rings,
l irnngs, 1 .1 jTlii'res .mrl Neck
1 ices Mjprrb grmt mounted In gold
Or plalrflUrn, Main Vlaah nreadae,.
Iff lmmm
H. Macy A f'o.'a Attractiona Ar Thoir Low
aasxw Broadway. J4tbtatMkSl.
Imported Caps Reduced f or Clearance
f-or theuiriwho golts. rows or indulges in anv nut
sport, these Caps are especially smart in .-shle. Price
been reduced more than one-third
have !
$2.96 Caps, Special, $1.96
soft fuzzy "Angora" fabric in .1
round Hat with double brim, braided
band and tasseled end. In white,
gray. old blueand cardinal.
$2.24 Caps, Special, $1.49
"Detroit" model with wide band
turning back trom the lace. Plain
knitted weave. In white, old blue or
t? Oft Per.. Snaari.l tl 4Q
w vaiy wn'&.a. W " "
Hatsof vift "AnKtin" likcmatorial,
with stitched double brim, braided
band and rosette trimmed. In brown,
gray. navy, groan and white
$1.96 Caps, Special, 96c
Misses'Capsof soft lightwiriahl V'l
fabric. Can be worn In aavenil Jaunty
styles. In white, gray or cardinal.
Third finer. :tth HI reel.
At Very Special Prices
.SAjJoti ll( Dresses, ejutuld e if eclke models for Jam in.;, after mn uti.t
r.emnt uear. are among Ike most harming of Ik MaJtM't nuuy w. elites
r nfatwlkprtmtnl zTT4 Floor"!
The Shadtiw Lace Dress Uiusi rated)
has the new triple flounce skirt and a
draped surplice bodice with kimono
sleeve. A fold of fine black Brussels net
outlines the. delicate rose patterned
ede ot the filmy white lace and a tur-
thernoteof style is achieved b ;i broad
girdle of velvet ribbon in colors.
Priced $22.74.
A Dress of creamy net lace at $26.75
has a double flounced skirt and a grace
fullv rlnintd bodice of dehcafelv
- 1 ....a A ...I!- ,.,iu
J r of pale pink satin is finished with
y a flat bow at the front and tiny
chiffon roses add a dainty finishing
A charming Gown at $49.75 is of richly
embroidered net lace with deep Bohem
ian border effect. The skirt veils a net
foundation elaborately trimmed with
satin ribbon bands and bows, and the
bodice of net ribbon is slightly visible
through the lace draperies. A folded
girdle of pale pink crepe defines the
higher waist line.
Afternoon Dresses &n - .
of "Dolly Varden" Voile $9.74
Flowered voile in white with dainty rose, blue or lavender
rosebuds is employed for these pretty one-piece Frocks. The
bodice and short sleevesareedKedwithaVenise pointed lace and
thewhitenetvesteeandsleevesarefinishedwith pleated net frills.
Asatin ribbon girdle with long sash ends joins the waist and the
draped skirt. Sizes 14 and 16 years.
Junior Misses' Smart IP
Three Piece Suite $15.74
An ultra-fashionable model, the skirt and fetching lift le Eton
coat of heavy linen of superior quality pipedwith whiteand trim
med with rows of tiny white buttons. The white batiste waist of
fine quality has a deep pleated frill tucked and lace trimmed at
neck and finishing the three-quarter sleeves. Sizes 1J, 15 and
17 years.
Colors: Tan, Coptnhagtn and Rou.
White Tub Skirts Special at $1.96
Two girdle top models, one severely plain, made of fine im
ported white repp the other, of fine white cordeline, isbutton
W! H! Maw. i 1
-$27.75 to $37.75 Sirite-Now $24.74
Misses' and Juniors' Suits a collection of 125 models taken
from regular stock and including Balkan Blouse, Empire
blouse, strictly tailored and fancy Suits and a few Norfolk
styles. Suits of Serge checked worsteds, eponge and novelty
fabrics, with well tailored coats, silk-lined and plain or draped
skirt. All fashionable colors are represented in the assort
ment. Sizes 14 and 16 years. Also 13, 15 and 17 years.
-$22.74 to $34.75 Coate-Now $1 9.74-
oiAiy 01 liic caauii a siiiaiicai uui ill aci((c, cpuiic,
diagonal and fancy imported fabrics. Shortandthree-quarter
length draped and strictly tailored models in black, naw.
old blue, bruwn, tan, gray, rose and black-and-white. Sizes
14 and 16 years. Tkira near aata ut
Reductions H i and More
fM ( K I- A 1 "re tkm of over
Jk SjOOO OirtahlB from regular
, stock, strf niff hf neF by
rJ5r nc.irlv t.ix"1 mure SpOCialfy
l&im rriada fur u by leaolni
mnnufac Hirers.
On Jispljv aiul ale m the now and
1, inch m proved quarter! Ol the
holstrrv Vp.irlment, now 011 the
l ourlli Floor, .Mil" Mrw'l . He.ir. Taki
1 li-s:il,irs cr i .il.ttur direct t,i the
49r and 54r Ruflled Swiss Curtaini,
now 39r
59c and 64c Plain Hemstitched and
Ruffled Switt Curtaini, 49c
74c to $1.49 Colored Swiss Curtaini.
now S9c
Ho viiue ol utiinilup lace.
J8c and $1.24 While Swim Curtaina.
now 74c
Abo flat loco trimmed 'Jim a-id
Nottingham 1 lurtnin 1
$1.24 to $M Fine l.ace Curtaini,
now 98c
Somr iiii Rtnainanca motifs,
braldi dandlai e trimmed, AhoBonnas
1 iraided lace '.m 1 lina, Nottingham Iocs
and flat Curtaina of icrim, trim,
med. Flat dotnirt and blocked Swi.
tambour si.. and flat anJ ruffled
$1.64 to $1.98Sw in Curtaini, now $1.24
Flgt and rulllis.1 .olortnj lioixlei.
$2.24 and $2.97 Serial and Mar
quisette Curtaina, $1.49
olorad border. Also nf Notttng
ham lace.
$197 Remittance Lace Curtaini,
now $1.74
$2.97 and $3.74 Fine Colored Crate
Curtaina, now $1.96
AIM me plum scrim with lectin
-frhiin and edging ,t Marie Antoinette
wuru. Some ol Nottirstham lace.
$3.24 to $4.49 Fine Colored Crete
Curtaini, now $2.49
Also Curtaina ot fine quality Not-
liiinh.'ini I ice.
$4.34 Fine Quality Crete Curtaini,
now $3.24
$5.24 Fine Crete Curtaini, new $4-24
S5.96 to $6.49 Lace Curtaini, now $3.96
Novelty "Man,1 Antoinette,
$6.74 to $7.94" Marie Antoinette Cur
tains, now $4.49
Also lacet Arabian. Marquisette
and scrim.
$7.49 Net and Scrim Curtaini, now $4 74
$6.74 Colored Crete Curtaini, now $4.96
$9.89 Fine Lace Curtaini, now $5.94
Save '. on Macy's usual
prices, and 1 and more on
prices in specialty shops.
rke 'otinJalitiri :ire in most cases
ol heavy tuTkJ cupper, ai m t fn olden
day. Some le pieces are upon
1 He 4lsiHt ;re reprotluctmns ot
the wry beautiful grape thread.
Georgian and pierced work character
istic ol 1 tie period of the second and
third Geornt s.
He engrave litre,- tntltats, free ol
Charge, on any piece, and consider
this an unequalled opxirtunity to
secure ooddlng nitts or to equip the
silver cloatt ol u.ur country borne or
At $3.38
Sandwich Plates, Tea Oiddie-., Small
Meat PUttors, Muffineers, Round
( hop Dishes, Comports. Baskets,
Coaster; and Syrup Pitcliers.
At $4.96
Chop Dishes, Sandwich PISteA Card
Trayi, Meat Platters, Ice Cream
Trays, lea Caddies, Sauce Boats and
I ras.
At $7.49
Vasev Ice Cream Trass, Chop Dishes.
Covered Vegetable Dishes (Cover can
be used as separate dish). Meat
Platters, Serving Trays and Sandwich
At $9.74
serving Trays, IS inch, Plain pervitin
Kettles, with lamps, Well and Tree
Meat Dishes, Covered Chop Dishes,
Water Pitchers, sconces. Large sand
wich Plates, Bowls.
At $11.81
Kettles, Trumpet Vases, Meat Dulies.
Large Print Baskets, Coffee Set (J
pieces), and Serving Trays.
At $14.89
Urge Water Pitchers. Serving Trajs,
17 and in inch sues, Coffee Sets, Ex
tra Large Covered Vegetable Dishe
Well and Tree Meat Dishes, Urge
( Comport.
At $17.89
Coffee Urn, 20 inch Pound Grape
I dge Serving Trays, Grae lidge
Platters, iu and ii inch Oval Trays,
Grape Ldge.
At $1189
Twenty and twenty-two inch Serving
Trays, oval styles, thread or grape
edge, hand chased and Oblong Gallery
Trays, 22 inch& long.
Herald Square
Ostrich Plume HA TS, $9.89
Hats That Would Sell Elsewhere for $17.30.
I he t-et .aiues ty ur that -Me hoc
vet ollcrei in uiir populst ueeh-end
e- The Hate HNl "I hue Milan straw.
- in tlie ntwtsl .sl..irfs stnall.
medium ami larp'
The Trimming -a hand 'iiie Ostrich
Band tht upper p;irt curled and
the lower purt with long, drooping
flues. 1- finished it the hack with a
broad French Plume, gracefully
poised at just tht right angle.
A cluster ol French flowers at the
side adds ;i charming finishing touch.
; Nick, tlack-utth-'uhite trimmnms and
Hack with all the fashionable colors, includ
ing Saxe blur, taupe, purple, etc.
Clearance Sale oj Trimmed Hats
collection of 12 pi the smnrtest Spring Hats sharply
reduced to make room tnr Summer Millinery.
Hals that WtM '.49, $1$J9 dud $20.89 Now $9.W
If ah (hat W4T4 $4.96, $"M and $6.W Now $2.17
aera4 I Inor -Mltllaer . Nlun.
s ... iXKdl
Xfi j mmSwLmmmT
Modish $5.00 COLONIAL
PUMPS, Special at $3.49
a4Ss. Oresy enough for dress occasion, yet
M LaataaX a. I i';l enoucli tor st
hcax enough fur street wear, are these
:i"di-,h Pumps of soft, "liable patent
leather, medium weight soles, moder
Stely narrow toe. Cuban heels and self
Covered slide. lleautifully made on
graceful lines.
I .. .Ilrf SllJn in hanJwmt p.tlert.y Itr It aaal tluer. Raw.
for the WEE TOTS
New Department, Third Floor 35th Street
Djiutiest styles, fine substantial materials, excellence of cut and
design and fine workmanship characterize all Infants' Wear at
Macy's, From a host of excellent glues we feature the following
as offering typical Macy savings :
Infants' Coats of Serge or
Striped Worsted, $3.74
Jaunty little straight .line Coats (Ulus
trated) of navy serge or black-and-white
striped worsted, made in popular low
belted model, fastening 10 the sidf
Sailor collar, folded belt,cuffsand large
buttons are of navy or Copenhagen mes
salme silk. Lined with Venetian cloth
Infants' Straw Hats, $1.49
the dot tie -
Main I I..
rracticai anu oecoimnu 1
crown. mushriNan shape Hat ulluslratcd
with band and tailored bow of velvet rib
bon, finished With small quill and feather
fancy. Another white straw Hat at tin 1
price is in quaint bonnet shape with up
turned edge, velvet trimmed.
Jarea bbbV wre.
A Macy Deposit Account ii the shortest cut towards reducing the
high coat of living. You share in the profits en what yen buy.
BOYS' Extra Trouser SUITS
Very Special at $4.96 & $6.49
Visit the new and much improved quarters of tht
Boys' Clothing Department: ftotf on the Second Floor,
Rear. Ulh SI.
The models are plain
double - breasted and
Norfolk 1 Me latter u Mm-
trattd)). and they are
suitable for boys of from
6 to 18 years.
Materials are all-wool
cassi meres, cheviots and
tweeds, in a wide variety
of serviceable and popu
lar Spring colorings, in
cluding gray, tan, brown
and olive mixtures.
The silk-sewn seams.
the tape re-inforcementv
and the careful tailoring
throughout, mean dura
bility and retention of
shape. There are several styles to select from, and the knicker
bockeri are all full size and fully lined.
$5.94 to $8.49 Spring REEFERS
are now REDUCED to $4.96
Of blue serge, fancy mixtures, and a few white serge, either plain
or with stripes.
Somewhat broken sie-ranne, but still every size in one or more
styles for boys of J'.$ to 10 years.
Nearly One Hundred Styles in
BOYS Washable SUITS at $1.98
With either bloomer or straight knee t-ouser, and in middy
style with ong trousers.
TA models are:
Russian Blouse Suits Middy Blouse Suits
Sailor Suits Bea:h Suits
Sailor, military or F.ton collars, or low necks, and either long
or snort sleeves, made ot domestic and imported linens, re
madras, chambrays and galateas, in white and guaranteed
colors. A further assortment at vsc the butt, up to tf.iv.
lplrferawy. New York

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